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Kate was in Michael Kors for today’s Service of Dedication and unveiling of the Iraq Afghanistan Memorial in London.

©Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

©Tim Rooke/REX/Shutterstock

HM and Prince Philip being greeted before the ceremony.

Royal British Legion

Royal British Legion

The Duke and Duchess and Prince Harry arriving at the event.

The Royal Family

The Royal Family

Sophie, Countess of Wessex, chatting with Chancellor Philip Hammond, Kate, and William.

©2017 Crown Copyright/MOD/Sgt. Rupert Frere

©2017 Crown Copyright/MOD/Sgt. Rupert Frere

More about the Memorial from The Daily Mail’s coverage:

… it commemorates the duty and service of those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect the nation’s interests far from the UK, helped those in danger or worked to improve the lives of those in the Gulf region, Iraq and Afghanistan from 1990 to 2015.

You can see other senior royals and dignitaries in this photo, including the Duke of York; the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall; Prime Minister Theresa May.

© 2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Ross Tilly

© 2017 MOD Crown Copyright Sgt. Ross Tilly

The special drumhead for today’s service. (Historically, drums were used in the field to create a temporary altar.)

©2017 Crown Copyright Ministry of Defence/Sgt. Rupert Frere

©2017 Crown Copyright Ministry of Defence/Sgt. Rupert Frere

Back to the Mail’s article:

Around 2,500 invited guests, including representatives of veterans, serving military, bereaved families, charity workers, civil servants and politicians, are at the military Drumhead Service on Horse Guards Parade in Whitehall.

Nearby, members of the public and schoolchildren (in some very snappy hats) watching the events.

The Royal Family @RoyalFamily

The Royal Family @RoyalFamily

From The Telegraph’s story:

Prince Harry marked a sombre tribute to the start of the ceremony, quoting “A time to love and a time to hate; A time for war and a time for peace,” from the Bible, as acting and former servicemen watched on.

The sculpture features a medallion between two monoliths; one representing Iraq and the other symbolizing Afghanistan.

© 2017 MOD Crown Copyright PO Phot Owen Cooban

© 2017 MOD Crown Copyright PO Phot Owen Cooban

More about the Memorial from The Plymouth Herald.

Artist Paul Day gave the Queen and Philip a guided tour of the memorial he created, pointing out features of the double-sided bronze tondo, or circular sculpture, between two large stones.

He also designed the nearby Battle of Britain Monument as well as The Meeting Place, a large bronze statue of a couple embracing at St Pancras railway station in the capital.

Below, HM and Mr. Day.

© Crown Copyright MOD

© Crown Copyright MOD

The Memorial honors both military personnel and civilians. t

Closeups Iraq Afghan War Memorial

©2017 MOD Crown Copyright

The Queen was given a flower posy by Alfie Lunn.

©Mod 2017 Crown Copyright/Owen Cooban

©Mod 2017 Crown Copyright/Owen Cooban

More about Alfie and his parents from The Plymouth Herald’:

Before leaving the site of the new memorial, the Queen received a posy from the Lunn family – Sergeant Mark Lunn, 29, who was awarded the Military Cross for his actions during a fire-fight in Basra, his wife, Corporal Michelle Lunn, 26, and their two-year-old son Alfie.

©Crown Copyright MOD /

©Crown Copyright MOD PO Photo Owen Cooban

Following the service and unveiling, there was a reception.

Royal British Legion

Royal British Legion

Veterans, active duty military personnel, and family members attended.

Royal British Legion @PoppyLegion

Royal British Legion @PoppyLegion

Prince Harry served two tours of duty in Afghanistan. Below, with Lance Sergeant Johnson Beharry, awarded a Victoria Cross for “acts of great heroism” in Iraq, and his wife Mallissa at the reception.

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD Sgt Ross Tilly

©2017 Crown Copyright MOD Sgt Ross Tilly

William appeared amused by something on the table.

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Rota/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

Kate meeting Royal British Legion beneficiaries.

Royal British Legion @PoppyLegion

Royal British Legion @PoppyLegion

Now to what Kate wore for today’s ceremony and reception.



Many readers will recognize the Duchess’s coat by Michael Kors.

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

©Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

We first saw the piece on Anzac Day in Australia during the 2014 tour.  Kate wore it again last year to open the Magic Garden at Hampton Court Palace.


©Andrew Parsons, i-Images/Stephen Lock, i-Images/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

From our original post about the garment:

The garment is single-breasted with flap pockets on the front, a full skirt. It is described as an “indigo twill jacquard swing coat” by Hello! magazine, who also reports the piece retailed at £1870, that is roughly $3150.

Kate’s hat is by Lock and Company.



The ‘Breakfast at Tiffanys‘ style is described this way by the milliner:

This ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ hat is a style saviour. The stunning, lipped drop-brim and wide Petersham band make this hat a real classic which is perfect for dressier social engagements. 

©Lock & Co./ Lock & Co.

©Lock & Co./Polaris /Lock & Co.

Thanks to Franciele for her suggestion on the Facebook page that the likely reference is to this hat from the classic film; Katie Midleton also made this connection on Twitter.



The hat retails at Lock and Company for £325.

The Duchess wore her Cornelia James ‘Beatrice’ gloves.

Cornelia James / PA Images

Cornelia James / PA Images

The gloves are made of 100% Australian merino wool and adorned with a bow at the wrist. They retail for $85 and come in a rainbow of colors.

We saw Kate’s Rupert Sanderson ‘Malory’ heels ($675) in navy suede.  The pump features a 4″ heel and pointed toe.

Rupert Sanderson/REX, Shutterstock

Rupert Sanderson/REX, Shutterstock

The tanzanite earrings and pendant we first saw back in 2015 at a service honoring those who served in Afghanistan returned today. The gems are by royal warrant holder G. Collins and Sons.

G. Collins & Sons

G. Collins & Sons/James Whatling/G. Collins and Sons/PA Images

The company currently offers a similar pendant with diamonds and tanzanite (£8475), as well as almost-identical tanzanite/diamond earrings (£8750).

G. Collins and Sons

G. Collins and Sons

Kate’s hair was up; I *think* she may have used a thin hair net to keep it in place.

©REX, Shutterstock/James Whatling/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

©REX, Shutterstock/James Whatling/Nunn Syndication, Polaris

There was a bit of an update on George and Charlotte; more from a People story:

“She said that Charlotte is growing up really fast. She is the one in charge,” Samantha Burge, wife of Warrant Officer Class 2 Chris Burge, told reporters. “We have both got 2-year-olds and they are ruling the roost. It was a bit of a mummy chat,” said Samantha, who is mom to daughters Isabella, 4, and Amelia, 22 months — similar in age to George and Charlotte.

“[She said] they are both becoming really good friends, George and Charlotte,” Samantha said.

We’ll leave this portion of the post with a 1:30 piece about the Memorial from the Ministry of Defence.


Also today, some quick notes.

  • Kensington Palace announced today that Kate and William will distribute shamrocks to the Irish Guard next Friday, the 17th. They will then leave for their two-day visit to Paris.
  • LK Bennett is offering an additional 50% off sale prices; this is only on the USA/CAN site.


  98 Responses to “The Duchess Wears Michael Kors & ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’ Hat for War Memorial Dedication”

  1. for crying out loud, Kate is a young lady! Why dress like a granny? and all those saying lovely. Yeah it may be lovely but not for her youthful age. A times I begin to wonder if this site is for grannies. The only thing youthful about Kate’s style is her shoes; besides that she needs a revamp.

  2. This look, IMHO, is flawless.

  3. Love the hat and this whole look. For me, however, the star is the jewelry. This set is my favorite Kate “everyday” jewelry by far.

  4. The tanzanite earrings and necklace set is one of my favorite sets the Duchess has. Tanzanite has such a unique color and I hope one day she wears these with something more in the bluish-purple range because tanzanite shines with that color scheme too.

    I love the outfit as she echoes the queen without stealing the spotlight. Same color family but darker, kind of like a shadow, which is apt as she is contender to be queen after the Duchess of Cornwall, yet she shares something the Duchess of Cornwall does not with the HM – she’s seen her husband battle with idea of serving his country in times of war yet not being able to serve in the way he wishes to. She’s very much like the queen in many ways – charismatic, charming, charitable and a keen study for fashion.

  5. This is a very classy, elegant look. I really like the coat and am glad she wore it again. I think she wore it best this time. The hat and other accessories look very good although I think that pearls would have been a little better on this occasion.

  6. Sigh, now I am coveting a hat like that! But I don’t have £300 lying around and sadly no occasions where I could wear such a fabulous piece. :( Absolutely stunning look for the Duchess!

  7. And if I may add this: I hate to say this, but yes, her posture isn’t great.Now she does not need to go full downtown abbey but those aristocrats back then knew the benefits of always looking their tallest! But I like her hands in the close up showing the gloves.It’s a graceful gesture.

  8. Actually I rather like the hat.But for some reason in this case she should have started with the hat.Not with the dress.Now let me explain: It looks like she chose the coat dress first and since it is rather on the plain side in terms of colour and cut she decided to accessorize it with a bold hat like this to give it some bezazz. Instead she should have done it the other way round and start with the hat, since this is the inspiring piece, not the dress.To go all breakfast for Tiffany’s in something evoking Audry Hepburns slick black Givenchy would be to obvious. I see a narrow short skirt with it, going slightly shorter than her usual “limit”.The top part long sleeved,high-necked but cut to make her neck look long.I like gloves with it, but different ones.For instance long gloves with shorter sleeves like the style Melania Trump wore for inauguration.The colour could be a vibrant midnight blue like the dress Victoria Beckham wore to the royal wedding.Now I try not to bring up Diana again,but her skirts in the early to mid 1990s were getting increasingly short.It’s actually not too risqué.And with this the hat looks rather heavy.So I basically see something like a modern update on 1990s chic.Not to literal of course.Contemporary.Can be classic but now,not retro.

  9. I do not like this hat at all. It’s much too large for her physique and it stands out like a sore thumb. The outfit sans the hat is absolutely perfect which I expected from her anyway. Dressed elegantly and beautifully, she is the epitome of class!

  10. In some photos she seems almost “swamped” by the hat; then I realized it’s her posture. In head shots or photos when she’s sitting or standing with good posture, the hat is well-proportioned.

  11. Really nice post!
    The hat seems to be interesting for me
    As for the visit to the Irish Guards, I am surprised they are going. So it´s nice they are going
    It´s going to be two very hectic days!
    Great job as usual!

    NOTE: Admin edit

  12. YES YES YES! Looks like we’re seeing a re-emergence of that perfect Kate style that we fell in love with!

    I also love her eyebrows in these pictures, they’re perfectly neat and full.

    It might just be my eyes, but in the picture where Prince William is touching her arm, it looks like her ankles are a bit swollen :( I hope she gets a chance to soak them after she kicks off those heels!

  13. Gr8 look, this is my favourite winter coat of hers; I particularly like the blue colour rather than brown that tweeds normally come in. I can’t understand why the skirt seems down at the back & up at the front though; several of her flared outfits look like this, I thought it was maybe a trend as with tops/tees, but I don’t see others looking like this & clothes in shops are not cut that way either, puzzling.
    Tanzanite, the loveliest colour, I have some, (cheaper ones!), they are deep blue with just a slight purple hue in some lights. I can remember Kate wearing them to a memorial service with navy & to greet President Obama at Kensington Palace, wearing a predominantly blue dress. Regarding blue, I have a newspaper supplement that showcases her outfits & at the time, blue was the most worn colour (and it looks like blue is still a strong contender but I havn’t checked). Another supplement stated that the Queen wore blue to ALL her children’s weddings, to both William & Harry’s christenings & to Prince George’s christening. Though the outfit worn to Prince Andrew’s wedding looks quite lavender, there is a blue hue to it in the pictures. The Queen broke the mould at Princess Charlotte’s christening though, she wore a beautiful pale shell pink! Just one of those tidbits I like to read.
    Re Kate’s 4” heels, I have a theory; I wore 3” heels, court shoes, or textile espadrilles in summer, for the office & socially from my teens onwards. I regularly walked 4 miles home from work in textile espadrille wedges & walked a similar distance to my parents house, sometimes back as well, pushing a pram & heavy shopping. I wore them to beaches & parks where I could run on sand & grass, unless flats was required, dog walks, riding, sailing, hiking, and activities with children etc. I took the most common UK shoe size, a 5 (US 6) for young women in the 70s (I could never find shoes in a sale). Shoes were often sold in sizes 1, 2 & 3 (2, 3 & 4 US), in more mature styles, and it was rare to find someone above a size 6 (US 7). Socks were sized up to shoe size 6 (US 7) also.
    Over the years I noticed small sizes discontinued & larger sizes appearing as the norm. Size 8 (US 9) is sold in most shops now in younger people’s styles & the sock sizing is at the same level. The heels for younger ones are often vertiginous too.
    Women’s feet have definitely got bigger & as Kate is, allegedly, 5’ 8” tall, she probably does take a larger shoe size; her feet look long as do her hands/fingers. When the foot is longer, the gradient to the heel is less, so the wearer feels comfy in them, where a smaller foot would find them un-wearable – just my humble opinion.
    (I don’t recommend heels for running on sand/grass though, I had accidents for which I’m paying now. Alas, heels & running are but a memory).
    P.S. Yes, I know I’m nosey, but I’d love to know what William is saying to Kate when he uncharacteristically grabs her by the door while she’s talking to a gentleman who looks very taken with her! I wonder if they mumble to each other, practise codes with easy words, to put off lip-readers, like when we were told Kate asked William “Are you happy now?” when getting in the carriage after their wedding?

    • Lavender, I think you’re right about the heels in relation to foot size. I can’t wear anything above 3″ because I look like I am going en pointe. My feet just can’t curve anymore than they do if the shoe heel is more than 3″.

    • Isn’t that Prince Edward?

    • The heels on shoes are graded somewhat so that the heel height on a size 8 is actually higher than on a size 6. That said, higher heels do often look better in larger sizes because the proportion of length to height is more pleasing to the eye.

    • I believe that the gentleman “who looks very taken with her” is in fact William’s uncle Edward so I doubt William was having any sort of jealous moment. Also, it didn’t seem to me that he was grabbing her arm—more laying his hand on her arm to get her attention.

      • You are indeed right, Uncle Edward it is! I have not seen a picture of him in recent years & I don’t study the plain gentlemen, but age has been good to him. I was not, of course, implying any impropriety here, there was a bit of humour involved (and nosiness)! Kate obviously said something witty, maybe she chatted too long & as you say, William wanted to draw her attention to something she had to do.

  14. I meant to ask, are these blue gloves from the same source as the the black ones she wore last month with the Paule Ka suit an with the Philosophy jacket last month?

  15. Completely put together, appropriate, classy, fits properly. Nice.

  16. The Duchess looked very regal and beautiful at this event. That coat is absolutely gorgeous on her in fit and style. A wonderful garment indeed! I also love the gloves and jewelry. The shoes . . . . the “go” with the outfit.

    The hat is beautiful and I think it looks sensational with the coat, it screams chic and I think Kate looks beautiful in it. However, it would have looked a whole lot better without that distracting low mound of hair-net-wrapped-hair sticking out at the back. IMO, her hair style interrupted the elegant neckline that this hat was designed to emphasize. I think the hat was designed to be worn a bit lower io her forehead, with most of her hair in a higher updo inside the crown of the hat.

    Any millinery experts out there that can help out on the issue?

    • Yes! That is what has been striking me as not quite right. Lower on the forehead with her hair piled up under the crown of the hat. Do you think she has too much hair to pull it off? The oblong bun of hair is unattractive and breaking up what should be a graceful line from the hat to her shoulders. She needs a hair stylist who knows what to do with different hat structures.

  17. I think that overall this looks is a hit !!!!! BUT, BLUE, BLUE, BLUE. Can I get another color Please?

    • I was wondering if DOC has ever wore RED shoes…not burgundy.

      • correction: worn red shoes.!

        • Kate has red shoes, but doesn’t wear them very often. She had red shoes with the red Preen dress. Also, on the recent Canadian tour, when she wore the red and white McQueen dress, she had on red shoes. First Canadian tour she wore red shoes on Canada Day, with a white dress, There was one occasion, when she wore all red…hat, dress, shoes, purse to the Order of the Garter service in June 2016. I’ve likely missed a few. I do wish she would sometimes wear red shoes and purse with her black, navy or grey outfits.

      • Yes, in Canada. Once on each visit.

      • Yes. On the Canada tour in 2011, she wore red leather courts with a cream dress.
        In Canada during the 2016 tour she wore two different pairs of red suede courts.

  18. I very much like this look! I think the hat really makes the outfit and ties it all together for the occasion. I am just a couple years older than her, and I enjoy the matched jewelry and matching accessories. Total win in my book!

  19. Spot on! I love this hat and it works beautifully with this coat. Good shoes and gloves too. Very elegant.

  20. She looks perfect. The hat, the jewels, the gloves, the coat – a beautiful, elegant ensemble.

  21. i think she looked fabulous- the best look for the coat. It really fits her nicely- especially across her shoulders/back which is not always the cause with here tailoring. I love that all her accessories are well chosen. The necklace looks more interesting worn long- so happy it is not short- this gives some distance from the matching earrings and makes it more elegant. blue is her color!

  22. I think today’s look is a real winner, the hat, gloves, dress-coat, shoes, hair, jewelry & makeup – I can’t find a flaw. Perfect look for this important occasion, not too flashy, respectful & classy.

  23. Great look. Love it.

  24. This is very nice overall. I’d like to see the necklace a couple of inches shorter so the pendant can be seen better.

  25. Is that a …. (dare she hope) cat eye?? One that is not very subtle, at that. *swoon*

  26. Absolutely love what the hat does for this coat and I love everything about the outfit. I do agree with another poster who said that pearl earrings would have kicked this up a notch.

  27. I quite like the look for this occasion. The only thing I would change is the jewelry. Tanzanite is a purplish, lighter blue, and everything else is navy, so I would have gone with sapphires. I am also SO glad she is continuing with the lighter makeup. She looks way younger than when she did the Middleton panda eyes/ring of black liner.

    Sophie’s look is my favorite today, though. Likewise appropriate but visually more interesting.

  28. Wow! This is what I would expect a young modern duchess to wear! Classy but not boring, the hat slightly dramatic but not too much, the jewels. I love the cut of this coat and the modern heels with it. Very well done, I think.

    • I completely agree with you. I might add that I like her new makeup – I was never a fan of the heavy black eyeliner. Kate looks much younger without it. Great look and great hat! On the topic of hats, I do wish people would not wear fascinators to events like this! Fascinators are for fun light-hearted events, not sombre serious ones.

      • Sorry, I’m terrible at noticing make up, I can tell that she looks different, but what exactly is she doing differently? Is she not wearing black eyeliner here?

      • I would just like to mention that if military families make anything like families in the US, these families probably live just above the poverty line (1/3 of all US military families are on food stamps, just as a quick note.) The fascinators these wives are wearing are probably from before they were married, borrowed or they somehow scraped money from somewhere and were able to scrape up enough to buy a fascinator, not a beautiful hat like Kate’s. So, before you condemn these ladies on their hat choice, please think of all of the sacrifices they make that you do not. This is a page for Kate, not about the beautiful ladies who sacrifice so much so that their spouses can keep their country safe.

  29. Obsessed with this hat and I have a great replikate for the jewelry so I’m always pleased to see it.

  30. I really like the hat and coat combo – not exciting, but interesting enough given the event. It does read a bit “flasher” as you can’t see a scarf, collar or a hint of anything underneath.

    The shoes… let me preface this by saying I love high heels and you will have to pry them from my cold, dead and probably bunioned feet. However, here’s make the outfit look ‘off’. In some pictures (like the one where William is touching her shoulder), they look precarious and I thought “trotters” when I saw the picture.

    • I wonder if a nice pair of block heels (like the Tods she debuted in Canada, but a different color) would have worked better and balanced the whole look more?

  31. I think she should have worn PearlS with sapphires. I like the tanzanite but not with this coat and hat. That is a big blue hat sitting on her head, so bright blue earrings and a coat that sometimes looks blue, sometimes black, needed different jewelry. I do like the hat.

    • Diana had a beautiful pair of pearl earrings that were ringed with tiny diamonds. That style would have been fabulous. Add a collar bone length string of pearls and it would have really elevated this look.

    • respectfully disagree about the pearls—they can read as “matronly” or “mumsy” and that is what the queen always wears. I have a suite of tanzanite jewelry and it really grabs blues or violets or purples and refracts that color depending on what you are wearing. They are not really that “purple”. I think sapphires (without pearls) would have been fine too but I think the tanzanite prevents her from being too matchy-matchy.

      • OMG, matronly or mumsy. Again. Sigh.
        Pearls are classic, no matter what the age of the wearer.
        The “ageism” around here is really sad for what it reveals about women judging women, and the emphasis that’s put on “young,” whatever young is,
        is depressing.

        • I take offense to your suggestion that I am being ageist or judging in any way. I am in fact older than the Duchess myself. I am simply saying that to many of us, pearls are what older ladies such as the Queen wears. It is an opinion—not any sort of criticism of anyone. I agree that pearls are a classic, but still believe that they can look matronly–especially with an outfit such as this one.

          Now on to the general issue (as opposed to my specific comment on pearls):
          This is a fashion blog and fashion does in fact have certain age limits/guidelines. Just as you wouldn’t put someone the queen’s age in a mini skirt, you also wouldn’t put a 25 year old in the outfit the queen wore to this event. Neither is bad—but there is a concept of age appropriateness.

          • katefanatic
            I agree with your comments about pearls. I actually have some gorgeous opera length and shorter style pearls. Finding a way to wear them that does not look dated can be difficult. I used to knot my opera length to update them but rarely wear them any more, knotting them is also not the kindest way to treat them:).A pearl stud eating is a bit easier to wear, pearl bracelets and brooches the hardest, the necklaces in between. But pearl jewelry is currently not the most popular of styles. At least in my experience in talking with jewelers and appraisers.

          • Sorry katefanatic, but I take offense at your remarks.

  32. I really like the hat. I’m not sure I love it with the coat, but I like it by itself.

    I love the coat in general but I feel like for some reason Kate struggles to style it appropriately. I have never “loved” any look with this coat, which is strange bc it is a beautiful coat that fits her nicely.

    But overall I thought she looked lovely today and very appropriate for the occasion.

  33. I ADORE this hat!! I wasn’t the biggest fan of this coat until I saw it accessorized for this event. I love the broad band on the hat. Perfect!

  34. This is my favorite wearing of this pretty textured coat. I like the richly colored hat, and the jewelry is lovely. Very nice! I also enjoyed seeing so many members of the royal family together for this occasion.
    Isn’t little Alfie adorable? Very nice to see that family acknowledged by the Queen.

  35. Love the hat. Reminds me of something Diana would have worn.

    • I totally agree about the bold hat that DOC is wearing. The rest of the outfit is understated. Diana often wore that type of hat. I forget the name of her main milliner.

    • Leah and Susan, I totally agree with you! The first thing I thought of when I saw this hat was the dove grey and white striped one by Marina Killery that Diana wore to Viscount Linley’s wedding. I think Kate’s may be a little bigger, but the downturned brim is very reminiscent. The only difference is that Diana tended to wear her bigger hats with a straighter cut outfit – a suit or coatdress with a pencil skirt – and I think Kate should start to do the same. Much as I really like the Michael Kors coat, I’m not sure it’s the best silhouette with this hat – I would love to see it (the hat, that is) with the Amanda Wakeley navy suit from 2011 or a brand new bespoke suit, maybe by Catherine Walker (*mind wanders off into daydreaming mode!*)

  36. If I had to choose from Kate’s outfits, for my own personal use, this coat would be in the top ten. The fabric has a beautiful texture, the swing of the skirt area is a great design element and the colour is conservative but not boring. Also it is tailored to fit Kate so well.

    I think the accessories are great in all blue and this is a well coordinated look. I like the hat that was worn with this coat in Australia better, however. Today’s hat is a bit too heavy and shades Kate’s face too much.

    The memorial is just splendid. The sculptor should be very proud of his excellent work.

  37. Kate looks lovely. I’m undecided about the hat with the outfit, although I think it’s a fabulous hat! In many of the pictures, Kate’s posture is not so great- must the 4″ heels!!! But how amazing does Sophie look- today’s fashion winner for sure

  38. She looks fantastic – a very well executed look.

    On a side note, I wonder if the earrings and necklace combo were a wedding gift from some member of the military – it would make sense for her to wear them to so many military events. (Or, perhaps she simply wears navy outfits to military events as it is muted and respectful – and these earrings happen to match.)

    • Not sure that a “member” of the military could afford a set of jewellery that costs almost $21,000 (USA $$$) Perhaps an entire regiment could, but I doubt that regiments give gifts such as this.

      • That is a good question Anon. I have also wondered about possible linkage of the set with military-related engagements. Many regiments have treasured jewelry items that are loaned out or given as gifts; the Air Cadets Dacre brooch comes to mind, along with the Cartier shamrock brooch that belongs to the Irish Guards. My guess is this was a personal gift, I think if it was an outright gift from any military entity that information would have been released by the press office.

        • I know for the US the answer for expensive jewelry sets is entirely dependent on rank. My dad was an O4 for 3 years and he could never afford a set like Kate’s for my mom (see link.) Someone higher would most likely be able to. As to items for regiments/units, my mom and dad were once commander and commander’s wife of the company in Texas. For important company, they had use of a silver tea set that only the commander of the company could use. They also had a budget set for parties. The company doesn’t have to give a gift upon the company commander leaving, but they got a gift of flowers and some other small assortments. A gift of jewelry is seen as too intimate.

    • Hey! I believe I read somewhere a few years ago that this jewelry set was given to her by Prince Harry, but I can’t seem to find the original source. C’est la vie! (or rather, C’est la the internet abyss)

      This matches your hunch of “someone from the military” since Harry did indeed serve and also matches the times when she’s selects to wear the set– it’s often to a military-related event and/or when Harry is present.

      The duchess is obviously very comfortable and quite a fan of blue, textured looks. I don’t blame her; I am as well.

      • Totally agree w.ith your comment. I love the Duchess in blue. She looked lovely today. Understated, elegant. I am not sure about the jewelry.. diamonds with tweed?? But if it was a gift from a military person( Harry?) it makes sense. Nice to see the whole family together. The Queen looked stunning too!

  39. What does she wear under these coats? This has a low V and it doesn’t show any collar or front to a dress.

    • Yes I wonder what is worn under the coat also it looks very elegant with nothing visible at the neckline but is the coat really being worn as a dress?

  40. What a beautiful look! I love seeing Kate in deep blue colors, they suit her so well.

  41. The overall look is fantastic. I do agree with some of the other comments that the jewelry was a bit too matchy matchy. However, this look really works in my opinion.

  42. This is not my favorite hat. Love everything else about the outfit, but the hat is just…ugh. I think I would like it better if the brim went upwards instead of down. Also obsessed with those gloves. So cute with the bow!

    • I am not sure why but the hat left me cold. In some pictures it was cute but overall I don’t think suited her or the outfit. I think it is better in profile. I am wondering if it is because she is so slight & the hat, while fitted, is large?

  43. I noticed her eyebrow. Its different now compared before. They are contoured properly. looks good on her. She is improving!

  44. LOVE the hat with that coat. So stylish and appropriate for the occasion. A total winner in my book.

  45. I love a dramatic hat with this coat. It completely changes the look and Kate wears it very well. I am on of your readers that doesn’t comment very often so I want to say how much I appreciate the background you provide on the events, charities, and causes tied to these public appearances by the Duchess.

  46. I think this hat is very “heavy” for Kate’s outfit– the coat material looks heavy to me. I wish she’d worn her hair down with this particular hat, or worn a different one.

  47. Love the whole look except the hat. It is a beautiful hat, but somehow it just doesn’t work here. I am not sure if it is the Duchess’ face shape or the angle it is worn at. I have a black hat which is very similar & I love, so it isn’t the style. The rest of the outfit I can’t fault, although I saw someone suggest the jewellery was a bit matchy matchy & so I guess that might be a criticism, but it does seem unfair to pull apart what is generally a great look. I do love the coat.

  48. I love how this hat looks on her! I love it!

  49. I love this Kors coat and am glad she brought it back again. The hat, on the hand…not so much.

    I think she may have gone a tad overboard with all the blue accessories and jewelry, but it’s still a classy look.

  50. Score another win for the Duchess! She looked lovely and so appropriate. The coat definitely deserved another showing. It fit her beautifully and looked perfect. The hat looked wonderful from the front and back; I wasn’t crazy about the side view but you can’t have everything. Earrings just right, shoes and bag not exciting but good enough.

    (I am also pretty sure Kate was wearing a hair net.)

  51. Oh my, but I love that hat. The way the tilted brim fames Kate’s face and surrounds it with flattering colour is a deft way of upgrading the outfit with the repeated coat. Her hair scooped up into the low bun keeps all the lines clean and Kate’s good eye for a hat continues to serve her well.

    I loved the Kors coat on its first outing and my admiration for its textured fabric, colouring and cut remains unchanged. I like the matching jewellery, keeping the outfit colouring low key while adding enough sparkle to offset the more sombre twill on a big royal occasion.

    And I’m a big fan of Kate’s many Sanderson courts and admire her for finding a style she likes so much and sticking with it for accessorising work outfits. Their understated elegance is just right. I’ll never be fan of gloves with fussy bows on them, but these are looking great here against a sober coat. A winning look all-round for Kate today.

    • ElizaMo, I agree– Kate looks great here. She is appropriately dignified without looking dour. And the hat is perfect; I think it’s the best look she’s had with this coat (but the fascinator also works well for a different occasion). I like the gloves because the bows are subtle enough. The navy suede shoes are beautiful. I’m not sure how she manages four-inch heels, but she makes it look easy!

  52. This hat is wonderful. The Queen prefers women to wear hats rather than fascinators, and I have to say I see her point. Fascinators are fine for weddings or cocktail parties, but for a solemn occasion, especially a military one, a brimmed hat really does the job.

    Kate looks more distinguished than the fascinator-wearing ladies. And, a hat of this quality is really worth the price. (The pound is plummeting so we in the States could actually afford to splash out on this one.)

    I do think the coatdress looks just a tad bare with nothing underneath. A navy shell or camisole would be perfect.

  53. What a stunning memorial. It must’ve been particularly poignant for Harry and William.

    The coat is boring, but I love the hat and gloves. I think overall it struck the right tone. You don’t want to outshine the event or the Queen, so she blends into the background.

  54. Lovely ensemble and very appropriate for the engagement. I suspected she would wear a repeat so as to take the focus off her clothes, and I think it was a good move. The addition of the new hat freshens it up.

    I like but don’t love the shape of the hat, but I think that the outfit when taken as a whole is perfect. The color coordinates with the queen and the accessories are spot on for this venue.

    The tanzanite earrings and necklace are beautiful and compliment the color of the coatdress, hat and shoes without being too matchy-matchy.

    Overall perfect for this event, which called for respectful and appropriate and not necessarily high fashion.

  55. I have always loved this coat and I think the hat is just perfect – she looks beautiful.

  56. For me, this outfit completely sums up Kate’s style and approach to fashion. Everything is lovely and appropriate without making any kind of fashion statement. I love the coat and hat although I wouldn’t have put them together. The jewelry is lovely, but a bit sweet sixteen in style for me. Again, she looks lovely and is doing a great job. I really think she just doesn’t want people talking about her clothes.

    • I love your summing up of Kate’s approach to style, lovely without any real fashion statement. The only problem about talking about her clothes here is, well, that’s what we’re here for, it’s kind of written into the blog name :-) But I like that our discussions are generally kept civilised and admin gives us all the context about the engagements Kate attends.

      • I have no problem discussing Kate’s clothes. It was through this blog that I found my new favourite place for clothes (Hobbs!) I just think Kate is concerned that her clothes will overshadow her causes and I think that is a valid concern. To me, this blog is the perfect balance. We can read all about the causes and then still have the fun of discussing the clothes. A win / win in my book.

      • I agree that Kate wouldn’t want her clothes to eclipse any of the causes she supports. This outfit is a classic example of how she manages an elegant conservative outfit to fit that very aim.

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