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The Duchess was out and about today, stopping in at Sloane Square grocer Partridges before heading to the Richard Ward Hair Salon, located almost next door.

PHOTO used with kind permission of IKON Pictures

Kate wore familiar pieces, including the LK Bennett Darwin jacket we saw Christmas Eve, along with her ‘Charge It’ boots from Russell and Bromley.

LK Bennett ‘Darwin’ Coat/Russell & Bromley ‘Charge It’ Boots

As most Kate fashion followers will have already noted, she also carried her Mulberry Polly Push Lock bag.


Our thanks to IKON Pictures for their generosity in allowing us to use their photograph.


Also today, a very quick update to yesterday’s post, we mentioned the diffusion line Jenny Packham is doing for UK retailer Debenhams. Below, an image from the upcoming collection.

Debenhams Blog

Pieces in the collection will be priced from £18 for accessories (about $28 USD at today’s exchange rate) to £85 for dresses (roughly $135 USD). It is the first time the designer is creating pieces for children, those will be fun to see, we have a tiny image of those little girl dresses below right.

Via Fashion United

There will also be shoes, bags and jewelry, in addition to the dresses, but I’ve not yet located photos of these.

Via Catwalk Queen

Initially the collection will go into 72 Debenhams, expanding into another 56 later this year. You can read more about the upcoming collaboration in the Debenhams blog.

Via Catwalk Queen

There are also several blogs showing the line, including Fashion United, Catwalk Queen and Heat World.

Via HeatWorld

There is also a Daily Mail story, our thanks to Kate Middleton/Duchess of Cambridge News on Facebook for letting us know about the Mail article. While difficult to see in these images, the two dresses shown below look like they could be ‘very Kate’.

Via Heat World

Perhaps the best news for many of our readers is that Debenhams delivers to more than 40 countries, including the US. The fee to ship to the States is £10, click here to shop the US site. The company also ships to our friends in Canada, that shopping link is here.

A tip for those fond of Jenny Packham’s work, the designer shows her collections at NY Fashion Week, her 2012 F/W runway show is just a bit less than a week away, on February 13 at 9am EST (2pm GMT) and you can watch the show live.

Jenny Packham

A reminder for those who may have been out of touch, Kate’s next scheduled appearance is Wednesday at the National Portrait Gallery.

  14 Responses to “Kate Wears Familiar Pieces Out & About Today, Sneak Peek at Jenny Packham Debenhams Update”

  1. Interesting to note the appearance of gowns by Brit designers like Jenny Packenham and Alexander McQueen at recent US dress-up occasions like he SAG and Golden Globe Awards. Can’t help feeling that Kate’s influence is starting to show!

  2. I love these dresses! One thing that I love about British dress fashion is that they aren’t so revealing, they are more modest which is what I like.

  3. Unrelated to your current post, I just wanted to say how much I enjoy your site. Several Kate fashion blogs popped up around the time of the royal wedding and yours seems to be the only one that is still regularly updated. These posts, as well as your FB udpates, are fun diversions and I quite enjoy following you. I know that maintaining a blog is no small commitment, and I appreciate yours. Thanks!

  4. Is Kate wearing her wedding rings in the new photo?

    • I saw a different version of the top picture and it looked like she was wearing her wedding ring only.

    • We can’t tell, because she’s holding the fingers of her right hand over the fingers of her left. Look closely and you’ll see that.

  5. I’m sure that lower-priced Packham line will do well among people who have admired the Duchess’s Packham dresses. The only one I liked was the rose and silver evening dress, and I don’t see anything in the pictures that particularly excites me.

    I tend not to go for lower-priced versions of designer clothes; the quality of design, fabric, fit, and workmanship is always necessarily so much lower; the clothes just aren’t as interesting. I’m a serious snob that way, I’m afraid.

    I keep wondering whether I really like that Darwin jacket or not. I thought I did the first time I saw it, but then I reconsidered, and I’m doing that now. I think the fact that she wears it with jeans and flat boots is a problem, because somehow its construction really emphasizes her long-waistedness.

    The Mulberry handbag isn’t one I admire. There’s something a bit “elderly lady” about it.

    I’m really being a curmudgeon today, aren’t I? Apologies.

  6. Excellent post and superbly written as always. Adore the Jenny Packham collection!

  7. The nude-colored Jenny Peckham dress with the beadwork is DIVINE. I love it! I need it! I must have it! Forget rent and food.

  8. I love seeing pictures of Kate out and about but sincerely hope that the photographers don’t hound her to the point of frightening her or causing her to get a restraining order like Pippa has thought about doing. We can get our Kate “fix” even with the photographers staying a respectful distance awan.

    • They always have. The photographers have never harassed Kate with the exception of her 25th birthday. Look at photos of Chelsy Davy where she is being touched and shoved by the paps- that is harassment.

  9. I love the Jenny Peckham dress!!! You’re telling me that’s going to be $135?! That would be amazing.

  10. Kate has so many fabulous pieces in her wardrobe; it is great to see some of them more than once!

    I am hoping we see lots of pictures of Kate while William is in the Faulkands.

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