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We saw Kate return to red for Day 5 of the Canada tour.


©James Whatling/Splash News

The Duchess wore a coat by CH Carolina Herrera for today’s engagements in Whitehorse, Yukon.

Andrew Parsons / i-Images/ Polaris

Andrew Parsons / i-Images/ Polaris

Kate and William started their day at the MacBride Museum of Yukon History. Below you see them at storytime.

The Crown in Canada

The Crown in Canada

Today’s reading session had a unique twist: the book being read was translated into the Southern Tutchone language. That is a big deal because only about 1000 people in the world can speak the language. From a Maclean’s story

All the kindergarteners and Grade 1 children in the Kwanlin Dün First Nation, who speak Southern Tutchone, will get the books.

Providing ways for children to learn and speak their native languages will help ensure the language stays alive.

While at the Museum the Duke and Duchess mixed some old and new technology to send a tweet.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

More from the Press Association via The Daily Mail:

William and Kate’s foray into the world of social media had a twist as they used old technology – in the form of a morse code telegraph machine – to send their virtual message.

Their brief words – effectively an electronic signature – were transmitted to the world during a visit to a Canadian museum telling the story of the Yukon, famed as the home of the Klondike gold rush.

Telegraph to Tweet

The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

The gentleman operating the telegraph is Doug Bell. More about Mr. Bell’s conversation with William via that same story;

Mr Bell went on to tell the couple about the time he chatted to William’s parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales, when they visited Ottawa in 1981.

The 90-year-old said: ”I met your parents” and the Duke replied: ”It seems pretty much everyone has met my family here.”

Mr Bell added: ”I asked your father if he’d been to Yukon and he said no, and I said we ought to do something about that so I called the governor general and we made arrangements. Then I got a call saying ‘They can’t go, the princess is pregnant’.”

”Wow, that must have been me or Harry,” said William.

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

©Andrew Parsons / i-Images

It turns out the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh have also been at the Museum building, back in 1959. But when they visited the building was actually the town’s telegraph office.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Following their museum visit the Duke and Duchess went to a festival in downtown Whitehorse.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images/ Polaris

William made a special friend; we learn more about him from The Mirror:

He told fur-clad Leo, who is five months old: “That is definitely the best way to be dressed today.”

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Both Cambridges are clearly in their element when working the crowd.


The Crown in Canada @TheCrownCA

This offers a side view of Kate’s updo.

©James Whatling/Splash News

©James Whatling/Splash News

As mentioned above, the Duchess wore a CH Carolina Herrera coat. As far as we know it is the first time she has worn a piece by the designer to a public engagement. 

The coat is new season CH Carolina Herrera, it only recently arrived in-store. It has a classic Herrera silhouette and design elements: a fitted bodice and full skirt, pockets at the hip, double-breasted styling and oversized collar. For a reference point on how “classic” the piece is, the coat on the left is from 2014, and the navy coat on the right is from 2013.


Photos of the coat Kate is wearing are not yet online, but the piece is available in-store. It is a double-faced wool/cashmere blend and priced at $1915, according to Middleton Maven. Thank you to Perths Fashion for her help on the coat research. If interested in the coat but perhaps not as familiar with the brand, here is a tip – CH Carolina Herrera and Carolina Herrera are separate collections and stores.

This one surprised me, it is not a brand I envisioned the Duchess wearing. I have long hoped we would see her in a Carolina Herrera design (I am an enormous fan), but presumed patience was required on this front, there were too many other designers Kate would want to explore before getting to this brand. Kate is an amazing advocate for the British fashion industry, as well as sensitive to promoting that industry for many Commonwealth countries. We’ve seen evidence of that already on this tour and will have a few more examples in the next post, as the Duchess wore new Canadian brands for her afternoon engagement. My hunch is the combination of the rich red color and Kate’s appreciation of the design prompted its inclusion in the royal wardrobe. If it were any other color, I don’t think it would have made the cut for the tour – Kate may still have purchased the garment, but it would not have been worn on this trip.

Regardless of my idle speculation, I do think she looked lovely in the coat. As always, this shade of red is very good on the Duchess. The fit and flare lines work well on Kate, and she seemed quite comfortable in the piece. It will be interesting to hear your thoughts on the coat itself, as well as any input on Kate adding Carolina Herrera to her roster of designers.

We also saw a new pair of heels, the Tod’s Fringed Leather Pumps.



The shoe is from a 2015 collection, and all leather with a 4″ heel. More about the style from Net-a-Porter’s product description:

 Tod’s’ versatile burgundy pumps have a sturdy block heel and cushioned footbed for round-the-clock comfort. This Italian-made pair is finished with an elegant gold buckle and the brand’s signature pebbled sole.

I believe the shoe originally retailed for $645. A big thank you to Bojana for her ID of the shoes, and also to Lizelle for her DM with the style name and link. The shoe color name per Tod’s is eggplant/cherry (always helpful if you’re trying to locate it at some point down the road.) The style is still available in brown at Italist, where it is on sale for €232, about $260. The shoe also came in navy blue, we show it at Bluefly, where it now appears to be out of stock.



The Duchess carried her Mulberry Bayswater clutch in conker suede (that really is the color name), as well as the Maple Leaf Tartan scarf we first saw last night. There is a little logo peeking out of the scarf that I believe still isn’t identified. (I inserted it at the bottom of the photo.)



We saw Kate’s Annoushka Pearl Drops and Kiki McDonough Diamond Hoops for the first time on the trip.

Annoushka/Kiki McDonough/Splash News

Kiki McDonough / Annoushka / Splash News

The Duchess also wore her Cartier Ballon Bleu watch.

One quick item to mention to cover. A tour usually brings new readers to the site; we love ‘meeting’ new friends and hearing different perspectives on what Kate wears. A request/heads-up on our comment policy.

Healthy, respectful discussion is not only desired, it is encouraged. A debate on the length of a hemline or the merits of a sheath over a fit and flare silhouette isn’t just enjoyable, it’s educational. In those instances, and almost all others, people agree to disagree. They do so politely, even warmly. It is not okay to refer to someone as a fool. Nor is it acceptable to belittle another’s opinion, or to label it as stupid, idiotic, ridiculous or to use any other pejorative term in responding to someone’s comment.

The site’s primary purpose is style-related; this is not the place for discussion about Kate and William’s marriage or Kate’s weight. Trial and error over the years has shown that weight debates have a propensity to go off the rails very quickly. Saying “I think the dress is too big on her” or “the suit jacket should have been taken in” is different from “She looks gaunt,” or “Kate’s bones stick out,” or comments of that nature. It’s a fine line, but one we’re sensitive to here. 

Of equal importance: maintaining a respectful tone when sharing your opinion. Comments referring to the Duchess as a moron, a nitwit, a disgrace or other derogatory terms are simply deleted. That doesn’t translate into sycophancy. It’s merely the difference between saying “I don’t think the dress is cut right” or “it’s not a flattering look” and saying “She looks like an idiot” or “I can’t believe she would wear such a trashy dress”. In some cases it’s a matter of tone; because this is the written word we need to remember one can’t hear vocal inflections.

Sometimes I can edit a comment, but rarely have the time needed to do it properly, so I try to avoid it if possible. Thank you for understanding our efforts to maintain a respectful and fun community!

We’ll be back shortly with our look at what Kate wore in Carcross this afternoon!

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

Emily Andrews, The Sun @ByEmilyAndrews

  97 Responses to “A Return to Red for the Duchess as She Debuts a Carolina Herrera Design”

  1. New shoes, yasss! And a very cute one! I hope we will see this often, it’s such a great business-like addition to her shoe repertoire!

  2. I like the CH Caroline Herrera coat pictured on the left in the collage. I wish Kate has a coat that fits more like that with that 1950s high fashion poof shape. It might be a bit shorter than she usually wears, but it would change things up a bit. Because as many have said, this is a gorgeous coat, but she has so many. Though again, I am all for her keeping to her classic style.

  3. Love the elements she paired here! The classy yet modern-heel pumps, the classy red coat with the maroon clutch – nothing very daring, but yet not predictable either. I’m impressed. I wish she would dress with this much shrewdness all the time.

  4. FINALLY!!! Something besides nude pumps.

  5. I can’t help it, I need to begin with the shoes. I love them ! And love is a small word considering how much I think they’re wonderful ! I used to be so bored with the Duchess’s nude shoes, so those one seem fantastic to me ! Well Done Kate for surprising us with this kind of shoes !

    I love the coat too, this is really the kind of coat I would buy for myself, I really love the cut and I think it fits the Duchess very well.

    Just a last word, congrats Kate for this great look !

    Oh and I know it’s not Kate related but where are Lili’s comments ? I miss them !!

  6. I like the shoes, very classic with a twist. Also practical – those spike heels are not practical for walking on non-paved surfaces and she can’t (or shouldn’t IMHO) wear wedgies with such a formal garment. I think sometimes we forget that high fashion and function don’t always go together…

  7. I didn’t love this outfit as I thought it made the Duchess look bigger/chubby – no trying to rude. Also I don’t love red on her. Also the hair in a low bun makes her look a lot older than she does when he hair is up in a high pony or out.
    The shoes were a big surprise to me – very old fashioned for her.
    Also black shoes and bag would have made a nice contrast with the red.

  8. Beautiful coat, hair, earrings. Love the shoes – just not sure about the color with the coat. Almost think plain ole black ones would have been better. . . . . Hope to see the shoes again in another setting.

  9. I too love the idea of draping the scarf over the arm as an accent, and using it if needed. The Maple Leaf tartan is a beautiful complement to all of the reds and greens the duchess has been wearing on this tour, and the Tod’s block pumps in Whitehorse were a nice surprise. I don’t think the shoes look matronly on Kate at all!

  10. for sure the shoes are matronly but they probably were comfortable. she can’t be perfect all of the time. these shoes show a human side

  11. I love the shoes!!!! Such a nice change from the nude pumps she usually wears!
    I think the coat is nice, but I prefer it when she wears coats that show a little of the outfit underneath.
    I’m not a big fan of the red and burgundy together, but maybe it would make more sense if we could see the dress.

  12. As other posters have mentioned before, the coat feels like old news, but oh my, the shoes!
    I love block heels, and it’s such a departure from her usual style to wear block heels, no suede, no nude patent leather whatsoever… If I remember correctly she also owns a pair of navy block heeled courts (LK Bennett?), which I wish she would wear more often. I find that block heels provide a nice balance to a fit-and-flare coat/dress, and since it is her preferred silhouette, she might as well make the most of it.

  13. Yeah for the shoes!!!! I think they would have been fantastic with the green Dolce & Gabbana dress.

    The coat is beautiful and, once again, an example of a cut and style very few people could get away with wearing. Kate looked spectacular in this outfit. I hope to see her again in this coat with her black suede boots.

  14. New shoes- yeah! So thrilled to see her in a different shaped heel and a bit of hardware. Cost is so imply gorgeous!!! This has been the red tour!

  15. LOVING these shoes! A different style in so many ways for her, I just wish I was able to deal with that kind of heel (I’ve personally sworn off anything higher than 2.5 inches at this point!). The colour is fun and I don’t mind that it is a red that is different from the coat, versus the other day when I didn’t like the mis-matched reds with the beautiful dress she wore for the evening reception. Maybe it is a matter of 2 reds (coat and shoes) v’s 3 reds (dress, shoes, bag), or the fabric choices.

    Beautiful, classic, timeless coat too. Carolina Herrera makes gorgeous clothes, elegant and ladylike so exciting to see the Duchess starting to explore her designs. There is a beautiful purple and red strapless evening gown in the Autumn 2016 collection I’d love to see Kate in.

    • Just noticed she was carrying a red bag again today – so it is 3 reds. I guess the great shoes and coat distracted me from the bag! I’m also loving that scarf, such a pretty colour pallete.

  16. I love how the burgundy of the shoes and clutch ground the bright red of the fabulous coat. And I adore how she continues to wear shades of red to honor the Canadian people and their flag, as well as her British/English heritage. She and her stylist are amazing at creating symbolism and respect through her clothes.

  17. I went to my local (Boston, MA) CH Carolina Herrera store this morning and was able to find the coat in the store. It retails for $1915.00 and is a beautiful fiery red. It’s very soft, but I must admit that I was surprised to find it to be unlined, especially at that price point.

    I have to give credit to @MiddletonMaven on Twitter who shared that the coat was a current season piece and was available in stores.

  18. Too many red coat/dresses on this trip in my opinion. That coat in black or navy would have been so elegant – especially with boots. Her shoes are just dreadful. Between the red coat and the burgundy shoes, such a matronly look.
    With such a fantastic figure, she could wear so many different options and she does look great most of the time but I think it is time she hires an expert stylist and get rid of the current one.

  19. I love those 40′s style Tod’s shoes! It seems like a departure for her to wear shoes with much embellishment and I love it. That red coat is fabulous, but I do agree that it looks like something we’ve seen before. It works and is lovely. I don’t much like that clutch with the coat as I feel like the colors clash.

  20. Love love love the shoes. Especially the contrasting colors. Much more interesting than the single color versions.
    Also have admired the way she has mixed reds on this trip. It’s not an easy thing to do, and I’ve found it eye catching and edgy. Don’t think they’ve clashed, but rather enhanced each other. I seem to deviate from most comments about mixing reds, but I think it’s cool.

  21. Yay to the red outfit after the previous sombre greens, nice as they were. Of course it wouldn’t be smart to wear red every day on this trip, appropriate mix so far. The red was suitable for the events on this day, I like the double-breasted style, a pity the buttons seemed too prominent in at least one image, a trick of the light/camera lens?. And what interesting shoes!

    Glad some pointed out the scarf, I hadn’t noticed – and I think it is a cool idea to carry it with the bag, or over the arm as yesterday, ready to use – a subtle addition to the outfit, without cluttering it unless needed.

  22. Really like the coat. The shoes are pretty but the color sort of threw me. In some of the photos they look almost black! Love her hair when it’s styled like this.

  23. Great to see a different style of day shoe for Kate and i really like them with this coat.

    It looks a beautifully tailored piece and a gorgeous colour but i do agree that it is a bit ” samey ” with other red garments that Kate has worn.

    Overall though Kate looks fab.

  24. Love the shoes! My favorite she’s worn ever!

  25. I just adore those shoes! So nice to see her try something slightly different with her footwear. I’m not sure how I feel about the combination of the shoes and the coat . . . at least in print the two different colors don’t seem to complement one another . . . but those shoes are darling. I hope to see more of them.

  26. I think I’m echoing many others when I say I love the shoe! I am not the hugest fan of the coat, however. Why didn’t she just wear another one she had already? I don’t think I’ve ever seen someone else just carrying a scarf, which Kate has done several times now. It’s an interesting idea, but I wonder why she just doesn’t work it into her outfits.

  27. So, Kate has scoured the catalogues of high-end designers to track down a red coat much like all the others she has. In her defence of course she does have a lot of visits to Canada ahead of her. Not to mention Wales or China

    But even so this one seems an odd shape viewed from the front as the deep pleats from the flared skirt manage to make Kate wide at the hips. I can think of no other designer who has achieved this. It looks as if the front of the coat has been kept as a flat panel with the flare only beginning where that panel area ends resulting in the fabric bunching at either side. The waistline looks to have been pulled up by her long torso, and the whole coat fails to sit well.

    It’s a magnificent garment, and a delight to see the classic Herrera join Kate’s labels of choice. The assault on stratospheric price tags continues apace. The width of the flare is fabulous viewed from other angles than the front, the collar is very neat and I love the generous covered buttons. The amazing block heel courts give some serious weight where needed below a heavy coat without recourse to dark hosiery or boots.

    I love those earrings and am delighted we have another sleek updo. The complicated plaits and pleats of yore seem to have been retired for now.

    • I agree with ElizaMo. It looks so much like her other red coats. And, “The assault on stratospheric price tags continues apace.” What a polite way to put the cost of her wardrobe!

      • Thanks Stephanie, I was thinking maybe there’s only so many things you can do with a coat so repeated viewings of Kate in same might lead to the feeling of deja vu, regardless of colour. I think the deluge of pics on every outing Kate makes must also lead to a feeling of sameyness when following her. I’m not sure the wardrobe of anyone alive could survive such scrutiny.

  28. I think this is a gorgeous shade of red, and her hair and makeup are perfection but I don’t understand why she didn’t just wear the red Katherine Walker that she wore on the first Canadian tour? I found it to be a more attractive version than this one. The buttons on today’s look are placed in a very unfortunate manner.

    Also, I do not like these shoes—they seem clunky and inelegant to me and I don’t think they go with this coat at all. I also like the purse but do not think it is the correct shade to go with this coat. I would probably have styled it with black shoes and purse.

    • I think the problem with the Catherine Walker coat is that is was worn in July back then (and last June). I don’t think it’s warm enough for the weather in Yukon right now, and the fabric is too thin to allow for extra layers to be worn underneath.

  29. I can’t get excited about this coat when compared to the lovely collection of red coats that Kate already has. This one is just too blah. Maybe it would have been nicer with a belt like the 2014 and 2013 editions.

    I’m thrilled to see Kate mix things up with her shoes and actually add a little texture to them! But I’m just not a fan of this particular pair. Don’t want to discourage her though ;)

    Sadly this look is a miss for me. I had such high hopes when the tour started with that beautiful Jenny Packham ensemble! And while I understand that it’s a more casual tour – which I was actually looking forward to, as I can take a lot more applicable inspiriation from Kate’s outfits then – it just seems like most of the looks so far have been a little bit off in some way.

  30. The color red was a good choice as it makes the Duchess quite easy to catch a glimpse of; just a bit boring. The images show a more fitted bodice, which would have amped it up for me. The shoes were a brilliant choice; the moccasin type detailing gave them a more rustic feel than a standard court. I do think it’s time for another hair stylist. I’ve had my doubts before but those little butterfly clips the other day were absurd.

  31. I love the shoes – and if they were available, might consider paying the high cost to have them. They look great and upon first seeing the whole ensemble, I quickly scrolled down to note the information on the shoes. The coat is lovely – very Carolina Herrera – feminine, graceful, good movement. I know Kate is wearing red because she is in Canada but I think she must like it and must feel good about herself when she is wearing red – and she does look great in it.

  32. I like the color of this coat, but like others have said, I’m over red on this tour and the placement of the buttons seems a bit off. The coat seems to hang a bit too much. But I’m excited to see her in CH finally and I hope we see more, particularly in some of her formal gowns.

    the shoes though….love them. A departure from her normal shoe choices obviously, and just gorgeous in themselves. So happy to see something different!

  33. I think I may be the only one who really really dislikes these shoes? Quite an older brand and style – loafer heels, though if they were Gucci Loafer Heels, that might have been different. After all Kate’s fashion forward moves, I feel this whole look has gone back to the frumpy and the shoes are what make it more so. Her first look Jenny Packham and hat was a knock out sensation and this is quite drab. Just my opinion. Though I was super excited to see Sentaler!! :)

  34. I like her coat. It is another red coat but it’s a very Kate style and I’m sure she’ll wear it on many occasions. I think Caroline Herrera designs in general would suit her and I would love to see more (plus CH wouldn’t have wierd pocket watches to remove…)
    I’m a big fan of Tods anyway but I LOVE her shoes. The chunkier style balances her coat so much better than skinny stilettos. I often think she looks like she is wearing Summer clothes and accessories with a big Winter coat thrown on top but this time she looks properly ‘finished’.
    To me, she is really nailing it on this trip.

  35. It’s not that I don’t like the coat. It’s fine. As many other commenters have pointed out it feels we’ve seen it before even though it’s new. I’m just done with the colour red, especially for her wardrobe on this trip. We get it, you’re in Canada! Our colour is red! Our symbol is the Maple Leaf! It feels really cliche and not all that well researched, imo.
    I liked the Maple Leaf tartan she carried, I loved the bottle green D&G dress, and I even liked the red and white McQ dress, even though it kind of reminded me of a pack of cards. But I’m finding red coat, red dress, red hat, repeat very boring.

  36. The shoes are a departure from her usual style and I love them.

  37. Loved the Jacket, love, love,loved the shoes……. but not together!
    Was chuffed to see a different style of shoe added to her collection

  38. I think back to when she wore the red suit for a visit to St Andrew’s University in 2011 with the short skirt and boots and look at how she has matured and gone from lovely looking girl to polished, elegant royal. I love Kate’s collection of coats – but I didn’t even realise that this was a new one as I seem to remember seeing her wearing something similar before (maybe like me with my quest for the perfect pair of black trousers, Kate is on a similar perfect red coat quest, picking up plenty en route!) Such a joy to have a site like this where you can look back on all Kate’s lovely outfits!

  39. I want her shoes. This shoe is stronger than her normal courts and gives the duchess more presence. It’s a little tedious how she wedges, courts and now blocks. She has some gorgeous sandals/open toe shoes that do not get recycled so much. I would love her to mix her styles more. Her Gianvito courts in nude and red were just lovely. Don’t care for the three inch reds she wore with Alexander McQueen frock or most of her other nude courts. Such as the ones she ruined the long green dress with. She aged this look with her choice

    • I agree that these shoes are a great addition. They have extra color and a little flair. But I disagree that she needs to add different (open toed) shoes to her regular wear. One of the things I LOVE about Kate’s style is that she is utterly classic and practical in her footwear. If Kate is wearing the shoes, you KNOW they must be comfortable, and comfort in footwear is something too many women don’t pay attention to. Like the women at events who must take shoes off because they are uncomfortable (wrong footwear). If she started wearing open toed shoes, she would be limited by weather and terrain far more than she is when she keeps to a well worn sturdy (yet gorgeous) pump. I hope Kate sticks to her timeless styles and that my little baby girl still wants to wear pumps like Kate some day.

  40. Another red coat. Don’t find it as stylish as the Catherine Walker from first Canadian tour. Not sure why this rather expensive and ill-fitting (there is definitely a problem with the buttons/bodice) is a better alternative. For me, this cut buttoned to the chin is getting boring. Again its underaccessorized. Don’t know why the scarf is being carried – shouldn’t it be worn? Granted hard to wear a scarf with that kind of neckline buttoned up. Wonderful to see a different style and colour of shoes, although not sure the studier style and colour works as well as it might with such a feminine looking coat. Might have been a better choice for yesterday’s coat – on second thought they might have dragged that outfit down even further. I think the pearl drop earrings don’t provide enough balance to the coat. Either a hat or bigger earrings would work better. Hair a big improvement obviously. Alas, Kate seems to travel with only one shade of lipstick – a brighter lip would have helped today’s look, as well as yesterday’s.

  41. Oh please, how in the world can you comment and report on women’s fashion in the real world without referencing body type. Like we all look good in the same style of clothes???

    • I’m actually glad the rules are in place to keep the tone of the comments from becoming overly negative and to remind us that there’s a real person in those clothes. I understand that you feel your comment was deleted unfairly, but perhaps the administrator has time to only skim each comment and make a quick decision about it as there is so much for her to do this week! I appreciate her dedication to this blog, as well as its positive tone.

    • As Susan pointed out to you yesterday – there is no problem with referencing body type *while discussing the clothing*. There IS a problem with referencing body type using inappropriate language like “beanpole”, “stick thin”, and the other terms you used in your post. It’s no different than commenting on a picture of someone who is overweight by saying “flabby” or “marshmallow man”.

      Good Example: “I love this coat! I could never pull it off because I’m more of an hourglass shape than Kate’s athletic build. It looks great on her.”

      Bad example: “I love this coat but I could never wear it because I’m not a stick thin, skinny-minny like Kate!”

    • They didn’t say we couldn’t reference body types. But there’s a difference between saying “this coatdress throws off her proportions” and “she looks like a stumpy alien in this” or “this print on the dress might not be flattering to someone more full figured” and “this design will make someone fat look like a huge sofa.” Obviously, the ladies here want us to stick to the former examples and keep things civil, respectful, and pleasant.

    • Susan’s policy on comments has been in place from the very beginning. If you read through the comments, you will see that the fashions are indeed critiqued quite often in relation to body type. However, “sticklike”, etc. isn’t a body type, and that type of descriptor doesn’t make the cut on her site. I’m sure there are plenty of other sites where commentary is much more…relaxed…but I suspect Susan views it as a slippery slope she’s not willing to facilitate. Her castle, her rules – and bravo to her, to be honest.

  42. I adore the shoes. I imagine after so many days of walking in heels the support from these is welcome. An odd question, but how do you think she gets such perfect fit on all her heels. There is never any visible gapping no matter the heel height. Maybe her hose allows for a tighter but still comfortable fit. I’m in awe.

    • I think the pantyhose she wears allows for a tighter fit. I always wear pantyhose – shut up! I love them! LOL – and I have big feet so larger shoe sizes aren’t an option (I’m usually in the largest size offered). With the pantyhose there’s no problems, no matter how tight the shoe.

    • There are lots of things that you can put inside your shoes to make them fit much better. Lots of different types of gel inserts, some for ball of shoes, some that stick on the inside heel of shoes, some full shoe inserts. They make your foot sit differently and also help grip in the shoe, so a pair that is half a size to big will fit. I am always adding removing these to model shoes to make them fit better for the runway, sometimes we put two pairs of gel inserts in and sometimes I have to use the tissue wrapping from the shoebox in ultra quick changes etc, however I do not think The Duchess would have to have tissue stuffed in the toe of her shoes.

    • First of all, she takes time to buy well crafted shoes that fit. That makes a lot of difference from buying the lowest price shoe out there.
      I have a pair of LK Bennet sledge pumps and I bought foot petals and mixed and matched until I got a perfect fit since my feet are slightly different sizes. And nylons do make a huge difference.

  43. Well, it’s a very ‘Kate’ coat, isn’t it? I feel like we’ve seen it a hundred times before, even though I know of course we haven’t. I don’t find CH an unusual choice of designer at all – the Duchess often wears non-UK designers, and CH has a long history of dressing First Ladies. Although Kate will always acknowledge the country she’s visiting in her tour wardrobe, it never seems to be the leading consideration in what she decides to wear – for the Australia/NZ tour, say, I remember only a few pieces that were attributable to local designers, although often design elements in other pieces will give a nod to symbols or traditions of the host country – here, it’s obviously the bright red colour.

    Anyway, it’s a lovely look, and I do applaud the interesting shoes!

  44. Loved it when I read she was wearing Carolina Herrera!! Her designs are always so graceful and elegant! Kate looks beautiful and the shoes are equally awesome Hope to see them often! Kate’s choices for this tour have been spectacular!

  45. I love th coat and the shoes – wish we could see the dress underneath. I also can’t help but think shoes like that in brown would’ve looked beautiful with the green dress and coat from yesterday.

  46. The duchess obviously likes this style of coat – fitted bodice, flared skirt – she has (from a 2 minute Google search) – the Emilia Wicksteads in yellow and another in green; Alexander McQueen in plaid, also Prince of Wales check and cream; green Katherine Walker; brown Hobbs; dark blue Beulah … probably more I’m missing! Girl likes her fit-and-flare coat is what I’m saying!

    This coat has elements she favors that I find less than sophisticated (which pains me, b/c I love Carolina Herrera) – the Peter Pan collar and large, spaced buttons. Not a fan. I much prefer the red LK Bennett she wore in Denmark, but today’s is a truer red (a shade I find CH does very well).

    Yay! for new shoes!!!

  47. This is a beautiful coat and the Duchess looks great in it… however…the middle button on the left side of the coat bodice (Duchess’s left side) is set to far to the left causing the coat to pull in the chest area, and is creating puckering in the fit. You can see in the picture where the top overlay is not lining up with the seaming underneath. The left edge of the overlayer should be parallel with the seaming on the underneath. Custom fitted clothing should be fitted better than what we are seeing here and in some of the other designers very fitted clothing for the Duchess. For the amount of money being spent for this coat, it should have a better fit. Someone is not giving enough time to the fitting procedure.

    • Given the oddness of the fit I was wondering if this was an off-the-peg item and not quite fitted to Kate. There’s also the local climate at work, it’s always possible Kate has an extra cosy layer underneath – it was freezing up there!

      I find the fit — or lack of it — puzzling given that Kate has access to quality tailoring. But then there are only so many hours in the day and she does have a royal household to manage not to mention two small children.

  48. I would buy those shoes in a hot second if they were still available! Nice!

    The coat, I am not so sure about. The cut is beautiful, but the buttons seem off somehow. I am wanting them to either be placed a bit higher or lower, or possible to be in a contrasting material, rather than matching red fabric. Maybe metallic? Maybe some kind of shiny plastic or resin?

    But overall, I really like it. Also, I feel like she should be commended for braving near freezing temperatures with only nude hose. I totally would have gone for heavier tights and boots.

  49. I liked the coat. I’m not sure the button placement on the bodice could have been changed. Is there a button of some sort on the upper back of the coat? In one of the pictures you can see something odd.

  50. Lovely to see block heels for a change, though the traditional front design on the shoe is surprising to me — I’ve never seen her where a shoe like that. I’m curious how many red coats she has … which made me think, what on earth do her dressing rooms look like and how does she keep track of everything? There must be a detailed database that she and personal assistants can access from any location so you can instantly determine if an item is at Kensington or Amner Hall and have it shuttled for an event if necessary. The shoe inventory alone must be fascinating to manage for her schedule, though she most likely has multiples in various places.

    Her hair is gorgeous today, but I’m curious why she’s so formal for events in the Yukon!? Very fun to have her branch out into Carolina Herrera. Hope we see more from there! Looks like she and William had a blast today … so many photos of her laughing — I love it!

  51. This look is neither hit nor miss for me. I think it’s a safe choice from Kate and not one she would expect to receive major criticism or praise given its similarities to many coats in her wardrobe.
    Double-breasted coats look heavy in front and the multiple layers of thick fabric don’t lend themselves to crisp tailoring and can look sloppy. Based on the brand and the pictures, this appears well-made and doesn’t look sloppy, but it isn’t as sharp as some of Kate’s other coats. The knee-length does wonders for making the coat appear lighter to me. In a longer length, this would have been a weighty and boring, but the hem has kept it more interesting.
    It appears that Kate is wearing a hair net over her bun. I can’t imagine Kate wanting to look like a lunch lady! This combined with the girlish clips from yesterday really make me question Ms. Tucker. Surely she has experience with barrettes, bobby pins, and hairspray.
    The best part of the look for me are these wonderful shoes. They are very practical with the block heel and so while I never imagined Kate in something like this, I now see how they fit her asthetic very well. I imagine they are great for the walkabouts. They have a slightly masculine look, which is a step out for Kate, and I applaud her trying something new.

  52. So surprised to see her in CH, yet thrilled because I’m a big fan of the house and think many of Herrera’s designs would suit Kate. The coat is actually quite pretty with the beautifully constructed skirt being its best asset. I will say that the button placement is unfortunate prompting my seven year old son who was looking at the post with me to call them “boobie buttons”. :-)

    Wow to the fashion forward footwear! That was more of
    a surprise for me than the appearance of the Carolina Herrera. Hope to see more experimentation in this area.

    • I can’t help feeling much of the oddness of fit on this one could be down to Kate having snuck an extra warming layer on underneath. Maybe we’ll get to see it again sometime and it might sit better.

  53. Have you find out what dress (most likely red) she wore under the dress?

  54. Her outfit is divine today! I particularly love her shoes! I have a suede and leather (the suede is tan and the leather is navy) pair of loafers that echo that pattern a bit and they are one of my favorite pair of shoes.

    I love all of the details in this outfit. They really pull this outfit together!

  55. There is absolutely nothing wrong with this coat. It is lovely on all fronts. It just strikes me as so similar to her many other fit-and-flare coats – particularly the red Catherine Walker coat worn on the first Canada tour. I have enjoyed seeing the Duchess venture out into new territory recently, and this coat didn’t feel fresh to me. The shoes, on the other hand, felt very fresh and I do appreciate her willingness to pair different shades of red together.

  56. Beautiful hair. Love the red color, but the unfortunate top button placement was strange. Did she not have a chance to try it on before leaving?

  57. I think the Duchess looks great. The cut and colour of the coat combined with the updo make her look incredibly chic. However, I’m not a fan of the choice of bag and shoes – they just clash too much with the coat. She could have gone with the nude LK Bennett heels and clutch she was wearing with the green Dolce and Gabanna dress in Kelowna. Even black would have worked better.

  58. My son got very close to them yesterday in his capacity as baggage handler. I asked him what he thought. He said “she is the most beautiful woman I have ever seen”. He is 24 years old and for a young man of his generation to say that, is a real testimony to her beauty I think. Oh and I adore the red coat; vibrant, so she can be seen, terrifically flattering cut, professional look for the working woman she is, and warm and practical too.

    • I just adore your comment, because to me beauty is more than just a pretty face. There are so many pretty faces on the runways and in the fashion rags, but your son’s assessment says to me that the Duchess is a beautiful *person*, and that her inner beauty shines through. I too loved her look yesterday. She looked crisp and fresh and I finally got my wish that she would try a different pair of shoes. I won’t criticize because the sweetness and nostalgia of William’s family connections to this particular place make me unable to see anything but their happiness.

  59. Those shoes!!!!! Fab :)

  60. The shoes!!! I love them.

  61. I like the red coat. The tailoring and the detail are very beautifully executed. It is a nice change to see a shoe other than a pump, although I can’t be quite sure if the colour is burgundy, like the purse. I would have opted for black shoes and purse.

    Once again the maple leaf tartan scarf is a nice touch, but once again, why carry it and not use it as a scarf? It serves no purpose when not in use, other than to be a symbol of something Canadian.

    The pace of this tour has been hectic and full. Yet, Will and Kate seem relaxed and appreciative of everything that has been planned. They have great stamina. I believe they are due for a day off. Let’s hope they enjoy their time with George and Charlotte. Government House, where they are staying, is on 36 acres of land. It should provide privacy and place for them to enjoy time outside with their children.

    • I don’t have a problem with a scarf carried as accessory like this, it seems in keeping with the old custom of tying a scarf round the handles of a handbag simply as a way of lightening up an outfit.

      Kate does put them on when she feels the need as we saw during the epic Thames regatta when her Strathearn tartan scarf finally made it up round her neck by the end. That must have been one draughty trip! She clearly enjoys wearing scarves and I respect the different ways she uses them, including carrying them.

  62. The shoes are to die for! Nice to see a departure from a plain pump.

    • I agree, it was nice to see her wearing something other than a plain pump…the details on it are nice and I like the thicker heel.

  63. Yay!! An interesting shoe!

  64. I think the Duchess looks absolutely lovely here. I always love seeing her hair in an updo. A question — in the close up of her updo it looks as though the bun part is in a hair net. Is this just the photograph? Perhaps to keep it from blowing around? Just something I had not noticed before. Love the blog and am loving the tour (it’s my bedtime reading each night this week!).

  65. Sonice to see her in heels that are different!

  66. I love this coat on Kate! Fit and flare is always good on her body and she appears comfortable in this style. CH always features impeccable tailoring and yet is entirely feminine.

    Also love the Annoushka pearl drops — and her updo is perfection. Her hair has been fantastic throughout the trip and her wardrobe a tour de force.

  67. I’m not a fan of the coat, the buttons are awkwardly placed but the color is fine. I’d love to know what dress she was wearing with her brown and burgundy accessories. It’s great to see a new shoe, I’m just not sure they work with the red coat.

    • I agree, with Ceci. I think the buttons are placed awkwardly on the coat. If I wore that coat, I know I’d be bumping up against one of those breast level buttons every time I moved my arm.

    • I adored the coat until I read your comment… Now I cannot unsee the button placement! It’s particularly unfortunate in the top picture, since the lower buttons are covered by her arms.

      As for the other elements, I love the shoes, agree it’s awkward to carry an unused scarf, and think her hair and earrings are very elegant.

      • Same here, now I can’t unsee it! It looks like CH uses that button placement frequently because it’s on the other example coats.

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