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At Wimbledon this afternoon the sky was that leaden gray you know is going to bring rain and perhaps delays.



The Duke and Duchess arriving at the Royal Box. Leading the way (lower left), Philip Brook, chairman of the All England club.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Local favorite, Scotland’s Andy Murray, was playing Canadian Vasek Pospisil. Below, Mr. Murray acknowledging his warm welcome from fans as he steps onto Centre Court.



And Mr. Pospisil.

Wimbledon Twitter

Wimbledon Twitter

William and Kate in the almost-full royal box.



Many will recognize Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, to William’s left.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

An aerial view of the box. Prince and Princess Michael of Kent can just about be seen in the lower right corner.

Wimbledon Facebook

Wimbledon Facebook

Behind Kate and William: Billie Jean King and Bear Grylls, UK Scouting’s ‘First Scout.’ Kate is also a volunteer with UK Scouting .

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

The Duchess and Mr. Grylls at the National Scouting Parade at Windsor Castle in April of 2013. Kate wore Mulberry’s Frayed Coat in mint tweed.

Twitter: Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Twitter: Victoria Murphy, The Mirror (@QueenVicMirror)Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online (@RE_DailyMail)

Another view of Ms. King and the royals.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Kate’s parents, Michael and Carole Middleton as they arrived at the All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club this morning.

Simon Earl / Splash News

Simon Earl / Splash News

Other names-you’ll-know at today’s matches include David Beckham and son Romeo, both looking very dapper.

Wimbledon Instagram

Wimbledon Instagram

Manchester United star Ashley Young chatting with Mr. Beckham.

Jon Buckle/AELTC

Jon Buckle/AELTC

HSH Prince Albert of Monaco was also at the match. With apologies, I am not sure who the woman is on his right, our left. Thank you Virginia & Julia for comments, as well as Imke’s email, to let me know the woman is the Monegasque Ambassador to the UK, Evelyne Genta. The assistance is much appreciated!

Jon Buckle/AELTC via Wimbledon.com

Jon Buckle/AELTC via Wimbledon.com

Kate and Mr. Brooks from another angle.

©Jon Buckle/AELTC, via Wimbledon.com

©Jon Buckle/AELTC, via Wimbledon.com

Also watching in the royal box, Kate’s personal assistant Rebecca Deacon.

For today’s dress Kate returned to a favored retailer, LK Bennett. The Duchess wore a piece from the brand’s fall collection, the Cayla long dress in a cardinal red.

LK Bennett Cayla Dress Red Wimbledon july 8 2015 Front Back Produc 700 x 770Detailed shots showing the bodice seaming front and back, along with the notched sleeves.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser

And a view that hopefully shows the fullness of the skirt on the front.

House of Fraser

House of Fraser

The Cayla is 100% polyester with a polyester lining. It is priced at $425 on LK Bennett’s USA/Canadian site, where it is shown as being out of stock. On LK Bennett’s UK/European site, the dress is £250, with almost no sizes left. House of Fraser also stocked the dress, but they show the piece as being sold out.

The frock is featured on the US home page.

LK Bennett

LK Bennett

A Tip of the Tiara today to Katie R. who messaged me on Facebook about this dress well before I identified the dress, thank you Katie!

Kate carried the DVF Leopard Print Clutch.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

As noted by @PatriciaAviero on Twitter, we’ve seen the clutch at Wimbledon before. Kate carried it with her Joseph dress in 2012 to the Federer/Murray match.

Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire

Kirsty Wigglesworth/PA Wire

A closer look at the bag.

UK Press Association/Net a Porter

UK Press Association/Net a Porter

The clutch was first noted when Kate used it during the North American Tour in Los Angeles. On that occasion it complemented the ‘Maje’ green silk dress by Diane von Furstenberg.

UK in America

UK in America

Sara let us know via Twitter that the Duchess wore her Lolita earrings by Mirabelle Jewelry. The loop design earrings are brass plated in 22K gold, they are £30, $46.09 at today’s exchange rates.

Mirabelle Jewelry

Mirabelle Jewelry

Kate was sporting slightly shorter hair, as well as some soft bangs (aka fringe) for today’s match.

Stephen Lock/i-Images

Stephen Lock/i-Images

We saw her Ray-Ban sunglasses again as well. They appear to be the same pair worn last year to Wimbledon with her Zimmermann ‘Roamer’ Day Dress.

Stephen Lock,i-Images / i-Images, Polaris

Stephen Lock,i-Images / i-Images, Polaris

They are clearly non-polarized, with a gradient lens. Anna of My Small Obsessions believes they are the Ray-Ban Folding Wayfarers in ‘Havana.‘ In the photos they look black when the sun is out, as well as when it’s cloudy. But after much hunting, I couldn’t locate a pair of Ray-Ban Wayfarers that are folding with non-polarized, gradient lenses in the same shade as Kate’s. The closest I come up with is the Tortoise or Havana as Anna suggests. Below, a shot of Kate and William in the bright sunlight. (It’s certainly possible they are a different pair altogether, but if that’s the case I wasn’t able to locate them.)

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

We show the Havana gradient lens below at John Lewis (£135 / $217); they are available without the gradient lens at Bloomingdale’s US for $155.

John Lewis

John Lewis

For comparison, here is the Tortoise pair with the gradient lens, shown at Ray-Ban ($165).



The Duchess was in nude heels, many believe she was wearing her Gilbert heels from Jimmy Choo.

Jimmy Choo

Jimmy Choo

At the end of play Mr. Murray defeated Mr. Pospisil, now moving on to his sixth appearance in a Wimbledon semi-final. AELTC posted this graphic on its Facebook page. Friday’s semi-final pits Mr. Murray against Roger Federer.

Wimbledon Facebook

Wimbledon Facebook

Kate looked happy, and the red was very pretty on her. It was surprising to see her in such a vivid color; while the Duchess has not always worn white, she has generally avoided such a bright hue in the front row of the royal box. My friend Micki Maynard mentioned the possible distraction a bright color can have, although it is not against the AELTC dress code rule for Centre Court.

Centre Court Debenture Holders have their own lounge which has been designed to be a place in which to eat, drink and relax in stylish surroundings.

The dress code for the lounges is smart casual. In particular, jeans, sports shorts (tailored shorts are acceptable for both ladies and gentlemen), collarless shirts and trainers are not acceptable. Gentlemen are not required to wear a jacket and/or tie. Please also refrain from smoking within the Debenture Holders’ areas.

We have had a number of comments about the color of Kate’s dress ‘proper attire for tennis spectators’ (my phrase) I’ll share a personal note about apparel at a tennis match: while probably considered ‘old school’ on the topic, lighter, non-distracting shades have been considered appropriate attire for watching tennis. I’ve not been to Wimbledon or any Grand Slam events and do not want to suggest I am an expert on the topic, for I am not. I speak merely from my personal experience. Additionally, Kate opting for a vivid color today isn’t something I consider a horrific faux pas; it is mentioned as a point of interest and something some of us were surprised to see.

Several WKWers noted on the Facebook page that it appears the Duchess has had the dress altered, as she frequently does with off-the-rack purchases. I hadn’t noticed, but in looking again at the photos, I believe they are right. Thank you Jacqueline C.S, Dee, Lucy, Amanda and Food Fash & Fit.

Stephen Lock / i-Images

Stephen Lock / i-Images

In this video clip from Wimbledon you can see theplayers entering the stadium, Kate and William,Mr. Murray’s mother, and more.




  93 Responses to “Kate Wears Rich Red LK Bennett Dress for Wimbledon, and Sporting a Shorter Hairstyle”

  1. hi if anyone is looking a size 10 or 14 the Edinburgh store has these sizes I just got my 14 from the York store but Edinburgh has it aswell as customer services Gave me details of the stores with a size 14 will save you a fortune rather than buying on EBay at crazy prices in just off the phone with them this morning so be quick it’s the Lk Bennett Cayla Kate Middleton dress She wore to wimbleton this year

  2. Does anyone know who designed Carole Middleton’s dress? It’s beautiful.

    • There have been suggestions it is by Samantha Sung. Your timing is excellent! I’m actually doing a post now following up on comments and questions from previous posts, including a look at Carole Middleton’s dress. :)

  3. Is it possible the “red” is from the Earldom of Strathearn insignia – and a nod to Andy Murray’s Scotland?

    • Wow, there’s a theory that never occurred to me, nor have I seen it mentioned anywhere. Good thinking! I will add that to the post tomorrow, and also include in our follow-up post. Thank you! :)

    • Esti’s July 8, 2:18 pm remark (… I also wonder if the red wasn’t a bit of a nod to his Canadian opponent.) was what came to my mind, too.

      With Prince Albert being present, the red colour of Catherine’s dress could also be a reference to the colours of Monaco.

  4. What was dad wearing??? What’s going on with that suit, I say?! Did he dress himself in the dark or in a really dim room and forgot he wasn’t wearing his glasses?

  5. I agree with others’ comments. Kate does look lovely in her dress and the color suits her, however, I question its place at this occasion. It seems as if most of the other ladies in the box could head straight to a garden party (Carole and Sophie especially), while Kate looks like she’s on her way to a board meeting. I do love how much she and William seem to enjoy each other’s company.

  6. P.S. I forgot to mention in my post that the Daily Mail newspaper, dailymail.co.uk, has some wonderful close-up pictures of Kate & William at Wimbledon. They are looking very happy with each other and there also great photos of Kate looking as if she is really enjoying herself with the game. I do like natural photos like this & I think WKW people will too. :)

  7. Oh, I love this dress – red is not my favourite colour but it’s a lot better than anything brown (sick room colours to me) and I’m pleased to see the longer length being sold by a high-end label again. I love the style, the femininity & the half-sleeve, good for us older ones. I don’t like Carol’s dress – reminds me of what the older generation wore to bingo with those ageing pleats. The red dress does look a little plain & could maybe have looked better with a little gold pendant but I assume the various goring/seams are supposed to be the focal point & with all of Kate’s hair curled up in the front & the attention drawn by her new long-fringe-cut, maybe a little necklace would have got lost!
    I’m surprised by all the fuss about it being red; there was plenty of red about when I visited Wimbledon in 1978 (though I wore an acid yellow, lime green & white striped dress); red was a very fashionable colour then & in Diana’s time the courts were full of brightly coloured tropical flower prints. I can’t see how players would be distracted by anyone sat in the royal box as they can only see the top part of their shoulders if anything & I am sure they are not looking & I doubt very much that anyone would stand up in that box during play.
    I know some players are complaining about not being able to wear colours. The ‘origin of the ‘white rule’ is interesting. It came about because of upper-class sensibilities & this is why it became ‘traditional’. There is a British saying, “Horses sweat, (gentle)men perspire & ladies merely glow”. Tennis & Cricket were played by the British aristocracy only who felt white was a colour which didn’t show perspiration (something, along with tanning, which only the working classes were supposed to do). White was clearly needed even more when women played at Wimbledon – in chemises, corsets & petticoats topped with polo-necked, long-sleeved silk dresses with swathes of fabric draped around & displayed attractively at the back over a ‘bustle’ pad of horsehair or a steel frame – the whole ensemble being topped off by a wide, tall ‘picture hat’ festooned with (distracting?) feathers, fruit displays & the like. (Old books & Google can bring laughs!)
    In my lifetime, the rules were relaxed slightly to ‘mostly white’ – coloured piping, just a few stripes or motif etc. It certainly allowed sportswear manufacturers to get their logo’s prominently displayed anyway. Personally, I am ‘ordinary’ but always wear white or black when exercising as I don’t like wet patches either, but the the players can’t even wear black shorts/trousers which would be the best (black was only ever worn for mourning periods by the upper-classes & by Gentlemen for their jackets/top-hats & working class widows, permanently, when Wimbledon started).
    My only disappointment about the dress was that it is polyester – I begrudge that money for this non-porous fibre that is like wearing a rubbish bag! Silk sari’s & shalwar kameez (trouser suits) & other garments are affordable for everyone in Asian shops catering for their own cultures but when silk is used for the indigent European markets, including in the diaspora, there is a huge mark-up on the price. This isn’t fair! I am going to make this from material sold in these shops (in lavender, not red) (to start with).

    • I really enjoyed reading your post and all the historical background and how it creates the tradition of tennis whites. It certainly makes great sense. Boy, I bet those ladies were hot in all those layers back in the day! Whew….. Glad fashions have changed! :)

  8. This outfit is just dull. She has a very bright empire waisted blue dress which cost a fortune which she wore with a very expensive silver necklace and it just sang. This is red, but other than that, it just doesn’t do it. I agree Carole’s dress is the winner for this day. Looks crisp and proper for a sporting event. And she even dared to wear sandals. Can we find out more about that dress? That’s the winner.

    • I suspect that our duchess isn’t quite back to her pre-baby body/weight and therefore couldn’t wear the blue frock you mentioned. That is why she debuted a new dress yesterday. She looks great—do not misunderstand my comment—but perhaps isn’t quite back into all the items in her wardrobe.

      • I’m probably in the minority, but I’ve always felt that Kate is far too thin for her height/body. She’s not an A-list actress, nor a runway model. After she became engaged she suddenly started to lose all this weight. She’s a member of the British monarchy, and not compelled to be forever on a diet for fear of losing a part in a big-budget film, or a place on the runway in the major fashion weeks. This obsession with looking like hat racks is not healthy. Kate always looks like a good square meal wouldn’t do her any harm.

        • Well, considering these are tons of websites, such as this one, where we pick apart everything single thing she wears, I imagine she is image and weight conscious. The attention is on her the majority of the time, not the Princess Royal, Sophie Wessex, Princess Beatrice, etc….. I’m sure with that amount if attention one would be very aware of the image they project. If she likes the weight she is, so be it. By all accounts, she is very athletic and a healthy eater. Don’t think it’s a case of her having an eating disorder. Just careful what she puts in her body.

    • Completely agree about Carole’s dress. The dress appears to be a simple fitted shirt dress, but that fabric speaks to me!

  9. I do like this dress and think that Kate looks lovely as always and the colour really suits her. However I think it is the wrong dress for this occasion. It seems to me it would be more appropriate when visiting one of her charities or semi-official functions. I do love what Sophie is wearing – she really has become very adept at making great fashion choices. Here the style of the dress and her hair and accessories look spot on.

  10. A great day at Wimbledon! I love it when Kate wears a daring color. The default safe colors are blue and white, and Kate wears those a lot. That’s why It’s fun to see her in a vivid color. I think she looks smashing. Her outfit looks great next to Prince William’s dark blue suit. And they are obviously having a good time.

    Carole Middleton’s dress is pretty and appropriate. And the Countess of Wessex is quite fashionable these days.

    A great day for Andy Murray – and the royals!

  11. Where is Kate’s watch from? I didn’t see anything about it in the post.

  12. Thank you for the post. Any way to find out what dress Carol Middleton , Kate’s mother, is wearing? I love it and would love to know the designer/store that sells it! tia

  13. I like the dress… but I’m not a fan of the hair. I really want her to cut four more inches off so it looks really different. All she seems to do is get it trimmed!

  14. I like the red dress, but I feel she could have done more/been more fun with her outfit. This is sort of a plain outfit for Wimbledon. It looks like something you would wear to the office.

  15. I frequently wish she wore ‘princess’ jewelry- the earrings are disappointing as is the handbag.

    • I do not care about it being “princess” jewelry but always surprised she wears plated and costume jewelry when she has 14 and 18kt gold and genuine gem pieces to wear. I personally never wear plated or costume jewelry if I have anything else that is close, i.e. a simple gold hoop earing or even pieces in sterling silver. ali

  16. Hello Susan! Hope you are having a great time :)
    I have heard recently that there is a probability that the Duchess might attend the Men’s Championship on the 12th of July. Do you think this is possible? She is currently on a maternity leave, yet, will she attend? I really miss her <3
    *This piece of news has not yet been confirmed by any royal trusted source.
    Hope she attends!

    Evangelina Thomas

  17. I love a bright red dress. I would snap this up in a flash, if I had anything left in my clothing budget!!! (I’ve gone hog wild this Summer buying maxis and sandals and pretty cotton sweaters.) I think she looks amazing in it. The Duke and Duchess appeared to be having a wonderful time watching the match. I wonder if they will be back on Friday for the semi? That should be a cracker of a match. I’m looking forward to it.

  18. Add me to the ‘not a fan’ column. I quite like the dress, but feel that (as usual) she takes a nice piece, puts it on her fantastic figure, and somehow makes the whole outfit a snooze-fest. I like how the dress is styled on the US site with the black & white striped envelope bag. With that color she really stands out in the crowd shots, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. The DM article shows the shoes (spoiler, they’re beige). I adore what her mum is wearing, and Sophie looks great too.

    • I agree lawgirl. This is a really uninteresting outfit. She needed different/better accessories. I do like her purse however. Not a fan of the bangs.

  19. Well, it’s another red dress. How many does she have now? Everything about this looks heavy to me. It definitely seems like a fall dress, not summer, and her hair just seems to pull her down. A pony tail, and a cute necklace for interest in front would have saved this for me. Black strappy sandals would have been nice, too. I don’t care for the beige with red.

    • Heavy is exactly the word.

    • I think a ponytail paired the white knit and navy trim AM outfit looks very Wimbeldon. In fact, she wore it in 2011. But, it probably doesn’t fit right now….. She looks so great with her hair pulled back! This look was just more office attire and not summery, in my humble opinion. Don’t like her fringy bangs. My take is either get real bangs, which would look great on her, or stick to long layers.

  20. I miss the green DvF dress, and desperately wish the reason it hasn’t been seen on Kate lately is because it had taken up residence in my own closet.

    As for the red dress, its appropriateness for Wimbledon, her haircut, etc.? Meh.

    • I have that dress in my closet. I admit I try and buy almost everything (off the rack) she wears. It’s actually a rather difficult dress to wear. The way it’s made is fuller sleeves in the upper arm that cause some unappealing sagging and the bottom hd of the dress is very narrow in the hips. I had it altered and suspect she did as well. No way it fit that well on her right off the rack. Overall, it’s still a wonderful color and classic style worth the investment.

  21. I really wanted to love what she wore today, but couldn’t. Overall she still looked gorgeous and her hair was to die for, but I was not loving a bright red dress for Wimbledon, and those earrings and that clutch are among my least favorite pieces of hers of all time. That being said, she still looked beautiful and it looked like they had a lot of fun. Any chance she will be back to watch Murray/Federer on Friday?

  22. I love this look! My first impression was that the waistline was raised a bit too high, but having the same torso/legs ratio as the duchess, I think this still works. I know most people are hoping for Kate to look more modern/bold, but I love when she brings out something quintessentially “princess-y” :)

    Do we know if this dress will be restocked??

  23. What a lovely practical dress and a bold choice of colour by Kate — a refreshing break from her previous tennis whites. The LKB seaming is intelligently done without being over-fussy and I like to see Kate experiment with a longer hem again. I think the empire-line raised-waist effect helps carry off the longer A-line skirt and the fabric has enough fluidity to soften the potential heaviness of the extra inches.

    It sometimes puzzles me why I have this difficulty with longer skirts given this is not the first time in history they have been around and I tend to think it may be something to do with footwear. It’s a length which can be wonderful on a coat worn with boots and when it was worn in the 1940s platform soles were around which again may have added some balancing weight.

    Having said which I like these shoes with this particular dress, although I think the studio illustration is better accessorised with the black. Kate, however, has stuck with a favourite clutch and has plenty of dark colour in her hair, which also looks fabulous. I like the shorter length though I wonder if she will regret trying those shorter layers round her face again. I think she was wise to choose the larger earrings against the longer dress. All round I’d say this look was a success!

    • Oops — just realised reading others that we don’t have a shoe ID here yet, I’d accepted they were Jimmy Choo Gilbert pumps as per Duchess Kate blog.

  24. Looks in the group photo like princess Charlene is next to Prince Albert? Wearing white or cream? I wish there was a photo of her, she always looks so elegant.

  25. The woman in the green jacket directly behind William is Billie Jean King.

    My objection to the dress is two-fold. First, red is a flashy color to wear to Wimbledon. While it’s not against the dress code, it goes against tradition. Wimbledon players wear white, and Wimbledon attendees in the “show boxes” wear something more subdued. Kate and Pippa’s dresses the past few years were spot-on appropriate. Also, what Carole wore today was more in keeping with the usual attire. Pretty, but not overdone.

    Red is also an eye-catching and distracting color. At the US Open, attendees are often asked to wear white, as audience members are at golf matches. As a former team tennis player, I can attest that it’s nerve racking to be playing with an audience watching, and Centre Court is probably one of the most nerve racking places on earth. You are focusing on the ball, and what you want is a background of white and green. I simply can’t imagine why Kate wore red.

    I also don’t like the dress. I don’t like the length, I don’t think it fits properly, and she did nothing to style it. This reminds me of some of the clothes that Victoria Beckham wears. It’s “look at me” tailoring. Just not right for the occasion.

    • Regarding your comment about Kate’s red dress being distracting and too bright for Wimbledon, well Billie Jean King, seated right behind is wearing a pretty vibrant turquoise. I believe BJK took the Women’s Singles title at Wimbledon in 1973. Obviously BJK wasn’t upset by bright colours.

      • I do notice that other people in the box are wearing red or bright pink, but not very many of them. I hadn’t considered this issue when I first saw the pictures, but I think Brenda’s point is well-taken. This isn’t the world’s brightest red, and of course tennis players are normally quite focused, but the Duchess was sitting in the front row of the box, and any sudden movements — standing up, turning to greet people, and so forth — could have been distracting.

        There may not be a hard and fast rule at all major tournaments, but I think perhaps it’s an implied point of etiquette to which attendees should pay some heed. In fact, I have a relative and a friend who played competitive tennis, and while I can’t remember worrying about distracting them as I was choosing what to wear to their tournaments, I did sort of automatically go for cool pastel shades. The most exciting I ever got was wearing a dress in seafoam blue, which was totally UNexciting, believe me.

        • Married to a tennis player, there are no rules or general standards for attire in the stands, even for those in the front rows. :) Catherine looked just fine for the event.

    • Totally agree with everything you said.

    • I’ve never heard of any kind of rule or custom about wearing red at Wimbledon, and I know I’ve seen spectators in red and other bright colours in the Royal Box before. I know tennis requires a lot of concentration, but given how focused the players are on the game I can’t imagine that the colour of an audience member’s outfit even registers with them while they’re playing (so long as the person isn’t standing up waving their arms around, which is obviously not allowed for other reasons!).

    • There has never been any request by the United States Tennis Association that attendees wear white to the tournament. That goes against everything this country stands for. You can wear whatever you want to the U.S. Open. I also cannot imagine Wimbledon dictating what the audience wears to the tournament. It’s bad enough that the players have to wear white.
      NOTE: Edited by admin

      • You always edit my posts. It’s getting ridiculous. You need to edit some of the nasty comments about the Duchess, just to be fair.

      • This is correct, as I live in NY and attend the Open every year – at Arthur Ashe Stadium and generally in the courtside boxes (I actually prefer behind the servers and am surprised that the Royal Box seems to be on the sidelines, as you have to keep turning your head to follow the ball!) – there is NO rule whatsoever (i.e. spoken or unspoken) regarding wearing subdued colors/not wearing bright colors.

      • Quote …”It’s bad enough that the players have to wear white.”

        May I ask why you think this mslewis? Wimbledon is all about tradition, and white has always been worn at Wimbledon. Traditionally white is the colour of lawn tennis. Personally, I think that the wearing of other colours at all the other Grand Slams and tour matches doesn’t look correct.

        Maybe it’s the English in me, who from a young age of playing lawn tennis always had to wear white, and because no other tennis was shown on television, apart from Wimbledon, tennis is all about wearing white.

        On a Kate note, although she suits red, I feel it is not the colour to wear to sit in the front row of the Royal Box. Looking at the photos, I think her skin looks rather tired and blotchy. Not the radiant look of usual.

  26. Nice to see Billie-Jean King. No fashion icon, of course, but what great achievements she headed for women in tennis and sport generally. I preferred the Countess of Wessex’s look for Wimbledon. She really is one of those women who seem to get into her stride in middle age.

  27. How do you think it was altered?

  28. The woman seated next to Prince Albert is Evelyne Genta, Monaco’s ambassador to the UK.

  29. I like this dress, but not sure that the colour is wholly appropriate for Wimbledon.

  30. Kate looks the best in Fire red. Who would know she just gave birth like 2 months ago? oh well…those genes or whatever she’s got, I clearly don’t have. :)

    • It’s called “eating healthy and exercising” and not turning your body into a trash can into which you put anything and everything just because you’re pregnant.

      • Wow that’s a really nasty comment. Why would you even say that??

      • That is rather hateful thing to say in response to a lighthearted comment, and not at all in keeping with the usual tone of comments on this blog. That you would say such a thing, mslewis, says far more about you than The Way We Were.

      • That’s pretty rude!

      • This isn’t a fashion-related comment, really — just a mild question as to whether gratuitously nasty comments were suddenly fashionable?

      • People who eat healthy and exercise can still gain a lot of weight during pregnancy and have trouble losing it fast. This is a very unfair and mean thing to say.

      • mslewis, you wanted to know why your comments are often edited. I think you’ve given us an excellent illustration of why. Comments that vibrate with sheer snark do not belong on a blog where most people try to maintain a reasonably high level of polite and adult civility.

        • So well said, as always…. I actually re-read the majority your posts as well as ElizaMo’s because you both have such a great way with words. I am trying to improve my vocabulary and just love the articulate manner and ease of your expressive posts! Perhaps you have to be English, which I certainly am not. (born and raised in the deep south) An English person could read a diner menu out loud and it would sound like Shakespeare…:)

        • Seriously!

  31. I absolutely adore the color of the dress, the Duchess’s fabulous clutch, and her hair today; however, something about the dress itself is off. I think it is the empire waist, not the mid-thigh length that others are commenting about. Had the dress been natural or even drop waisted, I think this look would have worked more (on the flip side, it would have also worked if the dress was shortened to slightly above the knee- then the empire waist would have worked).

    Altogether though, I wish she would have gone with something a little lighter and more fun- it is Wimbledon after all.

    • It’s funny, in other photos the dress is obviously cardinal red, but in these photos I think it looks more orange.

      In any case, I agree it’s an odd choice for Wimbledon.

      • Kate looks very put together and happy. The dress is lovely but not the right choice for Wimbeldon. A soft summery pastel dress is the perfect choice – the crisp red and heavier material atre lovely, but not for this venue. She looks amazing for having a baby 9 weeks ago.

        • I agree that Kate looks lovely, as she always does. And I quite like the idea of being so noticeable and standing out in the crowd. She is royalty and she does love fashion. I wonder if the polyester material is not the best choice for a summer tennis match. The other women look cooler and more suited to the season in their lighter-weight dresses.

  32. I believe that the woman sitting with Prince Albert is the Monegasque Ambassador to the UK, Evelyne Genta.

  33. I’m just wondering if longer skirts are on the upswing? At Charlotte’s christening, Kate had an outfit that is longer than many that she has worn. Pippa’s dress was noticeably longer. This red dress is also below the knees. Perhaps longer hemlines are on the horizon.

    • They’ve been fashionable for a couple of years now and are especially so right now. The runways have been teeming with them. I’ve bought some, because I like having dresses and skirts of varying lengths in my closet. They’re always going in and out of style, so you can pretty much count on being able to wear this or that length again at some point.

      Pippa Middleton’s cream dress was by Emilia Wickstead, who’s been showing a lot of longer, 50′s-style hemlines for a year or two. She sometimes seems to be channeling Dior’s New Look.

      • Thanks for your very informed answer. I have always worn dresses a bit longer because I don’t think there is anything beautiful about knees…not mine at least. I have always felt the longer the dress, the more elegant it is. In winter I love a mid-calf length.

        • Longer dresses and skirts can indeed look very elegant. The trick is getting the length, the proportions, just right. It’s not easy, especially since a length that works on one woman can be all wrong for another. I’m always standing in front of my tailor’s three-way mirror dithering about whether to go up or down an inch. Poor man; by now I may have driven him to drink.

  34. I love this on Kate. She’s tall enough to pull off that tricky mid-calf length that’s coming back into style but that has a tendency to stump-ify those of us who aren’t as tall. The dress is beautifully simple, and nicely punched up with the leopard clutch.

    (And while I know they were cheering for Murray, I also wonder if the red wasn’t a bit of a nod to his Canadian opponent.)

  35. Love the bright color, but the dress is blah, blah, blah. Summery prints seem more appropriate for this venue.

  36. Well, there I was wishing that the Duchess would experiment with the currently trendy longer hems, and now she’s done it!

    I’m not exactly gobsmacked by this dress, however. The waist sits a little high for my tastes, and the overall look is a touch too demure, but fundamentally, the Duchess looks quite nice. Red is always a terrific color on her. I do wish we could have seen a full-length photo, so as to know what shoes she chose to pair with the dress and how well she brought off the look as a whole.

    I was actually thinking yesterday that I’d love to find a longer dress in red for myself, but I was envisioning something sleeveless. I already own a Diane von Furstenberg red dress with elbow-length sleeves, though it’s just knee-length and could best be described as a sort of T-shirt dress.

    I love that black and white striped clutch the model is holding. I recently bought a similar bag.

    Those earrings, alas, are not my favorite items in the Duchess’s jewelry collection. I can’t help finding them a touch cheap-looking.

    • Lili – the Daily Mail article offers a slight glimpse to her shoes; it looks like a nude court shoe, although darker than LK Bennett Sledge and her Russell & Bromley shoes from Sunday. You might have a better guess as to the designer/style than I do. Scroll about half-way down the page. Hope this helps!


      • Thank you, Hannah.

        Yes, that little glimpse of the shoes suggests their color is warmer than that of the very pale nude heels worn on Sunday. It struck me as close to that of the Sledges, but I think the shoes might be the Jimmy Choo “Gilbert” pumps that the Duchess wore when she left the hospital after Princess Charlotte’s birth. Someone else has probably suggested that here. We’ve had so many posts on the site since the christening pictures arrived that I’m losing track of what everyone has said.

    • I saw in another photo that she is wearing tan heels. I’m not sure which pair since only the back top shows, but it looks like the same pair, or similar, from Charlotte’s birth.

  37. I like this look. Kate’s hair seems a little more manageable with a slightly shorter do. The red dress is fine, however, just take a look at the model in the same dress. I so love the punch of the black and white purse, rather than Kate’s small, very safe clutch in subdued leopard print. How I wish that Kate would be a bit bolder and add a little more drama. She is always very well put together and in good taste from top to bottom, but a pop of colour or a bit of pizazz would be most refreshing.

  38. Not a fan of this dress. I don’t think I like the color and it just doesn’t do much for her. LOVING Sophie’s dress however.

    (Also not a fan of the autoplaying video at the bottom of the post. Any way to make that not happen?)

    • I’d like to see more of Sophie as well. I didn’t realize her hair was so long, long enough to braid.

      • If you want to see more of Sophie, there is a blog about her and her style. You can enter the site below, or simply link to it from the WKW site. On the right hand side of this blog is says, “Fashion Sites” Scroll down to “Sophie, Countess of Wessex.


      • I feel that Sophie has been consigned very much to the sidelines when Catherine is around. Sophie always looks so correct and elegantly dressed. Her outfit as usual was lovely, and the braiding of her hair really suited her. I too, would love to see more of Sophie.

  39. I have to say that I really don’t like this dress. I LOVE the color on her and the accessories, but I feel like it’s too long and something about the proportions are off with me. I feel like the length + the new bangs drag her down a little bit. To me, Wimbledon should be crisp and fun, which is the opposite of what I think when I see this look. The last time she had bangs was at the beginning of her pregnancy with George, which many said was to hide some weight gain in her face. I’m not saying she’s gained weight (Lord knows she’s tiny!) nor that she is pregnant. It just seems to me that she does this hair change when she’s desperate to camouflage something. I know I’m probably in the minority here, but the dress is a dud as well as the hair. Glad to see her out and about though!

    • Many postpartum women experience a lot of hair loss about this time after delivery. Kate’s hair looks great; I wouldn’t suspect hair loss by looking at her, but maybe she thought it needed a little livening up. Personally, I’m a fan of her long hair with long layers but no bangs – I always think it looks great up or down. I’d love to be able to pull that look off.

    • Given that she first had bangs cut when she was still suffering from hyperemesis gravidarum early in her pregnancy with Prince George, and that she was looking rather wan and thin at the time, I don’t they had anything to do with weight gain in her face. I think that was a rather odd explanation for them, not least because her face was actually fuller with this last pregnancy. She put on more weight.

      Frankly, I wouldn’t really have paid much attention to the bangs this time around if other people hadn’t made a point of them. They’re really much more subtle than the first set. They don’t strike me as reflecting any sort of desperation, though they could be an attempt to suggest more fullness and bounce, simply to enliven her hair as Amy thinks.

  40. Eh. I’m not sure what to say, I just don’t like it. Maybe it’s the wrong color or maybe it’s the lack of jewelry? I’m not sure but it is just not my favorite.

    I love Sophie’s dress! It looks amazing on her.

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