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We hoped to be able to share the lucky winner of our London Sole contest, but she has not yet responded to email. We’ll give it another 34 hours and if necessary, pull another name.

Congratulations to Lucy Brewer, she is the lucky winner of a pair of London Sole’s UK flag flats! Our thanks to everyone who entered, this one was fun. I also want to thank Maggie at London Sole, she is a delight to work with, making things easy every step of the way. Enjoy your Henriettas Lucy!

Today we have a look at next winter’s Resort collection from Alexander McQueen.  Knowing Kate’s fondness for this designer, it is likely we will see her in at least one piece from this collection.

Photos via Style.com

You can see the art deco influences in the collection.

Photos Courtesy Alexander McQueen via Women’s World Daily

While it is unlikely we’ll see Kate in any of the trousers, it wouldn’t be unusual for her to have one of the jackets seen above in a more understated fabric and cut.

A Style story offers insight from Sarah Burton:

“The proportions are extreme: high waists, an elongated leg, a peaked shoulder. There’s a harder, more precise, masculine edge that’s a reaction to the roundness and the sickly-sweet femininity of the last collection.”

Photos Courtesy Alexander McQueen via WWD.com

Style.com offers more on the collection:

The most rigorous parts of the collection were the tailored black pieces. Look closely, however, and their lapels and piping were actually trompe l’oeil encrustations of beading. Still, they were demandingly spare. Hard looks for hard times, perhaps.

Photos Courtesy Alexander McQueen via WWD.com

There were also references to Gustav Klimt, the artist’s influence can be seen in the center image above and these two photos.

Courtesy Photos via Style.com

Again, I don’t expect to see Kate in a jumpsuit or romper, but the jacket? Possibly.

Black and gold was a major color story.

Photos Courtesy Alexander McQueen

This was particularly evident in the formalwear.

Photos via Style.com

There is also a strong influence on the waist, with oversized belts topped by equally large embellishments.

A quick reminder, the summer sale is underway at McQueen, there are some significant reductions.


We look at another resort collection, this one from Roland Mouret.

Below left you see the Lumino Two Piece structured shirt and stretch skirt, in the center photo we show the Mazar double crepe dress topped by the Mocho white canvas safari jacket. On the far right, the Endell silk organza dress in fluorescent pink.

Courtesy of RM by Roland Mouret

From the Women’s Wear Daily story on the collection:

Continuing to work the gathered, draped and softer silhouettes he sent out en force for fall, Roland Mouret turned up the volume with lots of bold color and a beautiful abstract floral print.

On the left, the Ashbury terracotta silk dress, the center image shows the Rosella dress and Naumann iris print jacket, on the far right we see the Fairlea orange silk halter dress.

Courtesy RM by Roland Mouret

Here we show (left to right) the Watson wool crepe dress, Brooks double-faced dress in cobalt, the Paolo tee in lime and Yama iris print Panama pencil skirt.

Courtesy RM by Roland Mouret

You can see the entire collection on the Roland Mouret site.


Our final resort collection is by Erdem. Some readers will recall that Kate wore the designer’s Jacquenta and Cecile dresses while on last year’s North American tour.

Canadian Heritage Association

Just a few weeks ago she was in Erdem for Trooping the Colour.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire/Press Association Images

There are pieces in the resort collection that could work for the Duchess. The sleeveless sheath in the photo below left and lace dress in the image below right are possibles, although avoiding more navy lace dresses wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

Erdem Courtesy Photos

Net a la Mode offers this in its review:

It is not surprising that the London-based designer looked up to Her Majesty the Queen’s monochromatic unchanging style as a source of inspiration since his Montrealer upbringing had him constantly romanticizing the idea of England.  The love story does not end there as Erdem had a wandering eye on Upper East Side ladies and Amish women.

More navy and white, two colors we frequently see Kate wear.

Erdem Courtesy Photos

From Fashionising‘s review:

The lighter fabrics that seemed more suited for balmier cruise weather sat with subtle tension against heavier, stiffer materials such as patchwork and raw-finished tweeds. Even the color scheme was a mix of contrasts, with a strong undertone of moody blues in harmonious opposition to pinks, magentas and flashes of white.

A touch of that tweed is shown below, as well as a bit of the magenta.

Photos Courtesy Erdem

Much as Kate may like the silhouettes shown below, I don’t see her in pieces with the strong contrast in most of the pink and navy group.

Erdem Courtesy Photos

Again, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if we saw several elements of the dresses shown above in a piece(s) Kate ultimately wears.

More from WWD’s review (Women’s Wear Daily, subscription req’d.) review:

He combined light crepe fabrics (developed in Italy and made to look like neoprene) with tweeds for a patchwork effect, and many of the necklines, belts and dresses were embroidered by hand, some with neon-pink threads.

The party frocks have potential, although the print seems unlikely for Kate. The navy dress with embellished cuffs and neck strikes me a something the Duchess might favor.

Erdem Courtesy Photos

The cut of the two dresses shown far right above offer a silhouette she enjoys wearing.

Back to the Women’s Wear Daily story:

He also worked digital prints of lace fabric and sequins onto dresses for a “plastic fantastic fake embroidery” look.

Four final styles, while Kate might not be fond of most prints, I do like the color palette created for the collection: feminine, sophisticated and very pretty.

Erdem Courtesy Photos

I will update the post as soon as we hear from the winner.

  16 Responses to “What Kate Might Wear: Alexander McQueen, Roland Mouret & Erdem Resort 2013 (UPDATED With Contest Winner)”

  1. Kate doesn’t have the fashion sense to wear these edgy, beautiful, colourful, and unique creations. She’ll just wear the same type of clothes she’s always worn, in slightly a different colour, if even that.

  2. Hmm, with advance apologies, I think the McQueen collection is just ugly. I think it would take MAJOR remodeling to make any of them suitable for Kate, based on what she has been wearing. The Roland Mouret pieces are much more suitable and I can definitely envision her wearing them. This was a nice post to fill in what appears to be a Kate drought for a while. How about some speculation regarding her other designers as they come out with new collections? Its fun to see all the new things.

    • I can barely focus on the McQueen clothes – I’m too distracted by the disturbingly thin model; yikes! The one dress that could be a possibility for Kate is the sleeveless gold lame top/solid black skirted evening gown. Just gorgeous. The rest, you’re absolutely right, just don’t look promising for her.

  3. I agree with previous commenters, definitely could see many of the Mouret pieces being tailored and customized for the Duchess of Cambridge. The McQueen collection seems, even if the styles were altered and customized, to be too extreme for the classic, understated style the duchess seems to prefer. Also, with an eye toward maybe a pregnancy announcement in 2013, the Mouret pieces would be very appropriate for an expectant mother!

    • “too extreme for the classic, understated style the duchess seems to prefer.” Yes, but do you think she should wear the same type of clothes for the rest of her life? The same style dress coat, hat, clutch, and shoes? Everything she wears is like deja-vu, where I ask myself, “Hasn’t she worn that before?” Why shouldn’t she wear a pant suit or something that get’s people talking rather than yawning?

      She needs to be more creative and daring. I loved it when Diana took risks, even if they weren’t always a fashion “hit”. I loved when she wore those necklaces as headbands and when she wore men’s style suits with a bow tie.

  4. The Mourets are elegant — I love that slim, sheath silhouette, and the Duchess seems to do so as well.

    The McQueens and Erdems I can do without. However, she’s now worn a number of items that have been customized for her, so it’s true that we may see this or that element cherrypicked from these designs and showing up in something made just for her.

    I was actually just thinking the other day about the fact that the Duchess doesn’t wear trousers. If she’s not in a skirt or dress, she’s in jeans. Prince William’s mother wore trousers fairly often, and the Countess of Wessex likes them. A trouser suit or two would make a good addition to the Duchess’s wardrobe and be versatile as well. I’ve always liked the fact that I can mix and match with trouser suits, wearing the jackets and trousers with other items.

  5. Some of the Erdem pieces are just gorgeous!! And early congratulations to the contest winner! I’m jealous!

  6. Thanks for the ‘what Kate might wear’ – gorgeous clothes!
    I’d love to see Kate in evening trousers. Royals tend not to wear them, at least, the females royals that is :)
    Kate’s only worn them on relaxed occasions. There is a precedence – Princess Diana wore some knee-length evening trousers.
    With Kate’s slim figure and long legs, she’d look fantastic in trousers and fitted jacket.

    • Knee-length evening trousers? I’m a little puzzled. I don’t know exactly what might constitute “knee-length” trousers. Wouldn’t they be shorts? I don’t recall seeing Diana in evening shorts, though I do recall seeing her in trousers.

  7. This McQueeen collection is too extremal for Kate. Mouret and Erdem are perfect!

  8. I think Kate would rock the McQueen gowns in the black and gold print. The white suit (with a skirt instead of pants and a less exagerated waist) would also be a good bet for Kate. I could see her in almost all the Roland Mouret pieces, and I would applaud any of the bright colors on her. The Erdem collection didn’t scream Kate to me, except the navy lace dresses, which Kate has already done. The one on the far left of the second row is by far Erdem’s best navy lace dress, it is simply gorgeous.

  9. Definitely Mouret and Erdem. The McQueen pieces look more like Burton’s response to people who think she’s designing for Kate and not what McQueen would do. As was mentioned, most of the pieces shown would have to have more drastic tweaks compared to the more minor fabric changes of the Mourets and Erdems. I could definitely see her rock the terracotta and orange Mouret dresses with very little change to them.

  10. Excellent analysis!

  11. she will have the more outrageous stuff tailored down to suit the royal style..lovely reporting !

  12. I’ve gotta say that Roland Mouret stands out for me for sure!!!! Also, I’d love to see Kate in a Pants Jumpsuit, but I don’t think it’ll happen. She’d rock it though and I don’t think that the jumpsuits are going anywhere for another few seasons. Black and gold seems to be a big deal, like you said! The McQueen stuff is really awesome, I love it.

  13. I could see Kate wearing some of the Roland Mouret pieces on her upcoming Jubilee tour. The fabrics look like they’re well-suited to warmer weather.

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