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It’s Canadian-born designer Erdem for Kate today, the second time she has appeared in one of his creations on the Royal Tour.

Canadian Heritage

Kate chose the designer’s ‘Jacquenta’ dress from the pre-fall 2011 collection for this morning’s non-denominational worship service aboard the HMCS Montreal; she also wore it for the afternoon ceremonies in Quebec City. We want to acknowledge the amazingly rapid identification of the dress by our Facebook friend Anne.

Canadian Heritage

The dress is fitted, has three-quarter length sleeves and showcases Mr. Moralioglu’s skill with lace overlays and embellishment.

Via Erdem

The Duchess again demonstrates her diplomatic savvy by choosing a dress from a ‘favorite son’ designer, one that also reflects awareness of Quebec’s provincial flag, it is blue and white. Subtle touches, to be sure, but ultimately important in the bigger scheme of things.

Kate repeated her sapphire and diamond earrings, LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps and her clutch. I think all of these may be categorized as “go to” items for the Duchess. Also of note, Kate has once again opted for a dark or navy blue, at this point I would say it is becoming one of her signature colors, along with white.

For those interested in the designer, Net-a-Porter has a number of pieces available, as does My Theresa. For a look at similar dresses with a *much* friendlier price point, pop over and visit our friends at Kate Middleton Style Blog.


  20 Responses to “Kate Picks A Second Erdem Dress For Visit to Quebec City”

  1. [...] Duchess of Cambridge, again, wore lace on her Canada visit. This time, she wore it in navy – a design by Erdem. These royal style icons have indeed taken lace from being a bridal staple that symbolises [...]

  2. I am from Quebec, and as stated, the blue was a sensible touch. In a province where people are still debating about separating itself from Canada, and being overall anti-monarchist, the province’s own identity is really important (and even more in Quebec City than Montreal I would say). I can’t even stress how big of a diplomatic faux-pas it would have been if she would have worn red. It’s not a colour she favours anyway, but she sometimes has red details (like the red scarf) and that would’ve been wrong in Quebec City.

  3. This Erdem dress is delicious, but, yes, she needs a stylist and soon.

  4. [...] love of the color navy is also becoming obvious with her current North American tour. It’s a great color – classy and as flattering as black without looking drab. So armed with [...]

  5. She looks fabulous as always and I really love that she wears so much blue. It is a color that SHE wears, it doesn’t wear HER. Anyhow, while I do agree that lace is for evenings under most circumstances, I give her a break here because a.) she’s gorgeous and can wear what she wants b.) its not like she has just popped into the office in a lace dress for a normal day behind the desk and c.) she and William are guests of honor, so always better to be over rather than under dressed.

    The only two things I would change are how she sometimes puts two shades/textures of navy together at once and she should have changed before the homeless shelter.

  6. Stunning color. She just pulls off the royal blues wonderfully. I love the slits on the bottom as well.

    -Cris xoxo


  7. wow; she definitely wears it well, no question about that! but there is just something i don’t like about the dress on her; i can’t quite pinpoint it; gorgeous dress on gorgeous Kate; so what could it be that is missing?

  8. She need a stylist or just someone who tells her lace is too “precious” for day-outfit (especially at Masion D). It’s appropriate for really formal events – look at Princess Maxima of the Netherlands at the Royal Wedding of London or Beatrice Borromeo at Mariage Princier of Monaco and Caroline de Hannover at the same event (reception after the religious cerimony) – that’s the appropriate use of lace, Kate should learn!

  9. I really do not like this dress at all and it looks so awkward on Kate, I honestly feel it is her first miss of the trip…sorry, but it just seems not right

  10. LOVE this dress! i like it much more than the earlier erdem – i didn’t like the earlier’s lining, and esp did not like the way it contrasted with the unlined sleeves.
    not to mention i thought the earlier looked too much like a cocktail dress, and not appropriate for the day event.

  11. I love that Kate is classic and understated. I almost always love the cut of the dresses she wears. But the blue is getting REALLY monotonous.

  12. Erdem is one of my favourite designers…

    And this dress perfectly captures why. :0)

    It may seem an overly simplistic explanation, but I think (post-wedding) Kate prefers to wear shades of blue as they match her engagement ring.

    Sarah x


  13. She looks wonderful and we love her here in Canada. Hope to see a pair of slacks at some point during her visit.

  14. I can’t wait for Catherine to wear some trousers, creme or white would be nice, with a bright coloured jacket (hot pink?) and matching shoes and accessories. We all know by now that she’s got killer legs, surprise us please and step off the safety path of dresses and skirts.

  15. Kate always looks lovely, as she does in this beautiful dress. But this may be her first fashion mistake: lining the top of the dress with that white fabric sort of ruins the idea of it.

  16. It is a lovely dress, but it is too similar to the Erdem she wore earlier this week. Mix it up a little, Duchess!

    • I agree completely! Both are beautiful dresses, but they are too similar to be worn within the same week.

  17. Well written, as always. Thanks for the information and analysis!

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