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  • LINKS: We do the best we can to provide links that take you to retailers where you can purchase those items Kate has worn that are available to the public. In some instances those links to external sites may generate revenue; revenue is used to pay photo licensing fees so we can continue to provide you with professional images here on the blog, as well as the recurring monthly costs for site hosting, site security, and bandwith overage fees.
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  • BACKGROUND: The site was founded by Susan E. Kelley, a professional journalist with 17+ years experience in broadcasting.  The majority of those years were in television news, with several years also spent in television station management. Kelley continues as WKW’s author and manager; she serves in those same capacities at What Kate’s Kids Wore, a secondary property that chronicles the clothing, accessories, toys and other treasures worn and used by Prince George and Princess Charlotte.


Why are we chronicling something as “trivial” as the apparel and accessories worn by Kate Middleton? Because from our perspective it is not trivial, far from it.

The Duchess of Cambridge, formerly Kate Middleton, is now widely regarded as a trendsetter, her fashion choices reflect a time and place in fashion history that is pivotal.  It is also a critical point in cultural terms, and the way she is copied and imitated also mirrors societal attitudes and standards that are mercurial, changing in a world where the Duchess’s sartorial selections are flashed across the internet almost instantaneously.  There is also an enormous economic impact that cannot be overlooked, the fashion industry employs millions of people, generating billions of dollars at a time of financial stress around the globe.

That is the short version of our belief in the topic, do feel free to send an email with any other questions, concerns, or insights, we welcome any and all.

Oh, the most important reason for creating the blog? Because it is fun.


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  1. Susan, thank you for this great website. I enjoy reading all your descriptions and seeing all the good photos of the Duchess, Would you be able to tell us about where the enormous amount of clothes are stored, if any are disposed of and where? I realize many have been recycled by Duchess Kate but what about the ones we never see again? I wonder particularly about those beautiful evening gowns that are never worn again.
    Thank you for any help you can give me on this.

    • Thank you for such kind words about the site Elizabeth. :)
      I have actually started a post about storing and cataloging clothing and accessories, but I won’t have any specific info from Kensington Palace about Kate’s wardrobe, it will be more general information about methods and practices used by museums and collectors. :(

  2. I really love this website! Thanks for doing all the research so I can run out and buy the more affordable pieces:) They sell out fast-love to get latest updates on all the fashion tips. How do people know where her shoes are from so quickly? There are so many stores . . does someone release a statement on where to buy them? observation? Just curious thanks!!!! erica

    • Thank you for the kind words about the site, Erica, and the questions. I’m glad you asked. There’s no list of retailers released, the most information provided is the designer/retailer of clothing items. Information is never provided about accessories, with the exception of hats. Over the years it has become easier to determine what shoe she is wearing because she has “go to” brands like LK Bennett and Gianvito Rossi, but it has taken years for people to becom e familiar with the styles and designers she likes. :)

  3. Fantastic website! I’m a huge fan of The Duchess and love everything that she wears. Thank you for posting the info about her wardrobe!

  4. Hi.

    Just to say I love this blog. I’m not a to die for fan of Catherine’s, but I do like to see what she is wearing.

    I love reading the comments the ladies pass, and I think you do a wonderful job with this, it’s so professional and must take you considerable time to put together.

    Was wondering if you could help me. If you make a comment on a particular outfit, does your blog have an option for notifying you if anyone else replies to that particular outfit. I don’t read every piece, but I’d like to know what others think of a piece I’ve commented on.

  5. For a long time now, your site has been among my favourites when I like to procrastinate a little. Thank you for your efforts and also the general tone of discussions.

  6. Hi

    I used to love seeing all the lovely stories about Kate, and all the beautiful images of her in her amazing outfits arrive in my inbox each week.

    Now the email only has the briefest of information and no images, I am hugely less engaged in the content, as now i have to navigate out of my inbox to a website that is not work related to see the images,

    It was much easier when it was all in the email!


    • Hello Hana, thanks so much for letting me know about your disappointment in the way posts are sent to subscribers. Unfortunately we have to use this format in an effort to minimize excessive server usage and associated costs. Obviously we want to use large photos because of the blog’s subject matter, but the expense of having all of the photos hosted on email servers became prohibitive (four-figures prohibitive). I’m sorry you have to navigate out of the site to read the posts, but we just couldn’t carry that kind of expense in addition to all of the other monthly fees we are paying for photos, site hosting, site security, and other expenses associated with operating the site. :(

  7. hi, I just wanted to let you know that I know what prince George was wearing today as he left australia for home! My son is exactly the same age and has the same pair of dungarees, they are from the spanish brand neck and neck, hope this info is useful.
    kind regards, christy

  8. Your website is wonderful and I adore reading it! I was wondering if you could comment at all on how Kate keeps her hats on? From looking at the pictures, she never seems to be using elastic or a headband, or even hairpins (at least not visible ones). I know that such a discussion would be a bit more technical, but it just fascinates me how Kate manages to keep all sorts of hat styles on her head without ever showing how they are attached. Thank you, and thank you for creating such a lovely website!

  9. Hi Susan. I live in Cambridge New Zealand where Will and Kate will be visiting on Saturday. They are doing a walk/drive around the town then opening a cycling velodrome. I have tickets to the velodrome opening and hope to snap some good photos. I’ll email you any good ones I get.

    In honour of Kate I have started a wall of photographs in my office entitled “what Kate wore”. I work in a very male dominated industry and it is nice to see some of the guys actually showing an interest… or just humouring me perhaps.

  10. I’d like to thank Susan for this wonderful site. It gives those of us who love fashion a place to call “home”.
    I’m a woman from California. A professional full-time administrative type during the week, who has raised a family and now, I get to relax by following Duchess Kate and her beautiful style.

    When Princess Diana died, so did fashion in the royal family. Now, thankfully we have Duchess Kate as an example of how a modern, tasteful woman of the world should dress. Your site allows me to see up close the fabrics, shoes, accessories and jewelry that I will never be able to purchase and that’s okay with me. I don’t fraternize with Her Majesty or other heads of state, so I don’t need the wardrobe. It sure is fun to live vicariously (and that’s pretty much what this is) through the Duchess.
    Thanks again for all the fun and the opportunity to chat with other like minded ladies.

  11. I am always grateful for your amazing website that gives some of the best pictures of Kate every time she is seen.

  12. I love Kate Middleton and your posts are really great!
    I have nominated you for the shine on award.

    See it here!


  13. The Baby Hamper donated by HRH the Duchess of Cambridge is so very pretty!!! I will cherish it!! The EACH charity auction event by Lord Baker at the Artique Galleries in Norwich last night was wonderful!Thank You Kate!! x

  14. Hi, lovely post from the coronation anniversary today. On the coronation gloves, Dent’s own, but did not make Elizabeth I’s gloves. She was crowned in the 16th century, Dent’s was founded in the 18th century.


    • Thank you for the correction, I have corrected the text. It is much appreciated, especially as it gave me an opportunity to add more glove photos! :)

  15. I hope that we continue to discuss the charities that Kate is supporting. I think that her choices so far are brilliant!

  16. I believe I have identified the earrings that Kate wore at the Art Room/National Art Gallery Reception. They could easily be from Heavenly Fakes website and are called the Diamond Teardrops. This is the same website that her faux diamond and pearl earrings are from.

    Hope that helps.

    • Hello, and thank you for sharing information about Kate’s earrings. Unfortunately they are not by Heavenly Necklaces. Belinda (the founder) was asked when these first were seen, and they are not by/from her company. Thank you again!

  17. I found a pic of kate when she was out shopping
    You don’t have one up it is in pintrest god save the
    Queen and company by herendez I think. I’m not tec
    Savy so my cut and paste is not working it is a nice navy maybe silk
    Top with lace collar even if not preggers some may pull it off
    If we know where to shop

  18. I suspect Kate’s fingerless gloves are indeed the Johnstons of Elgin Cashmere Classic Wristwarmer in ‘Moss’~ can be seen at the company’s website here:

  19. Think Kates fingerless gloves could also be from the really wild clothing company.


  20. Hi!! I love your site! I’ve been searching for a pair of gloves for the last few years. Its the black gloves the Duchess wore to Prince William’s passing out from Sandhurst. I’ve attached a web page that shows it. Would you or your wonderful followers know any information about it?
    Thanks sooooo much!

  21. I admire you have such a wonderful website that I want to advertise on your site by text links. Do you provide such service? If you do, please tell me the price for 3 months, thank you very much.
      Looking forward to your reply.

  22. I found a good copy kate for the pink MaxMara Studio coat Kate wore on the official visit to Cambridge.
    It’s the ‘Simply Divine Coat’ from French Connection and costs just £160.
    Here’s the link : http://www.frenchconnection.com/product/Woman+Collections+Coats+And+Jackets/70AC9/Simply+Divine+Coat.htm
    It’s the same colour and has very similar features except Kate’s had a high neck and this one doesn’t but otherwise it’s a dead ringer :)
    Someone might find this useful if thy really liked the MaxMara coat and the French Connection on is much more affordable!
    Your blog is great, it’s my favourite out of all the others out there

  23. Cornelia James – liked the Tartan silk squares scarf
    -liked company on facebook
    -following on twitter

    And fyi – really enjoy WhatKateWore

  24. Kate, congratulations with your pregnancy!

  25. A correction to your post on the Cambridge trip: not too important, perhaps, but I can confirm that the royal couple did not spend the night at Kings Cross before heading to Cambridge, as I saw them leaving Kensington Palace just before 9am! They were driven to Kings Cross Station and then took the train. They have 4 police on motorcycles to accompany them, so they aren’t easy to miss.

    • Thanks so much for letting us know! It made no sense to me either when reading that, being familiar with the area and knowing how close the station is. I think in the fog of the technical nightmare I somehow misinterpreted “The couple arrived in the city by train travelling First Class from King’s Cross in London where they had stayed overnight, stepping off the scheduled train shortly after 10am.” into a bizarre notion they stayed somewhere else! (Pounds head against keyboard. Lifts. Repeats.) I probably should have spent less time fretting about “Is it MaxMara (no space) or Max Mara?! (Spelled both ways on the company’s website, spelled with a space on its Facebook page, why I obsessed over it I’ll never know.) You’re wonderful to share the actuality, thank you again!

      • You obsessed about it cos you’re a journalist and one’s life, reputation and future earnings can depend on getting the details right! Once you’ve started down the road to hackdom, there’s no getting away from it, sadly, and the fuss about capital letters, semi colons, space or no spaces and all the other etceteras, will stay with you right through to the very end…take it from one who’s been there….& BTW, thanks so much for keeping up the brilliant blog, it’s a real public service you do!!

  26. Why can’t Canadian entre the “What Kate Wore Sweepstakes”? I live in Canada and read your blog all the time. And my friend do too.

  27. You can find me visiting this site on a daily basis. I love that everything is up-to-date and presented in a concise manner. I’m a huge fan of Kate and her classic fashion sense, so this site is definitely a top bookmark on my toolbar!! It gives me wonderful ideas for my own shopping excursions and I enjoy finding similar bargain items that are ‘Kate-like.’ I also enjoy staying current with Kate’s work as a member of the royal family. Thanks for maintaining a fantastic site!

  28. I couldn’t find a pm/contact button for you
    Isn’t the black ruffle coat from last night at LouLou’s club from right after engagement when Kate, William & Harry signed book of condolence for NZ earthquakes??

  29. Hi,
    I love your website, and adore watching the young Royals. I think they are a very positive image in today’s society and are much need role models.

    This might be a little cheeky, but I was wondering if you could identify a flat over the knee boot Princess Eugenie wore during the week. I am desperate for a boot like this for a very long time.

    Many thanks in advance.


    • Eugenie’s boots are Stuart Weitzman 5050 £410 in black. The boots are suede in the front and elastic in the back and they come in black, brown and navy. I tried the brown ones on but they went way past my knees so I didn’t get them. I thought Kate was wearing the brown at Burlington Arcade Charity Christmas Bazaar on November 7th but I was wrong. I didn’t see the navy in the store but they look pretty online. Hope this helps! :)

  30. This web sit is superb. Not only do you go into great detail about the clothing and accessories, you offer background information on the events that the Duchess of Cambridge attends, with appropriate links. This saves me the time of surfing all over the net to get information. I appreciate your adding these informative links. I visit this site because I want to know what kate wore but also because I want to know about how she is fulfilling her role as Duchess of Cambridge.

  31. This is the main website i come too for info on Kate’s gorgeous outfits, i’ve stopped googling her cuz the only things that come up lately is cruel gossip about her :( Thanks for your website! :)

  32. I just found your website yesterday, love it for all the same reasons others have mentioned, i.e. Classy, informative, comprehensive. In today’s world of fashion it is so easy to second guess yourself about if something really does look good or is a smart buy, so when I can see particular items on Kate and then see it on the retailer’s web sites, I have a lot more confidence that that item is a smart purchase. From Canada, I got up in the middle of the night to watch live Diana and Charles marry and again for Kate and William’s wedding. I am a huge supporter of the monarchy. I was constantly annoyed when Americans referred to the Princess of Wales as Lady Diana long after she was married. I find they are doing the same now, saying Kate Middelton, now over a year since her marriage. I suppose they just don’t care enough to get it right, but after reviewing your website I am quite surprised that you use her maiden name. Is it because you fear the rest of the world won’t know who you are talking about if you say Kate Wales, or Kate Mountbatten-Windsor? Because it’s ok, people need to hear it to know it and the more it’s said the more will understand. If you can’t bring yourself to use her married name then please just stop using her maiden name and just say Princess or Duchess. That is my one and only beef with your absolutely fabulous website, keep up the amazing work!!!

    • Don’t be so old fashioned!

    • 1) She’s not a princess, she’s a duchess. She is not royal by birth and therefore cannot be a princess (no matter how much she’d like it).
      2) It wouldn’t be Kate Wales, it would be Kate Cambridge, since she and Will got their own title when they got married. Nor would it be Kate Mountbatten-Windsor, since they only use that when they absolutely have to and usually it’s only the people without a title in front of their name (ie. Prince/Princess, Duke/Duchess).
      3) I believe people still use her maiden name because it’s easier to say/write than the full title. Eg. Kate Middleton v. Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Likewise with Diana; it’s quicker and easier to say Lady Diana rather than Diana, Princess of Wales. It just comes out quicker. It’s a matter of easy I think rather than any real slight to either of them.

    • Well Kate Middleton is what everyone knows her by…i mean she’s been kate middleton her whole life lol, i’d find it odd to call her Kate wales or Kate Mountbatten-Windsor….i don’t see why it’s a problem either, though.

      • Precisely. And I call her Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge ;-)

        Back on topic: I see no article about one of her latest dresses and my personal favourite: the blue with white lace by Alice Temperley. Love that dress.

    • Precisely. And I call her Kate Middleton, duchess of Cambridge ;-)

      To be back on topic: love this website. I only think you have missed the blue with white lace dress by Alice Temperley. To me the most stunning of all her recent dresses.

  33. I’m not sure where to post this so I’m putting it here. Kerry Taylor Auctions is auctioning off hats that belonged to Kate Middleton. See page 14 & 14 of the current auction catalog.


  34. I love this site and check it at least once every day! Thank you so much for creating this site, it’s awesome and I love Princess Kate!

  35. I love your site! It’s the best place to get great photo’s of Kate and William. I love the close up’s of Kate’s clothes and jewelery , as well as where she got the outfit.

    Thanks too for always keeping the tone of your site kind and classy!

    Deborah in Canada

  36. My second request please could you tell me where I can buy a dress similar to the one Kate wore Erdem to the EDen Hall reception in Singapore on Wed 12.09.12 = please help = Bir

  37. I LOVE THIS BLOG! Oh my goodness. Please keep this going forever! You definitely keep me interested in the Duchess! I am from Canada and we love her over here!

  38. Hi, I adore your site and visit it often. Unfortunately, I’ve noticed in the past two posts that Kate’s jewelry has not been getting as much attention as you usually give it. That’s one of my favorite parts. Thank you so much for taking that into consideration. Warm wishes and thank you so much for your efforts!!!! Sarah

    • I love, love, love, this blog! Kate Middleton is the epitome of class, I couldn’t adore her and William more. This site does an outstanding job of keeping me informed about everything Kate wears and does. I greatly appreciate all of the extra details, photos, and links to all things she and William are involved in. Thank you for everything and making my day with new posts!

  39. I love your site. It’s by far the most “intense” coverage of Kate’s fashion choices out there! And it’s beautifully done. Thanks for your great posts.

  40. I really like this site. Thanks for the leg work!

  41. with all the judgments of what the Royal Ladies wear – where is the Gentlemens’ equivalent comparison? Come on now – let’s see some focus on the menswear as well!

  42. Keep up the great work on the site! Kate’s style is so much fun to watch *and* it’s classy:) Thanks for putting this together!

  43. Thanks for putting this site together- always the first source i check! I agree that its far from trivial, I share a fondness for her because I think the world has needed a ‘Kate’ for a while. A respectable, refined, and somewhat normal public figure that we are fascinated by for the right reasons. I wrote a post about this as well – http://betherein5.blogspot.com/2012/05/oh-kate.html

    Keep up the great work :)
    Kate- Chicago, USA

  44. Oi gurias!
    Sou brasileira e acompanho todo dia o website de vocês!
    Uma ótima inciativa para também podermos ser princesas *–*


  45. Greetings from Charlotte, North Carolina, USA!

    Drawing inspiration from Kate’s courageous speech delivery, I have decided to overcome my own nervousness and post my first comment on What Kate Wore. I absolutely love this website for a multitude of reasons and have been an avid follower since March 2011. It is such great fun to share my hobby of keeping up with Kate with a community of like-minded people. Kate is, in my opinion, the ultimate style and persona icon for anyone wishing to achieve beauty, kindness, elegance and glamour. This website is a wonderful resource for information and inspiration regarding Kate’s style and public appearances.

    My sincere compliments to the administrator of this website! The main reason I love What Kate Wore so very much is because of the utmost classiness and elegance with which you run this tasteful website. It is so refreshing to have a positive, cheerful resource that provides information for Kate followers without any of the snide comments or trashy nature of most celebrity websites. Even when perhaps disagreeing with a particular style choice you do so in a kind and gracious manner. You show great respect for not only Kate but for your readers by providing such a sophisticated website. In addition to your polished delivery, the content of each post is truly wonderful. Not only are we treated to great photographs and wardrobe information but you include so much extra information. For example, I have really enjoyed learning so much about each of Kate’s patronages. Another example would be the fun polls you provided during the lull in her appearances. You are a very gifted writer and do a wonderful job; keep up the excellent work!

    I respect your dedication to keeping WKW focused on Kate and wouldn’t want that to change, but I for one would love to know a little bit more about the person(s?) that maintain the website. Would you ever consider providing a little background on how your hobby of following Kate began, and what a day-in-the-life of website administrator looks like? It would be super interesting to know how you obtain and organize the information that you so delightfully present and what motivates you to keep up with it all.

    Once again, you do such a wonderful job and I love the website so much. Thank you for doing what you do!

  46. Sorry, the link didn’t attach properly that time.

  47. Excited to see MY ebay listing on your site for the red Luisa Spagnoli outfit! , bought this in italy ,before seeing Kate in it , thought l would raise some money for cancer uk , by selling it , as l am not ever going to wear it now Kate has ! so please people keep bidding for it :)

  48. I love keeping up with her fashion! I think in the world of Snookies and all these other crazy people our children have to look up to ( not that I have any yet, I am the same age as Kate) it is important that there is someone like her that we can look to for inspiration and how to aspire to be. Sure we won’t become a princess but we can dress like we have some and spend our time giving back. I just hope that she knows how much of an impact she has made on young women! I would have no problem with my daughter wanting to be like Kate, heck I want to be like Kate lol. I have been extremely sick for going on 5 months now and my “aspire board” that I made this year I put pictures of Kate in her little white bikini so that I can look at it and aspire to be healthy again, get some style going, work out once I am cleared and hope to look like her, not completely but as much as my body will let me. So here is to Kate being an inspiration to all us young women :)

  49. Does anyone know what brand of jeans shes wearing on Christmas Eve while shes with Harry?

  50. Hi,
    I was wondering if you could also list the cosmetic products she used–perhaps it is difficult to find out. But I love the way Kate wears her eyeliners, blush, and her pale pink lip colors.


    ps. I love this site!

  51. There are two reasons I follow this wonderful site. First I love seeing what this amazing young woman chooses to wear. It’s always dignified, appropriate and often elegant and even sexy.

    However, the main reason I keep returning is because you choose to honour her privacy and do not post “tabloid, expose, nasty or just nosy” photos. That shows that this site is not just about Kate’s style, but yours. Thank you.

  52. I first found your blog during the Royal Visit to Canada as I am both Canadian and a Royalist. I really appreciate the effort you put into this site. The Duchess is a wonderful example of what a woman should be. I am most impressed by her dignity, poise, and elegance.

    • Love all things Kate… I was looking around on other sites and it seems the Duke and the Duchess may be attending The Royal British Legion Remembrance Ceremony next Sunday. Wear your Poppies!

  53. Love your site. Also loved your FB page but I seem to be getting beat up a bit there; not sure why. I am always positive & never say anything neg about Catherine. Maybe it’s just the nature of FB . No fun. So I think I’ll stick to this site. I’m glad it’s here. Very positive & informative. Thanks Lili

  54. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-14983670

    Check out Delores Hope’s 3rd photo – the hat.

  55. Love your blog! can I get your insight on this article: http://news.yahoo.com/ny-fashion-experts-middleton-no-trendsetter-164410713.html?

  56. I knew I loved your site, but really loved it when you declined to comment on the clothes Catherine was wearing the day she and Prince William took a walk at a park at Holyrood Palace when it was very apparent that they thought that they were completely alone.

  57. This is an amazing site!!!!! Thank you so much for all of your hard work. I’d love a “what pippa wore” too. Those sisters are so beautiful & stylish… I can’t get enough!

  58. I love your website!!!!!!! Can you please lte me know about the citrine earring that Kate wears sometimes where can I get some?

    • Did you mean turquois or citrine ear rings Kate wore during the 2011 Calgary Stampede Parade? If you are inquiring about these they were made by me,they are real turquois.

  59. Love the blog. When are we going to see a whatpippawore.com!?

  60. how to leave info I asked …. well I’ll try here … stumbled across another picture of Kate wearing that cable/purple jumper AND!!! William wearing glasses http://poponthepop.com/gallery/prince-william-glasses-picture/

  61. Great site. How does one give you info? Just through this blog?

  62. Terrific blog. Found it last night and stayed up well past bedtime enjoying every post.

    Can you share anything about the duchess’s eating and/or exercise regimen?


  63. Shouldn’t you get rid of “Kate Middleton” in the title of this site and add her correct name?

  64. Love Love this site! thank you!

  65. love this site and kate’s sense of style…

  66. Love this site!!!!! I check daily! I hope you continue to follow Kate’s daily outfits for many years to come! Can’t get enough of this site! Great job!

  67. Love this site! I would like to know what brand and type of eyeliner Kate uses. From what I have read, she does apply her own makeup. Unless she nips into the loo frequently or reapplys it in the car, you never see it smudged under her eyes, even on hot, sweaty days like we had when she was in Ottawa. How does she do it

    • I believe she uses Bobbi Brown Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in Espresso Ink. It is applied out of a small glass jar with the Ultra Fine Eye Liner brush that you can also purchase at any Bobbi Brown counter. I wear it and I will never switch. It makes your eyes pop and is much easier to apply where you want it. It STAYS PUT! Promise=)

  68. I’m from Texas but regardless of the distance, I love following this website and learning what the lovely Kate is wearing! Now if only you could include a few tips about how we could afford her clothes, then this site would be close to heaven! :)

    Thank you for all your hard work; it’s much appreciated!

    • Asos.com is a great option for a classy but trendy way to dress. You can also check topshop.com. I check for new dresses, shoes, and jackets daily. Catherine has made it fun to be a classy woman again and I am so glad panty hose is back! You will find a lot of “Pippa” inspired looks here as well. As for shoes, Aldo is a UK brand and has very similar shoes to what the sisters wear and they are much more affordable. I picked up a pair of London Sole/French Sole ballet flats this weekend for $60 dollars. They also had some on sale for $35! Kate also wears a classic Prada Court Shoe often and Aldo has one in Faux Suede called “Hipp”. If you like her LK Bennett look Shoes.com has a great option for the classic nude patent shoe that is tolerable for long wearing situations. Here is the link below.

  69. Thanks for this site; it’s lovely. I’m wondering if it would be possible to use large pictures on the home page. The site following Michele Obama’s fashions (http://mrs-o.org) does so, and it makes it much easier to follow her latest style news. Your work is wonderful, and I’m looking forward to things to come!

  70. Thanks for such a great site!!! I check it daily to see what Kate is wearing and throughly enjoy all your comments on her clothing. I am so glad I found you (the site) . Keep up the great work.

  71. Ah, yet another site for bored, wretched folks to celebrate celebrity and all that it “means” in our culture. Great. Just great.

    • I completly agree with you. Do you people have nothing better to do than sit around and watch what this lady wears. I thought private lives were to be lived in privacy, cant we just leave her alone?

  72. Your site is just a breath of fresh civilized air amid the frenzy of the web. I so love coming here to get a few quiet moments. Everyone is so discreet and polite. Thanks so much for all the info on the outfits.

  73. How tall is Kate?

  74. Love the sight! Lots of fun!

  75. Why are you talking about ‘favorite’ brands of clothing and ‘favorite’ brands of shoes ?

    Surely if this is a site about K-Middy, it should be about her ‘favourite’ brands of clothing ?

    Just a thought…

  76. I love your site and thank you for all the time you put in to it! But could you please mention the prices as well so I know if I can afford it too ;-) ??

  77. thanks for this great site! i think that kate is such a classy, beautiful and very well dressed girl! it’s nice to see all the different looks that she pulls together so effortlessly!

  78. Thank you for this fantastic site! It’s more than a little addictive. I’m also curious to know which foundation Kate wears. It always looks great, even in the heat. Any ideas?

    • Oooo that is a hard one! I too have studied Kate’s makeup and have yet to determine what exactly she wears for makeup it was reported and then confirmed by Bobbi Brown herself that Kate used Bobbi Brown cosmetics for her wedding day, but I know Bobbi Brown foundations and I have a hard time believing that Kate used any of their foundations. I do believe that she used other Bobbi Brown products, (eyeshadow, blusher, lipstick etc.), but not the foundation.
      Kate has really good skin to begin with so I thing that she probably uses a foundation that lets her good skin show, like Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer of Chanel Pro Lumiere, but I think for when she does big events where she know she’s going to be filmed and photographed in HD, I think she might go for Makeup Forever HD foundation. This foundation is made for HD but it doesn’t look cakey, thus I think that she might use this foundation. This is a HIGHLY debated issue in the makeup world and only Kate herself can set us straight, so this is only speculation:p But it’s really fun!!
      Ladies, please check out this video by Britain’s foremost makeup artists if anyone knows what Kate might use it’s these girls with their insider information. Here is a link to their “Kate Look” xoxo!

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    WKW: You deliver the fashion information very well but also highlight the essential parts of the events with such a positive outlook. We wouldn’t be here reading this site if we didn’t admire Kate already and I really thank you for the ‘niceness’ of the commentary – made easy by a beautiful and genuine young Royal couple.

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  85. The tweed jacket Kate wore the first evening in Prince Edward Island was not peach/salmon but, rather, a pinky mauve – I saw her when she arrived and shortly before leaving the reception. It did not appear to be a new fashion; instead it appears she chose a timeless fashion as is her style.

  86. This is a great site! It has nothing to do with the private life of Kate Middleton, which is a clean breath of fresh air in terms of approaching a famous person.
    I like the fact that she recycles, that she has her favorite pieces in her wardrobe, and doing so that she s setting a great example to other celebrities/young women. It is OK to wear an outfit more than once!

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    • OMG

    • Hello everyone…from the State of Massachusetts in good ol’ USofA. Just discovered this fab web site today (7/9) and I’m lovin’ it. I am an older woman and I really appreciate the sleek lines of Catherine’s dresses, but yet each one is kicked up a notch just a tad. I agree with you LadySugar about setting a trend for more modesty. Amen! I’m really not interested in seeing another woman’s business. I have also noticed Catherine can wear virtually every color. She is very lucky. This site is truly wonderful……great work!

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    I think the Slingback Wedges she wore last night to the Barbecue + too the Polo last July are Pied a Terre?

  89. Hi everyone,

    I bought the Maddox LK Bennett espadrilles,this seasons version of the Greta espadrilles worn by Kate.
    However, they are a size too small for me, size 6. I wore them for about 10 mins outside and had to turn back.
    Is there who anyone interested in making an offer on them?
    They retail at £165 and are currently out of stock online.
    I am based in central London, and happy to meet you or post them.

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    It is going to be great to follow these two fashion icons.


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    • I love love love this site and I’m also looking to find out who designed the white/beige cream lace dress she wore. she wore it to the book signing but also to camilla’s daughters wedding.

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