May 182012

The Queen’s Sovereigns’ luncheon is always an important occasion, but especially so in this Jubilee Year; today’s lunch was attended by more than 60 monarchs.

For her first appearance at this event Kate chose a pink piece by Emilia Wickstead, below she is seen chatting with Princes Harry and William before everyone sat down for lunch.

John Stilwell/Press Association

We can thank the Daily Mail’s Rebecca English for details on Kate’s frock:

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter Feed (@RE_DailyMail)

WKW Facebook friend @Kate Spotter made an early prediction on the frock, we thank both ladies for sharing such helpful information today. Below, a better look at the dress and Kate’s earrings.

John Stilwell/Press Association

The soft pink dress is knee length with a full pleated skirt. It also features a fitted bodice with concealed off-center closure and an inset waistband above the skirt.

John Stilwell/Press Association

You can see many elements found in Kate’s dress in this piece from 2011 shared by Michele Boccard; the neckline, bodice and pleats are almost identical, the biggest distinction between the two pieces is the length of the sleeves, and the dress itself.

Emilia Wickstead/Press Association/Emilia Wickstead

Emilia Wickstead collections generally offer several pieces in pink; below, pink frocks ranging from 2010 to 2012.

Emilia Wickstead

Some will recall Kate wore Emilia Wickstead for the Irish Guards event on St. Patrick’s Day. (Our post on that appearance is here.)

Anwar Hussein/Press Association

For those interested in learning more about Ms. Wickstead, here is a great video with the designer, described as a ‘posh young talent’ by Vogue Italy.

Vogue Italy

Kate recycled her pink satin Prada pumps, thanks to VE.Lina on Twitter, as well as Anna Marie, Nuria and Ashley Margot on Facebook for quickly identifying them. Kate previously wore the shoes to Peter and Autumn Phillips’ wedding in 2008 (pink jacket over black dress), as well as to the Charlie and Lucy Savory wedding in 2010 (pink Collette Dinnigan lace dress, same pink blazer).

And Kate also reprised the pink Prada clutch we have also seen on multiple occasions, initially noted when carried to last year’s ARK Dinner .

Prada Satin Logo Box Clutch

Kate had two pieces of jewelry on today we’ve yet to identify. Her earrings have been seen before, the always-sharp Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels shared that Kate wore them to a wedding last January of 2011 (our post is here), when Kate wore her classic Libelula black velvet Dulwich coat. Ayvee’s site also notes they were worn to the Rosie Bradford – Harry Meade nuptials in October of 2010.

Additionally Kate wore a brooch we haven’t seen before.

John Stilwell/Press Association

A very sharp WKW FB friend, Michelle Wales, did some hunting and wondered if this might be a piece borrowed from HM, the “Queen’s Amethyst Bouquet Brooch,” a gift to the Queen in 1960. But after more examination, Michelle isn’t convinced it is the same piece, nor are Ayvee (mentioned above) or Anna (of royal jewelry FB site My Small Obsessions).

As is often the case these days, social media provided details on the event. We can thank Richard Palmer of the Daily Express for his update on a topic that was hotly debated, royal protocol and curtsies:

Richard Palmer/Daily Express Twitter Feed (@RoyalReporter)

Senior British Royals were in attendance at Windsor Castle, the entire roster of monarchs at lunch may be seen at the BBC site:

Twelve members of the British Royal Family – including the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, Prince Harry and the Duke of York – will also be there.

More on the glittering guest list from Rebecca English

A sneak peek at the seating plan showed there were 24 Kings and Queens, one Emperor, a Grand Duke and a Sultan.

Eight princesses, an Emir and a lone Empress added a further layer of gravitas to the mix.
Wondering about the menu for such an illustrious gathering? Royal photographer Mark Stewart tweeted about that.

Royal Photographer Mark Stewart Twitter Feed (@RegalEyes)

It is an amazing gathering of royalty in an extraordinary setting, but it is also said to be a surprisingly informal atmosphere, we return to the Daily Mail story:

The event had the atmosphere of a family gathering, despite the opulent surroundings, with everyone chatting loudly as they caught up.

The British Royal Family circulated around the chamber mingling with their foreign guests. At one point Prince Harry was engrossed in conversation with the Saudi Ambassador while his brother William and wife Kate chatted to King of Jordan Abdullah II and his wife Queen Rania.

Those attending included:

  • Emperor Akihito and Empress Michiko of Japan,
  • Prince Albert & Princess Charlene of Monaco
  • King Harald  of Norway and his wife Queen Sonja

The BBC’s story is here.


The Telegraph/ITN video is here.

ITN/The Telegraph

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Kate’s next appointment is tentatively scheduled for the 22nd, the Garden Party at the Palace, and then we get into heavy Jubilee activities, including Epsom on June 2.

  99 Responses to “Kate In The Pink For Royal Luncheon”

  1. “And Kate also reprised the pink Prada clutch we have also seen on multiple occasions, initially noted when carried to last year’s ARK Dinner”

    Kate first wore the Prada’s bag on Autumn Phillips wedding in May 17, 2008. ;)

  2. The outfit is very appropriate for the occasion. Lovely.

  3. Kate is copy of Princess Mary. I think she tries to copy her style: hair, shoes, dresses…
    Prada clutch, pink shoes, all these Mary wore before..
    Google Princess Mary’s visit to South Korea day 1. She is wearing same pink shoes.

    • The Duchess has had her shoes and bag for some time — the shoes for years, the bag since last eyar at least. Her hair is much longer and worn differently.

      She’s not copying Crown Princess Mary. Mary dresses differently, too, and always has. Hers is not a style I particularly like. That yellow dress she wore in Korea was unfortunate.

    • I don’t think any of these royals ladies are copying each other in style. Mary was wearing a beige shoes with that yellow dress unless my screen is wrong

      • There is another photo where they walk through the park. Mary is wearing pinkish dress and same shoes as Kate’s.

        • If you are talking about Princess Mary’s Elise Gug dress, I’m not sure it’s even pink, though it’s the only dress worn on that tour that appears to come close. The dress and shoes look more like champagne to me, but if they are pink, they are much paler than the Duchess’s dress and shoes. Moreover, the styles are quite different — the one is a long-sleeved day dress, the other a sleeveless dinner dress — and Princess Mary’s hair is worn up. I really see no similarity that could suggest to anyone that the Duchess is copying the Princess, especially since the Duchess first wore her shoes (to match a pink jacket) to a wedding 4 years ago.

        • I don’t see how this is a pinkish shirt or the same shoes

          Like Lili said Kate has had and worn those shoes for years

  4. As best I can tell, the Duchess of Cambridge was not present at today’s Buckingham Palace garden party.

    Does anyone have any information and evidence to the contrary?

    • None of the regular sites I visit online have any information about the garden party. Either we had the wrong date or there were no photographers there. I’m so disappointed.

      • I read on the Daily Mail today that there are 2 garden parties this year. The next is May 29th, perhaps Kate will shop up to that one. In the photos on the DM, I only saw Princess Ann with the Queen.

    • I read on the Daily Mail, the second garden party will be Tuesday, May 29th. Perhaps Kate will be present then.

  5. She’s 30 years old. You can’t expect a near middle aged woman to dress like a teenager.

    • Either dress like a teenager (or Kim Kardashian) or dress like a 40 year old? There’s no middle ground? She’s always compared with the worst of the lot so she can come out in a better light.

      Most of her clothes are pretty and would look lovely on an older woman. Sometimes I think her mother dresses younger than she does. This yellow dress is not only colorful, but also fun and interesting.

      • I can’t say I care for that dress and don’t think it’s wildly flattering to Mrs. Middleton. It really would not be appropriate for the Duchess.

    • Kate is nowhere near middle aged. You are not classed as middle aged until you are at least 45 (really 50 years old). Kate has years to go.

      I think the outfit was very appropriate for the occasion.

    • It’s a sad day when someone says that being 30 is being middle aged. It makes me wonder how old the poster is herself, I can only assume Daisy is very young. People in their 30s also seemed like dinosaurs to me when I was very young. ;-)

      I personally don’t like the dress in this colour, I also think it isn’t age appropriate for Kate (she’s too young!) and furthermore I would have opted for something more elegant for this occasion. Especially when you see what other guests wore.

      I think Kate gets it right most of the times but when she does get it wrong it’s mainly because it makes her look older than she is.

  6. Also, thanks so much to this site for the great information AND for the links to individual sites and the comments from Twitter. Really a gr8 site and the crew at should be congratulated for an amazing amount of great, interesting information!!

  7. I think it’s been asked and probably answered but what is the official and/or protocol reason the royal ladies carry the purses? Just seems like there would be a secure place to put those for royal residents and visitors alike!

    • There’s no “official” or protocol reason. They simply finish off an outfit and, if necessary, provide something to do with one’s hands that looks better than allowing them to hang limply at one’s side.

  8. To some commenters: She dresses older for a reason..she doesn’t want to make mistakes Diana did when infront of the Queen or other members of the royal family. I think she did a good understanding job politics of dressing when with other royal family members are around- you don’t upstage them so she can’t glam it up. It was appropriate to wear this outfit on this occasion but your right I would not spend that money for that outfit. Get a dresser who understands the politics of the job and can dress for less. People say not to mention Diana but I think she did influence Kates style when she entered in the royal family.

    • For reasons or not, we can only guess or speculate about her choice of clothes…To be honest, I enjoy her as a fashion figure more than anything else. She’s not perfect; nobody is…I often think it’s ok for her to miss a bit here or there as long as she keeps true to herself and enjoys the life she deserves. :) I don’t like all her choices but that’s just how I feel. :)

    • I have to point out that Diana frequently dressed much older than she was. That was one of the problems with her wardrobe in the several years after her marriage. Moreover, the reason Diana often upstaged other royals was the fact that the paparazzi were hysterical about her no matter WHAT she wore. They hadn’t had an attractive young princess to follow around before. Diana could have worn burlap sacks, and the paps would still have been falling all over themselves and each other to get pictures of her.

      I do think the Duchess is taking some care to dress in a not overly intrusive manner, but I don’t think she’s actually dressing “too old”. I think her clothes are actually ageless. She often chooses the sorts of clothes that anyone aged 17-70 could wear well, depending on how they were worn, how they were accessorized. That pink dress, in other colors, looked great on runway models who were clearly younger than the Duchess. Moreover, let’s remember that she is 30 years old, not 20 as Diana was when she married Charles, and that her position involves a need to maintain a certain gravitas in public.

      • I thought Diana dressed her age.. particularly with her catherine walker gowns ..I think in her early marriage she dressed older to please her inlaws granted but became more adventurous in her selection of designers as she got older.

  9. .. symbolically ? impressive choice–

    Kate is not a royal (by birth)- nor is she a ruler’s wife (yet)-
    she is young and new in her role..

    so in a roomful of royals, monarchs, rulers..
    Kate glows in pale pink-

    the pleats go further to emphasize modesty. they are crisp, unrevealing.
    yet they, too, are softened by the pale shade.

    only days ago, Kate looked smashing (the cream Roland Mouret), showed she could command all eyes (the teal Jenny Packham).

    in Japan, flower arranging is a language..
    Kate is proving her fashion choices are just as full of intangible ‘meaning’-

    I’m impressed (and learning!)

    • Very well said!! I think Kate has a highly developed sense of Fashion Diplomacy which was very evident from the start, in her wedding & the Canadian/LA tour. She is also very much into symbology/symbolic language – her whole wedding and all her engagements since have been filled with symbolism, hidden messages & meanings (her wedding theme was “the secret language of flowers”). I always find it fascinating how much Kate applies her knowledge of art/art history, and uses her clothes, accessories & colour as means of communication & self-expression (like a true artist). – This important royal occasion was no exception. I bet HM the Queen & all those crowned heads – kings/queens, princes/princesses – were very impressed by Kate. She new exactly her place and followed royal protocol perfectly. Her simple (modest) dress & the colour baby-pink (conveying love, youth) were very diplomatically & politically correct – Spot-on!….She just looked simply adorable!! (harmless)

  10. Love the dress but sorry guys what is with the shoes? They are awful and let the whole thing down!

  11. I’m surprised, the Queen’s Amethyst brooch is bigger than the one Kate wears, with more thin details and the amethysts of course.
    This brooch looks more like a oak leaves brooch (maybe borrowed from the Queen, from Camilla or Carol Middleton ?)

  12. Lovely, elegant, and pretty. Not her most youthful choice, but it’s still very appropriate and looks fantastic on her. I think her hair grew, too, which is grand! :) Kate is everything I ever wanted in a modern princess. She’s so beautiful.

  13. Another expensive mistake. Why would she spend that much money oh such a unflattering dress. This color is all wrong for her and those shoes. YIKES! Why dont she get herself a dresser. She is always praise for her “down to earth” style and for dressing herself. But she has been wearing high end designer labels anyway so why not go all the way and get some help with her wardrobe. She needs to put on about 15 pounds, cut that hair into some sort of style, and get herself some help with her clothes so she can stop dressing in outfits that are just too old for her. Kate you are only 30. Stop dressing like a old lady.

  14. I’m happy she chose a new color. Unfortunately this is the exactly kind of tender pink dress that I don’t like, especially the skirt! sorry Kate :)

  15. Something I’ve always wondered….why does the Queen (and now Kate) carry a handbaag in her own home? When I have guests to my house, I don’t greet them at the door carrying a purse. I can understand accesorizing, however when juggling a drink and shaking hands, it seems a bit awkward. Since it is not out and about, they can always stash a spare pair of hoseiry or a lipstick etc. in a nearby room for a quick repair. Does anyone else wonder what they actually carry in their purses?

    • Well it’s not Kate house and the purse is the way for the Queen to let her staff know when to get her out of a situation.

      • I realize it isn’t Kate’s house but it is William’s grandmother’s house so it still seems that a purse could be stashed in another closed room. But I’m intrigued…how does her purse indicate to the Queen’s staff when to get her out of a situation? The arm she carries it on? Holding in her hand vs. in the crook of her elbow?

        • Something about if it change hand (from the left hand to the right hand or vice-versa
          ) they come and get her. When I go to a relative place with my purse, it stays with me. Especially when other people are around.

    • I assume the function was in the state rooms which are probably a long way from the private appartements where all the Queen’s personal items are. Buckingham Palace is a tad larger than the homes most of us live in :)

  16. Too bad she often gets caught on film with that slight smirk on her face like in the photo with Will and Harry. Dress was what I have come to expect. Didn’t look like 1300 pounds to me, but she seems to like dresses. The shoes seem like they went with a bridesmaid’s dress and she is trying to re use them.

    Thought Charlene’s suit was spot on, proper, young and happy color. I love Queen Rania and have to admit, she’s the most beautiful royal to me. But that bow had to go.

    Poor Kate, caught in a political human rights nightmare, not of her own making.

    Anyone know what she wore to the dinner at Buckingham Palace in the evening?

    • I don’t believe she and William attended the dinner.

    • Gosh, I didn’t think she was smirking in any of the pictures. We all interpret things differently, don’t we?

      • We certainly do. I see a bad shot, such as we have all experienced with a photographer; other people see a “smirk”.

        The word “smirk” is one of those nouns that makes a qualitative judgement, that claims the speaker or writer knows what the subject was thinking and that the thought was a negative one.

        Since we do NOT know that about the Duchess of Cambridge or any other members of the royal family, we are obligated, in the name of fairness and objectivity, to avoid such words.

      • Her smile seems uneven in two of the pictures. Like she is pulling back the muscles on one side and not the other. If you look at a lot of candids, you will notice she does it a great deal.

        • In England, I believe they call that look “bemused.” Love it – I think it’s one of her most charming features.

  17. Sovereign’s Lunch is not a yearly event – this happens only when there is a big celebration – the last time was 10 years ago for the Queen’s Golden Jubilee!!!!!

  18. Not a fan, it doesn’t look bad it just doesnt have any Wow factor and doesn’t look flattering on her. I think she was going for that so she wouldn’t overshadow. She did a good job.

  19. Nice. Chic. Not sure pink is her colour – she looks better in strong colours in my opinion, but she has to be careful not to upstage the Queen on such an important occasion as this. She dressed for the occasion in an understated way which will have earned her a lot of brownie points.

    With that stunning smile, good looks and her height, she’s always going to stand out whatever she wears.

  20. I think if her hair would be grey she would look 60… The red dress is so much better and younger. She spent 1300 Ł for a dress which is not pretty at all… she must have a lot of money…

    • I suspect she does have a lot of money. William inherited a multi-million estate from him mother and if it was invested prudently, it probably has grown substantially.He also has a salary from the military. Plus, we don’t know if Kate gets anything from her family’s party supply business.We love that Kate goes shopping at discount malls, and recycles items from her own wardrobe, as well as sharing with her sister and mother; however, when your grandmother-in-law is the Queen and she is hosting a luncheon for all the monarchs of the world, you don’t go to K-mart for your outfit.

      • She is said to be receiving a dress allowance from Prince Charles, whose Duchy of Cornwall income is quite high. Charles understands that royal women who make many public appearances need appropriate wardrobes. The Queen gave Sarah Ferguson such an allowance, and I believe she does this for the Countess of Wessex. William is to receive his full share of his inheritance from his mother when he turns 30 quite soon, and he also inherited money when the Queen Mother died.

        Finally, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Middletons settled some money on each of their three children, so that Catherine has funds of her own.

      • UK taxpayers are not paying for Kate in anyway – not her clothing, hairdresser ..whatever (she & William are not in the civil list). William has a job in the RAFand gets money from Charles who gets the profit from the Duchy of Cornwall. He also has access to the money left by his mother & the queen mother. Also, her parents very probably contribute (holidays, etc) and there is of course her own trust fund, set up by her parents for each of the children.

  21. I like both the coat-dresses and pleats on her, but I think it only works separately. Together, it just doesn’t seem right to me. I don’t like the shoes, something about the material irks me. I also want to see her in more patterns. I saw this Jonathan Saunders coat-dress on Eva Mendez the other day and it seemed really good for Kate, what do you guys think?

  22. Love this dress as pictured on the model but the version the duchess is wearing seems, as some already have noted, to have some odd tailoring going on as if the particular piece is too big for her frame, maybe it was fitted before she lost even more weight? The waist looks very high and what’s the deal with the sloppy stitching down the front? Looks as if it’s missing buttons or something? And logic dictates that a pregnancy likely is not the reason. Her body is far too thin to support a pregnancy, for one thing, and with the Jubilee and Olympics festivities, no WAY HRH and the Windsors would let a pregnancy interfere with those headlines! Not criticizing anyone at all but that’s just common sense!!

    • Her body is too thin to support a pregnancy? How do women like Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie gave birth than? How do women in malnourished countries get pregnant, how did women before the industrial revolution get pregnant and gave birth? Comment like this is offend me

    • She is not too thin to get pregnant or “support” a pregnancy. Plenty of very slender models and actresses have had no difficulty getting pregnant and carrying a pregnancy to term.

      Moreover, as I’ve pointed out, she has clearly gained weight lately. She does not look too thin to me now, whereas last summer, her thinness was verging on the alarming.

  23. I like this dress in every way exept the waistline. It seems too high. I’ve noticed that in a few of her dresses now. The waist on her wedding dress was perfect but this one and the one she wore at the polo match seem to be too high and too loose. Of the 4 pink dresses by this designer, I like the first one and love the third.

    • I agree with you about those high waistlines — you’d think she had enough tailoring experts round her to get outfits to fit right.

      The only other thing I can think of is that she buys the smaller sizes being so trim — and someone expects small to equals short — if you catch my drift. She’s tall — so waists move higher??!!

      The higher waists make her look a bit like a kid who keeps growing out of her clothes…

      • Excellent point about the size assumption. I never thought about that.

        • I’m afraid I’m just making it up! I expect the dress was designed high-waisted and it’s just that the pleats seem to bunch awkwardly at the front. It’s that plus some rushed photography in strange lighting conditions which affect the look. To be honest, I’m not sure anyone’s outfit looked all that sharp given artificial lighting and scant time to compose a shot or focus.

          It’s been in some of these still photos from indoor private Royal occasions that Kate’s outfits have looked worst. Buck House could do with upping the photography budget!

          • Excellent point again! …I’ve noticed that too!. She seems to be favouring high-waisted dresses lately or wish to give that impression/new look !? I think this dress and the colour (baby pink) were very appropriate for such an important occasion. – Very diplomatically correct!! Besides looking sweet, pretty, impeccable & understated, the pink colour (projecting love) would not have offended anyone.
            Maybe is all the gilded surroundings, strong reflections and poor lighting that make royal palaces not the best places to take pictures. They are the worse photos. – Certainly they need to improve on that…

          • Let’s remember that she is unusually long-waisted. That can create problems no matter how good your tailor is.

  24. This is a pretty dress, and I was sure we were going to see an Emilia Wickstead dress from this line, but frankly — I think it looked better on the runway models I’ve seen wearing it or dresses similar to it.

    I can’t quite put my finger on it: perhaps it’s the color, or perhaps the cut doesn’t flatter the Duchess. Whatever it is, I think this dress just wasn’t the best choice for her. The pink is beautiful, but for some reason it looks anemic on her, whereas the green coatdress on St. Patrick’s day looked great.

    Are we sure these are the shoes she wore to the Phillips wedding? I remember that outfit very well — I didn’t think it was one of her better pre-engagement looks — and the shoes, as I recall, were a much lighter pink, closer to the pink of the fitted jacket she wore that day. Perhaps it’s a difference of lighting. When I saw her in the pink shoes, she was outdoors.

    By the way, she has definitely gained weight. Someone claimed she looked too thin in the blue evening dress the other night, but I thought her face looked significantly fuller, as did her torso, as compared with last summer’s look. In pictures of today’s event on the Daily Mail site, her face looks fuller, too. She just generally looks healthier.

    • I think if she would have went with the red color that the model is wearing it would have been nicer.

      I don’t know how I feel about the shoes, I wish there was a side view of them.

      She also look like gain weight in her chest area but since I generally don’t like to play the (baby bump) games I went it she has a good bra (that I want to buy).

    • I quite agree. Hard to believe the green dress coatdress and this were the same designer. The green ensemble was beautiful and flattering in every way whereas this was just – there. That’s about the best that can be said for it. Did the duchess hire a different stylist or something? It seems her last few choices have just been off a few steps, whereas before she was spot on every single outfit and every single event!

    • I thought the waist looked a bit too high and the pleats were bulging out — I agree it looked a bit awkward.

      I don’t think the standard of photography helped — weird angles, lighting and occasionally lacking in focus.

      At a casual glance the similar Wickstead dress shown above, with round neck and minus pleats, looks better on the model — but then the model has advantage of seriously clever photography.

  25. I like it:) I’m not a big fan of pink, so I think the pink shoes and clutch are a bit much, but I like the dress on her a lot!

  26. I LOVE everything about this outfit: the cut, the pleats, the colour, the brooch, the shoes..!!! Kate looks Gorgeous in this shade of pink and manages to stand out without upstaging anyone. – Sweet, charming, fresh, stunningly pretty & confident… Spot-on. Bravo!!

  27. Thanks for the mention! I like this outfit, banal but quite chic.

  28. she looks sweet as a peach.
    i love her recent fashion choices. it is so nice when she wears colour.

  29. To prove my earlier point –

    She’s practically wearing the same dress as the older woman in blue. She really needs to start dressing her age.

    • Yeah, this dress was a snore to me. Nice color, but totally blah.

    • I think it’s a nice dress that my 22 years old self would wear, if my mom decide to buy a dress in similar style so be it

    • I believe that “older woman” is ex-Queen Anne Marie of Greece, born a Princess of Denmark and younger sister of Queen Margrethe of Denmark. The man with her would be ex-King Constantine of Greece.

    • Ya kno……it seems to me (and I could be wrong)….Kate looked so much better for her daytime events when she wore the polished jackets with beautifully-cut dresses. Those clothes photograph better than this dress, and they fit her really well. She would look great in Katherine Hooker’s Buxton dress with the jacket (no, I’m not connected to her in any way). Kate is spending lots of money on clothes that won’t hold their style. Her jacket/dress looks were classic, elegant and age-appropriate. I have to say again,,,,the hair needs better styling.

      • I hated her jacket/dress looks, like the one she wore to the Gary Barlow concert. Too juvenile and tacky. Kate cannot please everyone all the time, but the general consensus seems to be that she needs to do more with her hair, have better posture, and dress younger. Am I right?

        • Ooooh nooo, I wasn’t thinking of *that* outfit. I was thinking of those jackets with straight skirts or dresses she wore pre-wedding. Those photographed better which make them more appealing. The current slim top/full bottom look is tough to pull off, even with someone as slim as she is. Yes, you’re right about the rest.

  30. I’m so underwhelmed. This look ages her, especially the shoes. You don’t have to sacrifice glamour and oomph for propriety. Nice color though.

  31. Love that shade of pink on Kate; she looks glowing! I like the style of the dress too.

  32. I love the pink on Kate! I wish she had opted for the red version of the dress but I do agree that this was more appropriate for the event. Has anyone figured out where Kate got her earrings and satiny-pink heels from?

  33. I love her, and she really has a great style, but does anyone else think she looks a bit toooo skinny??? In some of these pics the clothes almost look like they are hanging off of her!!and her face is looking rather pinched. Poor girl.

  34. I like the dress, I like the shoes (Prada ?), I like the clutch …..
    I think that she has worn the earrings twice before (for instance at a wedding just before the engagement)
    It’s funny but the princess of Monaco is quite of the same age as Kate but she looks more womanly

  35. Rather a plain and boring dress, but seems appropriate given the occasion. No one there wants to upstage the Queen.

  36. More importantly, what is Kate drinking? It looks yummy.

  37. One tiny correction if I may: Kate had two pieces of jewelry on today we’ve yet to identify. Her earrings have been seen before, the always-sharp Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels shared that Kate wore them to a wedding last January of 2011 (our post is here), when Kate wore her classic Libélula black velvet Dulwich coat. Ayvee’s site also notes they were worn to the Rosie Bradford – Harry Meade nuptials in October of 2012. <——- October 2012 hasn't happened yet! She couldn't possibly worn them! Thanks for the quick article. :)

  38. I have posted on other Kate blogs..I repeat myself here. :) I love the dress but not 100 %sure about the pleats but Kate carried them off quite nicely on her slim frame…It’s nice to see a closeup on the front flap closure and little pin. I love brooches. I also love the matching jacket (I think there was one with silver embellishment). This dress is actually the second piece that I would really want to get the original for. The first one is the dress she wore at the wedding exhibit with the Queen. It’s the same color or similar pink tone.

  39. Gorgeous dress, and how amazing that we’ve had three different colours in as many outfits. I wonder if we’ve lost the beiges?

    Some of the photos aren’t too good though so it’s hard to tell detailing on the dress, but looks a neat fit round the waist, though the waist seems a little high.

    But altogether highly suitable for being part of the royal team at the big event. Beatrice and Eugenie were also in plain colours, I suppose no one can outdo the Queen who’s in such a pale shade of blue.

  40. Just love the your website, LOVE LOVE THAT PINK DRESS Catherine is wearing, I wish I could travel to England but I’m disabled and suffer from depression. I’d like to have a penpal from the UK,
    would anyone like to befriend me?

  41. I love the pink dress. Classy and classic. She looks gorgeous. It’s a fantastic color on her and I love when she goes with full skirts and pleats.

    The brooch almost looks like it has the three Prince of Wales feathers in it but off to the side.

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