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The Duchess showed her support for the Welsh rugby team today, wearing a vibrant red coat paired with black accessories.

©Splash News

©Splash News

The Duke and Duchess were at their final engagement of a whirlwind 2-day visit to Paris. The match was a fierce battle between the Welsh and French teams at the Six Nations Rugby Match.  William is Patron of the Welsh Rugby Union. Previously he was vice-patron, but last December the Queen turned the post over to him; it was one of many patronages HM passed on to younger royals.

©Splash News

©Splash News

The match was at the Stade de France. The outcome wasn’t exactly what one hoped if rooting for Wales.  More from ITV coverage of the match:

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge watched as Wales lost to France in the final second during an unprecedented Six Nations’ clash in Paris.

William, patron of the Welsh Rugby Union, and his wife watched as the game ran into its 100th minute and France scored a last-minute try.

©Splash News

©Splash News

From  Rebecca English’s Daily Mail story, referencing Prince William in this portion:

…he looked a bag of nerves as France pushed for the line in the dying seconds and Wales desperately held on in a bid to secure the win. To his dismay, France scored in the 100th minute and converted to win 20-18.

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©Splash News

I believe this is after the match as the duo were preparing to leave.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Kate was in the Carolina Herrera coat first worn in Canada. The piece is crafted from a double-faced wool/cashmere fabric blend; it showcases double-breasted styling, princess seams, and a fit and flare silhouette.

Kate CH Carolina Herrera Coat Canada Tour Three 3 shots


Beneath the coat, Kate wore something with a mock neck or turtleneck (polo neck) collar.

UPDATED: Cornelia James confirms Kate is wearing their Imogen style gloves ($87), made of 100% Australian merino wool with that distinctive side bow at the wrist.

© Splash News / Cornelia James

© Splash News / Cornelia James

The Duchess also wore black suede booties to the match that look very much like this pair, first noted during the 2014 visit to New York.

©PA Wire/Splash

©PA Wire/Splash

A closer look.


©PA Wire/Splash News/Splash News


Kate wore the Cartier Trinity earrings seen at engagements earlier today.

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  51 Responses to “Kate in Red and Black to Cheer On Welsh Rugby Team in Paris”

  1. It seems that booties from Stuart Weitzman. I have very similar but in brown.
    You can compare the block.

  2. Hi Susan, I’m not sure why you don’t think the gloves are her Cornelia James Imogen? I own the Imogen gloves and they look exactly like Kate’s. The position of the bow varies a lot depending on how you wear them. Sometimes you can’t see the bottom part of the bow because it can be tucked in since it’s sewn on the inside part of the glove, whereas the top part of the bow in sewn on the outside. I hope this makes sense! – Elizabeth x

  3. Why do you not think she is wearing her Cornelia James gloves? Seems like an easy spot and a staple in Kate’s wardrobe.

  4. I often have to look back@pics after reading comments & did so this time even though it’s a repeat because (a) I skimmed through the Canadian blog because it seemed to be yet another boring themed red coat & (b) I was intrigued at the button-placement comments. Yes, I can see what people mean, looking again, the front of the coat seems to pull at the middle button on the left too & seems a little off at the first left button; there seems to be a seam there going somewhere to meet up with something?? I like it more now as the flared look is a favourite of mine & I can see the red shade is totally different to the more ‘Christmas’ shade red she wore to the first Netherlands visit & rugby match in Wales. It was a great outfit, even with scruffy hair. I do hope she doesn’t go predictable & wear it next time she visits Welsh rugby though, I’m tired of themes & as I live opposite the Welsh stadium, I’d prefer a casual look (not red!).

  5. not a fan of bright red and the fit of the coat is not good. bag does not good with the red and she seems to have so many coats in this button up style. a bit overdone for a rugby match.

  6. Here’s another possible ID on the boots. Giuseppe Zanotti “Olinda” booties. It’s possible she is wearing a different pair from what she wore in NY. The heel does seem higher and skinnier this time around. Maybe two UFOs may have been ID’d! :)

  7. I did not notice the button placement at all! Maybe that was because they are the same color as the coat, but to me it’s not an issue. The coat looks beautiful. It fits so well, and again she is stunning in black and red. Also, I did not see the booties in any pictures, but if she wore them, that would be a modern and fun addition to the outfit. And they are sleek enough to avoid looking sloppy or too casual.

    • I agree. The buttons and their placement is no big deal. It’s a double-breasted style folks.

      • I know this subject has been commented to death on but Kate owns quite a few double breasted coats/coatdresses and the buttons do not fall like that. Leah, there are only four buttons and two of them are directly on top of her nipples. I think when that happens either the design is flawed or the garment does not fit the wearer properly. It is highly distracting.

  8. I like this coat better styled with the black turtleneck than she wore it without in Canada. I love the shade of red and the black of the gloves and turtleneck really accentuates the color. I also love the princess seaming and rally don’t see a problem with the button placement, which is a bit wider than on most double breasted garments but nonetheless looks great on the Duchess.

    I love the picture of her peeking out from behind her hands during a tense part of the game!

    Do you know if she wore black tights or nude with the booties?

  9. The Hererra is a very welcome repeat in my book and clearly Kate can get maximum mileage from anything in red given both the Welsh and the Canadian contexts. I still like the coat very much although I’ve never quite got my head around the fit on Kate.

    It looked a little tight across the chest first time round, and seems similar now with the top underneath, contributing to the problem button placement. And though we can’t see it so much this time, the skirt seemed to hang a little strangely, giving the effect of a waistline being pulled up. I think it’s to do with the generous side-folds in the full flare since it looked fine when we could see it from the back in Canada.

    The shooties were an inspired choice of footwear and I see the Chanel bag has lasted for another outing. Maybe Kate is discovering the joys of bags with fixed handles over a clutch. Even a small handle means a bag can be hooked over a finger while clutching a bouquet where a clutch needs a second pair of hands to the rescue.

  10. I totally agree with the general consensus about the buttons on this coat! Heather, my first thought matched that of your husband! I also think the bodice looks bulky and unfitted somehow – especially from the front views and especially when compared to her bespoke Catherine Walker and Chanel pieces from this trip. Of all the pieces from the Canada tour, this was one of the ones I hoped we wouldn’t see again – it’s definitely my least favourite of her red coatdresses. I understand the red for Wales and the need for something warm and the need for a repeat outfit following the expensive bespoke pieces on the rest of the trip, but I’m left feeling a bit flat by the choice of this.

    I’m also a bit sad that all three of her daywear pieces on the tour were fit and flare coats. It’s a very Kate shape and I’ve got nothing against it as long as the pieces fit properly, but I can’t help thinking that on a quick, two-day tour (especially a diplomatic one), swapping one of the three (any of them) for a more fitted suit would have been a bit more interesting and varied.

  11. I am laughing so hard right now. My husband glanced over my shoulder as I was reading this post and exclaimed, “who let her go out in that! You would think her handlers/dressers/whatever-you-call-the-people-who-chose-what-she-wears could help her out so she doesn’t have to have so many pics with her nipples so obvious!” He thought the buttons were nipples! (In his defense he {glanced} at the pic AND didn’t have his glasses on. Lol!

    I didn’t notice the button placement when she wore this in Canada. Maybe she got a new bra that “centered her gravity” (if you know what I mean) and placed the buttons in a new/slightly different location on her torso.


    • Have to say that I never even noticed the placement of the buttons, until people started to point it out. Now I can’t “unsee” them.

    • Oh no, they fell right There in Canada too. Does she not see it!!

    • That button placement was the first (only!) thing I noticed in the first picture. I can’t believe this got by the fitter/stylist/assistant/her – twice! It does seem even more noticeable here than in Canada.

  12. Regarding her ankle boots, i think its a really close match to the Stuart Weitzman for Scoop NYC “Uncovered” ankle boots. Google to see an image and its a really close match.

    • google “stuart weitzman for scoop” and there a few good images to use for comparison.

    • I was so excited when I saw this! I love her booties. When I looked them up, it looks like the Scoop NYC ones don’t have a zipper, and Kate’s do. Maybe it’s an update? We’re so close!

  13. I think the reason the button placement is more noticeable here is because the coat seems tighter than in Canada. Maybe because of the turtleneck. Not a fan of combining this kind of coat with a turtleneck which seems too casual. Ditto the gloves. It seems too covered up and doesn’t look very thought out. Must say I’m getting tired of these double breasted, high buttoned fit and flare coats/outfits. Black and red can work beautifully, but needs more thought than this. Her hair does look a bit shorter, but whoever cut it didn’t do a very good job. I agree the straighter look is better – more modern and sophisticated, but I’d prefer more shoulder length.

  14. Great color, but the buttons aren’t “right” on the coat. And as much as I love a Chanel handbag, NO to this burgundy bag with everything else red or black. She looks kind of tired and pale. This is one of those “close” ensembles, but just enough off.

  15. Um, button placement matters.

  16. Cornelia James Bow gloves

  17. Kate always looks good in red and this is a lovely coat. I like it with black much better than with burgundy…as worn on the Canadian tour. We’ve been asking about these booties, which would have looked great with several of Kate’s outfits. I am thinking their high heels are a bit much for a rugby match. However, they do compliment this coat and the total look is a win!

  18. I can’t believe the unfortunate button placement on this coat. Does Carolina Herrera (or Catherine) not have a mirror?

  19. She still has her burgundy Chanel bag, doesn’t match but who cares.. it’s Chanel!!

    • I didn’t notice this and yes, a black purse would have been better. But as you say, it is Chanel. If I had one, I’d take it everywhere.

  20. I’m such a fan of red and black, and that coat is so pretty :)

  21. Her gloves look like the Cornelia James bow gloves

  22. So I think she is a bit overdue for a haircut but I like the idea of this hairstyle. I think she looks far more modern with a sleeker blowout than all her fluffy curls. She very rarely does the straight blowout but it is a style I’d prefer to see from her more often when she wears her hair down.

    Two thumbs up on the red coat. She looks so much better in vibrant colors than the beiges/neutrals and pastels she often gravitates to, so I am definitely a fan of this coat.

    • And I was thinking that she just got a haircut! I think it looks a couple of inches shorter than it did at the air cadets event.

      • Agreed. I think it just got cut.

      • It looks shorter to me.

      • It might be shorter but it is not shaped particularly well. The one downside of straight hair (I have long, straight hair naturally, so I am familiar) is that it shows every cut, whereas curlier hair does not. So if your hair is not shaped well, it shows. Would love to see it cleaned up a little bit and her to continue to wear it straighter (or even closer to her wavier natural texture…I am just sort of over the bouncy curls).

  23. What a stunning arrival coat this would have been – one of the colors of the French flag and the Duchess looking so pretty in it.

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