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The final day of Diamond Jubilee celebrations was marked by better weather, enormous crowds and a full compliment of royals.

Queen Elizabeth performed today’s duties alone, as she did last night, Prince Philip remains hospitalized with a suspected bladder infection. Below we see Her Majesty on the way to St. Paul’s Cathedral for this morning’s National Service of Thanksgiving.

Michael Murdock / Splash News

The Queen entering St. Paul’s, wearing another Angela Kelly ensemble.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Facebook

This offers a much better view of the mint green coat, made with silk tulle and embellished with small embroidered flowers and silver thread. One of the more striking design elements is the vee-shaped chiffon draping from the front, over the shoulders, down the back of the coat.

Jeff Moore / Splash News

The matching hat featured the same fabric and embellishment, a beautiful look for the Queen.

Below, the formal uniforms outside the Cathedral.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Facebook

Several royals entering the Cathedral, including Prince Charles, William and Kate.

BBC via Hello! Twitter Feed

It was a full house for the Service.


Kate elected to wear Alexander McQueen for today’s Jubilee events.

Tim Hales/Pool/UK Press Association

The Duchess wore what I believe is a fully bespoke piece, with McQueen’s basic sheath as the foundation for the garment.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Facebook Page

The knee length dress showcased exquisite lace atop a white or ivory base, long sleeves, a modified boat neckline, and satin ribbon or sash detailing at the waist. The color was referred to by many different names, including nude, beige, gold, caramel, eggshell, blush pink and others. I would probably say it is champagne or nude in color.

A view from another angle, offering a better look at Kate’s elegant chapeau.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Facebook Page

The piece was by Jane Taylor Millinery, our thanks to WKW Facebook friend Michelle Wales, she quickly identified the piece.

Jane Taylor/PA Wire

The Jane Taylor website offers more on the hat:

Nude beaded cocktail hat with silk tulle and organza discs. Finished with smoked quarts and veiling. As worn by the Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton at St Paul’s Jubilee service. This piece can be made in ivory, black, scarlet, dove grey, nude, navy or dyed to order.

It is priced at £790/$1300. The upscale milliner also created the hat worn today by Sophie, Countess of Wessex, another chic look. The Duchess was in her LK Bennett Sledge pumps again, and wore her hair in a partial updo.

A better look at the lace and coordinating satin sash, working perfectly with Kate’s Prada clutch.

Tim Hales/Pool/PA Wire

This makes it three McQueen pieces for Kate during the Jubilee events: the red pleated dress for Sunday’s River Pageant, a McQueen jacket last night at the concert and today’s frock. (The McQueen jacket isn’t included, there are no photos adequately showing the blazer on Kate.)

UK Press Association

Here is another look at the fabric and Kate’s earrings.

UK Press Association

Anna of My Small Obsessions believes these are the earrings Kate wore when previewing the wedding dress exhibit with the Queen last year. She also thinks that Sophie, the Countess of Wessex, has an identical pair.

This is one of Kate’s best looks, epitomizing understated elegance. The color of the dress ensured the Duchess would not detract from anyone else, especially HM, while the fabric’s texture and dress detailing provided points of interest that held appeal. The Jane Taylor hat was an excellent touch, the netting offering a chic touch that wasn’t overwhelming.

Her Majesty on the steps of St. Paul’s following the Service of Thanksgiving.

HM Armed Forces Facebook

Prince Charles, Camilla and Harry departing after the Service concluded.

HM Armed Forces Facebook

William and Kate leaving St. Paul’s.

©D. Hudson / Splash News

©D. Hudson / Splash News

Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie exiting the Cathedral after the Service.

Splash News

Beatrice was in a Kinder Aggugini coat dress and she carried a handbag by Lemeresca, while Eugenie wore a dress by Suzannah, she carried a Loro Piana bag. Both young ladies wore shoes by Gina and hats by Stephen Jones. Many thanks to Richard Palmer of the Express for sharing the information about what Beatrice and Eugenie were wearing.

Stylist James Pryce, who did Kate’s hair for her wedding, handled hair styling for the Princesses.

James Pryce London Twitter Feed

A broad range of organizations were represented at the Service, including these young Scouts, here we see two just following its conclusion, thanks to Simon Carter of the UK Scouts Association for sharing this photo.

Photo: Simon Carter/UK Scout Association

Once again the crowds were tremendous, here we see people gathered near St. Paul’s Cathedral.

St. Paul’s Cathedral Facebook

And this photo from BBC Royal Insider shows people waiting to see the Queen by London’s Charing Cross.

Via BBC Royal Insider

Below, the throngs moving toward Buckingham Palace, with thanks to CNN’s Max Foster.

Max Foster/CNN

An elevated view shows how massive the crowds were along the Mall.

HM Armed Forces

Jubilee celebrations weren’t limited to the Commonwealth, the occasion was marked elsewhere, as with these British soldiers in Afghanistan.

HM Armed Forces Facebook

The Camp Bastion Medical Detachment held a fundraiser in honor of the Diamond Jubilee, with proceeds going to the British Legion, Blesma (British Limbless Ex Servicemen’s Association) and Combat Stress, working with former service mean and women who are dealing with PTSD.

Following the luncheon it was time for the major pomp and pageantry, here we see Foot Guards taking their places at Buckingham Palace just before the carriage procession arrives from the Palace of Westminster.

The British Monarchy

The carriage procession was spectacular.


After torrential rains Sunday, yesterday was an improvement, but London’s weather was iffy all morning with cool temps and threatening skies. The decision was made to stay with open carriages despite the possibility of rain, and rain it did, although not heavily.

Here we see William and Kate, Prince Harry was also in this carriage.


It was an amazing sight.

HM Armed Forces Facebook

Crowds were gathered 5, 6 and 7 deep, the Household Cavalry’s “Sovereign Escort,” with their ornate uniforms, added to the dramatic scenes.


Once back at the Palace, crowds moved closer in anticipation of seeing the guest of honor and others on that famous balcony.

© Buckingham Palace Press Office

One of the day’s “wow moments” had to be the flyover of World War II aircraft and the Red Arrows, this image from the Armed Forces of the United Kingdom was taken from the roof of Buckingham Palace.

HM Armed Forces Facebook Page

Before things wrapped up HM was saluted with a rousing “Hip Hip Hooray” round of cheers from the Irish Guards.

The BBC via The Daily Mail

Another angle of the eclectic moment.

© Buckingham Palace Press Office

As we have mentioned, the Duke of Edinburgh’s absence was on everyone’s mind. He is said to be improving, although he remains hospitalized. Prince Edward and Sophie paid him a visit today, more from the Express:

The Earl and Countess of Wessex arrived at the London hospital, arriving in two separate vehicles, and stayed for just under half an hour. The Countess of Wessex added: “He’s in good spirits, he’s on good form.”

A Buckingham Palace spokeswoman said the Duke will remain in hospital under observation for a few days.

The Queen also recorded a message, viewable on The Royal Channel.

The Royal Channel You Tube

Other links you might enjoy:

It has been an extraordinary series of Jubilee functions reflecting the life of a remarkable woman. The events showed the very best of Britain, offering a look at royal pageantry on what is only the second Diamond Jubilee for the Monarchy.

We’ll see you for the next official appearance June 13, that is when William and Kate join the Queen and Prince Philip (presuming he is recovered from his illness) for a trip to Nottingham. Trooping the Colour follows shortly after on the 16th.

  68 Responses to “Kate Is Elegant In Lacy McQueen For Jubilee Service”

  1. Hi! Love Kate and love this blog!!!
    I have found an useful video about her headpieces on Youtube:



  2. Everything Kate wore for the Jubilee was beautifully designed and worn. I especially loved the light blue color HM wore, it was wonderful.

  3. Another Grace Kelly inspiration for Duchess of Cambridge/McQueen perhaps? 1956 Oleg Cassini lace dress in pale pink (I just saw it at the Grace Kelly V&A exhibition of dresses that has been in Australia:
    6th picture down:
    full length shot of dress – colour is not so good in this photo – it is a very pale pink colour:
    2nd picture:

  4. The red and nude/peach/blush McQueens for the Diamond Jubilee weekend were absolute perfection. How appropriate for our modern times and modern royalty that the Duchess Kate knows when to wow us with designer bespoke garments and when to smartly shop her closet, and all the while never allowing the fashion to upstage the essence of the occasion!

  5. I was there for the Jubilee weekend and it was honestly one of the best experiences of my life. It’s amazing how much the British people (and members of the Commonwealth, like myself and others I met) love their Queen! Kate looked just radiant all weekend (the hat on Sunday was great) but there was no way she could outshine the Queen.

  6. I don’t wish to be unkind but Beatrice & Eugenie’s dresses look amazingly bad!! They have professional stylists …yet get it so wrong, so often…!? They look very heavy in such thick fabric, the style and the colour is all wrong and Beatrice dress in particular, doesn’t fit her – far too big for her!!
    Kate, looks demure …Gorgeous and every inch a princess, as always!! – I Love to see Kate and the Queen, they both look marvellous together, pure Class!!

    • I agree. Unfortunately, Beatrice and Eugenie get it wrong so often that if one is trying to obey Thumper’s maxim (“If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all”), it’s best to just avoid mentioning their attire entirely.

      It really is a shame because they are gorgeous women!

  7. The Duchess looked beautiful, elegant, stunning. She looks ever inch the princess. How lovely! She got it all absolutely right! Well done Duchess.

  8. Hi,

    I think that the duchess looked lovely as usual. I have heard (and I am not certain as to the veracity of this) that the pearl earrings she wore are actually costume jewelry comprised of cubic zirconia and reconstituted pearls, and sold for about £50. I heard (and again I am unsure as to the truth) that the earrings are now sold out, but there is a waiting list. I don’t know the designer’s name or site.

  9. Kate’s earrings for the last day of the Jubilee are costume – here is the link to the story in the Daily Mail today http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2156226/Kate-Middletons-48-diamond-pearl-earrings-dazzled-fans.html
    Amid all the finery that the great and the good wore to St Paul’s Cathedral over the Bank Holiday, the Duchess of Cambridge’s diamond and pearl earrings were among the most admired.

    So it will come as a surprise to those who spent a fortune on jewellery at Graff and Asprey that Kate’s sparklers weren’t diamonds at all — and cost a mere £48.

    In fact, they were a very good copy under the description ‘fabulous fakes’ designed by Belinda Hadden, ex-wife of top PR man Abel Hadden.

    She was astonished to learn that Kate had worn her creations on the balcony of Buckingham Palace.

    Mother-of-three Belinda, who set up little-known Heavenly Necklaces in the Nineties as a hobby when her daughters were small, tells me: ‘I was at a wedding, so I had no idea Kate had worn my earrings until another client sent me an email asking: “Are they the same as mine?” ’

    It wasn’t long, however, before the ‘Kate effect’ began to work, with internet chatrooms abuzz.

    Says Belinda, daughter of the late Tory MP for Gosport and Fareham, Hants, Sir Reginald Bennett: ‘Within the next 24 hours, I had sold out. I sold 60 on my website, which is the amount I would usually sell in a whole year.’
    Belinda, who sources her fakes from India, China and Hatton Garden in London, tells me: ‘They are made of finest grade cubic zirconia, but what makes them look authentic is the settings they are in.’

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-2156226/Kate-Middletons-48-diamond-pearl-earrings-dazzled-fans.html#ixzz1xDLpxXpE

  10. The queen looks excellent, beautiful, stunning! I pray that I will look so good at age 86.
    Kate looks lovely. The dress and hat look perfectly together. However I wouldn’t wear that dress myself (don’t like lace dresses). The hat is beautiful, a bit cheapish looking net, and those insertions of the wire but the style is nice.

    Beatrice and Eugenie are dissapointment as usual. Those hats and dresses will well suit someone 60+years old. Eugenie’s dress is the most embarrassing. Please never put on something like that. The fabric is too thick and the dress looks like hot air balloon. Only the shoes are ok.

  11. I love Alexander Mcqueen and Kate nailed it! looks very good on her and doesn’t age her like some outfits, good pick.. I wouldn’t wear it myself but it looks amazing on her:)

  12. Absolutely stunning choice and a perfect ending to the Jubilee celebrations.

    Side note: this is the hat Beatrice SHOULD have worn to William and Kate’s wedding. ;)

  13. Perhaps it is because the times I see people going to church in England is when it is a royal event or outing such as the Christmas walk to church, but I must say that the ladies in England dress so much more appropriately and classily than do many women here in the U.S. Each Sunday you can see females walking into church wearing frayed jeans, shorts, even flip flops. Now I’m just about as casual as you can get, however, I do think going to church calls for a little dignity and decorum. We’ve lost our sense of style in the states. Even weddings have taken on a casual style (for the guests) which seems somewhat incongruous with the formality of the wedding party. And dare I even mention that one time I attended a funeral where the granddaughters of the deceased wore flip flops and one of the sons had on sandal with his suit! So whether or not this is the proper forum, I just want to say to the English ladies that I heartily approve of how they dress appropriate to the occasion. Well done.

    • Don’t judge all British by the way the royals and other highly-placed people dress for formal events. I’ve spent a lot of time in the UK and I have to say that British have lost much of their sense of style, too. We ALL need to think more seriously about the concepts of “occasion” and “appropriateness”.

  14. This is one of my all time favorite Kate looks! Beautiful! I think nude, pink, cream and white are her “colors.”

  15. First off, I love your site.
    Second, I cannot say enough how lovely and radiant both Her Majesty The Queen and her granddaughter-in-law Kate looked for church. Oh my! Exquisite, both of them.
    I love Kate’s simple elegance.
    And The Queen was the epitome of class and elegance as she deserved :)

  16. Thank you for your reporting. Kate was stunning as always. I can’t wait to see her maternity wardrobe (when that time arrives). I really liked Eugenie’s hat. The queen is amazing. Maybe there should be a What the queen wore. Congratulations UK people, looks like they were enjoying the celebration so much

    • Hey! Thanks very much :D
      It was a great celebration and lots of fun to be had. 3 street parties in our village, and we had a beacon lit on the church tower at 10.15pm. Awesome.
      And I just love seeing everyone waving the Union Jack. It’s heartwarming.
      What really touched me was a muslim girl in London who was wearing the Union Jack as a hijab.

      And thanks to the super reporting of this site. It really is wonderful!

  17. Long Live McQueen ? (-: I mean, The Queen !

    cheers to all- Pomp and Circumstance, done properly, I’d say- ! what a sight— ! everyone looked wonderful
    shhh: that baby blue beret & a saber ?! <swoon confession, maybe>)

    ok. back to Kate (-:
    faultless! stunning! a dream to look at– imho

    she looks so beautiful in colors.. the wonderful jewel and other tones we have seen her in (navy. garnet. forest green. brown. grey. tan (‘bandage’ Reiss dress). sunny yellow. blush pink. scarlet. and on and on–) but I have to say, my personal favorite on her is WHITE. all shades of ivory. or faintly tinted versions of same..

    the official engagement photo dress.
    “that” wedding dress.. (of course)
    the lilac-shot-shimmering-masterpiece McQueen for an evening’s foray into Hollywoodland.
    the pale Joseph she wore to view the wedding dress exhibit.
    the gorgeous Roland Mouret evening gown.

    I just love that rich, simple-but-oh-so-not ‘cream’ shade on her–
    maybe the starkness of ‘white’ puts both her dark hair and remarkably graceful figure in sculptural relief-

    so the blush?nude?overlay of sumptuous-lace-on-cream-shift for the National Service of Thanksgiving, I thought, was breathtaking.

    and I guess I’m in the minority: I loved the ballerina-pink-silk ribbon around her waist ! an amazing touch. wouldn’t want the back ‘fastening’ any different- it reminded me of the contrast between her wedding dress and the quiet humility of her home-grown-English-flowers bouquet that others thought was ‘too small.’

    I like that contrast!

    oh, and love her hair, here-

    gushy, eh?
    that seems to be my m.o. here.

  18. Wonderful! I like lace provided it’s not too frothy which this wasn’t.

    And was Kate wearing very pale nail polish? Her nails usually look unpainted but in the photo up top, they look soft pearl. Any views on this?

    Very understated if they are – not like Eugenie’s Union Jack nails which looked messy but fun :)

  19. This outfit for the service was beautiful and stunning and completely appropriate. My only quibble – and not just with Kate – is no gloves. The Queen was the only one to wear them. I know it’s old-fashioned, but I really would have loved to have seen gloves for church.

    That hat was insane crazy expensive! Hope it gets another wear!

  20. Lots of wonderful photos of Kate in this stunning outfit from “The Daily Mail”. I think the word they used, “regal”, describes her look on this occasion perfectly.

  21. I don’t like the color, I think it’s rather matronly. But the overall design of the dress and hat are lovely, flattering, and very pretty. I especially like the veil of the hat, which serves the constructive purpose of covering up Kate’s harsh eye make-up. But is she going to wear a belt with every dress for the rest of her life?

    • Although this doesn’t affect whether one thinks the colors are matronly or not, I just wanted to note that nudes, blushes, and pale pinks are very on-trend this season. I’ve absolutely fallen in love with the look (and I much prefer nudes/blushes to the neon colors that are also hot right now).

      • I think this dress would have been much more attractive if it was a different shade, such as the blush or pale pink that you mentioned. The reason I dislike the dress is because of the contrast between the nude lace and white base. It doesn’t coordinate well and looks dull.

  22. eugenie looked lovely by the way!

  23. what fantastic celebrations for the best queen ever. however it is so sad that prince philip was not there.
    Her majesty looked a little sad at the church service without him.
    Kate looks lovely but it’s not my fave dress on her im tired of all the lace dresses even though she looks gorgeous I feel that trend has been overdone by celebs all over the world. God save the Queen may she reign evermore!

  24. I absolutely love this. I am not a huge fan of Kate’s other lace dresses but I adore this. I am glad Kate went with a longer length as it was perfect for when she was sitting during the service. I thought this was a lovely elegant look, except for the shoes. the platform was a bit heavy looking and I would like to have seen something with no platform and a more pointed toe, more along the lines of what the York girls were wearing.

    • I just wanted to add, for any fellow Canucks who are interested, the Telegraph’s “best of” photos show Governor General David Johnston in photo 11 hovering behind William and Kate and Prime Minister Harper and his wife in photo 12 speaking with them.

  25. Wonderful job on this post! Do you think the netting on Kate’s hat is slightly shortened? Looks like it is to me. Love the outfit!!! Love the hat!!!!

    Since you do such a great job here I think you should cover what the rest of the ladies of the royal family wore (HM, Sophie, Beatrice, Eugenie, Zara, Autumn) and even Pippa and Carole! Haha…that would be awesome.

    • I thought the netting was altered from the model. I think wearing the netting over the face as shown in another photo would be way to edgy for the event at a church.

    • I’d like to see pictures of each of the royals and who they were + what they wore. I don’t live in the UK so I’m not familiar with the “minor” royals. Not my words….that’s what commentators on TV called them. I’d definitely be interested in Carol M. and Pippa. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but since Camilla is closer to my age and dress size, I’d like info on her as well. Hated how Diana was treated, but she’s gone and Camilla has obviously been accepted by William and Harry, so I must also. Anyway, I can’t wear what Catherine does but perhaps some of the things Camilla has….?

  26. Here’s something I’ve often wondered about, given the royal ladies’ propensity to wear extremely expensive outfits only once … what happens to those items of clothing after they’ve been worn? Obviously they don’t get a recycle, Kate seems to have stopped that practice that I really admired her for and that made her so popular with the public, so what happens to them? We saw Princess Diana auction some of her dresses years after they’d been worn in public but what happens to the other clothing?

    • Well, we don’t see what most of the royals wear most of the time, on ordinary days, but you can be sure that they ALL wear a lot of their clothes far more than just once.

      But clothing might be given to a friend or relative. Diana did that often. She had two sisters who were of a body type similar to hers. She gave them clothes.

      This lace dress will probably be seen again, perhaps with a more colorful hat and different shoes — even a different belt. It’s too expensive to be worn just once. Diana’s habit of wearing a very high-profile item only once is just not acceptable now.

    • well if you are the Princess Royal you keep them forever and then haul them out again. she rewore, relatively recently the dress she wore to Charles and Diana’s wedding–no, that was not a typo–Diana’s wedding, not Camilla’s. How impressive that she can still fit into a dress 30 years later. whether she should have is another issue…

  27. I loved the sleek, elegant silhouette of this dress and the perfect custom fit. I’m on record as not being a great fan of all-lace dresses, so the sea of lace didn’t utterly thrill me, and I can’t decide whether I like the color or not. It was perfectly subdued, appropriate to the occasion, and it looks much better on the Duchess than it would on me; a blonde would disappear in it. But I’m on the fence about it.

    I commented that the red McQueen dress could have been an inch longer. This one could have been just an inch shorter, hemmed more towards mid-knee than below it. And more than one person has commented that the sash could have used some interesting detail at the back.

    But all in all, the look was spectacularly elegant, so this is definitely a “hit”. And at least the LK Bennett pumps actually worked well with the dress in terms of color.

    And, of course, I am salivating over that hat.

  28. Understated perfection and elegance…romantic and totally divine. The hat is incredible. The Queen looked soft and beautiful and regally understated. A win all the way around for all.

  29. I wonder if we will continue to see Kate choosing McQueen for major events onward

    • I feel like we will….I actually had assumed she’d choose McQueen for this event as well, though who knew…..For awhile at least McQueen may be her go to for major royal occasions…..Two thumbs up!!!

  30. LOL I have the same pink jacket that anchorwoman had on in that simon carter photo.

  31. Elegant and refined – thank you once again for your delicate dedication to our most sought after Duchess even on this most glorious of occasions! God Save the Queen!
    Jennifer xx

  32. the ladies were all very very elegant. And Kate was regal (only I was expecting more classy shoes)
    indeed, I’ve seen the same (pretty like) earrings on Sophie ears (Castle Hill, 28th of March 2012). Sophie’s are white, Kate’s are yellow or pink (?).
    wholesale price for the royal ladies ?

  33. This outfit was very suited for today en it fitted her perfectly. I like the slightly longer length of the dress en the colour is very flattering. Marvelous hat. But, a great but, the dress looks a bit sloppy to me. For that reason I never would have guessed it is a dress by Sarah Burton who usually yields completely different silhouettes. The lace going over the fabric at the skirt, sleeves and neckline really generates the sloppy feeling for me. I’m not sure about the white base of the dress in combination of the colour of the lace, but on some pictures it doesn’t bother. In the first picture here with William it does bother. And the sash on the back looks a bit cheap. Not McQueen at all.

    Anyone sharing my thoughts?

    • The sash fastening on the back of the garment didn’t work well from the photos I saw, I agree with you. But the lace ‘whiskers’ or ‘eyelashes’ extending past the dress lining enhanced the look for me, I know some do not care for that finishing technique but I thought it looked very pretty and added a touch of femininity. Thank you for reading and commenting Liesa!

      • Sorry to say I’m one of those who doesn’t quite get it with lace edging — it has a sort of frayed look about it to my untutored eye. I suppose lace “whiskers” are one of those things I’ll get to understand when I grow up!

      • I completely agree with you liesa. This dress could be by anybody, even off the rack. It’s almost like she is using Sarah Burton as a dressmaker – she brings her own design and has someone implement it. By the same token it was hard to believe that her wedding dress was McQueen.. and frankly I doubt that SB would be this obliging with anyone other than the wife of the future King of England. It’s a shame actually.

    • I liked the longer, more fitted sleeve on the dress but not a fan at all of ribbon belts. They just always seem like an afterthought or something.

  34. Wonderful post. Simply stunning photos – Catherine really does a magnificent job dressing appropriately and her age!

  35. Overall a very sophisticated look. I loved the length, much more elegant and less ‘little girlish’. The Duchess is keen on lace for daywear, something I find not quite appropriate, but that’s just me I guess. I didn’t care for the belt – if you look at photos of it from the back, the fastening looks very ordinary. I would have thought something better could have been chosen, or perhaps a different style belt, especially as the Duchess is photographed from all angles. Gorgeous hat!

    • Agree with you about fastening. It is very noticable and catches the eye when you look from the back.

  36. So the queen is in minty green? wow, I didn’t see well this morning when the news was on…Nice color. I actually like what Camilla has on, too. Kate’s choice is nice but to me there’s no much wow factor in it…Nothing wrong and suits her nicely, but I was not in the awe as when I saw the red number. :)

  37. I thought Kate looked like a vision of loveliness. The only thing you failed to mention is the 158 carats of diamonds, Cullinan III and IV, the Queen was wearing on her left shoulder! It was so nice to see her Granny’s chips as she calls them!

  38. I knew Kate would not leave us disappointed even though she repeated for the garden party!!

  39. Gorgeous dress. Kate looks perfect!

  40. Any leads on Kate’s lipstick? I am looking for a pinky nude and think this is lovely!

  41. This was a peach of an outfit in every sense of the word and the colour is so flattering to Kate’s complexion, as well as being such a respectful tone for a serious engagement. The lace is superb and to me looks different from others she has worn, being rich enough to create a regal brocade effect.

    I very much liked the longer length of skirt on this outfit, I think it suits Kate well, and I loved the finishing touch of the satin sash. I also think the platform soles suited the longer length, and I like that she has favourite items she repeats, like shoes and earrings, it makes her more human and less glacially perfect. It must be quite a luxury to hang onto something familiar in these vast arenas she now inhabits, especially with the style police always demanding something new.

    If I had a quibble with the outfit — and it would be a very little one — it was that the dress was perhaps a little close fitting for church wear, but, hey, she’s young and has one heck of a figure to show off — does she ever eat?? I mean, if she avoids meals beforehand to preserve the hang of clothes, how come she doesn’t keel over and fade away half way through the many hours of these endurance tests??

    Clearly, I’m not a social animal and the lovely Duchess is. It’s great that she’s used McQueen three times — such a neat reference to it being the Queen’s jubilee, maybe, and I’m so relieved that we had new outfits, and didn’t get dull tones — this one in particular is very warm after all — and outfit repeats. It’s like she’s really getting the hang of the royal thing, and the need to be seen clearly in public, especially when people wait for hours to see the show.

    A fantastic effort on her part, and I’m so grateful to her for her part in a brilliant weekend.

  42. Great post, as always!

    • Agree it’s a great post — even if some 11 hours after the pictures were first televised. No matter — WKW remains in a class of it’s own!

      • …and if I could only get a grip on my own punctuation I would have writ “in a class of its own.” Sorry, but I hate those misplaced apostrophes — and this is the web site for those who can still — more or less — form complete sentences.

  43. Kate knocked it out of the park for the Jubilee. Loved all the McQueen pieces and both hats were fantastic! I can’t wait to see the blue dress on a future occasion. It looks like it will be very flattering on her and it’s a great color.

    • I think in the matter of hats she is simply a genius!! She chooses ‘em and wears ‘em like no other!!!

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