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The Olympic Torch burned brightly this afternoon as it came to Buckingham Palace.

Max Foster/CNN Twitter Feed

Among those welcoming it to Buckingham Palace were official Olympic ambassadors William, Kate and Harry, as well as forty members of the Team GB Ambition Programme.

Official London 2012 Torch Relay Site

Above left we see torchbearer Wai-Ming Lee with the flame, he is with an MapAction, a group that responds to disasters with humanitarian aid; Prince Harry is its patron. Above right we see John Hulse waiting for the flame, he is with Mountain Rescue, Prince William is patron of that group. Mountain Rescue serves England and Wales, William has been patron since 2007.

Mountain Rescue England & Wales

Today was Day 69 of the Torch Relay’s 8000 mile journey. It ends tomorrow when the flame is used to light the cauldron at the Opening Ceremony.

All three Olympic Ambassadors wore official Adidas Team GB apparel for today’s event at the Palace.

Tony Clark/Splash News

The Duchess paired her Team GB top with another pair of skinny jeans from Zara.

Press Association/Zara Germany

They are called “Satinhose” on the Zara Germany site (shown above right), selling at 39,95. They are 97% cotton with 3% elastene for stretch.

Ian West/PA Wire

On Zara’s UK site the name is “Satin Trouser” and they are marked down to £12.99 from £35.99, the Zara US ‘Satin Trousers’ page shows them as being sold out at $35.99 (from $59.90), in black only. Below we show a look at the back zippers.

Ian West – PA Wire/Zara Germany

Kate also sported a new pair of wedges, the sky high Stuart Weitzman ‘Corkswoon’ style. The heels on these are 4.5″ but the platform is 1.25″, so it’s about a 3-1/4″ heel, perhaps not as intimidating as it looks.

UK Press Association/Stuart Weitzman

These are available in a variety of colors and fabrics at a number of online sites, there is a broad spectrum of prices. We show them at Stuart Weitzman, although Kate’s color was only available through Russell and Bromley .

It was a delight to see all three young royals looking so excited for the upcoming events, I expect we will see a lot of Adidas/Team GB clothing in the next three weeks. The vivid blue trousers were a great Team GB color, although I thought the jeans just a skosh too skinny this time.

Today’s Torch Relay route included St Paul’s Cathedral, Downing Street and Trafalgar Square. Below we see Paralympian Ade Adepitan with the Flame on Millennium Bridge, he is a Wheelchair Basketball player.

London 2012 Torch Relay Site

This year’s Torch Relay for the Paralympic Games is actually August 28-29, below we see the Paralympic Torch.

Official Paralympic Games Torch Relay site

More on the August activities from the Paralympic Games site:

Four Flames will be lit as part of a new concept for the Paralympic Torch Relay, one each in London, Greater Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff.

In addition to the Flame Festivals and Flame Celebrations, the whole of the UK will be encouraged to help light the way to the Paralympic Games by lighting a lantern. To get involved, please visit www.london2012.com/get-involved/local-leaders/lantern-festival/

Following the day’s progress it was taken to Hyde Park for a concert, London’s Mayor spoke to the enormous crowds at Hyde Park, more from the Daily Mail:

Mayor of London Boris Johnson told the crowd at Hyde Park: ‘I have never seen anything like this in all my life. The excitement is growing all the time, the Geiger counter of Olympic mania is going to go off the scale.

‘The people from around the world are coming and seeing the greatest city in the world there are some people coming who don’t yet know about the preparations we have been doing for the last seven years.

Sky News via the Daily Mail

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We’ll be back tomorrow with coverage of the Opening Ceremonies and other events of the day.Here’s a look at the countdown clock on the London 2012 home page.

London 2012

We leave you with this image of the Olympic Rings at sunset at Olympic Park.

London 2012 Twitter Feed

  61 Responses to “Kate in Zara & Stuart Weitzman for Torch Relay Visit to Buckingham Palace”

  1. I understand that many people didn’t like her outfit but I really feel like the hyper-critical tone of many of the comments are out of line. Oh, to be behind the online veil of anonymity and criticize every. little. detail. of someone. I don’t know how some people do it. I really enjoy WKW’s posts on Kate’s outfits as I am obviously a huge fan but I find the comments just so damn catty and bitchy. It’s very disappointing.

  2. Dont really understand all the criticism of this outfit: no way the shirt should have been tucked in—would have looked messy. The wedges look great with jeans (regular or skinny fit), and were appropriate for the casual event. I do get that the jeans were very snug, but dont feel that they were “vulgar” or “inappropriate” in any way.
    I will say that the cropped fit of the jeans legs did little to help disguise the duchess’ long torso, and actually made her legs look a bit shorter than they actually are. A straight leg jean would have made her legs appear longer.

  3. Her blue skinnies were too revealing. You probably are too young to remember when the Duchess of York wore a black leather modest skirt to a Royal function. She got the stick. Kate was unprincess-like.

    • She does casual so well 99.9 percent of the time, I think the pressure was high for her.. I love the london sole flats and they would have looked great and a pair of looser jeans if she was going casual. But your right dressing up for this event would have been a better choice then dressing down since she is being viewed by more people then normal.

    • I have several pairs of Zara’s skinny jeans and they are made out of a stretchy fabric that isn’t tight but it does form around the body. Well, they are skin tight when you take them out of the dryer but by the end of the day they start to fall off your waist and then you have to be careful when you bend down or over. Anyway, they are not painful wear. I like them with boots in the Fall and ballet flats in the Spring. The picture of Kate outside of Waitrose in her black skinny jeans and London Sole ballet flats is totally something I would wear. I like her Stuart Weitzman wedges too but I would have wore them with a summer dress instead of skinny jeans. I prefer a straighter leg jean with ankle boots or heels but I see a lot of celebrities in the U.S. wear them with skinny jeans because they want to look sexy and get jobs. Maybe Kate wanted to look sexy for Prince William since HE (not Britain) is the reason she is the DOC and future Queen.

  4. Poor Kate. Seems she may be falling victim to what our First Lady (US) deals with at times — the “appropriate police”. She’s a young woman dressed casually for a casual event and I think she looks GREAT! Her skinny jeans are a stretch material and, therefore, aren’t tight to the point of experiencing “pain”. As for the wedges, they’re GREAT. Why must one only wear flats or sneakers with a skinny jean? That is absurd. I have a similar pair of stretch skinny jeans that hit right at the ankle and I wear flats or heels — depending on my mood, but never sneakers with them as that look makes the foot look like a boat. I have the Stuart Weitzman cork wedge in a sling-back with a peep toe (two pairs, actually) and I love pairing them with a shorter pair of jeans. Again, I like the look. I’m a fan of this blog — follow it closely but this is the first time I’ve commented. I follow one about our FLOTUS too. Just because there is a site dedicated to Kate’s fashion doesn’t mean people should feel compelled to make nasty comments (eg, hoochie)! People can and should do better than that, in my opinion.

    • People aren’t compelled to make nasty comments. Nobody is saying Kate’s a bad person, etc. Saying that this outfit is wrong and suggesting less tight pants in the future is constructive criticism, which is positive. We all want Kate to look good and when she doesn’t, it’s painful at worst, disappointing at best. She had the right concept for this appearance, but it went wrong in many different ways.

    • You can wear your skinny jeans and wedges anytime you like…you’re not a Duchess. Kate represents Great Britain IN EVERY PUBLIC APPEARANCE. Appropriate clothing is a must. I do not want to see every bump, indent or line of a Royal personage thanks.

    • it is dedicated to Kate but people can’t help and notice if pants are tight, Kates a great person she just made a wrong choice for this specific event, it looks like the majority agree. I agree with one commenter it is constructive criticism and painting her as a victim ie) “poor kate” makes it seem she is being bullied which she is not and have read the other comments. She is being watched by millions for the olympics so hiring someone for an even as big as this would seem wise . I have seen her dress casually and she hasn’t missed a step except for this case. When I saw those pants they looked painful stretch fabric or not.. I think what happened was comments where taken out of context .

  5. Ouch! those pants look like they hurt~ don’t like the shoes. How can someone so skinny make jeans look so painful and tight? and if your going that casual wear those comfy white runners like the others and looser jeans. I ‘am wincing in pain just looking at that picture.. for this major event it would be appropriate to hire someone to dress her. Smaller functions she can pick her own clothes..

  6. I have to agree with some of the comments above – the jeans are vulgar and the shoes were a horrible choice. And as far as her height is concerned, why do people insist on saying she is so tall all the time? She is 5’8″. At least she was when she was at university. It’s certainly above average height, but the way people talk about her height, you’d think she was 5’11″…
    A ponytail, looser jeans and the polo shirt tucked into the waistband would have been far more appropriate for a Duchess.

  7. I think the jeans are too tight… The whole outfit would have been significantly more youthful and fun with those lovely London Sole Union Jack flats that were being given away not so long ago… It would have been cheeky too….Or even red Converse ( taking a leaf out of Pippa’s repetoire here). But maybe she did not want Will and Harry to dwarf her!

    The cork shoes look a little hoochie (or in UK speak Essex girl!!!) and in my view don’t work… I think that is the general consensus here.
    Not a fan of wedges generally but even a pair of peep toe or fully black patent wedges would have been a huge improvement…

    The DoC needs a bit of help, not much mind you, to elevate her casual look…She’s only 30 and she’d do well to remember that…

    • I agree with you. The jeans waaaaaaaaaay too tight and they would have looked better with the Union Jack ballet flats.

    • I agree with you.. I think what happened is she picked those skinny jeans when she was smaller if thats possible. This is where a stylist would have come in handy.. I think Kate does casual so well just not in this case.

  8. AHHH! Those jeans are so tight! i wish she wore them with flats (coral ones perhaps!) those shoes are SO chunky, and i also think she could have pulled off the jeans much better with a longer or baggier vsion of the shirt shes wearing- not that there was anything wrong with the fit of the shirt, (looked great on her) but if it covered her behind it would have been less out-there, i think thats where the problem lied, with the tightness in that area, not the legs, in my opinion. I know a longer shirt would have made the issue of her leg/torso ratio but i still think that would have been better- but as usual she looks awesome and i do like the pants! the zippers are great

  9. Kate may have very nice (though short I agree) legs, this pant is too tight indeed.
    I am sure that these shoes are very feminine (by the way I like wedges in general, too comfortable) but definitely not with this pant

  10. The minute I saw the leggings/jeans with the cork wedges, I thought “Oh my, that is bad”.
    The jeans were too tight, and too short and wedges much too high. Just not an elegant look for anyone, much less a royal. Does anyone know if Kate has a stylist?

    It seemed like a casual, sporty occasion, so a pair of white Adidas trainers or flats would have been perfect.

  11. She just doesn’t really seem to know how to dress down/casually. Regarding the heels, I am starting to think the poor dear is super self conscious about her lower to upper body ratio.

    For some reason I really just wish she had tucked in her shirt and worn a belt and some slightly longer jeans. Although at the end of the day with a backside like hers I would live in skinny jeans. So I guess I can’t fault her for that :)

  12. I guess I’m the only one that really liked this look… It isn’t something that I would choose for myself, but I think the Duchess looks casual and cute. I have doubts about how comfortable those jeans are, but perhaps the cotton fabric breathes and isn’t too stifling.

    Flats? Trainers? Oh my word, no. I’ll take a pair of wedges any day.

  13. The Duchess of Cambridge is a lovely woman who would look good in anything. Yet, something tells me she is uncomfortable wearing small heels/flats near Prince William and Prince Harry because they are so tall and she would appear short near them when in actuality she is not. She should get used to wearing smaller heels or flats and accept that sometimes it’s better to appear a bit shorter than wear such ridiculously high wedges that are not in proportion to the tightness of her skinny jeans. I admire Princess Letizia of Spain. Her husband Prince Felipe is so much taller than her but in some cases she wears flats and still looks so good next to him. Kate should get used to being comfortable in her own skin and she will shine.

    • agree with you, love letizia.
      terrible choice of shoes (flats or gyms would have been much better)

    • She wears very high heels to compensate for her long-waistedness and the fact that it means her legs are somewhat short relative to her torso. When she wears flat shoes or boots, this is quite apparent.

      I don’t think she’s that concerned about the height disparity, though of course now that she is so often photographed next to Prince William, it looks a bit better for them to seem a little closer in terms of height than they actually are.

      • Hello Lili. I agree with you that she has to compensate for her long-waistedness – but to do that she could have tucked her t-shirt into a pair of mid-rise jeans and that would have immediately made her upper body shorter. Then she could wear loafers or wedges with less of a heel height. She did that in Canada and looked perfect.

        I don’t agree that to cut a good figure she needs to be as close to William in height. The Queen, for example, is much shorter than Prince Philip and they always photograph well together.

        • You ladies are on the money! I totally agree- I was thinking that she’d do well to take a leaf out of Letizia’s book!

  14. Not an outfit I liked at all — I think those oh-so-tight jeans look more like common-or-garden leggings, and I really don’t like them with heels. In fact I find that particular pair of shoes clunky and awkward. It looks — almost — like an outfit for a sporting occasion but childishly mismatched with an attempt at smart shoes.

  15. Not a fan of the extreme tight jeans/jeggings/leggings look. Kate is a perfect example that skintight jeans are not flattering to even the most slender and fit of figures. They would have been better just a tad looser and the shoes were mismatched in the overall casual/sporty look and just too high. One thing I don’t understand is that Kate had such good fashion sense before she married. She dressed fashionably and appropriately for whatever setting she was in and now she’s seemed to have forgotten all that. It’s not major missteps, just little stumbles here and there that sort of ruin the whole look, like the jeans being too tight and the high wedges today and those strange high waistlines on her dresses.

    • She made little missteps in the years before her marriage, too. The general public just wasn’t as aware of them, because the spotlight wasn’t on her as much.

      No one is going to get it right, be perfect, every time. I remember that William’s mother made a lot of unfortunate wardrobe choices for some years after her marriage.

  16. Beautiful sunset photo of the rings. Thanks for that.

    Really, this a moment when perhaps we have to ask, who CARES what she wears!?

    Citius, Altius, Fortius.

    Ave, London. Good luck to you from the world.

  17. a.) Can’t believe you cut the best part of Boris Johnson’s Quote

    b.) body-snarking much? Jeeze some people- this was a casual event, she was dressed casually.

  18. these seem less “skinny Jean” more “jegging” to me–the tightness just above the knee and all the way through the calf is the difference. They are not a flattering length–cropped a bit and worn with flat shoes would have been cute–this length emphasizes the relative shortness of her legs not to mention the whole jegging and heels thing looks a bit, well, less than regal. cute shirt on her though

  19. Kate needs to look to Miranda Kerr on how to wear skinny jeans/pants. Kate wears them so awkwardly, and it was the same thing with those coral pants when she played hockey.

  20. I’m not a fan of the super tight jeans. Even on her, I don’t think they are particularly flattering, and for this occasion, I think a short a-line skirt would have been far more flattering.

  21. It’s a little snug but I think it would’ve looked pretty adorable with some flats or sneakers. The really high black wedges do not go with the casualness of the her jeans and shirt. Above her shoes though, I think she looks really young and cute!

  22. I bought a pair of skinny chinos from J Crew in exactly this color. Love it.

    These jeans are actually no tighter than others she has worn; however, she’s put on a bit of a weight, so perhaps the effect is more noticeable.

    Though I suggested on the previous entry that wedged espadrilles were a good choice for jeans and other casual trousers, these are SO high that they border on bad taste. She’d have done better to recycle the LK Bennett wedges that she sported on the day after her wedding and that I thought she should have worn with the coral-pink skinny jeans that she chose for her visit to the British field hockey team practice a few months ago.

  23. She looks good, but the pants are just way too tight for a public appearance like this one, although I will agree that the color matches perfectly with the athletes’ pants! And yeah, trainers would have looked much better than wedges. Definitely not one of her best looks, but it’s not a huge appearance so I’m really not going to get hung up on it.

  24. Although I do think a skirt or dress tied with the Olympic theme, shes young and has the figure so – you go girl!

  25. Saw those shoes at Nordstrom recently and thought, “These look like something Kate would wear.” Wow. Guess all my “What Kate Wore” following is working

  26. I feel like so many people have commented that she needs to dress her age more and not look so frumpy, well I think she did it exactly that here!

    It’s a great outfit, age appropriate and her figure looks better then ever!

  27. For more information on Kate’s selection as torch bearer – from the mirror:
    Mr Sayer, who was nominated by Kate for his 16 years of Scout volunteering and also because he saved a man’s life while volunteering as a lifeguard, told the Mirror afterwards: “It was an unbelievable honour – a day I won’t forget for a long time. I got to meet Kate afterwards and we spoke at great length about what we do with our Scouts. She does exactly the same activities on a weekly basis as we do. She said she was loving it. We spoke about the flame and I said ‘thank you for nominating me’ and she said ‘I didn’t put you here, you put yourself here’.”

    I also adored having all of the palace staff out to see the torch…….not all “nose to the grindstone”….takes a ton of people to run “their village”…..Imagine Kate 4.5 inches shorter – about the height of the torch bearer – in all of her photos with her Princes……

  28. She looks like the embodiment of healthy, British athleticism. What could be more appropriate?

  29. Eh, not my favorite thing she’s ever worn, but if my bottom looked like that in jeans that tight, I’d wear them too! I do love the shoes, but not with that particular cut of pant, it makes the length a bit too short.

  30. Honestly, the jeans are tight, but no tighter than any other jeans she normally wears. I think what has to be taken into account is the fabric and also the wedges she’s wearing. A better shoe choice for this type of event would’ve been the white Adidas she wore when she visited the Olympic Park a while back. If she had, I don’t think the ‘vulgarity’ of the fit would’ve been an issue.

    • I agree, the jeans would have looked better with flats or tennies. I didn’t realize how high those wedges were until I saw them from the back! The heel height combined with the tightness of the jeans did look a bit inappropriate.

  31. Those pants are unforgiving! She has the body to pull it off, but they border on TMI.

  32. My word, those jeans are snug! Paired with those clunky wedges, this was a major fashion fail :(

  33. Kate has some amazing pairs of skinny jeans that she looks terrific in. It’s a shame that these do not fall into that category at all. She is stuffed into them like a sausage.

    I’m not a fan of the shoes either. The espadrille-style wedges she wore earlier today were much better. Why didn’t she just keep them on?

  34. It seems that the jeans were intended to coordinate with the athletes and she did accomplish that quite well. She can get away with the look in this type of setting and how wonderful that she can wear such sky-high shoes and her handsome prince is still taller!

  35. I think she looks amazing in the jeans. Really fantastic figure. The only thing I don’t like is that they are so form fitting. I feel they look a little to racy… Sort of vulgar.

    • Yes, her figure is great. But I agree with you that these are way too tight, and definitely on the racy/vulgar side.

      I’m betting there is no office in the world where you could get away with these, even on a casual Friday, so I don’t think its appropriate for a Duchess either!

      Why not boot-cut jeans or a pencil skirt?

      And I really dislike these shoes. So chunky, not my definition of elegance at all.

      • So happy to see all 3 casual, however…and this hurts me to say this….Kate’s jeans were too tight and looked odd with the wedgies. I think they would have looked better if they were just a little looser and if Kate wore ballet flats or even cross trainers. Wouldn’t go so far as to say the jeans were vulgar but definitely too snug.

        • Maybe vulgar is sort of harsh word. What I mean to say is the pants really draw attention to her and the fact that she has a great body. The look says “I’m a hot chick” not “I’m the future queen and a community leader.”

  36. I wish my ankles looked that “swollen”! Too funny – of all the descriptors for the DoC, surely the word “swollen” would be at the bottom of the list. :)

    No question, though, the jeans seemed a tad short when worn with these particular shoes because they show more skin above & below the ankle. But the color is great, and I like the casual look; just need to swap out the shoes, these would be fine with another outfit.

  37. I am not a fan of the skinny jeans, even on someone with a perfect figure such as Kate. I just don’t think they are flattering. They are painted on! A bootcut definitely would have been more attractive and stylish at the same time.

  38. I like these jeans on her but am just curious if this level of tightness suits her public image. I am not sure. She doesn’t look bad at all to me.

  39. I find the blue pants far too tight and not attractive. They look like tights, not pants.

  40. 1. These pants are entirely too tight. Its absurd.

    2. Kate should have been promoting all things British at this ceremony! Zara is a Spanish brand, and much of their clothes are made in Asian sweat-shops. Stuart Weitzman is an American brand, and his shoes are manufactured in Spain. Nothing at all was British. This moment, out of all her appearances, was the time to fly the British flag high but she failed to do so. She really needs a stylist who would advise her on these things, or you know, just some common sense.

  41. Oh my, I really feel that these jeans do nothing for her figure. It makes her legs seem short, and even her ankles look oddly swollen popping out between jeans and shoes. I think she would do much better in a bootcut pant. And I’m really not feeling these shoes. They seem really chunky and not feminine at all.

    • Agreed about the way-too-tight pants.

      And can I just say, aren’t these shoes just a chunkier and uglier version of the Maddox?

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