May 012012

Many Kate fashion followers know Kate and William were out and about Friday and Saturday, we have updates on what Kate wore.

We were fortunate in identifying Kate’s blouse, within moments of photos hitting the internet a top-notch royal reporter shared the information on Twitter.

Victoria Arbiter Twitter Feed

With thanks to Victoria Arbiter, the piece is by Ted Baker, Kate wore the Stardy blouse.

Ted Baker ‘Stardy’ Blouse

The piece is sold out, here is how it is described at ASOS:

Long sleeved blouse, Front pleat bib detail, Concealed button fastening, Small stand collar, Button fastening on cuffs…”

We do not know what skirt Kate may have been wearing (we’re dubious about her wearing trousers), but will update if we learn more.


William and Kate were also out and about on Saturday, attending a wedding in Suffolk, Kate’s Marlborough College friend Hannah Gillingham married Robert Carter.

Scoot on over to Pop Sugar to see the fab photos by ace royal photographers Mark Stewart and Niraj Tanna and then come back to see if you agree with what we think Kate wore.

Everyone recognized Kate’s navy Cecile dress by Erdem Moralioglu, worn during her visit to Canada last summer.

Canadian Heritage/Erdem

Discerning who made Kate’s jacket proved to be a bit of a challenge, but the super sleuths on the WKW Facebook page were undaunted.  Janet Scheid and Kate Middle sorted out the mystery, the jacket is identical to Erdem’s Tigan jacket, minus the bright houndstooth trim at collar, cuffs and hem.

Matches Fashion

If you look closely at the photos from Saturday (check #14) you can see the bright trim has been replaced with lace trim matching the lace in Kate’s dress.  Here is more on the box cut jacket:

This navy silk-blend jacket is collarless, has a round-neck and long sleeves … wide hem and cuff trim.  and a red, purple and pink signature floral-print silk lining.

82% polyester, 18% silk. Tweed: 35% cotton, 25% polyester, 17% polyamide, 13% viscose, 10% acrylic. Lining: 100% silk.

Kate’s bespoke piece retained the “large button centre-front fastening,” this item remains available at Matches Fashion, selling at $1266.

Kate added a belt to the ensemble, we thank eagle-eyed Kimberly Berna Slack for discovering the belt, we’re fortunate to benefit from her research skills on the WKW Facebook page.


The Net-a-Porter description:

Command attention in Alexander McQueen’s black glossed-leather waist belt. Wear this gold-studded accessory to add a fashion-forward edge to a crisp white shirt and navy blazer.

Originally the belt sold at $510 and was then discounted to $210, but it is now sold out.

Locating Kate’s hat designer took a little more time, we are lucky that WKW FB friend Taylor shared her belief it is by noted milliner Jane Taylor, her ‘crushed rose cocktail fascinator’.

Jane Taylor

UPDATED: With thanks to Kate Spotter on Facebook, it turns out this is *not* the same hat Kate wore.

Kate completed the ensemble with her Anya Hindmarch Marano clutch, Prada suede pumps and sapphire/diamond earrings.


Good news today for fans of Alice Temperley’s work, the designer is doing a capsule collection for UK retailer John Lewis, more from British Vogue:

The 60-piece collection… features a version of all the signature Temperley pieces that customers have loved over the past decade: from her leopard-print knits and floaty boho dresses, to Victoriana blouses and military jackets.

Here we see Ms. Temperley and two fabric swatches from the upcoming line.

John Lewis

The collection will be called Somerset, it is expected to launch in-store and online September 4. British Vogue reports prices will run “from £29 for a scarf to £1,000 for a sheepskin coat.” Click here for more information on the John Lewis site.

Another designer Kate is fond of, Jenny Packham, has also done a diffusion line with a British retailer, Debenhams, No. 1 Jenny Packham.

Jenny Packham No. 1 for Debenhams via She Finds

There are plenty of Ms. Packham’s party frocks.

Via Catwalk Queen

In addition to clothing, one will find jewelry, shoes, handbags, hair accessories and more.

Jenny Packham No. 1 for Debenhams

We initially wrote about the collection here, the collection is now available in store and online.


Calendar notations:

  • Torrential downpours in Europe have prompted cancellation of the Badminton Horse Trials. Kate and William were to watch the event & hand out prizes May 7, this event is off the calendar.
  • We will see Kate and William in their official roles as Olympic Ambassadors on Friday, May 11. The pair will attend the “Our Greatest Team Rises” concerts at Royal Albert Hall.  More on the gala:

For the 3,000 attending guests, Our Greatest Team Rises will be a spectacular night combining fine dining with the best of British entertainment.

The event, which will take place the day after the London 2012 Olympic flame is lit in Greece, is an important fundraiser for the Olympic and Paralympic teams…by attending… ticket holders will play a vital role in helping to support British athletes to succeed at London 2012.

Our Greatest Team Rises

You can learn more about the concert here.

One final note, we updated Thursday’s post to reflect the news that Rebecca Taylor is reissuing the tweed separates Kate wore.

Rebecca Taylor via The Daily Mail

Click here to shop at Rebecca Taylor or see our updated post.

  31 Responses to “What Kate Wore Friday & Saturday, Updated Appearance Schedule”

  1. Someone else’s wedding does not demand a new dress. Moreover, being “extraordinary” via one’s wardrobe in an austerity economy is not a good move. That dress is just fine for a wedding. Even a princess doesn’t need to wear something new for every single event. She’s much better off if she doesn’t.

    • Lili, the Duchess is a princess – austerity economy aside, we have to pay a hefty sum for her body and police guards. The cost of a new dress for a WEDDING is a mere drop in the ocean in comparison. I said a new dress for a wedding – not a new dress every day.

  2. I just can’t believe she wore that dress to a wedding. A wedding needs a new dress. She is a princess what is she doing wearing a dress she wore on her Canadian tour to a wedding? Her dressing needs to become “extraordinary” – she is far too ordinary.. If I lived life in a gold fish bowl with body guards and police guard surrounding me continually, had all my freedom taken from me and had the press writing about everything I did and everything I wore I would at least wear a new dress to every wedding. And a far more stylish dress than that one. Oh no!

  3. Do you think since the “our great team” event is black tie we may get a tiara sighting?! Or maybe I’m being to hopeful!

    • That’s actually a really interesting question, Sarah! I don’t know the protocol for wearing a crown or tiara. I was actually just wondering if the Queen would wear a crown during the Olympics festivities, too.

      Does anyone else know?

      • The Queen won’t wear a crown; that’s for very official state occasions such as the Opening of Parliament.

        There are fewer and fewer occasions for tiaras these days. They are really supposed to be worn at white-tie events only, and such events generally occur in the evening but may take place earlier in the day (a wedding treated as a very formal state occasion, for example).

        The site below offers an enjoyable take on the subject. As it indicates, there are no hard and fast rules and much confusion even among royals.

  4. Loving your work as always Susan :-)

    Do you think Kate had the jacket made at the same time she got the dress, for the Canada tour? I do – I think we would’ve seen the jacket on her in Canada if the weather had been cooler – IIRC she spent a fair amount of her time in the dress outside… And what great foresight on Kate’s part to have a matching jacket made, so she could rewear the dress in the cooler climes of UK!

  5. This is weird but I had this feeling that for the next wedding she will attend she will be that Erdem dress! yay :D. I thought the jacket she had was the Rebecca Taylor tweed one she wore on Thursday… but oh well.

  6. this dress looks better with the belt.

    not a fan of the white blouse though too boring

  7. I think Kate looked lovely at the weeding. I liked the edgy belt combined with the lace dress.

    As for Pippa, that fascinator is a hot mess. Not sure about her dress either, though I’d have to see the whole thing before giving it a thumbs down.

    • *wedding

      • Pippa always looks slightly disheveled to me, like she just hopped off a party bus. The one exception was her appearance at the wedding… but then she donned that green Temperley number for the after-party, and again it was all just a little too much. That being said, she so frequently has this mischievous smile on her face like she knows something about having fun that the rest of us don’t.

        And girl has some fantastic jackets.

        • Agreed. Pippa to me is one of the most overrated celebrities these days. I still don’t see why people raved about her rear at the royal wedding…There was really nothing to see. LOL And forgive my ignorance, is Pippa older or younger than Kate? Oh welll I do sound like a Pippa hater now. :)

          • She is younger. The Duchess is the eldest of three, with James Middleton being the youngest.

            And I’ll have to disagree on the subject of her derriere. It DID look great in that McQueen dress at the wedding.

            Pippa is the flavor of the moment. Most people knew little or nothing about her before the wedding, so she was a new and interesting commodity, and since her sister is safely married and cocooned by royal life now, Pippa is more fun and exciting for the paparazzi to follow around. It won’t last.

            The girl actually does have significant sex appeal, a quality that does not depend on great beauty. I thought so when I first saw her, and a number of men I know have agreed.

          • Hehe Lili, to each his/her own, I guess. So it was the dress not her butt. :) Seriously I still fail to see anything fabulous about it. ;)

  8. So she wore a black hat and belt with her navy blue dress? I realize that black and blue can sometimes go together, but I’m just not sure here.

    • I could have sworn the hat was dark blue, but then, I thought that about the belt, which is apparently black.

      I saw a beautiful Narciso Rodriguez dress in deep blue and black recently. It certainly worked, but I agree: I can’t say the combination of blue and black here, on the Duchess, would have been my choice.

  9. I’m intrigued by the photo of the model wearing the Ted Baker top, specifically by the fact that the shirt is slightly sheer and the designer has chosen to show her without a camisole underneath. I know Kate would never wear the blouse this way, but I’m wondering for the rest of us who don’t have to follow palace protocol… Is this tacky or trendy?

    Mainly, I’m just tired of wearing camisoles under shirts. So many tops are made this way, with fabric that is just slightly sheer. When you live in a warm climate, that extra layer can make you extra hot.

    • It’s really up to your own taste and comfortable level, I guess. Personally I don’t wear sheer blouses without anything underneath but my friends who claim to be “on top of every trend” wear a sheer white shirt with black bras…:) I usually just don’t comment on their looks. Like somebody said the other day “keep your observation to yourself”, LOL yeah, that was not a nice tone when he said that to me.

    • I’d say that not wearing anything underneath a blouse that sheer would definitely fall into the “tacky” category. For one thing, that pleated bib isn’t wide enough to conceal the nipples on most women. I’d wear a snug-fitting, flesh-colored camisole, probably one by Hanro. They make camis in thin, breathable cotton. I wear them in various colors under my Diane von Furstenberg wrap dresses, which are cut a little too low for comfortable daytime wear.

    • Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! I’ve never considered a nude camisole before. That is definitely something I will be purchasing in the near future.

      I would not be comfortable leaving the house without a bra, so I’ve never worried about the visible nipple issue. My concern is with tops in that grey area where you can clearly see the outline of the waist of the jeans and just make out the flesh tone of your abdomen. Unfortunately, in those tops you can usually see the outline of your bra as well, even if it is nude-colored.

      I’ve admired the black bra under the sheer top occasionally. It’s an edgy look that I think sometimes works, but you must have the confidence to pull it off. I also think that it only works in certain locales, like California, and in really casual venues. I neither possess the confidence nor the locale, so I won’t be trying it!

    • .. a nude camisole (over a nude bra, of course) definitely ‘disappears’– does the job.

      but if you don’t want either nude or the ‘edgy’ look for a particular blouse or occasion (black/dark bra under sheer white/cream) then-

      another way to go is a pretty (i.e. meant to be seen) white camisole. I have a couple of gossamer thin white blouses which, with lovely white camis, make beautiful Summer evening tops.

      (of course, I’m not a Princess and there are no flashbulbs, heads of state, newspaper shots the next day !)

      • I prefer white cami if I had to wear a sheer blouse like this. Nude makes sense but doesn’t at the same time…it gives too much room for imagination. It’s like “Does she or Doesn’t she” that sort of thing. :) Dark is simply too edgy to my taste.

      • I wouldn’t wear a camisole AND a bra under a sheer shirt. One or the other. I’m small-breasted, though, so perhaps large-breasted women would need the bra.

        But I agree: a pretty, lace-trimmed white camisole under a sheer white blouse can be very attractive.

        Again, though, I don’t think both a camisole and a bra would work well, especially in white. Too much in the way of straps and so forth might be visible, ruining the effect.

  10. So, I was right about the belt being studded and not identical with the one she’d worn with the gray Wakeley dress, but wrong about the color. It wasn’t dark blue, it was black like the other one? Hmm. I’m not sure, given how much these belts cost, that I’d bother to buy two black and very similar McQueen belts.

    I also have to say that I’m not sold on wearing that studded belt with all that delicate lace. Sometimes you can give something a bit of an edge or at least a nice update by adding a certain type of accessory, but in this case, the belt just didn’t work for me.

    I still like the fascinator (sorry, waywewere), but I’m such a hat fan that I go all gooey-eyed over things like this.

    None of those Packham items for Debenham’s does it for me. I hope Temperley does better.

    • LOL. I know you are a hardcore hat lover. :) I don’t mind the hat alone but somehow it just didn’t work for me when she was wearing it with the lacy dress. I dont disagree with you on the belt kinda off here. Personally I was wondering if a velvet blue belt with some sort of bow or decor would work better here if she absolutely had to add some personal touch here.

  11. The blouse is just ok to my taste, but since Kate wore it, of course…(fill in the blank) LOL
    I saw some pictures of the wedding where she wore the blue lace dress with a little black hat (I think it was black) but the quality of the pictures wasn’t very flattering. The first floral dress by Jenny Packham looks nice but somehow I can’t picture Kate in it. :)

    • And how many of these AM belts does Kate own? LOL

    • I’m just not liking the blouse, either. Now that I see it up close, I really don’t like the detailing. It’s like a muted version of this blouse:

      • Somehow, I knew you were going to make the “Seinfeld” refrence! :) Victorian/edwardian style had their moment a few years back. However it might be just what Kate truly likes. She wore another ruffle shirt when in Canada, remember? And the white Alexander McQueen blouse with marching band buttons in front falls into the similar catagory as well.

    • Is the hat black or navy? If you look at photo 24 it looks navy to me. As does the belt, which would make more sense given the rest of her outfit, not to mention that she has virtually the same McQueen belt already in black. I really like what she did with the Erdem jacket, but I, too, am also less than sold on the belt with the rest of the outfit.

      The Ted Baker blouse suits Kate’s petite frame and has lots of lovely detailing to keep it from being a boring white blouse (ahem, Princess Letizia) but it’s definitely not something I would repliKate.

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