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Kate was in a new dress by Eponine London for her first engagements of the year.

The Duchess of Cambridge - The Anna Freud Centre London

The Duchess was visiting the Anna Freud Centre to learn more about its Early Years Parenting Unit. Kate is the Centre’s Royal patron.

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

Kensington Palace @KensingtonRoyal

More from Rebecca English’s story for The Daily Mail:

The EYPU, which opened in April 2011, offers an assessment and treatment programme for parents with personality disorders and their children who, because of the issues affecting their parents, are at risk of being taken into care.

After the Freud Centre visit, Prince William joined the Duchess for an engagement at Child Bereavement UK.

Andrew Parsons/I-Images

Andrew Parsons/I-Images

More from the Child Bereavement news release:

 The Duke of Cambridge has been Royal Patron of Child Bereavement UK since 2009, a charity which supports families and educates professionals when a baby or child of any age dies or is dying, or when a child is facing bereavement.

The 1-year anniversary of Child Bereavement’s Stratford location was celebrated with a special cake.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Now to what Kate wore for the day’s appointments.

©Splash News

©Splash News

She was in a design by Eponine London. I call it a “coatdress” in the title of the post because that is what it looks like to me. It is difficult to tell without a better sense of the fabric weight; it may well be a dress.

Splash News

Splash News

The piece is from the 2016 autumn/winter collection.

©Both Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Both Nunn Syndication/Polaris

As many commenters pointed out, Kate had the dress altered. You can see in the photos there are only four buttons on her garment while the Eponine product shots show five buttons.

Eponine London

Eponine London

This offers a better view of the multiple panels on the bodice; you can see the curving seam that creates the dropped shoulder.

© Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Splash News

© Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Splash News

Here you have a closer look at the back of the garment.

© Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

© Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate first wore the brand in March of last year.

©Splash News

©Splash News

More about Eponine from an Emma Spedding story for The Telegraph, quoting the brand’s founder, Jet Shenkman, talking about Kate’s suit.

While she does create a series of outfits you can buy online such as the Duchess of Cambridges’ suit, the main focus for her label is made-to-measure custom pieces. “I like that with each client you get that very individual collaboration. What we do is pretty unique and every woman is given a lot of attention. We take the finished product so seriously, we really do. If it’s not perfect someone has to come back for another fitting,” she says.

She carried her navy suede Muse clutch by Stuart Weitzman.

©PA Wire

©PA Wire

The Duchess wore her Rupert Sanderson Malory heels.

Rupert Sanderson / PA Wire

Rupert Sanderson / PA Wire

Kate also had on her sapphire earrings and Cartier watch.

©Splash / PA Wire

©Splash / PA Wire

She wore her hair partially pulled back.

© Nunn Synidication, Polaris / Splash News

© Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Splash News


  130 Responses to “It’s A New Eponine London Coatdress for Kate’s London Engagements”

  1. Looking at this dress and the coat from the previous post, it is obvious she had them retailored to significantly shorten the bodice. In the case of the coat, she even had the pocket flaps raised to accommodate the much higher waistline she decided to create with the belt. With the blue coat dress it is clear the bodice has been shortened because the original version has a waistline and belt that falls below the fifth button. Kate’s falls at the fourth button, and the fifth is gone completely having been swallowed by the higher waistline. I have two issues with this – it invariably throws off the line of the garment that the designer created. So much of design is about cut and designers create their garments just as an artist would. I find this repeated “savaging” of the original design insulting to the designer. These are not tweaks but changes that actually ruin the line and design of the original. The garment actually looks like it was poorly designed and doesn’t fit her better. Which brings me to the seond point – whatever the reasons for the changes, they don’t make Kate look better – rather the opposite.. The changes to the blue coat dress make her look fat, frankly. Between the high waist and the hairclips, she looks like a girl, not a sophisticated stylish woman in her mid-30s. Maybe she thinks the high waist makes her look younger? Last, but not least, would it be possible for someone in her entourage to suggest something other than a fit and flare coat dress? I now groan every time I open this blog, which is in no way a reflection on its excellent content.

  2. Actually I don’t find it too bad.But it seems to confuse many people if the waistline is neither “normal” nor clearly low (which would be 1920s) nor clearly high (which would be 1810s).Kate’s coat here is somewhere in between normal and high.I don’t mind it since it makes her legs look long.I would not mind a statement making “clearly high” empire waist on this piece either, but I am sure many people would hate this too, because it would make her look “pregnant”.Or it would be considered weird on a tailored coat.I think a long sleeve would make the higher waist here more “intended” and less like the top is somewhat shrunken.

  3. The high waist looks like it’s disguising a baby bump.

  4. Love this coat dress and the collar is so chic, it makes the outfit.

  5. I agree with the short waist comments. A shortened waist is good for shorter people who want to make their legs look longer. However, the Duchess is tall and does not need to do that. On the other hand, she does it a lot, so maybe she likes the look. Personally, if that’s the case, I think she should reconsider. She is tall enough and proportioned enough that she shouldn’t do that. She did it with the coat she wore to church on the weekend – that belt was also too high. It really is distracting, isn’t it – I think she might find that if she wore the waist at her natural waist line, she’d find her clothes look a lot better.

    And the hair clips are a big “no” for anyone over the age of 7. She may have forgotten they were there when she did her makeup – let’s give her the benefit of the doubt and go with that theory! Or maybe Charlotte helped her do her hair and she just forgot to remove them when she got in the car. Either way, when she got home, she probably thought “aaaaach! I can’t believe I left those in my hair!” She is human after all.

    • There’s absolutely nothing wrong with the hairclips. They help keep long hair from blowing all over your face on a windy day. I’m well over 7 and I know many others my age who continue to wear them for this very reason. I think Kate can get away with just about anything she wears because she is a normal person who has her okay, good, great and best days out just like the rest of us.

  6. I wonder if those hair clips are her way of sending a “I’m still a regular girl” vibe….;-)

  7. I’ve noticed English aristocrats dress on trend around London or at less formal events but seem to raid their grandmother’s closet or some Edwardian costume department on formal events. It’s fine if they look hideous in their frilly tops, floral or high-waisted dresses and badly made furs because they’re just making the local paper. Nobody cares. Lady Diana dressed like her social circle but quickly realized the Princess of Wales was an English princess on a world stage. She had to move from follower to trend setter in order to live up to new expectations. Her style transformation, combined with her youth and beauty, made the Royal Family look modern and gave it international appeal. Sadly for her fans, Kate hasn’t had that epiphany yet. It’s like she is dressing to still impress those aristocratic girls who called her a nobody when she was dating Prince William. Forget those mean girls. Time to take command of your image, Duchess of Cambridge! Learn fashion, use your art history background, and hire a brilliant stylist! One of your jobs is to promote tourism and nothing deflates interest than a swan dressed up like an ugly duckling.

    • It’s an interesting observation—that someone with an art history background should dress with more élan. I tend to agree, but I recall seeing a photo in my college newspaper of the staff of our art museum, and every one of them was dressed in schlumpy jeans and a t-shirt or wrinkled button-down. I thought at the time that it was odd! They were devoting their lives to the visual, but clearly never ever ever applied any visual analysis to themselves! Compared to the art museum staff, Kate is doing incredibly well.

      I would take minor issue with one other comment: that Diana “had to become a trend setter.” From what I have read, it’s actually considered beneath royalty to be overly concerned with fashion. This sounds oxymoronic, considering how avidly millions of people followed Diana and follow Kate. But royalty should be above such materialism and in public at least, should dress not to set trends but to indicate such things as respect for the occasion, for their audience, modesty, etc. Let me quote from “Diana: Fashion and Style” by Behlen & Marschner:

      Some of the unwritten rules governing royal dress were contradictory: The Princess was expected not to wear the same clothes too often while at the same time avoiding accusations of spending too much money on her appearance… Diana’s clothes also had to make at least a nod to fashion while never giving the impression that she was obsessed with the latest looks… Diana tried to incorporate into her outfits the traditional colors or fabrics associated with the places she visited… When the Royal couple visited the Middle East, the Princess’s wardrobe had to meet a different set of requirements [i.e., being covered up]… The Princess’s clothes in the early 1980s were not what a young woman in her early 20s would have been expected to wear…

      There’s more, but you get the picture. Setting trends wasn’t on the To Do list. It’s a great book and I highly recommend it if you are interested in Diana’s wardrobe choices. There are bigger books with more photos, but this one has the most thoughtful text.

      • Art historty is about studying detail and symbolism in the visual arts so my advice to Kate is use this knowledge while dressing for an icon-making role. After your comment, I’d add use the very generous dressing budget most likely not had by the art museum staff in your college newspaper.

        However, I know what you mean by why don’t those in the visual arts dress better? The answer could be lack of funds or time to spend on fashion, rejecting fashion like interior design because it’s perceived as a lesser art form more on par with crafts, it’s college so the focus is on developing the mind not personal vanity, it’s a liberal campus so looking messy is bucking the establishment, etc. But the DOC is on the opposite end of this spectrum and she can’t afford to mimic their behavior.

        I am sorry you took exception to my referring to the POW as a trendsetter but I think we are using the word differently. I am not encouraging royalty to wear the latest thing coming down the catwalk as I am aware of the history you speak of. I meant Lady Diana dressed very much like her social circle, which was perfect for winning over the English people as a potential wife for Prince Charles. Her new role as POW, photographed and compared to other chic women on the international stage, meant the Laura Ashley dresses, schoolgirl piecrust collars, kitten heels, and little girl white tights had to go. She had to break out from following the trends of her social circle and become a trendsetter by creating a new style for her new role.

        Diana, like Jackie, had a fantastic figure and we started seeing her in sheath dresses, tailored suits, and sleek ball gowns. Diana wasn’t copying her social circle nor the catwalk. Diana was dressing the way ladies of a certain class and rank dress among the jet set. Naturally, in her role, Diana had to adapt when traveling abroad, flagship dress, promote her country, etc. What wins in icon making is how well women like the FL or POW or DOC use fashion to convey visually the message they want to send to their audience and how much we like it.

        Finally, the icon has to appear effortless even though it always takes work. Setting trends may not be their focus but royalty or celebrity creates trends due to their popularity and they all use fashion to create their image. Therefore, fashion is a tool in the visual construct of Kate’s image so all I was saying is due to it’s global effect make better use of it’s power.

  8. Maybe its just me but perhaps she is self conscious of a tummy post pregnancy. I don’t think she has one but maybe she thinks she does and maybe she feels a higher wait hides that figure flaw. Or maybe she is bloated and didn’t want anything pushing on her belly today so this dress fit the bill. Those were my thoughts with this outfit.

    • How could Kate possibly think she has a post-partum tummy?? She is so slim and so toned; her stomach is concave, as far as I can tell! If anything, the high waists, especially this one, make her stomach look bigger. Compare the pictures of this dress with the other Eponine dress featured in this post. Kate looks much slimmer in the other one.

  9. I think this is a lovely colour on Kate. Although I did not initially notice the short waist, now that the comments have pointed it out to me I cannot un-see it! I also think the clips are a little bit childish but perhaps she was looking for a quick easy way to pull her hair back? I think a bun style could have worked better, but of course, she is gorgeous as always!

  10. The “coat as outfit” that she wears so often reads as “flasher” to me.

  11. Pretty coat dress in a beautiful shade of blue. This is a great start for the year.

  12. I like reading the comments generally, but the one thing that bothers me most when dislike for a certain style is attributed to igmorance on the part of the Duchess, the people she works with, etc. She has been in this role for a while now, and has pickings over the most intelligent, efficient, loyal staff there can be. Kate is also well-educated and traveled. Boiling down her choices to ignorance – that somehow she needs to be told, to have a stylist, etc – is just downright disrespectful, and comical, too.

    • I disagree. Staff including stylists and Kate are not infallible. Education and travel are not immunity for fashion faux pas. We’ve all in here had them. These comments are very broad and balanced when it comes to Kate’s wardrobe. It’s why I enjoy coming here. The points made are thoughtful and researched. But that is just my humble opinion ☺

      • Agree, Alora. Most of the comments are very balanced and very appropriate in stating where it is a personal taste difference and where they think a styling issue. As a side note to Travelingblush, IMHO being well educated and well traveled has nothing to do with styling well an outfit. Also having access to the best of help does not mean you have the best of help. Finally even the best of stylists, designers and us “everyday” people miss the mark on occassion, including Catherine:):) Just as a note, I do not have great taste in putting clothes together, and I am very well educated and travelled, so I speak from personal experience.:)

      • I also agree Alora and I do visit this site only because the comments are respectful and I think all of us are supporters of Kate and only want to see her look her best. It is fun to comment and similarly I know very well that I don’t get it right all the time either.
        I think she needs a better stylist and hair dresser – people to help out with the total look. It is a big job she’s taken on and she represents the royal family and the country. Her job will only get harder as she takes on more in the future. She should have access to the best help and they should make sure they serve her well.

    • I don’t think any person commenting on this blog has ever attributed their criticisms about what Kate wore to ignorance on her part or on the part of her various staff members. We are generally questioning their judgement or lack of attention to detail. It is specifically because we know they are not ignorant that we are left scratching our heads and questioning what is going on. For myself, I admire and respect Kate. And, my admiration for her is not diminished by my commenting on what I think of her fashion choices. I love reading what everyone else has to say, especially when their opinions differ from my own and they comment on my comment. It’s fun!

  13. Maybe her coat looks like custom made with the 4 buttons because the 5th one is covered by the belt? It seems the belt is worn pretty high up on the chest (above natural waist line) so I’m just guessing that the belt may have covered the 5th button.

  14. The dress looked so much better with the blue tights and shoes the model wore- striking. I felt the navy shoes and bag were a cop out. A high block heel in camel could have been a nice neutral. But really it was her hair that disappointed

    • Totally disagree- it looks so much better with the natural tights. After all, she’s got great legs and likes to show them off. Her hair is lovely – the colorist got it right and it really pops in the sun. I do wish she’d give in and put weights in the hems, though – I do think it looks a bit awkward when she uses her bag to hold her dress down in the wind.

  15. I really like this. The high waist is lovely. I feel like I’m in the minority after reading the comments. I also like her hair.

  16. Almost but not quite. I agree that a professional stylist would elevate Kate’s clothing choices from mostly good to great. Hair clips are a miss no matter how you slice it, unless she’s doing the dishes at home and wants her hair out of her face.

  17. I like the color on her, but otherwise, I find this outfit awkward looking.
    The fit is not good. The top of the coat looks early Victorian, with the dropped shoulder and super high waist. It’s just uncomfortable looking and seems a little too small also.
    The collar is the best part of this outfit and it’s covered by her hair. This coat was begging for a ponytail, rather than those tiny little clips.
    She’s so lovely looking, but I feel like she’s being given improper style advice sometimes.

    • Agree with all of this. I didn’t even notice the collar details until I saw the picture of the model.

    • Totally agree that it does look too small – the sleeves look like they shrunk in the wash because they are so snug. I don’t love the seams midway down the arm either. I find the different shades of blue accessories and the coat dress style very boring. I wish she would change things up!

      This colour is very nice on her though, and her hair looks very glossy.

  18. I very much like the color on her. But I find that it sits a little too high on her waist to look as if it fits her well. I don’t know if this is intentional or not. I’ve seen this high waisted look on her before and it just not fish nor foul to me.

    • I agree. I never cared for that butter yellow-colored Emilia Wickstead coat for the same reason. I think she must be slightly long-waisted, as there have been others I can’t immediately recall.

      • I agree completely, although the Emma Wickstead had way more problems than this dress. At least the actual construction of this dress is fine. I used to think that Kate just didn’t want to be bothered having dresses tailored to fit her long waist, but that is clearly not the case as this dress has been tailored – but in the wrong direction! If she wanted to make it high waisted, she needed to have it shortened an inch to make the proportions correct. Then she needs either a lower, or or preferably lower and heavier heel or boot.
        The colour is lovely, but once again, the proportions are a disaster.

        • Agree with Maggie, here- the tailoring is obvious, and well done in this case, but why? i would love to get inside kate’s head and know what she is thinking with all of these northward alterations of the waist on otherwise lovely pieces. the first picture at the top of this blog, looks to me like it is photoshopped! somewhere between where your mind wants to place her pelvis, and where her knees obviously are, it looks like some kind of mind trickery. in the fifth picture down, where the wind is forming the fabric to her body, you can see better how the waist is almost high enough to be empire-level. there is a good 4 inches between where the belt is now, and where i would place her waist- which would be more at her elbow level or just below. something that is just occurring to me as i study both pictures, is that the waist on the original piece may have hit at just the wrong spot on her where she wishes it would be a fraction of an inch lower, but raising the skirt would be so much easier, tailoring wise, than lengthening the bodice that she just resorts to that. this does not answer why she doesn’t have the bodice lengthened on completely bespoke pieces tho. i find it the most compelling mystery about the way she dresses.

          • This is arguably the least understood element of Kate’s style for me, we are in agreement about wishing we knew why pieces are altered in this fashion. :)

            • I wonder if maybe she’s trying to make her proportions appear different by intentionally leaving her waists a shade high? I suppose we’ll never know.

            • One explanation may be how far ahead she buys her clothes. When I get something new, I generally have the alterations done on the spot even if I don’t wear it for a while. But our figures can change, based on the time of the month, the holidays, etc. And, by the time you get it out of the closet, it may not fit exactly as it did back at the time of purchase.

  19. I like the shoulder seaming and I think it’s great and appropriate for the occasion. I do wish she’d varied the colour of her accessories, though – a little too matchy for my liking. This is one place where I’d wish for a red or even a fun green heel.

  20. I like the style, but to me it looks more like a spring coat in this fabric rather than a dress. Perhaps the fabric looks different in person.

    Now, I love me some Kate style, but I think she missed the mark with her accessories on this one. The watch looks too manly with this 3/4 length sleeve and her delicate jewelry. I think something lighter that fell on her wrist and complimented the earrings and ring. With 3/4 sleeves, I think a bold cuff bracelet or watch works well, but I don’t think that would work with this dress.

    The clutch makes me think she grabbed the closest thing. Perhaps something that either complimented her jewelry or the buttons on her dress.

  21. I get looking modest but I’ve seen nuns showing more skin than Kate has of late. Also, maybe its just me, but I’d love to see her in more pants and fewer skirts and dresses. I do like the color!

    • Yeah I am super tired of the high necked outfits she has been wearing as of late. They look so constricting and her figure actually looks far better in v-necks anyway.

    • I don’t like the skinny jeans and trousers she wears – not very regal! I would love to see her in some well tailored, lined trousers – I think a trouser suit like this on her would be a great look.

      • Princess Charlene of Monaco and Spain’s Queen Letizia do pants/ pant suits really well without resorting to jeans to get the silhouette Kate prefers. Both these ladies are mesmerising in anything they wear. Kate is very influenced by the Queen and the swathes of material, below the knee hemline and nude hose are a British staple that isn’t going away. I predict when she hits her forties she’ll be very much dressing for herself because let’s face it if she were living quietly in say Chelsea without the royal ties there’s no way this 35-year old beauty would buy some of these clothes much less wear them. Even Princess Mary who dresses similarly to Kate has an ease and a confidence in her clothes Kate just doesn’t possess. And she won’t until she dresses for herself and or sacks the stylist

      • Re pants and the longer leg aspect of much of the discussion. She could wear really great high waisted slacks with a shorter jacket and heels and look like her legs go on for miles.

        • She would look fabulous in that style, a la Kate Hepburn in the 40s and 50s, but with a slimmer leg. :)

          • She must just not like trousers, versus jeans or other skinnies. Some women don’t. Pants really have to fit to look good, and for whatever reason, she never got in the habit. As for dressing for herself, nope, she dresses for William and she always will, because that is her raison d’etre.

    • I love the dresses and skirts but she really is rather “all buttoned” up in most of her dresses and tops.

  22. I like the colour, length, accessories… the high belt line makes her look matronly at the bustline.

    Just something not quite right about the cut, but she still looks lovely.

  23. I love this color on Kate but the seams off the shoulder throw out the form and balance of the dress. Her clutch looks too formal for this type of dress. The 3/4 sleeves -? -are awkward as well. I love many of her looks but not this one.!

  24. Lovely blue color! Accessories too dull to maximize the striking blue color. Agreed the high waistline emphasizes the bust area. I’ve noticed recently she has been wearing more high waisted clothing and she appeared larger in the bust. I suspected pregnancy early on but more likely it’s a better padded bra enhancing her figure. Still, her smile wins the day!

  25. On balance I’m coming out in favour of this look. The colour is lovely on Kate and I do like this style of dress which looks young with a swingy skirt but formal with the stitching. It’s very workday and suitable and not fashion but CLOTHING and I mean that as a compliment.

  26. Fabulous coat.

    Thoroughly unprofessional hair styling.

  27. I find myself wondering what the dress would be like without a belt? I find the most interesting part to be the shoulder seaming, and the belt draws attention away from that area. I love the colour. I suppose it might be rather a large expanse of blue without the belt.

    • Mary G..but the belt is also blue…so a large expanse of blue with or without the belt.

      • Agreed. I think I was thinking of the texture of the belt, really — that it interrupted the solid flow of fabric. (Sorry, I am not great at explaining my thoughts on clothes!)

        I like the blue, actually, and I’d still like to see the dress without a belt at all (and also unbelt-looped, obviously!).

  28. Love the colour and the shoulder seaming. Not fond of the three quarter sleeves, makes it look like she has short arms. I thought the same when I saw Natalie Portman’s dress at the Golden Globes, the sleeves completely spoiled the outfit.

  29. I apologize for this being my third post. However, after thinking about this I realized that Kate has a very thin waist and I think that is the reason that on these belted coats they have raised the waist-I just think it results in a more pleasant line to have the belt around a wider area. Also the choice of that particular shade of deep blue suede for the accessories gives them a jewel-like quality set off against the brighter hue of the coat. And that collar is to die for!! I’m not sure I feel good about complaining about the plastic hair clips however. They are tiny, match the shade of her hair, and I think they are meant to be ignored. (Just as one would a bobby pin-would we rather see one of those?)

  30. I like dress- on the model. I usually don’t notice a poor fit but this is horrid. I don’t mind the different shade of blue for the bag & shoes (I loathe black & blue together). The clips are just…too 1980′s? At least her hair dresser could have hidden the clips!

    Safe travels to you our admin

  31. Lovely. Kate’s “The Crown” moment.

  32. In some shots she looks well pulled together but then you start to stare curiously at that belt so high up. I found myself willing it down a couple of inches and then I decided but look at all that material below. A mini ocean swathing our lithe framed Duchess. Tight sleeves, fitted bodice, miles of skirt (below the knee ughh) I agree with the nude hose in January. Black tights and pumps would have worked. Maybe? Also have to wade in and smile at her penchant for plastic clips, hairbands and yucky scrunchies. These items are for face mask days, applying make-up, baking brownies with George and hoovering miles of white carpet. Indoor pursuits where no one can see. Thousands of pounds worth of clothing and accessories finished off with two bits of well placed plastic.No.

    • Alora I have to agree. She is gorgeous but really needs a good person helping her dress.

    • You are spot on and made me chuckle with your comment on the dollar store hair clips! Overall, waist too high, sleeves too short, poorly matched accessories (sheer black hose, black bag and shoes would be better, though still could not save this dress). The Duchess has such a wonderful, thin frame that she really can wear clothes so nicely. But this outfit makes her look stocky, never thought that would be possible for her. And too bad, cause such a good color for her.

    • My sentiments exactly! She really needs to do away with the ridiculous clips. They would just barely be suitable for Princess Charlotte to wear! She would easily achieve almost the same look with hair combs, it would be a much better alternative. It’s really quite juvenile looking and ruins an otherwise perfectly polished ensemble.
      I like her high necklines and low hemlines. I think they suit her and set her apart. I don’t care much for the colour of the coat, but it does seem to be a favourite hue of hers. I like it when she chooses interesting details, such as the collar, which perks up an otherwise basic style.

  33. I think the navy accessories look strange next to the beautiful bright blue of the coatdress. (I actually like the blue tights/shoes of the Eponine model). If I was Kate, I would wear black boots in mid-winter like this, or a lighter nude shoe in warmer weather. if I was just dressing for myself, I would get some red into that outfit – love red and blue together. Like a small silk scarf around her throat, tucked under the collar.

  34. Her belts are always too high and not at her natural waist. Why is this?

    • Yes about the high waist. I noticed that with the green Sportmax coat in the last post. When you look at the side by side images with the model wearing the same coat the pocket flaps are way down about mid-hip on the model but begin right below the belt on Kate.

    • I can only assume that she is self-conscious about being long in the torso area, given the fact that she has so many outfits altered to have the waistline or belt right under her bust.

    • because she has a very long torso and her waist is not where most natural waists are – that is why every single one of her pieces should be tailored – her so called stylist can’t even see that…

      • Curious you think that. They are a well-oiled operation, travelling the world and working with couture designers. Give them some credit.Could it be that Kate actually like having her waist not constricting, given she moves up and down. She often squats on visits, balancing on stilettos. Not a common move for a working woman. Could also be she likes the longer, leggier look. There x0could be many, many reasons linked to preference, and not ignorance.

  35. Adore What Kate Wore. I have been a passive reader since the inception. This is my first post. I have such respect and affection for the Duchess. And for the tone and delight of this website. I also agree with all comments concerning today’s coatdress, especially as concerns the altered waist-line (too high), 3/4 sleeve with watch and the drug store plastic hairclips (why??). I love this color on DoC and I think perhaps it may have been specifically chosen to highlight her engagement ring and earrings, as a tribute to Diana. Which makes such lovely sense, considering the second engagement today.

  36. I actually like the dress (the belt doesn’t bother me too much…she is obviously self-conscious about being long-torsoed), although again with her terrible accessorizing. The dress is not navy and so picking navy accessories just makes it look like she tried to be matchy-matchy but picked the wrong shade. I loathe her nude shoes at this point but there are about a million shoe choices that would look better than her pumps. And the hair clips. That is how I wore my hair in college in the late 90s. When I was 19.

  37. I really liked the retro 2-piece Eponine she wore last March. Classy and stylish. Today’s coat dress was a lovely color–that’s all I can say.

  38. I wonder if she will change into another outfit for the visit with William today at the Child Bereavement Center?

  39. I really think this is a pretty coat/dress. I love that color of blue. But the 3/4 sleeves just kind of make it look like it’s a few sizes too small. Would have been great with full sleeves. Oh well, happy to see new pics.

  40. The colour is good and I don’t mind the rather high waist.It makes her legs look long.

  41. My first thought upon seeing the pictures here was — again with the too high waist and slipping belt! Then I saw the exposed waist seam and the Daily Mail pictures clearly show the belt loops to be placed entirely above the waist seam. IMO that is a huge mistake. If the top half of the loop were above the seam and the bottom half below, the belt would ride lower, cover the seam and the dress would look much better on Kate. I find this mistake really incredible when the quote from the designer talks about how proud it is of the individualized attention it gives its customers in the fitting of the garment.

    As for the 4 versus 5 buttons issue, I think that the Duchess’ dress has 4 buttons because Kate is naturally short waisted and the dress design favors a longer waisted woman, hence all the seaming and detail, buttons and notched collar (all of which I love) above the waist. Nonetheless, I kike the dress on Kate. I think it could have been balanced better with a longer sleeve and a heavier style shoe, maybe like a block-heeled T-strap pump. I also agree with objection to the 3 shades of blue. Black shoes and clutch would have worked better.

    I really did not notice the clips until I read the comments but I agree they are dreadful. I have often felt that the Duchess is ill-served be her style staff. For the money she spends and the time and effort she makes, plastic hair clips and misplaced belt loops should not be issues.

    • I have not come to this conclusion, but many commenters on this blog and others write that Kate is long waisted, not short waisted. She is trying to make her short legs look longer with the high waistlines and the high heels.

    • Agree 100%, well said Donna!

    • Kate is actually the complete opposite of short waisted. If you look at the many bikini photos you can see she is quite long in the torso and shorter in the leg. Many have said this is why she purposely has her pieces cut and altered to be shorter in the waist, so they can give her the appearance of longer legs.

      • I myself am short-waisted. While I am by no means as thin as Kate, I can say that it only becomes a problem worth hiding if you tend to be overweight. On someone as thin as Kate there would be no need to go to such efforts to hide being short-waisted. That being said, I do agree with others who have stated that Kate has a rather long torso.

        • I question why someone would go to such efforts to hide being long waisted. I don’t believe it is considered a flaw. And when your as tall as the Duchess I don’t think you worry a lot that your legs might look short.

  42. Looks like we’re going to have to get used to short-waisted Kate. In this dress, the high waist made Kate look busty on top, which she really is not! I love the color and would have loved the whole look, had the belt been a few inches lower down. Too bad.

    Agree that nude hose looks wrong in January, although I’m not crazy over the model’s blue tights either, and I can’t come up with anything better.

  43. STOP with the childish hair clips, I think she must have borrowed them from Charlotte.

  44. Perhaps her hair came loose on the trip over and the clips were simply a quick last minute fix!

  45. My first reaction was “OMG love the colour!”. Overall I think this was a pretty good look – the navy worked well as accessories, but I’d have loved something a bit bolder and maybe even a pattern or colour blocking bag since the coat-dress is a solid. Not a fan of the cut collar, and I agree with everyone else that the original wasitline of the outfit was better. DoC suits this colour so much and the length is great at her knee too. And her engagement ring looks wonderful next to it. A sapphire and diamond tennis bracelet would have been nice in place of the watch, bringing detail to a long expanse of skin, given the 3/4 length sleeve, but not so chunky as the watch which somewhat breaks that long and elegant line of skin.

    The hair clips – when my almost 4 year old daughter was about 2, she had one of these in one day, it slipped out, she somehow stood on it and when it broke, the prongs on one side stuck right into her food. My hubby was home alone with her, and had to hold her upside down by the ankle while he pulled them out with tweezers, because she was too upset to lie down for him to do it and that was the only way he could. So I’ve *really* hated them ever since then. I’d not even put them on my little one, much less myself. The only reason I could see a grown woman using them is for keeping hair out of the way while styling it or doing makeup!

  46. Most nitpicks I would have have already been said, so I will just say that I love that she wore Eponine again. I was just the other day looking at their site thanks to the post reviewing Kate’s 2016 wardrobe, and thinking that I just loved their aesthetic. If I had the money and panache, I would certainly have some of their designs. Lucky for Kate she has both :)

  47. Beautiful coat-dress but one more time, we notice that the waist sits much too high on her. Why aren’t these pieces customized to her frame? I keep saying it but her stylist has to go…

  48. She is wearing the waist of the dress much higher than the model. Count the buttons. The Duchess has four while the model and sample pic both have five. The higher waist coupled with the shorter sleeve make the dress seem too small for her.

    • I noticed the same thing. It makes the seaming on the top of the coat seem odd on Kate, it flows much better on the model, with the extra button and the lower belt.

  49. Gorgeous color but an overall miss for me too! I would have loved to see this with a nude shoe, no watch and a simple gorgeous blow-out or pony tail. I’m not totally against half- up and would even have enjoyed a braid to get the task done but omg those hair clips. I can’t add anything that hasn’t been said; I agree with even the most disparaging remarks here.

    Perhaps I am the only fan of the nude shoes? I will be President of the ‘We Love the Praline Rossis’ club. I would wear those shoes every day, even in the snow. They’re perfectly elegant and the shape is modern and dare I say sexy, while maintaining an appropriate vibe.

  50. I like this dress very much (am becoming a fan of Eponine) and think it looks lovely on the Duchess. Love the shoes and jewelry, but am not in favor of those drug store plastic hair clips!

  51. I actually like this dress, but I agree with someone else that her watch cuts off her arm at the wrong place, given the length of the sleeves. Going watchless would have been better, I think. But I love the color of the dress and I don’t mind the higher waist the more I look at it (I did not like it at first.)

    But I don’t like her hair – and I usually like her hair half-up – agree with others that it looks too juvenile here. Her accessories are fine – boring but fine – and I think with such a relatively simple dress, in a nice classic solid color, she could have done something more interesting with the accessories – a contrasting color, or a pattern. I think a muted plaid shoe would have looked great.

  52. At last we have a coat-dress worthy of the name, flexible enough for a close fit indoors and warm enough to survive a chilly dash to and from a car. The colour is as wonderful as ever on Kate and cheerfully bright for young children too. I’m so pleased that she’s gone back to this label, it seems to suit her very well.

    I love the shaped seaming on the front bodice – sad there are no views of quite what goes on at the back. I would also like to know if there are pleats behind as well to balance the front ones. I like the overall tailoring very much and the pleats give Kate the freedom of movement she seems to prefer.

    As ever her lean frame pulls the waistline higher than shown on the model but it seems to work ok as a sort of belted princess line, certainly better than the dark green SportMax.

    I’m amused to see we have shots of Kate holding a clutch while also shaking hands given the recent speculation about ‘why’ she carries a clutch. As so often she goes for various shades of colour rather than strict matches in bag and shoes but I think that’s more up-to-date.

    And it’s a gift outfit for wearing the matching earrings to her gorgeous engagement ring.

  53. I’ve come to the conclusion that I dislike this brand. I thought that two piece outfit she wore first was atrocious and this isn’t much better. Someone on Facebook noted that they were tired of her having pieces reworked by the designer when the original design works so much better. So true on this dress too!

    The hair clips. They. Have. To. Go.

    • I’ve come to the same conclusion about this label. Both styles are too old-fashioned for me. They might be improved with more modern shoes and accessories, but Kate doesn’t really do those.

  54. Similar thoughts as everyone else. Kate looks wonderful. The color and fabric beautiful. The shoulder area does not work, I actually like the seam but the whole shoulder area needed a different construction to work with the seam IMHO:). Way to high waisted. Agree agree on the hair clips, not for an adult and no need to use them to pull your hair back. Her hairdressar has lots of options for pulling the hair back from combs to hidden clips, to a loose pony tail etc. Great cause. ali

  55. I am in agreement with most of the other commenters – great color, not my favorite detailing for Kate’s body, and the clips (???) … however, I have a question – has Kate stopped wearing pantyhose? It doesn’t look like it in today’s pictures, does it?

  56. I’m in agreement with previous commenters — the color is of course stunning on her, and the shoes are beautiful. But the cut of the coatdress seems too old, too stodgy on her. And the little pieces of hair brought back just don’t work, especially with the annoying clips. When she brings the whole top of the hair back either smooth or poofed it looks wonderful. If her hairdresser can’t see what we’re all seeing, it’s time for a new hairdresser. Regardless, she is stunning simply because of her inner beauty and always radiates. Nothing can stop her beautiful soul from being seen and those families will be blessed by her kindness and care.

    • totally agree—I have been preaching that it is time for a new hairdresser for quite some time. IMO, her hair just hasn’t looked right since she left her former salon/stylist. I get that it probably happened because he couldn’t stop talking to the press, but whomever took over (not sure if it is Ms. Cook who also travels with her on tours or someone else when she is not on tour) is not doing the same quality of work.

      The duchess has gorgeous hair—I just don’t understand the choices of the new stylist.

  57. Yay for blue shoes and a beautiful dress color! The rest of the look however…the waist is all wrong and I have to wonder if Charlotte is doing her hair with those clips. It’s not the first time we’ve seen the clips and I suppose it won’t be the last.

  58. Kate’s belt is a button higher than the model! Modules coat has 5 buttons above the belt, Kate only has 4 buttons above the belt.

    Those clips are horrible, she needs some nice barrettes or combs.

    The coat was lovely but the styling brought it down.
    Black accessories old have been perfect. Blues are very hard to match with different fabrics.

    I am tired of the nude hose in winter months.

    I would have loved to see this coat done with black shoes, black hose and a black bag. I think it would have really let the coat stand out.

    Seems like she had a great time and enjoyed herself.

  59. Lovely coat but I think the tights and shoes look better on the model than the nude hose and court shoes that Kate chose.

  60. I really like this coat dress that Kate is wearing. I think that the deep blue color looks great on her; no wonder it is one of her favorites. Her hair looks lovely, and the way it is styled is perfect because it keeps the hair out of her face. I think it doesn’t matter at all that the color of her purse does not match the color of the shoes. We are in the year 2017 of the 21st Century; not in the 1950′s! Kate looks well coordinated; not matchy-matchy! Good for her!

    • I don’t like matchy-matchy either but those three different blues (dress, purse, clutch) are in totally different tones and do not coordinate with each other—in fact, they clash.

      • To each his/her own. Kate likes the different shades of blue, so she wore them. She can wear what she wants. I’m beyond tired of all the people always looking for small or unimportant faults in order to criticize Kate unnecessarily. Kate looks lovely, elegant and radiant, and she is doing an excellent job. What more can be asked of her? Nitpickers aren’t you worn out by now always trying to make Kate look wrong with all your petty disapproval?

        • I actually do not think people are nitpicking. She is wearing an altered 2,000 plus British pound dress and has an on call hair person and maybe on call stylist so when her outfit is not well made or fitted etc people notice. Most of the comments are not about taste, i.e. do you like this style of dress but really about the quality of the fit and finish when she is paying a boat load to have her clothes and hair done for her.

        • Let me be quite clear—I do not “disapprove” of the way the duchess lives her life or carries out her duties. In fact, I have long admired how she just gets on with it, regardless of whatever nonsense the press is spewing.
          I am on record on this blog stating that I would like her as a role model for my young female relatives because she is classy and educated and not a cheap reality star (aka the Kardashians or any number of others that are always on social media.)
          But this is a fashion blog—the very point of which is to discuss her fashion choices. So, when I say “those shades of blue clash” it is not a condemnation of her as a person or a woman—it is my opinion that those shades of blue clash—regardless of who wears them.

          • Exactly! What is the point of just mindlessly saying “Kate looks lovely” every time she steps out. When she nails it, it is recognized, when she doesn’t, that is recognized as well. As you said, this is a fashion blog.

  61. I think had she not raised the waist, this coat would have worked better. Imo, the boxy look people are referring to is because there is too much going on up top in too little space. Had the belt been closer to her natural waist, I think the seam details on the bodice would have not made the top half of this coat appear bulky. I like three quarter length sleeves but I do think they call for bracelets to feminize the lower arm area.

    A little perturbed about the three shades of blue going on but the coat color is beautiful.

  62. She looks very pretty but the little girly clips are not appropriate. They’d be more suited to a five year old. I’d feel like an idiot wearing them! Bad advice from her hair stylist.

  63. I like the design lines of the dress.I think the outfit works well.

  64. The Duchess returns to one of her trademark shades, and it all works for me except for the curiously shortened waistline. As another commenter noted, it has 4, not 5 buttons on the bodice, and while I’m no tailor, I do believe the original proportions of the coatdress would have looked better on her frame.
    The accessories don’t matchy-match, but they do work for me. (And they’re not light neutral!)

  65. The color is gorgeous but I think the belt sits too high on her body—she is not that high waisted. I don’t mind the shoes, but the clutch doesn’t go with either the shoes or the coatdress.

    Why did her hairdresser leave those cheap plastic clips in? They look awful and don’t really help to hold her hair out of her face. The one on her left seems to be falling out/coming loose. I appreciate the attempt to keep her hair pulled back but this was not the correct solution.

    I so wanted to have a rave review of the first engagement of the year but I unfortunately do not—fingers crossed that she wears something different to this afternoon’s engagement with William.

    • I like seeing Kate’s hair away from her face and I can live with the clips if she likes them. But, as you say, it seems a very odd choice to make if they can’t even stay in place. Her hair is probably too beautifully conditioned to hold firm for too long –there are stray wisps coming out by the time she joined William for the second engagement.

    • HA!!! You said exactly what I was thinking. The belt is a bit too high, and those cheap dollar store clips look so out of place.

      I like the shoes and purse, as I think navy is a good neutral to wear with brighter shades of blue. The color of the dress, the bouncy hair, the accessories – all gorgeous. But then I see the plastic clips, and the whole look comes down a notch in my opinion. She should either be wearing pins hidden in her hair with a twist or pretty jeweled clips. Please leave the tiny plastic clips for the 90′s-inspired tweens.

  66. I love this color on her. It always looks stunning! I like the hair and accessories today as well (no nude shoe!) I think the collar is unique and lovely, but I agree the seam work is a bit awkward. She looks fresh and elegant and appropriate for the engagement. So nice to see her out!

  67. The blue of the dress is great and a wonderful colour for this time of year. I’m not a fan of the dress’ style. Kate is wearing the belt too high again. The shoulder seam, although rather an innovative design, makes her look boxy and extremely broad shouldered. Earrings go well, as do the shoes. The clutch looks black, rather than navy.

    All is all, this is a an okay look….not great…not awful.

    • I agree. It’s not especially exciting for me, but I do love the color.

    • I was rather enjoying the shoulder seaming as being a fresh take on a sort of raglan sleeve, a stylish move by Eponine. I can now see a glimpse of part of the back on some later shots and the seaming is the same there.

      I like the three-quarter sleeves as well, with their mock cuffs, the way this label can play with ’50s style in a contemporary context pleases me. The notches in the collar are especially fun.

      So I’m interested to read all the comments about how it has struck several of you as boxy — I love Alyssa’s comment below about looking like an American football player, even if it never struck me in the same way.

  68. The dress is fine, but I continue to be confused by this choice of hairstyling. The clips feel very juvenile, It brings the overall look down. So that’s disappointing. I hope she gets her hair stylist to kick it up a notch – even bobbypins would be better

  69. This is always a great color on Kate. However, the raised waistline is confusing unless she is expecting, which was my first thought. As far as her hair goes, those tiny little clips really need to be gone for good. I adore the Duchess truly I do but those clips are wrong on so many levels.

  70. Such potential, but a miss for me, too. I can’t get past the short waist and the sleeves. I’ve never seen anything make Kate look stocky, but this comes close. The pale hose really don’t help. I wish it fit better because the color is stunning.

  71. The coat is a lovely colour but I think the accessories are a miss when paired with it. Not sure why the buttons have been modified to give the impression of a higher waist, as it just makes the coat look strange and ill fitting…count the buttons on the model’s coat and you’ll see what I mean. Her hair is looking lovely but I’m still not sold on the babyish clips she uses.

    • Looking at Catherine’s buttons and the model’s, I think a possible reason for the button move could be to prevent gaping at the bust. It doesn’t look like she lessened the length, just reduced the number of buttons and spread them out. I wish the belt loops were over the waist seam instead of above it. I think moving it down just that inch or so would really improve the coatdress.

      • It sure looks like the belt loops have been reset so that the bottom of the loop is set at or into the waistline, making for the high waist look. Also are these snaps? – the picture just above the designer picture shows something behind button #2 from the top. Also, I don’t see buttonholes.

        Even with it’s odd look, it’s better than the panty line from the previous Eponine outfit.

  72. Lovely color, but I’m not a fan of this one, I’m afraid. the sleeve length paired with the seam on the should it awkward. The waist is too high, that for the first time ever, I think she looks like a football (American) player. It makes her top seem really, really broad and chops off the rest of her body. Maybe the heavy watch makes the sleeves seem more ill-fitting than they actually are. The navy in her shoes and in her clutch do not match, and that’s driving me a little bonkers. Thank you for your quick and thorough work! It is greatly appreciated. Even if I don’t like what Kate is wearing, I always love reading your blog.

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