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We are back with our third and final Royal Tour poll, this one looking at accessories: bags, shoes, jewelry and a few miscellaneous items. Many of the items will look familiar, there are also few new pieces in the mix we think everyone will enjoy seeing again. The post is broken into four polls; one on handbags, another for shoes, a third for jewelry and a final mini-poll on things that stand on their own.


Our first item is the clutch carried for the couple’s arrival in Singapore when Kate was in the pink Jenny Packham dress, it was also carried for the Solomon Islands arrival, accessorizing the Jonathan Saunders Evelyn. Some believe this is a Jimmy Choo Cosma bag.

PHOTOS: James Whatling – Corbis – Splash

With her Erdem dress at the Eden Hall reception in Singapore Kate carried another UFO (Unidentified Fashion Object) clutch.

Splash News

We saw the return of the Anya Hindmarch Bespoke Maud, it was seen at the State Dinner in Singapore, Kate was wearing her Prabal Gurung dress for that event.

Anya Hindmarch Maud Clutch

The Wilbur and Gussie ‘Charlie’ also made another appearance, it was carried to the State Dinner in Malaysia, accessorizing Kate’s Alexander McQueen gown.

Wilbur and Gussie

We saw the Russell and Bromley ‘Muse’ return in Singapore, accessorizing the white broderie anglaise McQueen suit.

Rebecca English, Daily Mail/Splash News

LK Bennett’s Natalie was back for the tour, including Kate & William’s visit to the Mosque in Malaysia, as well as the British-Malaysia Chamber of Commerce luncheon.

LK Bennett Natalie

During the trip to Sabah in Malaysia we saw Kate with one of her many Longchamp Le Pliage totes on the helicopter.

Medium Le Pliage Tote at Selfridges


Kate started the tour in her LK Bennett Taupe Sledge pumps, seen in Singapore.

LK Bennett Sledge in Taupe

Kate’s Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon wedge was seen on multiple occasions, including the couple’s day in Singapore.

Stuart Weitzman Corkswoon

There was an addition to the ‘Sledge family,’ we saw Kate wear the Sledge in Off White.

LK Bennett Sledge in Off White

The LK Bennett Harper was back, worn with the Erdem dress to the reception at British High Commissioner’s residence in Singapore, more in this post.

LK Bennett Harper

For the formal dinner in Malaysia Kate brought out a new pair of Jimmy Choo heels, the Dart. (With thanks to WKW Facebook friend Sarah for identifying these.)

Splsah News/Jimmy Choo

Kate’s black Prada heels returned, worn with the creamy white and purple Prabal Gurung dress for the State Dinner in Singapore.

Splash News

For the day in Borneo’s rainforest, Kate opted to wear her Brasher Hillmaster GTX boots.

Brasher/Simon Amos – Brasher Facebook Page

The Stuart Weitzman Minx returned.

Chris Jackson/PA Wire

We briefly saw Kate wear her trusty Pied a Terre Imperia wedges when departing Kota Kinabalu and journeying to the Solomon Islands.

Pied a Terre ‘Imperia’

And that covers the footwear.


Annoushka Pearl Drops set  in 18K gold Created in 18ct yellow gold and pearl, these Pearl Earring Drops look stunning on our Eclipse 18ct yellow gold and diamond Porcupine Hoop Earrings.

Annoushka/Splash News

Diamond Drops with Aqua-ish/Blue-ish prong set center stone, possibly a custom version of the Kiki McDonough earrings shown below.

Kiki McDonough/UK Press Association

Once again we saw the diamond and sapphire earrings that were re-fashioned from a pair of Princess Diana’s, below we show them (barely) during the couple’s time at Gardens by the Bay in Singapore.

Gardens by the Bay Facebook

For the State Dinner in Malaysia the Duchess wore pieces by Catherine Zoraida, including the artisan’s Double Leaf Earrings.

UK Press Association/Catherine Zoraida

Kate also wore the Scales (Spread Your Wings)Bracelet by Ms Zoraida.

UK Press Association/Catherine Zoraida

Also new to the mix, Kate’s Red Sponge Coral earrings by Serretta, worn with the TAV pacific dress for the Governor General’s dinner in

Serretta Red Sponge Coral Earrings

Kate reprised her Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings to go with the yellow Jaeger dress worn throughout the day in Honiara, Solomon Islands.

Kiki McDonough

We saw another new pair of earrings on the tour, Kate wore the Azuni Disc Studs with Drop Stone from the company’s Athena collection.


That concludes our look at jewelry.

Miscellaneous Accessories: A few items stood out as meriting another look, either because they were unusual, or their inclusion in another category really didn’t make sense.

The parasol carried after the wreath laying at the Kranji War Memorial in Singapore, as William and Kate toured the Cemetery following the ceremony.

James Whatling/Corbis

The Jane Taylor bespoke hat worn for the Solomon Islands arrival with the Jonathan Saunders Evelyn dress.

Jane Taylor Millinery/Rebecca English, The Daily Mail-Mail Online

Kate’s elegant pearl hair accessories wowed many of her fashion followers.

Rebecca English, The Daily Mail – Mail Online Twitter

At the gala dinner in Tuvalu Kate was given a traditional skirt to wear atop her ALICE by Temperley Beatrice dress.

PA Wire

Kate wearing a traditional Tuvaluan Fou, a floral head dressing, at Funafuti.

Loia M. Tausi – Explores Blog

We’ll be back shortly with a look at Kate’s outing to a friend’s wedding today, a giveaway and an app update, there is another one that is now available.


Sep 132012

Kate continues to return to favored designers for important occasions, tonight she wore a custom Alexander McQueen gown by Sarah Burton for the State Dinner in Malaysia. The function was hosted by His Majesty The Agong. Below we show William and Kate heading in to dinner.

James Whatling/Corbis/Pool

The gala was at His Majesty’s official residence, the Istana Negara; here we see Kate with the Queen and other guests.

Via Liyana Hanim Twitter

The bespoke creation was a jaw-dropper, but there was more to it than meets the eye. As is customary for Kate, the piece showcased an homage to her host country: that glittering gold embroidery is a hibiscus, the official flower of Malaysia. More from The Australian:

She towered over her hosts in a pair of four-inch satin heels and kept the tops of her arms covered in line with religious protocol in the Muslim country.

Kate wore her hair partially pulled back and up, a very pretty look.

Mark Large/Daily Mail/PA Wire/PA Wire

Below, Kate and her hosts before the meal, with thanks to Rebecca English of the Daily Mail.

Rebecca English, Daily Mail Twitter

More on the evening from Richard Palmer in the Express:

When the King and Queen arrived, Kate bobbed in an elegant, low curtsey.

William proceeded to chat with the King while Kate stooped as she exchanged pleasantries with his wife.

The Sun has more on how Prince William is doing:

Admiring the ladies’ outfits, William joked: I’ve got my heels on tonight, then told the Prime Minister: I am tired. It’s the jet lag that is hardest.

Kate’s gown was exquisite.

Splash News

The creamy white dress featured a sheer overlay with gold lame embroidery bordering the sleeves, neckline and center of the gown, the same thread was used to create the golden hibiscus floral motif scattered over the fabric. Other elements included an empire waist, shirred white fabric at the bust, short, sheer sleeves and a full, flowing skirt.

There has been some discussion about the propriety of Kate’s decolletage, particularly in comparison to what other women were wearing.

The UK in Malaysia Facebook

I don’t believe there is any chance Kate’s team wasn’t fully aware of what is and is not acceptable, I’m sure they were in touch with protocol experts and officials at the British High Commission. Whether Sarah Burton or Kate’s personal assistant Rebecca Deacon or anyone else, no one would allow a misstep on this Tour.

Is the bodice of the gown revealing, exposing more than what others are wearing? Yes. Is it in keeping with standards mandating covered shoulders and sleeves? Yes.

Mark Large/Daily Mail/PA Wire/PA Wire

Back to the Express story:

They dined with 400 other guests in the Royal Banqueting Hall, where circular tables were laid out around a dais upon which a table for the royal party was set.

The meal was described as a fusion of English and Asian cuisine. No alcohol was served but guests were offered sweet fruit juices and water.

William and Kate were given gifts by their hosts, laid out on a table for viewing. William received a special warrior’s sword called a kris, for Kate there was a pair of black lace heels by Lewre, a growing shoe and accessory brand based in Malaysia.


Other gifts included a batik dress and diamante clutch. The clutch carried by Kate tonight is one seen previously, the gold Wilbur and Gussie bag seen on previous occasions.

Wilbur and Gussie

We don’t know the designer of Kate’s bracelet, we *think* the earrings are by Vinnie Day, they have a resemblance to his leaf design earrings.

Splash News/Press Association

UPDATE: The jewelry is by Catherine Zoraida. With thanks to the WKW Facebook friend Sarah and the amazing Diana’s Jewels, we now know Kate wore the Scale (Spread Your Wings) Bracelet and Double Leaf Earrings.

Catherine Zoraida Spread Your Wings (Scales) Bracelet & Double Leaf Earrings

The Bracelet is gold-plated sterling silver, it features the same leaves as Kate’s earrings, it is £420/$680. The earrings are 18kt gold-plated silver, they are priced at £80 (about $130 USD) and may be purchased here, both items are handmade in England.

Ms. Zoraida is a UK designer, brought up in Scotland. She has done collections for Vivienne Westwood, Lulu Guiness and Matthew Williamson, her solo collection debuted in 2011. Her work is available at Austique, where we know Kate shops, as well as Anthropologie in London and Scotland and other upscale outlets.

Many had hoped to see a tiara tonight, but that was not the case. However, nothing was needed to enhance the glamor factor, the Duchess looked stunning. Kate wore open toed sandals, with high heels as noted above.

We’ll be back to update the earrings, bracelet and shoes if we gather any more information. I’ll also do a brief post on the rest of yesterday’s activities, including Kate’s speech at Hospis Malaysia. If interested in a video on the event, click here for ITN’s menu.

Tomorrow’s itinerary is very busy:

  • 10 – 11:30am Kate & William attend a cultural event at the Kuala Lumpur City Center (KLCC) and do a walkabout
  • Next on the agenda, the pair are guests of honor at a luncheon hosted by the British Malaysian Chamber of Commerce, 1200 are expected for the function. Following lunch Prince William will give a speech talking about the importance of the relationship both for British and Malaysian prosperity
  • After the Chamber event the British High Commissioner and his wife host a Diamond Jubilee tea party at their residence. This is the event that was the subject of an online contest, the High Commission held a photo contest, two lucky winners will be included at the Tea. (You can see photo submissions here.)
  • Among the notables expected at the tea are shoe impresario Jimmy Choo, actress Michelle Yeoh and Olympian Pandalela Rinong (a London 2012 Bronze Medal winner), our thanks to Royal photographer Mark Stewart for sharing this information
  • Kate & William leave Kuala Lumpur, flying to Kota Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia. They will be welcomed with a reception hosted by the Sabah State Government before retiring for the evening.



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