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The Duchess wore a new Catherine Walker coatdress for today’s commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Passchendaele in Ypres, Belgium.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

UK Prime Minister Theresa May greets Kate as dignitaries gather for the memorial.

Clarence House

Clarence House

Prince Charles arrives for the service of remembrance.

William Kate Tyne Cot Cemetery Belgium Passchendaele 100 Catherine Walker

Clarence House

The Prince of Wales and Queen Mathilde.

Clarence House

Clarence House

The battle started 100 years ago today; ceremonies were at Tyne Cot Cemetery.



The cemetery entrance.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

It is the largest of all Commonwealth cemeteries in the world in terms of burials.

There are 11,961 Commonwealth servicemen buried there, of whom more than 8,300 remain unidentified. The site also contains the Tyne Cot Memorial, which commemorates nearly 35,000 servicemen from the United Kingdom and New Zealand who died on the Ypres Salient after 16 August 1917 and whose graves are not known.

Military units taking part in the service included the Band of HM Royal Marines Plymouth, Band of the Welsh Guards and Central Band of the Royal Air Force.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

A headstone marks the grave of an unknown Canadian soldier.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

Sir Timothy Laurence, the Duchess, Queen Mathilde and Prince William walking to their seats.

Kensington Palace

Kensington Palace

From The Daily Telegraph:

Exactly 100 years after thousands of British and Commonwealth troops went “over the top”, Charles, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge and Prime Minister Theresa May joined the King and Queen of Belgium and some 4,000 descendants of those who fought, for a ceremony at the enormous Tyne Cot cemetery near Ypres.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Awaiting the start of the service.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

©Stephen Lock / i-Images / Polaris

Continuing The Telegraph’s coverage:

In his address to the gathering, the Prince said: “We remember it not only for the rain that fell, the mud that weighed down the living and swallowed the dead, but also for the courage and bravery of the men who fought here.”

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

From the War Graves Commission:

Welsh poet Hedd Wyn and Irish poet Francis Ledwidge, who were both killed in action on the first day of Passchendaele, were honoured during the commemorations

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Kate is given a bouquet to place graveside.

©James Whatling/Kensington Palace

©James Whatling/Kensington Palace

Prince Charles and Sir Timothy Laurence receiving the wreaths they will place at the memorial.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission @CWGC

Commonwealth War Graves Commission @CWGC

The service concluded with a fly-past of Belgian F-16s in a missing man formation.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

A video of the flyover.

King Philippe, the Duchess, Queen Mathilde, Prince William, and you can just see Theresa May in the lower right corner as they watch the jets.

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

©Stephen Lock / i-Images

Before the service, Kate and William visited with interns from the War Graves Commission.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission @CWGC

Commonwealth War Graves Commission @CWGC

The interns play a vital role in helping visitors learn about the cemetery and the stories of those buried there.

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Commonwealth War Graves Commission

Kate and William toured parts of the cemetery. Here you see them accompanied by Victoria Wallace, Director General of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. 

Now to what Kate wore for today’s commemoration.

©Zak Hussein

©Zak Hussein

She was in Catherine Walker’s Melrose coatdress.

© /Catherine Walker /

©i-Images / Catherine Walker / i-Images, Polaris

The garment is described as being made of dusty pink Venetian wool, a lightweight higher-end fabric. It is decorated at the hem and cuff with hand appliqued taupe lace.

Catherine Walker

Catherine Walker

Kate wore a new hat for today’s ceremony. It has the look of a Jane Taylor design, but we’ve not yet found a specific style it matches or received confirmation from the milliner. We’ll pursue this as soon as we get the post up. UPDATE:  It turns out Kate’s hat was by Jane Taylor, but it’s a style we’ve seen before. The Duchess was wearing the Fleur style first worn in Belgium in 2014. Anna of My Small Obsessions thought it looked familiar, and she was right. Anna received confirmation from the milliner it is the same piece with new embellishment.

Image 2

She also had on a brooch we’ve not seen before; it is another loan from the Queen, featuring multiple leaves with three large mabé pearls.  A Tip of the Tiara to Jelena, who tweeted it was worn by HM on a state visit to South Korea.

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Nunn Syndication/Polaris

More about the piece from the Royal Order of Splendor:

This piece is something of an obscure member of The Queen’s brooch collection. Its provenance is so far unknown and its appearances are scarce; The Queen most notably wore it during a State Visit to South Korea in 1999.

The Duchess wore Princess Diana’s Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings, so-called because they were a gift from Collingwood Jewelers. The earrings were previously worn to the Spain state dinner in mid-July

pictures photos Kate Middleton Duchess Cambridge Princess Diana's jewelry earrings tiara state dinner

©Nunn Syndication, Polaris / Pete Maclaine,i-Images

They were part of Diana’s private jewelry collection. 

Kate Passchendaele Tyne Cot Cemetery Pearl Diamond Drop Earrings 3 Shots July 31 2017

Back to the Order of Splendor:

Brooches are not really a regular part of The Duchess of Cambridge’s wardrobe, but her use of the Pearl and Diamond Leaf Brooch – together with the Collingwood Pearl and Diamond Earrings from the collection of the late Diana, Princess of Wales (first worn for the Spanish state banquet) – adds a nice touch of extra formality for a significant remembrance occasion.

Today we saw a new pair of Gianvito Rossi pumps, although they are the same color, praline, as Kate’s frequently worn pair. Originally many of us presumed they were the signature 105 style with its 4″ heel (below left). But HeavenQRF noticed today’s heel height is different from the pair we’re used to seeing; she deserves a Tip of the Tiara as well, for I would never have noticed the disparity in heel height.


Both images ©Polaris

It looks like Kate wore the brand’s Signature heel in the 3.5″ heel version. We show it at Forward ($675); it is also available in limited sizing at Savannah ($670).



Some may recall that Gianvito Rossi’s point heel suede pump comes in three heel heights: the 4.1″ we often see Kate wear; the 3.5″ style worn today; and the lowest heel, which is 2.75″ – 3″.  Below you see the design in all three heights as offered at My Theresa.

My Theresa

My Theresa

Kate wore her hair up.


©James Whatling/i-Images, Polaris

We will be updating with more info and photos.

This 1:30 video shows the Duke and Duchess walking through the cemetery and meeting with the interns.


We also have news about the private secretary replacing Rebecca Deacon Priestley. Below you see Ms. Deacon and Miguel Head, Prince William’s private secretary, at last night’s Passchendaele events.

©James Whatling

©James Whatling

The Duchess’s new private secretary is Catherine Quinn.  Currently, she is Chief Operating Officer and Associate Dean for Administration at the University of Oxford’s Saïd Business School

University of Oxford

University of Oxford

From a Kensington Palace statement:

“Catherine is a member of the Boards of the Charity Commission for England and Wales, the Met Office, and the Royal British Legion.

“She has an MBA from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and degrees from US and UK universities.”

And from People magazine:

Quinn is also a member of the Boards of The Charity Commission for England and Wales, The Met Office, The Royal British Legion and The National Memorial Arboretum.

Ms. Quinn will start in her new position in October.


A couple of quick housekeeping notes: 

  • We have some truly fabulous folks sharing their thoughts here via their comments.  I cannot tell you how much I have learned over the years via the insight shared here by others, nor how much I appreciate it. Thus I dread having to mention ‘comment etiquette.’ However, the sarcasm in (a very few) comments is becoming an issue, and onerous to manage. If we could keep that in mind when composing comments, it would be of immense help and a benefit for all who enjoy the site. I also need to add the quarterly reminder about negative comments: if you don’t like something, be it an item Kate wore or a comment left by a fellow reader, by all means, share that opinion. But please do it politely. Responding to another’s comment by saying “You are wrong!!” or referring to a hat as looking like a toilet will mean the comment isn’t published. Thank you to everyone for your efforts on this.
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  175 Responses to “Kate in Catherine Walker and a New Brooch for Battle Anniversary”

  1. I am really tired of the coat dresses.

    • I agree…although coatdresses are a safe and always elegant choice,Duchess ‘s age and beauty ask for something different that could also be appropriate for the occasion…So many dresses different so many labels…
      And I think that having her hair light curls is more beautiful and more. “her age”…


  2. The original hat is my number one favorite hat the DOC has ever worn. I recognized right away that the hat base was the same but I thought it was just another of the same hat with a different embellishment. I’m a bit bummed to know that my favorite hat has been re-done, but before I knew it, I thought this is my second favorite hat she has worn of all time! At least I’m consistent with what I like ;)

    • I like to think that perhaps the embellishments are interchangeable and you will maybe see your favourite again!

  3. Catherine Walker makes the perfect clothes for women in high profile positions then need to be photographed as classic, feminine, and elegant. Kate is wise to turn to her for events like these where being shown as pretty, modest, and respectful is paramount.

    Sadly, the filter made Kate look like she was wearing tan heels with a grey dress. One can tell a filter was used when the same Jane Taylor hat looks tan in an earlier photo and now grey. Kate actually wore a pink Prada clutch and pinkish “praline” heels with a dusty pink coat dress and taupe lace so she matched better than the pictures reveal.

    Pearls are classic with this look. The Queen’s pearl and diamond brooch matched Diana’s pearl earrings. I think the brooch would have been appreciated more without the red poppy next to it but the poppy was necessary for the event.

    Also, I recall a story the Spencers asked their family jeweler, Collingwood, to make the pearl and diamond collection for Diana as a wedding present. Diana often wore the collection with the Spencer tiara in her early days as Princess of Wales as a nod to her grand family. Therefore, the earrings are lovely and have an interesting history.

    Finally, a chignon is considered elegant but I find it ages Kate’s face. Sort of gives her a Wallis Simpson effect. Kate’s best hair in a similar outfit was on March 14, 2016 when she stepped out in the grey Erdem coat and John Boyd hat (I love his hats!). Her hair looked healthy, polished, professional yet unstuffy.

    Congrats on Catherine Quinn. Prince Phillip is retiring and the Queen may follow so Charles, William, with their partners must be preparing to take on more duties, which will mean more pictures of Kate. I’m curious to see her continued style evolution as she takes on greater responsibilities.

    • Katie, the outfit you mention, that the D of C wore on March 14, 2016, is in my top ten favourite looks on Kate. The monochromatic grey ensemble, the beautiful coat and flattering hat were one of her best.

      • It’s so funny that you guys posted about this outfit, because I just found this Talbot’s dress at a thrift store (perfect condition) and picked it up thinking, “This looks like something the Duchess of Cambridge would wear.” I didn’t connect it to the Erdem coat until I read your replies here–but I think it must obviously have been inspired by it.


        I’m not wishing summer away, but I’ll welcome the opportunity to debut it when the weather turns cool!

  4. I think poppy colored nail polish would have added to this outfit. I really wish she would paint her nails. I also think lipstick would be a nice addition to her style.

  5. I find the Catherine Walker designs don’t seem youthful enough on Kate. However, this coatdress with a different hat and shoes may have pulled the outfit together a bit more.

  6. The broach looks like it has the Prince of Wales Feathers on the top.

  7. Great overall look, and I am glad she is using less height for shoes. Also, great refurbishment of the hat, and perfect styling with the pearls.

    Wow, what a surprise on the private secretary!! I think this really represents a choice of a very confident individual. I am certain the couple is closing in on affecting public policy, as they should. You kind of see it through the comments and engagements that Kate has made, she is very hands on to understanding the technical issues.

    Some comments mention that this is a step down for Catnerine Quinn, and I disagree! If one is out to influence public discourse, these two young royals are some of the most effective vehicles around! I think the team members will complement each other.

  8. I think Catherine looks stunning. This new elegant outfit fits her superbly. Her accessories are perfectly acceptable but more importantly her demeanour and confidence ensure she looks at ease in her role. Her choice of clothing just adds to this new maturity and dignity – exactly the attributes of a future queen.

  9. Love this outfit. As for the shoes and clutch, they do in fact go once you realise that the coatdress is in fact a very pale shade of peachy pink. Unfortunately this doesn’t show up so well in many of the photographs. Very struck by how poised and assured the Duchess has become – quite noticeable when you see photos of her taken several years ago.

    • I think the taupe/gray shoes she wore the day before would have looked better with this dress. Everything else is lovely.

      I do want to mention the nude hosiery Kate wears. Am I the only one who missed the slight shimmery hose the Princess of Wales wore? I personally dislike nude hosiery (we call it suntan color hose where I’m from) as it reminds me of the 1970′s. I do love the lower heel height though!

  10. I like the CW coat dress. The scalloped hem is a delightful change. I’m curious why no one has noticed the embroidery forms a heart at the center of the coat right at a ahem ahh delicate area.

  11. Once again, I have nothing critical to say here — I think the Duchess looks sleek and appropriate, and wears the outfit better than the model. I also like the upgrade from faux to real pearls and diamonds in the brooch.

    I did notice the creases in Queen Mathilde’s dress; I’m assuming it’s linen which tends to crease. Since Belgium is known for its linen, that would make sense for her.

  12. Just to point out, Rebecca Deacon changed her surname after marrying. In the Court Circular she is referred to as Rebecca Priestley.

  13. I’ve yet to read all the comments here, so apologies if this is repetitive. I’ve looked at photos of this ensemble from several sources and angles…..what struck me about the coat dress and hat combination is the military “feel” of it, from my perspective. The lace on the sleeves has the echo of some British dress uniforms, which announce rank on the cuffs – this lace has that vibe to me. The cut of the dress also has the whisper of a military dress coat from the UK. The hat instantly reminded me of the military berets favored by the British military – if you do a search for “Prince Harry Sandhurst” you will discover a beret in dove gray that REALLY reminds me of this hat, right down to the angle of the tilt, and the side to which it’s tilted. I said during the tour of Poland and Germany that the Duchess’ floral attire at the concentration camp likely took a great deal of creative, artistic and intelligent thought. I believe that this ensemble did as well – this was a military remembrance ceremony, and all subjective impressions aside, I feel that the Duchess met this sartorial challenge to its fullest.

    As for my personal impressions, I really love this look on Catherine. She looks polished, feminine and professional (after all, this IS a professional engagement). In photos from several outlets it is possible to see the pink hue of the dress and hat embellishments, and it contrasts beautifully with the dove gray of the lace. This lace is spectacular – if you can find very close-up photos of it, it’s possible to see unbelievable details that aren’t apparent from full-length photos. By contrast, the close-up photos don’t do justice to how the brooch ties in with the pattern of the lace from afar – I was less enamored of the brooch until I saw it in the context of the entire outfit. The only quibble I have is the shade of her shoes, which don’t seem to coordinate so well with the rest of the color scheme. Other than that minor issue, what a smash home run for her in Belgium, in my opinion.

    • Totally agree. I was baffled she did not wear gray shoes. Sometimes I think Kate just doesn’t think. I cannot figure out any other explanation. The outfit was superb – and would have been a true style win such as Princess Diana used to do — but beige shoes with it made no sense.

    • This was such a lovely perspective. I had not noticed the military aspect of this ensemble. Thank you!

    • I also love the look with the exception of the hair. I am in the US, and her hairstyle today looks like that from the 1860′s here. Take a look at some pics of wealthy women (the wife of the president, Mary Lincoln or a woman named Mary Chestnut) from the early 1860′s.

      For the life of me, I can not figure out why she is wearing suede shoes in the summer. Am I wrong about that?

      • I think suede is pretty normal for summer; there are a lot of sandals made of suede, for instance. I personally would avoid suede shoes in winter, as snow, slush and salt are absolutely brutal on suede.

  14. I just don’t get it. On the first day the duchess wore a solid cream coat with gray pumps. On the second day she wore a cream coat with gray lace and wore nude pumps. All of us were saying that gray pumps would have been much better than the nude pumps she is so fond of and she had a pair with her so why not wear them? It makes no sense.

    • I too don’t understand the logic of the shoes. I didn’t like the solid cream outfit with grey pumps. ……easily could of switched shoes.

      • Agreed! It should have been the gray shoes with this outfit, no doubt about it. Do you think she doesn’t look in the mirror? Or dresses in the dark?

        • She obviously doesn’t dress in the dark – she looks spectacular!
          My guess is that the brought the previously composed outfits and got the shoes mixed.
          In my opinion that is a hint about a real attitude towards fashion – uses it to emphasize her cause and support her in her job but personally doesn’t care too much.
          A healthy perspective, IMO

        • A lot of people are commenting from the convenience and distance of their computer monitors – thus far I haven’t seen a single comment from someone who was actually at the commemoration. I’m surprised that so many simply take for granted that what they see on their computer screens is in fact the exact shade/color of a garment. Not so, by a long shot. Add to that the color differences that can occur in the initial photography, weather conditions (bright sunshine, overcast, rainy, etc.) and there is a very wide range of colors we are seeing. I have certainly fallen victim to this via online shopping, selecting an item that looks lovely, only to receive it and find that the color looks vastly different than what I saw on the website.

          This isn’t a case of dressing in the dark, or not looking in the mirror, but of “you had to be there”. I’m sure this is the case with many of her ensembles – photography won’t do them justice.

          • You are right about color problems due to computer. The color we see on the screen may not necessarily be very close to the actual color. I am sure time and effort and expertise are expended when choosing the outfits and color is very carefully considered. I wonder who the target audience is, when color is selected, the computer audience, or maybe the other dignitaries at the event? Or possibly print, or TV audience? I don’t know anything about color capacity of computers, but I am sure there are big limitations.

    • I thought I was the only one who noticed this. The gray would have been perfect with this coat. . . . . .

      I thought she looked lovely both days. Nothing exciting. But appropriate.

    • If you look at the photo of the model from Catherine Walker, she is clearly wearing nude shoes like Kate is. The write up says the lace is taupe, not grey. I am not sure why I am so annoyed by this as I usually just scroll by comments I disagree with. I think in this case it bugs me that people are finding fault with something that is most likely a fault with the colour on their computer screen or the colour of the photos rather than the actual colour of Kate’s shoes / dress. The dress has a pink tone with taupe lace … I think Kate often over does the nude shoe, but in this case she is wearing shoes as styled by the designer. Seriously, what more can we ask of her?

      • All the Walker outfits are styled with those same shoes if you look at their site – they aren’t specific to any one outfit but were chosen to be neutral whether a perfect match or not. So it’s unlikely Kate is wearing shoes styled by the designer.

    • Because obviously she thinks this combination looks nicer? And I, for one, agree. Matchy2 is too predictable and easy.

  15. I agree with the comments about Prince Charles. His light suit stands out in the sea of dignified and appropriate dark suits. Way too casual for this event, summertime or not.
    Kate’s suede shoes and satin clutch are totally wrong for this beautiful outfit.

    • the PoW’s trousers also seem overlong – they break at the shoe in a rather sloppy way, and are juuuust a smidge above the bottom of the shoes’ heels in several photos. Uncharacteristic of him.

      • As soon as I saw the suit, I wondered if he was dressed for the occasion, then someone spilled something on him and he had to go to plan B. I doubt his luggage got lost. Out of character for him to wear what he did, I think.

  16. Is there any provenance for the poppy pin worn by the success? It looks, from the many pictures posted (thank you for the wonderful coverage) that all dignitaries had the same type, it almost looked like it was made of wood.

    On another note. I thought the dress very beautiful as well as the hat. After reading the description of the dress I understood the voice of shoe (color) though have to admit I was puzzled before as the lace looked gray from various,photos.

    • I believe these are the poppy pins that are sold by the Royal British Legion to benefit veterans.They have undergone several redesigns over the years. Before Vietnam, poppies were widely sold (by the VFW) and worn in the US as well around Armistice/Veterans day (Nov. 11th.). I was delighted to encounter a US veteran selling poppies this year.

      The reference, of course, is to the wonderful poem by the Canadian, John McCrae, entitled “In Flanders Fields.” Learn more here or search the web:


    • Catherine S, The poppy is not made of wood but rather a very good quality, heavy paper, for both the flower and leaf and the black button in the centre is plastic. I was in Malta one Remembrance Day and purchased this poppy. I continue to wear it for November 11 every year, in Canada. I knew this type of poppy was used in England and I thought that Malta, once a colony of Britain, used the same poppy for this reason. But it appears that other European leaders and royalty are wearing the same poppy. So perhaps it is universal in Europe, or perhaps the Brits brought poppies to share.

      • Thank you for the information on the poppy pin wore on this,occasion by the royal. I too always wear a poppy pin around and on the date of the armistice. While I had not looked at the poppy shop catalogue for awhile, I had not noticed previously this particular rendition which, I believe, looks very sharp.

  17. Lovely outfit for Kate, much nicer than Mathilde’s, who’s dress had an unflattering colour and was creased. Although, pink? Can’t see that at all in the pictures, it looks like the palest blue with gray embroidery. Therefore, I personally would have preferred dove grey shoes, I think the praline colour doesn’t really match. What about the bag she was wearing in some of the pictures?
    Also, not fond of the way her hair is folded over her ears. She has had some great updo’s lately, this one looks a bit dishevelled.

    • You took the words right out of my mouth. I actually liked Mathilde’s outfit at first glance – though I wasn’t a fan of yesterday’s – until I saw it from the front and noticed how wrinkled it was. Such a shame. Her hair looked lovely at least, much nicer than Kate’s updo did; I have to agree that this low knot was a bit sloppy compared to her usual buns, and I wasn’t a fan of the purposeful ear covering either.

      I also can’t see any pink in the coat except in the photo with the close-up of the brooch. Maybe a burgundy clutch would have made the colour pop a bit.

      Yesterday I argued against the brooch in combination with the poppy, but I actually quite like this one. Great hat, too.

      • thank for your reply, I was wondering, maybe Kate did her own hair? Eg with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, we know she sometimes has somebody do her hair and sometimes she does it herself, which you can really tell from the results….

  18. Apparently it’s been confirmed the hat is a reworking of the same hat she wore in Belgium in…2015? The embellishment at the top has been replaced. It was previously a coral, frothy piece of material.

  19. Living in the US, I always through it must be so cold in Britain thus all the coat dresses on Duchess Kate, but since moving to England I know see it is not that cold now and this must just be an acceptable royal style statement. Can someone please comment on why she sticks to such a matronly style when other females around her wear regular dresses and not coat dresses? My ignorance is boundless.

    • Margaret, I have always had the same question The only time I ever see women in coatdresses in the US is on Easter, when the weather calls for it. I don’t know why the Duchess doesn’t wear more silk dresses with blazers. They could definitely be styled to be formal and would not appear so matronly.

    • I don’t think coat dresses are particularly matronly. Diana wore many, many coat dresses and was viewed as having a fresh, young style. I suspect Kate gets cold easily. I find it hard to believe she would continue to wear long sleeves year after year if she was uncomfortable. She does wear lighter fabric and short sleeves often enough that it is clear they are not taboo.

      I prefer not to label things “matronly,” but I am 15 years older than Kate and there is no way I would wear a silk dress and blazer. That is something my mother would wear!

  20. Oh her hair. It looks so unflattering and aging with the bun low on her neck and her hair covering her ears.
    Surely her hairdresser would suggest a more age appropriate style??

    • I agree with you. I do wish she would find someone who can do a more flattering updo. On the other hand, it would be my only criticism. I think the Duchess looked fabulous both yesterday and today otherwise!

  21. Very unexpectedly it is Prince Charles who let the side down with his creased pale coloured linen suit. I know he tends to change to his lighter suits during the summer but this is one occassion where he would have looked better in a dark suit. He looks scruffy and not appropriate – a bit like he is off on a summer holiday!

    • I completely agree with you. I found this surprising as well. At least William can be relied upon to dress in a dark suit!

  22. If I hadn’t read that the coat dress was pink, I never would have known. It doesn’t photograph as that colour. Given that the lace trim is grey, yesterday’s grey shoes would have been a better choice. I don’t like the zipper and pull…it seems far too casual for this outfit. I love the earrings but find the brooch too big and clunky looking, although I liked the brooch worn yesterday. Also the hair worn over the ears is not attractive. Day 1 in Belgium left me feeling that Kate had made some good choices in her ensemble but today’s outifit misses the mark for me.

    Those commenting about Charles’ light suit, should know, that for the 100th anniversary of Vimy Ridge, held a few weeks back, Charles also wore a light coloured suit, while the other men present wore dark suits. I can only conclude that it is summer time and Charles usually wears light coloured suits in summer and in tropical climates.

  23. I really love this look on Kate. It’s definitely my favourite of things she’s worn this summer. I don’t even mind the Praline shoes with this, I must admit seeing them (what seemed like) all the time in Poland/Germany was getting a bit boring. I too noticed the difference in heel height, so I was hoping for a new pair! I think the colour looks a bit more pinkish in the photos than the Praline, so maybe they are different? It could be just that they are fresh and bright being a new pair.

    This is a classic Kate look, and one that I really enjoy.

  24. The outfit was appropriate, but I initially thought it was a repeat since it was so similar to the light blue CW coat dress! I would love to see Kate experiment with some different updos- this hairstyle wasn’t my favorite, due to the hair over her ears, low chignon and hairnet. I think an updo worn up higher (when she isn’t wearing a hat) would be very flattering.

    • Agree about the hair, very Victorian! Wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years she goes for the complete chop and wears it short, so much easier for a busy person.

    • I can understand hating the look of hairnets, as they did nothing for Sophie, & honestly did not realize Kate was wearing one until the pictures of her head in full sunlight. Mostly because dark ones blend better w/dark hair IMO. Anyway…It hasn’t been that long since her new shorter layered look & the hairnet was needed perhaps in order to keep the bun looking like a bun? As much as I hate hairnets, I hate seeing anyone at an event like this looking sloppy. We’ve all seen what happens when Kate wears her hair down, right? Now imagine what would have happened if she shown up w/a fly away messy looking bun today? *shudders* & don’t even want to even go down that road of Imagination…Don’t know if this is true or not, but considering I don’t really remember her wearing them before, I don’t think is too far a leap either.

  25. This look- I really can’t get past Kate’s hair & hat, I think they just don’t look good period. And on this coatdress it looks elegant but the zip closure sort of ruins it I think. I’m surprised it’s from Catherine Walker with a zip

  26. Like the outfit but at this point am more intrigued by the choice of the new private secretary. A very interesting choice that adds a ton of bench strength to Kate’s team. With all due respect to Rebecca Deacon and her contribution, this iis quite a step up. The operational experience and the association with the Charity Association will be incredibly useful. I wonder what the thinking was on both sides. I suspect she may have taken a pay cut for the job.
    I am beyond curious!

    • At risk of going off-topic, it doesn’t sound like the sort of cv. for taking care of all Kate’s bouquets. Veering swiftly back to fashion – I’m beyond intrigued by which dress the Mighty Quinn is wearing – that looks like the sort of neckline to be found in The Fold’s collection.

    • I also thought that was quite a CV for a private secretary and it almost seems to me to be a step down from being an associate dean at one of the world’s best universities. But I respect that maybe Ms. Quinn is just looking for a new challenge. Looking forward to seeing what else The Royal Foundation has in store now that their sponsored marathon is over; maybe we’ll be seeing Ms. Quinn’s contributions there.

    • I, too, think Ms. Quinn’s addition to the Duchess’ staff is an excellent choice. I suspect it’s a move made in light of the greater responsibilities both Duchess and Duke will have in the foreseeable future. Both are earnest and hard-working, and I imaging Ms. Quinn will end up being a very good fit.

      • Giving it some thought, why would not the Duchess hire someone with a spectacular CV and background in the academic world? The job of the Duchess, the future Princess of Wales and the future Queen is hardly about arranging flowers anymore. It requires and I suspect will require even more expertise in media coordination, specialist topics, understanding of the charities she represents and which ones to represent in the first place, staying on top of an ever changing diplomatic environment et cetera. Of course this is assuming the duties of her private secretary are developed forward as well from the bouquet choosing related tasks — it’d also be a terrible mistake hiring someone with that background and then not giving them meaningful things to do. But in my opinion in seems like a smart choice for the future, just as long as the job matches the qualifications.

        • Well, even if some think Ms. Quinn is overqualified for the job, she must have applied for it, or she wouldn’t have been appointed. Perhaps she is weary of academia, or the “politics” that could well be part of university life. Maybe she just wants a change and new challenges. Could be that she sees this as public service to her country. Whatever the reason and how ever long Ms. Quinn stays, working for the Duchess will look amazing on any future resume.

          • I agree! She will also get the opportunity to travel the world in style, meet interesting people and see places not open to the public. Kate seems like a fairly intellegent person who is probably looking for someone to help her expand her role and assist with the research and preparation part of royal tours. Obviously helping on walk abouts and keeping Kate on time are part of the job, but that is probably only 10%.

      • I fully agree with the comments that of course Ms Quinn’s role will be taking on board both William and Kate’s fast-expanding roles, and also that of Harry. And, who knows, maybe she’ll get someone else to stand in for taking care of bouquets.

  27. The perfect dress…for the Duchess of Cornwall or her own mother. I’m sorry but this ensemble just seems matronly for someone so young and fresh. It also seems heavy for a sunny day in July.

    • I hear what you’re saying, but I don’t think yesterday’s or today’s events are for young and fresh outfits, strictly more formal, tailored and respectful. So, I think what Kate wore both days are appropriate to the occasion.

  28. Love the coatdress…LOVE IT. Elegantly tailored, understatedly feminine. My only “um” is the fob on the zipper. A flat disc or round drop of a pearl or two would suit it better than just a flat metal tab. I think the brooch is likely meant to be a good sturdy twig of English oak (Quercus robur), with the pearls adding a rather luxe, impressionistic cluster of acorns.

    I look forward to seeing Kate wear this again.

  29. IMO this is the year of confident Kate! Her beauty and timeless style has come into its own as she gained confidence in her role. Is it the most fashion forward – no. Is it understated and elegant – yes

    Love the jewels today. Hoping to see more,with age and experience she carries them off

    Bravo Duchess!

  30. Unfortunately, I have yet to like a Catherine Walker design on Kate. This one seems like a twin to the light blue coat dress with similar trim in white.

    I think today’s colors were appropriate but the shoes don’t work. Why suede in the summer? Why not a gray shoe to match the trim?

    The brooch was fine. It does appear, looking at the photos from yesterday that Kate has aged more than a decade since her last visit to Belgium. I understand wanting to be polished but she appears to look anywhere from 35-50 now. There needs to be more fun or youthfulness to her outfits.

    The new private secretary is an interesting choice. I wonder how long she’ll stay on. Working for the Royal family usually doesn’t pay much. I do think this signifies that Kate will be taking on a much bigger role and instead of having a friendly contemporary in the role she’s chosen someone who can mentor and help her navigate her new role.

    • I think we all need to accept that colour is often not accurately represented on our computer screens. The trim on Kate’s dress is taupe. Probably an almost exact match to her shoes. The fact that it doesn’t look that way is irrelevant. As someone who has tried to take a short cut and order fabric based on my computer screen’s interpretation of colour I can assure you that the computer is often so, so wrong.

      I apologize if this sounds snarky. It is just that it has been mentioned a number of times that the trim is taupe, not grey, and that the dress actually has a pink tone to it (which is really not what my screen is showing.)

      • Boy oh boy, is this the truth! I’ve ordered embroidery flosses online and been burned, now I only do so if I’ve seen the skein at a shop first. It’s curious that this particular dress seems to be universally out of synch with the color description in nearly all the photos, I’d love to see it in its true shade.

      • I agree the dress color may not reproduce well on the screen. But saying the lace is “taupe” doesn’t really clarify what the color actually is. Various dictionaries define taupe as “brownish grey”, “greyish brown”, or “a shade between brown and grey.” The color of the lace could be more grey more than brown and still properly be called taupe. Or it could be more brown than grey. The CW link certainly makes the lace look grey especially in the close-up photo. https://www.catherinewalker.com/melrose/

        • Yep, and look at the colour of the shoes the model is wearing. An almost exact match to Kate’s and definitely not grey.

  31. It’s a gorgeous dress but the neckline is a bit odd and seems unflattering. I wish I could see a photo where the shoes match- it throws everything off to me. Fun to see her wear a brooch- and it’s an interesting piece! Everything is pretty but I just can’t say I love it all together. Maybe if her hair had been down it would have softened the neckline of the dress and given a more youthful appearance to her whole look???

  32. I’ve loved both ensembles on Kate in Belgium – she looks elegant and refined in the pale colours, with the focus on the 2 stunning hats. Entirely appropriate for the occasion.

    Looking at previous photos of Kate in the first hat, I feel her style has evolved so much. She is a wonderful ambassador for Great Britain.

    Lovely also to see her in more borrowed jewels from the Queen and Diana’s pearl earrings. I like her costume jewellery generally but the real thing is so much better if you can get it!!

  33. In just a few of the photos Kate seems to be carrying a pink clutch. Am I losing it? I can’t tell which one it is, if it even is one.

    The placement of that pseudo heart image on the front of the dress is quite a distraction to me! Can’t see anything else now I’ve noted it. Gorgeous neckline and beautiful brooch.

    • Yes, now I can’t not see that. It can’t be intentional, can it? If not intentional, how did it go unnoticed by CW, Kate or anyone on her team?

  34. Could the brooch be a form of a shamrock? This would tie in with Prince William as C in C Irish Guards.

  35. stunning and so elegant for a regal event. Will make timeless photos in generations to come.

  36. The lace applique on Kate’s coatdress has a curious heart shaped design just below the waist. Did Kate notice this strategic placement?

    Love the pearl and diamond brooch, takes the look up several notches.

    The suede heels are a bit heavy for July aren’t they?

    Are the royals ever allowed to wear sunglasses at outdoor events? The photos taken at flybys always capture them squinting!

    • I thought the heart was curious also.

      • Oh dear, I wish you hadn’t pointed that out! I had been concentrating on the lovely combination of brooch and poppy…

    • Now I can’t unsee that! It’s different than the retail picture. Is it intentional? Seems odd, a below-the-belt heart.

    • That’s been bothering me ever since I first saw this coat! The lace is so beautiful (though I could have sworn the whole outfit was a repeat, I was surprised to find out it was all new), but that pattern right there is–weird

  37. I absolutely love the construction on this coat dress. As Susan says, this is a very high end fabric, and the lace would have to be applied by hand. I’m very happy to see Kate accessorizing. The three mabe pearls in the brooch also could be a quiet homage to Prince Charles, since his symbol is three plumes. Seeing a poppy at an occasion like this is always very touching.

    I did not like yesterday’s hat or today’s. Because of the level of detail on the coat, and the pearl brooch, a simple hat would have been a better choice. You’re already making a statement with accessories, you don’t need a distinctive hat. Also, I think the height of Kate’s heel made the coatdress hike up a little, and it threw off what could have been a perfect hemline. Just an inch would have made all the difference in elegance.

    PS for those questioning Charles’ attire, he is an avid wearer of summer suits. He always wears light colors and fabrics when he visits the Middle East. He also wore a summer suit to the Vimy commemoration. And I thought his tan suit was quite striking against the memorial wall.

    • I’d like to think that both Prince Charles and Queen Mathilde wore beigey cream today in support of Catherine for all the criticism she received yesterday from people who didn’t understand how truly respectful that color is.

      • Their outfits would have been planned (and packed) in advance.

      • I did not like yesterday’s outfit. My dislike is not because I “didn’t understand” white as a color of hope/purity (as in bridal) or a traditional color for mourning clothes (especially in distant history of European Royalty and in other cultures) but because she simply stuck out in pictures. The event was not about the Cambridges (it is not a foreign tour) but about Passchendaele.
        I expect Charles’ and Mathilde’s outfits were chosen weeks (or more) in advance. Charles’ suit was very wrinkly, but that’s another story.

        • Which is why I’m guessing she went w/a repeat outfit. Thinking, sadly & wrongly, that would keep her Clothes from being the story. She underestimated & yet again is getting nailed for something out of her control.

  38. Very chic! So elegant. I love it – from hat to shoes.

  39. I love this look on Kate. I felt much better reading the official description as “dusty pink venetian wool” as the choice of accessories made more sense. In certain photographs, there is a warm tone, but I think the pink did not come across as strong as she thought.

    Loved the earrings and her new brooch…. I imagine HM seeing kate wearing the Balenciaga pearls in Paris and Poland and mentioning to Angela Kelly ‘ I have a brooch with pearls like that – i never wear it, maybe Catherine would get some use out of it – send it over to KP – she should wear the real thing”…. yes my own delusions)

    As for her hair….. I think this was Kate’s attempt at doing her own chignon. I suspect she didnt bring a hairdresser for the overnight to0 Belgium and figured she could do a basic chignon (which was appropriate for the occcaision). It got the job done, but was certainly not her best.

    • I love your imagined scenario about the brooch. I really do : )

    • I think you are spot on with your chignon theory, Michelle.

    • I completely agree regarding the color of the coat. On my screen it’s all coming across as grayish white, not the warmer blush and taupe from the description. Maybe this seemed more “together” in person.

      • I think you are right about the colours and things looking more together in person. There have been suggestions that yesterday’s shoes (and bag) would have looked better with today’s outfit and vice versa, which may very well be the case – just can’t tell from the photos on screen. From what I can see of the colours, I’m thinking that way myself, although it is difficult to get accurate colours on a computer screen. However, I stand with my earlier comments – I think she looked lovely yesterday and today – just needs to find someone to do a better updo! And that’s hardly a criticism – oh to only have that problem myself! She still looks beautiful! haha!

    • Looking at the Pictures again I think you are totally right with your updo-theory.
      It looks exactly like “self-made”.
      And while I support doing some basic styling on your own from time to time (as we all have to) I think that today’s updo woulf have gained a lot from a professional hairdresser.
      I honestly think I’ve never seen an updo on her that I liked less.
      That being said – I could never do it better myself an while being picky about her hairdo I’m so glad I don’t have to show my own …

  40. Both the Duchess and Queen Mathilde looks lovely. Mathilde is wearing a dress and hat that the late Jacqueline Kennedy would wear. Very elegant.

  41. This coatdress is beautiful– I love the detailing on the lower section, including the scalloped (not sure of the exact fashion term– feel free to enlighten me!) hem. I can understand why Catherine decided to wear her hair pulled back; in some of the clips the terrain looks very flat, and the weather is quite windy. A hair nightmare if she were to wear it loose! When her hair is pulled back at the nape, it does look more youthful when her ears are revealed, but to me it still looks elegant and appropriate. And we can still see Princess Diana’s pearl earrings!

  42. The combination of The Queen’s brooch and Diana’s earrings is exquisite. I find it lovely and suitable for Kate’s personality that she can combine them with such ease, so to say.

    On the other hand, there are so many things that seem distracting to me in this outfit.
    1) I think it’s amazing and very thoughtful to wear a heart-shaped symbol on this occasion. However, I don’t quite understand its position on the coatdress. It is placed in an awkward spot between Kate’s legs and stomach and I don’t think it’s flattering at all. It literally makes me sad because it destroys the great message.

    2) As others noted, this might be an issue of photos and/or monitors but it seems to me that the “praline” really does not go well with the color of the dress. Having seen yesterday’s shoes, I just can’t figure out why Kate would wear any other shoe with today’s dress. I would love to see how the shoes pick up the grey color from the beautiful pattern on the coatdress.

    3)Although Kate wore two different sets of jewelery on this “tour”, they were so similar that it was almost unnoticeable for most people IMHO. I think this is particularly bad for the second set of jewelery (HM’s brooch and Diana’s earrings), as I find it really stunning and I think that like this it didn’t get the right opportunity to stand out.

    • 4) Also, is anybody else bothered by the zipper? :D It looks so distracting or even a little odd to me. Elegant dress, delicate pattern, overall very festive and regal look, beautiful neckline and then – bang – a zipper?!

  43. The coat dress and hat appear white and the lace looks light gray. Must be a computer thing.

  44. Love the outfit. I agree with most of the comments – it doesn’t look pink, but perhaps it’s a trick of the light. I’m glad she wore the shorter shoes, I can’t even imagine walking on grass in sky-high heels! (I try to avoid that whenever possible!) I think perhaps this was more appropriate in color for the events of today – I’m still struggling with the bright white from the other event. Lovely new hat as well, and I agree with one of the comments – her hair doesn’t look its best today, but I’m sure she’s trying to figure out these low bun styles with her shorter cut.

    And her hair looks like a toilet? Really?? Someone said that?? Shoutout to Susan for managing the comments!

    • I think they said it about her hat, not her hair and it was a seat, not an actual toilet (which makes much more sense, even though I don’t agree at all).
      I actually quite like the hat, much better than some of her other fascinators.

  45. I really liked the exquisite beret and the lacework on this coat, very elegant. It was tailored well and I thought it fit better than yesterday’s dress, which seemed slightly tight in the shoulders/chest.

  46. While I haven’t liked many of Kate’s recent looks, I always like her more dressy formal looks. This coat dress is totally gorgeous.

  47. I’m so confused by this outfit. First of all, the vines gather around her crotch area – not what you want. Second, at first glance, this looked like a repeat from yesterday. Not what you want in front of international dignitaries. Third, it’s so similar to so many outfits she already has. Why??

  48. Really like this outfit. I think the neckline’s fine–it’s a very narrow point so we’re not seeing anything we shouldn’t.

  49. I wish she would have worn yesterday’s shoes today! The praline seems too warm for the cool, grayish pink and purple tones in the coat dress. The dress doesn’t wow me, but I’ve never been a fan of the lace-trimmed coat dress. It does look lovely on Kate.

    I do love the jewelry and agree that it adds an extra touch of formality to a formal occasion like this. I love it when the Duchess brings out some of the Queen’s lesser-worn jewels!

    Is it just me–I feel like I have been seeing hints of Diana in so many of Kate’s fashion choices lately! Today it is the earrings, yesterday the costume jewelry (which Diana was known to love), I see little nods to Diana all the time. Anyone else see this as well? Or am I making it up?

    • I have noticed the Diana influences as well, as of late. I wonder if it has something to do with the anniversary of Diana’s death, as well as the documentary that Harry and William participated in.
      I quite like the nods to Diana, it brings further meaning to the ensembles.

  50. Love the dress. The style and cut are wonderful for her height and her figure. The zipper in an interesting element, and the embroidery is beautiful. Love the brooch, too.Indifferent to the hat.
    But I think what’s most interesting (and important) about the way Kate looked yesterday and today is something that’s — intangible. It has to do with maturity, poise, confidence but also a deeper recognition and understanding of just what she has taken on and what it requires of her, and what she does, and will, represent.
    Perhaps it comes, in part, from attending more and more events that are heartbreaking memorials to the horror of war, to the enormous loss of life Britain and the Commonwealth suffered. To a concentration camp and to Holocaust memorials. It changes people.
    Perhaps what I’m trying to say is suddenly she looks like…a (future) queen. Not her clothes or jewels. Her new bearing.
    But, since this is a fashion blog — I’ll repeat my tiny criticism of her hat. Oh dear, I just don’t like it very much.

    • She does seem to queen like now.

    • Thank you. You said what I was trying to say in my first post. I think we need to remember that Kate is a ‘queen in waiting’ … :) and her fashion choices need to reflect her position in the royal family, the event, the audience, the others in attendance, etc. Although her choices seem to look the same…I think she really does try to pay attention to the needs of the time and place. So many of her looks will be remembered for many years and I do think she is trying to form a signature style…yes, sometimes predictable, but nonetheless her style is always classic and regal.

  51. Very beautiful. I too can’t really figure out the colors. I keep thinking, why not the gray shoes with THIS one? (Though again–I’m a fan of the Rossi praline heels overall). But maybe what’s reading as gray lace on my screen isn’t really, and wouldn’t have made sense with the gray shoes.

    The dress isn’t one I’d wear myself, but then again I am rarely (read: never) called upon for this kind of duty. It looks elegant and appropriate for the occasion, and the jewelry is lovely and understated. I agree, I was interested to see in yesterday’s post how much she has grown, style-wise, in just a few years.

    My only notes are on the zipper fob, which seems weirdly attention-getting for some reason, and seems like something that might easily have been avoided, and the updo, which looks a little Caroline Ingalls with the hair coming down over her ears like that. These are pretty minor complaints.

  52. Lovely and appropriate for a Summer occasion of this nature.

  53. What I feel about this dress as well as the one from the 90th birthday celebrations, is that they both look more suited to Camilla. They are both lovely, appropriate and well-made, but in both instances they seem to age Kate. The hat with today’s outfit seems to sit heavy on her head. I actually liked yesterday’s much better though I know that puts me very much in the minority. Finally, I’m also seeing this more in a gray tone. I just can’t see the pink at all, so it must be something about how it photographs.

  54. It reminds me so much of the Catherine Walker she wore to the Queen’s 90th Birthday Church service, right down to the boring shoes, that I question why another so similar outfit was necessary. I do love the cut of both coats (since they’re identical).

    I’ll be interested in what Catherine Quinn wears in her new role! The picture is very Claire Underwood – serious hair, neutral outfit but with an interesting cut near the face and minimal jewelry.

  55. Just a question… Is a zipper thread front closure on this dress? That’s how I see it and it’s a bit odd to me.

  56. Also, is it just me or does Charles look a little out of place? Usually he is super formal and here he is wearing what almost looks like a summer suit while all the other men are in dark suits.

    • agreed! He didn’t really look like the “king in waiting” today.

    • I thought it was weird too that Prince Charles wore such a light colored suit compared to the others. Don’t get me wrong it’s a nice looking suit…just maybe it should’ve been worn to a different occasion.

      • Someone mentioned Charles likes lighter fabrics and lighter coloured suits in the summer, which is fine, but for this occasion, I think he needs to look more formal, regardless of what he “likes” in the summer.

        • Agreed Hilary. Someone mentioned in a later post that he looks like he’s on vacation and almost scruffy, and he really does. It’s surprising to me because he is usually so formal I don’t think I’ve ever seen him not in a full suit (in recent years) when he’s doing a public event (minus horseback riding or something like that.) So it does seem like he was just like, “I wear TAN SUITS IN THE SUMMER!” And so he wore one. lol.

  57. This reminds me a great deal of the Catherine Walker coatdress she wore last April to a church service (I think for the queen’s birthday?) I actually liked that one even though I think many didn’t so I “like” this one as well, but it almost feels like a repeated outfit.

    I feel like my computer is wonky or something because the dress looks gray to me, I don’t see any taupe in the lace. Is it supposed to be pink? the description is “dusty pink venetian wool” but I wasn’t sure if that just described the material or if the dress is actually a shade of pink. Because it does look so gray to me, I feel like the shoes from yesterday would have gone better than these praline heels and I don’t think the hat quite matches. but this could be a color issue on my computer.

    • It’s not just you. I too thought it was gray until I read the description and saw closeups on this site.

    • Looks grey to me too. Also agree that yesterday’s shoes may have looked better and today’s shoes matched yesterday’s outfit (from screen viewing anyway – maybe colour now coming through well – but it looks to me like the shoes should have been reversed!)
      Love the pattern on today coat dress though. Gorgeous. Great hat. Also loved seeing real jewelry, not faux pieces. Perfect hair and makeup. A big hit.

    • I thought exactly the same thing when I saw the pictures! It’s a very similar outfit/look to what she wore to the thanksgiving service for the Queen’s birthday last summer.

  58. I realize that the product description says “dusty pink” but in all the photographs I have seen the frock appears grey to me. Whatever the color, file this one under “don’t hate it but it does nothing for her and is just meh”. I really don’t think it is flattering at all but I cannot put my finger on what I don’t like about it. I do like the new shoes and that Prada clutch is one of my all time favorites. The earrings are lovely—wish she had worn them yesterday instead of those Balenciaga ones.

    I also think her hair is letting her down—it appears to be falling and drooping, which is odd because her hair is gorgeous.

    The hat shape is strange to me, and I wish it had been worn at a different angle–I also don’t think that the colors on the hat go with the colors in the dress.

    • The commenter above notes that she has another Catherine Walker coatdress in this same cut (but blue with white embellishment). I’m equally stumped to put my finger on why, but I don’t think it’s the most flattering shape either, not necessary on Kate specifically but just in general. Perhaps the combo of the A-line and the collarless V-neck doesn’t quite work. Still, it’s very appropriate to this occasion overall and the embroidery is lovely.

      I love the hat and Diana’s earrings. Seems the goal with her hair was to do a softer updo, but I think you’re right that this was a miss. (I understand wanting to keep a bun or knot in place but when a hairnet is used it needs to be camouflaged a bit better — was really obvious in this case.)

  59. Yesterday’s shoes would have been stunning with this coat dress.

  60. I think this is a case of a coat I couldn’t imagine ever wearing myself, for all that it’s a CW bestseller, but it’s pitch perfect for a royal occasion such as this. I’m in awe of the stunning lace embellishment, the soft grey very lovely over the most restrained shades of pink. It contrives to be restrained while still making the Duchess distinctive and royal.

    The overall silhouette is first rate for Kate, and of course we’ve seen it before on the very similar coat she wore to St Paul’s for the Queen’s 90th birthday. I’m not so sure about hair and hat this time. Unusually for Kate the hat doesn’t seem to balance out against the coat, not as well as yesterday’s broader brim.

    This basic beret shape seems to crowd in too close to her head and the whole is on the top-heavy side when Kate wears her hair completely covering her ears. I don’t think it’s wrong, just that I may not be used to the effect. The effect of the low updo is certainly sober and fits the occasion to that extent.

    Lovely to see close-ups of those earrings and even better to get the stellar brooch provenance as well. Happy with neutral courts – all that matters to me is that they should be beautifully cut and Kate has a terrific eye for that.

    • The earrings are the piece de resistance of the whole look, I think. Nice to see them out again.

    • I wonder if the smaller hat was chosen to mesh with Queen Mathilde’s hat…they bit wore similar size hats yesterday as well.

  61. Its a meh for me. Sorry but I still wonder why Kate would buy so many so similar pieces…at the first glance, I thought it was another repeat…

  62. That is *quite* a resume for a private secretary! I like the looks of her…like I’d want her to be my mentor. Love this coat dress on Kate, and enjoy the outfit overall. My only complaint is the hair; it looks like it was brushed back into a low bun, secured with an elastic, and tossed in a hairnet.

    • I was thinking the same thing!! Quite a resume, indeed. Perhaps she is looking to have more of a mentor in that role as she assumes more responsibilities?

      • Her resume is quite impressive. I wondered if she was head hunted, applied or knows someone on the KP staff. I’m thrilled to see someone with such strong credentials become Kate’s private secretary. It certainly means business, no pun intended.

        • Love these comments. Adds a ton of bench strength to team Kate and as one of you pointed out some great mentorship! Can’t wait to see the results!

          • Yes! To I have a lot of thoughts about what this shift and boost in power means and I’m so excited to see what comes of it. Our girl looked way more confident and comfortable in her role today than she did in the comparison 4 years ago…can’t wait to see what she does from here!

        • Yes— absolutely fantastic credentials of DOC’s new private secretary!

    • I was quite impressed by her resume too. I’m wondering why she is stepping down from her job. It surely will mean a pay cut? I mean no disrespect but is private secretary not a step down from her current role? Of course she may. Dry we’ll be looking for a change. I find all of this very fascinating and look forward to leaning more about it. I’ve been curious as to why Rebecca is leaving too – aside from “she is married”. I wonder where she will go from here!

  63. an absolute stunning coatdress.! love the color, floral embellishment and that hat oh that hat. ! realy gorgeous! earrings, broach and shoes all harmonize!

  64. Lovely ensemble. Thank you for the thorough coverage of the event.

    Because of the way the light is shining or the way the photographs were taken or are rendering on my computer, the colors are really hard to determine from the pictures. In the pictures the coat has appeared to me as white, ivory, pale grey and in only one or two the pink (as described). The lace has also looked like different colors to me. I first thought the Duchess should have worn the shoes from yesterday’s event because the lace looked silver/grey and I though what a nice match. Then I discover that the lace is actually taupe and so the praline shoes make sense. It would be lovely sometime to see the clothes in person.

  65. Love. Love. Love.

    Perfect sophisticated, elegant, and I love the bottom lace details!

    The zipper adds some modern-ness to the outfit.

    • The zipper does make it more modern, doesn’t it. I think what is visible above the zipper may be a hook-and-eye closure. Anyway, I think it looks great. I’m always criticizing the fit-and-flare looks that just hang (most of her Emilia Wicksteads) and have waists that are too high (most of her Emilia Wicksteads) and sleeves that are inappropriate (for whatever reason – too short, gathered when they should be fitted, etc – criticisms of the design, not the Duchess). This dress has none of those problems, plus it is elegant and appropriate for the occasion. I too love the lace and don’t think the “heart” is intentional, by the way.

  66. Pretty and appropriate outfit, I guess. I don’t like the wonky neckline (there’s some string-looking thing at the V), and the hair covering the ears is aging and not attractive.

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