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Kate selected a Hobbs summer dress for today’s launch of a new charitable initiative with William and Harry.

Lewis Whyld/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The event took place at Bacon’s College in Rotherhithe, it is a new project of the Royal Foundation of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prince Harry. The partnership with Greenhouse will test a groundbreaking  initiative designed to improve sports coaching in schools and communities. More on the project from the Foundation website:

Together we are piloting a new programme for school or higher education leavers to train as professional sports coaches whilst they are still in education.

The project aims to improve the quality and availability of sports coaching and mentoring in inner city schools whilst creating employment at a time when many young people are facing long term unemployment.

Kate, William and Harry all played sports with the young people gathered for the event, here we see Kate playing table tennis, with thanks to Greenhouse for the photo.

Greenhouse Twitter Feed

Another look at Kate’s playing the game from CNN’s Max Foster.

Max Foster, CNN Twitter Feed

Kate chose the Hobbs Wessex dress in linen with a subtle grey checked pattern. It is a classic silhouette, one that is suited to the Duchess’s build.


The Wessex is from Hobbs’ spring/summer collection, it has a modified boat neck, short sleeves, fitted waist and full skirt and a concealed back zipper. Here are two images showing other angles, thanks to Rebecca English of the Daily Mail for her twitter photos.

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

This dress originally sold at Hobbs, John Lewis and other retailers for £119 ($180 at today’s exchange rates), but most recently was discounted to £35 ($55 USD). The dress is sold out on all the online sources I spot-checked.

Here is a better shot of the braided rope belt Kate wore with the frock.

Press Association

William spoke at today’s event, Richard Palmer of the Express shared some of William’s comments via his Twitter feed:

We saw Kate’s trusty Pied a Terre Imperias again.

UK Press Association

The espadrille-style wedge has a canvas upper and buckle slingback, the shoe is available in many colors, including the ‘natural’ worn by Kate. (£80, $160)

Pied a Terre Imperia

This was a very pretty summer look for Kate, the fit and flare silhouette is very flattering on her, it looked ideal for the event without being too dressy or fussy.


We also have news to share on the Jubilee Tour Kate and William are doing in September.Here is the schedule as released by Clarence House yesterday.

  • September 11 – 13: Singapore
  • September 13 – 15: Malaysia (Kuala Lumpur and Sabah, Borneo)
  • September  16 – 18: Solomon Islands
  • September 18 – 19: Tuvalu

More from the Telegraph’s story:

They will be representing the Queen in celebration of her Diamond Jubilee on their first foreign tour since visiting Canada and the US in July last year.

During their stay in Borneo they will visit a rainforest where they could come face to face with orangutans, and where they are likely to learn about efforts to preserve the world’s oldest rainforest, which dates back 130 million years.

Additional Links:

We’ll be back later today with our post on the Torch Relay.

  33 Responses to “Kate Wears Hobbs for Greenhouse Charity Announcement + Fall Jubilee Tour Dates Announced”

  1. The dress is beautiful and the shoes are a good match. but the shoes are Ivy P and not the Imperias.

  2. Loved this outfit. Felt like the accessories made the look—-the wedges helped make it a more casual look (as it needed to be) and the belt tied the whole thing together. All in all, she looked cool and crisp and casual and approachable. Pumps would have made the look too dressy for such a casual and relaxed event. The duchess looked fabulous from head to toe.

  3. Love the style dislike the checked pattern, I would like to see it in a different color on her..

  4. In case anyone is a little bit obsessed with earrings like I am: the earrings Kate wore with this dress (the best shot I could find was at the Daily Mail: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2012/07/26/article-2179244-1439DDC2000005DC-331_964x965.jpg) look to me to be the same ones worn with the pink Emilia Wickstead at the Buckingham Palace Garden Party in May.

  5. I think this outfit would have been perfect if it was colorful. Grey on such a nice, summery day doesn’t make sense to me. Also, knowing she would have been playing light sports, she should have had a nice half-up do or a cute ponytail. The makeup is too heavy and too much, as usual.

    Other than that, this was a lovely outfit. The dress is so flattering and all her accessories compliment the dress very well. I’m ecstatic that she paid such ‘sane’ prices for all her pieces.

  6. I love this dress! If it weren’t sold out everywhere I would seriously consider buying it for myself.

    I think we can expect this dress to make a reappearance sometime during the Olympic Games. It’s dressier than wearing trousers but still light enough to be comfortable while watching sports outdoors.

    • Agreed! Wish I could buy it myself. I hope it makes another appearance as well, either at the games or with one of her lovely coats/jackets for a future wedding or event! I’d love to see what hat she’d pair with it.

  7. I like this dress very much. She looks casual and classy at the same time. But I think the dress is high-waisted to begin with (not necessarily a problem with Kate’s figure). Kate can pull off this look, unlike the First Lady of the US. IMO. :)

  8. The wedding dress was made to measure. as long as she buys off the peg, this issue will happen ecause she has, I think, a longer than average body. However the plus side is that this balances out her body.

    I think she looks great.

  9. Is it just me or Prince Harry does get hotter and hotter every day? LOL

  10. This dress is so adorable on her! And I love the paired belt. I want to get a pair of canvas slingbacks… though more affordable! :P

  11. Love it – light, summery and casually classy. Kate has worn jeans on other more informal occasions, but given the fact that London is actually experiencing some rare summer heat at the moment, this is perfect.

  12. Perfect outfit! I love the dress, it is very flattering and has an interesting pattern.

  13. I think Kate looks gorgeous in this and I admire the canny choice of items for the outfit. She manages to pull off casual-cum-comfy-cum royal in all one — a major feat!

  14. Like the dress and shoes, wish she’d do something else with her hair besides wearing it down all the time, weird strangely-high and awkward waist as usual. But overall a nice, young, light look, not overdone or fussy.

    • I think she has a longer body then average so when she wears Pret-a-Porter she always looks that way. I have the same problem being around her height and that’s mainly the reason why I started making my own dresses only to confirm that my body is 10cm longer then average….it’s a huge difference. I can tell you that it’s really uncomfortable because it crushes your rib cage and with a belt… it’s just torture so she really is putting up with the discomfort right at this point. I belive that when she will pick-up on that and wear more and more custom clothings in the future.

  15. I don’t believe she wore the imperias in natural. The colur is too dark. I found another imperia version which was offered on the John Lewis online shop. http://www.polyvore.com/pied_terre_imperia_closed_toe/thing?id=16946613

  16. I like the dress, perfect for the occasion, but the shoes are not looking good with it. Too clunky or too casual, I guess. I wish she wore some bright colored pumps with it.

  17. Nothing wrong with the outfit but playing ping-pong in it? LOL

  18. she looks lovely

  19. oh !!!! I like it very much, dress & shoes and everything exept the hand in the hair.
    very refreshing outfit, and a good match with Will & Harry’s casual outfits

  20. While I understand that this blog is about what Kate wore, may I humbly point out how great Harry is looking in his white shirt…the man is in very good shape.

    After dragging my eyes away from the the other scenery, the dress is nice and fits Kate nicely.

    • Funny you should mention Kate’s escort(s)– for me it was William I coudn’t take my eyes off! He really has some shoulders that one…

  21. LOVE this dress on her! It’s flattering and stylish. I just think that maybe she should have worn trousers to an appearance where she’d be doing some sports? I know she’s not really running around and breaking into a sweat, but still. I guess I’m just thinking how awkward it must be to play in a nice dress and heels!

  22. Wonderful post as always! Any chance you have been able to find out where the belt is from? It is such a perfect compliment to the dress and very summery!

  23. Again with the high waist. The waist of her wedding gown was perfect. I’d like to see her go back to that. Otherwise it was a pleasant casual look for a casual event. William and Harry always look good in open collars. Hope to see more of the casual looks for all of them. No reason to go formal to sporting events. Even jeans would be ok with me but I seriously doubt they’ll dress down that much.

  24. Alas, I think this dress looks like something a 1950′s housewife — perhaps June Cleaver on “Leave It to Beaver” — would have worn, except shorter. Neither the cut nor the pattern is particularly attractive. As usual when the Duchess wears something I don’t care for, I have to say that she carries it off as well as could be expected, but this is one look that doesn’t just inspire me.

    I wear wedged canvas espadrilles like that a LOT in the summer. They give you height and lengthen your legs without looking inappropriate with casual summer clothes as leather high heels would do. However, I wear them with jeans, shorts, and very casual trousers. I feel they don’t work particularly well with skirts and dresses.

    I buy several pairs each spring and therefore feel that 80 pounds is too much to pay for one pair. They wear out fairly quickly, and if they are stained, they can’t be cleaned and polished the way leather can be. I have some that have lasted a few seasons but the life of such shoes tends to be short.

    I don’t know what the exchange rate is today, but wouldn’t 80 pounds translate to somewhere between $120-130, not $160?

    • Hello Lili, as always, thank you for reading and commenting. The $120-130 USD would make more sense, but Pied a Terre apparently has decided to avoid being impacted by the vagaries of the market, or the currency exchange, they are setting their own prices. If you look at the page linked to in the photo and text, you will see the button on their product page to select one’s currency, it changes to the amount shown in the post. :)

      • Perhaps, but my own checking indicates that they are being sold for a bit less than $120 on some sites. Moreover, as a veteran of overseas travel and buying, I would strongly recommend against anyone’s purchasing an item being sold well above the exchange rate like this, especially if international shipping fees also apply.

        No one should pay $160 for canvas espadrilles being sold at 80 pounds in the UK. That’s a ludicrous price.

  25. Fab, as always! It amazes me how she always gets it PERFECT, in terms of clothing, for each event!

  26. She scores! YAY!!!!
    Back to Kate the Great…..love love!

  27. I absolutely love this outfit:) One–it’s super flattering for just about anyone. Two–so affordable, even I could have bought it (before is sold out^_^) Ah well, maybe I’ll find one some day:) Way to go Catherine!

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