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Remembrance Sunday’s somber tone was reflected in apparel and accessory choices for all at today’s ceremonies.

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Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, Kate and Sophie,Countess of Wessex, watched the ceremonies as their husbands participated.  More from the Telegraph‘s story:

The Queen led the laying of the wreaths and was followed in seniority by the other royals – Philip, Charles, William, Andrew, Edward, Anne and Prince Edward – the Duke of Kent.

Kate’s coat is a 2008 piece by Diane von Furstenberg, identifed by WKW Facebook friend and super-sleuth Mary-Ellen, she is the only person to have correctly IDed the garment, our thanks also to WKW FB friend Brittany for filling us in on the year the coat was made. I was very much mistaken in my belief Kate would opt for a UK designer for this function, fortunately Mary-Ellen was able to set me straight.

Diane von Furstenberg at

The coat is 100% wool, featuring soutache trim on the detachable collar and cuffs, Kate wore it without the cuff trim.

Diane von Furstenberg

Above the waist this piece shows many classic design elements found in a trench coat, storm flaps, double breasted styling, etc.  Difficult to see in these photos, the coat’s dropped waist and pleating that create additional volume, Kate seems to have a fondness for that extra fabric from the waist down in many of her long coats.

In these two images from a long-expired online auction you can better see the detailing, our thanks to Vittoria at The Beautiful Things for letting us know about the additional images.

DVF ‘Lio’ Wool Coat

The distinctive buttons add a touch of panache to an understated piece.

The hat remains unidentified at this point is by Jane Corbett, my apologies for not updating this earlier, Ms. Corbett sent a lovely acknowledgement of this early this morning.

Remembrance Sunday is held on the second Sunday in November, with ceremonies throughout the UK.  It is always the Sunday closest to November 11, Armistice Day, that date marked the end of World War I.

The ceremony is simply beautiful to watch, here is a link to one of The Telegraph’s video reports.

The Telegraph



  77 Responses to “Kate Solemn in Diane von Furstenberg for Remembrance Sunday”

  1. Wasn’t able to keep up with this in real time due to travel, so I don’t know what everyone else thought but… wow! I think she looks amazing! I really love the hat. Its structural build really makes her facial features pop.

  2. The earrings are from Kiki McDonough Grace Collection. The same earrings she wore in Canada July 1, 2011 or the day she arrived in Los Angeles, July 8, 2011.

  3. The earrings are very similar to those she had in Canada in July. Very nice!

  4. She looks so beautiful. Black suites her very well. She is so charming and elegant.

    • Duchess of Cambridge brings back style and class to the House of Windsor, it’s been lacking since
      Princess Diana passed away, I hope their first baby is a girl and they name her Diana Frances after
      William’s late MOM

      • Diana Elizabeth has a nice ring to it:)

      • I don’t think Diana Frances will be the name for a daughter. Would they really want their child to grow up with that burden? Especially since there are people who disliked Diana just as intensely as others adored her.

        Diana will almost certainly be a middle name. My guess is Elizabeth for a first name. It’s the Duchess’s middle name besides the Queen’s name and the name of another great Queen.

        Ah, well. We should probably just stick to talking about clothes here.

      • If they have a boy, they could name him Spencer…that would be a nice nod, I think!
        Oh the possibilities…!
        The Duchess looked amazing as per usual! :)

  5. I love Kate in black. However, I would like to see her with her hair up every so often. I thought she looked beautiful in Canada wearing the purple dress with hair up. DVF designed the original wrap dress almost 35 years ago. Lots of people continue to collect them. They are classic.

    • I own four of her wrap dresses, one of them a vintage item dating back to the 70′s, when I was a fashion-struck young teenager buying my very first “designer” item with my summer job savings.

      I was thrilled when the iconic wrap dress was revived and quickly bought the new designs (in silk jersey rather than the 1970′s cotton), but I recently purchased a very different DVF dress. She’s branched out.

  6. Love the look, but it looks too Scarlett O’Hara in mourning to me. I think it’s the style of the hat that does it for me.

  7. The hat is Jane Corbett and Sophie is reusing the hat worn at the Monaco wedding.

  8. I belive that Kate is wearing the hat created by couture milliner Jane Corbett.

    • Thanks for posting, and including the video of the service. The Great War had such an impact on Britain, more than we felt here in the US, still so deeply felt and sincerely remembered. I think Kate looks very well dressed for the occasion, and her hat is wonderfully understated compared to the other two ladies’ hats. All the men of course in military uniform, they seemed to represent all branches of the service.

  9. Loved the coat and I thought Kate looked lovely including her makeup and the looser hair. I want to like her hat more but it looks a bit confused–like it should either have a full sized crown or none, like the other Jane Corbett hat she wore for Prince Philip’s 90th. Have to say that neither of the Jane Corbett’s hats have been favourites.

  10. It reminds me of a Tyrolean hat, or a hat worn when shooting, albeit it is in a different fabric.

  11. I actually have that coat that Kate is wearing, except mine does not have the embroidered collar. Obviously I think it’s a good choice! ;-)

    • I don’t have the coat, but wish I did. I love it! And I love her hat.

      I think Kate looks great and it amazes me that she has all of these clothes from older collections that we have never seen her wear until now. How is that working? Do the designers have some older inventory that they are selling to her now? Or, was she busy doing some serious shopping in the last few years? Maybe both?

      • I suspect it’s a bit of both. She was almost certainly “stockpiling” clothes while dating Prince William — buying what she liked in the expectation that it would come in handy one day. She likes clothes with clean, classic lines, nothing too trendy, so they can be worn for years after purchase. Since Diane von Furstenberg is not a UK designer, I’m sure she bought this coat when it was available in stores, not recently. I often buy clothes that I don’t wear right away. I know I’ll use them eventually.

  12. i’m loving all 3 ladies’ coats – so smart and chic.

    i was inclined to give kate my top award for her hat (a real hat! not a fascinator, not a semi-hat/semi-fascinator), but on looking again i think the crown is too small.
    doesn’t it look like a child’s hat’s crown, and the hat doesn’t sit low enough on her head but rather sits on top?

    i think sophie’s hat is striking, but a little too striking for a remembrance service i think.

    i’m liking the tilt of camilla’s hat, but not loving the crown being wrapped in a feather like that.
    also, the africa tan is doing her no favors.

    and thank you, wills, for looking so good in uniform – so sexy! ;)

    • I agree. They all look very sophisticated and elegant!

    • The crown is intended to be small; that’s a deliberate design element. It’s a hat, yes, but almost a fascinator, a small, chic hat to be worn slightly tip-tilted on the head. That’s precisely why I love it.

  13. Kate looked the same age as Sophie, but actually they are 17 years apart! The hair with the hat look odd!

  14. Not quite sure how I feel about the choice of designer. Nothing wrong with DVF, but it wouldn’t have been difficult to find a coat that is beautiful, black, and by a British designer.

    Now just for fun, some interesting facts about DVF, some but not all may know. She has ties to a few royal families.

    She is a former princess of Fürstenberg, by her marriage to Prince Egon.

    Her son Prince Alexander was married for some time married to Alexandra Miller, who is the sister of Marie-Chantal, The Crown Princess of Greece.

    Marie-Chantal gained her title when she married Pavlos, The Crown Prince of Greece, who is from the House of Glücksburg.

    Which is the same house Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh is descended from.

    Less than 6 degrees (of separation) :)

  15. I just bought my fifth DVF dress — I’m obviously a fan — so I was anxious to see a full view of this coat. I love pleated, skirted effects on coats, and this one doesn’t disappoint. The soutache trim is charming, though I would have worn the cuffs. I do wish we could see whatever it is she’s wearing underneath, and her shoes.

    I agree that extra poppies worn to the ceremony may involve service and/or loved ones who served and are now dead.

    I see no evidence whatsoever of plastic surgery.

  16. I like the details on the coat to make it just a little more special than basic black. I think Kate (and almost everyone else) looks better in a single-breast coat. The hat is perfect for the occasion, understated and elegant. I think Camilla’s is appropriate, just not to my taste, and I think Sophie’s is over the top for a solemn occasion.

    What are the medals that Sophie and Camilla are wearing under their poppies? Are they just decorative brooches (the Queen seems to have a bow)?

  17. I cannot express how sick I am of Kate wearing her hair out – it’s not that great!!! Also, the large amount of uncontrolled hair make that dinky hat seem way too small for the outfit. Sophie should know better, straw is for spring/summer, felt is for autumn/winter.

    I used to adore Kate, but she really is becoming a bit of a yawn. Especially with the hair and make-up. It is starting to reflect how immature she really is, thinking she looks best with trowled on eyeliner and always wearing her hair inappropriately out. Big hair blown out should be a “sometimes” choice for someone in public life…always wearing it big and out is for Hugh Hefner’s Girls Next Door.

    • I have heard from friends who have taken photography classes, that if you wear more makeup you tend to look better from far away and occasionally in photographs. It looks cold so that is probably why she wore her hair down, even though one side was half-way pinned up. If she didn’t have “blown out” hair then people would find something nasty to say about it.

    • I respectfully disagree about the hair, Kelly. She loves wearing her hair down… she did it before the marriage and it’s her trademark. I think that it is less about showing everyone “how great it is” and more about wearing her hair the way that makes her feel comfortable. And I don’t believe that it looks like Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend’s hair; it’s not platinum blonde, for one thing!

      Also, we saw from the charity event a couple of weeks ago that she has a very good reason for wearing her hair down: she is covering a scar. Although I don’t believe that the scar is that noticeable, it may make her uncomfortable to have it visible the way wearing her hair up makes it.

    • I agree, Kelly. She wears way too much eyeliner like a Kardashian! That hat looks ridiculous with the hair and she needs to lighten up on the spray tan or bronzer that she uses. She already has sagging of her cheeks. Both Middleton girls are not aging as well as their mother.

      • Kate and that awful Kardashian family shouldn’t be compared in any way. Kate hasn’t worn self-tanner today so I don’t know why you brought that up and her cheeks are “sagging” because she has lost weight, which probably has to do with stress, which mostly comes from peoples’ comments on how she looks.

  18. Sorry, not a fan of this outfit. Coat is very mature for her with the embroidered collar and sleeve. Also, the hat is awful. She looks way older. Maybe it’s the tanning or the dieting but she ‘s lacking the youthful bloom already. I dont think she’ll age too well.

  19. Wow, gorgeous. Talk about regal, in just a coat and hat no less.

  20. She looks especially beautiful today.

  21. Beautiful! I really love this hat. I don’t like the hats that look as if they defy the laws of physics.
    I think that her makeup and hair looked great today as well. A very fun Sunday for us, and a great ID for Mary-Ellen.

  22. I just love Kate’s hat. It suits her and Diane is one of my fave designers.

  23. Diane von Furstenberg for the coat and Jane Corbett for the hat.

    Fauxcils from Paris, best regards and congratulations for your work!

  24. Sofie’s hat is totally inappropriate! She looks like she’s going to the Ascot.

  25. I cant get on board with this hat…it looks like it shrunk in the wash. I really like Sophies hat. Its that perfect mix of elegant and crazy. Im doing some work and tring to identify Kates hat and coat, so I’ll comment again if I find anything!

  26. It is DVF

    • Yes, the Daily Mail says it’s Diane von Furstenberg, but without seeing a full body photo, I can’t comment on it.

      I do like the hat. I’ve always rather enjoyed Camilla’s and Sophie’s slightly-over-the-top hats, but the Duchess’s simpler one is quite chic. She generally prefers the smaller and/or simpler in hat designs. This one has a faint military feel to it, right for the occasion.

  27. She looks so beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that coat!!!!! It’s understated and appropriate, yet it has certain details that make it stand out and make it more interesting. Love it! :D

    As for the hat…well, I’m not really a fan. I’d say that if this weren’t Remembrance Sunday, I would like Sophie’s best. (Isn’t it pretty?) But as it *is* Remembrance Sunday, Kate’s is definitely the best. It’s understated and appropriate (the bow’s a nice touch). Both Camilla’s and Sophie’s are too frou-frou (although, as I said, I do like Sophie’s; but it would be much better at a less solemn event). All IMHO;)

    Oh, and are there any available photos that are full-body? I’d love to see the rest of her coat, as well as her footwear (I’m guessing either her black Aquatalia boots, or black pumps/heels/court shoes from L.K. Bennet or Prada; what do you ladies think?? :))!!

    • Sophie’s hat was perfect for the wedding of Prince Albert and Charlene, in the summer and with a ceremony dress, but it’s definitely not suitable for formal event and in the autumn.

  28. I believe protocol dictates all members of the royal family in attendance must wear all black for the Remembrance Day ceremony.

    I have to agree DVF may be a bit of an odd choice for a such a patriotic function, although the press that has mentioned it hasn’t seemed to be bothered by it. They’re focused more on any smiles that passed between the women.Must be annoying to have every movement so scrutinized.

  29. Is there any reason why Kate is wearing two poppies while Camilla and Sophie are each wearing one? The Daily Mail says that the two poppies are “a look that had no significance, it just followed a precedent set by other members of the monarchy” but if that is true, why are Camilla and Sophie wearing single poppies?

  30. I’m curious about the poppies: Kate is wearing two, the Queen at least three or four, and Camilla and most others one. I assume there’s a reason for that–anyone know?

    • Here is my guess about the poppies:

      Every person wears one as a remembrance. The queen wears three because both she and her husband saw active duty in the military and are veterans of WWII. Catherine’s husband is an active duty military. This is just a guess but I would be willing to bet that is the reason.

      • I think that your right on. Kate is probably wearing two- one for William and one for Harry who served front line. The queen is possible wearing one for her husband and two children who served, or one for her husband and also for her grandkids. Everyone else wears one for their husbands or family.

      • The third for the Queen would, of course, be her father King George VI who was in the military.

  31. Wow, she has had plastic surgery done on her face, I can notice it…but I like the outfit and the hat, everything about the look.

    • I think she has gained some much needed weight and didn’t use tanner. That and she has done her blush differently, more on the apples of her cheeks and using some bronzer in the hollows, thus “defining” her cheekbones (A lot of celebrities and Royals, *cough* Letizia of Spain,use this trick to make their faces appear thinner).

      • I like how she did it!! She looks incredible!! :D

        • Me too! You use your normal blush color (put it on the apples of your cheeks) and a bronzer that is a couple shades darker than your foundation (blend in a circular motion into the hollows of your cheeks, but use very little). Or you can use a darker foundation instead of the bronzer. You can also use a highlighter, in a pinky pearl or light champagne, on the very tops of your chheks to really make them look defined (I usually only use as little as possible).

      • Interesting, her eyes look different..the space between her eyebrows and lid look higher and eyes looks like she got an eyelift. I like her with more weight on her face, more healthy..

        • I think that is contributed to her not “smoking”/blending her eyeshadow all the way to her brow as she has done before i.e. her wedding. And she appears to have shaped her eyebrows differently.

    • Plastic surgery?!?!?!?!? What?? lol Definitely not.

    • I highly doubt she’s had plastic surgery done. I, too, think that she’s put on weight. I looked at a picture of her when she was at Wimbledon this summer and compared to how she looks now she’s put on much needed weight. And she looks so much better with it, younger and less harsh. I love how she looks in the pictures from last Sunday. She’s such a pretty girl. And I love her eyebrows ;-)

  32. Not too much to talk about on this. Black is always the safe and classic on most people. If I’m allowed to be picky, I would like to see Kate with a lighter hand on the black eyeliners. Are those tattoos actually? Why does she always have these liners so thick?
    Tip my hat to the Queen!

    • No, they’re definitely not tattoos. If you look closely at many pictures of her (which I have heehee;)), her makeup is a teensy bit different every time. Not anything very noticeable, of course, but I’m sure when you put YOUR eye makeup on (if you wear any) it’s a little different every day because it’s hand-applied (as is mine). :)

    • Im convinced that the eyeliner is tattooed on. lol
      I really hope she changes it up soon…she really looks much older than she is.

      • Well of course if it’s tattooed on she wouldn’t be able to change it up!! lol…
        Haha I’m convinced that it’s not. ;) If you look at a lot of close-ups, it looks different every time, like I said above. :) haha

        • Im just joking about that. I just say it because in every picture that I have seen of her, she has that awful eyeliner the same way. Most people tend to change it up once in a while, but I guess that Kate doesnt :P

          • She’ll learn in due time, probably after she has kids. Do you remember Diana and her God awful navy blue eyeliner? I’m really glad toned it down, but it did take her a long time to do it.

      • I was so convinced until Maddy talked me out of it. LOL.
        Yeah, I think the subtle difference we try to make every day when putting on makeups, only ourselves could notice. My husband probably never noticed the difference between a MAC purple froma Urban Decay one. Go figure. :)

  33. The ceremony and the Queen were solemn, the Duchess of Cambridge and her (brief, I hope) improper smiling not at all.
    But Kate’s hat is more appropriate than Camilla’s and Sophie’s feathered ones. It’s like the Queen’s hat. Well done!

    • Kate, Sophie, and Camilla were just making small talk before the ceremony and shared a few laughs (there are some photos onn the DailyFail-oops, Mail- that show what I’m talking about).

      I agree with you on Sophie’s hat, much too decorated and Camilla’s was as well, but a little more understated.

  34. I am pretty sure the coat is Diane Von Furstenburg

    • Hi Rhona, thanks for reading *and* for commenting. :) Do you have a style name or number? I know the Mail (and perhaps others) said that in their story, but I just can’t imagine Kate would wear an American designer on what is arguably the most solemn scheduled appearance of the year for any royal in the UK.

    • Hello again Rhona! I can happily report that I was wrong and we have identified the coat, my error in believing Kate would only wear a UK designer today. :)

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