May 292012

Kate brought back her pink Emilia Wickstead dress for this afternoon’s tea at Buckingham Palace, more than 8000 guests were on hand to meet Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, Prince Philip & Camilla, as well as others from the Royal Household.

UK Press Association

More from the Daily Mail:

The band struck up the National Anthem as the Queen and Duke of Edinburgh appeared at the top of the steps and a hush fell over the assembled crowd.

Then applause broke out as the couple, along with Charles, Camilla and Kate, made their way towards their waiting guests, who were invited after nominations by institutions, charities and businesses.

Kate fashion followers recognize this as the dress Kate wore to the Sovereigns’ Luncheon May 18th. (More on that here.)

Emilia Wickstead/Press Association

Kate accessorized with a new pink hat by Jane Corbett.

UK Press Association

The talented milliner shared her excitement about Kate’s choice of chapeau on her blog:

Jane Corbett Millinery Blog

Below, details of Kate’s pearl drop earrings and the underside of her hat.

UK Press Association

More on the event from the Daily Mail:

With the exception of Kate’s new hat, other accessories were familiar, the LK Bennett Sledge pumps made another appearance, as did the Natalie clutch.

LK Bennett

The efforts required to feed so many guests are daunting, more from Simon Perry’s People magazine story:

As for Kate, amid the sound of small brass bands and and some 400 staff members serving the invitees 27,000 cups of tea, 20,000 sandwiches and 20,000 slices of cake, she told guests she was “slightly nervous” about walking into a sea of faces.

William was unable to attend, he is on duty with the RAF in Wales.

If wishing to send a clear message that all eyes should be on Her Majesty, and not looking at what she is wearing, the Duchess accomplished that today. While some have commented she should have opted for something worn much less recently, I think the Duchess was making a point. Good for her.

I teased a friend, Patricia Treble of Maclean’s Canada, her most recent story is titled “Why Doesn’t Kate Recycle Her Clothes?

Now, before I’m inundated with angry emails, let me be very precise: I know she re-wears outfits at private functions such as weddings, and has worn older clothes at public functions. I’m talking about recycling outfits from one official engagement to another. And that she hasn’t done. I’ve checked the Court Circular, the palace record of these events, then cross-referenced engagements with outfits. No repeats.

In speaking with Patricia about her story, the writer actually predicted that we would see repeat appearances of things from Kate’s closet, she thought that would happen during Jubilee celebrations. A tip of the hat to Patricia!

The Daily Mail’s story is here, the Telegraph‘s story is here.

With apologies for the brevity today, we want to add one addition to Kate’s calendar. Our thanks to Richard Palmer of The Express for the tip, here is more from This Is Nottingham:

Prince William and Princess Catherine will join the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh on their trip to the city on Wednesday, June 13, Buckingham Palace announced today.

The Palace also revealed details of the Royal visit, which will see the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh arrive at Nottingham Station, where they will meet The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

The Royal Party will then proceed to the Old Market Square, and undertake a short walkabout before making an appearance on the balcony of the Council House.

They are also due to visit Vernon Park, in Old Basford.

  82 Responses to “Kate In New Hat & Familiar Frock For Queen’s Garden Party at Buckingham Palace, Another Appearance Added to the Calendar”

  1. The Countess of Wessex actually has the red version of this dress (shown above in the second photo set) and she wore it on an engagement not too long ago:

    And she wore it with the same pearl and cubic zirconia drop earrings that Kate has been seen wearing recently, too.

  2. It’s nice to see that light pink is coming back into style. It’s a very flattering color, at least on the Dutchess! This dress and hat combo is spot on.
    I wish I could dress like this for work!

  3. one more thing.. (I already posted once, about this thread/entry.. !)

    thank you for the detail/picture of the underside of the hat.

    it reminded me of one more thing Kate is doing.. quietly but consistently.. (perhaps most obviously with the lace on her breathtaking wedding dress): championing British artisan-ship (? is that a word).

    every time Duchess Kate wears something hand-worked by a usually nameless, un-sung ‘artist’, she celebrates the precious tradition of things hand-made- their slow apprenticeship and years of perfecting skills are fragile in this modern, mechanized world we live in.

    a rather wonderful, pro-active choice of Kate’s.. Bravo!

  4. Just noticed on the Neiman Marcus website, they have the Jimmy Choo Vamp Sandals on SALE for $532.

  5. In The US issue of People magazine dated May 14, there’s a 2 page spread of Kate’s dresses from all of last year. One of the dresses she’s wearing is a purple one with some kind of dark belt. It’s between her skiing holiday pic and the green peplum coatdress pic. When and where did she wear this purple dress? I haven’t seen it before. I’d love someone to identify it for me. Pretty please?

  6. I begin to think that idea of ​​recycling so soon the dress is desired, just because it was reported and that it was suggested by Camilla. Impossible don’t note that today Camilla wore the same dress wore at a wedding this weekend

  7. ! the UK Press Association photo is a delight- offers a closeup- I like the dress even more than the last site photos.. this one shows the detail and exquisite fit at the bodice/shoulders/sleeves/waist.

    the invisible button placket looks hand sewn (probably is–), the ‘soft belt’ a lovely contrast to the crisp pleats. charming neckline. impossible to look at this color on Kate and not smile ! (-:

    princess-y ! but not fussy or stuffy or dated.. what amazing taste ! yay, Kate!

    • I would agree. While I thought it was a nice dress when she wore it the first time – this time pictures show just how lovely the dress is. The soft pink color is very flattering. The way that it drapes is beautiful. It truly is a garden party dress. There is nothing fussy about it – just what a young woman who is facing her first “nerve wracking” engagement of this nature needs to wear. It was important that she not upstage the Queen – something that Diana never seemed to understand.

      What I like most of all is that it is obvious that Catherine enjoys herself with whomever she is with. It is obvious that the Queen, Prince Philip, Prince Charles, Camilla and Catherine get along very well. How wonderful that the Queen, who has had much heartache with family members in the past is able to celebrate this remarkable historic occasion (the Jubilee) with her family much happier and settled.

      • “It was important that she not upstage the Queen – something that Diana never seemed to understand.” It is impossible for me to be even tempered about this.

        A 30 year old woman is by default more interesting than her 86 year old grandmother-in-law. The DailyMail’s coverage of the garden party featured 17 photos of Kate and only 4 of the queen. Furthermore, it received headline coverage, which the garden party on the 22nd never received. When Kate attended that Olympic gala, the DM’s headline was “Sheer beauty: The Duchess of Cambridge looks stunning in daring teal dress gown and elaborate updo…” with 12 photos of Kate and only 5 of her with William. And yet, do you blame Kate for ‘upstaging’ her husband and the Queen?

        Kate does not control the media interest in her. Neither did Diana. People can praise Kate all they want, but the Diana bashing is disgusting.

        And “Catherine enjoys herself and gets along very well” with the royal family because they have guided and supported her in ways they never did for Diana. She also has plenty of time to herself, considering that at 30 Diana averaged 1 engagement every day whilst Kate has about 1-2 a week.

        • While the press may indeed concentrate on a thirty year old rather than an eighty-six year old, the fact is that Kate does attempt by either dress or action to upstage the Queen. It is, after all, Elizabeth II’s Jubilee.

          Diana was an immature young woman – and while there were those within the Crown who were not fans of Diana, there is no account ever that the Queen was anything less than supportive and gracious to Diana. In her defense, Diana had a horrible family life while growing up which I am sure contributed in no small part to her immature behavior. Kate is fortunate in that she grew up in a stable home where she did not have to struggle to be noticed by her parents. Kate radiates a sense of self that Diana never possessed.

      • While I loved Diana and nearly everything she wore, I too had the impression that she dressed in a manner so the photographers would focus on her rather than any other member of the royal family. Of course I was not privy to her innermost thoughts, it was just an impression I got. I’m not bashing Diana…I would never do that.

        • Let’s make this clear. Many people constructively criticize Kate for dressing like an old lady and not incorporating enough colour into her wardrobe.

          And yet, whilst Diana did the exact opposite, wearing bright and colorful clothes which emphasized her youth, she gets criticized for ‘focusing attention on her’?

          I don’t understand this. Kate will always receive more attention than any member of the royal family, no matter what she does. The same was true for Diana, so what was wrong with Diana at least wanting to look glamorous and beautiful? Who doesn’t want to look their best all the time if they have that luxury, besides Kate?

  8. Kate looks so happy.
    I still like the dress, but I am surprised at the choice of the colour of the accessoiries : wash up colour versus nice pink colour.
    Same for the hat, too sportish for this dress,to my opinion a kind of “capeline” would have better suited … perhaps….
    I was looking back to the earrings Kate wore the last time we saw her with the same dress. It had been reported that once William offered her Dinny Hall earrings. Could it be that one ?

  9. Although the Duchess wore the same dress; she did not wear the same outfit – hat, shoes, bag. What’s wrong with that? She looks lovely.

  10. She looks amazing. This is what court elegance means to me.

  11. where are the earrings from

  12. She looks lovely (but her makeup is aging her well beyond her years – ease up, Kate). BUT, I do find it odd to wear the same dress to two high profile functions within a few weeks’ time. If she was trying to make a point of recycling to a) satisfy critics and/or b) keep the focus off her, then she failed at both. The mere fact that articles are being written about the recycling and that we’re all commenting on it shows that it wasn’t a wise choice.

    I probably wouldn’t wear the same dress to two weddings within a month, and no one cares what I wear. It strikes me as a tad odd choice for a Duchess to do so.

  13. Adore the hat! Love it on her. The details on the hat are quite chic and adorable. There shouldn’t be any “rule” when someone repeats a dress… regardless of time period apart. It could be a year, or months, or weeks, or days… if you LOVE the dress and you love how great it makes you feel, you can wear the dress again and shouldn’t be judged for repeating it. This dress was kinda pricey too so she should definitely get the most wears out of it. Yes, we all follow her fashion with a passion but I think we should applaud her for being practical but still chic. I have a pair of Joe’s jeans that I absolutely loved and when I first got it, I pretty much wore it every week. Same with my Bagatelle leather jacket… wore it all winter-long because I was obsessed with it. Just because she’s a duchess doesn’t mean she’s forbidden from being a normal girl who can get “obsessed” with a certain item (i.e. Natalie clutch).

    Michelle Obama recycled her dress this week too. I love it!

  14. The color of the dress is lovely and this pink and nude hat is nice but I would love to see her with an even wider brim. She could pull it off without a doubt. I also think a “heavier” dress was a good choice for an outdoor event in case of wind, etc.

  15. I like this dress much more on this outing;I think the hat is fantastic and really completes the look. When I saw the pictures of HM, Camilla and Sophie at the party, it made me appreciate how spot on Kate looked today. Am I surprised she recycled the dress so soon after its last outing? Yes, but I agree with Lili, it likely was a somewhat unplanned change due to the weather. Perhaps waywewere is right and she was planning on wearing the pale pink dress from the wedding dress exhibit visit (it would work well with the hat) but was thwarted by the weather.

  16. I love the hat it has nice detail and I like how she recycled the dress especially because it its a bit pricey lol :D

  17. Could it be that many of us do not like this dress because the waist is too high? Generally, pleated skirts look better when they sit lower on the hip. I agree about the snaps where the buttons should be….it looks odd. The neckline is a good one for her, but this is not a great recycle choice. By recycling, it seems she generates more buzz than if she had worn a new outfit, no?

    • This is it! I couldn’t work out why the set of the dress bothered me, until you pointed out the high-ish waistline. It doesn’t look tailored to her figure. The bodice just needs to be a couple of inches longer, and then the skirt would fall over her knees as well and give her a longer, slimmer line.

      The hat is lovely. Thank God it’s a hat and not another fascinator masquerading as such.

  18. I love the hat it’s lovely but she is wearing too much makeup and should lighten up on the foundation and she re-wore the dress too quickly.

  19. I love the hat she picked!

  20. So NOT a fan of this dress. And I agree that wearing it twice in two weeks is a bit strange.

  21. She looks so pretty, love the hat! I wish she would shorten her hair though!

    • I was glad to see that at least her hair was away from her face this time — it’s not the same when it’s always tumbling down.

  22. This is a bit like when Kate wore the green Dianne von Furstenberg dress while in L.A. and then a week later, or so it seemed, surprised me by wearing it again to Princess Zara and Mike Tindall’s pre wedding party. I am surprised to see the pink Emilia Wickstead so soon but if I had that dress I would probably wear it every chance I get. I love the duchess in pink.

    • I totally agree, the same feelings as with the DVF emerald dress – which I really liked. I´m all in for recycling but this is/was too soon..kind of strange, from all the dresses she has, wear the same one in two almost consecutive occasions. Neither I as a normal person repeat my outfits so quickly.
      Anyway, the hat is gorgeous and pink suits her well, but it is true that the hat would be more matchy with the light pink dress she wore for the exibithion openning after the wedding, for me more interesting outfit…so could be true the theory mentioned above.
      For the garden party would be also perfect one of the dresses from the American tour – or the pastel Roksana Ilincic which Kate wore in LA, or the flowered Jenny Packham..with a hat would be really nice both of them, still recycling und less strange.

  23. Having read some time ago that it takes weeks to make hats to match outfits, I’m thinking perhaps this is where she intended to wear this dress, and something happened to the dress she intended for the Sovereigns’ Luncheon. She may be a duchess, but that does not mean she can’t be affected by last minute wardrobe problems! That hat matches this dress in color so perfectly, I don’t think it could have been intended to go with a different dress.

    • I think the hat actually is nude color not pink, but it is hard to tell from the photos. I don’t think it was made to match the dress, but to go with her nude shoes.

  24. I realize the importance of low profile and it is obvious that the clothes being worn several times, but at two consecutive public events?! Moreover, the dress does not seem suitable for a garden party. It’s too heavy especially combined with this very light and vernal hat.

    • I do have the same question on why recycling so soon. I love the dress. The hat isn’t too shabby either. But …I wonder Kate uninintentionally has drawn the attention on her again by wearing such a “high profile” dress. By “high profile” I meant we just saw it a few days ago and there was no break in between. :)

  25. I think the earrings were Diana’s. See Diana’s Jewels website. I’ve seen these once before.

  26. Kate should be commended for FINALLY recycling a previously worn dress to an official function. Diana wore many outfits back to back, so there’s nothing strange about Kate’s decision.

    The hat is pretty and cute but those shoes are ugly. The color and style is just gauche. Her skin looks thick and cakey. I don’t know if it’s the heavy makeup or tanning, but she looks aged.

    • Finally? She has recycle before

      • I don’t think you read through the WKW post, or this persons comment.

        “FINALLY recycling a previously worn dress to an official function”
        None of the other repeats have been to an official function.

        As quoted in the WKW post

        ‘”I know she re-wears outfits at private functions such as weddings, and has worn older clothes at public functions. I’m talking about recycling outfits from one official engagement to another.”

  27. Confession……I did not like this dress on the first outing, but now I see how lovely it is. Today’s picture show the beautiful neckline which is good look for Kate, and it looks much better with the nude shoes. She just must keep the hair back,,,,it is time!

    • I agree! I like this dress much better on her at this event with the different shoes, clutch, and of course the lovely hat.

  28. Ugh. If Barbara Bush could wear it (that means this dress!) then Kate should not be wearing it. Period.

    • Barbara Bush would not be able to wear this dress. For one thing, Mrs. Bush and her waist bid each other a fond farewell many decades ago. I think she’d laugh widly at your notion that she could wear it.

      For another, only very slim, virtually hipless women can get away with pleats at the waist and hips like that.

  29. I didn’t like this dress the first time she wore it. I don’t like the seams where the I guess snaps are in the front. I liked the version with the straight and longer skirt better – it had dolman sleaves. It looked more stylish and less little girlish… I too was hoping she would reuse one of the dresses from last year’s tour. Wool just seems heavy for a garden party…

    • You’re right about the snaps in front. It seems odd that you can see the stitching on the lower part of the bodice, then there is a gap and than another at the very top by the neckline. It almost looks like there was supposed to be an open flap or lapel and Kate chose to wear it closed. I don’t mind at all that she wore this again after a recent appearance and also do not mind that she wears her LK Bennet pumps quite frequently. Although too tall for me, she obviously feels quite comfortable in them. I just wish I had the body and the youth that would allow me to copy her style. Sigh!

  30. Not fond of the sort of “tri-corn” hat she was wearing. Shown from the left side it is not flattering.

  31. In the matter of hats, the duchess has real flair — another winner!

    But what is the matter with that dress? The fit of it on Kate does little credit to the designer — the shoulders seem too wide and the garment hangs awkwardly so that the waistband gets drawn up unevenly — maybe it could sit better on someone with broader hips.

    It’s a lovely colour on her and the neckline flatters her well in close-ups; the whole ensemble is very elegant and very English tea party.

    I was wondering if the outfit repeat was down to the English weather which has seen a chilly drop of some 10 to 15 degrees in this past couple of days. If a more floaty outfit was planned it could have been switched for this — though that hardly explains the superb hat!

    And can anyone explain to me how in the world do you wear heels of that height without sinking straight into the turf? Surely HM doesn’t boast a lawn that’s hard as concrete?

  32. She looks lovely as usual. It’s odd that in the pictures from the Daily Mail (, you don’t see her scar anymore when they show closeups of the side of her head.

  33. It was too soon to recycle this dress. If she was concerned about the attention, she should have just chosen something from the Canadian Tour last year, those outfits got a lot of publicity.

  34. The lace on the hat is a little precious for my tastes, but she looks nice in general.

  35. I knew that was a Jane Corbett hat the instant I saw it. She likes to mold her materials into unusual shapes and provide interesting views of the underside. I could have done without the lace trim — it made the hat look slightly juvenile — but otherwise, I thought the shape worked very well.

    My only quibble with the Duchess’s choice of this dress is that I feel lighter, softer fabrics should be worn to events like garden parties. I actually thought she would recycle something and wondered whether she might choose the flowered Jenny Packham that she wore to the polo match in LA last year. Perhaps the temperature in London right now was better for the Wickstead.

    The LK Bennet pumps are starting to look a bit dated. She might think about buying something else to go with light-colored, warm-weather dresses.

    • Do you think she should purchase another pair of pumps, or another style of shoe for the summer weather? Also, how restrictive do you think protocol is in terms of official events and shoes? (ie. I’m assuming wedges would have been too informal for this event…)

      Just curious!

      • She needs at least one other pair of light-colored pumps. To the polo event, she wore dressy, high-heeled beige sandals with the Packham dress. Those would be perfectly suitable for a garden party, but she still needs pumps.

        It’s not true that royals can’t wear open-toed shoes; they can and do. The Queen and Princess Margaret wore them all the time when they were young.

        • Yes, I’m aware, but would they be appropriate for this event? It doesn’t seem to be very toe-friendly, unlike the polo match from a couple of weeks ago when the Duchess wore those stunning Stuart Weitzman wedges.

    • I thought the lace on the hat added to the outfit rather than detracted — there are so many clean lines there and no opportunity for much jewellery, so the lace seems like a welcome decoration and a concession to the spirit of the genteel tea party.

      As genteel as you can be, that is, when being mobbed by 8,000 guests.

    • I was thinking of the pale pink dress she wore at the wedding exhibition with the Queen. But it might be too sleek for such event like garden party. :)

    • I read on another site that the temperature was unseasonably cool today, making the coat dress a better choice. it does raise the intriguing question of what she might have planned wearing otherwise, since the Jane Corbett hat fairly screams garden party.

  36. I hope everyone who complains that she doesn’t re-cycle is happy with this choice. How do you suppose the thin heel works walking across the lawn. Do yu thnk it sinks in a little? I have a backyard wedding to attend in June and can’t decide between narrow heel pumps or a thicker heel on sandals. Hmmm, decisions decisions.

  37. While I appreciate her attempt at appearing thrifty as well as allowing the spotlight to be on the Queen, even I – with my far more limited budget and wardrobe – would not wear the same outfit at events so close to one another. In the “real world” it is considered strange (especially when *gasp* photos from both events appear on Facebook – imagine if you knew they were going to appear in the Daily Mails of the world!), so I’m not sure why she would think that this is ok. I mean, there’s nothing “wrong” with it; it’s just a little strange, especially when she would presumably have a far greater range to choose from in her wardrobe than we mere mortals! (I don’t think that is a particularly controversial statement when this dress alone cost 1200 pounds – a bit beyond my price range unfortunately!)

    • I agree. I’m rather ambivalent about the recycling in general. I believe that it is a smart move, especially in the current economic climate, but the reality is that she is a duchess with vast sums available to spend on her clothes, whether she chooses to wear a 1200 pound frock every day or not.

      My clothing budget is infinitesimal compared to hers, but I would never wear the same outfit to events back to back.

      *sigh* But really, she looks radiant. She could wear this for the next 6 months and I would still loyally check this website.

      • She doesn’t have “vast sums” to spend. She’s got a dress allowance, and though it’s much higher than the sum the rest of us have, she still has to budget within it.

        And she DOES have to be cognizant of the likely reaction to trotting out a new dress for every single appearance.

        I have no problem with her wearing the same dress for back-to-back appearances. There is nothing wrong with it, especially when the dress in question was quite expensive. In my view, the only reason for complaint is that people following her fashions want to see something new and are disappointed if she doesn’t give it to them.

        However, I follow her fashion, and I simply don’t think it’s necessary for us to see something new every time she sets foot out the door. We have a bad tendency to behave as though she somehow owes us something in terms of her clothes, as though she’s supposed to dress as we want, but she doesn’t and she isn’t.

        • Well, really I was just being hyperbolic about the “vast sums.” And my point was that I certainly don’t mind seeing her repeat outfits. I actually enjoy seeing how she chooses to vary the look by changing her hair, accessories, or adding a belt. (Perhaps not that black McQueen belt with the Erdem though…) You are right that she doesn’t owe us anything, and she couldn’t please everyone even if she tried. When she wears a new outfit, there are frequently complaints that she is not recycling; when she recycles, people want something new.

          But, I’m afraid that I’m still with Anna on the back-to-back repeating. When I was 17, I wore the same dress to church two weeks in a row and caught flak. And when other people do so (often quirky math professors), it does strike me as strange. Yet I’m quite willing to concede that maybe we are the strange ones. I’m sure she had it cleaned between wears, and we all know the girl can iron because we’ve seen the pics!

          • You caught flak from whom? Who supposedly had a right to tell you that you couldn’t wear the same dress on successive Sundays?

            Not a very Christian attitude. Not everyone can afford to buy different outfits to church week after week, nor should the genuinely religious care about such material matters — at least, not according to the religious people I’ve known.

            And as an academic, I have to tell you that my colleagues at universities aren’t paid all that well, and they aren’t necessarily very interested in clothes either. They aren’t required to be. I work in an academic field that’s something of an exception.

          • Well, yes and yes. It was my boyfriend at the time’s mother, who thankfully I don’t have to deal with anymore. I also am an academic, so I’m painfully aware of the lack of pay and concerns that push thoughts of the wardrobe aside.

            Some people can take it to extremes though. There is a math prof at my previous university who never wore any shoes at all, summer or winter…

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I hate that she recycled this particular outfit.

      The other thing is, this is a Jubilee celebration for the Queen. It’s a big deal, so I don’t think anyone would raise an eyebrow if Kate had worn a different outfit, either brand-new or recycled. And as you astutely mentioned, plain Jane on the street wouldn’t be caught dead wearing the same outfit twice in these circumstances.

      Wearing the outfit twice in under two weeks is taking the recycling thing to a weird level to me. I admire the DoC, but someone needs to tell her it’s ok to wear something new.

      • I fear you are wrong. She is getting MUCH negative comment in British publications and from the public about the cost of her wardrobe. Another expensive new dress would have attracted even more such comment. She’ll wear something new on the next outing, and the comments sections in British newspapers will be filled with indignant howling.

        She’s conscious of that. Who wouldn’t be as a young royal bride in an austerity economy? She may eventually harden herself to it, though I rather hope not.

  38. I am all for the recycled outfit, but this one is still warm from the last time she wore it! At least she looks lovely (as per usual).

  39. Love the hat, brilliant reuse of the dress. Nice update to the accessories, though I liked the shoes the first time. Perhaps updated to not look so matchy-matchy (they were pink, after all). Good choice Kate!

  40. I still wish she’d worn something else today. I understand she doesn’t want the focus to be on her, but I wish she’d recycled another outfit. (I don’t really like this outfit in the first place, so I might be biased in that regard.)

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