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As previously discussed, we are doing a series of polls in an effort to ascertain some favorite items among those Kate has worn (or carried) in the last year. We begin with outerwear, coats we have seen the Duchess wear in the preceding twelve months.

Here are a few quick reminders: the Katherine Hooker coat worn for the lifeboat christening in Anglesey.

PA Wire

The Burberry worn when visiting Belfast in March.

The British Monarchy

The military style Alexander McQueen worn for the Irish Guards ceremony.

PA Wire

The white Alexander McQueen for Trooping the Colour in June.

PA Wire/Alexander McQueen

The navy Ted Baker trench coat seen in Canada during this summer’s tour.

Canadian Heritage

The LK Bennett red ‘Ami’ coat worn to Copenhagen for the UNICEF event in November?

UNICEf/PA Wire/LK Bennett

Kate’s black Diane von Furstenberg was very much a hit for Remembrance Sunday this November.

PA Wire

A few notes on how these were selected as the ‘finalists’:

We’ll keep each of these open for several days, we hope to do jewelry and formal dresses tomorrow.

  27 Responses to “Kate’s Coats: Vote for Your Favorite”

  1. I loved the red coat & black hat, gloves & black boots or shoes that she wore when William graduated from one of his schools. It was the first time that she & her family met the Queen. They said her mother was chewing gum…………I had to laugh at that………some one just wanted to cause trouble……..
    I think Catherine is doing a fine job & I support her all the way,,,,,,,,,,,Mildred

  2. I’m with Stella — I thought the black coat for the Remembrance Day service was great — appropriate and looked fantastic on her. The navy trench didn’t look so great coming down the steps of the place but she rocked it wearing the red scarf. Can’t wait for the next round.

  3. I voted for the Navy McQueen coat. It fits her incredibly well and was very approperiate for the event. I also loved her Ted Baker trench – it is something I could wear on a regular basis.

  4. Man this was hard! ;) I thought about which coat I would wear every day if I had it, and I thought about which one impressed me the most when I saw it – and, of course, how amazing they looked on Catherine, which was hard because they all looked great!

    So, with my initial choice being the Contrast coat, and then the Military Style McQueen, I saw the black coat she wore to Remembrance day … and it won. I don’t think it’s the most stylish (that would be both McQueens) but it’s something that suits my own style, looked fantastic on her, and who doesn’t love that hand-stitching? So, Diane Von Furstenburg it is. ;)

    But don’t all you ladies wish you could borrow from Kate’s coat closet? I think some of her coats are prettier than some of her gowns. ;p

    • That was my choice as well – in fact, that coat is very similar to the one I have that I wear quite often. All of the coats chosen have their merits and any of them are worthy of a vote but I voted considering if I could only chose one to wear on a daily basis – which would be the most sylishly serviceable.

  5. Two other coats not included in the poll but are still memorable: Libelula Dulwich Coat and her white Reiss coat (pre royal wedding). I love all her coats! It was hard to choose for sure.

    • I think you mean the white Reiss Olivia she wore to Westminster one night but is most “known for” Wills RAF graduation? If so, I LOVE that coat! Can’t believe I forgot it, it put me on a (unsuccessful) hunt for my own white coat. It fit her perfectly and the flare at the bottom gave her such great shape

    • The Libelula Dulwich Coat is my all time favorite. ;)

      • This was the best coat by far. It should have been included and should be brought out again and again. It was her first real outing after engagement and it was brilliant… I still want it…

  6. I chose the white McQueen but also loved the black DVF and the red Canadian coat, and the navy McQueen. Plus, her Christmas morning coat with the unidentified designer was lovely.

  7. I voted for “other” the red coat from catherine walker in canada.

  8. My favourite is silver Katherine Hooker for Order of the Garter,so smart *.*

  9. I voted for the blue Alexander McQueen because it shows off her perfect shape and teeny-tiny waist (and it fit the occassion so well!)!! The Burberry Trench is my runner-up–I remember being so taken by it when she first wore it! I like the Ted Baker trench, too, I just got a replikate for Christmas (and I’ve a red pashmina-like scarf to go with it)!

    • Can you link or give the store name where ou got the replicate of the coat? I need a good raincoat but most trench coats are long and I am too short (5ft 3) to wear so I liked the short cut of this one

  10. I love tham all but my fave is the Navy Alexander McQueen she wore for the Irish Guards.

  11. Guess I am minority here because I don’t get the white AMC coat. It’s just too much ruffle. Good thing is she has slim hips so it wont be a problem. However, I still think it’s just too much for a coat design and one will get tired of it very quickly. Looking at other options they are all very streamlined and willstand the test of time. Just my 2 cents.

    • I’ve got a coat very much like it, and I’m not tired of it yet.

      However, the Duchess isn’t going to wear a coat like that very often. It wasn’t intended for frequent repeat wear.

      It’s not ruffles so much as unusual pleats, and when you see the coat full-length, over a slim skirt, the effect is a bit different from the one you may be imagining. I liked it on the Duchess because it was the first genuinely progressive, fashion-forward item I’d seen her wear. She doesn’t need to wear such clothes regularly, but I hope she’ll do it now and then.

      • Lili, where is your coat from? I LOVE that style!

        • Velvet Heart is the label. They do unusual designs now and then. Mine is wool, in a dark color, so just for fall/winter. It works very nicely over skirts and dresses with a slender cut, and with high heeled pumps or boots.

          I also own that Libelula velvet coat that Kathy Diaz mentioned. It’s the one thing I’ve seen the Duchess wear that I absolutely, positively, had to have.

          • Ohh, they have nice coats! I already found three I wish I could have. ;) You’re so lucky! The Libelula is my absolute all time favorite Kate item EVER. ;) It’s so, so beautiful! I would love to own it someday.

      • Thank you Lili for sharing your insight as always. To me, the navy military coat is definitely a stepup for the Duchess. I still dont like the white coat. It’s just too much drama and the silhouette is overwhelming. But I’m glad you found something you enjoy wearing. :) And we dont have to agree with each other. That’s the fun part about fashion. It will really dull if everyone liked and dressed the same.

  12. To me it was a bit hard to choose between the burberry coat and navy AMC. I voted for the latter one. The navy one is very unique and makes her look very…how to put it, stunning. Of course, She looks good in all of these coats, except the last black one maybe due to the angle, I feel it was bit ill fitted.

  13. I think my favorites are the Ted Baker as a casual coat and the white McQueen as a dressier coat.

  14. tough choice! haha. Looking forward to the rest of the polls!

  15. Gah, it was so hard to pick just one! :) Here’s my top 3…
    1. Burberry trench
    2. Red Ami
    3. White McQueen

  16. I actually loved the red Catherine Walker coat she wore in Canada and would have been hard-pressed to choose between that and the white Alexander McQueen if the Walker had been on your list.

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