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We thought it a good time to look ahead at Kate’s next engagements, and also view pieces from next fall’s collections that she might conceivably wear.

Kate’s next appointments are Tuesday, the 21st, in Oxford. They are on behalf of The Art Room, one of her patronages; readers may recall this charity helps young people using art therapy to help them cope with varying issues.

The Art Room Shop

Kate’s first event is at Rose Hill Primary School, followed by another at Oxford Spires Academy, students from the latter are seen in the photo below.

Oxford Spires Academy

The Art Room program at Oxford Spires is now ten years old, recent projects have involved artists Austria Friedensreich Hundertwasser and Julian Opie, the latter was raised in Oxford. You may recognize works by both, below we show a piece by Mr. Hundertwasser on the left, and Mr. Opie on the right.

Friedensreich Hundertwasser (L) /Julian Opie (R)

More on Tuesday’s plans from the Oxford Mail.

Kate will spend the morning in Rose Hill and the afternoon at the Oxford Spires Academy in East Oxford, although exact timings of her visit have not been released.

In Rose Hill, eight local Year Three pupils will be joined by Kate as they work on the famous Edward Lear poem The Owl and The Pussycat.

Here are a few lines from that classic work via Rhymes UK:

Click here for the entire poem.

As with all of Kate’s charities, The Art Room can always use more help, visit their online shop here, or think about donating here. (One FYI, if you are in the UK, they can always use additional art materials, children’s books, and other items.)


Here are the upcoming engagements following Tuesday’s Art Room engagements:

  • Kate is scheduled to be in Piccadilly on March 1st with Her Majesty and the Duchess of Cornwall, in large part to mark the community’s rejuvenation. The three generations of royalty will tour Fortnum and Mason’s store there, considered the company’s flagship shop,  and enjoy tea together at the newly remodeled St. James restaurant.
  • The following week the Duchess is in Leicester with the Queen and Prince Philip for the first Jubilee tour visit, more from This is Leicester: “As reported in the Mercury, the city will have the honour of welcoming the Queen on the first date of her tour on Thursday, March 8.The occasion will be the first royal engagement involving just the two royals – and the Duke of Edinburgh– since Kate married Prince William last April.”


Next, a follow-up to a report this week in the Telegraph that Kate has asked a young designer, Emina Hadzic, to create pieces for her:

28-year-old Hadzic, who runs British-based fashion label La Luna London, has apparently landed a royal commission from Kate. “Emina will create a special collection of dresses for Kate,” reported a Bosnian news website Index.hr, which the brand posted on their Facebook page.

However, that may not be the case; here is the message currently shown on La Luna London’s Facebook post the Telegraph story referred to:

To everyone that has been wondering and asking, at this time though it would be an honor for Miss Hadzic to design a series of dresses for Kate Middleton, we have not yet been contacted by her to do so. Miss Hadzic has mentioned in the past that she would love to work with the Duchess of Cambridge one day but there is no truth to the rumor that she at this time has received an order to do so. Thank you for all your support that you have shown.

If one wants to parse the statement for a non-denial denial, arguably it could be found in “not yet been contacted,” although it seems odd anyone working with Kate would refer to her by her maiden name, among other things.

We share a few styles in an effort to showcase the designer’s possible appeal for Kate, below, the silk Jeniffer dress ($1760), a lacy look from Ms. Hadzic.  The La Luna London collection is available on the ASOS Marketplace site, the arm of the company showcasing emerging talent and younger designers.

Emina Hadzic Flickr

Below we show two more styles, both of which highlight something that struck me the first time I looked at the collection.

La Luna London via ASOS Marketplace

While I love the frocks’ vibrant colors, neither seems well constructed, at least not in these photos: the puckers on both garments seemed unusually pronounced, unusual for dresses priced at £425 (about $650 at today’s exchange rates) for the purple Olivia, and £440 / $675 for the pink Lucy.


We move on to London Fashion Week, beginning with the Emilia Wickstead runway show; the styles were simply beautiful.

From Grazia‘s review:

So with all this talk of aristocracy, the Royal residence, horseback riding, could Emilia have been inspired by one Duchess in particular…say a young lady who goes by the name of the Catherine Middleton perhaps? Well, not entirely but she does love Kate’s polished sense of dress and her glamorous style that has become so adored since the engagement.

Most would work for Kate without any modification whatsoever, others would require some changes, e.g., lining on skirts.

Vogue UK

More from Grazia:

And having dressed guests at the Royal wedding last year (including Kate Middleton’s cousin Lucy, Anya Hindmarch and Emma Parker Bowles) what from her new collection could the designer imagine Kate in “All of it!” Emilia joked, well maybe not one of finally looks- a show-stopping black ball gown skirt and crop top (something we’d love to see Rooney Mara wear at the Oscars in a couple of weeks time) but the elegant pleat detail dresses would be ideal for the Duchess of Cambridge.

Our friend Duchess of Cambridge Style first shared news last summer that Kate had been shopping at the label’s London store; one can see why. The clean lines and unfussy details make sense for Kate.

Vogue UK

We also have a quick glance at several pieces by Orla Kiely, a line we’ve not seen the Duchess wear.  I included the two pieces on the right because of Kate’s appreciation of bows at the waistline.

Courtesy Photos

While I don’t know that Kate would wear the suits lower left, one of the pleated skirts is plausible.

Courtesy Photos

A brand we have seen Kate wear with frequency is Temperley London.

Temperley London

Alice Temperley showed her collection today, it will come as no surprise there were some beautiful frocks.

British Vogue

The designer’s mastery is evident, particularly in the drape and embellishing.

British Vogue

Oddly, one of the first things I noticed in the show was that the models are wearing hose, something of a shock.

Those interested in seeing the Temperley London runway collection can watch the entire show, just click here.

Temperley London You Tube

As always, the brand remains adept at leveraging its social media presence, click here to subscribe to its You Tube channel. While many of us don’t anticipate seeing the Duchess wear more Issa London, there are several styles that look ‘very Kate’ in the collection.

A reminder for those interested in collections by other designers Kate has worn, their shows are as follows:

SUNDAY: 5am ET/10:00 GMT Mulberry London


  • 11am ET/14:00 GMT Erdem
  • 1pm ET/16:00 GMT Burberry Prorsum
  • 3pm ET/20:00 GMT McQ Alexander McQueen*

TUESDAY: 6am ET/11:00 GMT Roksanda Ilincic

NOTE: To the best of my knowledge, Kate has not been seen wearing anything from the McQ collection being shown Monday evening. Sarah Burton is showing Alexander McQueen as usual in Paris.


We leave with a quick savings mention for those fond of Libélula.


to receive 50% off autumn/winter styles, use promo code AW11VIPINVITE. Two caveats: if interested in the Dulwich coat it is available in all colors except black, which is sold out, and the offer only applies to full priced merchandise.

We’ll see you again Tuesday, if not before.

  17 Responses to “More Appointments Added to Kate’s Calendar, Fashion Week Styles”

  1. I just LOVED the Temperley stuff. What a great show, I’m glad that you posted the youtube link!

  2. Why doesn’t anyone anticipate Kate wearing Issa anymore? She has be spotted in many of thier dresses over the last couple of years.

    • Thank you for reading, *and* for commenting! Many believe that since Camilla Al Fayed bought a controlling share of Issa it is unlikely Kate will wear the label again. (Ms. Al Fayed’s father, Mohamed Al Fayed, has been more than vocal about his dislike of the Royal Family.)

      • Ooo that makes sense! It’s a shame because she obviously loved the label but that does change things. Thanks for the info and I love your blog. Please keep up the hard work!

  3. I can’t wait to see what Kate, Camilla and the Queen will wear. I wonder whether they’ll coordinate their outfits together before hand. I hope Kate chooses something simple and chic — like the wonderful brown coat and black knit dress she wore to the children’s hospital last week.

    I’m an American, and the only thing I know about Fortnum & Mason is that it’s the gourmet food market where Julie Christie and her boyfriend went shoplifting almost fifty years ago (gasp–time flies!) in the movie Darling. Somehow, I don’t think our royal threesome will be shoplifting during this visit.

  4. That’s so funny! I was just looking at the Orla Kiely website yesterday (as well as the runway show) and thought — some of these pieces look Kate-ish! Ahh, I just adore British fashion. And bows are always welcome, on my clothes and the Duchess’s.

  5. I thought it would be nice if the Queen included her other daughter-in-law, Sophie, and granddaughter-in-law, Autuum Philips. Perhaps she just wanted to keep it small to avoid a huge entorage (sp?) or maybe their schedules didn’t allow.

    • I’ve often wondered how the other royals are chosen for different events. I’m sure their schedules come into play – obviously, Prince William can’t make any appearances right now! – but beyond that, does the Queen use favoritism? Or do they use different royals depending on the nature of the event?

      • I noticed that the last couple of Christmases Sophie rode in the car with the Queen going to church while Edward walked with the rest of the group as did Prince Phillip the year before. I wondered why Sophie was with her and not Anne. It sure would be interesting to know about the family dynamics. Like the order in which each group of royals enter the church etc. Maybe that’s a question for the Royal Forums.

      • I don’t think “favoritism” is an issue. That is not something the Queen would display publicly.

        The Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge are the wives of the first and first in line to the throne. After the Queen, the Duchess of Cornwall is the highest-ranked lady in the nation in terms of public precedence. The Queen may be anxious to make a statement about her support of the Duchess of Cornwall (who has only slowly garnered the support of the public for reasons I don’t think I need to go into) and to amke another statement about her acceptance of the Duchess of Cambridge.

        Dragging all of her younger female relatives and in-laws to a public tea would, I think, have become unwieldy. In addition, there has been a strong push, for financial reasons, to limit the number of people who carry out royal engagements to monarch’s children and spouses and the children and spouses of the first heir to throne (no other grandchildren; no cousins). Prince Charles is especially concerned about that, and in the current economic climate, I think the Queen is, too.

    • i believe Sophie and Prince Edward are leaving on their jubilee tour during that time

  6. I’m a great Edward Lear fan. I look forward to hearing more about that project.

    I took a look earlier today at the La Luna offerings and was decidedly unimpressed. Only one piece, an olive-green sheath dress, interested me at all. The designs were otherwise amateurish and frankly rather ugly.

    The Emilia Wickstead designs, on the other hand, are knockout, though as I’ve said before, I am not a fan of full skirts. The Duchess can wear them, but so many people cannot. I wear US sizes 0-2, but full skirts like Wickstead’s are always vastly unflattering on me. A full skirt pleated at the waist and hips heavily emphasizes the hips and therefore looks best only on women with very slim, boyish hips. The rest of us just look “hippy” even when we are not.

    The Orla Kiely line is very childish — not to be worn by mature, sophisticated women. One of the Duchess’s big mistakes was the butter-yellow Jenny Packham she wore in Canada. The color was beautiful, but the dress looked like it had been made for an 8-year-old.

    Alice Temperley looks like she’s channeling “Anna Karenina” — if you can a channel a fictional character. (Isn’t Keira Knightley making an “Anna Karenina” film?) I own a silver fox fur hat virtually identical to those the models are wearing. Hurrah! It’s fashionable again! I love the evening gowns: sleek and chic.
    Ahh, Libelula. That pink-and-white ad reminds me of how impressed I was when my Dulwich coat arrived, in a pink-and-white box tied with pink grosgrain ribbon and with a pink-and-ivory handwritten card enclosed and reading, “I hope you enjoy it!”. Elegant packing.

    But I won’t be buying Libelula again soon. I’m looking to spring and summer myself, and right now, I’m trying to decide whether to buy L.K. Bennett’s Wilder dress. I don’t know whether the Duchess is into animal prints, but I like the fawn and black leopard-print version. The only problem is that this not-at-all-inexpensive dress turns out to be unlined. A disappointment.

    Apropos of British clothing firms, I am also considering a second purchase from All Saints Spitalfields. I know it’s very edgy, but some of the dresses are surprisingly “Duchess-friendly”.

    • Yes, there is an upcoming “Anna Karenina” film with Keira Knightley as the lead. As soon as you mentioned the film, I picked up on the vibe in the Temperley collection. Whether the reference is intentional or not, it makes for a beautiful and interesting collection. I doubt that we will see Kate in any of these frocks though, unless she wears one to a *very* formal event. All of the pieces appear a bit too ornate for her taste. Anyone feel differently?

      On an unrelated note, I saw an article that claimed Ralph Lauren’s collection was inspired by Downtown Abbey [http://fashionista.com/2012/02/ralph-lauren-fall-2012-downton-abbey-fied/]. I wonder if we are more likely to see Kate in some of these designs… or perhaps she will feel the English manor theme is too pronounced? (P.S. I know a few of the evening gowns from this collection were mentioned on the WKW fb page, but I don’t remember a discussion of the other pieces.)

      • Well, Lauren has obviously been influenced by the men’s clothes far more than by the women’s. They’re a little too “tweeds for country shoot” for my tastes. However, I can see the Duchess picking up a piece or two — probably a jacket, coat, or sweater. Some of the dresses are elegant, as Lauren’s always are, though when it comes to expensive dresses for all-out evening glamour, she may prefer to showcase a British designer.

  7. I agree with you about the poor construction of the La Luna London frocks. What in heaven’s name is going on?

    • Sewing is my hobby, and I’m stunned by the awful workmanship of those dresses.

      • Not to mention that black lace and pumpklin coloured dress looks like a Halloween costume someone whipped up in home ec class! (actually all of the La Luna dresses are giving me bad home ec flashbacks!)

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