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The Duchess chose a bespoke Jenny Packham gown for tonight’s black-tie dinner in Paris.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate and William greeting their hosts for the evening, HM’s Ambassador to France, Edward Llewellyn, and his wife, Lady Anne Llewellyn.

Both women looked elegant in their evening gowns.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Ambassador’s official residence, Hôtel Charost, was the location for dinner. 

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Speaking with guests attending the function.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The couples as they head into dinner.

Kate’s place card.

The UK in Paris

The UK in Paris

William delivered brief remarks; more via The Telegraph’s coverage:

The Duke used a short address at the  black tie dinner to deliver a message from his grandmother, the Queen.

Recalling her numerous visits to France during her reign, she said: “Although much has changed since my first visit, the ties between our nations have stood the test of time and will, I am sure, continue to prosper.”

©Kensington Palace

©Kensington Palace

It was a sparkling occasion with many notable names in attendance; more from Richard Palmer’s Daily Express story.

the future King…sat at a table of 10 between film stars Kristin Scott Thomas and Audrey Tautou..Kate sat opposite between film star Jean Reno and yachtsman Alex Thomson.

A children’s singing group entertained the guests.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

For those wondering what was on the menu, The Telegraph has your answer:

On the menu was sole crown and Dublin Bay prawns, crayfish, braised leg of Welsh lamb with a seasonal vegetable garnish and roast potatoes with thyme, and an iced white and dark chocolate soufflé, butterscotch sauce with a pistachio and almond diamond shortbread for dessert.

©POOL / i-Images

©POOL / i-Images

Now for a look at what Kate wore this evening. The Duchess was in a bespoke gown by Jenny Packham, another of her ‘go-to’ designers for high profile functions.

©PA Wire / Pool, i-Images

©PA Wire / Pool, i-Images

From tonight’s column by The Telegraph’s digital fashion editor, Bethan Holt.

For a glittering black tie gala to celebrate the best of British and French relations and attended by Amelie star Audrey Tatou and Dame Kristen Scott-Thomas, Kate opted for a tried-and-tested equation courtesy of Jenny Packham, one of her go-to designers. The silver, delicately embellished design bears all the hallmarks of Packham’s signature dazzling eveningwear.

A closer look at the floral motif created by the beading and sequins.

Kate Paris Bodice Bead Sequin Closeup Jenny packham March 17 2017 PA Images

©Dominic Lipinski / PA Wire

This view shows the delicacy of the fabric and embellishment.



You can see the rhinestone center in each flower.

©Pool, i-Images / PA Wire

©Pool, i-Images / Pool i-Images

We saw the return of the Jenny Packham ‘Casa’ clutch.

©Pool, i-Images / Jenny Packham

©Pool, i-Images / Jenny Packham

And the Queen’s chandelier earrings.


©Pool, i-images / PA Wire

Kate also brought back the diamond bracelet on loan from the Queen’s collection, a piece that is originally believed to have been re-purposed from a choker-style necklace worn by Queen Mary (see below left).

© As Shown

© As Shown

The Duchess wore her Platinum Lamé Cabrina pumps ($690) by Oscar de la Renta.

Oscar de la Renta / PA Images

Oscar de la Renta / PA Images

 Kate’s hair was partially up. 

Both Images ©Pool/i-Images

Both Images ©Pool/i-Images

The day’s earlier postss:

  • Our post on the Catherine Walker coat worn for the Irish Guards shamrock ceremony may be read here.
  • Our post on the Alexander McQueen dress Kate chose for this evening’s reception at the British Embassy in Paris may be read by clicking here.
  • With apologies, our post on Kate & William’s arrival at the Élysée Palace isn’t quite finished and may not be until Saturday.

We will see you tomorrow for these engagements:

  • The Duke and Duchess visit Les Invalides (also known as Hôtel National des Invalides), a group of monuments and museums related to the history of the French military. The couple will learn about contemporary treatment of veterans; they will also meet those affected by the terrorist attacks at the Bataclan Theatre in Paris and the lorry attack in Nice on Bastille Day last year.
  • William and Kate attend the France vs. Wales Six Nations Rugby Match at the Stade de France. William is vice-patron of the Welsh Rugby Union. The match begins at 3:45 local time, that is 9:45 am ET/ 6:45 am PT.


  • Richard Palmer’s story in The Express is here;  Rebecca English’s photo-laden Daily Mail story is here;
  • The Telegraph’s fashion story is here; Hello! Canada’s story and gallery may be seen here; the FugGirls brief story (which I know they’ll be supplementing) & gallery are here;

  105 Responses to “Kate in Jenny Packham for Paris Black Tie Dinner”

  1. I agree with the others that are sick of seeing her in Jenny Packham evening dresses. They all look like mother of the bride ( I wore Jenny Packham on my daughters wedding) and a bit old fashioned. It would be great if Kate had tried something a bit more Parisian and chic! Also I think a padded bra might be a good option for Kate to give some shape to the dress. The side shots are not very flattering.

  2. Love Lady Llewellyn’s dress, so chic!

  3. Kate looked nice but the hair was too girlish. Also the colouring makes her look drained. As to lady llewyn the bust line of her dress was dragged down – did she have a bra on because of the back detail – not a very flatterng look – colour good though.

  4. I absolutely adore anything with sparkle, and i think the beading is exquisite!
    However, am i the only one who thought of the Queen ? This gown looks like it came out of Her Majesty’s closet!

  5. I want to like this dress, but the way the waist is sitting is bothering me. I also am not a fan of this ice blue colour she wears, it’s not flattering on her skin tone IMO. The shoes don’t look right here either, and I think the hair doesn’t work.

    I love visiting your site, thanks for all the posts!

  6. Kate really delivered. She looks fabulous and the jewelry is beyond amazing.

  7. (I was under the impression that comments on people’s weight and personal appearance apart from their clothes were meant to be avoided.)

  8. Off topic, but as a calligrapher, I am horrified by the “calligraphy” on the placecard. I can’t believe the embassy event planner didn’t hire a calligrapher for such a high profile event. It looks like they let a kid with a Crayola marker write the names.

  9. I LOVE this dress, and the shoes, everything! I do wish it was an event that would have been appropriate for a tiara!

    Is it just me or do the chandelier earrings always seem to not “fall” correctly? Seems like the outside “loop” is always back and the middle piece is always more forward. I’m probably not describing it correctly, but whenever I see them, it drives me crazy! They are so pretty tho.

  10. Beautiful dress, so traditional and sparkly and sequinny. I think it should have been saved for a tiara event. Something not quite right with the sleeve length, a tad too long perhaps? Loved Lady Llewellyns dress, much edgier and modern. .

  11. I don’t think I’ve ever seen her look so princessy… that photo coming down the staircase…wow! Cinderella at the ball.

  12. The Duchess’ dress is a lovely colour but a bit too ritzy for Paris – where less is more. The work on the dress looks similar to the embroidery found in cheaper saris in India. It’s just too busy. Lady Anne Llewellyn on the other hand looks stunning. There is something about her simple bob and gown that is so elegant.

    • Completely agree. When I saw pictures of the Duchess on her own I thought she looked lovely, but her dress looks kind of cheap and tacky next to Lady Anne’s. Like a young girl’s idea of a fancy dress rather than an elegant woman’s.

      She did look lovely though.

  13. Beautiful dress with nice detail. This is really a piece of art. I do feel that perhaps it is too icy for a brunette. Perhaps a blonde would look nicer in it. I think the dutchess her hair looked lovely tonight. She should stick with a hairstyle so likes and is comfortable with.

  14. I love the dress Kate is wearing, so delicate and elegant, wow! But what a horrifically boring dress lady Anne is wearing! Boring coulour and boring style, really unsuitable for a “glittering gala black tie dinner”

    • Lisa,

      I couldn’t agree more with you! Those were my exact thoughts. Lady Anne looks extremely under dressed standing next to the Duchess. Lady Anne’s earrings dressed her up a bit though.

      • Did you see the open back of her dress though?

        • oh!! I just now realized that the open back was on Lady Anne’s dress – it’s gorgeous! I had commented earlier that I thought Lady Anne’s dress was too toned down for an evening gown but wow, that back and the dramatic tie really are lovely. Seems a shame that the first impression, from the front, is of a dowdy mother-of-the-bride, though.

        • Thank you for pointing that out ladies! I’m still on the fence as to how I feel about this dress, but the back of the dress improved my thoughts a bit :)

      • I couldn’t figure out Lady Anne’s dress either. Why such a plain, unadorned, peignor-style gown? Then I saw the back. I still don’t like the dress, but at least it’s not as boring as I’d thought.

    • I totally disagree. I think Lady Anne looks very elegant and I love the open back.

      I like reading differing opinions and that we all have our own views.

  15. Exquisite! That dress is just stunning. She was the best dressed as it should be. The only drawback was the shoes… They were too sparkly to go with that beautiful dress.

  16. She looks beautiful here! I just realized where I’d seen this dress before–Taylor Swift actually wore it in a different color a while back:

    • What a great find, thank you for the link! Tomorrow I’ll add the link to the post. :)

    • Taylor wore it better IMO. I’m not sure why the duchess feels the need to have clothes tailored so tight. Her figure is enviable, but having everything fitted like a sausage casing isn’t doing her or the clothes any favors.

    • If this is a custom (bespoke) dress, how does Taylor Swift have the same dress? It looks the same to me

  17. Susan, thanks for all postings in such a short time!

    I was surprised at so many negative comments. I thought she looked stunning. The cut and fit of the dress were beautiful. I like her hair off her face and loved the shoes.

    • i agree—- I adore Susan and Kate… almost equally but people are so snarky in their critiques of Kate . If Kate had worn what Lady Anne was wearing y’all would have cried grand mother or matron. I adore watching this young woman navigate a very difficult path of proper and appropriate and yet she is young. Besides—it is not late winter. It is early spring and she looks stunning in this ice blue and the sparkly shoes don’t take the focus off ot the exquisite embroidery and details. This is my happy place and my guilty pleasure… particular in your comments

      • This is my guilty pleasure too and I like that in the whole people ar respectful and enjoy talking about clothes. I break from the outside world.

        Thank you admin for all the work you do.

  18. I was under the impression that the bracelet is convertible back to the choker, but may be confusing this with another of the bracelets that Queen Mary left to the Crown, the diamond bar bracelet. I’m sure this is because I want to see Kate wear a big ole diamond choker.

  19. Love the shoes!

    This dress makes more sense to me at knee length than full length. The extra length just doesn’t do her any favors and seems to drag the dress down. Since she and the ambassador’s wife are a bit coordinated in the color of the dresses, I would’ve preferred to see Kate in the dress she wore to the James Bond premiere last year. Same color and some sparkle with the long sheer sleeves over the spaghetti strap dress.

    It would’ve been nice to see some jewels in her hair. She only seems to wear tiaras around the Queen but some diamond clips might’ve been appropriate.

  20. My least favorite of this day’s looks…and we were doing well! Sorry to see it end on this note. The gown is lovely, but too “icy” for DOC’s coloring. (Close your eyes, and picture it on a young Grace Kelly or Princess Diana…see how much better it works?)

    And now, please bear with me, as the time has come for a word about this particular hairstyle. At first, I assumed that Catherine’s hairstylist had turned in early, so the Duchess grabbed a comb and some bobby pins and did her usual thing. Upon closer inspection, however, this may be the handiwork of a professional, which makes it even worse. The year is 2017, not 1970, and the Duchess is not Jan Brady (google Jan Brady/The Brady Bunch if you’re unfamiliar). She is a grown woman, well into her thirties, and not a preteen. Her style—all of it—should reflect this.

    • Agree about this hair style. Reeks of something a twelve year old would like. I find it odd that Kate would ok it.

    • I think Kate’s hair looks good from the front and she needed an off-the-face style for this dress and occasion. But I agree that the back is awful. Looks silly, even. Is there no sophisticated way to style a half-pony? Surely there must be!

  21. I feel this dress and look are perfect for the event. Kudos to Kate for pulling of so many looks in one day, at this point in the evening I would be exhausted and begging for flats.

    I love when she wears jewels from the vault.

  22. This gown stands or falls on the lighting due to the material and the amount of detailing. It is probably exquisite in person. I think it would have maximum impact with an updo at a tiara event.

    • I agree. In the normal subtle lighting it looks perfectly lovely and not overly shiny at all. In photos that were taken with glaring video lights it comes off as too sparkly and too shiny for the event.

  23. Beautiful dress, shoes and bag. That hair is a complete miss. Hate the way she pulls it back, looks so childish

  24. This dress is just stunning! It fits Kate perfectly and the beading is exquisite. This is one of my favorite looks of all time!

  25. This feels a little too ‘Elsa’ for me. Maybe I should let it go…

  26. I like Kate in icy blue, but I think perhaps the color is too icy for an indoor evening reception. It doesn’t really pick up the light in dimmer lit rooms.

  27. What a beautiful dress. The back is shown briefly in the video – how does she sit down on the sequins? Ouch.
    I agree the sparkly shoes are a bit much. Silk bag and shoes would have been great.
    Thank you for all the hard work today – so much fun for us!

    • Oh my, I didn’t even think about sitting on the sequins–and during a full dinner! Ouch!

    • I always wondered that about Diana’s pearl (Elvis) dress! I remember that she once wore a knotted, long pearl necklace down her back. Later I read that she complained she couldn’t lean back in her seat and that because of it, she had the best posture she’d ever had at a concert!

  28. She looks exquisite, as always, but I had so hoped for a French designer for an evening or cocktail dress (especially Dior). I love her in McQueen and Packham but I really wanted her to step out of her comfort zone for Paris!

    Happy to see today’s Chanel suit and thank you to Susan for the wonderful coverage of this visit!

  29. DOC looks stunning, I think that the whole outfit works. Very few women could wear that dress and the jewelry/shoes together but Kate (as usual) triumphed in Paris!

    And many thanks to the admin who is amazing and inspiring as well.

  30. Kate looks absolutely stunning. Wow what a dress.

  31. Kate looks absolutely beautiful. Fantasic choice.

  32. It’s a pretty Packham evening gown. It’s fine. We have seen similar looks on Kate a dozen times before. She looks pretty. But after the McQueen earlier I had my hopes high.

    I wish she had at least done something different with her hair.

  33. Kate looks stunning in this dress. I would love to know more about what Lady Anne is wearing and can’t find anything online. Anyone know?

  34. The concentration of flowers at waist and neckline was too twee. They definitely lowered the tone and elegance of the dress. Just too heavy along the neckline on that lovely floaty overlay and also a bit like what a 15 year old school girl from 1995 would demand.

    • Yes! This! Somehow she managed to look too young and too old at the same time. She’s such a beautiful, elegant woman and I believe she can do so much better.

  35. I think Kate looks beautiful. with a trusted designer and serious jewellery she can’t fail and she doesn’t!

  36. Very delicate and the perfect princess in sparkling pale blue. Wish she had paired it with an updo like the one she wore with the pink Jenny Packham.

    Gorgeous diamonds and I applaude the shoes once again.

    Thanks for the coverage today – has been really exciting to see one outfit after another.

  37. This is one of my favourite ever looks for Kate. Just a perfect, demure, twinkling evening dress. If I were fortunate to attend functions that warranted an evening gown, this is the look I’d go for. Unfortunately, I spend my evenings either wearing scruffs to walk the dog or in my pyjamas watching the tv.

  38. Perhaps it is fitting that she wore the bracelet from Queen Mary, as the dress seems like something from that era. I’ll admit I’m not a sequin and netting kind of gal, but t doesn’t feel very modern, esp beside the very sophisticated and nicely edgy look Lady Anne chose. I think with a dress as shiny as Kates the accessories should have been pulled back – simpler and punchier. Its all too much of a muchness and not very flattering to Kate’s colouring. I also dislike this hairstyle – it seems rather juvenile, Again, compared to Lady Anne’s more sophisticated bob. I also liked Lady Anne’s accessorizing – esp the black shoes offsetting and punching up the oyster dress. She looks like a Parisienne, Kate seems a little gauche by comparison. Sorry.

    • I dislike the Lady Ann’s dress from the front – the way it falls is not appealing. The back is beautiful though. I also dislike Lady Ann’s clutch.

  39. I thought Kate looked fantastic tonight. The only thing missing was a tiara. For occassions like this I think she needs to stand out as a royal and future queen, and to me the only way to do that is with a tiara.

    • Although I will never vote against tiaras, the dress code was black tie which does not call for one. Tiaras are for white tie occasions, which sadly we get very little of in France since our State dinners have been downgraded to black tie by the President…

      • That’s too bad. But maybe she needs to be a rule breaker and wear a tiara anyway. I wouldn’t have known the difference.

  40. Pretty dress (genuinely) but the sparky shoes, sparkly bag, loose hair and the chandelier earrings are all a bit much IMO. Because I’ll never say fewer royal jewels, hair up and and a plain silk bag (or shoe) would be better if/when this dress is recycled.

    • Oops. Sorry for the duplication. My iPad froze and I thought my comment was lost. Feel free to delete during moderation.

  41. Beautiful dress but something is off. Perhaps it’s a little early in the spring season for such a soft blue. Although, admittedly, the ambassador’ wife is in an equally light pastel. Also, with the heavy embellishments on the dress (plus sparky shoes and bag), her loose hair with those amazing earrings competed for attention. Because I’m never going to say fewer royal jewels, I vote hair up if/when this makes a reappearance.

  42. HRH is impeccable. And I’m so glad that I’m not her being nitpicked at.

  43. Great post!
    As for the dress, I like it but I don´t (I´m weird) :D :P
    Oh! The detail on the dress is exquisite!
    Funnily enough, my first thought when I saw was -how does she wash it?- :p

    Let´s see what tomorrow has for us!

  44. I thought she looked beautiful, though a lot more done up than Lady Llewelyn who nailed the restrained elegance of French fashion. That said, no one could come close in the jewelry department. Those earrings and the bracelet are sensational.

    I think the dress might have worked better if the underslip had shown the “dull” side of what I assume is silk charmeuse. The flashes bounced off it and probably washed out the color and detail.

  45. My favorite look of the day is the black McQueen ensemble.

    Does anyone else think Lady Llewellyn looks a tad bit like Jackie O?

  46. Just not my favorite. The dress feels a bit cheap-looking to me especially in comparison to Lady Anne’s effortlessly chic dress–which just feels very Parisian (and the back was perfection!). I did love Catherine’s black Alexander McQueen from earlier although it had to grow on me–I like her in wider shots especially! The jewels bag and shoes were perfection tonight but called for a simpler dress I think.

    Btw I loved Kate’s hair down upon arrival in France! And the recent shots I’ve seen of her drinking Guinness!

  47. Ok, so it’s a standard Kate pick of a standard Packham, but, hey, what’s the point of being royal if you can’t do restrained and demure from time to time? This is just classic and sparkly and proper Princess-in-Paris and Kate has effortlessly taken centre stage in the capital of chic.

    The texture from superb sequin and embroidery work is breathtaking exquisite, offsetting the delicate fabric, the miniature sequin rosettes at neck and waist give a natural and subtle necklace and belt effect. The cut of the plain under-slip is the epitome of understated femininity and all the more sensual for it.

    And, hey, so she’s back to sleeves and not a similar sleeveless Packham number, but they’re sheer, not heavy, and designed to be part of the whole look. I know there are those who feel Kate can’t wear these soft pastel colours but I continue to like them against her dark colouring.

    I’m knocked out that we have the sparkly courts back, though Kate did have sparkle before in her Jimmy Choo evening sandals. And it’s wonderful to have royal bling from the Queen’s collection in earrings and bracelet. It’s good to see there are royal gems Kate feels comfortable with, and hair away from face means we get to enjoy the full effect.

  48. The dress would be fine for a summer dinner or an event in England or India. It is overdone for Paris in late winter. Although you see some pastels among the guests, this was an evening for a perfectly cut evening gown in navy or black. I kept envisioning Princess Diana dancing with John Travolta and I wish Kate had worn something like that.

    At least Kate upped her jewelry game for evening. Honestly, if you have access to real jewelry, why would you wear what she wore to the reception?

    • Yes! The color especially felt off. I don’t love her in light blue, but she seems to like it so I’m okay with it. I would have preferred a light pink or cream pastel for the event!

    • Late winter? It’s mid-March, the daffodils are out in force and the trees are in bud. I’m not sure which part of the world you’re in, but here in Europe it’s definitely spring!

    • I kindly disagree with the late winter. It’s fairly warm here, everything’s blooming, and for me, Kate’s flowery design has brought up fresh spring feeling. I wouldn’t want a somber color for her, I generally don’t like those even when it’s cold. I feel that, like most women, she wears fairer colors better. Besides, the dress makes her stand out and shine. I love it!

  49. The dress is exquisite … nothing falls quite like a Packham evening gown on her figure. The color, the fabric, the way it falls — so beautiful. Love the sheer top and sleeves. I could do without the little poof at the shoulders … seems so unnecessary. Shoulders could lie flat like the beautiful light blue tea dress we saw on the Pacific tour (which we alas haven’t seen since) — would be more appropriate for eveningwear. The shoes and jewelry are delicious. Hair could be better but the dress is so stunning and I can’t believe she can a) still walk after such a full day and b) can walk in those shoes at all so I won’t complain. Love the look.

    • I thought the fabric at the front was ruched at first but the effect was from the branching pattern of the embellishment in the skirt. I think the overall effect of that is to give the dress more body which suits Kate.

      The whole effect is exquisite as you say!

  50. She looked wonderful. What a dress!
    I thought that Lady Llewelyn’s dress was very pretty and an interesting contrast to the duchess, but am baffled as to what kind of bra one wears with a dress like that?

  51. Loved this look. She was very elegant with my favorite shoes. I am surprised at how healthy her hair looked after the day. I would have had to end on an updo but she is able to still have shiny, bouncy hair.

  52. One of my all time favorites. This is breathtakingly beautiful. Love the shoes, too!

  53. WOW, what a stellar day this has been! I really liked the green coat and hat, with matching shoes and clutch, worn this morning with the Irish Guards and then on the plane. The black cocktail dress, with the ankle strapped shoes and unique pearl jewellery was sophisticated, chic and elegant. Now we have this stunner of an evening dress.

    The evening ensemble is perfection. The colour is beautiful and the embellishment on the fabric is exquisite. The shoes, clutch, diamond earrings and bracelet are all excellent choices. This is how we envision a Duchess should look.

    In the past many of us have bemoaned the fact, that Kate needs a stylist. She either had excellent help with her outfits for March 17, or she really made a noble effort herself. Well done!!!

    • With you all the way on this one, Bonnie, we have a genuine glittering Duchess here. I would imagine outfits for a tour like this may be something Kate has to make time to sit down and think about and the choices are noticeably sharper. I wonder if other outfits are more subject to haste in the hurly-burly of family life. Even having staff can sometimes complicate life as much as helping.

      And then I always think there’s the problem of over-exposure. The web drowns in pictures of her every time she steps out so I fear a tendency to become over-familiar with her looks and a tendency to expect constant innovation and entertainment. I fear these lead to some harsher judgements than need be. Kate has a very broad role to fulfil and being a fashion-plate is not a priority.

  54. I adore this entire look! She looks like an absolute fairy tale princess in that picture with William on the staircase. Absolute perfection. Thank you for posting the details, I’ve been stalking the site waiting to see all the pictures!

  55. she looks beautiful- her hair has been perfect at every occasion today! Her jewelry looks elegant and special. But after watching the videos I must say the dress is too narrow or her heels are too high- as she walks the dress does not look elegant and I’m not sure if it’s the skirt width or the heel height but it’s unfortunate. Lady Llewellyn dress was so beautiful- the back was stunning!

    • I thought the same. The dress is gorgeous, but she was walking very stiffly in it.

      • You may be right although keep in mind she’s been in 4″ heels for the better part of the day with barely any breaks due to travel and wardrobe changes. If I’m in heels more than 8 hours, my gait is off. I

    • I would love to know where Lady Anne got her dress from!

    • I noticed this too and immediately thought it looked too narrow.

    • I don’t think it’s the heels as she’s worn them before but I do like the ‘Ice Princess’ look, the lustre of the silk comes across beautifully & I adore the aqua/ice-blue colour & the detailing – netting,shoulder ruching, scalloped edges & embroidery/sequins. It does seem too narrow, it drags as she strides forward, pulling the pattern sideways/backwards in an inelegant fashion. A little more of a scalloped flare may have been better/little tucks/pleats. I love her hair too, very feminine & goes well with the gown instead of the straight stuff. Much as I love her dress, I couldn’t help noticing that she looks a little over-dressed at this occasion also.
      I thought the Llewelyn gown very plain & immodest, had it been a little shorter (and thicker!), it would have been an ordinary ‘office’ style & the back didn’t seem stunning, it is non-existent, with the collar pulled over to hold things up! Added to that, her body & leg are plainly visible through the chiffon, not a good look, especially for an ambassador’s wife. I also thought she was staff when she wore her black mini-dress with a white collar, a lovely dress-just the context she wore it in.

    • I agree completely, I noticed the same thing. It doesn’t look like the dress has any kind of slit in it, so it’s not wide enough to walk in. I also noticed that the way it moves around the lower abdomen is a bit strange. It could be because it’s too narrow, or because of the beading. There’s heavy beading down the center of the skirt, but not the sides, so it pulls unevenly. I got a bit distracted from all the camera flashes, though. Can you imagine having that many people taking pictures of you? That’s my idea of a nightmare!

  56. What a gorgeous dress! What a gorgeous Duchess!

    It has been a long day for Kate. . . and a lot of people . . . admin especially! Both have performed exceptionally!

    Kate looked spectacular tonight! Looking forward to what she has in store for tomorrow.

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