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Emmy: A UK firm started by Emmy Scarterfield, the brand creates beautifully designed handmade shoes and accessories. You can follow Emmy on Twitter, visit the company’s Facebook page or read the blog they recently launched. Below we show Kate carrying the ‘Natasha’ clutch in Emmy’s ‘chocolate brown’ and ‘carbon’ colors, done in an elegant suede.

Splash News/Emmy


A classic British company that continues to grow in popularity, Mulberry was founded in 1971 and still manufactures bags in the UK. The Mulberry Facebook page is here, Instagram page is here and Twitter feed is here. More than any other item from this brand, Kate carries the Bayswater Clutch Wallet in multiple colors, including black suede, conker (cranberry) suede and buttercream suede.


Mulberry/Polaris/Splash News

Additionally, Kate has carried Mulberry’s ‘Polly Push Lock‘, as well as the Araline in Fuchsia, both are seen below.

PHOTOS: Kind permission of IKON Pictures (L) /Flynet Pictures (R)

Tod’s: The Italian leather goods company is one the Duchess has favored for some time, she carries the company’s handbags and also wears Tod’s shoes. To visit Tod’s Facebook page, click here.

One of her favorites is the D-Bag, a style actually named after the late Princess Diana, she was very fond of Tod’s and carried an earlier version of this now-iconic bag. Kate has been seen with different colors, including both grey and the tobacco. There are multiple versions of the bag, including the Luxury style, it comes with platinum plated hardware and runs $4850 USD+, the standard model starts at $1665 USD.


Longchamp Le Pliage Totes: Long a favorite of the town and country set, Kate is very fond of her Le Pliage bags. They are roomy, very durable and come in two styles: longer handles for carrying the bag on one’s shoulder; and the shorter handle carried as a tote. The Duchess has them in both sizes and several colors. Kate’s assistant., Rebecca English, has been seen carrying one of the bags, and the family’s Nanny, Maria Borrallo, has carried one on outings with George. Below left we show the short-handled style in the Medium size and the longer handle version in Large.

Lonchamp Le Pliage Nordstrom

Lonchamp Le Pliage Nordstrom

ANYA HINDMARCH: Another British label, the company is known for luxury accessories offered in more than 50 stores worldwide, along with a bespoke service. The company’s website is here, its Facebook page here, and Twitter feed here. Kate has carried many bags by Anya Hindmarch, including the Marano (l) and Bespoke Maud (r) throughout 2011 and 2012.

Splash News Online

A better look at those pieces.

Anya Hindmarch

Kate has also carried the Fan Clutch.

LK BENNETT: The British company remains a favorite of the Duchess, she is frequently seen in the brand’s apparel and footwear, she also carries LK Bennet bags. The LK Bennett UK/International website is here, its US & Canadian website is here, the Facebook page is here. One of Kate’s most frequently carried bags is the label’s “Natalie”. We show her carrying the label’s ‘Natalie’ clutch on the North American Tour in 2011, at a Buckingham Palace party and Order of the Garter ceremonies, the two latter events in 2012.

Canadian Heritage/PA Wire/Paul Edwards-PA Wire

Canadian Heritage/PA Wire/Paul Edwards-PA Wire

The Natalie is a highly versatile piece, constructed of interwoven strips of leather, it measures about 6″ x 4″. LK Bennett still offers the bag on their UK website.

LK Bennett Natalie

LK Bennett Natalie

The Duchess started carrying the Avona Long Roll Clutch in light taupe patent leather. The bag is from the spring 2013 collection, it sold for $295/£195.

LK Bennett/Splash News

LK Bennett/Splash News

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  1. What Coach bags does Kate use? Thank you for your research that you do! We really appreciate it!

  2. The Longchamp is discounted to $69 at Bonanza.com

  3. I love her Style! I designed the “Kate Tote” after her and would love to have her carry it one day! Unfortunately the Royal Family is not allowed to accept gifts from commercial entities!

  4. We came across a beautiful brown suede, leather and gold hardware handbag. The inside is marked Diana Jewels- Italy. On a gold bar engraved. Could this have been Princess Diana’s Handbag? SHARON sballin@goodwillcollectibles.com

  5. woohoo I’m so glad I found this site! Love all the bag brands listed here! Except Emmy’s I guess, I’m not a big fan of the plain styles. No details, no nice textures, rather dull colours :( Does anyone else feel this way?

  6. perfect little clutch purses that don’t “over crowd” the outfits, but enhance them

  7. Have enjoyed viewing Kate.William and George.. Kate has been a delights her choices of dress and do enjoy seeing she and William with George. They make the queen proud.

  8. Im crazy abt HRH Kate Middleton’s Trench coats n lovely hats . I’ve purchased few trenchcoats which I identical to her in fact some of them are specially custom made designed wid all details. She’s Gem of person just lik Late Princess Diana shes definately sent hersrlf in form .


  9. does anyone know the name and maker of the leather bag Kate had the day she was with her mother and purchased the baby bassinette also where it can be purchased at?
    Thank You

  10. LK Bennett’s Natalie Clutch definitely needs to be listed here! I know you’re super busy so I understand :)
    I love the clutch, it’s so versatile and classy and the Duchess has been seen with hers on at least 12 occasions!

  11. I think Princess Catherine is just great……..I love almost every thing she wears………I like your web site, too………….you give all of the details…………We love all of the details…..Thank you …..Mildred.

    • She is a DUCHESS not a princess

      • Actually, she is a Princess, Duchess, Countess and Lady. The style she is most regularly known by is Duchess of Cambridge, but it’s not her only title. Just let someone give her a compliment without picking apart their post. We’re here to be fans of her fashion so please don’t be disrespectful to others.

        • Good on you, Elisa! I love this website. I am ridiculous about following her clothes and what she does! I hope the fairy tale bubble never bursts. I am so tired of all the prissy corrections about her title and how disrespectful it is to still call her Kate Middleton. She told a bunch of little boys to call her Kate last week. She doesn’t appear to be hung up about titles. She knows who she is. So, I’m thrilled you took the time to make this comment. If you are on this website, you are interested in her and her fashions. Copying is the highest form of compliment. We will never know, but I don’t think she covets any title. I think she hung on for the man she loves and tolerates the hullabaloo that oes with being his wife. I truly blieve that being his wife is the only title she wanted and the rest has some great moments, and no one minds being wealthy, but I think she would be happy as his wealthy wife without a title, so I wish all the defenders of her title would form a forum to gripe about it between themselves. On with giving us the details of her fashion. Thank you.

          • Kate is a role model I pray and I can be like her, so simple very cheerful lady William made the best decision he will never look back. I look at her fashion its so lovely all made to suit her.

          • well said. Please just let her be a wife a mother and in time wife of our future King. Its time to show some respect please.

  12. Just discovered that Holt Renfrew here in Canada carries the Mulberry line! Over $1000.00 CDN – I am considering working there just so I can get the bag half price.

  13. What are some of the longchamp bags that she uses ?

    • I bought a Longchamp tote for around $150.00 from Saks 5th Ave. I have to say that it is sturdy. I tried it not because any ‘celebrity’ owns one, but rather, I heard that it was strong-holding, and it is. I really, really like it.

  14. What about Anya Hindmarch?!?! She’s worn the Marano and Maud every otherday this summer!

  15. I love love love the Tod’s bags and the D-bag was one of my favorites. It’s so simple yet sophisticated and the style goes with almost any long jacket!

  16. Hi there! I really love your site! Just one question… I’m from Russia, and we also have Kate’s fans here. Do you mind if I borrow pics and some facts about Kate for posting here, on a Russian site? We don’t get much information about Kate here, both in news and fashion sites. And how can I do it right, e.g. give a citation from your site? Thanks!!

  17. Wow! Over $4000 USD for a hand bag. I thought I was extravagant buying Coach. Guess I’ll have to wait for an inheritance to get a Tod :)

  18. I love that Meli Melo bag! Hope it is still available!

  19. Been following this site for some time…due to it’s awesomeness. Can you tell me if Kate carries the regular sized Polly Push bag and whether Kate carries the Longchamp Legende bag in the size that retails for $595 or $662?

  20. Can you tell me where to get Kate’s kauri shell navy bag?

  21. Any details on the brand of pantyhose Kate is wearing in California. I love them.

  22. Where can I purchase the Sebago Bala moccazine that Kate wore in Canada? Please advise.

    • They are sold out everywhere (and have been since the day after Kate was spotted wearing them), but they are supposed to be remaking them and they will be available in January.

  23. Got it. It’s the Prada Bowler bag and I love it.

  24. Would like to know the name of the bag Kate is carrying while talking on the phone as shown in Majesty magazine, Vol 32, No 6, pg 40. Please reply.

  25. she loves longchamp as well

  26. The bag she carried when boarding the plane was a Mulberry Neeley bag I think.

  27. Your latest post showing Kate in the Mouret dress – that bag she carries looks nothing like the Mulberry Polly push lock your illustration shows – the one she carries is much better looking – what is it, please?

    • Thanks so much for reading and for commenting, we appreciate it. As best I can tell from the photos, Kate is carrying a Mulberry Polly, it looks to me like the Push Lock bag. *maybe* the Satchel. The Polly does come in different sizes and colors, so it’s possible the bag in the photograph looks a bit different.

  28. hi,

    just wondering if you had heard of Aspinal of London bags? Pippa was just spotted out carrying one and when i visited their site it says that Kate has used some of their bags before?



    • Thank you Michelle, this is one of those I keep wanting to add to the ‘Favorite Brands’ page but haven’t had the time, arrggh! Thank you for the linkage though, every bit helps. :)

  29. About Prada bag, according site called “Coolspotters” the Prada bag is called Prada Bowler Bag.
    Here’s the link: http://coolspotters.com/handbags/prada-bowler-bag/photos_videos#medium-1367675
    She had it from quite some time. I like it very much too.

  30. Kate has also carried a Mulberry Vintage Hellier bag in scotchgrain/duck egg blue. There’s a picture here (although heavily watermarked!): http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/824/katemiddletonandmulberr.jpg/

  31. Any details on the Prada bag? I’m in love with it and am trying to find it or something extremely similar. Any ideas?

    (most recently she used it while shopping on King’s Road the afternoon of the ARK dinner, but she’s had it for quite a while).

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