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We have information on the designer for that green shawl worn by the Duchess last week, along with updates on a number of items being re-issued.

The piece Kate selected to wear for much-documented trip to the grocery store is said to be by American designer Minnie Rose.  The company specializes in luxury knitwear, offering elegant, snuggly wraps, shawls and tops, Kate’s shawl is 100% cashmere.

While we haven’t yet found the specific piece worn above, similar items can be found at Saks, or Amazon.  And Neimans has a lovely new group in white, lavender and soft coral, but again, not the piece seen here. The majority of items retail at abut $200 and up, although the new cotton group at Needless Markup Neimans is much less, those pieces are primarily made of cotton.

Minnie Rose does not offer online shopping at their site, but you can find a list of retailers here. Also, People StyleWatch says the shawl is, or was (I would guess past tense is more appropriate, I can’t imagine it is available anywhere at this point) available in the UK at Donna Ida stores.

All Images via Minnie Rose

To learn more about the brand and read an interview with company founder Lisa Shaller-Goldberg, click here.

Next, updates on two shoes worn recently by Kate, beginning with the Greta Kate wedge from LK Bennett; the shoe will be reissued in June, and the style name is changing to “Kate”. Readers may recall seeing the Duchess wearing the black patent espadrille throughout the day before her wedding, as well as the day after the big event, as she and William departed Buckingham Palace for a quiet weekend.

LK Bennett

The black patent espadrille will retail at approximately $265, and may be ordered now, but be advised there is already a wait list. Those lucky enough to be near the only LK Bennett store in the US (Michigan Ave., Chicago) can see the shoe and get their name on a list.

Another shoe receiving a lot of attention, the French Sole flat worn when Kate was attending to the family grocery shopping last week. The company’s Facebook page now says the shoe is the India style.

French Sole

A reminder, the US store is called London Sole and the style is the Pirouette, on the French Sole (UK) site it is the India.


In other news, the scent worn by Kate on her wedding day “White Gardenia Petals” by Illuminum, is also selling out.

Via Lucky Scent

Roullier White offers the item in the UK, and has this message on their site:

Illuminum, the small independent artisan perfumery, is pulling out all the stops to bottle this incredible fragrance as fast as they can. We will send out deliveries in the order they come in to us, but there will be a longer than usual delay whilst we do so. We thank you for your patience, you will not be disappointed, White Gardenia Petals is well worth the little wait!”

In North America the perfume is sold through Lucky Scent. The smaller (50ml) bottle is $140, and the larger size is $190, both are out of stock until July.  However, you can place preorders online at Lucky Scent.

One other tidbit about the perfume, Illuminum is launching a line of hair products that will not only make your hair smell lovely, they are also supposed to have nutrients and help protect it from the sun. White Gardenia Petals is one of four scents included in the July launch, Roullier White is expected to carry the new collection.


A few other tidbits:

  • Pelham Robinson will not be making copies of the earrings worn by the Duchess on her wedding day, telling the Daily Mail “We’ve been asked countless times to replicate the Duchess of Cambridge’s earrings, but we won’t be doing this.”
  • Several media outlets are reporting that Kate’s younger sister, the oh-so-popular Pippa Middleton, will accompany Kate and William on their Canadian and US visit in July  From the Daily Star:

“Kate Middleton wants little sis Pippa to be her senior lady-in-waiting when she and Prince William visit California in June.  It is a daunting tour for Kate and she wants someone she trusts at her side riding shotgun,” confided one family friend.”

That would add an interesting dynamic to the trip. If possible, it is likely to make the media frenzy even worse.

We close with a look at the remarkable talents of a WKW reader, the amazingly gifted Nicole from Beaufrog.  Nicole made her very own version of that Zara dress worn by Kate the day after her marriage, seen up above in the LK Bennett marketing piece.  And now… (drum roll please)… Nicole’s version:


Not only did Nicole whip up this fantastic number, she shared a tutorial on her site as well!  Way to go, and many thanks from this side of the pond for sharing with all of us!

  17 Responses to “Green Shawl Designer Info, Updates on LK Bennett, French Sole & Is Pippa Coming to America?”

  1. Also, I can’t remember where I read it (it might have been on WKW), but if you go to and search for “Kate Middleton” and “knitting,” you will find a bunch of shawls similar to the Minnie Rose at a much more affordable price.

  2. I’m so happy I found this blog!!!! Thanks for all the wonderful posts!

    FYI, for the folks who like Kate’s green Minnie Rose shawl AND know how to knit, there is a group of folks on who are currently testing out the pattern of a replica of the shawl. They posted that a pattern should be available for sale in the next couple of weeks.

  3. Update:

    The measurement of Minnie Rose shawl is approximately 72 inches in width (horizontal line of the T) and 50 inches in length (vertical of the T) including the ruffer. This shawl measurement is great for 5 feet 8 feet individuals or taller.

    I believe the older version of Minnie Rose shawl, the one Kate Middleton have measures 86 inches in width and 43 inches in length. I believe this shawl measurement would be perfect for 5 feet 4 feet individuals or shorter.

  4. I agree with Elizabeth’s comment dated 5/24/11. In addition to Minnie Rose newer version, the shawl is way too long for short women that is 5 feet 3 and under. Kate’s shawl is just the perfect lenght and just love the ribbing design. Thanks for sharing that Minnie Rose have no plan to bring back the style Kate worn. Indeed Minnie Rose can turn those cashmere yarns to gold$$$ but decided not to. I was going to buy at least 5 different colors if the shawls is shorter in length. I have a fleece shawls, made in Italy purchased at Nordstrom and loving it. Just the right measurement including the length. With the cost of the newer shawls at over $300 each, I prefer to get the shawl that is made in Norway versus Minnie Rose Cashmere shawl that are made in China. Sorry no offend but just can’t pay for the high price item that is made in China. Minnie Rose shawl will not keep you warm when you wear it outside during winter months vs the shawl that is made in Norway. However if Minnie Rose decided to bring the older version back and price right, I will get a few.

    • How might others purchase a shawl like yours from Norway?

      • um…..i worked for minnie rose until a couple weeks ago when i found a better job. their stuff is very high quality. fleece has nothing on theese CASHMIRE shalls. they ae not made in china. the samples are from china. you must of never even felt a shawl from minnie rose because the cashmire shawls will keep you super warm in the winter. they are thick and soft. perfect to snuggle up in. i understand you can not afford them (i must agree they are pricy) but dont judge them they are great sweaters and there’s no cashmire company with softer cashmire then us.the cotton wont keep you warm during winter but cashmire ones definitely will. lastly they are NOT cashmire yarns. they are sheep wool hand wound and spun in sweden. thank you .

  5. If any of you are interested in the green shawl worn by Kate, it is an older style from Minnie Rose. I contacted them and they said the current versions on their website are larger and do not have the ribbing like Kate’s shawl.They have no plans to bring back the style worn by Kate. (Silly gooses, they could make an even bigger fortune if they did!)

    There is a knitting website called and they are currently working on test patterns to recreate the exact shawl worn by Kate. I like the shape and length of Kate’s shawl whereas the current versions are too long and not as cute looking. As soon as the pattern testing is complete, I plan to buy it and commission a master knitter to re-create it for me. Love that shawl!

  6. Does anyone know where the black and white spotted dress and cream blazer she wore before the wedding are from? Kate wore them with the LK bennet wedges.


    • Hi Beth, and thanks for reading our goofy blog! Almost everything I have seen written about the dress indicates it is the Issa London “Bird Print Button Up Skort Dress,” but any photos I have seen of it look *much* shorter than the dress Kate is wearing. If you search that description you will find a number of images of the dress, many of them referencing Kate wearing it. The print is definitely the same (or almost the same), but the dress she has on looks like an actual dress, not a skort, thus my reluctance to post it as that particular garment. Good luck!

  7. Wow, you guys have a lot of time on your hands.
    There are far more beautiful and stylish royal women out there. I don’t get this obsession.

  8. Great info!!
    I wish we knew who did the jacket.
    Thanks so much for the update!

  9. Was looking at the LK Bennett site…looks like they’re Angelina and Brad fans with Maddox, Shilo, and Zahara shoes…poor Pax and twins (don’t know their names).

  10. Eu tenho o vestido azul para vender, novo e com etiquetas.

  11. You wouldn’t happen to know where the cute cream colored blazer that she wore the night before the wedding was from?

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