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Kate looked relaxed and happy this afternoon while watching William and Harry play Polo.

The Duchess was in the ‘Rebecca’ dress from a label we know she likes, Libelula. Our thanks to Lara who shared the information with the Duchess of Cambridge Style and HRH Duchess Kate for sharing the information on the WKW Facebook page.

Kate wore the shirtdress in the ‘mermaid blue and brown petal’ colorway, it originally sold for £290, approximately $465 USD at today’s exchange rates, but most recently sold for £199, about $320. This close-up offers a better view of the print, a popular print offered by Libelula.

Libelula Studio

The knee-length dress is 100% silk, it is from Libelula’s fall/winter collection. In addition to Kate’s ‘mermaid blue’ colorway, the frock also came in a brighter ‘emerald green with cream petals,’ shown in the two center photos below, as well as a more formal version in black velvet.

Libelula Studio

The button-front dress features piping at the stand collar, cuffs and waist, as well as pockets, a fabulous addition to a shirtdress. (Yes, your faithful scribe is a fan of pockets on dresses when they don’t ruin the line.) I think the collar looks best buttoned, but also include a photo above to show how it looks open and spread.

With thanks to our pals at Grazia Daily for the tip, here is a look at the dress from the side, the image was shared by model and blogger Ruth Crilly of A Model Recommends on Instagram.

Ruth Crilly Instagram

For those not as familiar with Libelula, the line is designed by Sophie Cranston, who early in her career worked with two other brands Kate loves, Alexander McQueen and Temperley. The pieces showcase timeless style with clean lines and luxurious fabrics. One of the more notable Libelula items Kate has worn is the Dulwich coat.

Libelula Studio

Below we show a few items from the S/S 2012 collection including the Isla dress in emerald, the Sofia in blue and the Millie in a lush pink.

Libelula Studio

This is a style Kate is clearly comfortable in, the subdued hue indicative this is another occasion where the Duchess wishes to remain in the background so attention is focused on Harry, William and their teammates.

Once again we can thank the WKW Facebook community for their amazing item identification skills, they quickly found out out and shared who made Kate’s shoes. We specifically thank Carolyn, she discovered that Kate wore the Stuart Weitzman Minx Espadrille.

Weitzman Minx

Stuart Weitzman

The shoe has a cork wedge in ‘camel laniard,’ with a 4.5″ heel atop a 1″ platform, not for the faint of heart when it comes to heel height. The shoes are $398 at the Stuart Weitzman site, available in a broad range of sizes as of this writing, also offered at many other outlets for a variety of prices.

Kate has certainly been to her share of polo matches, and she knows about the perils of hard soled shoes on grass and dirt, one reason these shoes make sense can be seen on the sole.

Stuart Weitzman

From what we could see it looked like Kate brought out the Kiki McDonough Grace studs again.

Kiki McDonough

Harry and William also played an intense match yesterday, the match is a fundraiser for one of their charities, more from the Daily Mail:

More than 200 special guests were invited, including actors Russell Crowe, Gemma Arterton and Tom Hardy, among them.

This year marks the tenth anniversary of the Audi Polo Challenge, which has raised more than £1.4 million in the last decade.

Funds from this year’s events are being used to support Prince Harry’s charity Sentebale which helps orphans and vulnerable children in Lesotho.

Lupo was quite the crowd-pleaser at today’s function.

James Whatling/

It was obvious from pictures the royal pooch generated quite a bit of attention, more from People‘s story on today’s event:

And he was clearly something of a novelty for guests. “Lupo seemed to get as much attention from the people at the presentation as William and Harry,” an observer says.

At the end, when William and Harry were mingling with guests and present for the award-giving, Kate and Lupo joined them, and the lucky pup got some love from his two favorite princes.


A few other quick notes:

  • In our last post we shared our pal Rebecca’s story in the Daily Mail about Kate’s participation at a Buckingham Palace garden party with the Queen, but we did not know the date. Thanks to the kindness of a commenter, Julia, she shared word the date is a week from Tuesday, May 22 and the function runs from 4-6pm.
  • Now magazine reports Kate is actually volunteering on a regular basis with the Scouts at home in Anglesey. According to the story, the Duchess works with boys and girls aged 6-10 every month:

“She’s been doing it all below radar because this was something she wanted to do in her own time, without fanfare,’ says a source.

‘The first evening she turned up at the group there was obviously great excitement among the other volunteers and children but she got stuck in straight away.

‘Now it’s no big deal. She’s just a volunteer like anyone else.’”

  56 Responses to “Kate Takes The Royal Pooch to Polo In Libelula & New Wedges”

  1. Hey guys, I was just checking out and looked on Kate’s link for earrings. For this appearance she whipped out a new pair. It is quite clear in the photo that it’s not the Kiki ‘grace’ earrings….. have a look here
    These are soooooooo pretty :)

  2. At first I wasn’t fond of this. But the more I think about it, the more I like it. It’s growing on me. A lot. :)

  3. I’m confused!!? Other websites are stating she wore the brighter ‘emerald green” with cream petals dress, not the mermaid blue version. Please, which one is it?

  4. Why is weigh wank allowed? (whether she too skinny or too fat)

  5. After the glorius emerald-green dress, an horrible greatgrandmother nightshirt!

  6. I agree! we are the only ones who don’t like the outfit(lol), even with her skeletal figure it makes her look frumpy.. But I think she wore it to look conservative for the Royal family after glamming up the last few events and looking fab in that blue evening gown. Hope she learns and Recycle.. I enjoy seeing clothes she wheres again and seeing what different accessories she uses.

  7. This dress ages Kate.

    She can look formal and appropriate without lookinmg older and frumpy. The sandals are lovely, but the dress does not suit them at all. She does not “carry it off” .

    I wish Kate would dress to look her age and not wear a dress suitable for someone 20 years older. Dressing older than her age is not “princess proper” it’s just plain frumpy.

  8. Not a fan of this look at all and the duchess is usually very event-appropriate. Even for a dressy event like polo and even with her position, this seems an odd choice. The dress seems overformal and doesn’t go with the amazing wedge heels, which seem a more summery shoe choice. Hardly the sort of dress also as some have rightly mentioned to wear on a windy day outside and running after an active puppy! And even with its long sleeves and high collar, this dress only points up, yet again, how dangerously thin she’s becoming. Call it “slender” or “athletic” or whatever other code words you want but her fans and the public are right to be concerned. Also, I happen to LOVE that she used to recycle outfits from her closet!! It’s economic and practical and why mess with perfection? If an outfit has worked in the past, make it work again!

  9. Good golly! That woman can make even the most humdrum dress seem viable! I would never in a thousand years find this particular dress appealing, but somehow it works for her. You go, girl!

    Loved the teal evening dress from the post before. IMHO, Kate IS a STYLE ICON. (Yeah, I am shouting.) I know that not everyone is ready to agree to this declaration, which is fine. It is hard to deny the facts; not only is she is the most photographed woman in the world, she makes us pay attention to what she is wearing.

  10. Yes it could have been that she was purposely over conservative in her dress. She did not want to overshadow with her clothes and she didn’t. I think she looked amazing in the blue gown- the white one with the slit not so much it wasn’t daring at all like people said. Also agreeing with one commenter she is becoming skin and bones and really saw it with her blue dress looking at the back. I hope she is OK because it doesn’t look healthy to see bones sticking out. Responding to another commenter the media is avoiding talking about her weight because they know it’s a topic that would upset her.

  11. Just a though… …
    Kate is well familiar with the requirements & with what goes on at polo charity matches. She is a very careful & thoughtful dresser, and uses her clothes (& colour) to express herself/communicate. I quite like this dress but I wouldn’t have chosen it … for the same reasons I think she did !!? Although this dress suits her style very well: understated, feminine, elegant and lady-like, it is VERY prim & low-key (too demure, esp. buttoned-up) – a stark contrast to the 2 amazing (revealing) dresses she wore just days before. I think she deliberately dressed-down to deflate the media hype – her attempt to return/restore some “normalcy”. i.e. She knocked herself off the pedestal, presenting us the prospect that she may not climb back up so soon or again because she doesn’t want the spot-light constantly on her or to be a Style-icon, but just be a very well dressed royal. She must be under enormous pressure, dreading the media response when she becomes pregnant!! imo – Not even Diana had this 24/7 (non-stop) attention and hyper-critical s-c-r-u-t-i-n-y. In fact, no other royal in the UK or Europe has the same level of press attention, scrutiny, intrusion & harassment that Kate has….. Amazing!

    On her volunteering work with the Scouts: Lovely pictures!! She is setting a wonderful example, imo, helping to pass the skills & experiences she gained in the Brownies (as a Sixer) and in The Duke of Edinburgh Gold award. – Even Lupo has been enlisted! …. How wonderful to see a future Queen mentoring the British youth. Wow!

  12. I usually love everything Kate wears. But this dress – ugh!! I agree w/another poster… Little House On the Prairie. I also have seen photos of Kate wearing dresses to watch polo before – which are very cute, but this is just awful! Kate – don’t lose yourself!!

  13. I think that it is clear that she dresses for herself and not the media or her fans. Which I think is actually pretty laudable given the scrutiny that she is constantly under. That shows a good amount of character. I am still pretty amazed that the media does not pick on her weight yet – she is SO thin. Not only has she lost her curves from 2-3 years ago, she’s also lost muscle mass drastically which seems to indicate that all of it was intentional and not brought upon by stress. Maybe she is going for a certain image. Either way I think that she knows what she’s doing.

    • It has been repeatedly published that she is an exercise fan, which means that she does exercises at least once a day, probably for about one hour. She looks great, her clothes look great on her and she appears to be full of energy, which indicates good health. Honestly now, how many of you/us would love to have her figure and look fabulous in almost anything we put on? I, for one.

      • I wouldn’t like to have her figure – she is far too thin. A lady looks good with a few curves – she’s got the figure of a boy.

  14. I actually really like this dress. Don’t think I could pull it off, but the extra bit of fabric around her arms adds more to her frame, making her look softer. Love the emerald green version.

  15. This dress, the bright green peace sign dress, and the Orly brown one are all misguided to me. Some things she does so well, and this dress might work in a more work like setting with pumps, but not with such bare legs.

    Her job, like it or not, is to make us like the Royal Family and feel invested in them. Yet, she can’t look like she doesn’t care about money. I agree, she could have worn something she already owns, more appropriate for the season, with less summery shoes.

  16. She is one of those rare women who can make an ordinary dress look special.

  17. Not my favorite dress on her, but as William’s wife I don’t think she had the luxury of showing up in jeans at this particular event given the way other ladies were dressed. Besides, I don’t think polo is all that informal. And I wouldn’t be surprised if this choice wasn’t a response to all the fuss over the slit from the other night. ;)

    But I really love the dress in black; the detail pops in that color.

    • There was a Dress Code requirement for invitees/paying guests so no jeans were allowed. Anyway, Kate was not there just to watch William & Harry play but also took part in the ceremony/prize presentation at the end.

  18. Contin: I agree with one commenter recycling an outfit would have been best..I would have not worn a dress if walking with my puppy especially with that fabric in the wind eesh a marlyn moment could occur or an other wardrobe malfunction and one did occur on the Calgary..But fashion mistakes happen.

    • I would have recycled an outfit, too, if only because she wore such a knock-out new dress on Friday. It’s almost like too many new things at once, you know?

      I think some nice trousers with a smart, crisp blouse with the wedges would have looked much better (I just don’t know if it’s acceptable for women to wear trousers to polo matches…).

  19. Not one of her best days! Sorry Kate and I ‘am a big fan normally.. That she should be charged 295 pounds for the dress as well is saddening as well as I wouldn’t pay more then 25. It does nothing for her but makes her look five times her age. Then we move down to the shoes, the wedges do not look good with the outfit, ballet flats anything else. I can’t find anything nice to say about this outfit even the color.. we all have bad fashion days so it’s all good.

  20. Everything she wears make her seem older. Her clothes are not well tailored at all.

    • Her clothes are actually beautifully tailored; she has them tweaked often because of her long-waisted, short-legged figure. It’s not that this dress doesn’t fit well. It does. It’s just that many of us don’t find it particularly attractive or suitable to the event.

    • Is the style really all that old-looking? I’m only asking as I wonder if there are some of us for whom this style was the kind of thing favoured by our grandmothers so we grew up thinking it “old.” But now maybe it’s just the “new” retro look.

      It seems a lot like last year’s green Mulberry dress, which also got thumbs-down from a lot of posters.

      I love the close-up of the fabric pattern, it looks lovely, but like others I’m puzzled as to why she hasn’t learnt her lesson vis-a-vis the dreaded wind. I think I can see at least one difference this time — at least there seems to be some sort of slip to help preserve modesty, and prevent another full-on Calgary moment.

      • That possibly it, I’m a 90s baby but I don’t think young people in the 70s thought this style was matronly when they wore it back then. It is a retro style, fashion like to recycle stuff every few decade

  21. I was just wondering if there is any dresscode for polo match…It looks pretty windy there and she was wearing a fluffy skirt…poor girl. And the other lady was wearing a pencil…Do they have to wear skirts, no pants allowed? Just curious…

  22. I really like her shoes, its a nice and decent dress but it doesn’t look flattering on her.

  23. Oh my goodness…I saw this dress in the morning news today and thought it was a OK look but now looking at the picture, it’s probably one of th worst looks on just anybody…My thriftstore finds would look better than this one. :( Sorry Kate. I still love ya. :)

  24. Not my favorite dress that she’s worn. It looks windy and that dress doesn’t look like it has much heft so it blew in the wind too much. Diana was once quoted as saying the wind was her enemy and you can see that in these photos. Think she’d have been safer wind-wise wearing a straight skirt similar to the one the other woman is wearing in the photo of William and Kate speaking to the woman with the pashmina.

  25. The whole look is just awful. That dress is for a granny. Why did she wear this ugly dress. It is too old for her. Those shoes are awful too. Very matronly look for her. What is wrong with Kate. I hope someone talks to her and convince her to get a dresser. She really really needs help because she clearly does not know how to dress herself.

  26. Looks like it was a fun day out for everyone. Hope all the “invited guests” wrote nice big checks for Harry’s charity! I thought Kate’s dress was appropriate for the event, but not my favorite look ever. Having seen a few of the other girls attending, the polo match looks like a combination of a horse show and a garden party. At least she didn’t need a hat! :)

  27. The Little House on the Prairie short version.
    Dazzling yesterday, flumpy today (but I like very much the shoes), we can’t be always at the top of it,can we Kate ?
    But she looks happy and serene and that is the more important for me.

  28. .. wow, I’m ready to Give Kate A Break ! !
    (and a LONG one.. !)


    I can’t even imagine how it would feel to have one’s every outfit and move s-c-r-u-t-i-n-z-e-d for an entire year. groan.
    and now, it’s Year 2.

    yes, I realize it’s “part of the job”..
    but whew.

    Kate is lovely. And Kate has proved to have an unteachable sense of appropriateness, grace, and dignity..
    She has proven this over and over and over again. And it is reflected in more than her choice of clothes/outfits- in her whole demeanor- her poise, her ever ready smile, and a winning modesty that manages to look just right, not diffident or tentative (fearful).

    and she has established all of that, I believe, solidly ! and quickly !

    now, as a game, I’m trying to turn this post around: imagine myself in this situation..

    so, ok, it’s outdoors. muddy grass. humid. warm. Charity event dress, though. and no participating with my husband in the sporting around.

    what would I wear? !
    not easy..

    as comfy and breathable a dressy-fabric, as possible: silk. yes!
    ditto for the de-rigeur high-heels: rubber soles, at least.
    nothing fussy (hair) or itchy or constricting..

    BRAVO, Kate!
    (and I agree with one of the previous posters: there is no way I could carry off a dress of this shape! she does- faultless.)

  29. I like most of what she wears, but this, I think, is a huge miss. The style looks way too old for her. The top reminds me of some of Diana’s things from the ’80s. I think she could have found something more youthful but still appropriate.

    • I completely agree. I’m not sure I’ve ever hated a dress that she’s worn – I’d pretty much take anything out of her closet. Not this one. But hey – if this is the most unfashionable that she gets – still a world better than the crazies in Hollywood. So A+ for always keeping it classy!

    • I’m with you on this one, and I too thought this was something Diana would wear early on in her marriage. Kind of dowdy, and I don’t like the wedges with the dress.

      • Yes Megan. I think the color of the shoes actually unbalanced the entire look and made her look “top heavy”. The shoes themselves look rather nice. :)

  30. At first I thought she was overdressed but I watched the video and realized everyone was dressed up as it was a charity event. I really like the more black velvet version for more formal occasions.

    Have you seen the pictures of Harry interacting with the little baby….too cute for words.

  31. I love Libelula’s coats and jackets — I own the Dulwich coat — but have never cared for the dresses. There is something rather ordinary and even a touch dowdy about them. This dress really does not excite me and it somehow looks all wrong for polo. She’s worn pretty, and quite suitable, dresses for polo before, so I’m perplexed by her choice of this prim little affair.

    The wedges are nice, though I dislike anything with an ankle strap; such straps are unflattering on most women. That’s less of a problem with a shoe in a nude or natural color. However, again, the wedges just don’t quite work with the covered-up dress. It should be worn to work (or maybe church) with a kitten-heeled pump or flat.

  32. Beautiful dress, but something is not balanced here. So buttoned up yet so much bare leg and super high wedge.

    Should have opened the buttons like in the Libelula photos or worn lower closed toed shoes. This way she’s got two different things going on.

    Also, I am not a fan to pure silk dresses when in the mud and especially when taking my puppy.

    • I think it’s the sleeves…again which seems a turn-off, with that mandarin collar… And the color is just too muted. A short sleeve with a more cheerful color might have worked out better.

  33. Pretty dress — bit of a shame though to have to dress up for a weekend outing and not able to slouch around in jeans and casual.

    I’m assuming canny use of wedge shoes makes life easier if wishing to wear heels on grass!

    • You assume correctly. Heels on grass is a complete nightmare over here in the UK. I made that mistake once…

  34. Certainly not my favorite Kate look, but it’s very simple and elegant in a relaxed way. I would wear it. It seems a little 1970s to me, which seems to suit Kate.

    • It IS rather 70′s, and that doesn’t suit anyone, including the Duchess. The last time she went 70′s — the red evening dress — we all hated it.

      The 70′s were a very unfortunate decade for fashion.

      • She might look cute in one of those Pierre Cardin’s “space age” dresses. She got the figure. Not all 70s are bad, but this dress simply didn’t stand out in a positive way. that’s just how I look at it. :)

    • It’s a comfortable looking dress. I agree about the seventies style. These long sleeved ‘granny’ dresses with cuffs have become popular again in the last couple of seasons; you could argue it’s cutting edge retro! Although not her best look, I feel that it’s wrong to brand the style as too old for Kate. She’s a fashion leader in a unique line of work.

  35. Awful color. Looks too big on her. Why does she always wear something new? This is such a low-key event & and she should have “recycled” something.

    • Poor Kate…if she wears new, she’s criticized. If she repeats, she’s criticized. I do agree that it looks a little big on her.

      • She is not criticized for “recycling” her clothes. Diana wore almost all her clothes at least twice. For example, she never wore anything new to Trooping the Colour. The DailyMail recently had an Article about the Queen highlighting how the queen has worn several of her outfits up to 6-7 times. I’m offering constructive criticism.

      • I have to respectfully disagree. I think I’ve seen more admiration and positive comments about Kate – early on but not so much anymore – recycling items and “shopping her closet” as a concrete demonstration from at least one member of the ultra-wealthy Windsors that they at least acknowledge that the rest of the world is having economic difficulties. I haven’t seen any negative comments about her recycling clothing.

  36. I like the colour and the pattern. the dress has some nice details and the style is flattering to Kate’s figure. this is very ” princess proper” especially after the thigh slit and the lacy plunging neckline we’ve recently seen. the wedges help to keep the look fresh and young.

    having said that I would look like a complete frump in this dress, so not one of my favourite looks. I do like that lush pink Millie though, definitely more my style.

  37. not my fave dress but it’s simple and nice and relaxed for this event.

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