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The young couple was busy that last Friday of February, their second official appearance together was at the University where they first met, Saint Andrews in Scotland.

PA Wire

PA Wire

Miss Middleton and Prince William were on hand to help kick off the University’s 600th Anniversary celebration. Here is how each looked back in 2005 when they graduated.

PA Wire

The couple also helped publicize a fundraising campaign for the University. Miss Middleton looked lovely in a bright red suit, black boots and black gloves.

It turns out the suit was by Italian clothier Spagnoli.

Luisa Spagnoli

The Daily Mail broke the news of “the Italian job”.  (Ahem.)

“…Kate purchased the striking £160 skirt and £335 sushi jacket from Hollie de Keyser in Knightsbridge, Central London.

In doing so, she was retracing the fashion footsteps of Princess Diana, de Keyser’s premises were frequented by William’s late mother when the boutique was known as Emma Somerset.”

The designer told People magazine how she felt about Miss Middleton’s style choice:

“She looked stunning, and we are proud and flattered that a style icon for women of all the world like her has worn Luisa Spagnoli,” managing director Nicoletta Spagnoli tells PEOPLE. “The color red is perfect for her brunette hair and pale skin.”

The company offers a broad range of styles, below we show looks from the Spring 2011 collection.

Luisa Spagnoli

More looks from that group.

Luisa Spagnoli

Spagnoli also creates formal styles.

Luisa Spagnoli

The line has proven so popular Hollie de Keyser plans to open a Spagnoli shop just down the street from her own boutique.

We wouldn’t be surprised if soon Prince William is known as “the man who accompanied Kate Middleton to ______” (just fill in the blank), as opposed to “The Future King of England”.


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  1. Any idea who makes those black suede boots worn with the red suit? Kate has worn them for years now and I have yet to see a post anywhere that identifies them. Thanks!

    • Probably Aquatalia…she seems to wear a lot of their boots. But that’s just my guess–absolutely not based on research. :)

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