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This is where you will find our multi-part series of reports. 

THE DUCHESS AT 40:  I take a look at the Duchess’s style in posts timed to coincide with the occasion of her fortieth birthday. 

  • Part 1 Pre-Wedding & Wedding: Scroll past the portion of the post covering the birthday photo portraits, and you’ll find coverage of one of the Duchess’s pre-wedding ensembles and what it conveyed, and a deeper look at her wedding gown and accessories.   
  • Part 2 Daywear Designs: A very deep dive into the styles, prints, patterns and motifs of the Duchess’s daywear. 
  • Part 3 Touring & Tiaras:  Coverage of the Duchess’s tour style as well as all of her tiara appearances.  
  • Part 4 Sporty & Casual Styles: An overview of outfits worn for watching sporting engagements and when participating in such events. 
  • Part 5: Formalwear: I look at almost all of the evening gowns the Duchess has worn during her time as a royal family member. 


FLORALS: The Duchess has demonstrated a fondness for floral patterns in her wardrobe; we look more closely at the topic in four different posts.  


THE DUCHESS’S BORROWED JEWELRY: We examine jewelry pieces loaned to the Duchess by HM. 

  • Part One: Kate’s borrowed brooches (August 2020).
  • Part Two: The bracelets loaned to the Duchess by HM (September 2020). 

  • Part Three: The Duchess’ loaned earrings (September 2020). 

  • Part Four: The necklaces loaned to the Duchess by HM (September 2020). 

  • Part Five: The tiaras loaned to the Duchess (October 2020). 

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