Sep 122012

Kate opted for an elegant white suit by Alexander McQueen for several of today’s events in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page

The day began with a visit to Singapore’s stunning Gardens by the Bay, an extraordinary urban horticultural sanctuary. William and Kate were met by crowds chanting “Will is brill, Kate is great!” Kate was given a lovely bouquet.

Channel News Asia Twitter Feed

Georgina Brewer of ITV shared this image of the couple at the Gardens.

Georgina Brewer/ITV Twitter Feed (@GeorginaITV)

Here we see the Duke and Duchess aboard an open mini-bus used to get about the Gardens.

Gardens by the Bay Facebook Page

William and Kate visited Super Tree Grove, an area with “unique trees of up to 16 storeys in height”. Georgina Brewer’s picture shows Kate and one of those massive trees, as well as William a bit farther down the bridge.

Georgina Brewer/ITV Twitter Feed

Kate’s white McQueen suit was done in a broderie anglaise fabric, a material with cutout designs and embroidery around those cutouts.  Here is a better look via a photo from the Gardens by the Bay Facebook page.

Gardens by the Bay Facebook

The suit showcased a fitted top with cuffed short sleeves, a deep vee neck, and self belt.

Paul Harrison/Sky News Twitter Feed (@SkyNewsRoyal)

Everyone was eager to see William and Kate.

British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce Facebook Page

It was a typically hot & humid Singapore morning, with temperatures around 85°.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail/Mail Online Twitter Feed

The skirt is in the same fabric as the top, the French term “broderie Anglaise” translates to “English embroidery.”

Channel News Asia Twitter Feed

Emma Branch shared this picture via Twitter, Kate looks like an old pro greeting people on the rope line.

Emma Branch Twitter Feed (@EmmaBranch)

Here is a better view of the back, again thanks to Rebecca English of the Daily Mail.

Rebecca English/The Daily Mail Twitter Feed

I believe this is a bespoke suit by Sarah Burton for Alexander McQueen, was an excellent look for the events, a crisp white cotton style that stood up well to the heat and humidity.

The Duchess brought back the Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedges (available in other colors here) worn so frequently during the Olympics and Paralympics, from Russell & Bromley.

Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon

It looks like Kate carried her navy suede Muse clutch again (also from Russell & Bromley), she also brought back the diamond sapphire cluster earrings we have seen her wear with some frequency.

Then it was on to the Rolls Royce plant in Seletar, the new facility was just opened in February, it houses the only large aerospace engine assembly in Asia. It represents an enormous investment in Singapore by the British firm. The visit began with welcoming speeches and remarks by Prince William, we see the auditorium of the new facility in this photo from Rose Hughes.

Rose Hughes/Sky News Twitter Feed (@RoseSkyNews)

Then it was time for a tour, Today Online shared this picture.

TODAY Online Twitter

Kate pushed a button moving a final fan blade into place, completing the assembly of the first engine at the plant.

Rose Hughes/Sky News Twitter (@RoseSkyNews)

Technically it is the Trent aero engine.

Rolls Royce via UK in Singapore Facebook

Kate chatting with executives at the factory.

TODAY Online Instagram

Next on the itinerary:

  • 2:45PM (2:45 AM EDT): In the afternoon it’s off to Strathmore Green, a precinct in Queenstown, a residential area in Singapore; the area was chosen because it was named after Queen Elizabeth II. The couple will view a cultural performance that will showcase the three main cultures of Singapore: the Chinese, Malay and Indian communities. The couple will also view children’s games and meet local residents.
  • 3:15pm (3:15am EDT) Staying within Queenstown, the pair visit the Rainbow Center, a school and community center for children with special needs. (The Center is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year.) William goes to watch phys ed activities while Kate meets children in art therapy classes
  • In the evening, Kate and William attend a reception at Eden Hall, the British High Commissioner’s residence, for prominent Singaporeans and members of the British and international expatriate communities. Entertainment will be provided by Musicity, a program blending British, Singaporean and other musical genres.

We’ll be updating later with new images and/or doing a fresh post.



  43 Responses to “Kate In White Alexander McQueen For Full Day In Singapore”

  1. Love the suit, it’s cool, white and perfect for these events and the climate. Hate the shoes with this outfit. I’m guessing they were chosen mostly for comfort and height but I find it hard to believe she couldn’t have found a white or taupe or tan pair of the Corkswoons or just a white or tan or taupe pair of comfortable wedges. They look jarring with the outfit and out of place. I am finding it a bit strange that, given the extreme heat and humidity, she’s not wearing her hair up at all. Any ideas why not?

  2. I’m digging the outfit… the material is a smart and pretty choice for a humid, sunny day, and the peplum and belt details and lovely pattern keep the look from being too simple. The rest of the look is a bit disappointing though… for a hot outdoor day, I think hair up might have been a better look. Her Olympic ponytail still looked polished and elegant, and would have been a nice compliment to this casually elegant look. And the SHOES. I actually love those wedges, but they don’t work with this delicate outfit. I think pumps in the navy would have been a better fit.

  3. pretty outfit because of the beautiful girl underneath but the outfit is nothing to write home about.

  4. Terrific post! As I look at the photos, the shoes now don’t look so bad. Perhaps it was the surprise of her bringing them on the trip that disappointed me initially. But now I have to say, not too bad. I would have preferred blue pumps…

  5. This outfit, to me is nothing special. Unlike most of you, I don’t mind these wedges. I like them. :)

  6. Isn’t whitness considered the colour of mourning in countries of Far Eeast? I consider this v neck too deep. The underwear should be well covered. Also it wouldn’t be wrong if she was a bit shorter in different shoes, however delicate ones could make the look too “girly”, considering hair and skirt.
    It must be difficult to be judged all the way. I admire Kate. She has strong and beautiful personality and her dressing advisors should make her life shining the more, never the less.

  7. Does anyone else see the similar styling in the neck and skirt to her wedding dress also designed by Sarah Burton /McQueen (not to mention white and the lace like broderie anglaise)? The few close up pictures I’ve seen of it shows lovely lines and styling. I do think McQueen stuff really has wonderful tailoring.

    Kate needs a shoe mentor–happy to volunteer!

  8. I have to say that the pieces Alexander McQueen does for Kate are far superiour to the ones done for the runway. So many of the things that brand does are down right ugly but everything done for Kate is quite nice. They have to be custom for her. Love this white for a hot humid climate. Have to say this is the only the second time I’ve not liked the shoes with a particular outfit (the other being when she wore pumps with the coral jeans). It seems like the wedgies she wore the day after her wedding are less clunky and might be more appropriate than these. (Imagine my red face if someone comes back and says they are the same pair. :) )

  9. I’ve never felt as wilted in my life as when I went from -20 weather in Minnesota one day, to the heat and humidity of Singapore the next. It was like walking into a brick wall. Although she still looks fabulous, it’s nice to see that even Kate is a mortal, and that her hair droops & frizzes a bit in that extreme humidity.

  10. Agree with all and especially with Anna–We’ve got to save her from those shoes. Call security.

  11. I think the shoes look fine from the front (and I like the navy with the white), but agree with most everyone else that from the side and back they are just too enormous and clunky and awkward. Does anybody else think that a navy blue ballet flat would have worked much better??

    • Actually, though I like white and navy — it’s a cool and crisp combination — I think she really does need some height standing next to Prince William. You can see that even in these very high wedges — they must be 5″ — she’s a few inches shorter than he is. (I think she’s somewhere around 5’8″, nowhere near the 5’10″ claimed for her. He’s said to be 6’3″.) If she wore ballet flats, then in official photos the height disparity would be jarring.

      I think wedges were fine, just not THESE wedges. She could have found lower, less clunky-looking navy wedges to wear, or she could have gone with beige or tan; a light shade would have worked with that outfit and in that climate. Her sister Pippa wore a tan pair a few times on a recent visit to the US. They would have been perfect.

      • It occurred to me that she may have been wearing the wedges for economical reasons. She will be wearing so many new outfits and shoes this trip as it is. Additionally, this is a McQueen piece, which was probably extremely pricey. Pairing it with a pair of shoes that we have seen frequently makes the outfit appear less extravagant.

    • I would think with a full skirt at least a small heel would be better than a flat. I always think of ballet flats as casual.

      Have to say that a lower wedge might have been better.

      Sandals, especially with a heel, might but a bit uncomfortable in a humid climate?

  12. nice dress, awful shoes

  13. Broderie Anglaise? I think of that fabric – which is GORGEOUS – as eyelet. I’ll have to do a little Googling to see if there’s a difference. I love the suit, and I think navy makes a nice accent color. But I really hate those wedges. Don’t like them with the suit or with the more casual outfits worn at the Olympics. But I will say, as expensive as they are, she does get wear out of them.

    Looking forward to the rest of the show!

    • Thank you Kristen!! I thought the same thing when reading the articles – why aren’t they referring to this fabric as “eyelet” in the US? At any rate, it’s a lovely fabric to use for this design, good choice for a hot and humid day. As far as the shoes go – I cannot imagine trying to packing for a diplomatic trip

    • Exactly! Here in the US, this fabric has been known as eyelet FOREVER. Love it used in this design, looks like a great choice for comfort in the heat and humidity. As far as the shoes go, given all the places they are going, the standing/smiling/hand shaking, as well as the “photo aesthetics” with regard to height differences, etc., the DoC should be allowed whatever makes her most comfortable on her feet. If she tries to dazzle in a new pair with every outfit, she’ll end up with blisters and misery, because I’ll never believe she parades around the house in her downtime just breaking in shoes that “make an impression”…though some are more appealing than others, it seems clear that she is erring on the side of comfort when it comes to the shoes. We’re only seeing photos, but she’s the one doing the actual walking and standing around.

  14. I’m not a great fan of broderie anglaise, and this suit doesn’t excite me — a little boring — but it was perfectly appropriate for the day and the location. It looks very cool and comfortable and manages to suggest something Grace Kelly might have worn in a 1950′s film set in the tropics.

    I really don’t care for the disporportionate height of these wedges. Wedges are fine with the outfit, but a slightly lower pair in a lighter color would have worked better, in my view. Cork and navy just don’t work well with delicate broderie anglaise.

    The climate does seem to be doing a number on her hair. That’s even more obvious in pictures taken later in the day in another outfit. Perhaps it’s time for an updo.

  15. I agree with all the posts, the dress is just lovely and perfect for the weather and the occasion, but the shoes are awful. Can she wear sandals? I was trying to figure out if she was wearing the nude hose here too. As much as I love the Queen’s rules about how the royals dress at official engagements, I think she could ease it up a little for tropical climates. This dress would be perfect with a pair of cute sandals.

  16. Technically, she did not wear the McQueen all day, by the time she came to Strathmore Green in the mid-afternoon, she looked cool and elegant in the Raoul outfit. I was so excited to be part of the throng that greeted her. She was most patient and calm, and cheered her husband on as he partook in a local game with some of the children in the playground. She does live up to all the hype!! She and William were literally heads and shoulders above the crowds!

  17. Gorgeous outfit—she looks so great in white and navy. I am the only one who doesn’t mind the wedges, apparently. I think they look great with the full skirt. The fabric of the suit was a very smart choice.

  18. thanks for the updates! i am from singapore. today’s sure a busy day for the royal couple and us! rushing from place to place. unfortuately despite the long wait and tanning under the sun, was unable to catch a glimpse of them due to the massive crowds!

    nevertheless, i love love love your site!

  19. Even though I’m not a fan of this shoe, I think it’s smarter to wear a wedge than a pump. The cork won’t show wear and a wedge can be comfortable for an all day event. I think I may have preferred a light brown for this dress though.

  20. Gorgeous dress. Very flattering and feminine. Shoes however are very clunky and all you see are the heavy wedges that don’t suit the dress at all. Kate needs a shoe advisor.

  21. The dress is lovely but the shoes are not a pretty sight. If the wedges were a bit lower the whole look would be perfect. I can imagine the criticism Princesses Beatrice and Eugene would cop if they had to wear shoes like the Corkswoon.

  22. What a stunning suit. I love it and so appropriate for place, climate and occasion.

    But like others here, I think the shoes do not go. Didn’t like them at the Olympics. Loathe them with this delicate and beautiful suit.

    No. No! NO!!!

  23. I live in Singapore, and was there this morning to see the Duke and Duchess. Despite the scorching heat the Duchess looked absolutely gorgeous in her Alexander McQueen outfit. She even had a tiny white umbrella with the same detailing as her dress.

  24. I love the summery simplicity of Kate’s outfit — she’s pulled off the trick of being regal while also being comfortable in the tropics. I’m amused too at the rediscovery of a an old fabric like broderie anglaise, especially now it’s used as chic by designers where I remember it being pretty much for the rest of us hoi polloi in the olden days.

    It’s often not an easy fabric to keep looking smart as it crumples and creases so easily — not sure if it could stnad a whole afternoon of engagements, especially among children — we shall see!

    The cut and shape of the outfit suit her frame perfectly and I see she’s still fond of full, light cotton skirts despite the hazards of breezes she experienced last summer. Perhaps she’s discovered underslips. I also like the casual touch of the cork wedges and the touch of definition given by navy accessories — the navy wedges look better balanced against this fuller skirt than with the tight trousers she wore to the Games.

    And her hair still hasn’t succumbed to the dire humidity. She looks lovely as always – classy outfit with a touch of the holidaymaker. Thanks for a great post.

  25. I love her to death but the humidity is not working for those gorgeous locks!

  26. I adore her, but my, how I loathe those wedges! I hate that my mother is right, but really “all you see is the shoes!”

  27. I agree with Sassafras. Navy blue pumps probably would have looked better but I’m sure we all know how comfortable she must be in the wedges (since she wears them so much). Good on her for still looking so great in the heat and humidity! The dress is absolutely lovely.

  28. PERFECTION in white!!!!! Oh, I loathe the shoes, bad choice with the delicate broderie, but WOW…what a stunning top/skirt!!!!! I would sell an organ for that gorgeous outfit, minus the chunky wedges.

    • Yes, Kristie, she’s stunning! This morning, my colleague and I waited for the royal couple outside their hotel. We got to see them at very close proximity. I can’t stop thinking about them.

  29. Having spent the majority of my life living in humid climates, I would be eternally grateful if someone could share how to keep your hair looking like hers in that kind of weather! On the other hand – argh, those shoes,can’t someone “accidentally” throw them into Singapore Harbour or something?! She seems to love them but…no, I just can’t.

  30. Hi, do you have a full tentative about their flight departure to Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia ?

  31. The dress seems so delicate, I would’ve like to see a pair of shoes that were less chunky/clunky.

    • I agree Sassafras … those shoes make her feet look huge! I can understand the desire to wear a wedge when you’re doing walkabouts and such; however, I think she could have chosen something more in keeping with the loveliness of her white dress.

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