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We share just a few photos to show the stunning red carpet entrance Kate and William made at tonight’s BAFTA celebration.

Jen Lowery / Splash News

Jen Lowery / Splash News

The Duchess wowed the crowd in a stunning Alexander McQueen gown. Kate’s shimmering chandelier-style diamond earrings were loaned to her by the Queen.

Jen Lowery / Splash News

Jen Lowery / Splash News

She accessorized with the Jimmy Choo Vamp Glitter Sandals in ‘champagne’.

UK in America

UK in America

The shoes have a 5.5″ heel, higher than usual even for Kate, they are $750 at Net-a-Porter. We would say these are “serious party shoes”. Thank you to WKW Facebook friends Michelle and Misty for finding the shoes!


Kate carried a matching clutch, we believe it is the Jimmy Choo Ubai, also in ‘champagne,’ $595 at Net-a-Porter or Jimmy Choo. Once again, our thanks to Michelle and Misty for their amazing sleuthing skills in locating the bag. photo

Splash News

Splash News

CORRECTED: Thank you to everyone who pointed out I made a mistake with the photo of the Choo clutch, here is the proper image. (Last night’s link to the bag was correct but unfortunately I put up the picture of the ‘Reese’.) As an FYI, the Ubai remains available on the Jimmy Choo site, at least as of Sunday, 1pm EDT.)

Jimmy Choo ‘Ubai’ in ‘Champagne’

It was quintessential Kate, understated, elegant and timeless.

Valerie Macon/AFP Photo/Pool/SplashNews.com

Valerie Macon/AFP Photo/Pool/SplashNews.com

  82 Responses to “Kate Wows Hollywood in Alexander McQueen & Jimmy Choo”

  1. If Kate really wore those shoes, she’d be 6’4″.

    She certainly doesn’t seem to be 6’4″ in the photos and is still shorter than William…unless he’s also wearing lifts of something.


    • The shoes are listed as being about 4.5″ on the Jimmy Choo website and other websites lists it as 4.75″ or 5″ tall. They are certainly not 5.5″.

  2. Wow did Kate outshine all those stars. I love that she looks so sophisticated without showing all kinds of skin. I’m so sick of the strapless and bare fleshed look that I hope Kate starts some new trends.

  3. I notice she’s wearing a bracelet on her right wrist that looks like it’s diamonds. What is it? Something The Queen loaned her?

  4. Howdy from the Calgary Stampede!! Just discovered your blog and wonderful community after the Duke and Duchess departed my city.

    I can’t provide more specifics but wanted to share with your great group that it requires superhuman efforts to meet the high expectations and demands required by Royal protocol (UK), further unique demands of Royal Family of Canada plus the requirements of the Government of Canada for guests of our country. See Rita’s (Tom Hanks wife) comments about the clothing protocol just to be a guest of the Queen at a formal dinner.

    All Canadians would rather have a representative of our country dressed appropriately for the activity, suitable for the event and comfortable in his/her clothing than someone who is “fashion forward”. I’ve had the wife of our prime minister wearing her daisy dukes and hippy clothing while dancing in Studio 51 with the Rolling Stones. Been there, done that. It was an embarrassment, world wide.

    The Duke and Duchess did a fantastic job and were even more lovely in person than how they were portrayed in the media. This was a long, exhausting trip and it was a lot of work. The delicacy that the Duke and Duchess handled the sticky situation in Quebec showed diplomatic skills and maturity well beyond their years. Canadians have been proud and very pleased; lining up for many hours for a chance to see them; Prince William’s speeches in English, French, Dene and Inuit were well crafted and hit the right note.

    The California portion of their trip is still considered part of the the official tour which is why Canadian Armed Forces flew them from Calgary to LAX.

    Their outfits for the BAFTA event were flawless, in my view, checked all the boxes to meet the many requirements mentioned above,

    AND the outfits survived travelling for 9 days over 6000+ kilometers and being handled frequently.

    I am still amazed.

    ps congratulations on a great blog!

  5. I would really like to know more about Kate’s earrings and bracelet… are you still working on that?

    • We have some better photographs of each Sarah, but no more definitive info on their names, provenance, etc., I honestly don’t know if we’ll get much more. A good place to visit is DianasJewels.net, scroll down the front page and look for the link to Catherine’s jewels on the front page.

      • I tried that, but I didn’t have any success. I also looked into the Queen’s chandelier earrings that I could find online, but it didn’t appear to be the same ones that Kate had on the other night. Will you be posting any close-up photos of the earrings or bracelet? The other pieces of jewelry Kate has borrowed from the royals always seem to have extra significance beyond just their beauty… I don’t know if I think there is a story here, or I just want there to be one.
        BTW, I’ve read that the Queen always wears purple the first day she visits the U.S., something about it being a regal color, and the U.S. should still be a colony… I noticed William wore a purple tie the first day he was here, so it didn’t surprise me to see Kate in such a pretty lavender gown.

        • Just been looking at some photos from the wedding, and the diamond bracelet that Camilla wore to the reception (with the purple Anna Valentine dress) looks like the same one that Kate had on at the BAFTA event.
          Can someone confirm this?

  6. Kate needs a stylist. That dress was appropriate for a 13 year old. She couldn’t even manage a V-neck?
    Her overall dress style is conservative and BORING!!!!!!!!!
    Be honest everyone, please. She needs help and fast.

    • She dresses conservatively because she is ROYAL! She isn’t JLo!

    • What do you expect her to wear? Hot pants and stilettos? She is a royal, not a hollywood starlet. So easy to criticise but you don’t constructively offer what you think she could have worn.

  7. Where’s your coverage of her visit to the downtown arts centre?!

  8. I know this site is about what Kate wore, but somebody needs to give some props to Prince William. He may be losing his hair, but he really looks great in his clothes! And the tux he wore in Hollywood really looked fantastic.

  9. The dress looks like a chiffon bag with a cheap belt to hold the fabric together. And the shoes are ‘wanna be fashionable’ but with good taste lost out of sight.

  10. Is this the dress we saw through the garment bag when the soldiers were loading luggage into the plane?

  11. First impression: She looks beautiful :)
    There is glitter and the dress is filmy (ha ha Bafta joke…), no need to show a lot of skin and how refreshing that is. Also nice that it isn’t black which someone else mentioned. The recycling here is the borrow of the Queen’s diamonds (wow).
    I bet the skirts would swirl elegantly, helped by the tall shoes as she walked – unfortunately her poor knees stick out sometimes as the fabric clings.
    She is perfectly his partner.

  12. Kate is just so elegant and her sense of dress impeccable. I like the understated elegance of her evening dress too………

    • agreed! and it goes to show that you don’t to flaunt a lot of skin to look good. I honestly never thought a formal full length dress would look nice with sleeves. gives hopes to ppl who cant show a lot of flesh

  13. In a town that seems to equate glamour and glitz these days with the exposition of skin quite, it is refreshing to know that the basic rules of glamour and sophistication still apply – less is more. In my view stars like Rita Wilson and even Nicole Kidman ( who is always dressed beautifully) looked a little crass when compared to Catherine. Albeit Rita more so that Nicole. Catherine stands out and stands above for having the confidence to go with her own style. Very much in fact like Jacqueline Kennedy. This is what makes a true style icon

    • I was really hoping Paris Hilton would be there; I want her to explain her quote (I realize it was made a while ago) that Kate is mousy. I also thought Kate looked much more glamorous than the Hollywood stars. I was especially disappointed in J-Lo’s dress. Seemed tight on her.

      • Paris Hilton? This was Hollywood royalty meets real royalty: where on earth does that nobody fit in that equation??

        • LOL. You are right. Serveral years ago she wanted to date the prince and made that very unflattering comment about Kate.

  14. I want to know where that belt is from and if there is something similar like it that us average people can afford.

  15. Love your site and William & Catherine. Photos have shown not only “what Kate wore” but how she sparkles! She did an amazing job choosing clothes for this trip. I must admit I was disappointed when I saw these photos…but…I think that is because I have come to expect more and more from her clothes on this trip.

    • Some of these later outfits have had a bit of a tired feeling about them — a bit like what’s left at the bottom of the holiday bag. I feel tired just watching all the outfit changes, can’t imagine what it must be like to make all the choices. I’m guilty of having expected a lot of this last big outing but given how many superb choices there have been along the away I’m still lost in admiration. Even though this latest outfit is more or less a replica of her wedding night dress and sparkly belt.

      • The sparkly belt reminded me of her reception dress as well! Although really, she sticks to the same colors and silhouettes a lot so we shouldn’t be surprised. But I really like it, she looks glamorous.

    • The earrings on lone from the queen are magnificent and a strong visual metaphor for Royal legacy. I think it was inappropriate for Catherine to mask the earrings with her long hair. It would have been more appropriate to style her hair up – like the lovely hair style she wore for the evening celebrations in Canada. She should demonstrate her pleasure at borrowing the earrings by allowing people to view them. Like you, I was disappointed by the BAFTA look. It was lack lustre and lacked the punch that her previous outfits had. It was her ‘last night’ on tour and armed with those earrings and the choice of any dress under the sun, I am disappointed she chose such a beautifully dull gown. I would rather she wore a fitted gown with a darker, bolder colour such as deep, dark red or deep, dark purple – with her hair up and a matching necklace. People complain she looks old for her age but I think she looks wonderful and can carry off ‘older’ looks like the one I have described. To hell with current trends for lilac and neturals – it makes her look younger but also blends into the bcakground!

  16. Such a beautiful and stunning choice. It is not bland, it is understated, a subtle distinction which Kate well understands. I am so pleased she has not gone strapless or for a starlet look as she is not a Hollywood actress, she is a British princess. And a beautiful one at that!

  17. very pretty – lovely soft color and material, and the pleating is amazing. broad belt nicely cinches in the waist, and adds some sparkle to a v plain style.
    gorgeous earrings and bracelet.

    but not a wow. i feel like we’ve seen her in this before.

    i know, we saw it in the afternoon! it’s the same silhouette as the polo dress. top is loosely cut and broad in the shoulders, narrows to the waist, flaring out in the skirt.
    (it’s also reminiscent of the green dvf dress, but with a narrow skirt)

    maybe this is why she didn’t wear the sparkly belt that comes with the jenny pakham – it would have looked too much like the evening dress.

    i think i would have liked the evening dress better with a differently cut top, something less blouson. cause i love the full, soft skirt.

    really dislike the shoes: they look so clunky to me – broad straps, clunky platforms.
    i would have gone with delicate straps, no platforms, to match the ethereal feel to the dress.

    • I agree the dress gives a soft look and the style of the heels is a harser look. like you said the platforms and the wide straps along with the color of the shoe don maktch thestyle of the dress. I also agree with many here that we have seen this look on her before. She seems to stick with what she knows and fells comfortable in. I didnt expect her to come to the BAFA even with a dress like Jennifer Lopez but I thoght she might try something a little different since she was in Hollywood.

  18. Is this the same sash/belt she wore with her evening wedding dress!??

    • No its not but it looks very simiar. I think her dress here is a “glamour” verison if her second wedding dress. It has many similar elements one being the belt and the other being he flowy skirt. her wedding dress skirt but it did have the belt higher on the waist with a long gathered skirt.

    • Yes, I believe so. She does like to reuse items she owns.

    • It is definitively similar:if you go for a designer you have to expect similar touches. Very nice but expected. I wish she should wear more risque choices.although we need to consider they have been traveling with that dress for thousands of km.across Canada.

  19. I like this on her, the cinched waist, flowing skirt, and the high neckline. It looks like a very easy dress to wear and she looks elegant in it. (and I’m not just saying that because I like Kate because I think on her tour she had some flops.). Is that a rhinestone belt? Hard to tell in the photos.

    I can’t imagine walking in such high heels. They are beautiful, though – and the bag is great, too! Nice job, Catherine!

  20. william and kate have a star quality that ive never before seen. we know every one loved diana but the difference between kate and diana is that kate is part of a eam with her husband and they are very much in love so they have a different aura around them. they are always very happy to meet people and kate performs her duties as a wife perfectly yet she has a confidance tht enthralls everyone who sees her, whether tht is in person or in a picture. prince william and princess kate just make you want to smile.

  21. Lovely! It’s so refreshing to see a formal gown with that isn’t strapless or sleeveless! I wonder what the dress looks like in the back.

  22. Beautiful, thank you!

    Is the diamond bangle one of the Queen’s trinkets?

  23. Is her belt the same as the belt she wore with her second wedding dress? Or just quite similar?

  24. Hi there,

    The Ubai is currently on sale on the Jimmy Choo website at http://www.jimmychoo.com/sale/ubai/invt/103ubaigmn/

    Hope this helps – best wishes

  25. Simple can also be glamorous. Her dress reminded me of a dress worn by Ginger Rogers in The Gay Divorcee. She looked elegant and from what one could tell from the pictures of those women entering the affair, she stood out from the sea of black dresses and too much skin.

    The sparkle came from the accessories – not too much just the right amount. While others may claim that she tends to a certain sameness i what she wears, I would offer a different take. The Duchess seemingly goes for comfort – she wears her clothes rather than the clothes wearing her. One’s style is a certain sameness but with twists. We have seen that with color (yellow – a nod to the Queen who reportedly loves the color; the green dress from the other evening; the strong red of the coat dress and the maple leaf hat; her love of various hues of blue) as well as with her willingness to pair expensive coutoure items with more readily affordable “off the rack” items. She wears “crown jewels” along with less expensive ones. And, most important, she is not afraid to repeat items – something that I find very refreshing.

  26. Would have loved to have seen Catherine in a striking Vivienne Westwood – structural, British and think she would have looked stunning – think that todays efforts with the two pastel dresses was just a bit bland (but still beautiful as always). Am wondering if that is the same belt she wore to her wedding reception?

  27. Isn’t that the same belt she wore on het wedding night (party dress)?

  28. So beautiful! I don’t think she has worn one thing that I didn’t love her whole trip. I do think that’s the wrong clutch though. The one she is carrying has a piece of leather (I’m not sure exactly what it is) going down the middle and the clutch you have posted doesn’t have that. I don’t know if hers is a variation of that clutch, but that’s not the exact match to Kate’s.

  29. .. I echo Char: wow! I still marvel how she can pull of modern a-n-d modest. dazzling a-n-d demure. elegant a-n-d effortless. just wonderful! I am more and more impressed with her choices. and I hope William and Kate had a lovely time.

  30. Have been loving your site and all the info on outfits, where to buy etc. Great job all round. She does seem to be a more understated person and dresser and about the only outfit I’ve never liked of hers was that lavender brocade looking coat that we’ve seen her in a couple of times. Nice to see her recycling and mix’n’matching. She also seems to prefer understated jewellery and it’s great that alot of her items are accessible to the average person who can afford it (not me unfortunately). Will be interesting to see how much of Diana’s jewellery she will end up wearing over time. She doesn’t seem to be a pearls girl and I like her modern take on jewellery. Thanks again for everyones efforts.

  31. Beautiful dress and accessories. Awesome shoes.
    I think she can carry stronger colours and on my computer that dress looks dingy – kinda like it needs Persil or similar. Maybe it’s my eyes but those wishy washy not white, not cream, not grey, not blue colours seem…well, boring.

    • Agree with you re puter reproduction. I think this may be one of those outfits you need to be there to really get the full effect. Sigh.

  32. I don’t think it’s white but some sort of lilac.

  33. Any news on the bracelet – she wore a lovely diamond bracelet, maybe another loan from the Queen ?

  34. Stunning!
    Is this the dress seen in the case carried by the soldier?!
    This outfit is quite Hollywood: think of the fifties, Grace Kelly in High society…

  35. Again, we see Kate in white. It seems to have become her signature. It looks beautiful on her and reinforces her status as a bride. I’m glad that she has remained true to her classic style and did not try to go “glam” for Hollywood.

    • You said it all and well :) I thought too, initially that she looked rather bland, but there again, this is her style, the glow on her face, and when she smiles, is fairly high wattage:) and it’s nice to see that the clothes aren’t distracting from why they are there.

    • I don’t think the dress is white… unless it is the screen on my computer, but that dress looks like a very pale shade of lavender-grey.

    • That’s not white. That’s lavendar or lilac. Not sure which one would be a closer description. Pale purple either way you look at it. She’s also not a bride… I’m not sure what you mean by that.

      • SHE is a Bride ! She will be ( and every lady ) will remain so for a YEAR. Unless her husband wants to call her is BRIDE for 60 years.

        And the dress is lavender. Look at the dress against the WHITE belt !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Get over it !!!!!!!!!!!!!! We love her >>>>>>

    • Various news outlets are reporting that the dress was lavender.

  36. Very very pretty…but kinda bland. With her height and figure, she could pull off just about any dress. I think she should branch out a little more with her dresses. She can still look minimalist and chic, without repeating the same silhouette and designs.

    • I thought it all looked bland too, till I searched about and found more pictures. The dress colour is really lovely and subtle. I like that the glitter belt bulks up her waist and the pleated fabric helps give her more body too. Sadly I found the last two or three day dresses hung badly cos she’s getting so painfully thin. Not sure I want to go on watching attempts to cover an almost scrawny frame.

      • Hi ElizaMo – I normally like Kate’s choices. I thought her dress for the polo match looked very nice. I tried looking at other pictures after reading your comment and I still felt the BAFTA dress was a little uninspired. On the other hand, her ARK gown had those sequins that made it pop. It doesn’t always have to be bling – in fact, it’s refreshing that Kate stays away from it. But there are always little touches you can add to make it stand out (and Kate normally does that).

        To me, the standout of the night was Jennifer Garner – http://cdn.buzznet.com/media/jj1/2011/07/garner-bafta/jennifer-garner-bafta-gala-02.jpg . Beautiful blue, beautiful draping. I am guessing that Kate probably can’t wear anything that revealing, but something like Garner’s dress is what I am referring to – some kind of twist on the average dress that makes it stand out.

        • It’s unlikely she’s going to be one-shouldered or show that much flesh; there is enough evidence to show that that is definitely not her signature style…not by any stretch.

        • I thought Kate could’ve done better for this event, if the truth be known. Hopefully in time she will do that. She’s young and conservative at this point. My opinion is her Jenny Packham from that gala event in England about a month ago was 1000% better than this one. I was really underwhelmed by this gown, sorry……

          She’ll get there eventually. It’s part of her new job – she’s the glamour factor in that marriage. Luckily William seems to enjoy that, too!

          • I think I underestimated this dress and I wonder if the flash photography may have drowned out detail and colour. In other pictures the colour is more noticeable and the pleating of the fabric gorgeous, as is the fluting around the hem which made the fabric move like little ripppling waves around her feet.

            I imagine if the dress had been a one-off like the earlier fabulous Jenny Packham evening gown it might have got more of a general thumbs up. It came after so many outfits, I for one was visually punch drunk! Just as long as she never gets a stylist and never changes a thing — I’d hate to see her go fashionista.

            I thought it telling that the Jenny Garner dress was the only other one that came near to wearable for someone in Kate’s position. She continues to outclass all the rest.

          • And then the other wonder of the dress is the way it shows the whole long glorious line of her legs — all the way up to the hip and over — as she moves.

            Didn’t prefer any of the other dresses worn that night — thought the Duchess made the stars look like they were just trying too hard. She just shows so much class.

  37. uhhhh wrong picture of the bag! i dun think its this bag that kate is carrying! it is as what Misty posted on fb: http://www.jimmychoo.com/content/ebiz/jimmychoo/invt/101ubaigmn/Copy%20of%20101ubaigmn_large_fr_champagne.jpg

    • Yep, agreed. Wrong picture of the bag as it is missing the strap detail over the top. Link leads to the right picture though!!!

    • The bag picture is Reese, by Jimmy Choo. Close but not the same

      • Hi Judith, thanks for reading and commenting! I managed to get the corrected photo up, that was definitely my error. I had the correct link but was so tired I transposed pictures, stupid on my part! :)

  38. One word….Wow!

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