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  • Wednesday, August 30: Kate will join William and Harry as they host a reception for Princess Diana’s charities at Kensington Palace. The trio will also visit The Diana Garden at Kensington Palace.
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  1. It seems as if Kate and William, are taking a much deserved break! I hope they are at their country house, or at some undisclosed beach, having some much needed family time! I love and love, this website. Susan is my heroine, and often when I comment, people think I am HER, …I wish. Job so well done Susan!!!
    XO Susan

  2. I absolutely love going onto this site. I am literally in love with the royal family and follow Kate, William and her children endlessly. I love to see what she wears and checking her calendar. I followed Diana also and remember getting up for her Wedding to Charles. Memories I cherish to this day. Thank you so much for sharing with the world this beautiful family. Maybe one day I will be blessed to come and get a glimpse of the Royal Family!

  3. When there are no upcoming dates on Kate’s calendar I feel so sad.

    • Sarah Ashley, I feel the same way! Yet, I’m sure as much as I love, love, love, seeing Kate and her family, The planning, and fittings, for such appearances must be exhausting, then she has to constantly be working to stay so fit, healthy, and beautiful! Not to mention that she is the very, ‘hands-on’, Mother to two darling children. I feel very lucky to be able to see and share her public life, and private moments sometimes too! This site is so awesome!!!

  4. Please, would you update the calender? Thank You!

    • Susan updates it when there’s something scheduled. I don’t think that there is anything for the rest of July or August yet.

      • I am sure that the Royals have events scheduled months in advance.

        • I’m sure they do schedule things months in advance, but when those events actually become public knowledge is another story.

          • I think that they are not releasing engagements as far in advance in anymore due to security concerns – generally a week or to advance time at most!

            • I’ve been blogging about Kate since 2011 and they rarely announce anything more than two weeks in advance, with exception to Royal Tours (and then the itinerary isn’t shared until closer to the departure date). As Kelly says, it’s certainly been stricter recently. Kensington Palace didn’t even announce the Belgium visit until the day of!

              • I remember that the New York tour was announced pretty close to the December arrival here!

          • I had read that all tours are scheduled 6 months in advance…at least. Including the “recce” of the scheduled appearances and so on.

    • Not much happens in August..holidays. The Queen arrived at Balmoral castle Scotland yesterday for her annual holiday..thru to September. Kate and family will probably visit sometime before George starts school in Sept. You may see her at highland games in nearby Braemar.

  5. Cambridges will attend the State banquet with Spain couple today!

  6. Any idea about what time the event will be taking place on July 13? My mom and I are arriving in London that day and would love to try to see her!

  7. I cannot wait to see a fashion ‘face off’ between Queen Letizia and Catherine!

  8. She did attend the ladies’ semi-final last year, I think? Wearing the yellow Roksanda Ilincic ‘banana’ dress.

  9. Susan any idea what time Kate will join the sailing event tomorrow? Thanks

  10. We all dream of being a princess at one time or another, but it must be so worrisome for Catherine and the Royal Family attending events with the Manchester thing that just happened. The Queen’s Parade/Trooping of the Colour is approaching.

  11. Hello,
    I’ve been reading in the belgium newpapers that Kate and Will are coming to belgium on 7th of june. They are going to visit the city Menen. There’s a sort of memorial around World War I. I don’t know if you already have that information in the UK and if it’s true.

  12. Royal Ascot is coming up, any news on Catherine’s a attendance ?


    • Hi Laura, unfortunately we’ve not heard a peep. I’m crossing my fingers the royal racing fairy sprinkles some pixie dust and makes magic happen in that regard! :)

  13. I love your blog :D you’re doing an amazing job!
    Just one little thing I noticed – May 23 is a Tuesday, not a Thursday, isn’t it? (It’s where you wrote about the garden parties.)
    I am from Austria btw – just thought you might be interested where some of your readers come from ;) thanks for all your great work! :)

    • Thank you for such kind words about the site *and* for letting me know about the date! We love our friends in Australia, I think it is 4th in readership location; the most readers come from the US, Canada, the UK and then Australia. :)

    • I think the blog is outstanding, she does a great job. She researches everything very precisely to any day and nighttime – it is like “blog around the clock” :-)
      I discovered the blog two years ago and I come regularly to see what’s new.I was very pleased when I read that here is another fan from Austria – then we are already two and maybe there are some more…

  14. I’m super excited about Pippa’s wedding and can’t wait to see what everyone will be wearing.

  15. Under May, there is Friday May 11 and Saturday May 13. The 12th has disappeared!

  16. Paris could be quite tough as the French can be hypercritical in matters of fashion and cuisine. It will be interesting to see what the French media say.

    That said the Queen Consort as she then was scored a hit in 1938 with her all white wardrobe designed by Norman Hartnell. Her father had just died but white is a mourning colour in France.

    • I am French and I can assure you that white has never been a mourning color in France. It is in India that people wear white clothing at a funeral.

  17. Hi, Susan.

    I was just wondering when we can expect to see the results from the most recent polls. “What Kate Wore” is one of my guilty pleasures and I’m always looking forward to a new post.


  18. Hi! Just wondering… Any ideas if we will see Kate at this year’s St. Patrick’s day ceremony? I mean the one where she presents shamrocks to members of the Irish Guard… Just asking :-)


  19. Me encanta Kathy, la adoro y sigo todas sus apariciones en publico.
    felicitaciones por esta pagina

  20. Hi was wondering if there would be anymore calendars made. I missed the calendar this year due to being out of the country. I really hope that I can get one.

    • Hi Ashley, and thanks for your interest in our calendars. I’m sorry you weren’t able to get one. Unfortunately, we are all out and won’t be printing more. Would you like me to get in touch with you in case we have any returned?

  21. Just wondering if there will be another What Kate Wore calendar this year? I was very happy with the one I got last year. Well done!

    • I’m so happy you like your 2016 version, that’s wonderful to hear. Yes, there will be a 2017 Calendar, details coming very shortly! :)

      • Good Day What Kate Wore Team.

        I hope I am able to get one for 2017. I missed out last year as there were no more available. I am just a little concerned I won’t get it for the second time in part because of the time difference between USA and Europe. What time of day would you post that the calendars are available so I can have a chance to purchase before they are all sold out? Also, what size would they be in, 12×12?

        Thank you Kindly!!

        • Hello, and thank you for your interest in our calendars. They’re now available in our little storefront. This year we’re offering both a wall calendar (10.5″ x 16″ when hanging on the wall) and a desktop calendar. Here is a link to the store: http://bit.ly/WKWStore (I sent an email with calendar info, but to make sure you get the information, I thought I should also respond here.) :)

    • To Kate and William
      The Royal candlar 2017 and cup mug George and Charlotte posters
      Lots of love from


  22. Kate has engagements with Willam on October 14 in Manchester

  23. I actually think Penzance has a claim to being a city. Its population is larger than Truro’s, after all. And St Ives could be called a “small city”. My mother came from a place in the US with a population about the size of that in St Ives, and it’s called a city. Granted, it’s located in a state that doesn’t have much to offer in the way of urban environments, so perhaps it’s a city only by way of comparison. Or, perhaps, it’s just ambitious.

    • Here in the UK, as I understand it, a place is only called a city if it has a cathedral in it. Truro has the only cathedral in Cornwall, therefore it is the only city!

      • That’s true, Pippa. I was merely musing on the irony of the larger Penzance NOT being called a city.

        • City status in the United Kingdom is granted by the monarch of the United Kingdom. The main criteria is there must be a cathedral there. Size is not as important now.
          If a town wishes to obtain the title of a city the proper method of procedure is to address a petition to the Queen through the Home Office. It is the duty of the Home Secretary to submit such petitions to her Majesty and to advise her Majesty to the reply to be returned.
          Penzance does not have a cathedral so does not qualify.

  24. Do they ever eat when on engagements?

    • By looking at Kate, my guess would be no.

      • Unless the rules have changed, no photos are allowed of royals eating.

        • I may be wrong, but I’m not aware of such a rule. There are frequently photos and videos of British royal family members eating. Most recently we saw Kate and William doing that at the Taste of British Columbia in Canada. If one does a search for “Charles Camilla eating” there are many pictures of them eating at a variety of engagements.

  25. What happen with Kate’s calendar????

  26. I just read that Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has invited all four Cambridges to Canada next year for a royal tour to celebrate the country’s 150th anniversary. Any rumors yet on whether or not this might become official?? (I mean, can you just, for one second, imagine the photos? The wardrobe? Prince George and Princess Charlotte??) :-)

    Waiting for an announcement…fingers crossed!

  27. Prince “Harry” real name is Henry, not his title. His full name is Henry Charles Albert David but, he has always been called Harry.

  28. I wonder if the DoC will attend a 2016 Garden Party and perhaps wear again her Christopher Kane shiny blue coatdress

  29. For the June 30th event, you’ve written Price Henry of Wales. Should be Harry. :)

    • Thank you for letting me know about the typo on ‘Prince,” my bad! Harry’s official title is “Prince Henry of Wales,” Harry is his nickname. :)

      • Oh! I didnt know his official title has Henry in it. Interesting! Thank you for pointing that out :)

  30. Gosto muito de ver seu site,sou brasileira e acho muito lindo a monarquia da inglaterra,principalmente a nova geração e aqui voce é a primeira a comentar muito bom,beijos

  31. When will the Queen have her Christmas Lunch for all of the Royals….Thank you for this web site……………….I really enjoy it…………..Mildred

    • Yes, I would expect the Queen will have her annual Christmas luncheon, probably the 15th 16th of December. Thank you for commenting Mildred, it’s wonderful seeing that you enjoy the site. :)

  32. The Festival of Remembrance (November 7) at the Royal Albert Hall is an event that if your a senior member of the Royal Family and in the country, you attend, likewise Remembrance Sunday (November 8) where Catherine watches from the balcony. The focus is very much on the veterans and current servicemen of the Armed Forces, and the Royal Family are seen in military uniform, with the exception of The Queen – although I guess as she served during WWII, she could wear it if the fancy took her – and the wives who watch from the balconies. As Catherine is not seen very often during these two events, you must have a nightmare in trying to observe what she is wearing :)

  33. Happy early birthday to me! I had no clue about the 10/23 engagements so I’m excited to kick off my weekend with this news! Looking forward to another great post!!

  34. The duchess has confirmed 2 engagements on the 27th, 1 of them the 100 Women in Hedge Funds Gala. There is also an engagement on the 26th, and possibly the state banquet on the 20th. :)

  35. I think it’s a very strong possibility Kate will attend the 100 Women in Hedge Funds gala on Oct. 27 in London 1) She’s attended the event (twice?) before and 2)It benefits her patronage The Art Room

  36. I’ll be in London next week and would love to see Kate at one of her engagements. Do you have any idea if the public will be able to see her at either?

  37. March 17th is not Friday… It will be Tuesday :) Hope she will be there, BTW! :D

  38. Does anyone know where I could possibly see/meet the Duchess when she’s in New York. Which engagements would most likely result in a walkabout? Also will they release any addresses for the press or anything like that? I really just love to see Kate in person! Any help would be great! Thanks!

  39. Could we start guessing what designer she might wear for these events? It would be fun. I think she will wear a Jenny Packham gown for the Royal Variety Performance.

  40. The SportsBall for SportsAid is November 27th. Kate is not confirmed to be there, but their website is using a promo picture of the Duchess to promote it. Place2Be is also having a Christmas Concert on December 7. Kate may attend either of these.

  41. They should add that on the 22nd it’s prince Georges birthday

  42. Sth to add to the calendar: 4 August 2014, Kate & William are coming to Belgium to attend remembrance ceremony for World War 1, as is mentioned in our quality newspaper ‘De Standaard’ today: http://www.standaard.be/cnt/dmf20140427_01083118

  43. I just wanted to mention how similar Kate’s dress on Valentines day was to on Sophie of Wessex wore once except Sophie’s had long sleeves. I think she wore it at Easter.

  44. She looked beautiful at the christening :)

  45. There is one green army jacket Kate wore in May when she was volunteering at a Boy Scout camp in Windermere and I am absolutely in love with it! Does anyone know the designer or where I can get it?! I’ve been researching but I cannot find it :(

  46. Just curious if it is known that these engagements now being held at KP are because it is a nice venue associated with royal patronages, or are specifically chosen or decided upon with Kate and William in a hosting capacity (in which case you would definitely expect one or the other or both to attend).

  47. What kind of coat did she wear on 6.12.2012.? I would like to buy the same. Thanks

    • If it’s the blue tweed one you’re thinking of, then it’s by Missoni. Don’t know if you can still find it, but you might try etsy.com for a repli-Kate. Pretty sure I’ve seen it there.

  48. Wow I just can’t wait for the christening ! It’s going to be so exciting and Kate will wear something beautiful I’m sure.

  49. Wow she looked stunning

  50. There is a great deal to admire about Kate and she is a wonderful adddition to thr RF.
    I must say however that I am thoroughly sick of those beige shoes!!!!!
    The blue dress and the one for the church service don’t fit. Perhaps Kate is trying so hard not to look like she’wearing maternity clothes when clearly she is radiantly happy to be so.
    I also think she’s worked hard not to upstage others and that’to her credit. But this outfit (HM 60th anniversary church service) is a gigantic YAWNn.

  51. It’s a shame that William cannot attend the gala for centerpoint on his own. maybe he could take one of the people who work there or live there. of course we want everyone to be happy and healthy first.

  52. I think the recent news of the Duchess’s pregnancy and her unfortunate experience with hyperemesis gravidarum (horrible condition, nothing like the usual morning sickness) will alter her schedule. They seem to have annouced early owing to her hospitalization. We may not see much of her for a while.

  53. Very helpful. Thank you.

  54. Yay! No more searching! Thanks Susan!!

  55. I can’t wait! I just adore Kate’s fashions! I know she’ll find something magnificent to wear!

  56. looking forward to seeing this visiton tv. positive they will make a great job of it in there own down to earth way. a breath of fresh air in the british monarchy although i like the queen. cant help how she was brought up. safe journey.

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