• The Duke and Duchess travel to the Blue Mountains located west of Sydney
    • The couple will spend time with some of the families impacted by the bushfires that swept through the region last October, causing significant damage and also negatively affecting the area’s tourism industry
    • Attend an as-yet unspecified event with residents and community groups


  • Attend the Royal Easter Show, an enormous annual event held at Sydney’s Olympic Park celebrating rural art
  • The next event is in Manly, a suburb of Sydney. Kate and William will visit Bear Cottage, a children’s hospice
  • The schedule then calls for a visit to the world famous Manly Beach, the attraction prompting Manly’s nickname of “Surf City”. William & Kate will watch a display of life-saving skills and honor the life-saving volunteers who dedicate their time and energy to the


  • Travel to Queensland, with the first stop at the Royal Australian Air Force base at Amberley, located about an hour from Berisbane. This is the RAAF’s largest operational base, employing about 5000 people.
    • There will be an inspection of the Guard, then viewing of some aircraft and their crews.
    • William and Kate will also go to the Amberley Memorial Garden, where they will plant a tree
    • The tree-planting ceremony is followed by a reception with those on active duty with the Air force, along with veterans and their families.
    • Travel to Brisbane where the first event is a reception hosted by Queensland’s Governor and Premier. The focus of the reception is young people, and the function is being held right in the city centere, there is an expectation William and Kate will be meeting some of Brisbane’s citizens and visitors


  • The Duke and Duchess start their day with Easter Sunday services at St. Andrews Cathedral in Sydney, the oldest cathedral in Australia
  • The couple will sign the ‘First Fleet Bible,‘ the bible used in Australia’s first Christian service in 1788
  • Next on the agenda, the Taronga Zoo, located on the shores of Sydney harbour.
    • Their first stop at the Zoo is a Bilby enclosure that will actually be named after Prince George. The enclosure is to be named after the young Prince as part of the Prime Minister’s gift on the occasion of his birth. It is possible Prince George may also enjoy this portion of the day, he may join his parents at the zoo.
    • There is more of the zoo to see, including the famed Taronga giraffes, tree kangaroos, and other creatures indigenous to this part of the world
  • Travel to Australia’s capital, Canberra, staying at Government House


  • Easter Monday is a public holiday in Australia; William, Kate and George will enjoy the day privately


  • Depart for Uluru, the Aboriginal name for Ayer’s Rock, a huge sandstone rock formation located inside Kata Tjuta National Park.  Ayer’s Rock is the world’s largest monolith, as well as an Aboriginal sacred site
  • Upon arrival at Yulara, a town located near the Rock, the duo will head to the National Indigenous Training Academy
  • Also to the Uluru Cultural Centre
  • A “Welcome to Country” ceremony by members of local indigenous communities; Kate and William will also see an indigenous art display, followed by tea hosted by the Chief Minister of the Northern Territory
  • The Duke and Duchess then head to the Uluru, guided by a local


  • Fly to Adelaide in South Australia, more specifically to the suburb of Elizabeth, named after HM
  • Visit the Northern Sound System, a youth-driven community music centre, where the Duke and Duchess will watch a skateboarding demonstration
  • Head to the Playford Civic Centre for a reception hosted by the Governor and Premier of South Australia


  • The day’s agenda begins with a visit to the National Portrait Gallery
  • The group then moves to Parliament House for a reception hosted by the Prime Minister,in the historic building’s Great Hall, Prince William will make a speech here.
  • Next, the pair travel to Australia’s National Arboretum, recently opened
    • William and Kate will help plant a tree, and also spend time with some youngsters and their parents
  • Return to Government House for a reception in honor of the Duke and Duchess, hosted by the Governor General, Her Excellency, the Honourable Quentin Bryce and her husband, Mr. Michael Bryce


  • Another bit of background: this is ANZAC day in Australia and New Zealand, a national day of remembrance for all Australian and New Zealand military who lost their lives in wars, armed conflicts and peacekeeping operations. The initials stand for Australian and New Zealand Army Corps, the date initially honored those who fought at Gallipoli in World War I, also called the Great War
  • Kate and William take part in the March and Commemorative Service at the Australian War Memorial
  • Following the service the Duke and Duchess head to Defence Establishment Fairbairn and depart Canberra for the trip home to London




  • Saturday, June 14: Trooping the Colour, starts at approximately 10am
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  1. I just wanted to mention how similar Kate’s dress on Valentines day was to on Sophie of Wessex wore once except Sophie’s had long sleeves. I think she wore it at Easter.

  2. She looked beautiful at the christening :)

  3. There is one green army jacket Kate wore in May when she was volunteering at a Boy Scout camp in Windermere and I am absolutely in love with it! Does anyone know the designer or where I can get it?! I’ve been researching but I cannot find it :(

  4. Just curious if it is known that these engagements now being held at KP are because it is a nice venue associated with royal patronages, or are specifically chosen or decided upon with Kate and William in a hosting capacity (in which case you would definitely expect one or the other or both to attend).

  5. What kind of coat did she wear on 6.12.2012.? I would like to buy the same. Thanks

    • If it’s the blue tweed one you’re thinking of, then it’s by Missoni. Don’t know if you can still find it, but you might try for a repli-Kate. Pretty sure I’ve seen it there.

  6. Wow I just can’t wait for the christening ! It’s going to be so exciting and Kate will wear something beautiful I’m sure.

  7. Wow she looked stunning

  8. There is a great deal to admire about Kate and she is a wonderful adddition to thr RF.
    I must say however that I am thoroughly sick of those beige shoes!!!!!
    The blue dress and the one for the church service don’t fit. Perhaps Kate is trying so hard not to look like she’wearing maternity clothes when clearly she is radiantly happy to be so.
    I also think she’s worked hard not to upstage others and that’to her credit. But this outfit (HM 60th anniversary church service) is a gigantic YAWNn.

  9. It’s a shame that William cannot attend the gala for centerpoint on his own. maybe he could take one of the people who work there or live there. of course we want everyone to be happy and healthy first.

  10. I think the recent news of the Duchess’s pregnancy and her unfortunate experience with hyperemesis gravidarum (horrible condition, nothing like the usual morning sickness) will alter her schedule. They seem to have annouced early owing to her hospitalization. We may not see much of her for a while.

  11. Very helpful. Thank you.

  12. Yay! No more searching! Thanks Susan!!

  13. I can’t wait! I just adore Kate’s fashions! I know she’ll find something magnificent to wear!

  14. looking forward to seeing this visiton tv. positive they will make a great job of it in there own down to earth way. a breath of fresh air in the british monarchy although i like the queen. cant help how she was brought up. safe journey.

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