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Tonight’s Diamond Jubilee concert sounded extraordinary, with more than 500,000 lining the streets around Buckingham Palace for the event.

Before we get to What Kate Wore we want to explain the absence of one of tonight’s key figures, Prince Philip, shown below at yesterday’s River Pageant with his son and grandsons, Charles, William and Harry.

Splash News

The Duke of Edinburgh was taken to the hospital this afternoon, suffering from what physicians believe to be a bladder infection. He will not be at tomorrow’s Service of Thanksgiving or any of the other events, and is not expected to be released from the hospital for several days.

Queen Elizabeth arrived around 9pm.

Hello! Magazine Twitter Feed

Some thought she was running late because of the Duke’s illness but that was not the case according to the Telegraph:

Buckingham Palace aides said that the Queen had always intended to arrive at that time, and that her late arrival was not connected to the Duke’s illness.

Her thoughts may have been elsewhere as she watched the second half of the concert, but she appeared to be enjoying herself nonetheless…

I *think* she was wearing the same cape seen in the classic Cecil Beaton portrait done from 1968.

Cecil Beaton via V&A Museum

Kate opted for a dress by one of her favorite labels, Whistles.

Dave Thompson/PA Wire

Once information about the dress brand was released by the palace, Leisa George-Meigh was speedy, sharing on the WKW Facebook page that it looked like Kate was in the ‘Bella Body-Conscious Dress” by Whistles.

Whsitles ‘Bella Body Conscious Dress’

The piece is from an older season (I believe 2011) and no longer available in this print.   Most recently it was sold at ASOS for $260.93. The frock is described this way:

  • Bodysuit: 92% Silk, 8% Elastane
  • Lining: 96% Polyester, 4% Elastane
  • Belt does not come with the garment and is for styling purposes only

In these photos you can see some of the design elements Kate favors, like the waist detailing and ruching front and back, there is also an exposed metal zipper.

Whistles Dress at ASOS

Thanks also to Anna of My Small Obsessions for tweeting so quickly with the ID as well.

Grazia shared this comparison, one of the only photos we have seen of Kate standing up, as she applauds the Queen’s arrival.

Grazia UK

The Duchess was also in an Alexander McQueen shearling jacket, but we have yet to locate the specific piece that Kate wore.

Kate appeared to be sporting new earrings, as well as the Tiffany Diamonds by the Yard bracelet seen on many previous occasions.

PA Wire

The earrings appear to be hoops wrapped or embellished with some form of decor.

The weather was much nicer than yesterday, a little nippy but mostly sunny, although there was some rain. Below we see a rainbow over the stage.

The British Monarchy Flickr Feed

The crowds were enormous, here is a shot from the scaffolding used by the BBC, who put on the concert, with thanks to Kevin Bakhurst of the BBC.

Photo via Kevin Bakhurst Twitter Feed

Much of the organizational work for the event was done by Gary Barlow, one of Kate & William’s favorite singers. Below we see him before the show with BBC2 Radio host Chris Evans.

Via Gary Barlow Twitter

Among the entertainers, Sir Elton John, Kylie Minogue, and Rolf Harris.

Via Kylie Minogue Twitter Feed

Sir Elton played one of Kate and William’s wedding songs, the classic “Your Song,” as well as “Crocodile Rock”.

BBC via Hello! Twitter Feed

Appropriately enough, he also played “I’m Still Standing”.

Sir Tom Jones tweeted these photos, asking “How’s this for a stage set?”

Sir Tom Jones Twitter Feed

And will.i.am shared this picture with the caption “Me and my crew holding down the royal palace while people celebrate the diamond jubilee.”

will.i.am Twitter Feed

One of the highlights had to be 80s band Madness performing their classic “Our House”.

The British Monarchy Twitter Feed

Where were they when performing the hit song? You guessed it, atop Buckingham Palace, look at the upper right hand corner in these photos from the British Monarchy (above) and CNN’s David Wilkinson (below).

David Wilkinson – CNN (@Wilkinson_David)

Once the music ended Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles and others moved to the stage for a brief program, singer Cheryl Cole tweeted “This image will live with me Forever. I could never have dreamed of this moment.”

Via Cheryl Cole Twitter Feed

Prince Charles spoke to the crowd, noting it was sad the Duke wasn’t able to be at the event; tomorrow’s papers also recognize Prince Philip’s absence:

The Daily Mail/The Telegraph

More on Prince Charles’ tribute to his mother from the Daily Mail:

Standing on stage with his mother the Queen a few feet away, Charles told hundreds of thousands who had gathered to watch the star-studded event that they were ‘celebrating the life and service of a very special person’.

To hear the address Prince Charles made, click here for ITV’s story:


The Queen then lit the last of 4000+ official Jubilee Beacons around the world.

The evening concluded with what is said to have been a spectacular fireworks show.  (We did not have a live stream or other means of seeing the show, we’ll have to wait until tomorrow night.)

Via Sarah Hewson/Sky News (@SkyNewsSarah)

Here is a look from Georgina Brewer of ITV News.

Georgina Brewer/ITV News (@GeorginaITV)

At the Queen’s request younger royals hosted a party at the Palace following the concert, below we see Prince William with will.i.am

will.i.am Twitter Feed

And members of British Boy Band JLS tweeted about the party:

JLS Twitter Feed


Three quick reminders:

  • US viewers can watch an edited version of the concert on ABC tomorrow (Tuesday, 6/5/) at 9pm EDT
  • Tomorrow’s activities get underway with the National Service of Thanksgiving at 10:30am BST (5:30am EDT, that’s 2:30am PDT)
  • BBC America coverage starts at 4:15am EDT

Members of the Royal Family attending the Service include:

  • The Prince of Wales and The Duchess of Cornwall
  • The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
  • Prince Henry of Wales
  • The Duke of York and Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie
  • The Earl and Countess of Wessex and Lady Louise Windsor
  • The Princess Royal, Vice Admiral Sir Tim Laurence, Mr and Mrs Peter Phillips, and Mr and Mrs Mike Tindall
  • Viscount and Viscountess Linley, the Hon. Charles Armstrong-Jones and the Hon. Margarita Armstrong-Jones
  • The Lady Sarah and Mr Daniel Chatto, Master Samuel Chatto and Master Arthur Chatto
  • The Duke and Duchess of Gloucester, The Earl and Countess of Ulster, the Lady Davina and Mr Gary Lewis, and the Lady Rose and Mr George Gilman
  • The Duke and Duchess of Kent, the Earl and Countess of St. Andrews, the Lord and Lady Nicholas Windsor, and the Lady Helen and Mr Timothy Taylor
  • Prince and Princess Michael of Kent, The Lord and Lady Frederick Windsor, and the Lady Gabriella Windsor
  • Princess Alexandra, the Hon. Lady Ogilvy, and Mrs and Mrs James Ogilvy

Some royals, including the Queen, then head to Mansion House (the Mayor’s official residence) for a reception luncheon. Other royals, including William & Kate, Harry, Charles & Camilla, hgost everyone else from the St. Paul’s service at the Guildhall. (It’s possible Charles will be moved to the Mansion House reception, standing in for Prince Philip.)

At 12:45pm (7:45am EDT) the Queen and other senior royals will be trumpeted into Westminster Hall by the State Trumpeters.

Following lunch the much-anticipated carriage processional gets underway, although the weather may make it difficult to see those in the carriages very well.

Links for more information:

We’ll see you tomorrow!



  31 Responses to “Kate in Whistles and McQueen for Jubilee Concert, Prince William & will.i.am Party Together”

  1. The Duchess looks beautiful; red suits her so much. She looks elegant and stylish. Love the whole oufit, except had I worn it I would have worn different coloured shoes.

  2. The portrait of the Queen is from 1968 not 1986 as stated in this post. The photographer died in 1980.

    Other than that, I though the Queen looked fabulous in all the events this weekend. I thought her dress for the concert was fantastic at reflecting the stage lights and putting the focus on her.

  3. I liked this dress, but I can’t help but wish that Kate would have gone for a slightly less conservative choice, given that this is perhaps one of the more relaxed royal events as far a dress code goes, with kite of variety of outfits amongst the royal family. With the jacket over the dress, it looks almost businessy, especially from a distance. I would love to have seen Kate in something like the gorgeous Erdem that Bea wore.

  4. Has anyone else thought that William & Kate’s body language looks a little distant this week? Maybe it’s just the stress of the events.

    • In just one picture where they were arriving for the Thames flotilla, it seemed like William was kind of leaving Kate behind. But that is just one picture and you can’t really tell by the angle it is taken from. Otherwise, Kate seemed to stay in the background on the barge and I interpreted that to be deliberate. Pictures of them at the concert and the church service looked to me like they were fine and quite together. Perhaps a little exhausted at the church service. I refuse to think of problems after just one year.Maybe they just need to get back to Angelsy.

    • Someone must have squeezed the toothpaste in the middle — wotever, from Kate’s glowing looks it looked like the first round in any spat had gone to her…

      And maybe William is worrying about what lies in store for him when he has to be the great big monarch…they definitely need to get back to Anglesey!

  5. I fail to see the difference between the difference what Kate choose to wear and what her so call stylist (which the palace has said she doesn’t have) pick for her.

  6. Very sad not to see Prince Philip at the Queen’s side for this amazing, incredible occasion and, maybe it was just me, but it did appear that the Queen’s mind was elsewhere during the concert stage appearance. Prince Charles did a lovely job on the speech. Might be nice if the media and the public could focus on the Queen for these few days. Kate has had her turn in the spotlight and certainly will again. The Jubilee is all about Queen Elizabeth II!! Happy anniversary, ma’am!!

  7. I would love to see more of her outfit! It was really appropriate for the concert!

    Look what I found at C&A in Germany! It looks really good and runs true to size. I just tried it on in the shop.

  8. To all those who comment about Kate outshining the Queen etc …. do you imagine for any major (even ‘semi’ major public event) that all the female senior royals don’t check with the Queen’s office to see what she will be wearing before they decode what to wear?

  9. Emily at 4.45am ….. How do you know her dresses are chosen by stylists?

  10. Kate dresses in a practical and charming way as always, informality with an edge of class is perfect for the event. A pretty dress and a handy jacket — at least she will have been warmer than on the draughty barge ride — and it’s wonderful to see the three youngsters looking so relaxed after the four-hour river vigil the day before.

    I see current speculation is that, having worn red on Sunday and blue on Monday, there’s only one colour choice left for today’s service and procession.

  11. Your posts have been fabulous — thank you for all the linking.

    The Queen also wears that cape in the portrait of her done by Annie Leibovitz.

  12. Is that the Daily Mail’s final cover? It is odd to me that the cover pic is of Kate, William, and Harry when the event is for the Queen.

    As an aside, I like Kate’s dress tonight. And goodness, do Willaim and Harry look good in somewhat casual wear!

  13. I hope the Tuesday’s coverage actually shows each of the royal family named above. I’d love to see some of the family seldom seen.

    I’m not understanding Sandy’s anger at Kate’s dress. You don’t see enough of it to even tell much about what it looks like. Cheap, gauche….I’m not seeing the same dress, I guess.

    • For ——’- sake, there is no anger. It’s just my opinion, which is what everyone on here posts. On Kate the dress looks fine from away and covered by the jacket. But on the model, it looks so tacky. It’s nothing I’d ever look twice at in the store.

      NOTE: Comment edited to remove profanity.

  14. This is a moment, for me, where the genuine love and joy of the moment trumps the fashion. Three resounding cheers for Her Majesty!!!

  15. BBC has a great video of the fireworks on their website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-18327402

  16. I think the navy cape is an official “Admiral’s cape”. I wondered why she was wearing it – the better to hide her glittering dress until the very end!

  17. That dress looks cheap, gauche and rather unsophisticated. Luckily, we didn’t get to see her walking around in it and it was tastefully covered with that jacket. Yet another event where she could have re-worn something. However it was perfect for the event because she blended into the crowd and didn’t outshine the Queen like she did yesterday.

    • Yes Sophie (yesterday) and Eugenie (today) totally outshine the Queen by wearing red. (Oh not Kate? My bad)

      I fail to see what is cheap, gauche, and unsophisticated about this dress.

      • It’s really the color and pattern. It’s so busy and fussy it’s hard to make anything out. It just seems something a teenager would wear, not a grown woman. From far away underneath the jacket it looks just fine, but it’s nothing special. It’s blah, which is appropriate for the occasion.

    • I thought same. The metalic visible zipper is entirely inelegant. I personally never buy clothes with a visible zipper, particularly metalic. It makes woman look rough.
      The pattern is bad as well. I guess this dress Kate chose herself. All other dresses (beautiful ones)were chosen for her by stylists. When Kate chooses dresses we can see her true style-which is average:)

      • How do you know her dresses are chosen by stylists?

      • There is no evidence, actually, that she is using any stylists. Quite the contrary. She’s dressing very much as she always dressed, with the same tastes and silhousettes, well before her marriage.

        I find this dress charming and very appropriate for the concert. As for exposed zippers, I think they can add a little edge (not “roughness”) to an otherwise relatively benign design, as for example in the Duchess’s dark-blue Zara jacket, worn to a Princes’ Charities meeting last year. This isn’t black leather we’re talking about here; just an interesting little design element.

        • I agree regarding your comment on zippers. I think it also gives clothes a bit more of a youthful edge, so it is a good design feature for Kate, to keep some of her ladylike outfits from looking too old for her.

        • Her style changed dramatically since the wedding. I’m confident she has a stylist. Do you seriously believe what palace says? I hope you don’t.
          If you look at her outfits before the wedding it was mammy like. The choice of hats was absolutely awful. And what a difference we see now. Of course she has a stylist, at least two.
          Or do you think she is sitting there all day and trying to find a dress, matching hat, shoes, earings, etc. Do you think she is browsing internet or stores to do that? Of course not. It is a full time job. The palace doesn’t confirm that as they wouldn’t want public to know about that extra spending. The palace has PR department which coordinates all public appearances. They promote Kate as young happy, stylish, so that younger generation will love her. Her style must be impeccable and well thought. Kate is probably presented few choices of outfit for each occasion (maybe even scetches) and she chooses what she likes according to her taste. I’m sure she goes shopping and buys what she likes as well. I can see it straight away, if she bought the dress herself or was it thoughtfull and carefully matched by stylist. That dress she wore to polo event was so horrible, and the shoes were just tasteless. Her own choice, no doubt about that.
          As well as stylist she has a make-up artist. I can see her make-up done professionaly.

  18. lovely post thank you.
    very sad about philip i actually cried about this. because i know how much the queen would have wanted him there with her and how much he would have wanted to be there as he was standing by the queen for 60 full years and deserved to be also celebrated.
    the queen must have been thinking of him and it must have taken away from the magnificent celebrations.
    so sad i pray he is returning to health soon.
    kate looks very laid back in her dress and nice and most importantly happy :)

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