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As many of you already know, today a coalition of bloggers is officially launching a fundraiser for EACH, East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices. Below we see Kate at EACH last year.

Courtesy of EACH: East Anglia's Children's Hospices

Courtesy of EACH: East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices

The upcoming birth of William and Kate’s child seemed like something to celebrate, and what better way than by raising money for one of Kate’s charities?

Courtesy of EACH

Courtesy of EACH

It’s clear the issue of children’s hospice care is important to Kate. The first recorded video message she has ever done was for Children’s Hospice Week. She spent part of her 2nd Anniversary at Naomi House, a children’s hospice.

Steve Finn/Splash News

Steve Finn/Splash News

So yours truly is proud to be part of a coalition that started talking about doing a fundraiser back in late 2012; the other members of our merry group are Kate Middleton Style Blog, A Petite Princess, HRH Duchess Kate and British Royals. We are calling this the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser, EACH is aware of the endeavor and has endorsed our efforts.

We hope you join us throughout the next few months as we do everything we can to raise $$$ for this cause. If you would like to donate you can do so at Just Giving. But there are many ways to help, including raising awareness about the Fundraiser. We have an entire group of banners and badges and buttons that you can post on your blog, or Facebook page, or just about anywhere you like.

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

Baby Cambridge Fundraiser

If you want to see what graphic options there are that might work well on your blog or Facebook page or other site, just click here.

We will be doing a slew of contests, giveaways and other online activities for the next several months to keep things fun. To kick off the Fundraiser we thought a giveaway from one of Kate’s favorite brands would be in order. Our wonderful partners at Links of London have stepped up to help out: Not only is Links providing incredible prizes, they are also donating $500 to EACH.

The Grand Prize is a pair of Kate’s Hope Egg Earrings in white topaz, as worn for her engagement photo, and on countless other occasions. (Including the March 2012 Jubilee visit to Fortnum and Mason, below right.)

PA Wire/Links of London

PA Wire/Links of London

These retail at Links of London for $470 USD, but one lucky person is going to win a pair.

Links of London Hope Egg Earrings

Links of London Hope Egg Earrings

More on the earrings from the product description:

The hope egg earrings- a very attractive and important symbol in Russian culture, traditionally given for birthdays, festivals, etc.

Our 2nd Prize is another pair of earrings Kate has worn many, many times: the Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto, this pair runs $215 USD at Links of London.

Links of London Bubble Effervescence Stiletto Earrings

Links of London Bubble Effervescence Stiletto Earrings

Many readers will recall seeing Kate wear these to the ARK dinner in June of 2011, shortly after the couple returned from their honeymoon.



Our third prize is a Links ‘Sweetie Bracelet,” a signature piece for the jewelry firm.

Links of London 'Sweetie' Bracelet

Links of London ‘Sweetie’ Bracelet

To sum up the prizes:

  • Grand Prize: 1 pair Links of London Hope Egg earrings
  • 2nd Prize: 1 pair Links of London Effervescence Bubble Stiletto Earrings
  • 3rd Prize: 1 Links of London Sweetie Bracelet

Ready to win one of those amazing goodies? It’s easy to enter, here’s how:

1) For one entry leave a comment below (scroll down below the Rafflecopter image), telling us one thing you hope for, on any topic.

2) Sign up for the Links of London mailing list by clicking here. One FYI, if you previously registered for our previous Links of London contest you will still need to register. (You won’t receive duplicate mailings, that list has been purged.)

3) For a 3rd entry follow EACH on Facebook or on Twitter & log that activity

4) For a 4th entry follow the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook or on Twitter & log that activity

But before you do any of those things we really (really-really-really) hope you will visit the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser Just Giving page and make a donation, even if only for $2 or £1

This giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents only; I promise there are many more coming in the next few months that will be open throughout Europe or worldwide.

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  1. 1. I hope this fundraiser is a success!

    2. I signed up for the Links of London mailing list

    3. I am following EACH on Facebook

    4. I am following the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook

  2. I hope that access to healthcare in America improves in the next 5 years. Also, I signed up for the Links of London mailing list, and I am following both Baby Cambridge Fundraiser page and EACH page on Facebook!

    I look forward to seeing the results of these great fundraising efforts for such important charities to the Duchess’ heart!

  3. I hope to win a pair of earrings for my baby sister to wear on her wedding day!

  4. I hope the organization benefits enormously from this fundraiser!

  5. 1. I hope this fundraiser brings a greater awareness to such a wonderful cause.

    2. I signed up for the Links of London mailing list

    3. I am following EACH on Facebook

    4. I am following the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook

  6. I hope everyone finds love!

  7. I hope that the world becomes free from all kinds of racism and the world becomes one.

  8. I hope that the Duchess continues to have a healthy pregnancy and stays as fashionable as ever. :)

  9. I hope this fundraiser is a wonderful success, that Baby Cambridge is happy and health and that the children at EACH have a beautiful day.

  10. I hope that through this, we are each inspired to show more love to people, more tolerance, more gentleness and more giving, from both our hearts and our wallets.

  11. That this contest will result in increased donations to EACH.

  12. I hope I win these earrings

  13. I hope your fundraiser is a great success!

  14. I hope and prey for a future for those kids, full of hope, energy and real possibilities.

    • Oh no! I’m not from US or Canada… I’m sorry I didn’t read carefully enough :-)

  15. I hope that one day we will have a cure for childhood cancers.

  16. I hope that I can help make a difference in the world whether it’s in a small thing or a big thing.

  17. I hope Baby Cambridge is healthy and EACH gets a lot of money from this fund!

    I follow EACH on Facebook.
    I follow BCF on Facebook and Twitter.

  18. How amazing that you all are bringing recognition to these sweet babies who need extra love using this website. Kudos to all of you!

  19. I hope for peace and comfort through hospice care for all of these needy children.

  20. I love your blog. I adore Kate and all she does for so many.

  21. I LOVE this blog and my hope is that my daughter loves the Windsors as much as I have come to over the years. I was six when I got up at 4am to watch Prince Charles marry Lady Diana. I was thrilled to share that same experience with my little girl.

  22. I hope for a future where we don’t need to do these fundraisers.

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  23. I hope this fundraiser makes a LOT of money!

  24. I hope that someday there will be a way to reverse paralysis, as my brother continually suffers from a freak accident that left him with an incomplete spinal cord injury. This is a long shot, but I also hope that the Duchess of Cambridge will one day choose to be patron of an organization that focuses on spinal cord injury research.

  25. What a great fundraiser! Happy to have contributed to such a wonderful cause!!

  26. I hope for health and happiness for Kate and her baby, and for the children she visits in hospice care.

  27. My hope is for a world with less exploitation whether it’s an end to spending more money on weapons than on hospices; whether it’s ending all forms of sexual exploitation such as human trafficking, pornography and sex tourism or whether it’s paying workers a decent wage and ensuring that they work in safe environments, even if it means we pay more for our clothes. Please think about what you support, view and consume!

  28. I hope for all the best for Will, Kate and baby, and that I can experience that same joy one day.

  29. I hope everyone can see the happiness children can bring.

  30. I hope for a peaceful world.

  31. Effortlessly beautiful! Love the Duchess’ style :)

  32. I hope that hospice and palliative medicine becomes a more recognized specialty in the United States, and that patients are able to learn about hospice medicine earlier in their disease course.

  33. I hope that William and Catherine’s first child is healthy and happy!

  34. I hope that my husband and I are blessed with a family of our own. (Also I signed up for links mailing list and followed EACH and Baby Cambridge Fund on Twitter. Not sure what logging that entry means.)

  35. What a great cause to raise money for! Thanks for the giveaway as well.

  36. I hope Kate has an uncomplicated delivery.

  37. My hope is that Congress will pass a comprehensive gun-control bill in the near future.

  38. Also I have liked EACH and Baby Cambridge fundraiser on Facebook!

  39. I hope the young children get the help they need from this great fundraiser!

  40. my hope is for these hospice children to have days filled with joy, love and laughter and plenty of distraction from the reason they’re there.

  41. I hope that everything goes well!

  42. Your blog is very informative and user friendly. Lots of good information in the links. I have learned a lot, not only about The Duchess, but about people, places, history in the UK. Thank you.

  43. I hope for a little better luck in the near future!

  44. I hope that people continue to generously support important causes like these and that together we can make a real positive difference to those affected.

  45. I hope and pray that my baby due in October is healthy and strong. :)

  46. I hope the exposure this blog gives to such causes will bring them increased support in their mission to give children hope.

  47. I hope for a cure for cancer

  48. I hope for a cure for cancer.

  49. I hope that baby cambridge will be healthy and happy and he/she will help this EACH initiative gain more donations!

    Liked Facebook

  50. I hope that we have this much fun with/for Catherine for decades into the future!! She’s brought so many people together already!

  51. It’s hard to pick only one thing to hope for! I’d like to choose finding a better job, but I’ll go with something less selfish: I hope that the Boston Marathon is bigger and better than ever next year!

  52. I hope for a safer, kinder world and that this fundraiser is a success!

    I followed Each on FB
    I followed Baby Cambridge fundraiser on FB.

  53. I hope for Kate to have a safe delivery.

  54. I hope that Kate’s baby brings her as much joy as my son has brought me. I hope all mothers feel this way about their children.

  55. I hope that Will and Kate have a happy, healthy baby!!

    I signed up for the Links of London mailing list.
    I follow EACH on Facebook and Twitter
    I follow Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter!

    Good luck with the fundraiser! Thanks for this great contest!

  56. I hope that this event will be hugely successful!

  57. I am hoping a cure for cancer will be found

  58. Following EACH on Facebook!

  59. Following Baby Cambridge on Facebook.

  60. I hope that Kate and William have a happy and healthy baby!

  61. I hope for everyone’s happiness.

  62. I hope the BCF raises a tremendous amount of funds for its cause!

  63. I hope for a safer, kinder world in which I’m raising my four, spectacular children. A world in which my innocent 4 year-old no longer needs to participate in “safety drills” (they hide in a circle, out of site of the door window so the classroom appears empty to a would be, violent intruder) in his Pre-K class :(

    I followed Each on FB and Twitter.
    I followed Baby Cambridge fundraiser on twitter.
    I made a donation.

  64. I hope for a very successful Baby Cambridge Fundraiser in support of EACH…and a very happy, healthy Baby Cambridge!

  65. I hope that Kate and the rest of the royal family continue doing good work and even expand their charitable efforts to help more people.

  66. I hope there is a lot of money raised for this cause.

  67. I hope that everyone would just be kind to one another!

  68. I would love that Sweetie bracelet – gorgeous!

  69. I hope that there will always be hope. And that EACH will do as well as it deserves, what a lovely idea!

  70. I hope that everyone tries to make another person’s life easier each and every day.

  71. I hope that the Baby Cambridge fundraiser is a huge success!
    Followed EACH and BCF on twitter too!

  72. I hope that my upcoming move goes well and that my new job is a success!

  73. I hope that the children and families involved with EACH find comfort in this charity and knowing that others care

  74. I hope for a better life for our children

  75. I hope that, with Kate’s help, more people become aware of the need for these kinds of organizations.

  76. I hope those who have learn to share with those who don’t.

  77. I hope the kids I met in the Dominican Republic are doing okay.

  78. I hope to one day be the mother of happy and healthy children. I wish the same for William and Catherine.

  79. I hope for peace.

  80. I hope the violence in Syria starts to wind down soon.

    I also hope I entered this sweepstakes properly because I’m not too sure.

  81. I hope that in the future, religious and cultural differences will not lead to unnecessary wars and killing.

  82. I hope for a success with the fund raising effort.

  83. I hope that in the future, through advances in science and medicine, the majority of children’s hospice care will no longer be required.

  84. I hope that this fundraiser will be very successful. :)

  85. I hope that the research is able to find the cure for cancer

  86. I forgot to mention that I’m following EACH and the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Twitter!

  87. I hope for equality for all and justice for those who would harm us…

  88. I hope that not only will people be more aware of great causes like these,but also that people can be more understanding and kinder to one another.

  89. I hope for a little less suffering in the world everyday

  90. I hope Kate is encouraged and touched by the fact that people are giving to others in honor of her baby.

  91. I hope this is a huge success and raises a ton of money and awareness for HRH’s patronages.

  92. I hope no child ever goes without.

  93. I hope this event is successful.

  94. I hope life improves, one day at a time.

  95. I hope that every child could have a safe and uplifting “forever home.” By the way, I am now following the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser and EACH on Facebook. Thanks for a great giveaway!

  96. I hope my rapidly approaching cross-country move will be uneventful and smooth! Signed up at Links and am following EACH and BCF on twitter for 4 entries.

  97. I hope for no more cancer!

  98. I hope for a better, kinder world for my children.

  99. hope for peace in our time.

  100. I hope that I will graduate at June.

  101. I hope the Kate Effect extends to nonprofits and awareness for great causes such as this! Xx

  102. I hope that children will never suffer at the hands of others. Thank you for this lovely giveaway.

  103. I hope for a future where there isn’t any need for a children’s hospice.

  104. I hope all of the Boston bombing victims recover and have wonderful, healthy lives.

  105. I hope that more people follow Kate’s example. What a great role model!

  106. I hope that one day I get to see the baby in person… or even better meet the baby and Kate!

  107. I hope that every child has a chance to play, laugh and love.

  108. What a wonderful fundraiser — I’d like to see it continue — there are so many great Cambridge charities.

  109. I hope we end senseless suffering.

  110. I hope that soon we will have cures for many degenerative diseases.

  111. I HOPE that as a cancer survivor I never have a recurrence, and that one day there will truly be a cure for ALL cancers.

  112. I hope your fundraiser is a success and for a healthy baby cambridge.

  113. What a wonderful way to raise money for a great cause!

  114. I hope for two things: that Kate has a healthy baby and that through this giveaway we can raise more awareness for this wonderful organization.

  115. A bit personal, but I hope my dad’s cancer treatments are successful. I signed up for the Links of London mailing list, and liked EACH and Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook. Four entries for me, please! Fingers crossed but wishing good luck to everyone!

  116. I hope for world filled with compassion and understanding.

  117. I hope that this giveaway raises great awareness for the work that EACH is doing!

  118. I hope this raises awareness and helps to serve more children who need love and support!

  119. I hope a lot of money is raised for EACH! Thanks for such a fun opportunity!

  120. more understanding of others

  121. I hope that all the wonderful work the Duchess dedicates to her charities will be noticed by younger generations, encouraging them to develop the same compassion for those in need. She is an incredible role model!

  122. I hope that may god bless all those women with their own little treasures who cannot have children, yet still read and follow this blog everyday & bless the Duke and Dutchess’s unborn royal baby. May the almighty be kind to every woman and bless her with her own little ‘royal’ gem by giving her the privilege to experience motherhood.

  123. I am following on Twitter!

  124. World Peace. Always.

  125. I hope that God blesses the Royal family and draws them and all the people who look up to them closer to Him.

  126. She’s stunning as usual!

  127. i hope for a long spring.

  128. I hope the remarkable work that the Duchess of Cambridge is doing and that you are all contributing to will help those families and children of the EACH Foundation.

  129. I hope this event brings awareness to the EACH program.

  130. I hope they have a girl!

  131. I hope that everything works out for the better…

  132. Hoping for whirled peas! (world peace!)

  133. I hope that the fundraiser is successful!

  134. I hope that people will learn the true meaning of tolerance and acceptance, and end hate in this world.

    I also followed EACH and the Baby Cambridge fund on twitter.

  135. I hope for an end to senseless violence. BTW What a great idea for a fundraiser!

  136. I hope for an end to child trafficking of any kind!

  137. I hope this giveaway brings more attention to the fundraiser. I also hope I win the earrings!

  138. I hope society continues to make progress towards equality and being more accepting of all people.

  139. I’m hoping that mothers continue to use the wonderful vaccines available to us today! It’s worth the minute risk to protect our children.

  140. I hope baby Cambridge is as inspiring and giving as his/her parents! (I’m leaning towards “her”…;-)

  141. I hope your fundraiser event its a great success!

  142. I hope for an end to hunger.

  143. I am following both EACH and Baby Cambridge on twitter and Facebook! I think it is wonderful Kate uses her celebrity status to bring attention to such great organizations!

  144. I hope every baby in the world will be loved and well cared for. Thanks for the giveaway and the great blog!

  145. I hope for a cure for all disease.

  146. I hope every child, regardless of medical conditions, social stature, race or creed, is loved and cared for and treated like the precious gift that they are. I hope and pray that we can overcome our shortsightedness that allows us to dwell in anger and fear and point fingers at each other and learn to live in a state of gratitude and awe for the precious an amazing blessings we have all been given and teach those things to our children. Too many children live in pain, starve or die of thirst or disease which could be cured if we could only put our hearts before our egos. I hope this is not the legacy we leave behind.

  147. Love this idea and I think William and Kate will too!!

  148. I hope that all children have a chance to laugh, play, and live life to the fullest.

  149. I hope for my daughter’s future to be filled with love.

  150. I hope many funds are raised and many children are helped. I also hope less children will need help in the future.

  151. I hope we can show kindness to others.

  152. I hope for happiness and health for my family, friends, and loved ones.

  153. I hope that they will be able to raise the funds they need

  154. I’m now following Baby Cambridge and EACH on twitter!

  155. I hope that my family will always be safe

  156. I hope that all babies and children are as loved and well cared for as Baby Cambridge!

  157. I hope for a cure for cancer.

  158. I sincerely hope the beautiful children and their families who use the services at EACH will benefit from the funds raised by this event. It is terrible to see anyone suffering from a life-threatening illness, but to see innocent children go through these things is far too tragic. However, I hope EACH can make a difference in the lives of all patients who walk through their doors.

  159. I hope for a healthy baby for the Duchess and Duke! (And I am rooting for a baby girl!!)

  160. I followed EACH Hospice and Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on twitter! (@cindymindy)

  161. I hope the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser brings world wide attention to EACH!

  162. I hope for healthy babies around the world.

  163. I hope that through my future career in medicine I can make a difference in people’s lives and that less families will need the services of EACH and other organizations like them.

  164. I hope that families of all sizes, mixtures, nationalities, and preferences will be supported and strengthened.

  165. I hope that your fundraiser is successful in raising awareness for such a worthy cause.

  166. I hope that those who are suffering through the illness or loss of a child are able to find some comfort and peace in spite of the terrible pain that they are experiencing.

  167. I hope that all children have as happy, healthy, and secure lives as the royal baby.

  168. I’m following the Children’s hospice week and Baby Cambridge fund on facebook!

  169. I hope to see more similar children’s hospices in my country, Canada.

  170. I hope that Kate and Wills continue their efforts to make the world a better place for everyone, and that they continue to build a happy, normal family and provide good role models for today’s youths and families. It is so easy to be distracted and sidelined by money, fame, and power. I hope that they stay strong and humble, stand steadfast by their core values and beliefs, and give hope to others who may have strayed or have been disadvanted. I’m rooting for all three of you!!!

  171. I hope for a world where every child is loved and never abused!

  172. I hope that through posts like these and increased media coverage, individuals can cultivate a greater awareness of and appreciation for the outstanding care hospice organizations provide-across the world, and for all ages.

  173. I hope that the delivery is easy on Kate and that the Cambridges have a healthy baby :)

    Signed up for LoL.
    Followed EACH and BCF on Twitter.

  174. I hope that families can get the answers and support they deserve through this fundraiser!

  175. I hope money is raised for this amazing organization.

  176. I sincerely hope the Baby Cambridge Fund exceeds its target. What a thrill that would be!

  177. I hope for many things, but in the near future I hope for a new job.

  178. I hope the A’s win the World Series…and that this fundraiser is a huge success :) I am following EACH and BCF on both Facebook and Twitter.

  179. I hope people care about each other more

  180. I hope that medical research advances enough so there isn’t such a need for hospice services.

  181. I hope that lots of money is raised for the hospices.
    I signed up for the Links of London newsletter, liked EACH on Facebook and liked Baby Cambridge
    Fund Facebook page.

  182. I hope that The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will continue to ramp up their royal duties and spend more time with their patronages! They do so much good and their personal efforts are greatly appreciated.

  183. Hi Susan! I hope that Will and Kate have a healthy baby and that get to enjoy lots of time together as a family. I’m also following EACH and the BCF through my royal Twitter account (@RoyalFeverBlog).

  184. I hope that at some point in our lives we all find true joy.

  185. I am hoping for happy fall babies and reasonable clients this year!

  186. I hope that I do well on my GREs coming up next month, but I need to study harder. I also hope that Baby Cambridge is born on my sisters birthday because she would love that!

  187. I hope that one day people will have self-esteem from within and not need to put other people down to make themselves feel better.

  188. I hope to get my PhD.

  189. I’m following EACH on twitter!

  190. I hope that the world bans GMO’s from baby formula so that our children stay healthy.

  191. I hope for many things, but especially that people will continue to impress and move me with kindness and courage everyday. And I really hope that includes this wonderful fundraiser.

  192. I hope that Kate has a girl named Jane:)

  193. I love the Links of London jewelry line. So much fun!

  194. I hope that one day people will put aside all their differences

  195. I hope that I get through this year of medical school.

  196. What a wonderful idea!

    I hope that Kate and the Royal family continue to support these causes and bring more awareness to them, and most hopefully cures will be discovered.

  197. I hope people support the charities selected by the Cambridges! Thanks for the giveaway!

  198. I hope that I can meet the Duke and Duchess one day.

  199. I hope that my own baby is born happy and healthy later this year!

  200. To graduate in two years with my masters in Speech Language Pathology!

  201. I hope that this event brings much needed support and attention to this worthwhile cause.

  202. I hope that Grace will continue to abound in peoples lives, overflowing to help one another, especially those who fight daily for life.

  203. I hope you raise a great deal of money for EACH.

  204. I hope you raise an awesome amount of money for EACH! And I also hope the weather gets more summer-y :)

  205. I hope for a baby this coming year!

  206. I hope the fundraiser brings awareness to hospices and pleases the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

  207. I hope that Wills and Kate’s baby is a healthy and happy one!

  208. I hope that everyone will one day be able to show each other tolerance instead of suppression, oppression, and violence.

  209. I hope to survive my first half marathon on Sunday!

  210. I hope for a day when everyone can practice tolerance for each other rather than suppression, oppression and violence.

  211. I hope that we can raise more money for EACH than we ever imagined possible. :-) The East Anglia area has a special place in my heart, and their children and families deserve all the best.

  212. I hope for hope, always


  213. Hi, great ideas! I followed everything on Twitter, signed up for the mailing list and am leaving a comment, please enter me into the contest!!

  214. I hope for a world that we can be proud to call home, a world that we won’t be afraid to leave our children in when we need to say our eternal goodbyes.

    In addition, I hope to be one of the winners to this contest! *fingers-crossed* :)

  215. I do support BCF, great cause! Happy to be in, and to make more donations soon!
    Sara in Italy :)

  216. I hope that Will and Kate’s baby is healthy and able to enjoy a normal childhood as much as possible!

  217. This fundraiser is a wonderful way for us to show our love and support of the Duchess of Cambridge!

  218. I hope for a lot of things but I especially hope for more happiness and more kindness in the world.

  219. I hope I keep my scholarship for next year!

  220. I hope that my last year of grad school will go smoothly!

  221. I hope that every person knows how loved they really are!

  222. I hope that someday, love and acceptance will destroy judgement and hate all around the world.

  223. I hope to be a successful physician and get into a good residency so I will learn to become the best doctor I can be.

  224. I hope to get my Master’s Degree and start an awesome career in the next two years *fingers crossed*

  225. I hope for more compassion and consideration for the innocents…children, animals and mother earth.

  226. After a very long and painful road, I hope that my sister in law and brother have a safe delivery of their son next week.

  227. I hope that this and other initiatives help raise awareness and donations to EACH.

  228. After eight years of marriage we hope for a baby.

  229. I hope to some day be blessed to be a mother.

  230. I hope for a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

  231. I hope that one day there is no longer a need for charities like these because science and technology has eradicated debilitating diseases and illnesses.

  232. I hope for more positive energy and kindness every day.
    I’m also following both facebook pages and submitted to Links of London!
    Thank you for having a contest and bringing attention to this great charity!!

  233. I hope to be a successful wife & mother, such as Kate, as I venture into this new chapter in my life.

  234. I hope to win the pair of earrings! I am a huge Kate fan and would love to rock these earrings like her! :)

  235. I hope this event is a huge success and the families that need this care are able to get it!

    I followed BCF and EACH on Twitter

  236. I hope to continue to hope, and that others do, too.

  237. I hope for more random acts of kindness

  238. I hope Kate’s baby is healthy and awesome

  239. I hope for improving health for the children EACH is serving.

  240. I hope HRH’s baby arrives happy and healthy and that I can birth my own “book baby” soon by finding an agent and getting a book deal!

  241. I hope for a long life with my husband, because I cannot get enough of him!!

  242. I hope that my children grow up to be happy, caring, and responsible people

  243. I hope that the price of cancer treatment drugs decrease so that they become accessible for everyone fighting cancer.

  244. I hope that you exceed your fundraising goals!!!

  245. I hope the Duke and Duchess have a healthy baby and I’m suggesting the Duchess wear the Links of London “Effervescence Black Pearl Drop Earrings” at her next appearance!

  246. I hope that Kate and her family can bring a better future to many people, in many ways.

  247. I hope that all people can find reasons to smile each and every day of their lives :)

  248. The Fairmont Palliser in Calgary Alberta is hosting a baby shower in honour of Will and Kate’s baby. Baby presents are being donated to The Ronald McDond house. Check it out on Facebook- we’re so excited to celebrate and to also have the opportunity to partner with a local charity- we’re inspire by Kate’s good work!

  249. hope for my life to be as fabulous as will & kate.. and now baby cambridge! :)

  250. I hope for family all to be together

  251. I hope for good health for my parents!

  252. I hope that this raises awareness for the charity!

  253. All of HRH’s jewelry is classic and gorgeous. I’d love the Hope Egg earrings.

  254. I hope for happiness and centeredness for my loved ones.

  255. What a delightful blog – I’ve been following it for some time now. …and what an AMAZING giveaway! Thanks!

  256. I hope to find a new job soon, and to win those gorgeous earrings! :)

  257. I hope……

  258. I hope that this fundraiser raises lots of money and awareness!

  259. I hope that with all of this AMAZING coverage, between Kate’s video and the attention that your blog and other blogs have brought to this great cause, will help bring awareness (and donations) to help these children. This is a great cause and I’m thrilled to see Kate’s enthusiasm for EACH and children’s hospice care.

  260. I hope to become a mother someday

  261. I hope Kate and Will’s baby is healthy and that Kate’s patronage brings more attention to worthy causes.

  262. I hope for my children to always know love, kindness, strength and gratitude.

  263. What a lovely thing you guys are doing here. One thing I hope for is for the Royal couple to have a healthy and happy baby this summer. They devote their whole lives to the public and they deserve nothing but happiness with the upcoming little one. Way to go WKW and other bloggers for organizing this!

  264. I hope to do really well on my secured credit exam tomorrow, so that one day I’ll be able to buy lots of links of london stuff! And I hope to win this contest.

  265. I hope this fundraiser is very successful and raises lots of money for the deserving children and families.

  266. I hope it’s a girl! And that you can raise lots of money for the charity.

  267. I admire the Duchess’ charity work. I care very deeply about the care of the elderly. I hope we can develop better support systems to care for our elderly peoples so they can live safely and happily.

  268. I hope for sunshine and love.

  269. Following EACH on Twitter and Facebook!

  270. Following Baby Cambridge on Twitter and Facebook!

  271. I hope this event is successful!

  272. hoping for healing for the children in these photos along with all children who suffer.

  273. I hope to do more good for patients in my medical career.

  274. After seeing so many outfits, I still believe blue is the best for our beloved Duchess. :)

  275. I hope that the funds from this fundraiser make a difference in the lives of those who could use a little support and make some families’ difficult situations a little easier.

  276. Great idea on your Baby Cambridge Fundraiser!

    • I also followed EACH and the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Twitter under SylvanSeasPhoto.

  277. I hope William and Kate’s baby is healthy, and my kids continue to be healthy. Of course, I also hope I win the Hope Egg earrings:)

  278. I hope they have a healthy baby and safe delivery.

  279. I hope that Kate patronage and ongoing commitment helps raise awareness, both in the UK and throughout the world, of the transformative work performed by children’s hospices. As the cousin of someone who required care from such a hospice, I cannot speak highly enough of the love these hospices provide.

  280. I hope for health and happiness for all mothers and children!

  281. I hope that HRH continues to inspire young adults to be mature, responsible and well-mannered adults and to care about others as she does.

  282. I hope the people of Boston are beginning to heal. Thanks for an amazing giveaway!

  283. I hope that families that are affected by children in hospice continue to receive the love and support they need and deserve!

  284. I hope for health and happiness for my family and friends.

  285. I hope for a healthy baby for the Duke & Duchess of Cambridge (and for the six or seven friends of mine who are currently expecting).

  286. I hope I can look as stunning as Kate in these earrings!

  287. I think it is wonderful that she is a patron for the Hospital. Hopefully the Royal families commitment to volunteerism will help to inspire more people to volunteer.

  288. I hope for a cure to multiple sclerosis and to other diseases that cause such horribly unfair suffering.

  289. I hope this fundraiser is a success – thank you for putting this all together!

  290. I’m finishing grad school this May so most of all, I hope to have a job in the near future!

  291. I hope baby Cambridge is healthy!

  292. I hope that William and Kate continue to help the less fortunate with their time and resources.

  293. Hope the fundraiser is successful!

  294. I hope that Kate and William continue to donate their time and resources to the less fortunate.

  295. I hope that Kate’s involvement helps to raise the profile of/donations to children’s hospices and educate the public on how much caring and support they provide children and their families. It is a cause that more people need to be more aware of.

  296. I hope that Kate & William’s baby is healthy

  297. I hope for my children to be happy and healthy.

  298. I hope Kate continues to help shed light on such worthy causes!

  299. I hope for medicine to advance to the point where children do not need to face these awful diseases anymore x

  300. I hope that Kate’s patronage of her charities enables them to see a serious impact on their donations and their projects on an ongoing basis.

    (I’ve also taken steps 2, 3 and 4)

    Fingers crossed!

  301. I hope we vote in a better government.

  302. I hope that the bombing in Boston is the last one the world sees for a long time.

  303. I hope I win the bracelet :)

  304. I hope that Baby Cambridge will be a happy and healthy baby.

  305. I hope that EACH and the Baby Cambridge fundraiser are successful beyond what they hoped.

  306. I wish for cures for all childhood diseases..

  307. I have followed both EACH and BCF on Twitter and FB, in addition to signing up for Links of London emails.

    I hope that the families of all of the children at children’s hospices continue to find strength and comfort through these great organizations, and that the sweet children who are there eventually find health and peace.

  308. I hope EACH will receive more than enough funds to help these precious children and their families. :)

    I have followed EACH & BCF on Twitter and wish them all the best!

  309. Hello. I follow What Kate Wore, and I LOVE participating in these wonderful giveaways for GREAT causes!!!

    I signed up for the Links of London mailer. I am following EACH on Facebook and Twitter. I am following Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter as well.

    Best of Luck to you wonderful bloggers! I wish with all my heart you surpass your fundraiser goal!!!

  310. Following EACH on Twitter.

  311. I hope I can also make a small difference in someone’s life by giving back to my community.

  312. What a wonderful idea to celebrate a lovely lady such as the Duchess! She has such a big heart! Heading over to make a donation now.

    I have followed both EACH and BCF on Facebook.

  313. I hope for a healthy child for the Duke and Duchess.

  314. I hope for a more civil, tolerant, and peaceful world.

  315. I hope this fundraiser is a huge success!

    In a world where things are ever more chaotic and sad, I feel hopeful that our young royals – and young people everywhere – continue to do good things in the world, shine a light on worthy charities and causes, and share hope and compassion with each other. That’s what really counts.


  316. I hope we can learn how to prevent things like “Boston” from happening again.

  317. I hope that one day, people will become truly accepting and supportive of one another- no matter where they are from or what they believe- so that this world is a more loving, caring, non-judgmental place to live.

  318. I signed up for the Links of London e-mail.

    I followed and liked EACH.

    I followed and liked Baby Cambridge Fundraiser.

    Thank you!!! These contests are always fun and hopefully raise awareness to my FB & Twitter “friends”.

  319. I hope that we’ll see lots of pictures of the Cambridge baby!

  320. I hope they find a cure for Alzheimer’s.

    There are so many things I hope for, it’s hard to pick just one! :)

  321. I hope the world will be a safer place for Kate’s baby and all babies born this year!

  322. I am following EACH on Twitter.
    I am following Baby Cambridge Fund on Twitter.

  323. I hope this fundraiser is able to raise a lot of money for a very worthy cause!!

  324. I hope this event really helps raise money for these kids!

  325. I hope my unborn baby is healthy.

  326. I hope you guys raise all sorts of money.

  327. I’m following the baby cambridge fundraiser on facebook

  328. I’m following EACH on facebook

  329. Woooo! What an exciting fundraiser and giveaway.

  330. I hope for many things. That disabled children, like my son, are helped and sucessful as they can be in life. I hope your project goes well and I hope that many children are helped by this organization and the families have the support they need during difficult times.

  331. I hope that Kate and Wills have a happy baby.

  332. I hope that all children receive high quality healthcare.

  333. Also, I have followed EACH and the Baby Cambridge Fund on Twitter. Not sure how to log that with rafflecopter!

  334. I’ve followed BCF on Facebook (and I hope this is the right way to log entries)!

  335. I’ve followed EACH on Facebook!

  336. I hope that Kate will continue to bring awareness to many worthy causes out there while continuing to delight us with her elegant fashion and beautiful hair! :-)

  337. I hope that my best friend and Kate both have healthy babies this year! I also hope that this fundraiser is a success!

  338. I Signed up for the Links of London mailing list.

    I am now following EACH on Twitter.

    I am now following Baby Cambridge Fundraiser on Facebook and Twitter

  339. After just loosing both my parents, and my mother-in-law to cancer within the past 8 months, I hope that we continue to strive for answers to beat this horrible disease. I also hope for people to always pass on the kindness that they have been shown to others.

  340. I hope this fundraiser is successful enough to make a difference for these children and their families! This is a great idea, and I’m sure the Duke and Duchess are grateful for your efforts!

  341. I hope the EACH charity drive is a great success.

  342. 1. I am wishing health to children dealing with sickness and disease.
    2. Signed up for the LOL newsletter
    3. Followed EACH on twitter
    4. Followed BCF on twitter and FB

    … I also made a small donation on the BCF page. AND donated to my local Ronald McDonald house in Ann Arbor MI. I figured I’d help out in America too! Great work, Susan and the gang. This is wonderful.

  343. I hope this fundraiser is a huge success!

  344. I hope William and Kate has a healthy healthy baby!

  345. I am hoping and praying that this fundraiser is successful. I also wish Kate a fantastic pregnancy and a healthy and happy baby!

  346. Kate is such an inspiration!

  347. I hope the baby is born healthy and that the end of Kate’s pregnancy goes smoothly.

  348. I hope that people all around the world will delight in the beauties of the outdoors more.

  349. I hope for a world where everyone can be accepted regardless of differences.

  350. I hope that your fundraiser is very successful and that I win! lol

  351. hoping for love and peace for all these children and young adults.

  352. I hope that your event is wildly successful in bringing not only much-needed funding to this valuable cause, but awareness as well. What a wonderful idea – thank you so much for doing this!

  353. LOVE this fundraiser!! We are praying for its success and impact.

  354. I’m hoping this fundraiser is very successful! So many people out there in need that could really benefit from this!

  355. I hope that I get into law school!

  356. I hope violence against civilians, both at home and abroad, ends soon. Seeing what happened in my hometown of Boston made me look at how IEDs and other weapons are being used against innocent people in foreign countries every day.

  357. I hope Kate (and I) both have healthy babies this year!

  358. I hope that through efforts like these we can improve care for children and their families seeking palliative care services, and that research is funded to find cures for such terrible diseases.

  359. I hope for more peace and love in this world.

  360. I hope people will learn to treat each other with kindness and compassion.

  361. I hope that the event is a success and that I win!

  362. I hope no child ever experiences abuse of any kind, but if they do, that the adults around them have the wherewithall to bring it to an end.

  363. I followed Each on Twitter

  364. I followed Baby Cambridge Fund on twitter

  365. I hope you surpass your fundraising goal. Thank you for these great giveaway chances!

  366. I hope for less violence in the world and more healthy children.

  367. I hope many families at blessed and comforted thanks to the funds raised in this worthwhile endeavor! How sad that we have to even have hospices for children :(

  368. I hope for less violence in this world and more love!

  369. Maybe it’s more frivolous than the things other people are hoping for, but I hope it doesn’t snow this weekend – it’s May!!!

  370. Not sure if this is how I log my other entries but I completed steps for 3rd and 4th entries. Donating also as my gift for the baby!

  371. I hope that this raises a ton of money for this great cause.

  372. I hope EACH is able to provide us with that lottery license ;) Well done, Susan! Trying out this fabulous Rafflecopter program.

  373. I hope this raises a ton of money for EACH. What an amazing idea! Thanks

  374. I hope for a baby of my own someday soon.

  375. The grandson of one of my friends has a medical problem with his leg muscles. I hope and pray for his healing, that he will get excellent treatment and make a full recovery.

  376. I hope that I be as wonderful parents as my parents are to me and my brother.

  377. I love these!! I hope we raise a ton of money!! :)

  378. I hope we always find the generosity in our hearts to donate to such an amazing cause.

  379. I hope that I will find a job that makes me feel happy and fulfilled.

  380. may you have a happy healthy baby to bring joy to your lives and a very successful fundraiser in that baby’s honor

  381. This is such an excellent way to celebrate the birth of the future king or queen!

    As far as hope goes, I hope we will all work to realize our potential: to actively seek for what we can give (instead of complaining about what we can’t get).

    Thanks again! Love your blog!

  382. I hope I can continue to develop qualities that make me a better, kinder person.

  383. I hope you have great success with your fundraiser!

  384. Why only for US and Canadian residents?! :-(

  385. I hope that your fundraiser is a great success – child care is so important!!!

  386. I hope all children get the help they need to deal with whatever life has given them. (signed up for mailing list, EACH and BCF followed on twitter)

  387. I hope it’s a boy!

  388. I hope that William and kate have a happy and healthy baby, and that they also continue to do great charity work. I also hope that I win this contest.

  389. I hope for a time when all children can receive they care they need because its what is right.

  390. I hope that William and Kate will have a healthy and happy baby!

  391. This is such a great idea! Thank you for doing this.

    I hope people learn to appreciate the simple joys in life, in whatever form it comes! And I hope people can be grateful for what they have :)

  392. I hope people have good health or recieve good health care!

  393. Good luck to all and hope that the fundraiser is successful!

  394. I hope for a happy and healthy baby for Kate and William.

  395. Right now I really hope for a sunny and relaxing summer!

  396. I hope for a healthy and happy baby for Kate and William and that Kate’s involvement with this charity raises awareness and funds for children that need help.

  397. My hope is that my girls will never need hospice care. If they do, my hope and prayer is that we will be blessed with the type of hospice care Kate is highlighting. After reading about Kate’s mission, I discovered that there aren’t many hospices geared only to children. Adult hospices aren’t often equipped to care for children. When my father-in-law was dying of cancer, there was a little girl living in the hospice where he spent his last days. She was there being treated/helped for a chronic illness. It was upsetting to me that such a small little one had to be exposed day in and day out to death…it was not a happy place for her to be. This is just one need that a children’s hospice would meet. Thank you Kate for calling our attention to so many worth causes that may have been previously overlooked!

    This is my first comment. I’m sorry that is somewhat selfish as it involves a contest! A belated thank you for the MANY hours of enjoyment you have given me via your blog. I look forward to checking it often and reading your accounts of Kate. I know it has to be time consuming and I appreciate the time you put into it to make it so interesting and full of detail! – Mary

  398. I hope for healthy babies to be born to all parents.

  399. I hope that people will become more aware of this and other worthy causes through Kate’s involvement.

  400. I hope that we are always grateful for people, like Catherine, who use their positions to bring awareness to causes that might otherwise not be brought to our attention and that we all have our hearts touched to be and do just a little better each day.

    I did all 4 things to enter the contest! Good luck to everyone!

  401. Beautiful Jewelry, I hope you raise a lot of money.

  402. My mother was a hospice nurse for 20 years, so I know how important these services can be. I hope that through EACH and Catherine’s work and this fundraiser, many more children and families will be helped at a very painful and difficult time.

  403. I hope this fundraiser provides the support children in hospice care need!

  404. I hope that we can promote literacy amongst children in developing nations – it makes a huge difference in the quality of life throughout their lifetime!

  405. I hope BCF gets an amazing response worldwide, and that Kate thanks each of the 5 bloggers for this amazing idea.

  406. Love the cause. I’m pregnant and due a month or so after Kate. All I can hope for right now is a healthy baby two years after we started trying.

  407. I hope that this fundraiser raises loads of money! What a wonderful cause!

  408. I hope that William and Kate will be spared the pain of ever having to have a child in hospice care.

  409. i always hope for the happiness of my family!


  410. This is wonderful

  411. I am following the Baby Carriage Fundraiser on Twitter, as well.

  412. I am following EACH on Twitter :-)

  413. As a teacher, I hope for all children to have access to high-quality education.

  414. I hope that my mom recovers from her surgery. I also pray for a cure for cancer.

  415. I hope that she has lots of children.

  416. I hope for a successful fundraiser, and for a healthy Cambridge baby.

  417. I hope to have Kate’s hair!

  418. I hope they have a girl and make history

  419. It has been a pleasure to watch Kate blossom (in more ways than one!) as a Royal, and a Mother.

  420. I hope for all children to be safe.

  421. I hope that these families find peace during this difficult times in their lives.

  422. I hope that Kate’s involvement raises lots of money for a great cause!

    • She truly has the media’s attention and hopefully this will all lead to great awareness and fundraising for places like the hospice she visite today. Great initiative :)

  423. Did all the requirements for each entry!

    Excellent cause, and so nice of Links to donate beautiful prizes!

  424. Good luck with the fundraiser, what a great idea!!!

  425. I hope for less violence

  426. I hope we always take advantage of these opportunities to reach out to those in need! Thank you!

  427. What a great cause and a great idea!

  428. I hope that EACH raises a lot of money during Children’s Hospice Week

  429. I hope that through this fundraiser, many children and their families are helped and given the support that they need. I have “liked” EACH and the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser. Thanks again for a wonderful giveaway! :)

  430. The Hope Egg Earrings are so beautiful!

  431. Having dealt with medical issues with children in my own family, I hope the fundraiser, and the awareness that kate brings to children’s hospices, will allow these services available to families in need!

  432. I hope my sons grow to be strong, amazing men

  433. I hope that Kate continues to shed light on such amazing charities. She is such a wonderful role model and helps out so many people. Love her!

  434. I hope fewer and fewer children will need hospice care, but thank God for the caregivers – the Hospice Angels.

  435. I am currently pregnant, my hope is for a healthy baby!

  436. I hope that Kate and William have a happy and healthy baby and that more are happy and healthy because of her help.

  437. I hope Kate and I have healthy pregnancies and smooth deliveries this summer (we’ll deliver approx 1 month apart).

    I have signed up on the LOL site and liked both pages on Facebook.

  438. I hope that those involved with EACH can feel the growing support of others from around the world. What a remarkable initiative, to the organizers of BCF – well done!

  439. I hope your charity fundraiser helps many deserving children!

  440. I hope that I can get myself to London sometime this year!

  441. I have done everything requested and made a donation and I only see I’ve earned two out of four points and at the top of the page it says 0/4 entries. Help please.

  442. I hope for people to seize the opportunities to preform simple, small acts of kindness throughout their daily lives. For it is in these small acts of kindness that spread the love and peace throughout human kind. The DoC has opened my eyes to organizations that I would have not otherwise been exposed to (as I have had no need to utilize the charities that she patrons) and that has made me more grateful for everything around me.

  443. I hope the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser will raise the funds required to help those in need and to give them hope for the future.

  444. Signed up for Links of London mailing list.

  445. I hope you guys triple your donation goal!

    (And I admit it, I hope I win the Sweetie bracelet.)

  446. I hope the Duchess can bring to light the needs of those kids.

  447. I hope my baby is always healthy and happy.

  448. I hope for peace

  449. I hope (aside from Kate having a safe, easy delivery of a healthy baby) that after 3 years and 4 layoffs, my boyfriend and my luck changes so we can get married and start our family.

    I already followed BCF on fb and on twitter, I now follow EACH on fb, and I’ve joined the Links of London mailing list.

  450. I hope that news of this beautiful cause is spread quickly around the world!

  451. I hope that EACH’s fundraising is a success and is able to help children in need.

  452. As a pediatrician myself, I’m hoping for advancement in the area of gene therapy to end the scourge of diseases sending children to the hospice in the first place.

  453. I hope that Will and Kate have a wonderful anniversary! I also hope that all of the children in hospices around the world get the care that they need.

  454. I hope that Kate’s continued commitment to her charities help these causes raise more money for their missions!

  455. I hope that someone will find a cure for leukemia soon!

  456. I hope this raises a massive amount of money.

  457. I hope that baby Cambridge and parents are healthy and happy.

  458. I hope that one day there won’t be a need for children’s hospice because we’ll have cures.

  459. I hope every child has the opportunity to grow up feeling loved, protected, nurtured.

  460. I hope Kate continues to give awareness to the awesome charities and programs of her choosing.

  461. I hope for a bright future & supportive environment for all children in our world.

  462. I hope that there is always good help out there for families of children going through devastating illnesses

  463. I followed BCF on facebook!

  464. I followed EACH on facebook!

  465. I hope my son behaves better!

  466. I hope for the health of my family.

  467. I hope for more patience; in myself and others. :)

  468. So many opportunities……….DoC continues to radiate…………what broad shoulders she is developing. Many will stand on her energy and many will be comforted by her embrace. Well done – and you, too, Ms Admin!

  469. I hope that my family will remain happy, safe, and healthy.

  470. Fingers crossed Baby Cambridge and I will share a birthday, 11-July

  471. I hope Kate has a safe and easy delivery!

  472. I hope for peace in the hearts of the families with children at EACH.

  473. I hope this fundraiser brings lots of attention to this worthy cause. I myself will be grabbing a banner and promoting it on my royal blog.

    Best of luck to everyone who is entering and best wishes to the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser’s efforts!

  474. I hope this fundraiser helps many children in need.

  475. I hope that Baby Cambridge and the Duchess are happy and healthy :)

  476. What a wonderful cause!

  477. My hope is that America will continue to heal from the terrible recent tragedies and grow to be more united.

  478. I hope Baby Cambridge is a girl!

  479. I really hope my husband finds an internship position soon and there is a cure for cancer!

  480. I hope that you reach your goal and duchess kate will notice you all. I hope she thanks you for all your work and all the stuff you do. Also I hope you guys go over what your goal is for EACH.

  481. Susan so glad you are doing this outreach!! Just amazing

  482. Made a donation to Baby Cambridge fund.

  483. I hope that this fundraiser raises awareness for children’s hospices everywhere. These children deserve all the love in the world, especially during this difficult time for them.

  484. I hope that all children have someone who loves them dearly.

  485. I hope for peace in Israel and Palestine.

  486. I hope to win this contest!!!

  487. I hope we leave the Earth a better place for the children of tomorrow.

  488. Following EACH on Facebook and Twitter.

  489. Following Baby Cambridge on both Facebook and Twitter.

  490. I hope that this fundraiser is successful and the funds go towards research and other related efforts to improve the lives of children and young adults in hospice care.

    Additionally, I hope that we someday get to a point where facilities similar to these are a thing of the past.

  491. I hope that Kate’s support helps to raise a lot of money and awareness for EACH!

  492. I hope that everyone finds their passion, what makes them happy in life. And that when they find it, they pursue it vigorously so that it may give them a sense of fulfillment and joy in their life.

  493. I hope William & Kate and their little ones live happily ever after just like Prince and Princesses in fairytale books do.

  494. I hope we offer better care each day forward.
    Signed up and liked on FB.

  495. What a great way to help out a wonderful charity and celebrate Baby Cambridge at the same time!

  496. I hope that your fundraiser is a great success!

  497. I hope that the Baby Cambridge Fundraiser is a huge success and not only helps raise money for EACH, but also awareness of the wonderful things childrens’ hospices do for families. Thanks for having such a great giveaway xx

  498. I hope that you understand how marvelous I think this is! What a great idea to use the interest to raise funds for such an important cause. (trying to post but said duplicate comment!)

  499. I hope that we get loads of donations to this amazing charity.

  500. I hope that you understand how marvelous I think this is! What a great idea to use the interest to raise funds for such an important cause.

  501. I hope that Kate is able to continue this great work and take on more charities like the children’s hospices to raise awareness for important causes!

  502. I hope that they can find the root cause of autism…followed by a cure!

  503. I hope that people become inspired by Kate to get involved in volunteering at hospices around the world. Kate brings smiles to the faces of everyone in the hospice, and a smile can really go a long way.

  504. I am following EACH and Baby Cambridge Fund on Twitter! One of my greatest hopes is that Americans would rally around and support each other and our leader (whoever he or she may be at the time) in times of peace as well as times of grief and tragedy. The constant hatred and negativity among political parties needs to stop.

  505. I hope my husband’s upcoming deployment goes smoothly and he stays safe!

  506. I hope that one day I am blessed with a child of my own so that I can know the pure joy that the Duchess is experiencing now.

  507. I hope charities such as EACH are able to continue the good work they do.

  508. Following BCF on Facebook.

  509. I hope you all raise loads of money for the children and their families.

  510. I hope for many more Royal Babies! (And baby bump watches!).

    Also followed both EACH and BCF on Twitter!

    Links <3

  511. I hope a lot of money is raised and more awareness is raised.

  512. Following Baby Cambridge on Facebook.

  513. Following EACH on Facebook.

  514. I hope Kate’s work will continue to inspire people to be better, as it does me.

  515. I hope for more children to be happy and to have a childhood

  516. I hope that there will be a cure for cancer soon. I also hope that no child or adult will ever have to suffer from losing a love one to cancer. I lost my grandfather to cancer, and as a nurse I’ve seen how horrible cancer can be.

  517. I hope people start to realize what really matters in life.

  518. I’m hoping Kate’s continued support results in a lot of positive attention to her chosen causes, such as EACH! (okay, okay, I can’t keep it in– I’m also hoping those Hope Egg earrings land on my ears and I’ll never take them off :P )

  519. I hope we can love more and judge less. :)

  520. i truly hope for world peace!

  521. I hope that we will get to watch Kate’s style evolve through time.

  522. I hope that the rest of Kate’s pregnancy is easy and healthy!

  523. I hope for happiness.

  524. I hope that more and more people continue to realize that they are an integrated part of the universe, and begin to treat it and everything in it as they would like to be treated themselves.

    I also hope that this wonderful initiative is a HUGE HUGE success!! :D

  525. I hope I win and that Wills and Kate have a lovely anniversary!

  526. I sincerely hope that this fundraiser and Kate’s support of the organization helps EACH in their very important mission.

  527. I hope Catherine will continue to raise awareness for this important issue!

  528. I hope that Kate continues to raise awareness for such worthy causes as Children’s Hospice and that her work will inspire others to do the same.

  529. I hope that children grow up to be healthy, positive, caring and giving individuals.

  530. I hope this fundraiser will be very successful…and, I’d be remiss if I didn’t say– a bit frivolously– I hope you bloggers get to meet the DoC in honor of organizing this! : )

  531. I hope the royal baby is healthy and happy!

  532. I hope that people in this world become more accepting of other’s differences and everyone is able to enjoy equality.

  533. I hope, this action will become a great tradition, and Kate and Will will attract attention to sick children not only in Britan, but all over the world. I hope many children’s lifes will be saved!

  534. I hope to see more curly hair on Kate in the future! Today’s style was so lovely!

  535. I’m hopeful that the influence the Duchess has will prove beyond beneficial for all her current and future patronages! (And that I will one day own the Hope Egg earrings^_^)

  536. I hope this fundraiser is hugely successful and raises a good amount of donations for such a great cause.

  537. This is a great way to support a fantastic cause!

  538. I hope that all of the families involved with EACH feel some comfort today.

  539. This is great!!

  540. I hope this fundraiser exceeds all your expectations!

  541. I hope children will find comfort through the funds raised in this great cause!

  542. I hope that each child affected by illness can have a safe, happy place that they can go to that will help them forget about the world for a while and just be a kid!

  543. I hope that by raising awareness of the mission of children’s hospice groups, this campaign could start a grassroots movement among people in other countries to contribute to similar programs in their region.

  544. This is a very lovely idea

  545. I hope that this campaign is successful in raising funds and awareness for EACH and the children and families that benefit from this wonderful charity.

  546. I hope Kate continues to inspire people to donate to such worthy charities!

  547. I hope that soon there will be a breakthrough in curing Cancer.

  548. I hope you have great success with this initiative!

  549. I hope for Kate to have a healthy baby.

  550. I hope the baby is a girl :) Just because I want to see a princess with style.

  551. I hope this wonderful campaign is a success, and is able to make a difference in many childrens’ lives!

  552. I hope there will one day be a cure for all types of cancer.

  553. I hope Kate notices the great work you are doing to help her charities and grants you an interview!

  554. I hope that every child facing a potentially life-threatening illness feels comfort, love and laughter in their lives.

  555. I hope her visit raises awareness for people who may not know much about the organization.

  556. Thank you for the giveaway, and I really hope that this encourages people to help support this amazing cause!

  557. I hope that many will be able to make a donation.

  558. I hope that Kate and Wills are able to give their new child and wonderful and fairly normal childhood. They certainly seem to want that.

  559. What a great idea and a great way to celebrate baby Cambridge!

  560. I hope for a day that no child ever has to hear the word cancer.

  561. The Duchess looks great – as always!

  562. I hope that people will become more aware of and support children hospice

  563. I hope people learn to show a little more kindness towards each other.

  564. I hope that this event is a bigger success than anyone dared dream!

  565. I really hope for advances in research and medicine so that children do not need to go through this anymore. My friend just lost a brother to leukemia so this subject hits close to home at this time.

  566. I hope this remarkable event is a smashing success!

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