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The Queen’s Jubilee Tour was in Nottingham today, Prince William and Kate accompanied HM on the visit.

James Whatling / Splash News

William and Kate actually drove up from Anglesey for the appearance. Below we see HM being greeted, the Duke and Duchess are about to step out of the car transporting them from the train station, where they met up with the Queen.

Via Genie14 Twitter Feed

Unfortunately the Duke of Edinburgh was not able to join the group as originally planned, he continues to recover from an infection. The Queen wore a lovely silk tweed Stewart Parvin coat and dress in a rich aqua.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

The crowds were enormous in Old Market Square.

Via My Nottingham

Everything Kate wore has been seen previously, she first wore the blue tweed M-Missoni coat on March 1 for the visit to Fortnum and Mason with Camilla and the Queen. (Our post on that event is here.)


Some may recall this is a piece Kate purchased at the Bicester Village outlet mall. Another look at Kate and the Queen via Esmik D’Aguiar’s Twitter feed.

Esmik D'Aguiar Twitter Feed

Kate’s hat was seen for the visit she and William made to the Irish Guards last year on Armed Forces Day. (Our post on that is here.) The piece is by Rachel Trevor-Morgan, a royal favorite.


No doubt some will recognize Kate’s diamond and sapphire earrings, the pair we believe were re-fashioned from a pair of Princess Diana’s earrings. She also wore her blue Zara dress underneath the tweed coat, this is at least the fourth time we’ve seen that garment.

Many of the day’s activities were at Vernon Park.

My Nottingham Facebook Page

The group visited Vernon Park in recognition of its Fields in Trust designation, more on that from the Telegraph:

… it was back to the day job for the monarch who unveiled a plaque at Vernon Park in Basford to mark a Fields in Trust project, which preserves parks as recreational spaces, during the first leg of her two-day visit to the East Midlands.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

More on the trip to the park from the BBC’s story:

The royal party then travelled to Vernon Park, where the prince made his official jubilee tribute.

He said: “The occasion presents the perfect opportunity for me, through my patronage of the Queen Elizabeth II Fields, to pay tribute to the Queen on her Diamond Jubilee.

“On behalf of Fields in Trust, thank you so much Your Majesty and the Duke of Edinburgh for everything you have done throughout your reign to protect these vital outdoor places for the nation.

Here we see the group at the park, with thanks to CNN’s Max Foster for his wonderful photos.

Max Foster, CNN (@MaxFosterCNN)

The Duchess carried the Jaegar ‘Kate’ bag, with thanks to WKW Facebook friends Kate Spotter and Carolin for the quick ID, the bag originally sold at Jaeger sold for £150, it is now sold out.


She also wore her LK Bennett ‘Art’ pumps, initially seen for the couple’s visit to Darwen Academy, most recently worn for Kate’s visit with the Olympic hockey team in March (our story is here).

LK Bennett 'Art' Court Shoe

Another look at the group assembled for the official presentations, our thanks again to CNN’s Max Foster.

Max Foster CNN Twitter Feed

Prince William during the walkabout, with thanks to jasminbahia’s Instagram feed.

Jasmin Bahia Instagram Feed

And a side look at Kate’s partial updo, again with thanks to Jasmin Bahia. This also gives you a slight perspective of what Kate is looking at when at a function of this kind.

Jasmin Bahia Instagram

Some shared their delight at meeting the royals via Twitter.

Rosie Hamer Twitter Feed

Here we see Kate chatting with some of the thousands who came out for the event.

Via Sophie Stewart

Among those on hand, the Nottingham Scouts, they formed part of the welcoming group at Old Market Square and inside the Council House, in addition to help out at the park, the group shared this photo.

Nottingham Scouts Twitter Feed

Kate also helped the Scouts put up a tent.

Nottingham Scouts Twitter Feed

Our brief list of additional stories and sites with photos and video:

  • A Picasa photo album is here, there are loads of fabulous pictures
  • The Daily Mail’s story is loaded with photos, it may be found here
  • The Reuters video story is here
  • The Mirror’s story is also laden with great photos and details, it is here
  • The Telegraph’s video of Prince William’s tribute to the Queen is here

The London Telegraph

And with thanks to WKW Facebook friend Misty for the tip, probably the cutest video of the day from ITN is the one titled “Royals: William & Kate Greet Queen on Arrival in Nottingham,” click here to get to ITN’s main royal video page and scroll down for this story, you’ll love it.

ITN News

It looked like a wildly successful visit for the Queen, as well as William and Kate. The Duchess looked lovely while also demonstrating through her understated ensemble that she has no interest whatsoever in trying to upstage HM.


A reminder that Trooping the Colour is this Saturday, that is the next time we expect to see Kate, as well as other royals.

  45 Responses to “Kate Recycles Top to Toe for Nottingham Visit with HM & Prince William”

  1. Love this look! Loved the coat the first time and even more now!! The hat is one of my favorites!

    • Absolutely agree with you – Love this look!! Kate looked beautiful, and impeccable as always. Her whole outfit, entirely recycled, was perfect for the occasion. – She & William colour-matched each other and perfectly coordinated with the Queen. Kate is setting a fine example …Her message about recycling is Loud & Clear!!

  2. Can you explain why this outing required a hat? The first time we saw this Missoni (which I really like), Kate was hatless (as was Camilla, if I recall). Is it because the previous outing took place mostly indoors?

    An an American gen-Xer, I have no clue about royal/British hat protocol. ;)

    That said, in addition to wanting to see the white McQueen coat again (as someone mentioned up-thread), I’d also love to see the navy McQueen coat dress worn last summer (with this hat). Both were absolutely killer.

    • The Fortnum and Mason event was sort of informal as royal engagements go: just a visit to a newly-opened store. The Queen ALWAYS wears hats, but for an event like that, hats really were not de rigueur for the Duchesses of Cornwall and Cambridge.

      This was a rather more formal, Jubilee-related event. Hats expected.

      But there’s not always a clear protocol where hats are concerned.

  3. I thought she looked lovely (as usual) and was appropriately dressed. As noted by another poster, a thicker heel makes infinitely more sense if one is going to be walking about on grass – particularly grass that is softened due to rain. A stiletto heel would sink and make walking difficult…..plus, one then has residue of mud on the side of the heel. Again, if one wears heels (well fitting ones) quite often, then one can go all day in high heels without a problem. (I often hear from my colleagues about the fact that they do not see how I can wear high heels all day – but I have been doing this for over three decades and make certain that the heels I wear fit well and are properly maintained – that is a good part of the secret to comfort).

    Europeans (and especially young British women) tend to wear more make-up than do American women (that is my observation from my travels abroad). While it is not my taste, I will not fault someone from adopting what is customary in her milieu. It will be interesting to see what is worn in the Trooping of the Colours this weekend. Will the Queen be in military uniform? I am sure that the other senior royals (Charles, Anne, Andrew, and Edward will be – as well as Harry and WIlliam) will be.

    Also, congratulations to Zara on her selection to the Olympic team – it will ensure that the royals will be turned out to watch her compete.

    • I’m pretty sure that the Queen stopped wearing her uniform once she stopped riding in the Trooping procession. I was reading about the brooch that she started wearing once she switched to dresses for the occasion. It has historical significance with regard to the military. The link is below. (I have no association to the blog, I just really like it a lot for both history and for eye candy!)


  4. I love today’s outfit, chic, recycled and sensible!! And people, with the shoes, really? She wore the Vamp sandals in nearly back-to-back appearances. You try being on your feet in 5″ platform stiletto heels for hours at a time, not to mention walking while paying attention to crowds, etc. It doesn’t make sense for her to don stiletto heels at every appearance. I love these court shoes and I think the choice of the heel was for practicality’s sake. She certainly knows the agenda, including physical activities like pitching the tent, planting a tree, etc., before she dresses for the occasion. She looked great and I absolutely congratulate her on recycling her wardrobe. She’s got a great closet and times are tough so it makes sense for all of us – including the duchess – to recycle and get the most wear and value of our clothing!! This isn’t the 1980s anymore, when times were great, everyone had a job and royals could afford in terms of PR to wear a $2,000 ensemble once and never again!

  5. Oh, one more thing. This event has a reoccurring feature that I hate: Kate is wearing a skirt and fairly high heels, so of course that is the perfect outfit for putting up a tent. Remember how she had to plant a tree in Canada in heels? And she had to do it again with one of her charities? I swear, the people who plan these things have to figure out that she almost always wears skirts and heels to these things, so maybe they should have her do something else. At least she seems to know what she’s doing.

    • Megan, I’m sure that she and the royal planners and Will and Kate’s staffs know every single item that’s on the itinerary of every visit weeks in advance for that very reason – so they can be prepared to do whatever’s required and so they can dress appropriately. I’ve a feeling that the thicker heel on the court shoes and the heavier coat was in anticipation of what seems to be chilly weather and also that she’d be participating in some activity.

  6. I love that Catherine and William coordinate today.

  7. When I first saw pictures of today’s event, I said, “She wore that coat and hat again. Good girl!” But then I saw those hideously ugly shoes which are more befitting of a 50 year old woman. This look could have been so glamorous with better pumps, all without outshining the Queen. I never liked that hat, but as I’ve said before, I’m content with the ‘recycling’.

    • For some time several of us have thought these shoes are worn to events where Kate knows she’ll be walking/standing on grass, like Darwen Academy or today’s function. (See RoyalFan’s comment below.) On multiple occasions she has walked and stood on sodden, muddy grass for extended periods of time. Of course we’ve no verification whatsoever this is why she chose the wider heeled shoes today, or any other day, personally I think it makes a great deal of sense. Thanks Sandy! :)

      • There’s nothing more appropriate and sensible she could have worn other than those frumpy shoes? They’re so aging that I seriously think she wore them to further agitate the people (like me!) who’ve been complaining about her shoes lately. She’ll have to stand for long periods of time, plant trees, and be on grass for most occasions for the rest of her life. That doesn’t mean she has to wear shoes that look like they were borrowed from Camilla or the Queen.

        • Actually the heels on these shoes are quite high so I doubt they are something the Queen would have in her closet. If you look at many of the internet sites that sell shoes, there are many with rounded toes and in some cases the heel is chunkier, so I wouldn’t say that these are exactly old-fashioned.

        • Neither Camilla nor the Queen ever wears heels that high. Those aren’t my favorites in her shoe “wardrobe,” but they are not “hideously frumpy” either. Plenty of very chic women own and wear high-heeled pumps with a thicker heel. They’ve been fashionable within the past few years. It makes sense for her to own shoes with heels of varying thickness.

  8. I love the way she recycles an outfit and makes it look all new again!! :D

  9. I love her dress hat, earrings shoes and bag but I am not a fan of the coat. Glad she and the Queen get on so well. Wish Philip was well enough to attend .great post as usual

  10. Kate looked lovely and it’s nice to see how comfortable she is with the Queen – and vice versa.

    I think these pumps are her favorites for walking on grass. The thickness of the heel must be a plus.

  11. I like it – especially as Kate’s hair is up. Looks much more business-like. I think she and William looked great with the Queen, there but in the background. It can’t be easy dressing for royal occasions with the Queen present!
    I love Kate’s earrings!

  12. I don’t know what it is but I absolutely love these navy pumps! The thickness of the heel adds a sort of regality to them… assuredness, stability, confidence perhaps? (Though I love her navy Manolo’s too!)

    • I agree! I LOVE these shoes! They look more classy, actually, than a stiletto heel!

    • I’m right with you on the shoes — I liked them from the first time I saw them — which I think was on an engagement outing while Kate was wearing a natty blue suit. The cut of the leather and the heel so elegant even while being a little thicker than her usuals.

  13. She looks lovely, but the overall look isn’t one of my favourites–I confess to finding it a touch boring. Then again, the Euro Cup is providing me with all the excitement I need right now!

  14. Kate looking lovely again. I love these little hats she wears tip-tilted over her eyebrow. This outfit must also be a favorite of the Queen’s. Kate wore it on that “girls’ day out” with her and Camilla and I expect everyone’s outfit must pass muster when one it going out with the Queen on an event like today’s. So HM certainly approved it and perhaps even suggested it for the occasion? Only too bad the Duke of Edinburgh couldn’t come along today. Hope he is feeling better soon!

  15. Does anyone ever notice if the Queen actually recycles her clothes? I never remember what she wears so I have no idea. They all look the same to me, a hat, a coat and of course, THAT purse. LOL
    I love the hat and think it’s a killer look when she paired with the Alexander McQueen coat. I also love the missoni coat. But for some reason I don’t like these 2 pieces together. :(

    • The Queen is known for being somewhat frugal so I think you’d be safe in assuming that she has recycled her outfits on many occasions. It is just that the style is so consistent, as you said….the dress, the coat, the hat, shoes and handbag, that we don’t remember if she wore that particular item in the past or if it simply looks like everything else she wears. Over the years, I’m sure she’s built up a huge wardrobe of these basic pieces. Does anyone track what Camilla or Sophie wears?

      • All the royal ladies re-wear clothing. Camilla has a navy coat with a white strip on it that she’s worn well over 12 times. The dress Sophie wore to the river pageant, had just been worn in Monte Carlo, about a week prior. I haven’t checked myself, but someone mentioned that the Queen wore this outfit in Australia last year. I believe they are correct, the color combination on the hat seems very familiar.

    • The Queen frequently recycles clothing, but often she has an item recut, restyled. Since she has an in-house designer/dressmaker (her name is Angela Kelly), it’s easy for her to do.

  16. I love the fresh combination of previously worn pieces and the dark shoes & accessories look lovely with the coat — which I liked first outing and pleased to get another look. Kate herself continues to look glowing, and I like that we have the hair away from her face a lot more.

    There’s one coat I’ve wanted to see recylced for an age and that’s the white one she wore to last year’s Trooping of the Colour — we never got a full length view as she was either sitting or standing on a balcony. I’m not proposing she look it out again for next weekend’s ceremony but I’ve been surprised it hasn’t had another outing — so far.

  17. Am I the only one who would love to see her wear this coat with the blue prada pumps that she wore on April 26th with the Rebecca Taylor suit? I have thought since she first wore the coat to Fortnum and Mason that it would look best with those shoes.

    I thought the duchess looked beautiful today, and was careful not to steal the spotlight from HM.

    • The blue Prada pumps are, I believe, suede. She might think suede isn’t quite appropriate for what is virtually a summer outing, however chilly it might be in the UK at the moment.

      However, they are beautiful shoes, and I’m sure we’ll see them again.

  18. I agree that the shoes did not go well at all with the coral jeans but they are good here. This site may not have the first coverage of an event, but it certainly is the best coverage, especially with all the links provided. Well done.

    • For me, I’d rather wait a few more hours for a well-written and thoroughly-researched post here than to be “first” to post pics from an event. So, I agree. :)

      That being said, I am not a huge fan of this coat. In the event in March, I saw in close-ups that it was (deliberately?) frayed. I get that it’s an in look, but I always hate stuff like that. I am glad to see that she recycles so much within her wardrobe and adds different accessories to make it a completely new look.

      I liked that picture from Jasmin, as it’s an interesting perspective – usually you see a picture of Kate, it’s just of her. I don’t think most people can really envision what it’s like to step outside of a car and see everyone pointing cameras and phones in your face.

  19. I was in Nottingham today! I found a space on the edge of the crowd in Old Market Square as I needed to not be in a huge crush of people and where I was I could see the balcony and the large plasma screen up nex to it. After they exited the balcony I thought ‘right, now I’m going to Marks and Spencer to do my shoppping’ and decided to cut through an alley I normally wouldn’t use but today there were some people walking up it and policemen in the distance at the other end. It turns out I took a shortcut to a prime spot for viewing the royal car as it passed, a helpful bystander informed me – and there weren’t many people there at that point, so I had a very good view as the car drove slowly past. The Queen looked fantastic and Kate is just so beautiful in real life. Fortunately they all turned towards the side of the road I was standing on. I was ambivalent about going in today because of the crowds but I’m so glad I did as I’ll remember it forever. I also got some bargains in the shops :)

    • What a wonderful memory to have! :-)

    • I was at the Vernon Park event today. I got great views of the Queen, William and Kate, despite the crowds. It was busy, and though well-managed from a security/efficiency perspective for the Royals, it was chaotic for spectators. My tip to anyone thinking of attending this kind of event is to stake out a place near to where they get in/out of the cars, it worked really well for us. Also, arrive early. We got there about ninety minutes before the royals arrived and that was okay, but not enough for getting the really optimal locations with a view of the tent and everything, or the very front rows. Even for those right up at the barricades, it was tough because there were so many kids and adults inside the playing-field-sized enclosure and the view was blocked a lot. I know this comes with the territory, but be prepared for it to be a bit crazy.

      Kate was lovely. She is not quite as tall, and also not quite as thin as I expected — by the latter, I mean she looks healthy and not emaciated like in some photos. She is pretty, obviously, but wears a LOT of make-up. Perhaps this works well for photos, but in person the difference in skin tones between her and William was quite alarming. She seemed very respectful of the Queen (including a neat curtsy) and she and William noticeably hung back. She was extremely chatty with everyone she met, and they got delayed a few times because of this, which was quite funny. The nicest moment I saw was when she broke away from the group to briefly greet an elderly spectator in a wheelchair behind the barrier near me.

      The outfit was nice, and I’ve liked the coat in both sets of photos, but the issue we ran into was that she was really hard to spot through crowds in the blue. It lacked contrast. This was further complicated by one of the party’s attendants also having long brown hair and a navy hat, and for some reason this false Kate was much more visible than the real one for me! The Queen in her turquoise was much easier to see, and so was William with his head!

      All in all, a great day, both for the big moments and sightings, but also for funny anecdotes like the two guys whose job it was to clean up the police horse poop along the paths, the people peering over their back garden fences to get a better view than a lot of people in the actual park, and the self-important local official who entertained the crowd around me by parading up and down the red carpet several times to practice before the Queen got there.

      I got some good pictures, which I’m happy to upload if anyone wants them after all the photos in this great recap post.

  20. As usual, i am impressed with Kates willingness to recycle- but i happen to think this is a “nerdy” look- and im not such a fan of the hat. I feel like she has so many more outfits/dresses that i personally would recycle before this. (but im not the duchess, so my choices dont count!) LOL

    But regardless of my opinion, she looks great as usual, skinny, and appropriate for the occasion. Good for her!

  21. Loved the Missoni when she first wore it and I still do! It is so sophisticated and classic. I do think this outfit is a more successful remixing venture than the wedding this weekend. I didn’t think the wedding look was bad, just not my favorite of her looks. However, she does a much better job mixing and matching than I do! :D I have to say we could all learn from her in that respect!

  22. Well, I loved this coat the first time I saw it and also thought it could be very versatile. It looks fine with navy accessories. The hat is charming (I noted it back when she first wore it), and the pumps work well. They look far better than with the coral jeans with which she last wore them.

    She seems to have decided that her hair should always be worn partly pulled back with a hat. I get it, but I still think the look is schoolgirlish with hair as long as hers is. I do wish she’d think about having a few inches taken off.

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