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We wanted to update Kate’s calendar for those planning ahead, there is another official function this weekend in addition to Saturday’s Trooping the Colour. But first a quick update on times for Saturday’s event, which is also the day the sovereign’s birthday is officially marked:

  • 10am (5am EDT): the Royal party arrives and HM takes the official salute, carries out formal inspection of the troops, followed by carriage procession back to the Palace
  • 1pm (8am EDT): royals view RAF flypast from the balcony at Buckingham Palace

A Sunday solo engagement for Kate has been announced, more from Richard Palmer on Twitter:

Richard Palmer/The Express (@RoyalReporter)

ARK Schools is part of the larger ARK organization, “Absolute Return for Kids”. Many readers likely know of Prince William’s work with the group, it was just last year that £17.2 million pounds ($28 million USD) was raised at the ARK Dinner gala, Kate and William’s first formal engagement following their April wedding. (Our post on the evening is here.)

ARK Schools Facebook

Kate will be working with kids from London’s King Solomon Academy, royal expert Victoria Arbiter shared via Twitter a bit of what is expected on Sunday:

Victoria Arbiter Twitter Feed (@VictoriaArbiter)

Also on the calendar:

Via The British Monarchy

  • Thursday, July 5, Order of Thistle: During the Queen’s annual week in Scotland at Holyrood, William will be formally installed as a “Royal Knight of the Thistle” (technically “The Most Ancient and Most Noble Order of the Thistle”), more from STV:

“The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are set to return to Scotland in July, as they accompany the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee engagements.

Kate and William, or the Earl and Countess of Strathearn to use their Scottish titles, are particularly looking forward to a special service being held in Edinburgh’s St Giles’ Cathedral… when William will be formally installed as a Royal Knight of the Thistle.

We will share more details when we have them.


Also today, some lovely photos of yesterday’s Jubilee Tour appearance in Nottingham, with thanks to Jessica.  She was good enough to comment on our post, sharing that she was at the event:

I was at the Vernon Park event today. I got great views of the Queen, William and Kate, despite the crowds.

Here is one of her wonderful pictures, HM arriving at the Park.

Generous Courtesy of "Jess and the Rebels"

Jessica also noted:

Kate was lovely. She is not quite as tall, and also not quite as thin as I expected…

Generous Courtesy of "Jess and the Rebels"

More from Jessica’s comment on yesterday’s exciting activities:

She was extremely chatty with everyone she met, and they got delayed a few times because of this, which was quite funny. The nicest moment I saw was when she broke away from the group to briefly greet an elderly spectator in a wheelchair behind the barrier near me.

Kind Generosity of "Jess and the Rebels"

Jessica also has outstanding photos of Prince William.

Kind Generosity of "Jess and the Rebels"

This one is cute, Kate almost looks mischievous.

Kind Generosity of "Jess and the Rebels"

Our thanks to Jessica for being so gracious in sharing her impressions and her photographs from yesterday, she also has a delightful blog, “Jess and the Rebels,” pop in for a visit to read about her adventures traveling the world.

Kind Generosity of "Jess and the Rebels"

We’ll see you Saturday.

  19 Responses to “Additional Appearances Scheduled & More Nottingham Photos”

  1. Thank you WKW for the updates on Kate’s schedule. I love how you present everything about Kate’s fashions, charities and events in a very classy manner.

  2. Kate does a great job all round considering she was never born into the royal mob let alone the upper echelons of British society. At the end of the day how many of us would get it right EVERY SINGLE TIME no matter how much help we had especially on the clothes side. She aims to dress appropriately and not to cause sensationalism. I don’t like some items she wears but on the whole I think she looks great. Kudos to her for recycling too. Isn’t that what any smart lady does to get the best out of an item.

  3. Who has been made her hair? It looks terrific. Does she dress it by herself?

    • From what I understand, she has it washed and blown dry every few days, in between trims, color application, and other special treatments. On important occasions, her hairdresser will wash and blow dry it before the event.

      At least, that’s what people who claim to have some inside knowledge say. I think it’s probably reasonably accurate.

      She is a client of the Richard Ward Salon in Chelsea.

  4. Admin, is there any way you can arrange for the comments link to be at the top of the article as opposed to the very bottom? That would be great! Thanks.

    • I agree. If we’ve already read the article, we don’t want to scroll through it again in order to see new comments.

      Good idea.

  5. I loved Kate and the Queen in their blue outfits… and they looked so effortless and happy. All of them!

  6. So excited for upcoming events (aka outfits)! In the meantime- love the additional post, thanks WKW!

  7. I am sure this will be an unpopular opinion on this blog, but here it goes: Now that I’ve seen her in other formal attire, I don’t like the outfit Kate wore to the ARK event last year. Stylistically, it’s fine and was perfectly appropriate for the event, but I think it’s one of those situations where the clothes wore her when it should be the other way around.

    • Hmm. I still think it’s one of her better evening outfits. I haven’t loved her subsequent choices, although the cream Roland Mouret was elegant, and no one could really dislike the black strapless screen siren dress worn shortly before Christmas. But if there was any dress about which one could say “It was wearing her” it was that black dress. I just don’t have the same opinion of the rose and silver Packham.

  8. Did anyone read the comments from this article where it mentions that Kate apparently is too chatty, especially during the singing of God Save the Queen and such? I wonder if this is true.


    • Thanks for reading and commenting Trinh. I have seen the article, but disregarded it because I try to keep our focus on style as opposed to behavior. :)

    • I tend not to trust about 98% of what the Daily Mail prints. It’s a pretty rubbishy gossip sheet as far as I’m concerned, and mostly I avoid it.

    • I’ve seen the article, and watched the ITN video & other video clips and couldn’t disagree more! – I don’t know how That could be said/inferred about Kate from the balcony scenes (?!). – She behaved impeccably throughout – very respectful and considerate IMHO. The Queen was beaming!! …I’ve never seen HM like that before, looking so relaxed sitting next to Kate and cracking jokes (in public) while conducting an official engagement. – She & Kate were obviously having fun together (also evident when visiting Leicester).

      • I had the very same impression. Kate behaved impeccably and the Queen looked very happy and relaxed with her and William.

        Nothing like a bit of transparent pot-stirring aimed at a particular audience. LOL.

  9. Any word on how we can watch Trooping the Colour on TV or the internet? I’m in the US and I doubt there will be much if any coverage on American TV.

    • I don’t know about live. I usually just wait until it’s posted on YouTube and watch it then. bbb.co.uk might have something.

    • You might see somthing on the BBC news channel about it. As far as I know, it isn’t usually broadcast as an event – although as this is Jubilee Year the BBC may show more of it.

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