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Kate chose Stella McCartney for today’s visit to the National Portrait Gallery.

James Whatling / Splash News

Above she is seen with Gallery Director Sandy Nairne. The Duchess enjoyed a private showing of Road to 2012: Aiming High exhibition, featuring photos of athletes and those working to “make the London 2012 Olympic and Paraympic Games happen.” Kate was actually acting in two roles, she is an official ambassador for the London 2012 Games, as well as a patron of the Gallery. More on her visit to the exhibit from The Standard:

Gallery director Sandy Nairne said: ‘We know she [the Duchess] loves taking photographs. She was very intrigued about how things got taken and why they got taken. She was on very good form and she was asking lovely questions.’

Another view of Kate and Mr. Nairne.

National Portrait Gallery Facebook

The exhibit showcases stunning photographs taken over a three year span; many offer an inside look at athletes pursuing their rigorous training regimes.

National Portrait Gallery

This black and white image of the Duchess taken by Jillian Edelstein during Kate’s visit to the Olympic Park in March is on exhibit at the Gallery. (Our post on that event is here.)

© Jillian Edelstein

Kate wore Stella McCartney’s Ridley Stretch dress for this morning’s appearance, it is a piece from the designer’s fall 2012 collection.

James Whatling / Splash News

The most distinctive feature of the dress is the darts on the outside of the garment, usually they are concealed inside a piece. The form fitting dress is made of a viscose/acetate blend with a touch of elastane for stretch, it features short sleeves and a hidden back zipper frock.

Stella McCartney

The piece is priced at $885 on the Stella McCartney US site but could be found priced as low as $625 at other online retailers. It is no longer available on the UK McCartney site, but Selfridge’s still shows it online in a few sizes.

Kate’s decision to wear Stella McCartney makes perfect sense, she designed Team GB’s Olympic uniforms.

Courtesy Photo

Those uniforms were not warmly received when unveiled in March, many felt the colors don’t accurately reflect the Union Jack. Andy Murray in the official styles.

Courtesy Photo

One of the jackets athletes will wear for medal presentations, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw Kate in one of these.

Courtesy Photos

The Games are only 8 days away. Kate, William and Harry welcome Olympic Torchbearers to Buckingham Palace next Thursday as the Relay makes its way through London. The Opening Ceremonies follow the next day, Friday, the 27th.

Kate accessorized with earrings and a necklace we haven’t previously seen.

Splash News/Cartier

The necklace turns out to be by Cartier, from the jeweler’s Trinity collection. Described online as “The pure simplicity of three magically intertwined circles of pink, yellow and white gold,” the circles are set with shimmering diamonds.


The electric blue dress was ideal as a backdrop for the glittering necklace. Our friends at Grazia report the piece retails for a whopping £49,000, roughly $78,000 at today’s exchange rates; that price tag ignited an online debate about appropriateness in such austere times, others merely didn’t like the design.  Richard Palmer of the Express tweeted that the necklace is a personal item.

Richard Palmer/The Express Twitter Feed

The design of the piece does echo an Olympic rings look, we are presuming the necklace was a gift but have no other information on its provenance. Princess Diana was also a fan of the jeweler’s Trinity collection, Diana’s Jewels shows the the Princess wearing a ring from the line in 1983.

Rebecca English of the Daily Mail was kind enough to share some of her own photos from the event via Twitter.

Rebecca English Twitter Feed

The Duchess did not carry a bag this morning, we did see the return of her black Prada heels.

To learn/see more about today’s event:


Also today, an update on a dress many Kate fans are fond of, the black lace Temperley London gown she wore to the premiere of War Horse.


More on the gown from Temperley, officially called the Long Sleeved Amoret Dress:

…Amoret Dress is made using luxurious French lace underlaid with a silk contrast lining that accentuates the floral design. A broad scallop edges the v neck line and continues round  to the nape of the neck where the dress fastens with a keyhole detail. The body is fitted to just below the hip where it flares into a full length skirt while both the skirt and elegant long sleeves are finished with a delicate scalloped edge.

The dress is available in just one size on the Temperley website ($3995), I no longer see it on the Shopbop site where it was selling at $2520. Our thanks to Gena, she left a comment alerting us to the availability of the dress. Below, photos better showing the level of detail in the lace as well as other elements of the frock.

Temperley London

Our original post on the War Horse premiere may be found here.

We’ll see you again shortly, we hope before next week’s Olympic events.

  72 Responses to “Kate in Cartier & Stella McCartney for NPG Exhibit, Temperley War Horse Dress Available”

  1. Prince William just inherited 18 million dollars on his 30th birthday from his mothers estate. Maybe the necklace is a gift from him.

  2. I think the color is spot on with the match to the GB Olympic uniforms. As usual, Kate has a penchant for subtly giving a nod to the occasion through her choices. I agree with comments on the sleeve length, though… a bit awkward. I, for one, LOVE the necklace… I’m a big fan of statement pieces for simple looks. And the nod to Olympic medals and rings is another lovely, subtle touch. Sure, the price is ridiculously high, but like others, I wonder if it’s a gift, or possibly a loaner piece? (Happens all the time with actresses, not sure if it’s a crass practice for royals). Many other pieces of jewelry Kate has worn have been gifts. And I do agree that it would have been lovely to have some of her hair pulled back. But overall, quite a polished, well thought out look from HRH. Cheers!

  3. First- the Necklace- I don’t like the style on her it isn’t very flattering with the outfit she chose. The next thing is what everybody is saying- The Price. Why would she spend so much on such an ugly necklace? I admired Kate for her low budget shopping but this is crazy. If it was a gift then sure all the power to her for wearing it. As long as she likes it thats all that matters, but 49,000 pounds for that thing will max out prince charles expenses for the month(lol) as all of her clothes and jewels he pays for.

  4. I love the dress. And I actually like the necklace since it goes well with the “theme.” Kind of reminds me of a (toned-down version) of an Olympic medal. BUT, I REALLY hope she got this as a gift from someone or something, because I have seen a million necklaces just like it for $500 or less. $78,000 is an extraordinary amount of money for a not-so-special piece of jewelry, even if you’re a royal!

  5. Kate has such beautiful clothing, I would love to see how she decorates her house-dishes, glassware, etc. Is there a site for this?

  6. I really despise this necklace… Actually, it may be my least favorite item the Duchess has ever worn. I’m inclined to believe that this was a wedding gift from someone, especially since it seems to be so gaudy different compared to everything else she has worn. The only necklaces that I can recall which seem to rival this one in terms of size are the one she wore to the Night of Heroes Military Awards with the black velvet McQueen (also speculated to be a generous wedding gift) and that turquoise heart pendant from before the engagement. Am I forgetting something?

    If the Cartier necklace is indeed a gift, would it be considered gauche if Catherine never wore it? Just a random query, as I truly have no idea.

    • PS. The Edelstein photograph is beautiful. I love how relaxed and joyful Catherine looks.

    • Lol! I despise her Prada shoes and think they don’t belong with this outfit at all.

      Honestly, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with the necklace. It’s not the most glorious thing on earth, but it doesn’t invoke negative feelings in me either. The price doesn’t bother me either. Royalty are expected to wear some of the nicest bling on earth. I actually like it and think it would have gone well with the green Jenny Packham dress she wore. It had such a deep v-neck and the necklace would have been appropriate for the Olympic gala.

      • It wouldn’t have worked with the Packham. It would have competed with all the lace, the pleating, and the jeweled belt, not to mention her large earrings. I think it was because of all those features that she didn’t wear a necklace at all.

        That’s a necklace that needs a plain backdrop.

  7. I think the color of the dress is beautiful. The design is so sixties, and so elegant. Isn’t the design called “princess cut”? Kate is so beautiful!I wonder if she sews, or has sewn any of her clothes before she met Prince William.

  8. There’s a first time for everything, apparently – I just adore this Stella McCartney, and I’m fairly certain that phrase has not once passed my lips before. That blue couldn’t be more flattering on HRH Shinylocks here, and I love how the darts-on-the-outside detail adds interest.

    I’m also a fan of the Cartier and laughing, once again, at how our poor Duchess can’t win with the chatterati. Either her jewelry is too expensive, or it isn’t expensive enough. This suits both the Olympic theme and the outfit, *and* is lovely in & of itself. Golf claps all around.

    I might change the shoes, though, which are a little mumsy in fabric and cut for this ensemble. *hides*

    • I completely agree! She can’t win it seems. Some want her to wear less high street clothing, but then crucify her for wearing Cartier when so many others royals wear much more outrageously expensive and blingy jewelry. I absolutely adore this look and think it was very appropriate for the event. I love long necklaces though, it seems many of you just don’t like the design. I think it is great and am looking for a replikate now! :D

      I could take or leave the shoes, but I do like the color with the dress.

  9. Why do I suspect that the breakdown on the necklace is 5,000BP for the actual necklace and 44,000BP for the Cartier name. My only problem with the price is I don’t think it looks like it is worth that amount of money.

    I don’t care for the darts outside the dress as they seem to end an unfortunate location and they were sticking out in some photos.

    As some have said, I think Catherine holds her hands the way she does because she hasn’t quite figured out what to do with them. I know the feeling well!

  10. I like very much the dress (colour and cut), I like very very very much the necklace & the match of both.
    I’m not sure regarding the choice of the colour of the shoes (why black ?) and, as usual, I had rather prefered her hair in the back.
    Many thanks for the all the information given.

    • i agree french girl-i really like the dress and the necklace with it. i am a big fan of the high neckline with the long necklace. i am not a fan either of black with that color though-a little to harsh for the feel and color of the outfit. i might have done a nude-we all know she’s got some nude pumps! or maybe even those very soft pink jimmy choo’s she wore last year on her canada/USA tour. the pink might of been a little too wacky for a future queen though!

  11. I loved the color and cut of the dress – at first thought the darts on the outside rather strange but after seeing pictures from different sites I think it is quite lovely. I do not understand the carping over the price of her jewelry. The dress was simple – and called for a piece with some pizzazz – this particular piece deliverd but without being over the top (IMHO). Brooches for the most part are for women of an older age – though I think there are times when Kate has worn them and they have been spot on – but as a regular feature – at this point, no. A tiny necklace would have been lost and been ineffective. Finally, this dress was from the fall 2012 collection – I do not see the hang-up with wearing suede shoes with it. While one generally does not wear suede in the summer in the US (at least not in the past) one does see more and more suede for sale for the summer – I have a pair of suede summer sandals that are just right with a number of outfits.
    To my mind, the Duchess looked comfortable, at ease, and radiant. She is not a model who is supposed to wear edgey clothing tp push the fashion envelop. Rather, her job, if anything, is to celebrate what is the best of Britain – its culture, history, and people. While some British designers are not my particular “cup of tea” – I appreciate that she wears their designs (and the designs of other Commonwealth member nations).

    • Well, I think the discussion of her jewelry is not unwarranted. Thinking in the abstract about the symbolic statement her clothes make…this is one of those moments where, despite loving her elegance and style and poise, I would prefer she not run with an identifiably, astronomically expensive item for an event when she’s a representative for the UK. That necklace is beautiful, but having her run around at a public event (not a private one, where she should really wear whatever the hell she pleases) in a $78,000 necklace and a $885 acetate dress [$885 for silk is one thing, but honestly, $885 for a synthetic fabric?!] while the government debates austerity and tuition hikes is bad press waiting to happen. She looks great, but she could certainly have found something to wear that we wouldn’t all immediately be able to price. Even a bespoke Stella McCartney piece with a large but not immediately identifiable piece of jewelry would have been better.

    • I think people are concerned more about the price than the look, though I happen to feel that the necklace is rather unattractive and, yes, a little too large. Not hugely, but to the point where it’s verging on ostentation.

      And I think we all do know, already, that part of her job is to promote British fashion. Relatively few people here think she should dress in an “edgier” manner. There have been many comments over the last year or so pointing out that “edginess” would not really be appropriate in her position.

  12. I like the idea of this outfit, but the dress itself needs a few tweaks IMO—the sleeves need to be an inch or so longer, as they are hitting the Duchess in an odd place. Also, the external darts are strange to me, and due to her long waist, they also hit in an awkward place. My only quibble with the shoes is that I feel like suede is too “wintry” for late July.
    I don’t mind the necklace—despite the price, it isn’t really that blingy, and the hemline is fine for a 30 year old woman.
    The duchess is classy as always.

  13. When I saw this on other websites I thought…boring…and I still think that. Don’t like this dress on her at all, and she probably wore it because it was a Stella Mc who did the Brit Olympic uniforms. Necklace is….awful.

  14. Lovely dress, lovely colour. This style suits Kate the most – simple but elegant. If one is to spend $800 on a dress then it better be a classic style like this which one can wear for years to come. The two ladies whose clothes has never dated have been Jackie Kennedy Onassis and Audrey Hepburn. Fads come and go but elegant, classic styles stay forever.

  15. I love this look! Love the bright blue color, the fit and even the funky little darts…I think they add a fun touch to basic dress and give it a younger feel. I also like the necklace, she usually accessorizes so conservatively that the bold necklace was a nice surprise! (I don’t care how expensive it retails for…she’s a princess right?? Princess’ get to wear jewels, thats why we all want to be one!) This outfit reminded me of why she’s my #1 style icon.

  16. Love the dress, I adore an Empire waist anyway and whether or not that was what McCartney was going for, she achieved it with this dress. The higher waist was much more flattering than the previous pieces where the waist just hit at the wrong spot and made the dress seem ill-fitted. This dress was simple, bright, elegant. I could have done without the necklace, seemed too old for Kate, and far too heavy for the dress and the occasion.

  17. Kate loves high-waisted dresses because they make her long torso look shorter and her short legs look longer. You can see this effect with dozens of her dresses over the past year or so. I believe Stella McCartney’s designers modified this dress for Kate to cater to her penchant for high-waisted dresses. Compare the model’s dress closely to Kate’s. Look at space between the bottom of the sleeves and the waistline on the model, then look at Kate’s dress. There is about three inches more fabric between the sleeve hem and the waistline on the model, making it sit at her waist. The waistline on Kate’s dress has obviously been raised. In addition, there’s been about four inches of fabric added to the hemline on Kate’s dress, probably to compensate for the raised waistline. (I’m an amateur seamstress, so I know about these tricks.)

  18. This looks much like one of the blue Erdem dresses she wore to Canada. This is an ill-fitting dress and short sleeved dresses are hard to pull of, although I LOVED the grey Catherine Walker dress she wore in Canada. I’d be happy if she didn’t wear blue again until 2013.

    • Maybe this dress looks like the blue Erdems in overall silhouette, but the fabric and details clearly make this a more casual dress, which I thought was fitting for the venue and event.

      I don’t understand the objections to Kate wearing blue frequently. If Kate likes blue, why shouldn’t she wear it? (Though I may be biased because I’m a fan of blue clothing and wear it fairly often.) And besides, didn’t the Queen wear blue to something like 1/3 of her engagements in 2011?

      • My point is that I feel like Kate has worn this dress more than 3 times in the span of one year. But rather than actually nobly re-wearing something 3 times, she has worn 3 different dresses that look the same.

        I don’t think bringing in the Queen is helpful to Kate. I LOVE how the Queen wears orange and bright colors so frequently. We have yet to see Kate in orange and I personally want her to wear more purple and violet colors.

  19. beautiful! what a joyous color- like a loud, happy cheer ! the dress is crisp and bright- with a whiff of athleticism (is it the short sleeves?) while still being, of course, every inch ladylike. how does she do it?! !

    and, barring wearing an official Olympics piece, how apt a necklace! almost-a-medal.. and gold, silver, bronze ‘hints’- yay, Kate!

    I don’t think I remember seeing her wear an “Empire” waist before.. ? am I mis-remembering ?

    (sheepishly admitting to myself how many outfits I do remember– ! what does that say about me.. (-: ?!)

    • You are so right about the color of the dress and the Olympic-medal inspration behind the jewelery: it’s a very upbeat outfit, as the Olympics should inspire. And just a note on the jewelery: The Duchess certainly mixes up the high and low of fashion so often, she can afford to be a bit more “blingy” every once and a while!

  20. New here, so let me say first that I love the Duchess of Cambridge. I seems lovely and I hope the marriage is the “real thing”. I have to say, however, that this isn’t my favorite look. The waist is too high, the bust darts are strange, the hem is too short, and the shoes are too heavy. I don’t hate it or anything, but it is just not a home-run. I think a lot of professional class women could pull of a similar look for less money.

    She needs a handbag, doesn’t she? It seems odd that she will walk around indoors at BP with a clutch but not have one on an “outing”. The necklace may be a very good fake; it may be her mothers (who can certainly afford it); it may have been a gift from her (now wealthy in his own right) husband.

    I think her makeup is getting a tad more subtle. She has gorgeous hair but I did like it a bit darker and a good six inches off the bottom would lighten it up a lot.

  21. Classy and elegant — and such a gorgeous colour on Kate — I really like this dress. I’ve been wondering when a Stella outfit would finally take centre-stage as I like so much of what she does. I think the short sleeves look sweet — and with the colour, oddly “sporty.”

    I think it’s a stroke of genius to use such a relatively modest priced dress to so perfectly set off a fine piece of bling worth over 100 times more! I thought the “five-rings” reference was very astute.

    The cut of the dress is excellent on Kate too — though I fear that high waistline must set the rumour mill in motion again.

  22. I liked it all — the colour of the dress, the hair, the jewelry. She looked so poised and interested in the exhibit. Why shouldn’t Kate wear whatever jewelry she wants? I don’t know enough about fashionable fitting to know if it fit her to a “t” but it looked ok to me. That she doesn’t seem obsessive about such things seems like a very good thing.

  23. Hmm this was a very “expected” and “safe” look, but certainly nothing exciting for me personally.

    I do have to say I have some major sticker shock when I saw the price of that necklace. My friend actually bought a similar one from Nordstrom recently that she got for about $40. She didn’t end up wearing it much because its kind of bulky and really does look like your trying to channel a medal. But if you’re interested, you can find it here:

  24. I really like this dress, especially the dart details, and I usually don’t care for Stella McCartney. (Though I did like her designs when she was starting out and working for Chloe, I just don’t care for her designs for her own label. Makes me think she may have had a little ‘help’ while at Chloe.)

    On a gossip blog that I sometimes read, someone said that because Kate had her hands folded in front of her, that she must be tying to conceal a ‘baby bump.’ (Apologies for using that term – I personally hate it!). Don’t people realize that there is strict protocol re: the royals and touching? I’ve always interpreted her hand-clasping as a method of avoiding any verboten touch. That’s why I think she’ll carry her clutch bags in situations where it wouldn’t seem necessary (example: on the balcony during fly-pasts). So when she doesn’t have a bag with her, she folds her hands. Thoughts?

    • I don’t think she’s trying to avoid touching. If you notice, when the royals are doing their walkabouts, they are in physical contact with people all the time. People are always reaching out to shake hands with them, and they are always complying. Touching isn’t utterly “verboten,” though of course it’s polite not to touch anyone you’re not close to — not just a royal, anyone. You are not supposed to touch the Queen, but people do it, and they aren’t hauled off to the Tower.

      I think the Duchess clasps her hands or carries a clutch simply to have something to do with them. She doesn’t really need a bag, of course, but a nice little clutch can “finish” an outfit and, again, gives her something to hold. It can be quite awkward to be standing or walking around as much royals do with nothing to do with your hands.

      • I was thinking this as well. *I* sometimes don’t know what to do with my hands, so I think clasping them is probably better than nervous fidgeting or clenching!

      • Yeah, I understand that they shake hands and all. But I’ve recently started reading a royalty fashion/jewel blog that covers other royal families, who are considerably more ‘touchy’ at least with each other. I know that William will sometimes put his hand on Kate’s back (but only at non-official functions I think?), whereas Crown Prince Frederick and Crown Princess Mary of Denmark will actually hold hands when arriving at official functions. Same with CP Haakon & CP Mette-Marit of Norway. The Scandanavians, at least, are a little less formal with each other. While I would imagine that Japanese royals are more formal.

  25. Just want to say… I’m totally loving the new “no credit” rule! I love my friendly WKW community. :) great work today, ladies! And great post as usual!

    • I totally agree!! Well done!

    • Sorry, I’ve been out of the loop for a while – what do you mean?

      • Megan- previously, WKW would comb through the facebook posts to figure out exactly who was the first person to identify her dress, jewelry, etc. In an effort to make the community less competitive, WKW isn’t doing that anymore except for extreme circumstances of crazy awesome identifying!

  26. I agree that the hemline is a little shorter than we are used to and is almost awkward on her; also agree that the shoes are a little heavy. HOWEVER I do love the color on her and that she seems to have lightened her hair since they were first married! Much more suitable for the summer months!

  27. This is an ok outfit, honestly pretty boring though. The color is tried and true for her, and its fine. But thatn necklace, never mind the price, its just not very attractive to look at and the “in your face” obviousness of the olympics theme is kind of silly in my opinion. You dont have to wear an “O” necklace to support the olympians, and honestly she is going to get a lot of hate for the price tag (probably rightly so). Just not the smartest choice on her part, let’s hope it was a gift or this alone will bring up the total price of her wardrobe astronomically! I’m still waiting to see more interesting pieces from her. Different colors, better fit, more interesting details.

  28. The earrings remind me of Kate’s Links Effervescent (?) earrings except short and gold. I didn’t see anything similar on the Links site though.

  29. The dress is a lovely colour. A classic design, with the exception of the reverse darts, which certainly appear to be doing something for Kate’s bustline!

    I do think that this dress needed a necklace to add interest but given the minimal jewelry Kate has worn thus far, I am surprised she brought out this piece for a daytime engagement. I think it would have been fine without the diamonds but I agree it seems just a bit OTT for day, semblance to Olympic rings, or no. Of course, the Queen wears jewels worth at least that much routinely during the day but she is expected to–Kate, not so much.

    FYI, the Amoret dress is available on the Net-a-Porter US site for $3,995 in US sizes 4, 6 and 10 as is the grey Matthew Williamson Kate wore to the Disney lion movie (minus the bespoke bead embellishment around the neckline) for $1,595, but only in US size 2.

  30. I think it’s a great look. I don’t even mind the darts on the bust. And I love the necklace.

    • I think the external darts are fine here — though it seems ironic in a way that every effort has been taken to make sure the zip is concealed at the back. But then what do I know about the minds of top ranking designers?!

  31. Team GB Blue color……..she’s a planner for sure. Well done.

  32. I have a question about the ribbon belt. If I remember correctly, Kate wore a black ribbon belt over the red Spagnoli suit for the pre-wedding engagement at St. Andrew’s College, and again with the black lace Temperley for the “War Horse” event. I notice the model above also includes a black ribbon belt. Do you think 1) Kate had previously bought a black ribbon belt from Temperley, which she paired with both outfits; 2) Temperley designed the original black lace dress with a similar ribbon bow; or 3) Temperley was inspired by Kate’s addition of her own black ribbon belt to the dress?

    I know I am totally over-thinking this, but I am curious.

    • I believe we discussed this before, and the evidence was that the Spagnoli suit came with its own sewn-on belt.

      As for Alice Temperley’s thinking and inspiration, I couldn’t say.

    • Bow belts have been seen everywhere in the past year and 1/2. Temperley, packham, Saab, Valentino, Burberry, I could go on but with the inclusion of non-designer labels the list could go on and on. In fact Keria Knightly wore a AW 2012 Burberry gown either late last year or earlier this year with a black velvet bow.
      So personally I’m inclined to believe AT simlply designed to follow the trend. Although Kate probably had her belt crafted just for her because the retail version doesn’t feature a velvet belt as I recall Kate had.

  33. The color is really excellent!! I love it! I don’t think the fit is very good on her…and did anyone else notice the sleeves? The ends seem a little unfinished. Also, why the black suede pumps? It makes the outfit look heavy and don’t seem appropriate for the event (in the sense of weather or the style the dress is). The necklace also seems a bit much for a daytime event, no?

    • I liked these shoes with the dress, I thought they looked smart for an inner city setting. The one thing I di notice though was that they looked a little the worse for wear in some pictures. Maybe it was just the photos — after all it would be very odd to wear scuffed shoes with all that bling!

      • Ooh. I didn’t notice that about the shoes…but now that I look, I see what you mean.
        I’m just very unsure about this outfit. Lately, Catherine’s outfits are either a little boring or oddly put together.

        • She definitely sticks to “safe” in her outfits so I know where you’re coming from. One person’s “classy” can be another’s “very dull indeed!”

  34. She looks gorgeous love the look from head to toe and her figure is stunning she looks healthy and gorgeous.

    • I agree. Kate looks like the picture of health, elegance, beauty and happiness. I think we’ll be hearing some important news before long.

  35. The colour is lovely, but that Stella really is a terrible designer. Daddy’s name can’t buy her talent.

  36. I love the color of this dress, but find the design uninteresting. Sadly, I am not a fan of Stella McCartney, having never seen a piece by her I really liked. I think she’s a bit overrated.

    I also felt the dress was just a touch too short for graceful car-exiting.

    Normally I love Cartier’s Trinity jewelry, but I felt this necklace was a little too large and just verging on ostentatious, which is something I never thought I’d say about a Trinity piece. Usually, they’re in quite good taste. I do see why she wore it, and, of course, a very plain dress was the right backdrop.

    I refuse to believe that the Duchess (or Prince Charles) bought this necklace. In dollars, it would cost close to $80,000, I think. I, too, suspect it was a gift if she didn’t borrow it. By the way, did we ever learn who gave her the ruby and diamond set she wore just before Christmas?

  37. A very nice surprise, like a breath of fresh air…I love this color and the cutting is good on her too.

  38. I like the color but not the seams going over the bust. As always, Catherine looks good.

    • now as you mentioned it…the darts did look a big odd. LOL

    • and again, the waistline looks a bit out of place…She needs a personal tailor!

      • Agreed about the fit. If this is how Stella designed it, then Stella needs to rethink how these clothes look on women,,, maybe it looks better in person, but as a designer, she has to consider that Kate will be photographed. The dress just looks like it needs a serious tailor which doesn’t speak well for British fashion–usually they do this better than anyone. Catherine Walker always took the time and effort to make certain Diana’s clothes (as well as others) wore and photographed well. It makes a difference when a designer puts the extra thought.effort into the garment.

        As for the necklace, oh my goodness, I do hope it is not the real thing. There are so many knock-offs of this style that Kate could have used. It is a surprising choice for her. Also, the hair……to borrow a line from Downton Abbey, “there are no words” :)

        The color was perfect! Love that!

      • The waist looks lower to me on the model in the pictures. I wonder if it was modified for Kate, or if it just fits like this because of her height.

        • It’s not her height that’s the problem — she is really not enormously tall — it’s her long-waistedness. If she doesn’t have a dress specifically modified for her, chances are the waist is going to hit too high on her.

        • You have a very good eye for detail! :) Yes!!! On the model, the bottom of the sleeve lines up with the top of the upper dart. But on Kate the top of the dart lines up with the middle of the sleeve.

          And I don’t think the necklace is OTT for a “simple” dress. If I didn’t know how much it costs, I would think it was a high-end costume piece. I think she SHOULD dress up some of her dresses a bit. I’d also like to see larger earrings on her. With her long hair, she could certainly pull it off.

          • This necklace is so conspicuous that large earrings would be far too much. You may not realize just how glitzy it is, because the diamonds don’t show up very well in photographs.

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