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Kate chose a Catherine Walker design for her going-away look today.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

Below, the Cambridges leaving Government House, where they have stayed the past week, as they were heading off on their way home.

Province of British Columbia

Province of British Columbia

Charlotte waves goodbye to the staff.

Province of British Columbia

Province of British Columbia

Mother and daughter arriving at the Victoria Harbour seaplane terminal. 

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

More from Richard Palmer’s story for The Express:

A huge crowd turned out to bid the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and their children farewell as they flew over the harbour and out to a military airport from where they were travelling home to Britain in a Royal Canadian Air Force Airbus A 310.

George was really a character.

The Crown in Canada

The Crown in Canada

He started out waving with both arms.

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

©Stephen Lock/i-Images

But ultimately decided one would suffice.

Province of British Columbia

Province of British Columbia

A quick video.

Initially she was a little nonplussed.



But then she seemed to like the way the flowers smelled.

The Crown in Canada

The Crown in Canada

Kensington Palace released a statement from William thanking Canadians:

“Catherine and I are incredibly grateful to the people of Canada for the warmth and hospitality they have extended to our family over the last week.

We have loved our time in British Columbia and Yukon and will never forget the beautiful places we have seen and the many people who have been kind enough to come to welcome us in person. 

Now to what the Duchess wore, beginning with her Catherine Walker coat.


©Province of BC/Polaris

The coat has a modified princess silhouette, an inserted waistband, off-center front closure, front flap pockets and a hidden placket. The collar, pockets and seams are all accentuated by trim in a slightly darker hue than the coat fabric.



Kate has a fondness for Catherine Walker pieces when on tour. From left to right: the ensemble worn when arriving in New Zealand in April of 2014; another red suit, this one worn when Kate and William were leaving Canada in July, 2011; today’s coat.

©Splash News/Polaris

©i-Images, Polaris / Splash News / Splash News

You can just see a pleated dress or skirt peeking out from the coat.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

Hannah asked a good question on Twitter: was the Duchess wearing the Whistles Lina Dobby Skirt we’ve seen previously?



It looks like she probably was, the skirt was first noted when the Duke and Duchess were in Los Angeles (above) during the 2011 North American tour.

We saw Kate’s Floret pumps in the ‘trench’ (nude) color from LK Bennett.  The shoe is identical to Kate’s Fern heels of the same color, but the heel is shorter, 3.5″ to the Fern’s almost 4″. We show the shoe at LK Bennett, but it is also available at Nordstrom, as well as Shopbop.

LK Bennett/Polaris

LK Bennett/Polaris

Kate also wore her her Annoushka Pearl Drops and Kiki McDonough Diamond Hoops.

Annoushka/Kiki McDonough/Polaris

Annoushka/Kiki McDonough/Polaris

The Queen’s diamond and platinum Maple Leaf brooch made its final appearance of the tour.


Kate’s hair was partially pulled back.


©Splash News/i-Imagest

Charlotte happily smiled and waved.



The Prince and Princess were on their best behavior.

©Splash News

©Splash News

Both looked darling.


©Splash News

Then it was time to leave.



And a final wave goodbye.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

A lovely WKW friend was in Victoria watching their seaplane takeoff and shared this beautiful photo.

Courtesy of a Lovely WKW Facebook Friend

Courtesy of a Lovely WKW Facebook Friend

Don’t forget, you can get all of the details on what Charlotte and George were wearing over at What Kate’s Kids Wore. We will be back to update this post later Sunday. Next week we’ll see the first of our tour polls, as well as some things we missed along the way.

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  1. Its a well-tailored coat and the piping helps lift it from boring. But I am getting quite tired of all the high fastened collars, which has become Kate’s go-to style. I also think the waist is slightly too high on the coat – deliberately placed to make her legs look longer? But it is another very conservative look, and in this case, too formal for the occasion. On the other hand, the hair worn down with the side pieces pulled down is too young a look for the formal and high collared coat. Hair should have been pulled back. But not the right look for this “event”. I do think she is in a style rut, frankly.

  2. I love following this blog–Kate’s style is fascinating. Also, I love to knit, and have been looking at Charlotte’s cardigans. She seems to have an array of those. I haven’t had much success in finding knitting patterns for cardigans similar to Charlotte’s. The burgundy cardigan she wore when leaving Canada looks rather simple. Can anyone suggest where I might find a pattern for toddler cardigans similar to Charlotte’s?

  3. I think Kate’s wardrobe was stunning throughout this trip. She looked glamorous and very well put together. I was reminded of Grace Kelly. She must have employed a stylist to help her because the clothes she wore were not same ol’ same ol’. Of course she has a personal style which she has been faithful to, but ramped way up. No flighty skirts that expose too much in a pesky wind, no wedge shoes (although they are, on all fairness, out of season). In fact she actually departed from her norm and wore different styled shoes! No unruly school-girl hair either – truly, her hair stylist did a superb job. Kate’s hair was worn in a variety of flattering styles and looked very polished and appropriately styled at all the events. Her hair became a lovely accessory. All told, I think Kate looked very regal yet accessible at the same time. She hit this tour out of the park!

  4. Catherine and family looked very regal on arrival and departure. She is doing a wonderful job of balancing the vareous roles – regal when required and nature or athletic when required. Bravo on a fantastic fashion tour!

  5. Just another cream coat really, like the red coat too similar to coats worn to Canada previously & another to Australia; got a few cream coats already so no excitement; (Never liked the green coat either, she wore it with a mini-skirt for St Patrick’s Day, a no-no); more of a boots coat anyway.
    My favourite look was the alpaca cardi & how everything went together in general that day; my favourite hairstyle was the low ponytail she had with white jacket & top; the ‘volume’ really did it for her along with the softer makeup again; Kate did this with the formal(ish) red dress, but it seemed to be more volume at the animal visit..
    My least favourite was the Pointelle dress, not only extremely boring, but in Pointelle, a weave/knit people my age associate with the ‘elderly’ sections of a catalogue. However I appreciate that fashions return & that ‘See Cloe’ are for younger ladies who won’t make those associations. Kate did her best in uplifting the dress by adding a belt but the Pointelle weave was much too open & showed a grey bra, there was supposed to be a ‘tonal’ slip but the squatting shots showed white silk French knickers (on the Daily Mail cover shown). Kate often had the rear end of her skirts trailing behind her, but still hasn’t learn to cover the front area, which of course, photographers will cover, hoping to get that ‘underwear shot’.
    Overall, I thought that the tour was going to be very formal, I am glad that it was not. 

  6. Nothing I did not like about her Canada wardrobe

  7. Noting how well coordinated the children’s outfits were, with a touch of burgundy, it would have been so lovely for the Duchess to wear her new burgundy shoes.
    I would have loved to see that little fun detail.
    All in all some great outfits on this tour, my favorite being their arrival ensemble.

  8. Lovely coat. As always, she looks stunning.

    My thoughts actually relate more to the pattern of Kate’s choices when she is knowingly photographed with her children. I’ve noticed that she’s fond of white when with her children. Do we think there’s a reason for this? Perhaps she doesn’t want to clash with her children’s patterned outfits? Is it so that her children pop in the photos against white background of ensembles? I’m curious what anyone’s thoughts are on this.

    Thank you, Susan, for such fantastic coverage! I remember stumbling on your blog a few years ago and have since become quite a fan… first of your blog and now the duchess because of your blog!

    • I have been wondering the same thing. I remember years ago when my sister was getting married, the wife in the minister made a comment about the best wedding photos are when the bride and the bridesmaids are all in the same colour, like you see at royal weddings. That limits the colour pallet to only two or three shades. Ever since then I have noticed that she is correct. Now Kate generally chooses three colours: cream/white, navy, and an accent (here it is a deep red.) Charlotte’s dress may be printed, but from a distant it reads as a creamy white. By limiting both the number of colours and using colour blocks (Williams dark suit, Kate’s cream coat, the red on the kids) the photos, no matter who the photographer, are universally pleasant to look at. You can see the same thing with the arrival photos: William’s dark suit, the blue of Kate and George, the white/ cream of Charlotte’s dress.

      It doesn’t surprise that the such care is taken with the arrival and departure photos as well as any with the kids. These are the photos which will be most often reprinted in the years to come

      This is one area where Kate and/ or her advisors have surpassed Diana. When Diana tried to coordinate the outfits they tended to look too matchy matchy and the kids ended up looking more like fashion accessories.

      I think the real difference is that is it a coordinated effort by both Kate and William to present their family is a certain way. These photo ops are planned and staged in such a way to present to world the message of their choosing, I am not being negative. I think Kate and William are a true partnership who want control of their image and the image of their children. In this day and age of cell phone cameras and posting board, one certainly can’t blame them!

      • I too remember Diana matching purse, hat and shoes! I think DOC
        did very well during the Canadian tour via outfits and versatility of them. Very special to see Charlotte and George on the tour at the garden party.

    • I don’t think so. My own mom and grams often wore white when my brother and I were younger or the ever popular Breton stripe. I often think it is a matter of how messy and/or disciplined children are. My brother and I were not very messy; when we made messes, we knew to pick them up. The only potential mess that could come up was when I had a meltdown from my autism or a seizure, but she had a knack from when those came.

      Parents of messier children will often not wear white due to potential stains. My nephew is 19 months old and I wouldn’t dare wear all white; he’s a little hurricane. It’s an observation I’ve definitely noticed.

  9. This Catherine Walker coat is gorgeous, and the color looks particularly wonderful on Kate. A really stunning look. I love how the diamond and platinum brooch is noticeable but not jarring, and the slightly darker piping on the coat is a terrific and subtle touch as well.

  10. I love this coat; the fit and fabric are perfect. The styling reminds me slightly of the Day Birger brocade coat that she seems fond of.
    I honestly thought that, in addition to the maple leaf brooch, we’d see the Harry Winston polar bear brooch and earrings since they were a gift from Canada the last time.
    Thank you, Susan, for your fabulous, detailed coverage. This tour was incredibly fun to watch unfold. That George is a hoot!

  11. This is a tour-de-force in tailoring from Catherine Walker and has a heavenly sleek fit over Kate’s lean frame. I love the subtle contrast piping. The front panel is so nicely done it comes as near as is possible to making a virtue of Kate’s preference for a buttoned up coat.

    It’s a very princessy colour to choose of course, especially when engaged in carrying youngsters around. It strikes an oddly formal note for a mere take-off rendezvous following the morning’s casual-wear, but I think it has ‘repeat’ stamped all over it and would expect to see it walking to church with the Queen before very long.

    I can’t believe she’d wear that old skirt again, though I imagine being lightweight it works well under a coat. I’m glad we don’t have to see the whole garment again, I’m not fan of those fussy knife-pleats and, in my best Dowager Countess of Grantham mode, tend to think there’s something rather cheap about them.

    Love the farewell take-off shot you included at the end of the post. Thanks yet again for your wonderful work in keeping up with a busy tour.

  12. I’m not generally a fan of Catherine Walker, but I love this coat, especially the piping. I may have to make one like it.

  13. I think she looked amazing on this tour. Her looks were all so elegant, and we saw such a wide variety. I would love to see a comparison of her first Canada tour to this Canada tour. I definitely think she has grown into her role, and it is reflected in her choice of bespoke looks. People complain she spends so much money, but the reverse is she looks unpolished and unprepared.

    • She has come a long way between tours, her outfits are so on-point these days, plus she’s seen literally juggling small children. She didn’t even lose it when presented with a bouquet while her arms were full of Charlotte and no-one right by her to take the flowers. A total star!

  14. Love the look.

    Except – and I believe I am in the minority – I cannot abide with mixing gold/silver jewelry together. The gold earrings (which I think are perfect with the coat) with the silver broach – especially as they are so close to each other – is a fashion faux pas for me. Almost like a brown belt and black shoes. She seems to do this quite a bit. . . I realize her rings are different metals-I guess that can’t be helped due to passing on the traditions each ring stands for. If she felt the need to wear the broach due to the occasion, she should have chose different earrings. It appears that her watch is silver tone as well.

    The kids look adorable. Never would have thought burgundy would work on a little girl, but it does!

    • I do not mind mixed shades of jewelry. I am sure the brooch is either platinum or white gold.

    • It’s funny you should say that when we have the Stylerocks ad at the top right of this page showing a gold and silver mix ring. Though I’d be the first to concede that the ring is shown with rose gold which makes a difference.

      I found it odd too, at first, that Kate mixes her gold and silver in this way, though she is hampered by the colours of her wedding and engagement rings. While I haven’t quite got myself to the stage of mixing the two, I’ve grown accustomed to it on Kate. I think I may have accepted it as part of a general ‘anything goes’ trend.

      . I do find I’m a lot more comfortable with wearing silver against warm colours than I used to, and that’s down to Kate.

    • Diamonds are not the same as silver. They work perfectly with gold. Diamonds and gold have always been mixed and are not considered a fashion faux pas. As far as mixing silver and gold, that is clearly a personal choice. It is rather like mixing silver patterns or china patterns at table. Some are comfortable doing that and some would not dream of it. Modern culture tends to value personal expression more than what it considers to be arcane stylistic rules from earlier generations, with sadly, in many cases, disturbing results.
      Think Gaga. Think Kardashian. Kate is as far from them as day is from night.

  15. I think that is my favorite coat. She looks just amazing in it, and it fits perfectly. The little ones are just darling, and I can’t get over how much Charlotte looks like Queen Elizabeth. She even has some of the same expressions!

  16. Thank you Susan for all the work you put into this site. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Canadian tour.

  17. Does anyone else wonder how quickly she takes that all off and pops on a comfy pair of jeans? I can’t imagine flying long haul dressed up like that!
    She looks lovely though. I’m pleased to see those earrings as my own arrived on Friday. The service from both Kiki Mcdonough and Annoushka was fantastic. I really love the weight of the pearl drops hanging from my ears.

    • I wondered this too! When I saw all the baggage at the start, I thought, now which of those has the actual traveling clothes – yoga pants and hoodies? Hah!

  18. Just to thank you so much for this wonderful blog and to recognize the work that goes into this! Much appeciated and enjoyed! I love Kate in anything by Catherine Walker!!

  19. Flawless family gathering. Each impeccably presented. Lovely departure. The Queen is doubtless very happy with their execution of this tour

  20. This coat seems a little big in the waist for her. Normally things are tailored pretty closely fitting.

    NOTE: Quick admin edit.

  21. What a stunning coat! Both Kate’s arrival and farewell looks were spot on. This is my favorite Catherine Walker that I can remember.

    I typically am bored by cream, but the off-tone piping really elevates this coat from drab to fab. It shows off the seamwork and gives wonderful detail without overwhelming.

    Accessories (nude shoes, maple leaf broach, pearl earrings) are all expected, but feel classic and tasteful and not boring. I’m a fan of the half-knot in her hair–not as formal as the arrival updo but still pulled out of her face.

    This tour has been my favorite from a styling perspective. Kate has tried and succeeded with several beautiful new pieces.

  22. I wonder if George is unfamiliar with a “high five” or a “low five”. Is that a western hemisphere thing?

    • I did wonder if perhaps in his circles high fives aren’t done? Even in my more middle class UK circles people don’t really high five kids. He’s probably been taught to shake hands and is thinking why are these people holding their hands up at me.

    • Wikipedia has an interesting page about High Fives. It seems to have originated from and used often in sports. I’ve lived in Britain and visited there many times and never saw a High Five, or Low Five. We’d be safe in saying that George would not be familiar with this type of greeting. Also, it is obvious that George has his shy moments. Like many small children he is wary of strangers…and don’t we teach our children just that?

      The BBC has an article, “Five Ways Americans Celebrate, That British People Find Awkward. Giving a High Five is listed.

    • No, it’s pretty ubiquitous – I think he was just being three :)

    • It seems to be a North American thing, so he can’t be expected to be familiar with it

  23. Perfection. They all look so lovely. It’s been so fun to see Charlotte’s personality on this tour!

  24. Several times Kate was in a dress and knelt down but she was modestly covered, even though she didn’t tuck her skirt. Did she have a special slip or liner that provided that modesty?

    • I was wondering the same thing given that the paps are always trying to find some fault. A shealth dress or tailored pants would probably work much better since she does kneel quite a bit. BTW I love the two pair of shoes that are out of the box for Kate. Her clothes this tour was the best she’s dressed on tours, more fashion risks less Kate’s uniform.

  25. Wow, I think her arrival and departure looks have been my absolute favorites. They are just perfect.

  26. What a lovely family! Perfect look for Kate. Happy sighs ….
    Thank you, Susan, for all your effort to gift us with such fun this past week and to provide a site that is always a pleasure. Well done!

  27. Wow, this farewell appearance couldn’t have gone better. Kate looks regal in her cream colored coat with piping trim. The kids are adorable, relaxed and friendly. William is handsome and looks pleased – as he should – to have this wonderful family to accompany him on a successful royal visit. Well done!

  28. The whole family looked gorgeous. Love, love the Walker coat. the brooch really worked well on it. Really a very beautiful and sophisticated look on Catherine from top to bottom.

  29. Just have to do a shout out to Lili. We miss you! I feel like the whole WKW family should come to her door with hot soup and biscuits or something. We hope to get your take on the tour soon!

    • You took the words out of my mouth Melanie! I do hope Lili’s well and I look forward hearing her perspective on the tour. It wasn’t the same without her.

  30. They look lovely together, and the children are adorable. I’m not convinced that cream is really Kate’s colour – she’s a beautiful woman, so of course she looks good in everything, but she really comes alive in strong jewel tones, or even the bright white of yesterday’s lovely casual outfit. Still, that’s a minor quibble; it’s been a great tour, and I’ve really enjoyed the coverage here – thanks, Susan!

  31. Wow! What a beautiful coat. Fitted perfectly. Better than any of the other looks. Catherine walker knows how to dress royalty. Hope to see this coat more and more. My favourite look of the tour by far! Well done Kate!!

  32. Well, it’s not a royal tour without Catherine Walker, is it? I really appreciate the silhouette of this coat, classic Kate. The fabric seems stiffer than on the red ones, which makes sense considering the season and the port/airplane situation: this reduces considerably the risk of a skirt getting caught in the wind, as has happened with both the red coats (if I’m not mistaken). I love that the trimming contrasts with the rest of the coat. Cream is definitely a great colour on the Duchess.

    The nude pumps are appropriate, as are the pearls and the brooch. I was surprised that the brooch was still visible on the cream coat, it certainly has a lot of sparkle! The only thing about this look I’m not entirely convinced of is the hairstyle. The twist (or is it a knot?) in the back seems wonky, I wish she had kept the ponytail from earlier, which looked very sleek.

    But really, George and Charlotte are too adorable for me to focus more than a few minutes on their mum. Their expressions are so funny!

    • I thought the brooch was in danger of being lost on such a pale background. It does seem to hold its own though, even if only on grounds of texture as the pattern of so many gems just about contrast with that oh-so-elegant coat

  33. The coat is divine! Beautiful color for her, the contrast trim is elegant, and it’s a good length. The four of them looked great together — coordinated, but not too matchy. Nude pumps of course work here. Annoushka earrings were perfect. A lovely look for a great tour. A well-deserved rest at home lies ahead I hope!

  34. Gorgeous coat. And a great example of how to wear white in cooler (i.e., Fall and Winter) weather.

    • Oh good gracious, of course! The curse of Labor Day :-)

      • You made me laugh out loud. So funny.
        I think the curse of Labor Day no longer carries any power, except, perhaps, for shoes and purses (sneakers excluded). We Americans do seem to disappear white accessories from Labor Day to Memorial Day, at least in the colder climes. Old habits die hard. Of course, there’s always “winter white” which means nothing more than wearing white in winter. Good gracious!

  35. Wow! The whole family looks fabulous. The choice of dark red mixed with the dark navy and cream is just fabulous for photographs. Kate’s coat is exquisite and very classic. I can see her wearing this many more times. The kids really stole the show waving to the crowds like seasoned royals. I still say that Charlotte has a very independent streak. It is going to be fun watching her grow up.

  36. how much did the woodland charms necklace cost?

  37. I love this Catherine Walker coat. We’ll no doubt be seeing it for years to come. The Maple Leaf pin looks perfect with it. And Kate might as well get one more beige shoe wearing before packing them away for the season.

    The children looked adorable. George clearly got the waving memo. It will be interesting to see Charlotte in a year or so. If George is turning out to be lanky, I’m betting Charlotte will start to stretch out, too.

  38. Perfect. Her arrival and departure outfits were my favorite.

  39. Beautiful coat, fitted perfectly. Obvious care taken to coordinate color palette of arrival and departure clothing for the family. I think we’ll go months before we see the children again. Good for them keeping their children out of the public eye.

  40. This coat is fabulous. I love the darker tonal piping.
    Catherine Walker does great work.
    Would have loved to see a pop of red but I loved it as it was too.
    Classic and detailed this was true Duchess Kate style.

    • I believe Charlotte provided the “pop of red” ;)

      A poster below commented that the burgundy was an unusual choice for a toddler. I couldn’t disagree more strongly! Navy and varying shades of red are almost universally flattering to the skin at any age and look fabulous on young children. I am a firm believer and dressing kids in many different colours so, like with food, they get used to variety. I am sure it will only be a matter of a year or so and Charlotte will have strong opinions about what she wears so Kate should enjoy this time when she can play dress up with the kids.

  41. While I loved most of her looks on this tour, this one is not cutting it for me. The coat doesn’t seem to fit her well. It’s hanging loosely on her and doesn’t have a nice tailored fit we’re used to seeing.
    As a Canadian I thoroughly enjoyed that they came back here and I really liked 90% of her tour outfits, especially the coat worn upon arrival.
    Thanks for all your research and speedy updates !

  42. Kate looks very pretty for her final farewell to Canada. The coat has some beautiful details, although it is a bit summery. Again the nude shoes were a good choice with something so light in colour. The only thing that I think is amiss, is the maple leaf brooch. It didn’t stand out the way it would on a darker colour and it just gave a cluttered look to the bodice of the coat. That said, it is really sweet that Kate wore this again to honour Canada. The brooch has such a history and tradition.

    The children are simply adorable and both of them looked so cute. Princess Charlotte’s burgundy cardigan is an unusual colour for a toddler, but she looked great and was colour coordinated with her brother. Prince George looks more and more like Michael Middleton, his paternal grandfather, with each passing year.

    The Royals did us proud on this tour, as did Susan the admin of this site. We so appreciate her in depth posts and beautiful photos. The respect and decorum on this site is first rate.

    • Oops….Michael Middleton is, of course, George’s MATERNAL grandfather. My brain must have been in a fog when I posted earlier.

      • Oh my gosh, I am so happy you said that!
        (Please, pardon this non-wardrobe comment, if I may….) When we look at Charlotte we see Carole Middleton entirely. A miniature version. So lovely.
        And of course children can change over the years in the strength of their resemblances, but that child so resembles Mrs. Middleton. Especially when she smiles. Either way she is blessed.
        And we loved the choice of burgundy; in our view another nod to Canada.
        (thanks for listening!)

  43. I LOVE this coat! It’s fabulous and the accessories are spot on. She looks like a princess :)

  44. It’s not a terribly exciting look but it’s appropriate for the occasion. At first I thought it was a bit of a shame that the brooch didn’t pop, but really at this point we have seen it so often that against this colour it just seems like a thoughtful accessory rather than something showy. The coat itself is very nice and I like the slightly darker trim. Wouldn’t be surprised if we saw it again before the end of winter.

  45. Wow what a wonderful ending to a great trip enjoyed every bit.thanks for the lovely posts

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