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It was a bright, sunlit morning for today’s solemn ceremonies in Whitehall marking Remembrance Sunday.

HM Armed Forces

HM Armed Forces

Kate watching the ceremony with Sophie, Countess of Wessex.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Today’s ceremony commemorates the Armistice ending World War I, it was signed at the ‘eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month’ in 1918. Remembrance Sunday is always observed on the second Sunday in November. The statistics from World War I are staggering: there were almost 37 million military and civilian casualties. The British Empire had 1.2 million fatalities in that war.

Her Majesty, Prince Philip, and Prince Harry walking to the Cenotaph.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Kate, Sophie and Vice Admiral Tim Laurence watching the events.

Splash News

Splash News

More from the Daily Mail:

Millions across the UK fell silent in tribute to those lost in war, joining the crowds who stood in a moment of contemplation as Big Ben struck 11am.

During the two-minute silence, only the distant sounds of traffic and the rustling of leaves could be heard. Police said that Whitehall was at capacity.

Her Majesty laid the first wreath at the Cenotaph, followed by Prince Philip, Princess Anne, Prince Harry, Prince William Prime Minster David Cameron and others.  Prince Charles and Camilla attended ceremonies in India where they are touring, Prince Andrew is in Afghanistan, where he marked the occasion. Prince Harry was officially laying his wreath on behalf of his father, Prince Charles. For those curious about the site for today’s events in London, the Cenotaph was initially created as a temporary structure for a parade ending WWI, but was then ultimately rebuilt as a permanent war memorial.

The day is marked throughout the UK and in Commonwealth countries, as well as wherever British troops are serving.  Below, an image shared by Her Majesty’s forces of British Troops honoring fallen comrades at Camp Bastion in Afghanistan.

Her Majesty's Armed Forces

Her Majesty’s Armed Forces

Below, wreaths laid by Scouts in Manchester, shared by GMW Scout County on Twitter.

GMW Scout County Twitter (@GMWScouts)

GMW Scout County Twitter (@GMWScouts)

This is the scene at the Cenotaph in Liverpool after wreaths were placed at that city’s memorial.

Maria Eagle MP Twitter Feed (@MEagleMP)

Maria Eagle MP Twitter Feed (@MEagleMP)

The scene in Birmingham this morning via John O’Shea’s Twitter feed.

John O'Shea Twitter Feed (@PoliticalHackUK)

John O’Shea Twitter Feed (@PoliticalHackUK)

Another look.

James Whatling/Splash News

James Whatling/Splash News

Kate wore the ‘Noa’ coat by Temperley London.

Temperley London

Lyst/Temperley London

The coat features a high neck, inset satin panels in a ribbed diamond pattern, as well as one of Kate’s favorite design elements in a garment, a fit and flare silhouette. Here is a better look at the satin’s geometrical motif.

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

And a closer look at the detailing, especially on the back of the garment. The angle also offers a better picture of the coat’s volume, there is significant fullness below the tailored bodice and waistline.

It appears the coat is still available in at least one online shop, it is selling at Coco Boutique for £625, roughly $1000 at current exchange rates. Our thanks to Sarah, she commented with the coat ID on the HRH Duchess Kate page, and Adrienne also noted the brand and style on the WKW Facebook page.

There was also a Noa silk skirt by Temperley, we show it at

Kate accessorized with her Fairy Tale hat by Sylvia Fletcher for Lock and Company; unfortunately it is no longer available for purchase.

Lock & Co.

Lock & Co.

It appeared she brought back her Cornelia James Gloves with Bow, but that does not appear to be the case. We do not have a definite ID on the manufacturer.

From what we could see it looked like Kate was carrying her trusty black UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) handbag.

Splash News

Splash News

And we saw Kate’s pearl drop earrings by Annoushka as well.



Kate was wearing a new poppy, the Buckley Crystal Poppy Brooch in the large size.

Royal British Legion Poppy Shop/Splash News

Royal British Legion Poppy Shop/Splash News

It was lovely seeing Kate in a new piece, an elegant look for the Duchess. Below we see her in the Diane von Furstenberg worn in 2011 (L) and 2012 (R).

Splash News/Splash News

Splash News/Splash News

A Temperley product update: the brand has restocked the Odele coat Kate has worn on multiple occasions.

Temperley London

Temperley London

The coat (seen in this post) is made of sheepskin and leather, it is available on the Temperley website, priced at $3280.

Temperley London

Temperley London

We leave you with a portion of Laurence Binyon’s classic “For the Fallen“:

They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old:

Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.

At the going down of the sun and in the morning

We will remember them.

NOTE: The post has been updated to reflect uncertainty as the manufacturer/retailer of Kate’s gloves, they are not the Cornelia James as thought.


  • The Telegraph‘s video story is here, the Daily Mail’s photo-rich coverage is here,  and the Daily Mirror’s live blog is here
  • the BBC’s photo slide show is here, Sky TV’s videos may be seen here and ITV’s stories are here
  • With thanks to Micki Maynard for the tip, this link is to a video showing the Funeral of the Unknown Warrior in London on November 11, 1920. The video includes the arrival of the coffin at Westminster Abbey as well as a shot of King George V and his sons waiting to lay wreaths.


  46 Responses to “Kate in Temperley London for Remembrance Sunday.”

  1. I really liked this outfit, thanks for all the photos and details. The coat fits Kate perfectly (does she have her clothes tailored?) and I love the gloves. I don’t think the gloves in this post are the same ones that she was wearing though and I was wondering if anyone knows where they’re from?

    They can be seen clearly in some of the photos of Kate fiddling with her hair and the bow looks to be on the top of the wrist rather than to the side and in more of a fixed position. I couldn’t find any like them on the Cornelia James website.

  2. This is such a fantastic, detailed post. Thank you for sharing all the components of Kate’s ensemble, while also respecting and acknowledging the significance of the event she was attending. Very impressed with your site!

  3. My comment wasn’t meant as a knock on your site at all – you do a fantastic job! I wouldn’t have known about the RBL offerings without it! Thank you so much for all your hard work, in particular bringing attention to worthwhile organizations who need support – no doubt both Cambridges would enthusiastically approve :)

    • Oh no, I didn’t think it was at all! It was good to have a reminder about the Royal Legion, I tend to think that if something’s published once I shouldn’t do it again, which is really silly. It’s a hangover from too many years doing tv news, repetition is often discouraged, but it’s not at all the same in blogville, so reminders are good. :)

  4. Any info on Kate’s poppy? It looks like it might be a piece of jewelry instead of a silk flower.

  5. Thank you for such a lovely commentry.

  6. What a treat — a new coat, and a real stunner too! I’m smitten by its fabulous cut, and the wonderful full flare it has. With the high neck and tabard-like quilted panel it manages to echo the military theme, and the tailoring basket-weave details are classic Kate. This one’s a real winner.

    Not so sure about hair and hat, though. I usually think the Duchess wears hats well, but this time round everything to be at a less flattering angle, especially with the long dangling ringlets contriving to make an almost square frame to her face which I don’t think suits her.

    I’m also not comfortable with the ringlets being used against such a smart outfit, I think they’re better suited to a china doll than a grown woman. I can’t help noticing, however, that they do have the effect of shortening her hair so wonder if they might act as a short-term measure pending a full session with a hairdresser once baby is more settled. I live in hope.

  7. Satin for daywear used to be thought of as inappropriate, and though times have changed I do think satin is out of place at a serious occasion such as this, so the coat gets the thumbs down from me for that reason.

    As to the Duchess’s hair, I keep wondering if she is doing it herself lately. Perhaps she is using curling tongs and just manages to do a ringlet or two on either side of her face, but cannot reach the back, hence that remains straight. Just a thought..

  8. I agree that November 11 ceremonies in the UK are much more significant than across the US on Veteran’s, but of course we also have Memorial Day, when many communities across the country hold remembrance ceremonies. I live outside Washington and my parents are buried at Arlington Cemetery, so maybe that is why I am always aware of the President’s visit on the day, although it is a work day for most people here. The government and banks are closed, but most private businesses remain open. Britain suffered much more grievously than America did in World War I. I am glad they still remember and honor their dead.
    Love Kate’s coat, a beautiful design.

    • I think it’s worth pointing out that we also celebrate Memorial Day in the US, and that is our day for commemorating men and women who have died in military service, which is why it is sometimes still called “Decoration Day”. Graves and monuments to fallen soldiers are decorated on that day.

      Veterans Day here simply celebrates everyone who has served.

      As I commented the other day, I buy poppies from vets each year. They sell them at shopping centers and malls near my home, and I know that the American Legion’s Auxiliary sells millions of them in the United States each year. However, it may be that they simply haven’t as much of a presence in some areas.

      • Interestingly, Memorial Day is not a big holiday in the American South. The reason is that it originally began to decorate the graves of Union soldiers, and memories die hard below the Mason-Dixon line,

  9. Lovely coat in a style that suits the Duchess. What’s with the ringlets? She should have had a half updo if anything.

  10. Kate looks gorgeous. I just love that Temperley coat.

  11. Heavens, what a gorgeous garment.

    Before seeing Susan’s photographs of the coat in its entirety, I was undecided about whether I liked the coat or not, because I could not tell how the pattern on the front worked with the rest of the coat. (I also was unsure of the material and for a moment was concerned the satin was actually leather…) Having seen the Temperley promotional photographs, I am enraptured by this coat! I love the silhouette of the coat, particularly how the slimness of the bodice gives way to the flare of the skirt. My favorite design element is that the satin with the diamond pattern isn’t arranged as a straight panel down the front of the coat, but rather widens at an angle to encompass almost the entirety of the front of the skirt. The way the satin is used on the back of the skirt is equally fantastic. This may be my favorite of all the Duchess’s coats, which is rather unfortunate, since she wears black fairly infrequently. But, my fingers are crossed that she wears it for another event where she is photographed full length. (Can I just add that the Temperley promotional photo is stunning? I love the way the model’s mussed up-do and dramatic earrings look with the coat.)

    Moving on, I actually thought the Duchess’s hair looked beautiful, but I have to concede to Brenda’s point that the curls aren’t exactly in keeping with the solemnity of the event. Further, the wind was apparently doing a number on her hair and at one point the Duchess was photographed re-twirling one of her curls. As I mentioned in my response to another commenter, I do find being photographed while what one can fairly term “playing” with your hair is really unfortunate given the seriousness of Remembrance Day. I think it would have been preferable if the Duchess had styled her hair up.

    As for the Odele coat… I think my enthusiasm for the Noa coat is matched in intensity by my dislike for the Odele. It just appears far too much like a costume from the Matrix to me. What a waste of sheepskin and leather. Ick.

    • You were spot on in all of your commentary. The Daily Mail was brutal with her hair playing; I’m not sure what’s up with her desire for long curls but an up-do would have better suited her look and her dignity. the outfit was fabulous and probably one of her most stylish to date but the hair certainly got in the way of her outfit and her public credibility.

    • Totally agree with you about how the satin travels round to the back of the coat! I love the way it sweeps round in wavy lines, it’s a class piece of tailoring.

  12. Thanks for the info about the coat. When I first saw the photos this morning I thought the inset was leather. Glad it isn’t. The coat is very pretty, especially now that I can see the intricate detail on the insert. I like it. Hope she bought the skirt also because it’s cute.

    I have to say, it’s very nice to see the care the British take with their Remembrance Day. Such pomp and ceremony and the fact that everybody seems to wear a poppy is wonderful. Over here in the States, Veterans Day is just another three-day weekend and that’s all we seem to celebrate about it. I vaguely remember, during my early school years, being given a poppy to wear but I was too young to understand why I was suppose to wear it. Now that I’m old enough to understand, nobody sells or wears them. I think our president participants in a ceremony at Arlington National Cemetery but it receives little to no coverage. That doesn’t mean we don’t honor or remember our veterans but still, it would be nice to see it done here the way the Brits do it.

  13. This coat is quite similar in silhouette to the Diana von Furstenberg coat the Duchess has worn twice for this event and therefore nothing particularly striking in the basic design department. (I’m not criticizing the silhouette. I own a couple of fit-and-flare black coats myself.)

    Unfortunately, I had a bit of a feeling that the satin panels really rendered the coat more suitable for an evening look, and given the way the model is wearing it — with jeweled belt, dotted hosiery, and quite elaborate, sky-high shoes with gold platforms — I think that’s how Alice Temperley intended it to be worn — at night. It just didn’t look quite right to me for Remembrance Sunday.

    Moreover, while I’ve always liked that hat, its style and texture seemed to clash with the satin. It’s a daytime hat; the coat is really an evening item. They did not seem to harmonize well.

    So, all in all I’m not wildly impressed with this look. Moreover, the Duchess’s hair, those long ringlets on which I keep carping, is really beginning to drive me crazy. That’s saying something. Normally, only my own hair is capable of driving me to the brink of insanity.

    • You make a good point on the satin Lili, it’s not something I thought about, it is more pronounced when contrasted with the felt hat. As always, thank you for commenting. :)

    • Even though I’m on record as being a fan of this coat (really, I think it’s the most effusive comment I’ve left on the blog), I agree with Lili’s assessment that it would function better as an evening coat. All the more reason to hope that it makes a second appearance at a future formal event. May I suggest a tiara as a replacement for the Fairy Tale hat? Unlikely, I know, but a girl can dream!

    • Forgive me in advance for disagreeing with you but, I think it is a bit old fashion to think that a garment is just for “evening” or just for “daytime.” These days clothes are interchangeable. The coat the Duchess is wearing can be either day or night, notwithstanding the satin inset. The coat is mostly wool and therefore the hat is quite appropriate. The same coat can, of course, be worn to a dinner or cocktail event but that doesn’t make it “evening.” It’s a lovely coat and she looks lovely in it.

      • mslewis, certainly I agree with you that many, many items of clothing can be worn either in the daytime or the evening. I am not at all rigid on this subject. However, the satin panels on this coat looked so shiny and reflective in several of the photos I saw that I couldn’t help but feel that it just didn’t work for a solemn, daytime, ceremony of commemoration.

        And my major problem was with the manner in which the coat worked — that is, didn’t work — with the hat, the style and felt texture of which really clashed with the satin. This is a coat that, in my opinion, would best be worn with a frivolous little cocktail fascinator, one made out of, say, netting, crystals, and satin ribbon. Or feathers. (The other day I nearly bought a feathered fascinator that would work beautifully with this coat. Alas, when you wear hats and fascinators in the US, people tend to look at you as though you’d decided to wear a pair of live toads as earrings.)

        In any case, we all frequently disagree here. It’s always interesting to see other points of view on style and taste.

    • Gracious, I never for a moment thought the coat looked inappropriate. I can see where you’re coming from, but I don’t think this quality tailoring of these fabrics looks out of place in a sombre setting at all. It’s mildly unusual and interesting to see satin used like this, and quite in keeping with some of the more outrageous combinations of fabrics which grace the average catwalk.

      But I find that hair quite desperate! So messy and babyish. But maybe it’s a fashion…groan!

  14. I love this coat and the mixed texture detail…Forgive me for being picky, but the shots with smiling face at this event somehow bothered me…//running away

    • The Duchess was appropriately solemn during the actual laying of the wreaths. The Express has photos that capture the Duchess and Countess with more somber expressions (

      Although the event is one of serious formality, I’m not bothered that she had some mirthful moments with Sophie, and, at least in my mind, it doesn’t reflect negatively on her respect for the occasion or overall deportment, since she was attentive and serious during the actual ceremony. However, there are photos of her rearranging her curls (re-twirling them, to be exact) and I do find those pictures unfortunate. Being photographed playing with your hair generally projects a juvenile image and looks unprofessional. I don’t classify brushing your hair out of your eyes or tucking it behind your ears in the category–those actions are just part of being human–but I think one should avoid being photographed while re-twirling curls, unless you are Lady Louise!

      • Ashley Olivia is quite right about Kate’s demeanor being much more solemn for the service. I actually had another photo I intended to use in the post and have since added it. Thank you for pointing this out Ashley Olivia, I appreciate it. :)

        • I’m so glad you added the solo photograph of the Duchess with that contemplative expression: it is one of the best photographs I’ve seen of her. Aside from her having an appropriate expression, I think she looks positively regal.

          As always, thank you, Susan, for maintaining this wonderful blog!

        • funny you mention this as solemn as DM has been saying she is giggling and twirling her hair funny how the media twists things

        • It seems to me that the whole ceremony lasted quite some time, and today’s camera shutter speeds can be measure in nanoseconds. Kate only has to pause for a brief chat or curl-twirl and the press can have a field day.

          • Exactly. And the supposed hair twirling truly looks like one motion as she pushes it back–one of those mere seconds that the camera captured. If you have never stood outside in the late autumn with long hair…well, I guess you can be critical of someone for keeping it out of the way with a brief motion.

            I would not give up my anonymous duplex paycheck to paycheck life for Kate’s world of having every item of clothing, every hair style, and every fricking gesture criticized by the masses. All the money and palaces and jewels would not make it a tolerable life.

            Also, do you all do this to your friends? “Oh, the texture of your gloves is not perfect for attending this Christmas parade, do better next year, you juvenile!” ????? If you wouldn’t say things to someone’s face, perhaps they should not be said.

      • Without the timeline as to when each photo was actually taken, one cannot say that Kate was not solemn during the actual ceremony. Sophie is also smiling in the same photo but no one is criticizing her. It seems people just want to dump on Kate for no valid reason. When I first saw the photo of her fixing her hair, I assumed she just brushed it back due to a breeze or something. I haven’t seen video of her twirling it. I don’t understand why some are determined to drag her down.

        • I completely agree that a photo can distort what is happening because it is “time frozen” with no real context of the amount of time. That said, I think Kate could make better choices with her hair depending on the venue/circumstances of an engagement. The way she styles her hair with or without the ringlets, tends to have it hanging in her face when it is down. I have often seen her pushing it back behind her ears in pictures and videos. The need to do this is much more when she is outside in the wind. A simple bun would have been elegant and respectful of the occasion Sunday. In general, I think a good haircut is due, and I think updo’s — full or partial — often look much more flattering, and can be more practical.

          • The one comment I would make about recommendations for hairstyles off her face is to reference the multitude of articles earlier in the week that were hyperventilating over her graying hair. I suspect if she’s experiencing graying along her part, it would also be noticeable at the sides of her face should she choose a swept-back style. Though this hairstyle isn’t the best, no gray is visible. I agree that once she gets a chance to sit down for a good coloring and cut, she’ll be back in business. Here’s hoping that George, bless his heart, will make that possible for his Mum soon… :)

      • I agree, the people she was talking to were smiling as well, but no one said anything about that. The Daily Mail article showed pictures of lots of other officials, many of whom were smiling at the moment they were photographed. Again, no one objected. You can chat and smile with someone before the event and still be appropriately sober during the actual ceremony.

        Like others have mentioned, my first thought on seeing the picture of the “hair playing” was that she was brushing it back over her shoulder. Maybe she did briefly try to fix it, I don’t know. I don’t see that as being “disrespectful” though. There comes a point when the endless nitpicking gets ridiculous.

  15. That is a great coat. The patterned satin gives it some interest. I’d love to know if she wore the same belt as the model or if she subbed one of her own as she’s done before.

    I have to say, though, I really hate the long curls. That’s 2 bad hair appearances in a row.

  16. I didn’t think it was fair to criticize Kate the other day for having a few roots showing. But I would like to say one thing about Kate’s hairstyle in the context of the day. The Cenotaph ceremony is incredibly solemn. It is among the most formal and commemorative days of the British calendar.

    Given that, I wish Kate had worn her hair back, or up. While the loose curls are pretty, they seem too festive for this setting. It is a going-out look. Not to get too silly, but remember when Tess McGill said in Working Girl that she needed serious hair? That’s what this day required. Sophie got it right, in the context of the day.

    • I agree about the solemnness of the occasion. I was surprised by a new coat for it. And I thought the fabric was a bit too glamorous for the event. It also seems to be on the short side. There are some occasions when you should blend into the background. I also would have preferred the ordinary people’s poppy… just to set the right tone.

      Sophie nailed it. Hair not a distraction. Coat not a distraction. Poppy pin was a bit off, but did love the purse.

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