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Healthy, respectful discussion is not only desired, it is encouraged. A debate on the length of a hemline or the merits of a sheath over a fit and flare silhouette isn’t just enjoyable, it’s educational. In those instances, and almost all others, people agree to disagree. They do so politely, even warmly. It is not okay to refer to someone as a fool. Nor is it acceptable to belittle another’s opinion, or to label it as stupid, idiotic, ridiculous or to use any other pejorative term in responding to someone’s comment.

The site’s primary purpose is style-related; this is not the place for discussion about Kate and William’s marriage, Kate’s weight or speculation on whether or not she is expecting. Trial and error over the years has shown that weight debates have a propensity to go off the rails very quickly. Saying “I think the dress is too big on her” or “the suit jacket should have been taken in” is different from “She looks gaunt,” or “Kate’s bones stick out,” or comments of that nature. It’s a fine line, but one we’re sensitive to here. 

Of equal importance: maintaining a respectful tone when sharing your opinion. Comments referring to the Duchess as a moron, a nitwit, a disgrace or other derogatory terms are simply deleted. That doesn’t translate into sycophancy. It’s merely the difference between saying “I don’t think the dress is cut right” or “it’s not a flattering look” and saying “She looks like an idiot, “I can’t believe she would wear such a trashy dress,” or “she looks dumpy.” In some cases it’s a matter of tone; because this is the written word we need to remember one can’t hear vocal inflections. In summation, we have worked hard over the years to create a community here at WKW, and will continue efforts to ensure civility is maintained as we evolve.




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  1. Just saw on internet that The Smythe Duchess Wool Blazer will be offered in pink for Breast Cancer Awareness month and is available for pre-order on the Smythe site now for 595 US dollars.

  2. Pippa’s wedding gown was lovely and so was she! A beautiful wedding. Kate’s dress seemed to need tailoring in the bust; it needed a tighter fit. I’ve always been curious as to why the outfit Wallis wore was so celebrated; it’s lovely, but its cut made her stomach appear to have a bulge although she was doubtless painfully thin. I am so glad Pippa was able to have privacy; as much as I want to see photos, I also value and respect discretion. How can anyone have any kind of a ceremony with helicopters above, long-range lenses, and so on? Thank you for the photos published, and for those not taken.

  3. I have asked this before, & I know this is a BIG ask – but have you thought anymore about doing a What Pippa Wore blog? She has similar style to Kate but more unrestricted. I’m sure a lot or your readers would love it. But … I realise that this blog alone must take a lot of your time, given the detail that you go into. Just a thought.

  4. A general comment to say that one thing I appreciate about this blog is that you include background information on the designers and history of the design houses. I am learning so much!

  5. Hello! Just wanted to say thanks for a great blog I love coming here. I would love to enter the style rocks competition but there are no comments? I am not sure if I am missing something but I am not able to type a comment on that post? In any case, I have signed up for the mailing list and my favourite item is the white gold and diamond hoop earrings with morganite drops.

    Thanks again for all your hard work putting up these posts for us to enjoy!

  6. Regarding Kate’s Ballon Bleu Cartier, I am quite sure that she has the 33 mm and not the 36 mm. Pippa’s, in rose gold, is the 36 mm.

  7. Diamond woven earrings in white gold.

  8. Round Brilliant Cut Diamond Stud Earrings with Pink Diamond Halo Platinum

  9. The diamond and pearl earrings (a loan from the Queen) the Duchess was wearing on her recent trip to Canada and the Netherlands are beautifully replicated by Heavenly Necklaces. I have a pair of these as well as the Jubilee Earrings and they are stunning. The customer service was excellent and the delivery (overseas) timely.

  10. Hi
    Could you post photos from the India trip please? thank you

  11. I just received beautiful gold plated bluebell shape (like the flower) earrings from Catherine Zoraida who designed the double gold leaf earrings The Duchess has worn very often. I am very pleased with these lovely earrings. The service was so prompt, professional and courteous with a handwritten note form Ms. Zoraida included in the lovely packaging. My package arrived timely and in excellent condition since it was shipped from London to New Jersey. I would highly recommend jewelry from Ms. Zoraida as the quality and service is exceptional.

  12. I’m concerned because I’ve posted several comments – both my own, and in response to others – which have either shown up as pending, or not showing as pending at all, and then they’re not published. My comments were polite, absolutely respectful, and were so far from violating the comment policy that I cannot seem to figure out what is happening here. This wouldn’t bother me so much except that the last thing I would ever want to do is be offensive, rude, or otherwise in violation of your policy. Please let me know if I’ve been so.

    • Exactly. I wrote a comment on RepliKate yesterday that I thought was respectful, if pithy. It was about finding Pippa’s dresses: I only have liked two, to be truthful, but I think it would be a service to people to find a few of her more popular/fashionable pieces. Especially since Duchess Kate also wears similar designers…although a little more conservative models. Cheers, Suze

  13. The Duchess is to be complimented for stumping the fashionistas!


    I need some help. Do you know who the model wearing the yellow dress is? I know its not direcly related to Kate but I would appreciate your help.

  15. I received today the mini double leaf earrings I ordered designed by Catherine Zoraida. The Duchess owns the larger ones. They are beautiful and very comfortable. Not only was the delivery service exceptional to the USA, but Ms. Zoraida enclosed a little note wishing me much enjoyment with her earrings. What service and craftsmanship! I am very pleased. She has many more beautiful designs.

  16. I agree with your very wise decision not to go into detail about what the Duchess was wearing when she signed the Book of Condolence at the US Embassy with respect to the tragedy in Orlando. Thank you for your empathy and compassion.

  17. The earrings the Duchess was wearing on the balcony today for the Queen’s birthday celebration appears to be Balenciaga magnetic pearl that retail for $591. I read this in another article from People magazine..

  18. Anyone still looking to purchase the filigree bead drop earrings The Duchess was wearing in India, please note you can find them in the Monsoon Accessories store in Garden City New York, tel. no. 516-2941987. They have about 5 pairs left and will deliver anywhere in the US. The staff is very nice and helpful. I also found them in the Garden State Mall in Paramus New Jersey in the same store. I don’t believe they will deliver. I am wearing them now and they are lovely and very comfortable. You can also give your e-mail address to the store in the UK who are out of stock in the warehouse but do have a supply in the store.

    As an alternative the Seychelles Disc earrings are extremely nice and are in stock on the Accessories store website.

  19. Hello! I’m a long-time reader and first time commenter. I just wanted to say how much I enjoy this site and appreciate the way you manage it with such integrity and respect. I also love the calendar! Thank you for all that you do!

  20. I love this website!
    Jill in Chicago!

    • I also want to add that her red poppy dress is a similar pattern to the Alexandar McQueen dress Michelle Obama wore in 2011 at the Chinese State Dinner at the White House. You can google it and see the similarity.

  21. I’ve frequented this website for several years and have often posted comments, but this will be my last visit. The atmosphere has gotten much too hostile.

  22. I love the stylerocks tree of life necklace in rose gold and would wear the cate in rose gold when travelling. send up for the stylerocks on email. Love the articles you publish on here,

  23. Hello,

    I love the Style Rocks Tree of Life necklace in yellow gold and I would love to wear the diamond hoop yellow gold earrings with pearls when I travel.


  24. I would absolutely love to participate in the Stylerocks giveaway. However, I seem to be quite challenged to complete all the necessary steps. I have subscribed. But the next step …? Could you please assist me? Thank you!

  25. I just received the Kate 2016 calendar and I am very pleased with it. The packaging was great as it came in excellent condition and fit in nicely in my mailbox. The pictures of the Duchess are beautiful. Thanks again for making this available. Happy Holidays!

  26. Does the calendar ship in a box or an envelope – am concerned about it being delivered to our community mailbox and it being rolled into a shape to fit in the compartment…

  27. Really like the WhatKateWore calendar. She is a style icon, and a great example of someone using their position for good. Cheers.

  28. I just ordered the new Kate 2016 calendar. The pictures are beautiful and I thank you for offering this for sale. I look forward to receiving this calendar and enjoy your site very much. You are always up to date with news on Kate and her family.

  29. Love the Kate calendar. I think what I love most is that she wears things we can wear at reasonable prices. She is stylish without looking like a runway model but instead she is the perfect picture of elegance and beauty.

  30. You keep referring to your other website, but don’t tell your readers how to get on it? What is it and what’s it’s address. This is very confusing. Thanks.

  31. I have followed StyleRocks on Instagram!

  32. I have liked StyleRocks on Facebook.

  33. Hello! I would use the prize money from the style rocks competition to purchase one of their fantastic rings. Erica Louise

  34. Kate. Your personal style is perfection. Please stick to your own dress code passion. Designers are there for YOU, not You for Them! The “controversial” floral silk you wore would have been more elegant without the stupid 2 foot ruffle on the bottom. It looked like it was cut too short so they just added a frumpy dust ruffle at the last minute to cover their tasteless mistake. I’m sorry you have to endure this fashion disaster. I absolutely know you would never have chosen this dress. CJB

  35. Dear Admin

    This week’s issue of Hello Canada featured Kate visiting a women’s prison and wearing a new outfit- will this be covered in one of your posts?

    Thank you and keep up the good work- I love coming to your blog


  36. Haven’t seen any Kate 2016 Wall Calendars for sale. What’s up? They have one for every other subject and person under the Sun!

    • At the risk of speaking out of turn…I can promise you there will be at least one 2016 Kate calendar available. Details will come in a future post, probably within the next month. :)

      • Thank you! I’ll look forward to it. I was, and still am, a huge Princess Diana fan and also love Kate and her style. Your site is wonderful.

      • Please update us on the 2016 Kate wall calendar. Thank you!

        • The artist just finished her work on the calendar, and we expect it to be at the printer next week. Our expected availability date for ordering is roughly slated for the first week in November (fingers crossed), with shipping taking place the same week. The calendar size is what I believe they call ‘mini wall calendar,” meaning when open and hanging on the wall it will measure 7″ wide by 14″ long. I hope this is helpful! :)

  37. I am looking for the insoles Kate wears in heels. I saw a comment but did not save it. I am going to a wedding and will be on my feet all day. I would like to purchase these,

    • Joyce, the brand is Alice Bow Insoles. One FYI: regardless of what has been written by the media, there’s no proof whatsoever Kate has purchased (or uses) this brand of insoles. It was initially reported, and all of the stories about this, arose out of a tweet saying the insoles were bought by Kate at Selfridges. It would have been impossible for Kate, or anyone else, to purchase the insoles – I spoke with Selfridges and they didn’t stock them at the time the tweet was posted. I have also spoken with the brand’s new PR firm, they tell me they can’t verify that Kate has bought the insoles. The insoles look like a fabulous product (I have been waffling about buying a set!), but it’s not an item that we absolutely know Kate is using. To be fair, we don’t know the Duchess isn’t using the product, but this was all based on a tweet that proved to be erroneous, and there’s just no proof that she has purchased the item. :)
      PS: If you *do* buy them it would be grand if you could share your reaction to them after the wedding!

  38. Hi
    Can you please tell what color and kind of panty hose she wears?
    Thank you!

  39. Hi, Kate is absolutely gorgeous, was wondering if anybody can tell me where to get her Cathrine Walker brown coat dress?

  40. She is beautiful – anything she wears would be stunning on her. Kate is a class act!

  41. Hello can you also post a category of what Kate wore for cosmetic brands and color. I absolutely love her makeup look.

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