Jun 172012

Kate’s busy weekend continued today, she spent time in the country with 28 children, they were gently ‘roughing it’.

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The event was at Margaret McMillan House in Kent, it is part of a Widehorizons program that exposes children to the outdoors as a way of developing teamwork skills and building self-esteem. From the Widehorizons website:

We believe that every child should have access to adventure as part of their education and throughout their lives.

The charity is part of ARK Schools, an arm of William and Harry’s much larger ARK organization, Absolute Return for Kids.

Once again The Daily Mail’s Rebecca English was on hand to cover the event, she shared this via Twitter:

Rebecca English Twitter Feed

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

The children are students from London’s King Solomon Academy.

King Solomon Academy

For many it is the very first time they have seen the countryside. Today the kids made doughsticks with Kate, dough wrapped around a stick and toasted over the fire.

Rebecca English/Daily Mail

Kate seemed very much at home, and seemed to revel in her time with the youngsters.

Rebecca English/Daily Mail Twitter Feed

Here is more from Rebecca’s story:

Zahid Shanvere, eight, made Kate roar with laughter as he held open the tent flap for her and said: ‘After you.’

‘What a gentleman,’ she said.

She was in fits of giggles again when the children told her that they had been a little scared on their first night out under the stars.

‘What were you scared of? That a spider might creep in?’ She asked.

‘A mole,’ said Zahid with enormous seriousness.

Kate was dressed for the outdoors.


We owe a huge debt of thanks to all of the supersleuths who are WKW Facebook friends, they did the hard work identifying items while yours truly was out of pocket most of the day. Kate was in a vest by Really Wild Clothing Company, the brand’s Shooting Waistcoat in the ‘moss’ colorway, Michelle located the waistcoat quickly this morning.

Anna of My Small Obsessions also helped in the ID, above we show the piece at the site where Michelle located it, London Trading Company, it is $870. Michelle is also the whiz who remembered Kate’s fondness for the Really Wild brand, sharing this link to a 2011 Telegraph story talking about that classic shot of Kate wearing Really Wild in front of Blenheim Palace in 2004.  Recognize these pieces?

Really Wild Clothing Company

Thanks to Ashley Margot for pulling up a link to Kate’s Classic Short Skirt in soft green, many will also remember the Conifer Overcoat the Duchess held over her shoulder. (Click here for the Telegraph story.) The brand is available for purchase at the Royal Berkshire Shooting School, as well as many retailers.

Kate wore the Burberry shirt we saw during the couple’s North American tour last year, here she is wearing it July 5 during a visit to the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning at Blachford Lake.

Canadian Heritage

Kate was in the Le Chameau ‘Vierzonord‘ wellies we have seen on many previous occasions, they remain available in many sizes at Philip Morris UK, the US version of these are the Ladies Vierzon Nord, we show them at Orvis, they seem to have most sizes in stock.

David Parker/Daily Mail/PA Wire/Press Association Images

The sweater Kate wore is by Zara, Saffy, Michèle and Ryan identified this one, Ryan’s photos of her own sweater helped in sorting through the possible sweaters.

David Parker & WKW Facebook Friend Ryan

The jeans were also identified by Anna at My Small Obsessions, they are Zara’s as well, the Slim Fit.

Zara Slim Fit Jeans

One reminder for readers, as mentioned by Cherry Sese Sumulong last night on the WKW Facebook page, Zara’s big sale is just around the corner.  I’m guessing it will launch around Friday, June 22, but others may know better than I when it kicks off.


Following her time in Kent Kate moved on to the Beaufort Polo Club, both William and Harry were playing today.

James Whatling/Splash News

We have not yet identified who did Kate’s suede jacket, we’ll update when we do.

We’ll see you tomorrow for Order of the Garter.

For more on the Widehorizons/ARK Schools event, we share these links:

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