Nov 282016

Kate and William were among the many royal family members at today’s memorial service for the sixth Duke of Westminster.



From Victoria Murphy’s Daily Mirror story:

They were joined by Prince Charles and wife Camilla as well as a host of other royals and VIP guests in the 2,000-strong congregation paying respects to the Duke, Gerald Cavendish Grosvenor.

The service was at the Chester Cathedral in Cheshire, about 200 miles north of London. From The Daily Telegraph:

As the Grosvenor family and their guests sang hymns such as Praise My Soul the King of Heaven at the memorial service, the streets of this small cathedral city were lined with people huddling together in the crisp autumn chill hoping to pay their respects to a man who did so much for Chester and its surrounding countryside.

There are many ties between the families. From The Daily Mail’s article about the service:

A confidante and close friend of many senior royals, Prince Charles asked the Duke of Westminster to become a private mentor and guide to a young Prince William.

Prince William, Prince Harry and the Duchess of Cambridge are all regular visitors to the Grosvenor properties.

Lady Tamara is married to Prince William’s best friends, Edward van Cutsem, and William and Harry were both ushers at their wedding in 2004.

©LNP/Splash News

©LNP/Splash News

It was the late Duke who loaned Kate and William his private jet several times when the Cambridge family traveled on vacations. Natalia Phillips, the Duke’s widow, is one of Prince William’s godmothers. Hugh Grosvenor, now the 7th Duke of Westminster at just 25 years of age, is godfather to Prince George. Back to The Telegraph’s coverage:

©LNP / Splash News

©LNP / Splash News

A look through the lens of royal photographer Mark Stewart, aka RegalEyes.

Now to what Kate wore for the service.



Many readers recognized her bespoke Alexander McQueen coat, first seen at Remembrance Sunday in 2015. On that occasion, the Duchess paired it with a hat by Sylvia Fletcher for Lock & Co

©James Whatling, Splash News / LNP, Splash News

©James Whatling, Splash News / LNP, Splash News

As noted in our original post, Kate’s coat has a fitted bodice and full skirt, slightly padded shoulders, double-breasted styling, a buttoned tab at the back waist and a center back pleat. The garment’s most distinctive feature is its panels of black velvet mixed with the black wool. The coat shared several design elements Alexander McQueen’s Double-Breasted Patchwork Compact Felt Coat from the pre-fall 2015 collection.


These photos have been digitally treated to lighten them up in an effort to better show some of the coat details, including the way the cuff flares out at the wrist, shown below right.

Splash News/Splash News

Splash News/Splash News

This offers another view. You can just see the scalloped edge of something Kate has on beneath her coat. NOTE: In comments, Blair and Tina suggest that is just fabric bunching up a little bit, not a separate garment, I think they are correct.

Both Photos © LNP/Splash News

Both Photos © LNP/Splash News

Here you can better see the back waistband details and the flaps/peplum detail at the side hip. They are a decorative component, not pocket flaps.



How they appear from the front.

©LNP/Splash News

©LNP/Splash News

The Duchess was in a familiar pair of heels, her Gianvito Rossi black suede pumps. We show them below at Net-a-Porter ($670), where they are available in a mix of sizes. They are offered at My Theresa in most sizes ($675); as well as at Farfetch in a so-so array of sizes ($675).

©LNP, Splash News / i-Images

©LNP, Splash News / i-Images

The chapeau is the John Boyd design worn earlier this month for Remembrance Sunday.

©Splash News/i-Images

©Splash News/i-Images

Kate carried her Pretty Ballerinas velvet clutch with the floppy bow.



You may have recognized the earrings as one of the pairs on loan to Kate by the Queen. Most recently they were worn in October when Kate visited the Netherlands (c); the pearls were first noted in September when the Duke and Duchess spent a day in Vancouver during the Canada tour (r)



Here you can see a little bit of Kate’s updo.

©i-Images/ LNP, Splash News

©i-Images/ LNP, Splash News

One ancillary note: It was announced yesterday the Queen’s very close friend and confidant, Margaret Rhodes, passed away. From The Sunday Express:

THE QUEEN is mourning the death of her “best friend” and beloved cousin, the Honourable Margaret Rhodes.

“They remained close throughout the Queen’s reign and Her Majesty continued to be a regular visitor at Mrs Rhodes’s Windsor home until very recently.


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  86 Responses to “The Duchess Wears Alexander McQueen for Memorial Service”

  1. Perfect look for a somber event. The Duchess can pull off this style that would perhaps be “bulky” on others – just a first rate, appropriate look.

  2. I must say I love everything about this outfit, Kate looks stunning and of course as always appropriate. To me everything about this outfit complements another element so as a whole it is superb. Well done Kate.

  3. I thought this look was very elegant and appropriate for the occasion. The post was very well written…nicely done Susan.

    On a side note does anyone know how many stamps are needed to send a christmas card from the US to England? I’m working on sending out my Christmas cards and I wanted to send one to the Duke & duchess of cambridge (which I’ve never done before) but the USPS website is a little confusing.

  4. Vorrei sapere se indossa le calze. Did she wear collants tights?

  5. on point

  6. I didn’t like the ‘preview’ look of the coat & like it even less now I see all of it, it just looks too heavy; it reminds me of the French cut some poodles have, lots of fluff on the head/legs, but the body left bare. The wool looks tired next to the velvet in photographs too but it probably doesn’t in the flesh.
    I like the hair, I don’t know what else she could have done with it; left down, folk would have said it was too casual, ditto pony/half pony/ringlets, so a bun was appropriate & she couldn’t pile it on top of her head because that chapeau doesn’t leave the room for it – and some would have said that was too severe.
    I’ve noticed she never wears a hair ‘accessory’; just twirls her own hair round a pony/half pony/bun; I’d like to see some additions there – I think the formal tea-party in the Far East in a lovely (un-repeated, sigh) ice-blue dress with lace overlay was the only time.
    I’d like to also state my sorrow at Margaret Rhode’s death.

    NOTE: admin edit

    • I like the coat:) The only part I am not so fond of are the shoulder/arm velvet patches. I thought her hair, hat, coat and overall look was very low key an appropriate for a memorial service. I also recognize that seeing outfits in person can radically change the impression, so I suspect that in person the coat looked Wonderful.:):)

  7. I love this coat so much. I think the hat is pretty and a good choice for a funeral- I think many of her other hats are too much of a statement to wear to a funeral.
    I dispose that floppy velvet bag- it looks like a nice cosmetic bag for travel. A suede bag to match her shoes would have been a better choice.

  8. Elegant – sophisticated – just perfect. A beautiful ensemble from head to toe! The coat alone is stunning with different elements and textures.

  9. Loved this whole look – the hat and side chignon are so elegant. When you compare the photo of her when she last wore this coat, she looks so much more stylish this time around. Bravo Kate.

  10. This is my favorite of Kate’s black coats, and I like this hat with it very much. I am never keen on hats too much resembling a toilet seat, to put it bluntly. I like fashion whimsy, but not at memorial services. But this hat has the right gravitas and texture.

  11. Love / Not love.

    Love the attention to detail: Black suede heels matching the suede clutch, black velvet band in the hat matching the velvet in the coat.

    Love the classics: The black ensemble in textured, rich fabrics, John Boyd’s wide brim hat, ‘granny’s’ creamy pearls and her polished chignon were elegance personified.

    Don’t love the lack of tailoring: Would have looked better with cuff at the wrist and the hemline at the knee. Think how crisp the lines are when she is wearing her Katherine Hooker coats. Instead, the McQueen swallows her up like a little darling playing in her mother’s clothes.

  12. I think Susan’s post today was both sensitively and respectfully written.

    Kate looked lovely today. Very elegant.

  13. Re the lint: I bet it’s the result of giving the little ones a cuddle before she left the house. I know from experience that getting out of the house to work without sticky/linty/mucky traces on ones clothes when one has children, can be a challenge. LOL

  14. She looks extremely elegant and appropriate. Personally, I think that she’s a very good role model for young women in the way that she dresses. She always looks tasteful and classy.

  15. No need to feel remorse about critiquing fashion at a funeral since this event was not one. Rather, it was a memorial service for a man who died almost four months ago. The Duke of Westminster died on August 9, 2016, and a private family funeral was held on August 12, 2016. The memorial service on November 28 was a more public occasion to include many VIPs who wished to pay tribute to the Duke. While close friends might very well still be saddened at the thought of his passing, this was not a service of mourning, but rather of honor and remembrance.

  16. This is a very happy re-tread for me, it’s been possible to discover so much more about this super coat. I had failed to pick up on those velvet shoulder patches last time, and the flared sleeve cuffs, side flaps and back pleat are further fresh discoveries, with their hint of trademark McQueen swagger. Really appreciate the work put in to supply photos to highlight details.

    I find I like the hat much more on second viewing, it seems to be tilted highee, and the hat band seems to tie in with the coat’s subdued patchwork effect without being too fussy. It helps too that the asymmetric updo isn’t as low this time, the coat collar is lower and there’s a hint of space in the V-neck.

    Kate of course is the only person who can go the full winter-weight double-breasted and still look slim. That double layer would cause havoc to my own silhouette, such is the hazard of being short. With classic Royal earrings and pretty bow clutch – mercifully we have been spared further bows on gloves here – Kate has achieved one of her moments of sweet perfection. That in its way, I fear, becomes a cause of irritation when we face one of her less polished efforts.

  17. LK Bennett has a replikate of the clutch

  18. I think Kate looks beautiful and elegant in this outfit.
    The hat and hairstyle suit it much more than the other time it was worn.
    Also did anyone else notice how much in love they look? As though they have a secret between them! Especially in the second photo!

  19. I want to love this coat. But I think there’s just a bit too much going on. For me, it needs to lose the velvet around the middle and the peplum/pocket flaps are just too much. If it were uncluttered in the middle, I would absolutely love it!

    Otherwise, a tasteful and appropriate look.

  20. Lovely look. I really think
    The hat and coat are great. Kate looked lively and appropriate.

  21. only one opinion, but perhaps family funerals might be considered outside the realm of fashion commentary.
    A man has died and his family is mourning.
    Everyone is typically so kind and respectful in this blog.
    I just personally felt uncomfortable today reading through – let alone providing – comments in hopes of hearing this sentiment somewhere. Appreciate Gwen making the respectful mention that she did.

    • Thank you for raising the topic, as I struggled with whether or not a post was even appropriate, under the circumstances.

      • It’s a bit of a tricky one when the declared subject matter of the page is on what Kate wears. I think it’s possible to weigh up an outfit without becoming undignified and note how well Kate manages a sober and appropriate outfit.

        There are few web sites more civilised in tone than this one and the consideration of royal outfits is generally conducted in a most cultured manner. Thanks admin.

      • I appreciate this post because it can inspire other people to dress with dignity for solemn and sometimes also sad occasions. Life and death go hand-in-hand, and I believe that is what is happening here, as long as we keep our comments respectful and mindful.

      • I agree with the earlier commenter… this is a memorial several months after the fact, not a recent tragedy.

        Your coverage is always sensitive, Susan, and I appreciate that.

    • Mary, thank you so much for this. I am hanging my head in shame. While I did manage to mention in my comments that these are human beings in mourning, I then qualified that with more drivel. You are 100% right. We just had a death in our family this past summer, and how terrible I would have felt had the focus been on the mourners’ clothes rather than the person who had passed.

    • A public memorial service is not a funeral. I believe the deceased died months ago and most likely, given his rank, had a private funeral. While I appreciate the solemnity of the occasion, this is a fashion blog devoted to discussion of the clothing Kate wares in public. I see nothing unusual or inappropriate at all in evaluating her sartorial choices at this event as opposed to any other.

      Respect should always be observed. However, criticism of Kate’s fashion choices, even on this occasion, is not disrespectful or rude. IMO

    • I agree completely – comments and analysis that ordinarily are suitable for the other occasions documented on Susan’s blog quite frankly sound distasteful here. The late Duke of Westminster was an uncommon man – incredibly wealthy yet determined to use his means to reach out to others in more vulnerable economic circumstances, and it sounds as if he was focused on teaching his children this principle as well. His son has a lot to shoulder while also adjusting to the loss of his father, and no doubt the whole family and the friends in attendance are genuinely missing this man. I think it is reasonable to guess that the approach to dressing for this day was not focused on microanalysis of hems, hats, and proportions, but on showing up to celebrate and remember a friend.

      Perhaps in the future this might be one category of “event” that WKW declines to cover, not sure. It’s unlikely to ever yield a new item, and one would hope it’s an occasion where all attendees would be entitled to privacy and peace.

    • I respectfully disagree. The private family funeral took place a few months ago. This was a highly visible memorial service covered by the press. The members of the royal family all waved to the crowds. I don’t think Susan did anything wrong whatsoever.

      • I agree completely. I my opinion all the comments have been respectful and related to Kate’s fashion. It would be quite different if Susan had published papparazi shots taken with a long lense of a private funeral. (Which I have full confidence that she would not do!)

      • Oh no, agree absolutely in that I don’t believe at all that she did anything wrong whatsoever either. At all.
        Just expressing sentiments on the solemnity of the event – and thank you to those who mentioned this a memorial service and not a funeral. That may put somewhat of a different light in explaining a key cultural difference.
        And frankly, selfishly, we have only learned of the life of this man through this blog which is about the Duchess so ironically that is the silver lining of our reviewing these photographs. But I always default to ‘What would the Duchess think?’
        How would she feel about the emphasis being on her presence and her fashion?
        How far must she go to be understated enough to not be the focus, whilst avoiding criticism?
        And , if this were my Dad and his service, how would I feel?
        Appreciate the respect and decorum of this blog and all the followers ( and respectful edits) very much.
        My takeaway? The mention of ‘peace’, from an entry by JR. Thank you for that.

      • I’ve always refrained from commenting on funerals and memorial services, whether public or private. The reason is because Kate is not the focus here, but rather the family of the deceased and the deceased him/herself. My own grandmother – who was very respected and loved where she worked – passed away from a brain stem stroke in June 2014. She was very charitable and many people from her charities came to her funeral along with friends, family, coworkers, people who helped her every day when she had her stroke and many parishioners. They came to her memorial service after the funeral after too.

        The last thing I would have wanted any of the guests to judge me on how I was dressed, my makeup, my hair or even my accessories and my bright red glittery nails. I was dressed to honor my grandma, not for my guests, so I dressed for her.

        Often, how we dress at memorial services and funerals reflect the person whom we love or care for. Kate wasn’t dressed to impress the news or us. She was dressed to support the family of the people who lost a dear family member. Public or private, memorial services are still personal and full of grief, hope, tears, laughter, distress and we all leave exhausted.

        • KateZena, very good points. I have gone to both funerals and memorials for immediate family members, close friends, work contacts, etc. and you are right when dressing the thought is about the person who has died and their family. Often my choices especially with my immediate family only made sense to those who knew the family.

    • My feeling on this subject is that it is understood that each and every poster here feels the appropriate sorrow at the passing of this wonderful man all too soon and the tremendous loss it must be for his family and friends but it is, after all, a fashion blog, so hence, the fashion discussion. I don’t find the content inappropriate or distasteful. Everything here is always handled with a great deal of respect. For myself, I think it is important to find the joy in life even in the face of death if that makes sense to anybody.

      • Makes heaps of sense to me! Coming here is a civilised haven from all the grief going on elsewhere. Accentuate the positive is what the tough do in hard times. I like to honour Kate’s efforts in looking appropriate at a solemn event and to do so in a civilised manner among some very well-informed fellow posters. And Kate was spot on today.

  22. Not my fave. To me the coat would have been great with just velvet collar/cuffs – too busy as it was. Agree the bow on the clutch with the tailored clutch not a match. And the hat just felt heavy so close to the major collar detail. Otherwise – perfection! ;)

    Thought Camilla – and William – both looked terrific.

    It struck me that we seldom see pix of Kate at funerals and I’d think that would be a frequent responsibility for royals.

  23. I think the “scalloped edge” is actually the inside of the collar not stitched properly. It’s not laying flat. Same situation in the remembrance Sunday photo as well.

  24. I don’t think there’s anything scalloped going on under her coat at the lapels, as suggested. It looks more like the curve of the heavy fabric is simply creating a few ripples. It’s the same in the picture from Remembrance Day.

    I don’t really care for the length of this coat; a hair shorter would make it look less heavy on her frame. The hem, the cuff length and where it hits on her waist (really her hips) drag her down in my opinion. I’m sure it’s warm though.

  25. I actually like this whole look. The coat is beautiful, except the bottom velvet part looks odd. I may be in the minority, but I think the hat goes well with this outfit. She looks very appropriate…. for such a somber event.

  26. I think this look was perfect for the occasion —I always wear black or very dark grey to funerals as a sign of respect. This is not my favorite hat on the duchess but I don’t hate it—I do think she has other hats/fascinators that are more flattering.

    As for the coat, I don’t mind that there is a lot going on because the tone on tone black keeps it subdued, but I do think it needs to be a couple inches shorter so as to get the proportions correct.

  27. Very tired of the side bun. It was an interesting novelty the first few times worn, but now the frequency is ridiculous. Plus, it’s “your mama’s” hair do. Elegant but more appropriate for someone twenty years older than the DoC.

  28. I actually prefer Camilla’s coat to Kate’s. I think it’s lovely. I used to live in Chester and it’s lovely to see these little glimpses of the city. The Duke of Westminster would open his gardens for charity every summer and would occasionally stroll around. He was a lovely man and I’m sure his family are desperately sorry for his loss.

  29. I don’t love the coat, it’s just a bit much (wide lapel, big cuffs, panels of velvet). It does look nice from the side and in motion. Black pointy-toe shoes easily look worn. The tips turn up/get scuffed. Kate’s are no exception. Royalty, they’re just like us!

    I thought Camilla looked really nice.

    Eugenie, as usual (poor thing), tried too hard and didn’t pull it off.

  30. What a lovely look! So elegant. I think the hair, hat, and coat all suited each other perfectly. I’m especially fond of those graceful, dramatic cuffs. I would prefer to have the velvet gone from the top of the coat sleeves, but I always find at least one element in McQueen designs that I wish were different. I’m not a huge fan of his.

    Kate’s eyes look tired – some bags under her eyes – and maybe that makes her makeup look heavy? Maybe the kids are wearing her out!

  31. I like the coat but to my own surprise, I like the hat this time. I did not like it during the Rememberence service. I think this was a befitting outfit for a funeral

    • I too like the hat this time and didn’t last time. I think it’s at a slightly different angle (tilted back and to her right a little?), which makes a difference, plus as someone below mentioned, the coat has a lower neckline which makes the hat feel less heavy than last time. The coat I like better this time as well, maybe it’s just a little better in full view than the partial look we get on the balcony.

  32. This ensemble is respectful, subdued, stylish and most appropriate to wear to a funeral. I do not agree with one comment, that the look is over the top, as Kate is not the widow or even related. I always wear black to a funeral as a sign of respect.

    I really like how the velvet in the coat is matched by the velvet in the clutch and how well it all goes with the black suede shoes. As far as the hat goes, people seem to love it or hate it. I think it is wonderful and I much prefer it to smaller hats that are perched on top of her head. The side chignon makes the hat sit/fit better.

    All is all, well done Kate!!!

  33. I liked the whole look today… but Kate, you need a lint brush!

  34. I am relatively new to this blog so I have not seen the Duchess in this coat before. I don’t care for it, nor do I think it very flattering on Kate. I agree with other comments that there is too much of the velvet detail going on. The shoulder bits should go and the cuffs shortened. The length is nice but the depth of the velvet trim should be less. IMO.
    I like the hat but not with this coat, it weighs the look down. That clutch was a miscalculation, that is if there was any calculation going on when she got dressed today. I get he feeling that she was not scheduled for this event and got called on to be there at the last minute.

    • By miscalculation I mean that the flouncy bow is out of sorts with the overall severity of of the ensemble.

    • I don’t think it was a last minute calling, as in this wasn’t an official event. I think they were there in a personal capacity. I believe the young royals are friendly with the Duke of Westminster’s children.

  35. I didn’t particularly care for this coat on Remembrance Sunday, but I actually liked it today, seeing it in its entirety. The cut is excellent on the Duchess, and I quite like the length. I actually adore this hat – it’s the right shape and size for her face, and I love how it swoops down low over one side. The earrings are just lovely, and I don’t mind the shoes, either – simple, understated, beautiful shape, and clean lines. However, the side bun is beginning to grate on me. It seems like the Duchess falls on a fashion item and wears it to death – wedges, breton tops, skinny jeans, stiletto pumps, certain earrings, ringlets, and the side bun……I have always felt that hair is a critical piece of a fashion look, and if the hair is off (or the shoes, or the jewelry, or other accessories), the look doesn’t work. This was a memorial service, and while it was an extremely public event, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were, by all reports, extremely close to the Grosvenor family. They are grieving. I grant them a HUGE amount of leeway in their style today, with one caveat – that side bun took a great deal of styling, likely by a professional…..sooooo……why this ‘do yet again, and not something a bit more subdued, balanced, and elegant? This hair feels cloying, over-worn, and dated. (I feel badly writing this, actually – because I can imagine they might feel as if, since they’ve lost someone so close to them, who cares about fashion?)

    • I agree with you completely but isn’t that why she employs wardrobe, hair and style assistants.

      • Yes, precisely my point……I am wondering if her fashion decisions are hers alone, or if they are a team effort where her voice is given up to “experts”? Oh, to be a fly on the wall! I really did like this look overall – completely appropriate for a funeral, simple, black (which I, too, always wear to funerals/memorial services), and not one that draws attention. I just re-read my own comment, and I was remiss in stating that the Duchess could wear a burlap sack and still look spectacular, in my opinion. But the devil is in the details (YES to the commenter who said she needs a lint brush!), and it seems that her details are lacking in the last few years. The hair was a “win” when she styled it this way in Canada, in her gorgeous red Preen dress, for this memorial service it upended a lovely look.

    • I thought the side-bun was simply a practicality when wearing a hat tilted like this.. With the amount of thick hair Kate has I can imagine it might be easier to wear lower rather than trying to pile it all up under that lovely hat.

      • Well, perhaps it might have been considered that she wear her hair down, as with the other large John Boyd hat (gray) she wore last March. I thought that looked perfect. I’m a “hat person”, and have several in this shape. There’s no need to pile anything under – given that she likely didn’t remove it until she was home again, her hair could easily have been styled down, or half-up. My issue is that this is an extremely distinctive hair style, and when worn so often, as is happening with the Duchess, it starts to feel (in my opinion) frayed around the edges, and out-dated.

        • I agree with you that when Kate finds a style of anything she likes she sticks with it to the despair of fashion watchers. She clearly favours practicality to pondering style and accessories.

          For the rest if us I think there’s a continual tension between a desire for cover-girl model looks and the practicalities of royal life. I struggle with many of her floppy floral print dresses but these are often worn when engaging with small children for which they are well-suited.

          As for those side-buns, I’d agree they’re a mixed blessing and becoming a habit. But the Queen has kept the same style for years, and these low buns are a present vintage trend. Kate does try modest variations since the Remembrance day one was lower, and she will recycle a hat with hair half-up instead of full updo you suggest.

          Appreciate your input on how to dispose of so much hair!

  36. I’m excited to see the entire coat. No more wondering what the bottom half looks like. Very elegant . Especially, I like the belled cuffs. The Boyd hat and velvet purse look as if they were made for the it. Not a criticism, just an observation- she is holding the clutch in such an odd manner. It looks as though she is desperately trying to hide her nails.

  37. While I do love the woven design, it’s a bit similar to my engagement ring, the diamond earings with pink halo are just gorgeous. They would be such a striking addition to day and night ensembles.

  38. I actually prefer this hat with this coat over the one worn for the Remembrance Day ceremony. I think the ever so slightly lower neckline of this coat gives a bit more breathing room. That said, I think the overall look was a bit over the top. Kate is not the widow or even related. Yes, she is a friend, although probably moreso of the new Duke and/or his sister, but the unrelenting black just seems strange to me.

    I suppose she didn’t want to wear something new and I can understand that. She really should have a classic dark grey or dark purple coat, perhaps with black trim, that she can pull out for this sort of occasion.

    Camilla’s look was, in my opinion, spot on.

    • I agree that Camilla looks perfect for the occasion.
      I like the top half better of Kate’s coat. The bottom band looks too heavy.
      Her makeup, as mentioned, seems rather heavy, but she looks pale? Seems odd.

    • Black is always worn at a funeral, out of respect. Colour would have been deeply inappropriate.

      • Purple is also a colour of mourning. The Duke’s daughter worn dark green, his grandchildren were in light blue, Prince William wore navy, Camilla wore dark grey with black trim. Were they all being inappropriate?

        My point was simply that Kate, by wearing such unrelenting black, actually stood out among the other mourners. I actually quite like the coat, and I think the hat is fine, but given that she is often the centre of attention simply for who she is, she needed to be careful in this case to blend in a bit more. I am not suggesting she did this on purpose at all! I just think it was a miscalculation.

      • Today was not the funeral (the Duke died back in August and had a private family funeral) but a memorial service to remember his life, so an all black ensemble was not necessary. However, Kate’s clothing and accessories garner a huge amount of press attention in the UK. There is a lot of criticism aimed at her being a “clotheshorse” where sometimes her sartorial choices eclipse the charities and causes she is trying to promote. I adore this blog so much for highlighting the charities. So, I can see why she chose a muted outfit to remain out of focus.

    • But if a major royal like Kate didn’t wear black there’d be comments about lack of respect. Maybe she just can’t win!

      I think that coat of Camilla’s was another repeat. Both ladies were suitably subdued for the very public occasion.

    • Her gray suit with the embroidery and the similarly-shaped hat (a shape I really like on her, though I know that’s not a consensus by any means — much better IMO than some of the hats that sit like spaceships on her forehead) might have been a good pick here.

  39. Kate’s eye makeup looks particularly heavy handed and it is a bit out of step on such a solemn occasion.

    So sad to hear about Mrs. Rhodes, although she lived a long and splendid life. Her book, The Final Curtsey, is a must read for anyone interested in HM or the Queen Mother. I quite liked her when I was finished.

    I wonder if her death was why The Queen and Prince Philip did not attend the Grosvenor service. He was one of her most loyal subjects.


  41. A memorabilia service is certainly the time to dig something out of the wardrobe. That said, I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I like the Duchess of Cornwall’s look better. The velvet on Kate’s coat is nice in small amounts. But it needs to be edited – taking away some of those elements would make the coat look a lot lighter on her. And sorry, but I still want to burn that hat.

    • Sorry – “memorial” service. Auto correct!

    • I agree with you on both counts. I never though I’d see the day where I thought Camilla looked better, but here we are! I really dislike that hat :/

    • I agree completely about the overabundance of elements in the coat. And I have not liked the hat on either occasion. I think a low hat like this is best if not paired with a high-collared outfit. It might look less heavy with a square, a boatneck, or a jewel neckline.

      Very sorry for these, now two, losses of people close to the family.

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