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With apologies for the lateness of our post, we take a look at Day Six of the Royal Tour, the Duke and Duchess are visiting Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories. Kate showcased a new look, the “Bullet Dress” by Malene Birger, a Danish designer known for her clean lines and contemporary styling. Here you have a better look at Kate in the dress, once again showcasing her tree-planting skills.

Canadian Heritage

The couple shortly after arriving in Yellowknife.

©Canadian Heritage

©Canadian Heritage

The Duke and Duchess were presented with honorary hockey jerseys.

Canadian Heritage

Kate declined to take part in the street hockey game, preferring a spectator role.

Canadian Heritage

Although described as a ‘linen’ dress in the Clarence House information, the garment is actually a silk/cotton blend in a ‘linen weave’, a perfect weight for the day. The frock also features very strong lines on the shoulders, reverse pleats at the waist and khaki or taupe self-belt detail. Below we show the dress as it was seen when on sale at Selfridges.

Via Selfridges

Kate paired her trusty LK Bennett Sledge2 pumps, eggshell clutch and Kiki McDonough Citrine Drop earrings with the dress for a solid look.

It is wonderful to see Kate trying a new designer, especially one with Ms. Birger’s credentials, although we were taken aback to see a primary garment that didn’t relate specifically to the Canadian or UK fashion scene. We can also see Kate deciding she wanted to mix it up a bit; she did such a good job the online Kate fashion watching community was absolutely stumped trying to figure out who designed the dress.

The Duke and Duchess also sat in on a Youth Parliament session.

Canadian Heritage

The Duchess looked very pretty, her usually tastefully elegant self.  This was a more-than-solid appearance, no question, but it felt the least inspired of her choices thus far, there wasn’t anything that ‘popped’ in the ensemble. And there’s every likelihood that is precisely how Kate wanted it to be. Later this afternoon William and Kate boarded a float plane and headed to Blachford Lake.

Canadian Heritage

As you can see, Kate was in a more casual ensemble, a camp shirt, her Sebago Bela shoes and another pair of jeans.

Canadian Heritage

The jeans are different from the pair worn yesterday, and the Duchess also sported an interesting leather belt.

Canadian Heritage

We will work on specifics for you regarding the skinny jeans, shirt and belt, with its intriguing embellishment.

Both photos ©Canadian Heritage

Both photos ©Canadian Heritage

BTW, we would declare this our least inspired post at this point of the tour, we can only imagine how exhausting the trip is for everyone involved, especially those ‘on parade,’ Kate and William.


  49 Responses to “Another Day, Another Dress for Kate + Another Casual Ensemble”

  1. does anyone know what shoes she’s wearing? they’re amazing!

  2. Loving the bullet dress.

  3. It would be great to see this all mapped out in the end, laying out each item and what she wore with what. I think we could learn a lot about how to pack from Kate. Navy and neutrals with a shot of red. Keep it simple and flexible. So smart!

  4. Catherine is doing a great job.
    I’m not so sure about some of her outfits – like the trousers today; wrinkly round the knees (a look I can do so well :D).
    I think she has looked smarter/prettier/more elegantly dressed before and just after she was married. I feel a little disappointed with some of the outfits she has worn.

  5. just let them be

  6. what brand is kates ruffle chiffon shirt that she wore today. Its not the one she wore for her engagement photographs from Whistles.

  7. I just have one minor quibble. The hockey game was played up for weeks prior to their arrival including great emphasis on Catherine joining in! I wish she’d worn something a tiny bit sporty and the espadrilles so she could have done a little stick handling herself. And this ensemble, though gorgeous, was almost too formal for a frontier city in the North.

    (She needs to issue a Royal Command to her Duke’s tailor to go a smidge longer on the length of his pants.)

    The diamond polar bears are gorgeous!

  8. If Kate can dress non-british and low cost, she should dress italian! Something more stylish than Luisa Spagnoli for the St Andrew’s ceremony – although I think she has chosen that suit by red color, as a tribute to the college and being a former student.

  9. I am pretty sure her shirt is Burberry London.

  10. I agree with Admin that this day wasn’t the most interesting from a fashion perspective. I think for me, it was the lack of color. Personally, I hate the Burberry shirt, and I don’t like the belt at all. The jeans and the shoes however, I like those! The dress style was nice but again the color not so much. One thing that is nice about the dress is that the fabric has some structure and on someone as tiny as she is, that looks really good. The shoulder pads are excellent. I like the understated bracelet,too.

    • The shirt gives me Brady Bunch Fortrel® nightmare flashbacks. LOL

      Today she’s in a soft ruffled ivory blouse, the jeans, espadrilles, and the Smythe blazer ~ gorgeous!

  11. I think the shirt is from Burberry…
    A similar one from Stylebop:

  12. I looked up the shirt. It is on sale and sold out in most store. I have noticed that she likes that soft green or olive color. the dress she wore earlier in the day had a little green hue in it and then the utility shirt was an olive color. she also wore that green shawl grocery shopping. Its a good color on her. I am just surprised she isnt swimming in most of the dresses hse wears. I am not as skinny as her and I have a hard time findng things that fit propery. Maybe she has a taylor? or they are made for her? but then again most of what we see on her is off the rack merchandise excpet for this tour where some of the pieces she is wearing a pre-collections that are not out yet.

    • I’m sure she gets any off the rack items tailored if they don’t fit properly. It’s actually very hard to find a perfect fit off the rack I think for most people even if you have a a fantastic figure. Getting them tailored is how to get that made to measure look!

  13. I love the dress she wore on her first day in the NWT because it seemed, quite literally, to be the colour of the landscape there – tundra, muskeg, stone, moss. I don’t know if she did that on purpose, but it seems an inspired, perfect choice.

  14. I am loving this site! Think I grabbed the last pair of the Taupe Sebago shoes very early yesterday morning!!! And that was just a fluke – couldn’t sleep and so was up very early – so guess which site I logged on to. Unfortunately, shoes are the only things that I am able to copy Kate on! I am older than her mum – but used to have a figure like Kate when her age. Still, I can dream! Keep up the good work.
    “Youth is wasted on the young” (George Bernard Shaw)

  15. The belt is by a Kenyan designer named Linda Camm. Here is her website : http://www.lindacamm.com/belts.html#nogo and you can see the exact belt under product 033

  16. Keep it up. Your blog is brilliant, awesome. Each day I get up I can’t wait to see what details you have found for it. Thanks !!!
    I know what you mean about getting fatigued though, I too am finding the constant pace and change a little tiring.,
    Heaven knows what it is like for Wills and Kate who are actually living through this (and the people and press who are with them)

  17. Guess I must be out of sync with some comments on this — I simply love that dress. Such beautiful tailoring so complements Kate’s lean frame, giving her a little more body below the waist, exactly right in proportions.

    I feel for her so much producing one outfit after another like this and really rate the way she has items to repeat and mix and match — in tune with most of us when on our travels. Who wants to mess with extra pairs of shoes on a sunny day in such beautiful wild country?

    I love the qualities of diplomatic & quiet restraint she demonstrates so often — it keeps the focus of the trip on business and away from just glitz and glamour. It also tactfully helps not to out-do her husband and underlines that they work as a team.

  18. And as the Duchess of Cambridge Style on facebook suggested, I’m pretty sure they’re these: http://www.coggles.com/item/J-Brand/Olympia-Jean-Leggings/8E8J

  19. Why would you say it’s a different pair of jeans? I think they are the same! They both have the little fake pockets, the same colour, same fit and length. I’m pretty sure they’re the same unless I’m completely oblivious to something ;)

  20. http://www.my-wardrobe.com/theory/elden-utility-shirt-621116?utm_source=affiliate_window_affiliate&utm_medium=affiliate&utm_campaign=%20affiliate_window&cm_mmc=affiliate-_-affiliate-window%20-_-UK-_-my-wardrobe&src=affiliate_window
    i cant c ur fb site at the moment so i dont know if you id’ the top or not but i did send out a tweet a few hours back about this top? if you already id’ it then totally ignore this post

  21. http://www.my-wardrobe.com/theory/elden-utility-shirt-621116
    i cant c ur fb site at the moment so i dont know if you id’ the top or not but i did send out a tweet a few hours back about this top? if you already id’ it then totally ignore this post

  22. Look at this video it is cute cause Kate is wearing a red “Canadian Rangers” sweater and Wills is helping her with it. You can see how in love they are :)


  23. I’m pretty sure that the shirt is “the Military Shirt” from Banana Republic. It’s already sold out online. :(

  24. .. lovely site! thank you for all the interesting, admiring yet respectful, thorough information.. I cannot believe I am fascinated by this young woman’s wardrobe, but I am ! it’s almost as though the speeches she does not give- are conveyed by clothes and demeanor. BRAVO for the site admin for observing this dress was “in all likelihood precisely what Kate wanted it to be.” after all.. ‘Somba K’e’ means “where the money is” in the Dogrib language.. letting the dancers in traditional garb shine was the sensitive, compassionate, ‘royal’ thing to do–

  25. Keep up with this amazing work: we are many girls in Montreal following you!!! :)

  26. Could Kates olive shirt be the MiH Safari Shirt. it looks to be more sheer but it is very close other then that. The olny thing is the picture on thier website has the sleeves rolled up. theres the link


    while I was looking at the jeans from a previous post I saw the shirt and I tried to compare it.

  27. I like the dress – its elegant. What tickled me was that it appears Catherine gets the jersey with the number 1 on the back and William gets the number 2.

  28. Maybe the belt was a gift? William was wearing an embellished belt yesterday.

  29. I know it was not exciting, but I totally loved this dress. I loved the shape and the cut, and of course, it looked perfect on Kate. Thanks, as always, for your fabulous reporting!!

  30. I wanted to thank you SO much for taking the time to source Kate’s outfits and accessories! I’ve been coveting the shoes that she has worn almost everyday of the tour and love that I can now easily find them! Thanks a bunch!

  31. She wore the Bullet Dress when she was given a Harry Winton polar bear diamond today. Any info on that (the diamond I mean). e.g. was it rough cut or already a piece of jewellery?

  32. Thank you so much for this great post and photos. I wish she wore colour though today tired of the neutrals.

  33. I’m wondering about the length of the dress. My 21 year-old daughter had some dresses shortened recently so I know it’s the style — but Catherine is so tall. Is the dress falling higher than the designer intended it? (not, of course, that it didn’t look just great!).

    Seems to me that if the British fashion press is angry at Kate for not going all out to be trendy, she’s something right. Her job is to dress for the occasion, not to make fashion editors happy. I’m sure boring works for her just fine (once in a while).

  34. They were presented with hockey jersey’s, not sweaters. :)

    • Hi Sara, I was going to say jerseys but my husband say to say ‘sweaters’, so I did! Hee-hee-hee. Thanks for reading and commenting!

      • I love that Kate got jersey #1 and Wills got #2…remember that, William! Happy wife = happy life, lol.

      • Actually hockey sweater is the traditional reference iin Canada, jersey is American and the more comtemporary reference in Canada, so you are both right :)

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