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It has been a busy day here at WKW Intergalactic HQ, the Duchess has chosen a broad variety of styles for Day 5 of the Royal Tour. We begin with this morning’s look in front of Province House in Charlottetown on PEI (Prince Edward Island).

Canadian Heritage

The Duchess is wearing Alexander McQueen again, the dress is also another piece in creamy white from Sarah Burton. The knit dress exuded a nautical feel, perfect for Canada’s smallest province and the picturesque setting.  Featuring a dropped waist and self-tying scarf, the dress is crafted from an elegant cable knit fabric, with navy tipping accenting the hem, cuffs and collar.

Canadian Heritage

Our friend @RegalEyes on Twitter offered an intriguing suggestion about Kate’s dress.

Regal Eyes Twitter Feed

He is speaking of a classic, the “Anne of Green Gables” station dress, a stellar reference. One of the primary reasons the couple is visiting PEI on the Tour is Kate’s fondness for Anne of Green Gables. Here is the dress @RegalEyes referred to as seen at Theatrix Costume.

“Station Dress” Theatrix Costume

It seems likely that perhaps Sarah Burton modeled Kate’s dress after this style, and the reason no one can find the frock online might be that it is a bespoke piece, or that it is as yet unreleased and part of a future collection.

UPDATE: As it turns out this is not the first time the dress style has been worn by someone in the public eye. The folks at Red Carpet Fashion Awards were tipped that Sarah Jessica Parker wore the same dress back in 2006. Kate looked very comfortable with her hair pulled back, her diamond and sapphire earrings and navy pumps.

We are working to better identify the shoes, the wise WKW Facebook crew alerts us these are different in several ways from that pair of shoes. Then it was time for the afternoon activities, including Prince William’s training demonstration, landing a helicopter on the water, a technique called waterbirding.

Canadian Heritage

Kate made a change of clothing before this, switching into a navy trench coat, red scarf, flats and pants.

Canadian Heritage

We believe the Duchess is wearing an older coat, the same navy trench worn as far back as at least 2008, when Kate wore it to Cheltenham.  Our friends at Kate Middleton Style blog think the Duchess is wearing a Hugo Boss scarf from Selfridges, that seems a good possibility.

Hugo Boss at Selfridges

The scarf is a silk/cashmere blend, available in three colors for £160. (Yes, still available as of this writing, 3pm EDT!)

And it’s on to yet another change of wardrobe for the Dragon Boat races.

Canadian Heritage

For this event Kate changed into skinny jeans, windbreaker style nylon jacket and what look like canvas flats.

Canadian Heritage

Here is a better view of the skinny jeans and flats.

Canadian Heritage

As you can see, the Duchess also removed those sapphire and diamond earrings, opting instead for her Kiki McDonough citrine drops.

Canadian Heritage

The couple appeared to enjoy themselves immensely.

Canadian Heritage

As did those watching and those taking part.

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

©Robin Nunn/Nunn Syndication/Polaris

We will be back later with more details on the varying ensembles, but want to get these very first photos up for everyone.

Canadian Heritage


SHOES: The Duchess’s shoes for the dragon boat race have been identified as the Sebago Ladies Taupe Bala Deck Shoe.  The eagle eyed JanetNorCal on Twitter quickly spotted the brand, The Duchess Style discovered the style and AtTheBlueBarn found the exact color match, very much a team effort from everyone.

Sebago Ladies Bala

UPDATED: Sebago has let us know the shoe is available online in many other colors, just not this exact match, click here for the link.

JACKET:  Kate wore another American brand for the boat race, Nike.

Nike Anorack Women’s Jacket

As Lindsey pointed out in her blog comments, The National reports the jacket is Nike’s Windproof Anorack Women’s Golf Jacket in black and midnight fog. The jacket sells for $80 and is currently available on the Nike website.


We are not 100% convinced these are precisely what Kate wore, but they are pretty close, the J Brand Olympia Jeggings.

J Brand Olympia Jeggings at Selfridges

Here you see Kate and William, note once again she has changed her shoes to the black slingback wedges seen earlier this week.

  56 Responses to “Another McQueen Dress, Skinny Jeans & Navy Trench-UPDATED”

  1. Everyone! The Belas are not included but other several Sabago boat shoes are listed today on RueLaLa for under $40! The site is invitation only so here you go :) http://www.ruelala.com/invite/jmarques13

    Love this blog! Keep up the great work!

  2. I loved all her outfits in Canada. With almost every outfit she wore a very thin chain bracelet on her right wrist.. do we know who the bracelet is made by?

  3. I love Kate Middleton’s black wedges the one she wears it all the time,can some one help me where can I buy them??

  4. Kate Middleton is far more stylish and prettier than Sarah horse head Parker

  5. the jeans are from a british company called MiH Jeans, they are the paris style in kara!

    • I dont think those are them. If you look at the Kate Middleton Style blog she as a picture of Kate wearing the jeans and its a backside view. The rivets on the pockets on the Kara Jeans are gold with the MiH logo on one pocket. In the picture of Kate you dont see the rivets or the logo. The little flare (not the right word but I cant think of any other way to descriibe it) at the bottom of the Kara jean looks more like the jeans kate is wearing then the J Brand ones but then again it could be that she is so skinny that they appear to have more of a flare then if you look at the model on the J brand website. I didnt see the other washes the Olypia jeans came in that is why I was questioning it. I was also looking at their jeans not leggings. I think it is J Brand she is wearing.

    • I don’t think they’re the same…in a video I saw showing the back of the jeans with her bending down (hence, saw the full backside & pockets), there were no emblems or decorations on the pockets. The jeans are plain.

  6. [...] according to journalists on Twitter, was designed by Alexander McQueen’s Sarah Burton.  As WKW reminds us, we saw Sarah Jessica Parker wearing in the same dress, albeit in a different colour, back in [...]

  7. I’m so surprised so many people like that latest Alexander McQueen dress. You’ve really made me take a second look at it. It’s my own lest favourite outfit so far as it hangs so limp and shows up how the dear girl has no hips to speak of. So often what she chooses carefully skims over the problem. I thought this looked too old and drab on her.

    But with Kate, of course, any “mistake” is always an elegant mistake! Love the website.

  8. Love seeing them hug. I don’t think I’ve ever seen any other member of the royal family express any kind of affection to each other. Diana raised her boys well IMHO.

  9. I can’t make out the embroidery but I think the windbreaker was a gift from PEI. Mrs. Ghiz was wearing the same.

    Excellent blog! :’ )

  10. In addition to her clothes, I always enjoy seeing how Kate’s hair looks. I really love how in rainy/humid weather like this her natural waves really come out! I bet it’s the bane of her hairdresser’s existence, but I think it’s really pretty.

  11. If I were her, I’d totally have a “second” made of that fabulous ring and I would certainly NOT row a boat wearing the original! I’ll just assume she has had it fused to her flesh, because no one would forgive her for letting it sink to the bottom of the water!!

  12. Hi! Kate’s navy trench is by Ted Baker, I think it was made around 2006/2007. I’ve got the same one!

  13. You can get the Sebagos at Russell and Bromely (unless they are sold out of course!)

  14. The jeans could also be Second denim’s Yoga 27 style. I know they come in that wash, and the fit is similar.


  15. I want to know where does she go to change in the middle of the day? Is she constantly changing in the back of the car? lol Just a thought.
    Absolutely LOVED the Mcqueen dress, and thought it was awesome to see them in such a relaxed and fun setting during the races!

  16. Thank you so much! I have a biggie: Does anyone know the makeup she wears or the fragrance? The close-up photo of her is gorgeous then I thought ‘Lipstick!’ These are true mysteries! You do a fantastic job. Thanks so so much.

  17. Miss TP/ WKW/ Multiple Identities, I am just too thrilled for you seeing the success of this site. I can think of no Invisible Internet Friend more deserving.

    On to Kate, I die for that McQueen nautical / Anne (too PEI perfect!) inspired dress. It toes the themed line without being costume-y, which is quite the hat trick.

    It must be said, however, that my girl crush could veer into sheer envy-hate upon seeing how the Duchess pulls off skinny jeans, of all things. My hips & I may just have to hate her.

  18. Aren’t the navy pumps the same Manolo Blahniks she wore boarding the plane the first day?

  19. LOVE that she brought her own camera to take photos of Will! So cute!

  20. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a navy version of the Alexander McQueen dress back in 2006, but I like Kate’s version better….


  21. Could you tell me who makes her navy blue trench coat? It is gorgeous. Thanks.

  22. [...] Post, Kate wore the Nike Windproof Anorack Women’s Golf Jacket ($80) at Nike.com. Thanks to WhatKateWore.com for the [...]

  23. maybe does she own two pairs of similar pumps, different in colour? navy (2009 van cutsem&hadden paton’s wedding, recent military engagment in windsor) and black (obama chez buck palace, waley-cohen&ballin’s wedding). both prada?

  24. I dont think the jeans she is wearing are the J Brand Olympia Jeggings here is the link to a picture that I found that shows the jeans and the boat shoes she is wearing very clearly. As you can see on the jeans she is wearing you cannot see the stitching whereas on the J Brand Olypia Jeggings you can. I reaaly want these jean! and am on the hunt to find them!!


  25. Just FYI….Nike jacket is available on Amazon.com US….all sizes….$75.

  26. She and you have not put a foot wrong on this entire tour! Can’t wait for the book :)
    A million thanks!

  27. I think Kate and I have the same camera! it’s a Canon powershot G12. I love that she was taking photos!

  28. [...] Twitterers noticed that the Duchess also wore her navy trench in 2008 to Cheltenham.  Visit WhatKateWore for the photographs: it’s clear the trench coat is the same. [...]

  29. The jacket was identified by the National Post as Nike.

  30. i’m a big fan of a flared skirt, and i really like this one. don’t love dropped waists, but it’s such a pretty dress i’m going to ignore it. very 1920s tennis outfit.

    nice changes to sensible outdoor wear.

    are you sure she changed btwn the trench coat outfit and the dragon boat event? it seems more like she was wearing the v skinny jeans, white/cream long-sleeved top, and pale flat mocassins for the lake events, and only changed the trench for the windbreaker jacket.

    btw, i’m addicted to your facebook page – watching the community hunt for her outfits is so exciting!

  31. she is simply adorable in anything!!

    thanks for the great pics and info :)

  32. I just love that she chose a [possibly] Anne inspired dress. How does she manage to look flawless in everything she wears? I really love every outfit she’s worn so far on this trip. And it makes me want to go visit Canada. :)

  33. I love that she has her camera with her! There were probably thousands of pictures taken today of William’s flight, but she still wanted to capture her own photos. Just shows how down-to-earth she really is and how much in love they are!!

  34. I want her flats! And the skinny jeans. And her even skinnier legs, too, please… ;0)

    Sarah x


    • the jeans are from mih jeans. they have an online website but also stock in stores across america and all over the world. they are the paris style in kara wash! 100% sure xx

      • If you look at the pics available of her backside, they clearly do not have the decorated pockets like MiH jeans. In my opinion, they are not these kind of jeans.

  35. She looks so pretty in her dress. And I adore her flats for the race! Thanks for the brilliant work on keeping us up to date!

    -Cris xoxo


  36. A fellow Anne of Green Gables lover. This has inspired me to read the books. Again! *sigh* This outfit has to be my favorite thus far!

  37. Sooooo I read in the star today that Kate has never once said a thing about Anne of Green Gables. So who knows if she has even heard of the book!

    I love today’s dress! I could be motovated to lose 70lbs to be the teensie little thing I would need to be to pull it off!

    The shoes from the boat race look interesting – cant wait to find out who they are!

  38. i WANT the flats. Anyone have any idea what they are?

  39. I love that first Sarah Burton for McQueen dress–as a fellow Anne-lover, I was tickled that she wanted to go to PEI and that she chose such a pitch-perfect style to do it in! It’s whimsical without being prissy.

  40. oh, I just love this blog and I love her.

    • My sentiments exactly :)

      • Me too!
        Her outfits have been great – she is so adorable.

        I thought the McQueen dress was really nicely styled. In a way it had a sort of Chanel look to it, I thought. The whole thing was perfection in the tailoring. I especially loved the skirt, kind of sassy – and it shows off her beautiful legs.

        Can’t wait to see what’s up next! You are doing a great job identifying everything and your FB page is fun! Thank you!

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