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Kate chose blue tweed separates by Rebecca Taylor for today’s engagement at a new Ronald McDonald House in London. (But look closely; despite their familiar appearance, these are not pieces we have seen the Duchess wear before.)

© Zak Hussein / Splash News

© Zak Hussein / Splash News

Kate was on hand to officially open the facility that serves families with children being treated at Evelina London Children’s Hospital. Kate was given a posy by Isabelle when she arrived this morning.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Isabelle is eight years old and her brother Luke, who is 6, is staying at the children’s hospital.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail & Mail Online @RE_DailyMail

More about the new House from Rebecca English’s story for The Daily Mail:

Just a five-minute walk to the Evelina London, the location also helps families remain as close as possible to their child.

The facility is also equipped with kitchens, play rooms, and laundry facilities, and has communal lounges so that families can feel at home.

© Zak Hussein / Splash News

© Zak Hussein / Splash News

The Duchess met staff, family members, and volunteers.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Here she is with baby Jack, born with only half a heart.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Kate also met baby Mia, who has been at the hospital for seven months.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

The Standard tells us more about Mia:

Eight-month-old Mia Mifsud was born in Gibraltar but bought to the UK at just three days old, owing to the rare illness autosomal recessive polycystic kidney disease.

She has had both of her kidneys removed, and is waiting until she is heavy enough to have a transplant.

Kate chatting with families in the multi-purpose room.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

When talking with James, whose younger brother Lewis is in the hospital, Kate shared what Prince George was up to today. Richard Palmer’s Daily Express story has details:

Kate laughed and replied: “George? I should have brought him. He’s at his Montessori nursery today making pancakes” James then returned to his colouring-in but told Kate: “There’s a thunderstorm coming.”
Kate replied: “Yes I know all about those. George likes storms too.”

At about :20 into this video you can hear James talk about the storm coming. #kate was asked by James, 4, where George was. “Making pancakes at his Montessori nursery!” She replied. “I shd have brought him today!” pic.twitter.com/zcY9XRbRn7

James’s mother spoke about her chat with Kate:

Rebecca Bridges-Wheeler, an NHS auditor married to navy officer Robert, told Kate about son Lewis’ traumatic birth during a visit by the Duchess to the Ronald McDonald Evelina London House in Lambeth.

Mrs Bridges-Wheeler, from Epsom, said: ‘I got a bit emotional talking to Kate. She stopped talking and let me compose myself. You could see the sympathy in her eyes, she was so warm and down-to-earth.’

A plaque was unveiled to commemorate the day’s events.

© Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

© Pool / Nunn Syndication / Polaris

Now to what Kate wore for today’s engagement.

©Zak Hussein, Splash News / Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©Zak Hussein, Splash News / Robin Nunn, Nunn Syndication, Polaris

She was in a new ensemble of Rebecca Taylor ‘Sparkle Tweed’ pieces.

Kate Rebecca Taylor product Shot Jacket J What Feb 28 2017

©Splash News/Rebecca Taylor

The ‘Sparkle Tweed Ruffle Jacket‘ showcases frayed trim at the cuff, collar, placket, pockets, hem and waist seam. The fitted piece has a split collar, front pockets, and wide front placket concealing a snap closure. It is made of a cotton/acrylic/poly/acetate blend.

Rebecca taylor, Rebecca Taylor, The Daily Mail

Rebecca Taylor / Rebecca English, The Daily Mail

When first seeing Kate many initially thought she was in the same Rebecca Taylor suit worn on several occasions.

i-Images, Polaris

i-Images, Polaris

This comparison shows the difference in both fabric and design.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

It looked like Kate might have worn the coordinating dress beneath her jacket.

Rebecca taylor

Rebecca Taylor

But it must have been altered or been in another style because the fit and flare style of the dress brings much more fullness than what was worn today. It’s also possible the dress was cut down to a skirt.

© Splash / Rebecca Taylor

© Splash / Rebecca Taylor

Michelle of Perth’s Fashion shared a photo on Twitter of a sparkle tweed dress style in another color with a skirt/lower half that looks similar to Kate’s, but it doesn’t have the same fringe at the hem.

Via Perth's Fashion Twitter (@

Via Perth’s Fashion Twitter (@

The jacket and matching dress were featured in a post we did in February of last year about the Sparkle Tweed collection.

6pm/Rebecca Taylor/

6pm/Rebecca Taylor/

The line remains a core element of the Rebecca Taylor collection. Below you see a Sparkle Stretch Blazer in cream and navy ($395), both at Rebecca Taylor; along with a Sparkle Tweed Dress ($395) at Saks. You can also find discounted pieces, like the Sparkle Tweed Fit & Flare Dress ($159.99) at Saks Off 5th seen on the far right below.

Rebecca Taylor / / Saks Off 5th

Rebecca Taylor / Saks / Saks Off 5th

If interested in styles similar to what Kate wore today, we have added several to our repilKate Tops page.

RepliKate for Rebecca Taylor New Blue Sparkle Tweed jacket 3 Three Options Feb 28 2017

This morning I was asked on Twitter what I thought about Kate buying such similar pieces. Below, the first Rebecca Taylor Sparkle Tweed suit, M Missoni tweed coat, and today’s Sparkle Tweed look.


©i-Images/Splash/James Whatling

It is something she has done previously and is likely to continue doing when adding to her daywear wardrobe. Kate probably finds that once she finds a designer and styles she likes it cuts down considerably on the time dedicated to purchasing workwear if she buys several pieces at the same time, putting some away for future use. We have seen her purchase multiple before like these Amanda Wakeley ‘Felled Seams’ dresses.

Amanda Wakeley/POLARIS/POLARIS/Amanda Wakeley

Amanda Wakeley/POLARIS/POLARIS/Amanda Wakeley

Kate may also prefer wearing older styles in hopes of cutting down on some of the frenzy associated with her clothing and accessories. My sense is she doesn’t want to dedicate enormous amounts of time to fashion, and this makes it much easier to have appropriate styles she is comfortable in on hand.

The Duchess accessorized with her Rupert Sanderson Malory pumps ($675).

© Splash News/Rupert Sanderson

© Splash News/Rupert Sanderson

And her navy Russell & Bromley Muse clutch (£275, about $350) by Stuart Weitzman.

Russell & Bromley / Splash

Russell & Bromley / Splash News

In the jewelry department, we saw the sapphire and diamond earrings.



Kate’s hair was partially up.


©Stephen Lock, i-Images, Polaris / Zak Hussein, Splash News

This was a good look for the Duchess, the color is flattering on her, and she seems very comfortable in the separates.

Britain's Catherine the Duchess of Cambridge speaks to a child at the Ronald Mc Donald House, the accommodation for families of children being treated at Evelina's children's hospital in London

© Pool / Reuters / Splash




  76 Responses to “Kate in a Familiar Look That Turns Out to be New for Ronald McDonald House Opening”

  1. What an amazing look, the Duchess looks good in anything really. I always wonder how she can go bare legged or with just skin toned tights though, isn’t it cold in the UK right now?

    • She is wearing nude hose; I don’t think Kate ever goes barelegged during public appearances except when she’s wearing long dresses. It may have been cold but she’s not outdoors for long and hosiery does add warmth even if it’s sheer.

  2. I remember that last time Rebecca Taylor reissued the original suit Kate wore due to popular demand so fingers crossed they will do the same here. I would urge everyone who is interested in buying it to email or Facebook Rebecca Taylor to ask and show there is demand!

  3. Technical question about the earrings – do you think the top diamond is a stud or are they the kind that hook, like sleeper or French hooks? I can’t tell from the photos.

  4. I really do like the blue tweed, and Ronald McDonald House is such a great organization!

  5. Just seeing the pictures and reading the stories of these children was heart-wrenching, I don’t know how she can keep it together talking face to face.

    I like this – she looks great in this color, and it’s a fabric she likes. It is quite similar to the other suit, but I can’t find it in me to quibble about it. I have some old favorites that I would buy again in a heartbeat if I could find something similar: things that are the perfect color and fit, at the magical intersection of comfortable and flattering.

    I’m one of those who has very strong opinions on the correct fit for peplums, but this one sits on Kate the same way it does on the model, so I’m in the minority there.

    Like others, I’m a little confused about the bump at the back of her head. Not sure what the stylist was thinking. I don’t think she needs to cut her hair, though. It’s beautiful, she seems to like it longer, and I recall her saying once that William preferred it long as well. That said, she’s had long hair for such a long time I’m surprised she doesn’t have a repertoire of quick styles. A couple ways to put it half-up, a ponytail, a quick tidy bun, a French roll. All things she can do at home without needing a complicated salon blowout and nicely suited for work events like this. Does anyone know how often she uses a stylist versus doing it herself? I assume she uses the stylist for big events, red carpets or palace dinners, but for things like this, does she just do it herself?

    • Prince William once commented that Kate’s hair is very difficult to work with. I assume that she has a hairdresser for all her public appearances. When we have seen her off-duty, her hair has basically always (that I have seen) been in a ponytail, which might just be the repertoire she can do herself.

      • I believe Kate’s hair is naturally quite curly. If you look back at the Cook Island photos you can see the curl creeping back in. Kate clearly doesn’t like the curl, and as a person with naturally curly hair, I can attest to the fact that it can be quite difficult. The problem is it is quite inconsistent so it can be fabulous one day and a mess the next. It also doesn’t photograph particularly well. Both of those issues would make it very difficult for Kate to wear her hair with its natural curl.

        • After living a life time with naturally curly hair, I decided years ago to let the curl prevail. During teenage years I set my long hair in huge rollers, used a straightening tool and applied lavish amounts of hair product. I’d leave the house with straight hair. Then the slightest bit of dampness or humidity outside would make the curls spring into action. Now I wear my hair shorter and layered and quite enjoy how easy it is. Maybe Kate will get to that point one day…who knows?

          • You have described me! When I was a teenager there were no straightening irons or hair product that actually worked. I now where my hair in layered bob and just embrace the curl. I think Kate would look great with just below the chin curly hair. Maybe when she is older…

  6. Beautiful. I think the outfit look wonderful and appear to be something Kate’s happy and comfortable in.I’m glad to see Kate’s hair away from her face and the semi-updo is an asset for her working day.

  7. Love the colour on her. I can understand buying multiples of a design but usually in different colours. I like that she seems to be embracing her role and seems to be hitting her stride. I don’t mind the hair. It is nice to see it off of her face and a bit more professional.

  8. I am fairly sure that I went through a phase of “fringed clothes” back in the 1970′s or so? Fashionable then.I think Chanel had a whole series of suits with fringe at one time. This is not bad-looking, but once again, the jacket is too tight, stretched across her front. One size bigger would lend a more relaxed look. As another commentator has said, though, perhaps this is the current taste. It just looks too constraining to me, and makes me hope the buttons are sewed on tight!. This is a great color for her. I think that the remark about a working woman’s wardrobe is right on; this is a role she “plays”, though one she obviously enjoys. You need to have a stable of reliable looks for diverse occasions, so a near-repeat is not a surprise.

  9. I don’t understand why people don’t understand why Kate buys multiples in the same style. She is a working girl – ‘Duchess/Princess’ is her job. Don’t all working girls have ‘uniform’ that they go to? The black blazer, the dress pants, the multiple white/blue shirts? Not only do they cut down time in dressing, but you wear what is comfortable so you can feel your best.

    I wonder if in private she also wears the jackets? Collrwise these would be good with the slim panst she favors.

  10. I find these pieces together to be too much. Jacket looks great with jeans and that’s how it should be worn. Partly I think because the tweed looks a little rough and a bit cheap. Compare to the elegant fabric of the Missoni coat. For that reason don’t like the dress in blue – looks better in white.

    Also not a fan of this hairstyle. Way too fussy esp for a casual look like this tweed combo.

  11. I think she looks nice, but, like other commenters, I don’t understand why anyone would want two suits that are so similar. I’m also not a fan of the shrunken jacket style that Kate seems to favor. I think a well fitted jacket with a full length sleeve looks more elegant, but I understand that this is a style that’s fashionable at the moment.

  12. Love love love The Duchess in blue!! This suit looks comfortable and yet professional at the same time. Attractive but not focus stealing, I do agree with those that think she needs an updated hairdo.

  13. I think that I like this suit more than her original one. I also liked the Missoni coat. The fringe/frayed look is another one of those Kate favorites, that’s for sure! Personally I don’t think I would wear that look, but I can see the appeal of it. It is featured, even to pant leg hems being frayed or unfinished. So the suit has a bit of an edge to it because of that detail. I like the collar on today’s suit–more sophisticated, less fussy. I think Kate is slowly but surely building a working wardrobe that suits her tastes, her favorite designers and her color and style preferences, as well as the charities that she is involved with. And of course I love those blue suede pumps!! Who could not love blue suede shoes!!! :) I also found it interesting that the Queen also stepped out in a tweed suit today too!

    • Agreed. At first I thought this suit looked familiar but somehow not quite…then I realized it was a different suit. :) I am also very fond of the missoni coat dress.

  14. Nice look, great color, accessories good. Appropriate attire for an event supporting an important cause.

  15. I like this look. Glad to see a shorter hemline and the fringe is really cute. Blue is her color!!!!!!

  16. So cute! I love it. Especially that hair style. She always looks good half up, half down. I’m the same way.

  17. I was super surprised to hear this was different suit! I just thought she had a different skirt made. Not sure why she would have two sooooo close in looks. Maybe she has so many clothes that she forgets what she has and buys more.

    This explains the 14 black skirts I own, and why I keep buying them :)

  18. I personally don’t find the cut of the skirt flattering on her, although I think the jacket is flattering. I’m another one scratching my head at the three similar looks – I just think its strange. The colour does suit her very well, though.

  19. Not what I would wear, but it’s ‘What Kate Wore,’ so there’s that! Overall not bad. I prefer the skirt she wore previously, without the extra fringes. I do think the outfit would look better with a lower or chunkier heel. She spends so much time leaning forward/down, it looks precarious.

    She clearly has preferences – fringed blue suits/jackets; lace dresses; skinny jeans.

  20. I think there actually is fringe along the bottom of the white version of the dress…it is just very hard to see since the dress is hanging against a white background. But when I zoomed in, it does look (to me) identical to the blue one.

    • I came down here to comment the same thing! I can definitely make out the bottom fringe.

      I adore this color and fabric so don’t mind the Duchess expanding her wardrobe with more of it! And cheers to an off-the-face hairstyle that looks polished and age-appropriate.

  21. Yes. This is great. Beautiful hair, jewelry. Great ensemble.

  22. I love this outfit!!!!! I prefer this to the older version she has, she seems to be more comfortable in it. And the jacket is fabulous, looks great in the pictures with jeans. Huge win here.

  23. I think this outfit/look is great! I think Kate looks beautiful and I am one who hopes that, while we all love following Kate’s fashion, it is more about what she is doing than the fashion for her.

    I think the jacket also looks awesome with jeans, as on the models- both in the blue and the cream colors.

    I am wondering what it would have looked like, if Kate was indeed wearing the dress, if she had just worn the dress without the jacket? Maybe it would have produced a more casual look- would it still have been appropriate for the occasion?

  24. Kate’s hair looks lovely from the front with lovely bouncy curls, but something goes wrong at the back. The hair is pulled back far too harshly & that pouch halfway down the back of her head looks very strange, I’ve only ever seen those rolls on the crown of the head with no hair hanging down.
    The suit, yes, I do exactly the same, buy something either in 2 styles if I really like something or buy a second style the year after if I like that as much or better or buy 2-3 colours of something, it isn’t unusual but I am amused to see Kate does the same.
    I like the first jacket most with the flowers but the second skirt with 2 layers of fringing, I think the skirt is bespoke as the dress featured is much shorter, designers would still have loose material available too when first sending pics/samples to Kate. The jacket looks a bit off, it seems to be cut higher at the back than the front & will ride up at the slightest lean forward. Kate had a lot of flak about a high peplum when she wore the magenta suit, but this is the style found in many places at the moment. The high-cut style suits Kate but it isn’t for curvy people, it stops just before the fattest part of the hips. The material looks stiff too but I’ve thought this about lots of things until she has walked in them.
    A great appropriate look – I think Kate has changed her look from thick coats with just a plain black dress/top & skirt underneath when she visits hospitals, schools etc as these places tend to be extremely hot & airless!

  25. Another one for the win column! Kate looks so good in that shade of blue, and although I didn’t care for the peplum hiking up in the back, the overall look was perfect – professional but approachable.

  26. She looks fine here. She looked fine in the first Rebecca Taylor tweed suit, and she looked fine in the Missoni coat.

    Count me among those who find it odd that she purchased a suit nearly identical to one she already owns (even if she purchased them around the same time.) At least she hasnt’ worn the other items in a while (relatively.)

  27. I loved this ensemble! Gorgeous color and fit and short enough hemline to be youthful but long enough that it shouldn’t cause any remarks. I don’t think she was wearing the dress—she either had the dress cut into a pencil (ish) skirt or she had the designer make her slimmer fitting skirt. The slim fit make sure that the wind had no impact, which was smart.

    I think her makeup and accessories were spot on. I love bracelet length sleeves and I am glad she didn’t clutter this one up with a watch, (although her watch is gorgeous).

    Only thing I didn’t like was the hair–specifically that odd puff/ball at the back of her head—I don’t understand it. I thought at first that she had it a different way originally and it was falling out. Kate, PLEASE get a new hairstylist!

    Otherwise, totally gorgeous and appropriate for the engagement and the Duchess herself. I don’t mind that she has multiple looks that are similar–I do the same thing with my working wardrobe—if it looks good and you feel good in it and it is comfortable, then why not?

    Lovely look and you could tell she was fully engaged with the people she met.

  28. I love this cause and I love these separates on her! IT’s a lovely and professional look. Not too formal,a little bit fun, and perfect for the occasion.

  29. Wow – well so far this is definitely the year of suits for Kate, and I am loving it! It is an elegant and practical solution to these sorts of day engagements. She looked lovely today.

  30. Take a look at what Isabelle (flower girl) is wearing and then look at this link for a photo of Kate from 2007 :D

  31. LOVE! This channels THE Kate Middleton Look I got obsessed with back in 2011.

    Part of what’s so lovable about her style is her consistency. But I imagine it’s really hard to reinvent that look repeatedly without drifting away from it too much. I guess that’s why it feels like it’s been awhile since her outfit has made me say “wow,” even though she always looks excellent. But here it is! This outfit really flatters her build and complexion and hits the perfect balance of modest, feminine, and elegant.

  32. This look is just ugly. Thought so the first time around. Hate the fringe.

  33. I actually like this outfit better than the earlier one. Although there was nothing wrong with the original, I find this one more interesting. This is a good look for her, in a color that’s flattering.
    It’s a very important cause as well.

  34. I think this is going to be one of my favorite suits on the Duchess. It fits her to a tee and the color with the metallic and fringe detail is fun and looks great on her. I was not following Kate at the time she wore the first version of this suit, but after looking at the pictures I can say I like this one a whole lot better. (Plus, it is a style I am personally fond of and would have worn myself back in the day when I was working as an attorney, so I admit I am biased!) Nonetheless, I think this suit is a classic! Love the A-line shape rather than the pencil skirt.

    I was surprised to see the criticism of Kate’s hair today. I am one who thinks that the Duchess should get a more modern hair cut. I generally dread the half-up-half-down thing but here it looks like it was professionally done. I think her hair looks beautiful today . . . and it stayed in place . . . no straggling wisps!

    Loved her look today!

  35. For once let’s talk about the facility that Kate was visiting and how important a vital establishment like this within the wider community is needed. Clothes should be secondary.

    • BUT…..this site is called “What Kate Wore.” I agree that the causes that Kate triumphs are very important. If, however, you think the fashion component of this site is frivolous, then you are reading the wrong blog. All the time this one is called, “What Kate Wore” the clothes won’t/shouldn’t be secondary.

      • Susan makes a conscious effort to talk about the charities before she reviews the clothes. You must not visit this site very often.

    • What Bonnie said. This blog does provide information on the DoC’s charities, not just What Kate Wore. But, What Kate Wore is the name of the blog and should be a major focus IMO.

  36. I thought it was the old outfit but thanks to the side by side views, I like this better. God bless her for wearing blue shoes/bag with blue.

  37. It’s a good work ensemble. Elegant, simple, comfortable and in tune with her style.

    I don’t like the styling of the hair, though. It looks like it was not finished, you know? As if the hairdresser didn’t have time to finish the job. A puffy inidentified handful of hair.

  38. I cannot stand that fringed look and the sparkle in the tweed. I see I’m in the minority here!

    I also think that bulge in her updo is a little strange.

    • I’m with you. The hair bulge looks nice in some photos and really quite odd from others. I feel neutral about – better than the little claw clips, don’t you think?

    • You’re definitely not alone, I don’t like the fringe look either. It reminds me of a rag quilt, which as as a quilter, I’m not a fan of, either.

  39. I like this suit better than the other RT, which had a very busy neckline. I don’t care for the high peplum, as I’ve said before, but this time it is definitely designed to sit high, as it fits the model the same way. I think this emphasizes a slim hip instead of a slim waist. That being said, I think she looks so lovely, and the suit and accessories are just right with each other and for the occasion.

  40. Kate looks lovely. I am not a fan of how the peplum rides so high on her back, but it does it on the model as well, so that must be the way the designer likes it. I think Susan has hit the nail on the head with her comment about Kate not wanting her clothes to take centre stage. While that may disappoint those of us who love to see new more cutting edge designs, that is clearly not for Kate. She is doing great work with some very difficult yet worthwhile causes and should certainly be applauded for that.

    • Read a comment made by Princess Di yesterday where she stated that she wanted the focus to be on the work and not herself. It’s a good attitude.

  41. She looks lovely and completely engaged! I don’t blame her for choosing this suit even if it is surprisingly similar to her older one. I think blue is her color!
    From certain angles her hair looks beautiful. It’s a different style- seems new to me. I love when she wears it back in a ponytail- it’s so sporty and great looking

  42. Not sure why Kate would purchase an outfit, that is so similar to one that she already owns, but I like both of them. Today’s suit was fine, in a nice tweed, good silhouette and length .The navy shoes compliment the suit. The navy of the purse is much darker, but it seems to be the one that Kate prefers with these suede pumps. When she is wearing blue, the sapphire earrings are a lovely touch. All is all, this is a good look…not spectacular, but appropriate and flattering.

    Kate’s hair is getting to the overwhelming stage. I do wish she’d lop off a few inches, to avoid it going into ringlets.

    • I initially had the same thought about her a similar thing. The sparkle fabric livens this outfit up for me, and she does look good in blue. I think it works.

    • I completely agree with you about the hair. It’s too long. She can’t possibly have the time for a fantastic blowout every time she has to go out, so her stylist should come up with some ideas that would work. The ringlets as you point out, and the lame things her stylist has to do to pull her hair back off her face are clear signs that a few inches have got to go! She should still be able to pull it back into a pony tail when she wants to, but it is just way too long right now!

      As for the suit, it looks good, fits well, and is the appropriate length. The accessories go well, so overall, a win IMO. Just the hair………………….not that she has to go short, but these half updos she wears all the time, and all our complaints about them, are just becoming tiresome!

      • She’s had longer hair than this and it has looked great. I just think she needs a new stylist who knows how to pull her hair back. No one should have let her out of the house with this hair style. I’m completely flabbergasted by it actually.

  43. I love this! In my opinion this is the best she’s looked in several outings. The suit is gorgeous and contemporary while still being appropriate. The color is lovely and great on her, too.

    I’m not sold on the hair, however. I love it long, but this ‘do looks like a bump-it slid out of place. I long for the days of gorgeous blowouts – NO bangs – like on the Canadian tour. Surely it can’t be that difficult to recreate those looks?

    Fashion wise, this is a hit in my book.

    • A good blowout can take an hour for long hair. Even with a professional stylist. I don’t blame the duchess for not opting to do that all the time. Though you are absolutely right. Gorgeous when it’s like that.

  44. I have this jacket! Bought it last year. I can attest that it is comfortable and easy to move in. I often wear it to work, usually paired with a solid blue dress, or with jeans and a nice blouse. I tried on the matching fit and flair dress when it was in stores last year, and I really didn’t care for the fit. It was just “too much” to wear in combination with the jacket. I think if it had been a more fitted cut like Kate is wearing, it would have worked. I do wonder if she got the original dress reshaped, or asked Rebecca Taylor to make a special version for her?

  45. I like all three “incarnations” using this fabric!

  46. I thought I was looking at Kate in her familiar Rebecca Taylor jacket and skirt when I saw this. Now I see it is slightly different, albeit a very similar colour, to her first one. It strikes me as odd to buy such a similar suit that it is mistaken for one you already own when there is so much variety to choose from. That shade of blue seems to be a favourite of hers and why not, it suits her (no pun intended). Kate knows what she likes and likes what she knows.

  47. I hope we can be excused for discussing clothing when the engagement was for such a heart-wrenching purpose! This was a time when Kate’s outfit was truly secondary to the cause, and she dressed so that she would look appropriate and not showy. These families are going through so many difficulties, and I think it meant a lot to them to be listened to by Kate. And I must say… little Isabelle– in her houndstooth skirt, suede boots and black polo neck– was a mini-duchess today!

  48. I like everything about this. Although it’s not something I would wear, I think she pulls it off. She clearly likes the frayed trim and separates. While it is similar to the other R Taylor suit, when I saw it I thought what a nice update it was (in contrast to her wearing the burgundy pieces last week that seemed outdated/no longer appropriate). That longer/second tier on the skirt made me think of last week’s look as well because a lot of the feedback seemed to be how the short skirt would have been better with the added length of one more tier, And perhaps her hair stylist got the memo about those little butterfly clips – today’s half updo looked professional and tidy! What a great place to highlight as well. Thanks for the lovely pictures :)

  49. I’m among those who first thought Kate had somehow managed to re-jig her old blue Taylor suit. I was delighted to find this is completely new and think the fit and styling are a big improvement. Maybe she’s beginning to appreciate the services of a tailor rather than trying to work with something straight off the rail

    While blue frayed edges are something Kate has done before, this outfit manages to re-work the theme to great effect. The detailing down the button panel, on pockets, waist and the double hemline give just the right amount of interest without being cluttered. I like those quietly repeated lines of frayed edge across jacket and skirt and down the front placket.

    The hem length is good and the trusty peplum helps bulk out Kate’s lean hips. I like the shorter sleeve lengths and applaud the lack of extra jewellery apart from the matching sapphires of her earrings and ring.

    I can perfectly understand Kate returning to something she finds works for her. I’m only sorry we haven’t seen those Wakeley dresses again, I often think of them!

    As always, I’m glad to see Kate’s hair away from her face and the semi-updo is an asset for her working day. I’m just not sure about what’s going on at the crown, if extra padding is being added for body it looks a bit out of proportion. But I’m just being fussy – she looks wonderful today.

    Such a happy chance that WKW spotted this jacket early on – congratulations Susan!!

  50. Beautiful. I think the outfit (and similar styles she’s worn previously) look wonderful and appear to be something Kate’s happy and comfortable in. I imagine knowing something works in advance allows her to be more attuned to her work, rather that working out the kinks of a new style.

  51. I have always loved these pieces and am thrilled she’s purchased and shown off each of them beautifully. I especially like her hair. She becomes more sophisticated with both her wardrobe and hair styles with each passing year. Never off the mark and a fantastic ambassador for the UK.

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