Apr 202017

Kate was in a new Armani suit for today’s visit to The Global Academy in west London.



More from The Daily Telegraph’s coverage:

The Cambridges and the Prince were visiting the school to officially launch the institution which opened its doors to pupils last September and to promote their Heads Together mental health initiative.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Academy trains students for careers in broadcast & digital media.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From the Hello! story about today’s engagement.

The royals also joined a roundtable discussion with Global presenters, LBC’s Nick Ferrari, Heart’s Jamie Theakston and Emma Bunton and Capital’s Roman Kemp, as well as students and people who have taken part in the morning radio shows, talking about the importance of having a conversation about mental health.

©Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

From The Daily Mail’s story:

During their visit the three met students training to be the next generation of production staff, and visited the breakfast shows of flagship Global radio stations LBC, Heart and Capital being broadcast from the school.

The shows each focused on the mental health of young people, helping to generate conversations with the Heads Together campaign in honour of the visit.

Global Academy

Global Academy

Harry visited a science class.

Global Academy (@TheGAcademy)

Global Academy (@TheGAcademy)

In addition to standard skill training, the school’s curriculum includes an hour every week focused on mental health.

Global Academy

Global Academy

Kate inside one of the studios.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

This is one of those engagements where the Royals seemed to enjoy themselves.

© Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

© Dominic Lipinski/WPA Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate also met two women who have created an app for mothers; more from Richard Palmer’s story in The Express:

After hearing from two mothers who admitted feeling in need of a friend when they had small babies, she said: “It is lonely at times. You do feel quite isolated.

She was speaking to Katie Massie-Taylor and Sarah Hesz , co-founders of an app called Mush aimed at connecting new mothers.

The mums are supporters of Heads Together, the mental health campaign set up by Kate, her husband William and brother-in-law Harry.

Kate’s private personal secretary, Rebecca Deacon was back on the job this week. She had been away for her wedding and honeymoon but was seen at Kensington Palace yesterday, as well as at today’s engagement. (She is still slated to leave the position at some point this summer.)

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

Now to what Kate wore, a jacket and skirt by Armani Collezioni.


©James Whatling / Zak Hussein, Splash

Collezione is the brand’s diffusion label, offering styles for both men and women. The majority of designs are geared toward workwear, and the price points are lower than standard Armani. Kate’s unlined jacket is fitted, with a split round neckline, external darts at the side, two-way zip front closure and what I would probably call bracelet length sleeves.



The fabric is a jersey, made from a blend of viscose/poly with elastane for stretch and ease of movement. Originally $1195 at Bloomingdale’s, the jacket is on sale for $717 (40% off), but only available in limited sizes. The matching pencil skirt is knee length, with a center back zipper. YOOX carried the suit as well, and also offered it in blue.



Kate has worn Armani before, a coat first seen at William’s passing out at Sandhurst and for a visit to Scotland in April 2013.

© Splash News / PA Wire

© Splash News / PA Wire

We saw Kate’s ‘Malory’ pumps by Rupert Sanderson again.

© James Whatling / Rupert Sanderson

© James Whatling / Rupert Sanderson

She also carried her relatively new clutch by Etui Bags. The company noted on its Facebook page that this style is sold out and it is difficult to say if it will be available again.


©James Whatling / Etui Bags

The Duchess also wore her ‘Empress’ earrings and pendant by Mappin and Webb.

©Polaris/Mappin & Webb/

©Polaris/Mappin & Webb/Splash/Mappin & Webb

And her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

© Saks/James Whatling

© Saks/James Whatling

Another look.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Here is a quick video from today’s event.


We also have an update from our sponsor Milli Millu, the luxury handbag company, where loads of spring styles have been arriving. Several of the spring bags were showcased recently in a Stella magazine piece featuring the brand as one of fashion’s best-kept secrets.

Stella Magazine

Stella Magazine

The magazine highlighted the Mini Berlin in red, off-white and pink smooth leather (upper left); the Manhattan in pink and red smooth leather (right); and the Maxi Brooklyn in off-white, pink and red grain (lower left).

Milli Millu

Milli Millu

There are some terrific styles in bright, punchy pops of color like those shown above. There are also elegant new designs in softer shades, like the New York in nude, light grey and navy, and the Midi Stockholm in nude.

Milli Millu

Milli Millu

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Milli Millu

Milli Millu

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Milli Millu

Milli Millu

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The company continues its “A Bag, A Life” program, funding vaccines for children in need. Thus far they have paid for more than 25,000 vaccines through SOS Children’s Villages.


A quick tip for those interested in the Luisa Spagnoli sweater Kate wore yesterday: on Twitter Giulia reports that the retailer told her the sweater will be restocked soon.

We’ll see you Sunday for the London Marathon. For those with access to BBC One, tonight the first part of the documentary Mind over Marathon featuring Kate, William and Harry airs at 9 pm local time. 


  73 Responses to “Kate Wears Rich Red Armani Suit for Global Academy Opening”

  1. Suit looks old and ill-fitting. Red color is too orangey and not becoming on Kate. Everything else is same-o, same-o!

  2. Ugly color! Suit appears too tight. Material – meh. Hair/makeup look same as always. Why is it that readers seem concerned about her look/clothes rather than her reason for attending a “learning session.” How shallow to place so much attention to her wardrobe, hair, makeup, etc.

    • I’ll bet it’s awaiting moderation! Not enough wonderful words about her attire, makeup, etc. SHALLOW!

      • This IS a fashion blog. It’s okay to be “shallow” on a fashion blog. It doesn’t mean the people involved (the bloggers or the readers) are shallow, but sometimes something lighthearted or “shallow” is a good distraction from everything else going on in the world. In fact, I’d dare say it is good for one’s mental health!

      • Juli, it’s a fashion site. “What Kate Wore” focuses on fashion, hair & etc. If you’re looking for more information on the work the Duchess of Cambridge does, the charities she supports and champions, etc., I’d suggest following the links in the articles (always provided, even though it is a fashion site), or maybe checking the official Royal Family web site –

        Certainly you’re not the only person to think an interest in fashion is shallow; I don’t think it’s particularly useful to chastise a fashion site for being a fashion site, though.

  3. chiming in late, a smart-fitting suit, great colour, the wearer is lovely… but the stitched lines at the sides remind me of so much rib-cage. I’ve been trying to like them, not happening. They are distracting. Had to get that out (thanks).

  4. This style reminds me of the navy blue silk Amanda Wakeley suit and also the white Alexander McQueen with those subtle skull print.

  5. the sleeves made me frown and try to decide if they were darted or ruched or something . . . but no, they are just rucked up.

  6. Love it. Good fit. She looks fabulous.

  7. Love the look! But seriously, both William and Harry need to buy different slacks! And Williams loafers! Kate looks beautiful and polished the guys looked like they put on their best dress jackets over weekend pants and shoes!

  8. Wow! I think that this is one of my favorite ever outfits on Kate! I love the orangey red color, the fit is perfect on her. It’s more modern and edgy than what she usually wears. It’s also perfectly accessorized. I hope that she continues to sport outfits like this!

  9. Great colour, interesting suit with a sophisticated but young, almost sexy – gasp – look. Unfortunately as it is the downmarket Armani brand, the skirt in particular is not well tailored and should have been lined so it fell better when walking. The accessorizing is basically non-existent. Bracelet sleeves and the big clunky watch, which truly looks wrong with the engagement ring. She should have added a pop of colour either at the ears or the lips to offset the masses of hair. If there had been colour elsewhere I could live with the nude clutch and pumps in this case.

  10. Kate always looks great in red. I have to say, my attention went immediately to that wonderful yellow tartan scarf she wore in Scotland… that is a coveted piece for sure! :)

  11. Wow she looks fabulous! This is super flattering on her. I actually really like the pictures of her in motion, somehow it just makes her look super confident. And I’m always at a loss at comments about things not looking like they fit when they’re in motion. Unless she’s taking tiny shuffle steps, of course her garments are going to bunch and pull a bit, especially a pencil skirt. I really don’t see any way around it.

    • You said this perfectly—I completely agree

    • I totally agree with you. I think people are being too nit picky when they make comments about the material bunching up here and there. This is not a photo shoot…she is actually wearing them and moving about in real life. I like the suit…looks more modern and edgy. Kate has a great physique, she always looks beautiful!

  12. The suit looks great when she’s stood up straight but the wrinkling/bunching lets it down terribly when she’s moving. I thought the sunray-darts were more wrinkles in the first photo. They do make for an interesting suit, but the skirt is awful in that picture. I note that the jacket is unlined & I feel that is the problem with the skirt. It has elastane stretch in it & is clinging to itself & her hosiery & looking tighter than it is. It’s badly cut too & the sleeve area. I like the beige accesories, black or navy also go with reds & oranges but she would have looked too dressed up next to her husband & Harry, not to mention everyone else. Hair is lovely (sigh of envy)!

  13. This is a close call for me. I want to like this look- I really do. I think I like the idea of it, but the execution is lacking. I agree with others that the suits looks ill fitted- the jacket a bit small or too short and the skirt a bit too long. The fabric just doesn’t move well so thus the bunching and wrinkles. A few bespoke adjustments and it would have been a wow moment for me. I love the external darts and the sunburst effect. Her hair is and accessories are perfect.

  14. This was not a good look for me. While I like Kate in red color could’nt save this suit. All I could think of was scuba and those weird chunky darts reminded me of a rib cage :( other then that nice to see all three, looked like they enjoyed the event.

  15. Love it! Smart, professional yet sexy. The colour is fabulous, her hair is glossy, and the nude accessories make the skirt suit pop in contrast. Black shoes would not have had the same impact. I personally love those sunburst darts as to me they are reminiscent of art deco. The neckline is perfect to reveal her necklace and opens up the whole look. Kate looks confident and in control. A winner for me.

  16. I almost NEVER say this: Kate has accessorized this perfectly, for me. I would have worn the same type of nude accessories and simple jewelry, to let the suit do the speaking. I’m not crazy about the suit but I like it. It’s a bit of an 80s throwback, so I can see why some people say it isn’t ‘in fashion’ but it’s definitely referencing an era that certainly is in fashion now. Sometimes she references something more like mid-2000s and then she looks dated, but this is far enough back to be kind of retro and cool. I like it! It’s also out of her box and a tad sexy, so that further raises my enthusiasm.

  17. I love everything about this look. The colour is super, the design details on the suit lift it to another level and the accessories do what I think good accessories should with this sort of outfit – they enhance the overall look of the outfit – they are not supposed to be the focus IMO.
    Kate’s hair and makeup looks great – and of course her beautiful smile makes all the difference as always.

  18. I love the color and the look when she is standing still. But the skirt does not move well; I think it’s the fabric. And the power suit does not seem to be in line with what her husband and brother-in-law are wearing, which is more business casual.

  19. I love this look and she looks stylish and elegant. I love the way she has injected some individuality into her style programme and wearing an outfit that some perceive as being not “on trend”. Must be so difficult having people nitpicking about your clothes.

  20. This is a great suit. I would love to see the skirt paired with a navy blazer or the top with slacks. I think it will serve her well for many occasions in the future.
    I love the Empress jewelry, I have been dreaming of owning that set or even a repli-kate.

  21. I am in 100% agreement with the hair and accessories today! I do like this look on Kate, I LOVE the neckline and it is nice to see her in something more fitten and flattering since we have seen her in a lot of high necklines and flowly fabtics as of late. She looks very professional and the color is just enough of a pop. I am in agreement with others though about those side darts! I am not crazy about them, but I appreciate the fashion look. All in all very well done! I love seeing the fab 3 together and they are all so radiant and animated when involved with organizations they care so deeply about!

  22. I do not like it. The color is so loud and the fabric seems cheap. Those nude accessories have to go! This is not elegant in any kind of way. This is a miss for me.

  23. This is a good look. Sometimes I think Kate can look too ‘buttoned up’ but I like this neckline which is open but not revealing at all. This is grown up but still young and sleek.

  24. I love this power suit on Kate. Beautiful color, interesting darts, and a zipper that’s subtle. The whole look is classic and modern at the same time.

    I wish Kate would wear more suits. She looks great in them.

  25. OMG, her hair! Perfection.

  26. Love this color on the Duchess! Hair cut and color are PERFECT. In the past I’ve thought that the length sometimes overwhelmed her but with the layers, shape and bounce of today, it is fantastic. I do think the clean lines of the suit opened the door for a more interesting shoe, a block heel would have looked more modern to me than a nude narrow-heel pump. She was poised and graciously animated in her remarks, really relatable and caring and it’s a pleasure to see the lovely family chemistry.

  27. I said to myself,”WOW” as soon as I saw the pictures. I love this suit! The external darts radiating from the curved seams on either side create a sunburst effect that is really attractive, especially in the orange/red color. Anyway, sunburst was the first thing that came to mind when I saw her!

    I also agree she did well to chose the nude accessories and understated jewellery. Nothing to detract from the main attraction! I think she really looks great in these pieces.

  28. I’m such a big katefan and she always looks lovely. But in this case I’m missing a bit of punch. I find it a bit boring.

  29. I guess I’m in the minority, I’m not a fan of this silhouette on Kate. The skirt seems too long and the jacket too short and looks ill-fitting. I also feel like the suit looks cheap (fabric). Hair and makeup and accessories are nice however.

    • I’m not a fan either

    • I’m with you. At first glance, I really liked it! But the more I look at it, the cheaper it looks. I think the skirt is too long and makes her look too tall, especially with the sunburst silhouette on the jacket. It’d have looked better with the jacket and then black palazzo pants or something similar. I liked her hair and makeup better yesterday, too. She’s stunning as always, but this one’s a near miss for me, and that’s okay!

    • I agree. I’m not fond of the silhouette either.

  30. I like the suit and color; however, I agree with the person who said that the fit did not look right. The jacket seems too short and tight. The skirt seems tight also, i.e. bunches up in the photo taken while she was walking. Hair looks very pretty.

    • To me, the bunching of the skirt actually is because it is loose—if a skirt is too tight, it just strains at the seams—this one has enough loose fabric to bunch up so I think she had them cut it about half a size larger than her actual size.

      • I think the skirt fits, but it’s a straight skirt without any slit to allow for a normal walking stride and therefore, it is strained when she walks. This is the designer’s fault, but the skirt could have been tailored to be more accommodating. The fabric is a viscose/poly/elastane blend, so that’s why I think a few people think the fabric looks cheap. I think it would help the fabric look its best if there was a slit in the back of the skirt.

        • Hilary, I agree with you about the slit relieving the strained look of the fabric when she walks. Better design could improve the appearance.

  31. If I was Catherine I would have this suit in every colour available! Professional, sleek and dare I say kind of sexy. Also her hair today is gorgeous.

  32. I like this Armani suit. It is fresh and modern, yet still quite classic. The colour is vibrant and different from the usual red that Kate wears. The external darts, cunningly radiating from a side panel (as ElizaMo so uniquely describes them) are a very eye catching detail.

    I would have preferred black or even navy shoes and bag. But Kate seems to have a passion for nude accessories. Also, since the suit is so uncluttered, a really interesting shoe style would have taken this outfit to another level. The jewellery is fine and even that bulky watch goes with the look.

    It is good to see Rebecca Deacon back on the job. I had mistakenly thought she was leaving the position, as Kate’s assistant. Obviously she just took a hiatus during her wedding and honeymoon.

    • Hi Bonnie, Rebecca is leaving the position this summer. I’m glad you commented, it nudged me to update the post with that info. :)

    • I don’t think her watch is “bulky” at all. Some of the so-called “boyfriend” style watches are huge, but this one is a nice size, especially for a daytime event such as this one.

      • Yes, this watch is fine for daytime. But sometimes Kate wears it with evening attire when a more delicate watch, or no watch is needed. Perhaps bulky wasn’t the right choice of word. I do find this watch to be oversized, although of course, as you say, there are bigger ones out there. I think it is the large watch face and the wide metal band that make it, at times, too prominent. I do realize, however, that this is a very expensive watch.

  33. I like the suit and she wears it well. I’m not crazy about the clutch or shoes but I think black accessories would’ve dragged it down. I do wonder if more expensive labels will become the norm for Kate from now on? I’m thinking that perhaps she stuck with High street brands so long because she didn’t know what would fit after having children and now that she knows she can still wear anything, she’s investing in more “investment” pieces.
    Also, good for Kate, William and Harry for drawing attention to mental health. I can only imagine what those poor boys went through with the death of their mother.

  34. I’m sorry to clash with all of the comments, the style is alright but the fabric looks very cheap. Maybe that is why I don’t like it …

    • I feel the same. The style is all right. I am not a fan of the fabric or the colour however, the silhouette is very flattering.

  35. This is very flattering on her and her bag and shoes look perfect. A great looking outfit but not one I personally love.

  36. Hmm. Well, I think this has some fitting problems that are the fault of the designer. They show on all the models as well as Kate. In one picture, her arm is by her side, but the sleeve is still bunching up. When she (or the models) have their arms straight by their sides, it looks fine, but as soon as they move their arms at all, there’s a pucker at the shoulder that makes the shoulder pad stick out very oddly. Since it’s unlined, it may be missing some of the internal structure that helps it lay properly. I’ve seen casual, unlined jackets that moved just fine, so it seems the designer chose an inappropriate cut or fabric. You’d expect to see folds during large movements or waving arms around, but the person should be able to at least move a little bit without it all bunching up. This seems to have been designed solely for a mannequin.

  37. As others have noted a great color. Nice to see a suit with interesting jacket details not just a blazer. Thought the choice of low key jewelry and nude accessories was perfect. Put the emphasis on the suit. As always with the Duchess she dresses to show her respect for the organization (by wearing appropriate clothes and jewelry) but not to overshadow the importance of the work. I also thought the red/orange color contrasted nicely with the darker jackets of the princes. And kudos to the admin for getting us a discount at Milli Millu. Going over there to check out the purses.

  38. This was one of the ‘catch-my-breath’ moments that Kate gives us from time to time, a simply brilliant choice of suit. The fluid fabric copes well with sophisticated tailoring and I’m smitten by the external darts cunningly radiating from a side panel – genius Armani tailoring! – working so elegantly to give a hint of fullness at the hip while showing off Kate’s trim waistline.

    I love the zipper front and neat neckline with its smart notch feature giving the merest whiff of sexy. Three-quarter sleeves are nicely in keeping with the feminine vibe and I’m grateful for Kate’s quiet taste in jewellery making it possible to sport £3.5K of diamonds without overdoing things. Personally I would have thought the neckline would have been better without any jewellery but Mappin & Webb are the model of discretion for Kate’s choice.

    Nude accessories are perfect and hair is looking wonderful again. Looks like the Etui clutches are proving a bit hit with the Duchess, I can see them being manageable and practical, having just enough room to house a few necessities while soft and comfortable to hold.

    • Perfect, that’s what I couldn’t think of, external darts! :)

      • Oh goodness — do you think external wotsits is a thing? It came from the top of the dear old head, I thought there was a name for those when we first saw the blue Stella McCartney but I can’t see one. Ho hum — well, very glad if it works! :-)

        • I didn’t like the external darts on the Stella McCarney dress. To me it looked like the top was inside out. But here I think it is the narrowness and the quantity of the darts that make the look appeal to me. These darts are very narrow, almost like tucks or thin pleats. They result in a very interesting design element.

      • Charlotte at Duchess Kate is calling it a ‘dart seam front’. Not sure that quite covers the way the darts are exposed as in the manner of exposed zips that were everywhere a short while back.

        Also meant to add how lovely to hear from Milli Millu again — such fresh ideas on handbags. Am looking forward to a happy weekend’s browsing over there :-)

  39. The suit is great. I wish she’d wear something like this more often. The styling is once again, just not there. The jewelry, the Dynasty hair and the beige shoes and clutch are not what make this outfit a great, stylish look. Her makeup looks softer, and I do like that a lot.

  40. Definitely love this look. Its simple yet that color makes a statement. I love the clean lines and the slight edgy design. Its perfectly tailored and looks amazing on her. Great ensemble for this sort of engagement. Nude shoes were an excellent choice.

  41. Fantastic look all the way around today! I love when the Duchess wears skirts suits, and this one is perfect for her. The ruching/pleats are lovely and very figure flattering, the fit of both the skirt and jacket were wonderful, the bracelet length sleeves are something I often choose for myself and the hem was fine, although an inch shorter would have been perfect.

    I like the color—more of an orange red than a true red. Hair and makeup were also great today, although the makeup yesterday was perhaps the best I have seen on her.

    The nude shoes and bag worked very well with this suit. The jewelry was fine—nothing great but nothing to not like either.

    All in all, a lovely suit–the kind I hope to see from her more for these types of engagements.

  42. Loooooove this suit. Professional, but not stuffy, and it fits her perfectly. Her hair and makeup look wonderful too.

  43. I love the suit. It is beautiful and a great color on her. But UGH, the nude. Wearing a solid color suit basically gives you the ability to wear awesome shoes…floral, polka dot, even leopard print. I don’t like the shoes worn by the model, either. But the possibilities could have been endless. Sigh.

  44. I want to like this look, because I think Kate should wear more skirt-suits in general, since the silhouette is so flattering on her. But I don’t and I’m not sure why. It’s dated to me in a way.

    • I feel the same. It’s the pleating on the side that ruins it for me. The skirt/suit look is very flattering and it fits her well (except perhaps in the arms?), but the polished, timeless look of it is missing due to the pleating. I agree that it already looks outdated or off trend. The color is great, though, and the neckline and her accessories work well together. I just don’t see her getting as much wear out of this one, but I’ll likely be proven wrong. I also appreciate that she’s changing it up a bit and trying different take on a classic wardrobe staple (the suit).

      Regardless of the clothes, Kate seemed radiant and confident today in her answers and interactions–which more than cancels out any wardrobe missteps. :-)

    • I agree! it seems off somehow but I also cannot put my finger on why. Also, in every picture where she is moving (not standing still) it looks tight. I am not a fan….

  45. Love it! Fresh and spring like the colour is nice on Kate and the skirt is the absolutely perfect length. The nude accessories work well here and her hair is lovely.

  46. I like this! It’s a slightly different look for Kate, and a great colour. Total hair envy as usual…

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