Sep 082011

We have a few items to share today, beginning with two quick updates on dresses worn by the Duchess.

The black Issa dress worn by Kate when she went shopping just days before her wedding is now available at My Theresa.

FAME via People/

Some readers may recall that Kate did a bit of shopping on April 20 (more on that here), here is how the dress is described:

Deep V-neckline with gathering detail at the waist. Short sleeves with slight gathering at the shoulder. Back seam detailing. Hidden zip at the side. 100% Silk.

The dress is selling for $675 at My Theresa, Sizes 8 & 10 (UK sizing, considered XS & S in US) are wait-listed as of this writing, all other sizes are shown as available.

Our thanks to DuchessKateLove on Twitter for the tip on the Issa, she was also kind enough to let us know the Duchess’s ‘Scala’ dress by Joseph is available at Harrods.

PA Wire/Harrods

This was the frock Kate wore to preview the wedding gown exhibit with the Queen back on July 22. (Click here for more.)  From the description:

  • A classically tailored piece in an on-trend neutral hue, the Joseph Scala dress epitomizes the brand’s effortlessly elegant design aesthetic.
  • Pale pink dress, Mock wrap design, Deep V-neckline, Cropped sleeves, Zip closure to side
  • 78% acetate, 22% polyester

This dress is also available in many sizes, it is £395, approximately $635 USD at today’s exchange rates.

Next, a look at a fascinating story about Kate’s presence at NY Fashion Week, which kicks off tonight with Fashion’s Night Out.  No, the Duchess isn’t expected to put in an appearance, the reference comes from this piece in the NY Times:

Are the RepliKates Ready to March?

The story examines Kate’s influence on the fashion world, including her appeal to young women.

“Indeed, Kate’s influence will be felt on the runways on Thursday when New York Fashion Week begins, if not in any literal sense, then surely as a state of mind. “We are in a Kate moment,” said Ed Burstell, the managing director for Liberty of London. Mr. Burstell, who expects to see a pronounced Kate effect in New York this week, added that since her recent tours abroad, everyone wants to look like her, to act like her, to be her.

Much of what is said in the story echoes sentiments previously expressed in this space: people have grown weary of a culture honoring over-the-top, scantily clad, blinged-out celebrities. They are looking for more substance from both their stars and their styles.  Some of it is the need for solid ground underfoot as recessionary realities grow ever-more-disturbing, but it is also a desire for respect: apparel and accessories that are appropriate, that allow one to be respectful of one’s surroundings.

More from Ruth La Ferla’s story:

“Kate’s advent is timely nonetheless. Her unflagging graciousness, guileless manner and nonthreatening good looks are viewed by admirers as a tonic, the sparkling antidote to excess. “There’s nothing trashy or vulgar about her,” said Anna Wintour, the editor of Vogue, which has featured the duchess several times. She dresses her age and never looks out of place.

Designer Wes Gordon was quoted at length in the story, talking about the way younger women respond to Kate’s style.

They could not seem to get enough of her, Mr. Gordon recalled. Not her slim dresses, nor her pumps, her J Brand jeans or see-through hose. But mostly they chattered about her sleeves. Those long sleeves were a touch, said the designer (who will show his spring line at the Hosfelt Gallery on Thursday) that six months ago not one of those girls would have commented on.

As mentioned above, Mr. Gordon’s Fashion Week presentation was today, below we show three looks from his collection for next spring.

It doesn’t take an immense stretch of one’s imagination to see Kate in any of the styles shown above; the print on the first garment is a little loud for the Duchess, but a different belt on the blue dress makes it ‘very Kate,’ the dress on the right is a more covered up version of the Joseph dress we chatted about near the top of the post.

Back to the story, you’ll see the line that has been exploding online in certain forums:

Catherine is, in Mr. Burstell’s term, the anti-Kardashian, a bracing antithesis to the strident style and manner of many Hollywood celebrities, who look so phony by comparison, he said, with their paid endorsements and brand-ambassador deals. Diane Von Furstenberg, whose dresses the duchess has worn, said that she represents a craving for a proper alternative to the housewives, a reference to the popular television reality series.

We highly recommend reading the article in its entirety, click here to do that.  We leave you with a line about the story in The Cut:

“The anti-Kardashian” and you’ve been looking for the perfect three-word way to describe Kate’s look. That is so it, and that is so what the world needs.


Jun 142011

We have a very quick update today on the dress Kate wore to Prince Philip’s 90th birthday party Sunday night.

PHOTOS: Robin Bell via The Daily Mail

The occasion was a private family dinner at the upscale Waterside Inn, put together by the grandchildren. We’ll put this one in the “not a stellar moment” for Kate, the Stella McCartney dress is simply not a flattering style on The Duchess.

The utterly amazing Leisa, one of the incredible WKW Facebook detectives we are so grateful to have helping us, made the early call:

WKW Facebook Page

As many readers will have already learned (I am very late with this one), the dress is one worn by Madonna at the 2008 amFAR gala in Cannes. Grazia says the silk dress is from Ms. McCartney’s Spring/Summer 2009 collection.  The Grazia story also notes that Kate was frugal, purchasing the frock three years after its original release. (Good for her!)

We made no secret on FB or Twitter we are not fond of the look on Madonna or Kate, and doubt it is flattering on anyone. To be clear, we are big Stella McCartney fans. We love that Kate is wearing an ‘edgier’ designer, and like the color a great deal. Unfortunately this seems one of the designer’s rare misses – while the dress design *looks* in theory like it should be lovely, the satin fabric isn’t able to sustain the cut and construction of the garment. The tie at the neck drapes nicely, just as it should, but that same weight of material that works for the tie makes the center embellishment too heavy, it pulls at the fabric.

By no means is everyone of a similar mind, several people we admire and follow on Twitter/Facebook like the look, pointing out it could well be a dress that looks great in person but photographs poorly. Satin can be problematical, it will *always* wrinkle (I swear if you look at it wrong it wrinkles) and it reflects light in an odd way, especially from flashbulbs.  It’s just not a style we find flattering for Kate.

Thanks also to our friend at Kate Middleton Style Blog for making the Grazia connection, a wonderful tip!



Jun 132011

The day was anything but gray for Kate at today’s Order of the Garter ceremony, she selected a Katherine Hooker coat and dress for the occasion. The Duchess chose Ms. Hooker’s raw silk Buxton Coat in a dove gray, officially referred to as ‘ash’.


While slightly similar to the sky blue Catherine Walker ensemble Kate’s mother Carole wore for the wedding, but a good look at the pieces show the distinctions, from the lapels and shoulders to the length of the garments.

The hand-beading on the cuffs and waist is a nice touch, Kate fashion fans will recognize many of the designer’s other looks on The Duchess prior to her marriage to Prince William.

These images come via our Kate’s Favorite Brands-Clothing page, she has long been fond of Ms. Hooker’s designs.

The exquisite hat is by milliner Rachel Trevor-Morgan.

The milliner is a royal favorite, the Queen has been seen in many of the designer’s hats previously. (We expect we’ll see more tomorrow at Royal Ascot.)

Kate accented her look with elegant grey suede pumps by Rupert Sanderson.

Rupert Sanderson ‘Malone’

As far as the bag goes, we’re still working on it and will let you know as soon as we have information on it.

Big credit for some of today’s detective work goes to Dana and Leisa on the WKW Facebook page, as well as Kate Middleton Style, pop over for a visit, we’re pals and she nailed this one, correcting the Daily Mail’s misidentification of Kate’s hat.