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We journey back again to look at another appearance by Miss Middleton, this one at at a high-profile event, a wedding in January.

Splash News/Libelula

Splash News/Libelula

The bride-to-be looked smart, wearing a black velvet coat by Libelula over a sheer top, an ensemble under scrutiny by some observers.  For one, the color black is almost never worn by royals unless at a funeral or memorial service; additionally there was the issue of…well…. we will merely say it involved proper foundations. Here is how The Sun’s Toni Jones put it:

Wearing black has ruffled a few feathers. But give the girl a break. Not wanting to steal the bride’s limelight, Kate chose a simple LBD.  The neckline was a tad risque but once a princess, Kate will be advised to keep outfits “safe”. So let her have some fun now. I can’t wait for the hen do get-up.”
“She chose the wedding of her and Prince William’s close friends, Harry Aubrey-Fletcher and Louise Stourton, in Yorkshire on Saturday to unveil her latest style discovery – a sleek and softly tailored, black velvet coat, with diamante buckle, from the independent London fashion label Libelula, which means dragonfly in Spanish.”
Here is how the coat appears on the company’s website.

Courtesy Libélula

More from The Telegraph’s fashion director, Hilary Alexander:
“The coat was not only remarkable for its sombre shade, but also for its plunging neckline, which revealed the semi-sheer bodice of the dress beneath, and its attainable price tag of £310, a mere fraction of what similar silk velvet coats from international luxury designer brands would cost.”
Prince William served as a groomsman at the wedding.
The circumstances are reminiscent of an eyebrow-raising appearance made by Prince William’s mother, Lady Diana Spencer, at her first high-profile event following the announcement of her engagement to Prince Charles.

The daring black silk taffeta gown by David and Elizabeth Emanuel set some tongues to wagging, in large part because of the color, as well as its daring decolletage.
At any rate, if hopeful of acquiring a Dulwich for yourself, there are limited sizes available online at the Libelula site. The company also does wedding gowns.


  8 Responses to “1.7.2011 The Libelula ‘Dulwich’ Velvet Coat”

  1. Hello everyone!
    I’m totally in love with this coat. Could anyone tell me: does Libelula ever put this coat on sale? Thanks!

  2. Any information on the shoes in this picture? Would love to get similar shoes…

  3. I bought that velvet coat, and it’s knockout. Though I’ve liked many of Catherine’s items (she dresses much to my taste), the coat is the only item I’ve had to have. I went to some trouble to get it and had to pay international shipping fees, but it was worth it.

  4. hi, I have a question, do you have a photo of that sheer dress by Issa, how it looks like in full glory? Or some photos from Philip and Autumn wedding, cause she wore it there too.
    Thank you.

  5. The black sheer panelled dress underneath the coat is by Issa and was first worn to the wedding of Peter Phillips and Autumn Kelly in May 2008

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