Jun 302011

The Royal Tour kicked off in a stylish way today as the Duchess of Cambridge selected a medley of international designers for her flight to Canada.

Kate is wearing the Manon dress by French designer Roland Mouret.

PHOTOS: PA/MyTheresa.com

The dress features an asymmetric neck with criss-cross straps on the back, a modified empire waist and a partially exposed metal zipper. It is made of a silk/cotton blend, a good weight for this time of year and it is widely available as of this writing. That will not be the case in a matter of hours.  Above we show it at My Theresa, below at Neiman Marcus (Originally $1975, now $1382).

Roland Mouret Manon Dress at Neiman Marcus

Kate selected a jacket from Canadian label Smythe; oddly enough, it is the very blazer we featured last night in our post predicting what Kate might wear. The blazer is $575 at Revolve, $357 at Saks.

Smythe 1 Button Blazer at Revolve Clothing (L)/Saks Fifth Avenue(R)

Smythe is based in Toronto and designed by Andrea Lenczner and Christie Smythe.

Kate’s shoes have been identified in a story by The Telegraph as the Manolo Blahnik Calogera shoe, the only place we can locate them is Amazon Japan, click here for that site.

Amazon Japan

Kate’s bag is the Mulberry Polly Push Lock in Midnight, crafted of what we would call a pebble grain, available at Mulberry for $1300.

“Polly Push Lock” by Mulberry

Special thanks to @LiltingLimes on Twitter for alerting us to the Telegraph story!

We’ll be back later with a look at what Kate wears for the official welcoming ceremony in Ottawa. Click here to visit the Official Royal Tour page online, here for our Facebook page where we have loads of fun posting details on Kate’s apparel/accessories as soon as we see them, and here for our Twitter feed.


  20 Responses to “Kate Showcases International Design Mix for Royal Tour Kickoff”

  1. Kate has such style,knowledge of what suits her and ability to carry her clothes of.
    Navy is such a classy colour never fails to look smart.
    It a joy to se this young woman totaly at ease with her commitment.
    Love her.

  2. [...] up — as you can see from the picture on the left — Kate wore a Manon dress by Roland Mouret for their flight to Canada. She paired it off with a navy jacket by Smythe, Manolo Blahnik Calogera [...]

  3. I’ve actually seen another photo of their luggage which shows more items – where a lady is holding a vanity case and a LV suit holder (may be another LV piece) – I’ll go look for it shortly :-)

  4. [...] also wore Manolo Blahniks and sported a Mulberry bag, but What Kate Wore has the deets on [...]

  5. I’m always amazed by your abilities, but your play-by-play of Kate / Catherine / Duchess’ wardrobe (even when parts are partially obscured, like here) is both remarkable and total fun for this reader.

    On to this specific outfit – this Roland Mouret is one of my Kate-to-date favorites; manages to be conservative yet daring (in cut) all at once. If anyone is seeking a CopyKate of the dress, it reminds me of the Black Halo “Jackie O” dress that’s been out for a while (widely available & more in the $300-400 range). The back isn’t as exciting, but the front has that same asymmetry & pencil skirt silhouette.

    And of course I want this Mulberry bag, as indeed I do all Mulberry bags. Sigh.

  6. What I love about the Kate is that she is using things she loves and wearing them again…not only for the thrift we need at this point, but also because that’s real fashion: what we love…
    I also think that the details on both the namy dress and the navy jacket, shown here only :-D will see us again…paired differently so that those details can be seen. Kate knows what she’s doing with clothes, and we’re lucky to have her setting such a wonderful example.
    I must say, my favorite so far is what she’s NOT wearing: platforms. Too bad more women don’t notice they make one’s feet look big and heavy…
    Thanks for a wonderful site, I’ll be here frequently!!!!

  7. I believe that the bag is Polly Push Lock Tote Midnight Shiny Grain (895 £).


  8. Your site is awesome. I have only just discovered it. Well done – I will spend many a happy hour in it. Thanks

    How do you identify things? How did you know about the dress she wore to leave for Canada when the jacket hides the top where the distinctive part of the design is?
    And also the hand bag. We can see a back view of it in the photos and the the front doesn’t seem to show the triangular side panels that we can see when Kate carries it ?

  9. She looks great, as ever. I may have to steal that bag – it’s lovely.

    I would like to see her in something a bit brighter. She seems to favour whites, blues and neutral colours since she got married (the Stella McCartney dress is an exception) but it would be nice to see something bright red or emerald green!

  10. Why Kate is wearing just white or blue?! Maybe she want not overshadow her husband. Boring, her wardrobe is becoming boring IMO

  11. Very pleased that she wore Smythe! The designers brother is an interior designer on several television shows here in Canada (Tommy Smythe – Sarah’s House, Design Inc., Design 101) and his co-host Sarah Richardson wears a lot of beautiful Smythe pieces!

    • Oh, I love Tommy on “Sarah’s House” (if he is the one I am thinking about)!! And I think Kate looks FAB! But, I wish she were wearing the more affordable things again…no way can I get any part of this outfit…

  12. You really are on it! Very quick with the updates and details, I so much love this site and look forward to popping by each day.. thanks :)

    I have to say, I love Kate and her style but she really does need to switch up the color scheme already. I think we get she likes navy.. this is a nice outfit, I like the details of the dress which are hidden (sadly) by the coat. I’ve read comments on other sites (daily mail) and she is getting ripped about looking like an air hostess (her mom’s former job). I would think she may have wanted to avoid those comparisons by selecting another color or at least including an additional color. The monochrome look is a bit boring.

    Love her bag the best!

  13. Thanks for the site. This is similar to the the MRS. O site about the fashions of Michelle Obama….http://mrs-o.org/. I trust you will be following the Duchess on a daily basis in both her formal dress as well as her casual dress (off duty that is).



  14. girl, you’re gonna be famous one day with this blog!

  15. Good God you are fast! I don’t know how you find this stuff – especially her dress here because the detailing is mostly obscured – but I am very impressed. I imagine it will be a very busy two weeks for you, so thanks in advance and good luck! I adore this site!!

  16. Nice work! You are doing a super job; love your site. Thanks.

  17. Very cool site! It’s great that you did this – thanks for putting in the time and effort! Can’t wait to see what she wears on their tour.

  18. amazon japan! i can’t get enough of you. how on earth did you find them? so excited to have you keep me updated for the tour!

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