Jul 102011

For the final day of Kate and William’s tour we saw the Duchess in a familiar color scheme, navy and creamy white. Below, (L-R) Michael Lynton, Chairman and CEO of Sony Pictures Entertainment; Ross Cohen, Director of Mission Serve, Kate (Catherine) Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William Duke of Cambridge.



She also wore old and new items from a favorite retailer, Whistles.  Kate selected a 2011 piece, the Lina Dobby Pleated Skirt (£95 at John Lewis, sold out at Whistles already). Kate and William were at the Hiring Our Heroes job fair at Sony Pictures Studios.

The rayon skirt is described this way:

“Featuring on-trend pleats and a light, feminine ivory tone the Whistles Lina skirt offers a high waist and all over dobby spot print.”

US Chamber of Commerce

Ian Wagreich /© U.S. Chamber of Commerce

The Duchess paired it with navy and white crocheted top from the 2007 pre-fall Whistles collection. As always, WKW Facebook Friends were invaluable in identifying things, our thanks to Robin Stevens for locating the photo of the crocheted top at a fashion blog, Confashions from Kuwait.

UPDATED 7.12.2011: In response to an inquiry on Facebook, Whistles has said the top is not theirs. I’m not showing the entire dialogue because the woman asking the question does so under her own name, not a business or ‘page,’ and I am trying to respect her privacy.


If a FB member you can see the thread of the conversation at the Duchess of Style page. As far as the origins of the top, I am not clear as to whether or not it is a counterfeit piece, or what the situation is. In addition to the photo we posted, there is at least one more picture of the top online attributed to Whistles. We’re trying to get more info and will update as appropriate.

Accessories today are pieces we have seen previously: the navy pumps and eggshell clutch.

Jewelry today was also familiar, Kate’s cross pendant, and sapphire-diamond earrings.

It is a look that very much summarized Kate’s style on the tour: simple elegance in understated, crisp pieces. Kate created polished looks appropriate to each days’ events and functions, she did not allow the styles to detract from the people and places she was visiting.

It has been a whirlwind nine days! We’ll be back this week with more posts on the tour, our new UFO posts (Unidentified Fashion Objects) and a new poll. Thank you to each and every one of you who has made this such a labor of love!

UPDATED: The top has now been verified as a Whistles piece.


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  1. Love the site! I check it way too many times a day looking for updates. You may have already found the answer to this question and I didn’t see it, but was anyone able to identify the clutch that Kate is carrying? I sorta have a thing for shoes and handbags! Thanks.

  2. The top isn’t Whistles it is from a line call Whistle (no S!). It was sold at Anthropologie 2-3 years ago.

    The crocheters are discussing it on Ravelry and we’ve got closeups of a lot of the details thanks to a gal that owns the same piece.

  3. Congratulations on all the hard work and input to all who have contributed to this blog. I come in here at least twice a day, to check up on all the information that has been posted. Every minute detail, from where to buy, to when she has worn that etc…. has been fantastic. I have thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog. Let it continue. :)

  4. Your blog is amazing, thanks for this great work ! i like to know what celebs’ are wearing !

  5. Nice post, but I’m very surprised by all the negative comments or “non comments” about this outfit. Almost all of my male friends thought this made her look beautiful, and only her body type could make it look so sexy – there must be something too that. Note to female fans out there, many a man has all fallen for a female who wore something like this.

    Great site, and hello from all your silent but wouldn’t dare to post male fans.

    • Hi Matthew, I *love* your comment, thanks for the insight. :)

      • Just wanted to quietly put this post here and say, you’ve become a bit of a celebrity here in Canada. Great work. And you touched off a big panty hose debate in our office. LOL. It sparked a betting game to see who would choose which category. It was great fun. (even though I lost some money on some shocking answers. LOL

        Just a quick note and opinion of why a lot of men like Kate so much here in Canada. Interestingly, it’s not only her beauty (even though she’s great looking to many men), or her fashion (sorry Susan and Co., even though the girls I know love the fact that the men are noticing and talking about it because it’s her.) It’s her personality that’s the key. (Ya, I know, shocking for men, isn’t it! LOL)

        She’s that kind, compassionate, nice, strong, and determined personality that men just love. We all know about Ladies men. Well she’s the female equivalent to that. (or perpendicular to that. Gee, I’m even confusing myself now.)

        I know some may not like to hear this, but she reminds many of Diana. But its more than that, though. It’s what Diana could have been – if Charles and Diana could have figured things out. I had to heavily edit that last sentence (in my Canadian way) as to not offend those who like Charles. In Canada’s it’s 90 – 10 on Diana’s side.

        But keep up the great work. And if you need a guy’s point of view, don’t be afraid to ask, as there are a few about. LOL. Good luck.

        • Matthew, you are making me blush! Thank you for the kind words, I’m just having fun and making trouble. (Heh, heh.) I love the insight, and your emphasis on the personality aspect of her appeal, I think that is very true across the board, with men and women. If you don’t radiate warmth and kindness what you’re wearing won’t matter, people won’t find you attractive. Thank you again Matthew, please stay with us and share your perspective as often as you like, it is great!

  6. thank you for this. I loved seeing Kate’s clothing. Sheer class! And so beautiful and appropriate for the occasions. I wish her and William all the best.

  7. I think they are a great couple, have a lot of fun together and smile and laugh. The two of them seem to be very approachable – and that a welcomed change I would imagine, for royalty.

    A style icon? I think she might be at some point in the future, but right now I don’t think so. Sure, she wears clothing well, but iconic? No, not yet in my humble opinion. The fashion on this tour was interesting to look at, but there were only a couple of ensembles that I thought hit the mark. First off, the girl needs help with her shoes. She must have the most boring shoe collection of any celebrity. For me, the Erdem dresses were the best, and if the Packham dresses had been cinched in with belts, they would have been perfect, too. The Sarah Burton gown – I didn’t think it had the “wow” factor that a previous evening gown from last month had (Packham). And this last outfit from Whistles was a real snoozefest. More of the same old color palette.

    I did like that navy jacket with her JBrand jeans. Really a great design on the back of that jacket with the shorter flap. If the blouse had been some other color than white, I would have liked that better mostly because by then I was sick of her navy/white combinations. The shoes she wore that day looked comfortable, but I didn’t think they went with the outfit. She has a figure to die for!

    She’s a beautiful young lady and she’ll most certainly be a great queen consort someday. I think William is so fortunate to have her in his life, he deserves to be happy. The two of them have heightened world-wide interest in the Windsors – in a good way – instead of some of the other stuff that transpired in the last decade with that family (and ex-spouses).

  8. Thank you so much for your hard work keeping us up on this tour. I really love this blog. I think I will have withdrawal now without new pics of William and Kate everyday.

  9. Hello! Thank you so much for all of this great information. I love it! Have you spoken about the cross pendant previously?? Thank you!

  10. I’d like to add another note of appreciation. This fashion detail has been so much fun. And it’s amazing how often the information comes through faster than any news report.

    Thanks for the dedication of time, energy and interest for all of us.

  11. I had so much fun following your site during this tour! Thanks for all the updates and pics…even though I will miss logging on every day, I suppose I can read back through your previous posts until there are new citings :)

  12. I wish she would have been carrying a sarah oliver handbag butter clutch (www.sararholiverhandbags.com) – exclusively made in the USA, that would be amazing!!!

  13. I LOVE her hair here! So adorable!

  14. thank you so much for all the lovely pictures and comments throughout the Duke and Duchess’ visit to Canada and the UK. They are a lovely couple and I enjoyed it all.

  15. I have also thoroughly enjoyed learning about WKW every day! I think she is a fashion icon in her own unique way, and EVERYTHING looks good on her. Each day I would think, “Well, THAT is definitely her color,” until I realized that every color is her color. Even the monochromatic dresses, like the gray-blue one from a few days ago — normally I hate those kinds of blah colors, but on Kate, it looked wonderful.

    She indulged our fashion thirst with the many outfit changes — so considerate! I was a bit taken aback at the prices of some of the items, but must remember that even before she was a Duchess, she was a member of a wealthy family.

    So who can explain why she isn’t Princess Kate, as Diana was Princess Diana once married to Prince Chuck? Is it because she is a…gasp…commoner?

    • When Diana married Charles, he was already Prince of Wales, and had even been formally invested. Therefore as the consort of a reigning Prince, she was a Princess.

      The son of a King or Queen is a prince or princess, but this is a courtesy title acknowledging their parentage, until a formal rank is bestowed. We could call Kate, Princess William (which she would be in this circumstance) just as we have Prince and Princess Michael of Kent. BUT, on their wedding day, as we all know, William was created Duke of Cambridge, Earl of Ican’tremember, and Baron Carrickfergus. Those titles are vested in him, in the gift of the queen. So, Kate is Duchess Catherine, Countess Catherine and Baroness Catherine. She does not hold a title to herself but only through William. She will become Princess, when William is named as Prince of Wales, following the death of the Queen. That is presumed, on Charles becoming King, but not “real” until he makes it so.

      And this all comes from years of reading Dorothy Sayers’ wonderful Wimsey novels, It was all confirmed on the day of the wedding.

      • The royal protocol makes for interesting reading too – who Catherine has to curtsey to and who has to curtsey to her when she’s amongst royals. It changes depending on whether she is with Prince William or alone :)

    • Actually Diana herself was never really Princess Diana.

      The media gave her that title.
      Her actual title was HRH Diana, Princess of Wales.
      After her divorce the HRH was removed and replaced by Lady.
      Making her post-divorce title Lady Diana, Princess of Wales.
      Only females born in the royal family are given princess before their name.

      This can only be changed by the Queen, and she did make an exception once for Princess Alice. But only because Alice was her Aunt (I believe), and also because Alice didn’t want to share a title (Duchess of Gloucester) with her daughter-in-law.

      That being said, Kate is a British Princess through her marriage to William. It is true though that after Charles takes the throne William and Kate will fully take on the Wales titles.
      But like Camillia she may not want to use the title that is still so connected to Diana.

  16. I thoroughly enjoyed all the photos you posted. You just don’t get a good look at what Kate wore while touring from the newspapers or TV. I think she’s stunning and a very classy lady. I would love to copy her style but of course I’m not tall and slim like Kate…I don’t think my 5ft.1 somewhat pudgy frame would carry it off as well as Kate.


  18. Great site! And thank you for sharing all of the pictures of Kate and William. They are a very attractive couple.

  19. Thanks so much for all the coverage of the tour — it’s been like being part of a party. Loved the last outfit, Kate in top form once again. She seems to make a theme of complementing her husband’s dark blue suits — it makes them look so Team Cambridge and keeps the focus on the business in hand. She’s a treasure!

  20. Thank you for your lovely posts :) you all did a wonderful job not only commenting on her styles but also what the Duke and Duchess were up to.

  21. Crochet + plissé + printed clutch + suede pumps is almost a salad but she is adorable and seems happy with the role as always.
    Looking at her Canadian outfits, i realized that she does not know how to dress well but still managed to be presentable. She is not a style icon, at least not yet, and she might not ever want to be one.

  22. They flew commercial? Wow. Which airline? How cool must it be to share a 10 hour flight astheir seat neighbors?!

  23. Thanks for such great coverage at WKW.
    When I found this site a week ago, I was thrilled – it was just what I was looking for. It’s been a treat to come here every day and I’m going to miss it – but will get a lot more things done which weren’t getting done *lol*
    Contrary to some comments here, I kinda liked the outfit. There was an ‘old-fashioned’ sort of prettyness about it although the shoes weren’t quite the right blue for the top.
    What a whirlwind of colours. Can’t wait to see what Kate wears next.

    • I couldn’t resist sharing this. Although strictly speaking not about the Duchess nor about clothing, it is about image :D
      Have a look at the first paragraph on http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14102379
      It creased me up :D
      See y’all at Zara’s wedding.

      • “It is noticeable how in the coverage of royals in recent months much has been said about the Queen, the Duke of Edinburgh and the Cambridges and rather less about the Prince of Wales. ” (quoted from article)

        I have noticed how the press call them the future King and Queen with nary a mention of Charles. Hmmmmm…..

  24. Does anyone know anything about the sapphire and diamond earrings? They seem to match her ring and I remember seeing them during the Canadian tour. Would love to know what you know about them. Maybe a gift from William???

  25. I can’t believe the tour is over…but surely the Kate watching is just beginning. Don’t go away on us. Your site has become a habit. One I don’t want to break. ; )

    • I’ll agree with that — what is it they said in Casablanca? “This is the start of a beautiful relationship.”

  26. Thank you for this site. I have enjoyed learning about the wonderful clothing the Duchess has been wearing and also for your coverage of their tour throughout Canada and the US. Keep up the great work!

  27. Thanks for all the great posts with all the identifications. And thank you to my fellow posters for all the great commentary.

  28. Thanks for the coverage. It’s sad that their trip is over.

    I’ll bet they made a real impression on those kids. I liked Catherine’s outfit here, as it was approachable and fit the event. She looked very “soft” in that outfit, if that makes sense?

  29. Does the Duchess have a large bruise on her leg? I had not noticed it before and wonder if she fell or injured herself in another way.

    • The mark isn’t there in the other photos and it’s not in the same place on her leg in the two long photos. I think it might be a mark on the the camera lense.

    • You cant see it on the pictures above and on any other ones I’ve seen so I reckon it’s some mark on the photo itself.

    • I think it’s a shadow, if you look at the way it moves position on her leg on both pictures

  30. ahhh they are going into hiding now that they are done with the Tour. hope to see them out and about soon! my best bet is zara’s wedding on 30th july!

  31. Thanks for the amazing coverage and thanks for everyone’s comments, which were always interesting and respectful.

    I just wanted to say that while I personally didn’t love every outfit on this tour, Kate always looked great. What impressed me the most was how she managed to get Canada’s regional nuances right–edgier and more fashion forward for Quebec, the maritime-ish feel to her outfit for PEI and the western inspired looks for Calgary, which may seem obvious but it would be easy to get the details wrong. It sounds a bit silly but she will be the queen of our country some day although she is British. It was important for her to not only look good but to look right to Canadians, like she was one of us and could be OUR queen someday. And this Canadian thinks she did. Congratulations Kate!

  32. ((tear))**sniff, sniff** gonna miss you guys…..and the hours we’ve spent the past 11 days searching together for UFO’s!! —and being so dang good at it, i might add– the tour is over, but the fun isnt. there will be lots more kate outfits in the future and i have made a handful of new friends that i plan on keeping in touch with (including you susan) thank you for the blog. thank you for bringing us all together with this blog and thank you for adding my name if i spotted something :))))hahahah it made my day every time! i’ve never seen anyting that she looks bad in, i love almost everything she puts on and i love finding out what it is with you guys!!! be talking with you soon!!! ((hugs)))

  33. I have thoroughly enjoyed their whirlwind tour of North America, and your coverage of her lovely outfits has been wonderful. I will miss seeing their adventures and her clothing each day, but I hope that she and William are headed home to Anglesey for some much needed rest!

  34. Thank you for the nice coverage! I hope you get some sleep and rest now!

  35. blah.
    apparently continuing her 70s inspired trend seen in yesterday’s polo dress’s pattern.
    a crocheted top?
    and with blue high heels?

    and no, kate, wearing your hair demi-up does not make up for this outfit.

    this is where she should have worn the t-shirt dress by dvf. and left the crocheted top on her sofa arms.

    • alpa, you kill me:) I enjoy reading your posts wherever I find you! See you back on OoSplendor!

      • oos is my first love! but i NEEDed this site for the daily kate updates.

        plus it gives me 2 audiences for my views.
        (or, in ur case, 1 audience, hearing it twice)

  36. blah.
    apparently continuing her 70s-inspired trend from the jenny pakham polo dress’s pattern.
    a crocheted top?
    and with blue high heels?

    and no, kate, putting your hair semi-up does not reconcile me to this outfit.

    having said all that:
    it was fun watching her with the kids and with wills.

    • a friendly-meant question for “alpa” to consider: .. it could be that Kate was not dressing to impress ‘us’ adults, this morning (uh, I think we’d all agree she has proven she knows how to do that!) ? imagine she was dressing to make a small classroom of young, once-homeless, probably-shy kids smile and feel special. somehow, she needed them to feel special, yet still feel they were being visited by a ‘real princess.” not an easy note to strike! I think she did- in her lovely, heartfelt way.. it’s also an outfit that suggests a schoolgirl’s- a look the little girls can themselves emulate- keep in their memories as an inspiration. I’d better stop now- I’m sounding more and more biased by the minute– ! groan.

  37. I wonder what their baggage surcharges were considering thet flew commercial?! LOL!
    Lovely coverage for an outstanding 11 days!

    • Interesting thought. Maybe the bulk of it has shipped ahead.

    • Wills didnt really have very much so he’ll be fine with a normal suitcase. Plus Flying over the pond, probably first class means u can definitely take 2 cases à 30kg. That makes 1 for Wills and 3 for Catherine :D

      • A little wander through British Airways first class shows me how I’d like to travel and never shall (the cost of the ticket would be my allowance for the whole trip!). But, in first class you get THREE 23 kg (50 lb) bags. And a few other perks.

  38. Thank you! Everything is just so perfect; William, Kate, this blog! Its always nice to find kindred spirits! Thanks also for not being critical (as I too often am) in a world of constant criticism.

  39. I have very much enjoyed following WKW during the Royal Tour… thanks ever so much for your coverage! I’d be hard pressed to choose which outfit was my favorite, but last nite’s McQueen gown was just gorgeous, and suited Catherine beautifully. To echo Daphne (843pm post), the Duchess has won me over!

  40. Thank you for all your informative posts during the tour! It’s been fun. :-)

  41. awesome coverage of this tour! Thank you!

    (not a fan of this last outfit, though……)

  42. Thank *you* for the excellent Posts.
    What a tour. Today’s navy/white with crochet and pleats is a nice surprise.
    In the picture with the clay tiles – the smiles in the background say it all.
    May the couple land safely home for a well-deserved rest.

  43. .. my comments are just fanciful- because the young Duchess has won me over (!)- but this outfit made me think she was dressed as her own engagement ring- and.. or.. that when Kate is most personally moved by her surroundings, she reaches for navy & cream: her Prince Edward Island outfit (Anne of Green Gables inspired); her outfit at Slave Lake; and her outfit here.. for a cause she is deeply interested in (arts for children). anyways.. as I said, just fanciful, on my part. my thanks to the admin for this lovely site!

    • She always gravitates to the navy-and-cream combo, for some reason. She could pull off any number of colors! You’re right, it looks like she’s trying to match her engagement ring.

      I really like the looks she had today. She looked approachable in the crocheted one, like a well-dressed teacher. It was probably very comforting for the kids to see.

      • .. “approachable..” and “like a well-dressed teacher”- beautifully said! I agree completely–lovely that Kate instinctively understands what is called for and then follows through with it- clothes are insignificant, in a way, and yet not at all insignificant when we see that the Duchess’s personal qualities are, slowly, being revealed by the choices she makes in how she presents herself. etiquette. dignity. decorum. consideration of others..! how refreshing is that in 2011!

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