Mar 162012

The day started with a surprise appearance by Kate, she visited London’s Olympic Park to visit with the Team Great Britain Hockey teams. (Some readers are more likely to refer to this sport as ‘field hockey’.)

London 2012 Home Page

The Duchess is now showcased on the Team GB home page, there is a story about her visit to the team. Some may recall that Kate is more-than-familiar with the sport, she was the captain of her hockey team while at Marlborough College, as she is also an official Olympic Ambassador, this visit makes perfect sense.

Kate arrived wearing coral skinny jeans, there is vigorous debate on the WKW Facebook page as to whether they are J Brand, Oasis, Zara, or something altogether different.

Via Alex Danson Twitter Feed (@AlexDanson15)

The photo above is from team member Alex Danson, he shared this thought about Kate’s visit:

Alex Danson Team GB Hockey Team Twitter Feed

USA Today reports Kate requested the meeting:

Kate, 30, had specifically asked to meet with the hockey team as part of her role as an Olympic ambassador. Together with Princes William and Harry, she will make an effort to see and be seen at the London Olympics and to cheer the home side on.

Kate paired the bright jeans with a white tee and Team GB scarf, thanks to Lia Hervey of Sky News and WKW Facebook friend Inge for letting us know it is the official Paralympic scarf in the large size.

The larger scarf is available for £10, £5 in the smaller size, proceeds from sales go to the British Olympic Association. The always stylish Carly from Kate Middleton Style blog ordered hers yesterday and has already received it, so delivery is speedy for those in the UK.

Here is a better look at Kate’s ensemble, we thank Lia Hervey of Sky News again. (@SkyNewsOlympic on Twitter.)

Lia Hervey, Sky News Twitter Feed (@SkyNewsOlympic)

The Duchess was in her navy LK Bennett Art court shoes.

LK Bennett ‘Art’

We originally noted these when Kate wore them to Darwen Academy almost a year ago.

LK Bennett Press Archive

The maker of Kate’s blazer was very difficult to sort out, in this photo with Team GB’s David Faulkner you have a better look at it.

Lia Hervey, Sky News Twitter Feed (@SkyNewsOlympic)

Fortunately for Kate fashion fans, Ayvee of Diana’s Jewels put her sleuthing skills to work determining who made the jacket.

Emilio Pucci

It turns out the piece is an Emilio Pucci creation, it features classic double-breasted styling, peak lapels, double vents, gold buttons on the front and cuffs. The previously mentioned Carly found a similar Pucci blazer available at Selfridge’s, the Punto Milano version is £1,145, roughly $1800.

Kate switched to Adidas trainers and grey Team GB sweatshirt for the actual ‘workout,’ we don’t know the precise style name or number of the shoes.

More from the USA Today story:

The team seemed to appreciate that she was willing to risk embarrassing herself to help promote their sport. She chatted with U.K. coaches, trainers and players, asking about training.

“Do you still get bananas and oranges at halftime?” she asked.

The visit seemed to evoke a time when she was just Kate, not a duchess, not the wife of a prince, not someone whose wedding was watched by millions around the world.

More on the Ambassadorial role from Andy Hunt via this story on the Team GB website:

“The Ambassadors provide our athletes with a tremendous source of inspiration and it was great to see HRH wearing the official supporter’s scarf of Team GB and ParalympicsGB.”

Kate polished off the look with her Kiki McDonough Grace earrings, glistening in the bright sunlight.

She also posed posed with the Team Great Britain Women’s team in these photos shared by Andy Hunt, who heads up the Team GB efforts.

Andy Hunt, Team GB Twitter Feed (@AndyHunt_TeamGB)

And the Team GB Men’s team.

Andy Hunt/Team Great Britain Twitter Feed (@AndyHunt_TeamGB)

To learn more about the London 2012 Games, click here, for more on Team GB, click here, and here for the Team GB Hockey page. For NBC’s video with Kate playing hockey, click here.

The bright colors were wonderful to see, and the blazer an elegant look. While not opposed to heels with skinny jeans, this chunkier heel didn’t work for me, it seemed to throw off the proportions. But overall this was a fun, patriotic ensemble that looked lovely on the Duchess.

Kate was a quick change artist, switching to a more business-like style for her afternoon appearance with Prince Charles and Camilla at the Dulwich Picture Gallery on behalf of Children and the Arts, one of the Prince’s patronages.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Duchess chose another dress by Irish designer Orla Kiely, this one from the autumn 2011 collection.

Orla Kiely

The frock features a floral motif at the front neck, a full pleated skirt, three-quarter sleeves and a self-belt. Kate accessorized with her Links of London Hope Egg earrings and Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard bracelet.

Links of London/Tiffany

On her feet, the past season Episode ‘Angel’ platform shoes in suede worn last week for the trip to Leicester.


Above we show the shoe in leather, our thanks to Shellie Bells on Twitter for sharing the photo link with us.

One vision greeting visitors to the Gallery yesterday, these masks, part of the Great Arts Quest featuring work from school children in South London.

Dulwich Picture Gallery Facebook

More on the Quest from its website:

An appreciation of the visual arts is not innate, it is acquired. Exposure is the first step towards its appreciation. Great Art Quest is that first step for many of its participants.

Here you see one of the masks and children working on them, via the Gallery website.

Dulwich Picture Gallery

The Royals joined children who were drawing pictures of Queen Elizabeth to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee.

The Daily Telegraph

For The Telegraph’s video story on the visit, click here.

There is a rather humorous BBC video of Kate and Prince Charles working with irons, this one has had many a viewer in stitches, it seems one of them was more familiar with the household appliance than the other.


To learn more about the Prince’s Foundation for Children and the Arts click here, for more on the Great Arts Quest, click here.

  50 Responses to “Kate in Pucci for an Olympic Visit, Orla Kiely for the Dulwich Gallery”

  1. THe sweatshirt is Adidas by Stella McCartney WE Midlayer Jacket Team GB special edition

  2. I have to have that sweatshirt!Anyone found it? Am going mad now looking.Please find it available online as not near shops.Please help!!Thank you loads

  3. There is no excitement to her outfits. She is trying so hard to fit in with the Royal Family and the clothes she keeps choosing are boring. Kate needs to get a stylist. I know she does not want to because she wants the public to still see her as a normal girl. Just one of “them” but she is not anymore and she needs help with her wardrobe. She needs to stay away from Highstreet also.

  4. Where can you buy the Team GB sweatshirt from?? I too have looked everywhere

  5. Hi — Still no Emilia Wickstead?? So sorry to see things go quiet over here and hope no major probs with postings at your end. I certainly miss the chat!

  6. I loved the Orla Kiely dress. I don’t mind grey in Spring. She’s got the perfect figure for these dresses. And she’s just so pretty! Everytime I see her picture in the paper or online I look at her and think, she’s such a pretty woman!

    • I did not care for the color of that dress that much. I wish that she would take more of a risk sometimes and not always play it safe. It would not hurt to add some brighter colors to her wardrobe. Even the Queen wears brighter colors.

  7. For the fun of it, I’d love to hear your predictions or speculations at least for what Kate might choose for Easter:) Or do the Royal Family even make an appearance on Easter Sunday, as they do on Christmas? (writing from the States, as you may have guessed:)

  8. I loved the morning outfit but have to say the jeans were too tight. I’m all for skinny jeans, but when you can see the outline of the leg muscles underneath, it’s time to move up a size.

  9. I think she looks stunning in both outfits. My only problem with the first outfit is the shoes, I personally think it would of looked much better if she had worn a cute ballet flat. Perhaps some London Sole flats?

  10. Lovely outfits although I agree with you on the heels she picked and jeans combo :)

  11. I wonder how many pairs of black shoes does the princess have ?

  12. I like the first outfit except for the shoes – as someone else pointed out – she needed a pointy toe kitten heel sling back or pointy toe pumps. I personally don’t like where the jeans fall on her legs – I think something down to her ankles would look better but I do love the color.

    The gray dress is pretty and I like the length.

  13. No comment regarding the first outfit.
    As for the dress, though I deplore the colour, I just love the style : very flattering.

  14. Loved both of the outfits. She can just do no wrong! Thanks for the post, WKW.

  15. Anyone know where I can get that sweatshirt? I can’t find a similar one online anywhere!

  16. In group photo with men, Kate is wearing her shoes, making her as tall as the tallest men. In photo with women’s team, she is barefoot! Very interesting decision.

    • IDK, but to me it looks like she’s wearing her shoes in the women’s photo too.

      • Yes, she has the shoes on in both pictures. The light is simply hitting them in such a way as to make them less noticeable in the women’s photo.

  17. she looks nice except for the dark pumps with the pink pants. heels do not go with that outfit

  18. I just miss Diana.

  19. Are we sure the blazer is emilio pucci? The whole outfit looks exactly like JCrew’s skinny jeans in papaya and double breasted school boy blazer in navy.

    • It was the buttons on the blazer that was the giveaway. They have the Pucci label on them.

    • I didn’t like the blazer and scarf combination. I thought the look was a bit too “marine” and too conservative for her. And her coral jeans were too short. But overall her winning smile made up for it ;-)

  20. I loved her outfit for the Olympic team visit, and as it was private and personal visit she had a lot more freedom over her clothing; making the coral pants acceptable. The dress seemed kind of bland for her, but hopefully her next outing will be a little more “poppy” I guess you could say.

  21. love the morning outfit – so age-appropriate (well, more age-appropriate), flattering, colorful and nicely color coordinated. it’s hard to make a scarf look good, and not costume-y and 60+, but she pulls it off.

    yes, the jeans are tight, but that’s the style (not a style i like, but no one asked me; plus, let’s face it, i have a (lots of ) real body, not a fashion body).

    really like the jacket. but i’m puzzled she bought this jacket nstead of wearing the jacket she wore on the canada tour. this may be why the fashion world does not make clothes for me – i don’ understand the need to buy 2 almost identical jackets!

    i like her afternoon dress – pretty and flattering style. i wish it was more sping-y in color, but i think she was looking to blend with the in-laws.

    • I think it must be a matter of the weight of the jacket. I have the Smythe jacket she wore in Canada in white: it is linen, and definitely for summer wear only. The Pucci jacket is wool so likely a little warmer for this time of year.

  22. Re: chunky heels

    On second thought, I think I do agree that the chunky heels just look ok. It would have been more chic if she was wearing pointed-toe (not platform) skinny heels. Or yes, flats or wedges.

    • A big rule for ankle jeans is pointed toe shoes or else the proportions are throne off. Flats would have been fine too, but these shoes are just so darn chunky!
      And for someone who is promoting the London Games, I found it odd that she didnt wear a British designer to this of all things.

    • These chunky heels didn’t bother me but of course, I would like to see them in sleeker heels. I have friends who love to pair ankle skinny with high heels and they always look spot on.

      Kate is very tall but her legs are not necessarily mile long proportion wise but I thought she looked pretty good in these coral jeans, much better than her last indigo pair worn in Canada with Smythe Jacket. That one did show her legs in a very unflattering way.

  23. Boo! Seems as though Next does not ship outside of the UK. Would love to snag that scarf!

  24. Loved both these looks, which incorporate two spring trends: coloured jeans and pleated skirts. I really like how Kate’s first outfit complements those of the teams in the photos–had she worn the more predictable blue trousers she would have blended in with them in the photos. The scarf was the perfect touch both sartorially and politically. The jacket is gorgeous. The shoes were ok with the outfit but I would love to have seen her branch out and to have worn a cute pair of kitten heels or flat shoes here.

    Loved this Orla Kiely on her. Great fit through the bodice and I love the 3/4 length sleeves and the pleats on the skirt. The applique is also a cute touch especially for an event with kids–there is something sweet and girlish about it although it is black. Grey again, but when you are trying not to upstage your in-laws, who are wearing navy and grey, I guess that is to be expected.

    Speaking of the in-laws, it looks like Camilla is wearing black tights and shoes and carrying her usual faded black mushy clutch with her navy and white outfit–oh, my eyes!!

  25. I found the Orla Kiely beyond awful — life-draining colour, funereal accessories, and what a mess of a design — fussy applique, overdone pleating, and all tied up with string. The only bright thing she wore was her smile.

    The blazer outfit showed how much better she can look with a little colour. And fully agree that those chunky heels didn’t look great with such skinny jeans.

    • I totally agree.
      Grey in spring is so bleugh!
      I don’t know if I’m the only one who dislikes the three-quarter sleeve style? This with the slightly-too-short skirt makes it look as if the dress is too small. Like when little kids outgrow their clothes.

      Love the general style of the dress. Pity about the large expanse of arm and leg.

      Thanks for the clips. Seeing Prince Charles use an iron has made my day :)

  26. Skinny jeans are always a potential problem. This coral pair looked fine with the trainers and athletic top — just right — but were slightly too short (they were almost capri-length), tight, and casual to work with those very high and somewhat chunky navy heels. The Duchess would have done better to pair them with one of her pairs of wedged espadrilles or, if she wanted a slightly more formal shoe to go with the Pucci blazer, a mid-height (or even kitten-heeled) slingback in navy.

    In fashion, proportion, both in terms of lengths and heights and in terms of what works appropriately with what, is always the hardest thing to get right.

    The gray dress was — well, all right, I suppose. Very “Duchess-y”. I just don’t care for Orla Kiely’s designs, though the Duchess wore this one about as well as could be expected. I’ve commented before that full skirts pleated at the waist and hips are hard to wear well; they can be so unflattering. With her narrow hips, the Duchess carries off the style better than most.

    That Diamonds by the Yard bracelet just doesn’t make much of a statement. It can barely be seen. I’ve got a DBTY necklace, but necklaces are just more noticeable. I think the Duchess might consider finding a bracelet or two that would be versatile — would go with everything — but more interesting.

    • To be honest, I was surprised to learn that they really were jeans. Had assumed at first they were some sort of athletic leggings.

      And I thought the grey dress looked almost tight around her middle — quite a feat given how trim she is. Maybe it was just the fabric.

      And thanks for the tip-off about the bracelet. I hadn’t even spotted that — and I’ve got new spectacles on just this week!

      • I have a bracelet just like Kate’s and you are right. It is barely noticeable. Too bad people can’t tell I’m actually wearing diamonds ;)

  27. I saw a feature on MSN’s website today saying that Kate’s coral pants were a “fashion disaster” due to the color of the field they were playing on. I don’t see how a blue court means her outfit is a fashion disaster… but whatever. Maybe I’m just defensive because she pretty much can do no wrong when it comes to what she wears.

    Thanks for sharing the BBC video – I got a little chuckle out of it!

    • Heehee, I often become “defensive” when reading negative reviews on her looks. But I try to be as objective as I can. However, fashion is always either yours or theirs; there is no wrong on either side. I keep my opinion and express them once. If they don’t agree, fine, let’s move on. :)

  28. Digging both looks! Even her sweatshirt and sneakers attire was just casual perfection. I love seeing Kate trying on a trend (bright denim). But she kept it classy and sophisticated with that blazer and scarf.

    Can I just say I want that dress so bad? The “bib” design kept it really contemporary and interesting.

    Yes, I think the jeans were JBrand (according to multiple sources as well).

  29. Hi WKW, thank you for leaving comment. I might be speedier but definitely not as informative as you are when it comes to post about the beloved Kate. :) Your posts always have much more information and insight. Much appreciated as always. :)

  30. Fashion journalism at its best, as always. :)

  31. I love LOVE the colorful skinny jeans and blazer outfit! This is a perfect example of how colored jeans can look polished and professional. The Duchess looks very nice in color as well.

  32. I beat you today. Posted earlier about this JBrand of hers. :P
    The gray dress looks great on her but in real life it might be a bit dull? I am not sure. I love the 3/4 sleeves.

  33. The pants are a little tight, but otherwise Kate looks spectacular.

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