Apr 242016

Today we share news of a new initiative launched by Kate, William and Harry.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The three young royals have kicked off Heads Together, a united effort with The Royal Foundation to continue efforts to end the stigma associated with mental illness. Below, a screen grab from the Heads Together website.

Heads Together

Heads Together

From the message signed by William, Kate and Harry on the Heads Together site:

Through our work with young people, emergency response, homeless charities, and with veterans, we have seen time and time again that unresolved mental health problems lie at the heart of some of our greatest social challenges. 

Heads Together wants to help people feel much more comfortable with their everyday mental wellbeing and have the practical tools to support their friends and family. The Heads Together campaign will build on the great work being done by our partner charities so that prejudice and fear no longer stand in the way of people getting the help they need.

Heads Together

Heads Together

This is the biggest joint project yet undertaken by the trio. The charity partners that are “tackling stigma, raising awareness, and providing vital help for people with mental health challenges.affiliated organizations” include:

From The Daily Mail’s story:

Some of the competitors were filmed going for a run around the grounds, while Prince Harry even joined in the sporting action by racing with some of the schoolchildren supported by the charities involved in Heads Together. 

The three all donned blue Heads Together bands, and joker Prince Harry made sure to capture a photo of his brother William on his phone. 

The launch coincided with today’s London Marathon; Heads Together is next year’s Charity of the Year for the 2017 Marathon, described as the “the biggest annual fundraising event on the planet”. 

Heads Together Twitter

Heads Together Twitter

From Fundraising UK:

A partnership of mental health charities will benefit from next year’s London Marathon after being selected as the 2017 Virgin Money London Marathon Charity of the Year.

“Their Royal Highnesses would like to thank the Virgin Money London Marathon for making Heads Together their 2017 Charity of the Year. They cannot wait to see hundreds of runners hitting the streets of London next April to end the stigma on mental health once and for all.”

From The Telegraph’s story:

A spokesman for William, Kate and Harry said: “They are passionate about tackling the stigma surrounding the issue. Too often, they have seen that people feel afraid to admit that they are struggling with their mental health.”

The spokesman said the three are “incredibly grateful to be working with charities who have achieved so much in the fight against the stigma that surrounds the issue”.

A 2-minute launch video has been released on You Tube.

Each royal has a brief speaking role; in hers, Kate says “Mental health is just as important as physical health.”

Heads Together

Heads Together

The video includes some short outtakes at the end you might enjoy.

Heads Together via The Daily Mail

Heads Together via The Daily Mail

The Heads Together Facebook page is here and the Twitter feed may be followed here.

Heads Together Facebook

Heads Together Facebook

In the video Kate wears a J. Crew Breton stripe sweater.

Heads Together

Heads Together

It is the retailer’s “Tippi Striped Sweater with Buttons“.

J. Crew

J. Crew

The sweater is one of Crew’s basic styles; you’ll find it offered in a variety of styles and colors. Kate’s version is 100% merino wool in ivory with navy stripes; this precise stripe pattern also comes in pool/persimmon and peach/twig. Below, a better look at the shoulder buttons.

J. Crew

J. Crew

Originally priced at $85, Kate’s style is now $59.99. Use promo code SCORE at checkout to receive 50% off that price, making the cost $29.99. One note of caution: this is a final sale item, it cannot be returned or exchanged. Our thanks to Middleton Maven for her identification of the sweater, as well as Melissa J who shared her ID on Facebook. As of late afternoon on Sunday the sweater is available in most regular sizes, as well as most petite sizes.

Heads Together

Heads Together

Kate also wore a pair of her skinny jeans as well as a pair of wedges it is difficult to see. Anna thinks they are the Monsoon wedges first seen on the recent tour of India and Bhutan, I think she is correct.



The Duchess also wore her Kiki McDonough Lauren earrings.

Kiki McDonough

Kiki McDonough

We will see you again shortly for another look at the royal tour wardrobe, a poll or two and some fab repliKates. A quick reminder – if you haven’t yet voted in the tour jewelry polls, click here and let us know your favorites!

  47 Responses to “Kate Launches Major Mental Health Initiative Wearing Breton Stripes from J. Crew”

  1. I just ordered one of the last few of these jumpers from J. Crew! If you do order, the promo code for the 50% off has changed to GETSHOPPING.

  2. Hello, is it possible that the sweater is not available in navy for european shoppers? This make me sad, this is a very beautiful item!

  3. is it the j crew sweater in the video tale end Kate fixes her hair and i don’t see the blue lined collar could this be the same striped sweater she wore with blue blazer and jeans ADVISE me please i already order the sweater and it is non return

    • Her hair is blocking the blue part of the collar even when she fixes her hair a bit. It doesn’t come forward very much but it’s there under her hair. You can catch just a glimpse of it on the right.

  4. Great post and great initiative!
    Good for them! Joining forces is always a good idea to raise more money and attention to a cause
    Let’s hope that theydo more events related to this during the year

    is it me or do the shoes look higher than in India? :)

  5. On J.Crew site, the “peach twig” color sweater is even cheaper and with the promo code it is $21! More sizes available in that color, too.

  6. Not much to say here- she is wearing her usual “casual work uniform”. But it’s nice to see a new Breton top! I like the buttons at the shoulders, sweet detail.

    Great post– I liked reading the details of their initiative.

  7. Her hair looks amazing in this pictures! I love the length and the shape. She looks so lovely.

  8. Catherine looks wonderful. The wedges do look more streamlined than her blue pair. Still not a big fan of that style but the color and perhaps shape of the wedge do make them look less clunky. Skinny jeans are fine I am just getting a bit bored with that look on everyone:) Seems we have been in this jean phase forever. Sweater very cute.

  9. Thanks so much for this post. I love seeing William, Kate, and Harry as they really are together — you get a glimpse of how much fun they all have and how much they love each other. Just a brief look into a totally unscripted moment. Kate looks great and so happy. No one can rock a casual look like she can. The Monsoon wedges are beautiful — an improvement over the corkswoons, I agree, and obviously they and skinny jeans and blue stripes make her happy. If Kate’s happy, I’m happy!

  10. I had always wanted to see Kate in a I.crew piece… and now I see it and am not disappointed. Stripes is perhaps, one of the things j.crew does the best and their cutting is definitely for figures like Kate.

  11. Such a fun video–it’s so much fun to see them so casual and clearly having a good time. Loved the intriguing first shot of Kate–the hand wearing THAT RING holding the headband.

  12. Thank you so much for sharing the J. Crew coupon code! It made it possible for me to get one of these beautiful sweaters for myself. I think it’s a great “classic Kate” look!

  13. I really love this ensemble and more importantly how happy they all looked as they supported such a worthwhile cause.

    The Breton stripe shirt/jeans/wedges combo is clearly something she feels comfortable in and I think we all have some sort of casual uniform in our closets—some outfit that makes us feel comfortable and we have in various versions/colors.

    Her hair and makeup look great and that big smile set it all off to perfection.

  14. The sweater (has it been out long?) is only very limited in Australia, which is a pity as it’s so discounted! Oh well.
    She looks good and the video is so enjoyable, they all really appear to enjoy their work and working with each other to do it.
    Thanks again Susan!

    • If it’s from I.crew, the chances of finding another similar piece from next season are pretty high. :)

  15. Both Kate and Harry can carry off a headband but it looks like a struggle for poor William — it looks like it might slide up and off his growing bald patch any minute.

    But he remains a fine figure of man. Impressed that the trio can get their worthwhile cause adopted for next year’s London Marathon. Good work.

    Now what was that I was saying about Kate returning to style formulae post-India?

  16. It’s always fun to see Kate in a casual style. Thanks for the tip on the sweater…just ordered mine for $29.99 with free shipping. A great deal!

  17. I realize this may sound odd, but I kind of hope Harry doesn’t get a serious girlfriend for a while. The 3 of them have such natural and positive energy between them, I don’t want it to get unbalanced with the addition of another person. Love the video!

  18. Thanks for the speedy ID! I got one of the last petite sweaters! Love those Breton stripes and glad to have another excuse to buy them :)

  19. She looked great! I love when all three of them work together and nice to see them linking many of their individual causes.

  20. Thank you so much for your speedy coverage, as always, Susan! I stepped away from commenting for quite a while, but haven’t stopped reading every single post. Your amazing details about scoring that beautiful, dropped-stripe sweater led me to scoop it up immediately. A chorus of a million angels is singing your praises to the far reaches of the J. Crew stock warehouses!!! Is it bad that all my repliKates have been striped (ahem, Boden shirts) with the one exception of the sparkly crystal Zara necklace? :P

    In all seriousness, thanks for keeping up with the flurry of appearances lately. Don’t you think Michelle Obama paid a bit of homage to her hostess the other night by wearing a gorgeous cafe-au-lait lace skirt? Actually, the entire caramel ensemble, complete with gorgeous camel coat, seemed like a Michelle-approved acknowledgment of Kate’s style. My two favorites together! :)

    • I’m impressed how good Kate makes such a basic Breton look. I’d been wondering if she’d pick up one of these patterns with the stripes starting from the top of the bodice.

      I’d wondered about Michelle echoing Kate’s style too. Couldn’t help noticing in the group photo how her choice meant everyone else merged into uniform blue while Michelle’s peach stood out a mile. For the folks back home?

      • What folks? Not many people that I know of are following Mrs. Obama’s “style.” I am sure someone will locate a blog to prove me wrong.

        • There are, in fact, a lot of people who pay attention to Michelle Obama’s wardrobe, especially here in Chicago, and yes, there are blogs. She experiments with fashion quite a lot and often makes quite bold fashion choices, sometimes with the advice of Ikram Goldman, whose Chicago boutique “Ikram” is very cutting edge and nationally known. Many people who care about fashion have been following the way Mrs. Obama dresses for 8 years now. I certainly do.

          Though you’d better believe that I stay away from Ikram. It’s way beyond my budget, and I don’t want to be tempted to buy something for which I’d need to take out a second mortgage!

        • Michele Obama’s style is followed closely in the US. Perhaps not with blogs, but if she rocks an outfit the items generally sell out.

        • Longtime WKW reader but first-time poster here, and I’m sorry to make a controversial opener but I have a BIG problem with someone putting “style” in sarcastic scare quotes when discussing our FLOTUS. She has been a style icon here in the US for the past eight years, and has helped some up-and-coming designers (Jason Wu, Tracy Reese, others) make their names just as Kate has done in the UK.

          Please think before you post. I’ll leave it there but couldn’t let it pass.
          NOTE: Quick admin edit.

          • I did think before I posted–always do. And we’ll have to agree to disagree about Mrs. O’s style icon status.

            • OK, fine. I had a specific suggestion re what one should think ABOUT before sarcastically dismissing the idea that the first lady is a lovely and fashionable woman, and wouldn’t have written that as a general admonition. But I understand why the admin deleted it.

            • hrhdhd you are not alone in your thinking.

              • Thanks. And I was commenting on a fashion issue; I will leave conjecture about her being lovely to those other, startlingly numerous blogs.

            • We can agree to disagree on matters of opinion – like whether or not Michelle Obama is an icon – but your earlier statement that not a lot of people follow Michelle’s fashion choices is a matter of fact, and as such is patently false. Michelle is tremendously popular in the US, and thousands of people follow her style. You may not be one of them, and you are certainly entitled to your own opinion, but not to your own facts.

        • There have been several blogs that followed Michelle Obama’s style over the years, one of which was immensely popular, it was called “Mrs.O”. (http://www.mrs-o.com/) There have also been several books written about her fashion and style.

        • I bought one book on Michelle Obama’s style several years ago, when the Obamas were new to the White House, and while I can’t seem to find it right now – an ongoing problem because I have too many books – I recall that it showed J. Crew to be a label she greatly liked, at least at that time in her life. I suspect most First Ladies’ couture becomes a little more haute than it was pre-White House, but it is kind of funny that Kate featured the brand as well.

          Now I’m interested to seek out more of the newer Michelle fashion publications. Just what I need, more books. 8~)

          • Yep. Most memorably I recall that the girls wore (adorable) J Crew Kids outfits to the first inauguration in 2009.

    • I actually wouldn’t say Michelle Obama’s outfit was any sort of “homage” to the Duchess’s style. Mrs. Obama has worn lace before, and she loves separates, something the Duchess doesn’t wear very often. (I wish she would.) I liked her outfit very much, but it didn’t make me think “Duchess”. Michelle Obama has her own style, and she’s quite confident in it. I think she looked very much herself in London.

      That said, I like this version of the Breton top, preferring the bolder stripes and overall design to the standard stripes the Duchess has worn before. They make more of a statement.

      • I wasn’t thinking so much of homage as commenting on Michelle’s having adopted taupe as Kate did last time they were seen together. As I say it could have been for purposes photographic for however few get to see a publicity shot of the trip.

        Agree with you about separates. A frustrating gap in Kate’s style choices.

        • Would you say that was taupe or rather a couple of variations on peach? I think the latter. Taupe (or “nude,” as some observers have called it) wouldn’t make much of an impact on a woman of Mrs. Obama’s coloring, whereas I thought what I interpreted as peach shades made her glow.

          They were, however, somewhat more neutral in effect than is her usual preference.

          • Yes, I’d agree Michelle’s outfit looks to have more of the peach than the taupe. I also agree about her glow. I was desperately trying to find a word to cover both her current and Kate’s previous outfit as succinctly as possible.

            Neutral is of course a perfect word to bridge that gap!

      • Apols, not my homage being commented on but that of Lauren at the beginning of the thread. Duh.

  21. She looks so beautiful and casual…totally in her element. I just purchased the sweater! :)

  22. Meh. Another striped nautical shirt and wedges with skinnies. I could understand if she wore the shirt she already had, but why buy another shirt that is just like the old one?

    I feel the same about the green lace dress from the other night. Could she not have worn the black or purple all lace cocktail dresses, or one of the blue ones from the north american tour, or if she was wearing floor length lace, the DVF or the Temperley? Why buy another item that is just like one already in your closet? oh well, I guess the DOC falls into the same wasteful fast fashion traps as the rest of us, although generally at a higher price point. I own two identical J. Crew sweaters in the same color because I couldn’t decide between bright blue and periwinkle.

    • I forgot to say that I do like these wedges better than the old corkswoons, which were a bit clunky with skinny jeans in my opinion.

      • Agree — these wedges seem more streamlined. Though I shall never understand her being able to wear them off-road — just one stray pebble there and I’d be felled!

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